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Can mirror tiles be painted?

I would like to paint the mirror back splash in the kitchen of the flat I'm renting. Is there a way to make it look good and not cheesy? Thanks!!!!!

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1980's 12 sq veined mirror tiles, looking to buy anyone please help?

Im searching for those, some call tacky, 1970-1980'S veined 12 square mirror tiles YOU GLUE TO A WALL. Please help if you know where to still pruchase them, THANK YOU!

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Does anyone out there have advice on how to avoid cloudiness on mirror tile when sealing grout on mosaics?

I have tried denatured alcohol on removing the cloudiness from the mirror tile but it doesn't work well. I try to critique my own work and I'm hating that this happens whether or not I back off with the sealer or not. Help, please?

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Help! How do I remove those 80s mirror 12 by 12 tiles off my bedroom wall? Answered

I have one wall completely done with those tiles. (house was bought that way) Can they be removed without too much damage to the drywall behind them?  How?  And  also, without too much damage to myself!??  It would be great if there were any good ideas for reusing the mirror tiles. There are quite a few of them. Crafts,or anything!? Please Help Me!! Thanks!

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recycled green-glass frame for large mirror?

...I'm imagining four mitered panels, about 1/4" thick and 4" wide - but not tiles, actual long pieces of thick, wavy, green glass (or any color close to that). I would somehow attach these to an unframed ikea mirror I have, which is about 3x4 feet. HELP!! :)

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How can I make a mirrored mosaic outside without the mirror clouding?

I'm making gate post finials to look like disco balls (they won't revolve though, mores the pity ;-)   Is it possible to use mirrored glass outside without the silver backing clouding up and disintegrating?  I could use polished steel mosaics but I can't find any in the UK. Many thanks guys! Michelle

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