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Whistling key fob helps finding misplaced keys

I am notorious in misplacing my kes. Years ago you could buy a key fob that helped finding misplaced keys. You would whistle and the fob  replied  with a pinging or whistled tune after one or two seconds. The idea was great, but the quality of those things used to be poor. Can someone re-create such design in miniature format?

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Letter "N" in top left corner of screen on UCP

I have located a misplaced letter N in the following code                                                         N    

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Is the stats tab gone or just moved? Answered

I noticed that the stats tab is no longer next to the others, ohhhh that was one of my favorite things. Has it been moved elsewhere, momentarily misplaced perhaps, or is it gone for good? Anyone heard anything about it?

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Hate new Popup Video Ads

I was just startled by the popping up of some football video ad. Pretty misplaced if you ask me. But just jarring and unappreciated. I know that Instructables has to support itself somehow. Just wish there were a less jarring and invasive way to do that. 

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Epoxy Hardener?

I needed to use some Marine-TEX epoxy for a project I'm currently working on, and found that I've misplaced the little vial of hardener. Are there any other hardeners I can use for this epoxy? I've quite the collection of various epoxies and hardeners, but I'm not sure if any other hardener will work with the Marine-TEX epoxy resin. Help anyone?

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Where did the recent published ibles go on the front page? Answered

At the bottom of the page the recent ibles seem to have been misplace or stolen.  Where did they go?  So many ideas that don't get featured show up there, how are we going to find them now?  Hopefully it's a  oversight on someones part, but till it gets fixed I'll might miss something ...AARRRGGGHHH!!!!

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I would like to find the pattern for: Baby Blanket For Polly.

This is a knit pattern for a baby blanket or afghan in what looks like a shell pattern. I had the pattern many years ago and have misplaced it. I would like to make it again for a very dear friend who is going to have a baby soon. Thank you for your consideration, Mary Ann

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A heads-up for those members who try and help other folk out;I was just reporting a bug* in the Feedback menu, when I noticed several questions from new members which should have been elsewhere, but were ignored because the noobs got their links mixed up.Please, try and remember to check that section occasionally and redirect misplaced questions to the appropriate forum.* The flag function doesn't seem to be working on some spamibles.

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SPRING BIKE CONTEST, 30$ gift card?

Hi, A while ago I entered my project into the SPRING BIKE COMPETITION and won runner up. Also a while ago, while I was out on vacation, my dad received a package with a purple instructable T shirt, a patch, and 3 "business cards?". I have yet to find the 30 dollar gift card. :( I was wondering if the gift card was electronic or was it misplaced by us, I have no clue. Thanks for your help!

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What's wrong with my Android code?

I'm trying to write a simple Android app for my own personal use that gets basic Cpu and Memory information, but I'm only getting 1 error at the end that I can't figure out. The code is attached below, so if someone could be so kind as to show me what's wrong? I get the following error: Multiple markers at this line - Syntax error on token "+", delete this token - Syntax error on token(s), misplaced construct(s) On the last line: System.out.println(cpuInfo + memInfo);

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Ace ads and Firefox on Macs

As of right now, some of the Ace Hardware ads are misbehaving on Firefox browsers on Macs. They're showing up where they shouldn't and sometimes replacing the whole page. We're working with them to get this fixed ASAP but it is nighttime at Ace HQ so I don't expect a solution until the morning. In the meantime, things are fine in Safari, so if you need your Instructables fix NOW, I suggest using that. No problems are reported on Windows machines. If you are seeing misplaced Ace ads, please comment with your browser & OS versions!

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An Effective Reflector Oven (for a fire)

          My troop used to have this great reflector oven, that was good for making brownies, cookies, cakes, etc. But somehow, it has been stolen/lost/misplaced/destroyed, and we no longer have it anymore. After looking at the internet for a while, I haven't found any good how to's for making a reflector oven, so maybe one of you engineers who loves camping and good food could make an 'ible on how to make a Reflector Oven. Thanks! -Pandadude aka some dude with a name.

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How do I Create a Second set of Recovery Discs in Windows XP ( where a previous set was already created ) ?

A Friend gave me his old Gateway Desktop Model "MFATXPNT NMZ 500SE" with Windows XP Home, and I would like to restore it to OUT Of THE BOX condition. Unfortunately, he already made a set of Recovery Discs, but then misplaced them or accidentally threw them out in the trash. My Question is: Is there a REGISTRY Tweak that can be done to RE-Enable the RECOVERY Application on the Gateway? Any help would be appreciated!

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National Archives: What, Me Worry? by Jason Perlow

" While many of you this weekend were firing up your barbecues, cooking grilled meats and drinking chilled beers, you might have missed a small announcement that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) made last Thursday having to do with a eensy, weensy, rather trivial data loss --- it managed to misplace a TWO TERABYTE EXTERNAL STORAGE SYSTEM containing confidential information from the White House during the Clinton administration. "Read more about at THIS web site link.

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page views distorted

For the last few days when i open the instructables webpage I have messed upi page displays. I log on as usual and open a page and as soon as i do the problem starts.The page no longer shows me logged on  at the top as it should. And whatever page im viewing is pushed to the far left and the clickable items on top achange to a long grey bar when i highlight them.the page is not displaying at all properly.i have never had anything like this occur in the entire time ive been a member.its becoming a real hassle and i really want thi sproblem solved.i would hate to have to leave this site because of a technical issue.i enjoy this site a great deal!

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Make battery supply for 9V synthesizer

I have a Roland D2 Groovebox that I'd like to use portably. It uses a 9V 1000ma AC adapter that I've misplaced. I prefer battery powered stuff so figured I'd take this as an opportunity to try to make it so. I'm comfortable with some soldering and cable splicing, but definitely lack the electrical knowhow to even know what questions to ask. I'm interested in either buying a battery housing for disposable battery power (AA thru D cell) or making a wire that can plug this into a rechargeable power bank. I assume this may be an existing product but, again, I don't know how to search for it (and, again, would also be happy to whip one up).

Question by ThomL9  

Arduino + RF to create item/finder?

IDEA 1. I've got the idea to create this kind of project where people nowadays being careless and misplace their item. So to counter this problem, i want to create a device which can detect the object/item within an area/radius of the receiver and transmitter. 2. This is not only for item/object but also can be placed on your children just in case they are away from you thus this device can alert you in sound, sight ( blinking LED ) , and vibration. PROBLEM 1. Is it possible to only use 1 transmitter and receiver? 2. Just in case for future uses, can compass be implanted in this device where it will always shows to the transmitter? 3. Currently programming are very hard for me, where can i get reference for programming this kind of device?

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We have a hidden driveway into our rental property, blocked by a large electronic gate.  Need something to detect a vehicle in the drive (either a motion sensor or a touchpad type thing?) that will make, for example, a doorbell ring in the house, and a viewing camera that can handle tropical rains, that will show up on something like a baby monitor inside the home.  The gate has two remotes, rather cumbersome and easily misplaced.  We would prefer to keep these in the two vehicles and have a button or three in the house and garage, to enable us to activate the gate opening without having to go get the remote from the car.  I would like some ideas, plans etc as although I have some electronics knowledge I need someone who has perhaps already built something like this. Any ideas, anyone?

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Variable height desk: replace hand-crank with some kind of electrical motor

Hi, First time poster here, sorry if I'm misplacing this. I have near zero knowledge of engines, though I understand physics, at least from my civil engineering college years. I bought a variable height desk from IKEA (Skarsta model), which has a 12cm radius hand crank (see photos) that ends in a hexagon shape, h=6mm (so diameter around 6,93mm). This hand crank works fairly easily, needing little effort to crank the table up, with ~45kg of weight on it (it's supposed to go up to 50kg). So basically I was thinking if there was a easy, cheap and safe way of automating this with some sort of electric motor (I even looked up those Lego Technic motors!). Any suggestions? Thanks  

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Reverse batik painting?

I was looking through trying to rediscover how to do an art project I did years ago in school. Maybe if I describe it to you, you could very briefly tell me how to recreate what I did. I would be so appreciative--I really want to recreate this project, but I'm unsure how. The assignment was the creation of a painting that was, for lack of a better despcription, like a reverse batik. We were supposed to leave negative-space borders along every contour of every figure and then we painted over the whole thing with black. When dry, we gently rinsed off the black paint and I was very pleased with the outcome. Over the years, however, I've misplaced my piece, and I forget: what kind of paint is best to use? I have some gouache at home, will this do? I would really appreciate just the briefest of responses from you, and then I can get to painting! I'm so excited because I haven't made a painting in years!

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Patagonia's Footprint Chronicles

Patagonia has expanded its Footprint Chronicles website to include five more items. There are now 10 items that you can check to see how far it traveled, how much CO2 it put out, how much waste was generated, and how much energy was used for the entire process of manufacture and shipping.These numbers don't include all of the processing and the shipping to the consumer in the end can't be factored in, but it's a strikingly open way of showing what goes into the making of a product. And for those who are concerned about cargo ships spewing CO2, that's one of the smallest problems."The Chronicles revealed that transportation makes up only about 1 percent of our overall energy use," said Dumain. "Had we listened to the current media buzz touting transportation as the largest factor in energy consumption, we might have greatly misplaced our efforts by making strides to geographically shorten our supply chain -œ which would have massively impacted our business financially, logistically and perhaps even effected product quality Ã-œ and we would only have reduced our energy savings by 1 percent. Instead, we are focusing our energy on areas where we can truly make a difference -œ right in the heart of the manufacturing process." Linkvia Treehugger

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Makeshift Telescope

I apologize if I misplaced my topic; I'm sure it's nothing unusual though.Okay.. so at night when I go to walk my dogs, I have a huge open sky and not too much light pollution (Go figure -- Orlando, FL). The moon is always super bright, and about once a month, way larger than usual. Among that and the usual contellations, I see brighter objects, flashing ones, so I know they're planets. I see three of them nowadays.Thing is.. since I know they're planets, I want to see them bigger now! I want to see with my own eyes these planets, at least a liiiiitle bit bigger, but I can't afford a telescope. Even if I could, I'm just like the "why buy when I could make it myself"ers on here.I have some lenses; Some from an old (good for it's day) film camera, some from.. other things. Now I know they are problem very limited in their ability to do the requested job.. but like I said, anything is better than a blinking dot; I'll be happy with any beneficial results.I know someone is going to ask something about the lenses, and I'll tell you right now: I don't know. I have no idea how to "measure" lenses or their power.. so any guidance in this area would also be appreciated.Thanks guys!

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I am TOTALLY overwhelmed: Updated again

I just don't know what to say.   I, just moments ago got a package through the mail, and I saw that it was from Jessy.  It was the package she said I should be expecting...but I wasn't expecting this ! You all are just too much, you know that?  How can I ever repay you all for this kindness?    I don't even know "who" was involved so I can thank you (except for Jessy).  The note enclosed in the package has no names on it. I really am totally overwhelmed. :..-...)  tears of joy for having such friends as you all....I hope I can someday pay you back for your kindnesses...    My wife is in the pictures I took (before the camera batteries started to die). I haven't booted it up yet...I want the batteries to be fully charged before use.   I added a picture of the note that was enclosed with the laptop (it had temporarily gotten misplaced).    To all of you, whether you gave time, effort, contributed towards getting the laptop, or just made suggestions;  even those who didn't get to know about it ahead of time, but later wished they could have known,  you all are very special to me.  Thank you all.   For those I am sure of contributed, even if only a post, I will thank in my own way, individually.  We really need a LOT more people like you all in the world, honestly.  

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A/V cables (Now RCA Inputs/Outputs)

I'm making a 3 way switcher on the cheap (of course) and was wondering if the negative wires of each plug could be put together (Left/Right/Video) and be hooked up to the same terminal. I would think so, as long as the positive wires were kept separate. Would it be alright to do it this way?Thanks :)Update:Here's what I ended up doing... just hooking the wires up to each input/output on the corresponding terminals of each. Each set (Red/White/Green. Yes, I used green... it doesn't really matter though, just pretend it's yellow :) ) needs 6 wires to be hooked up to them and then soldered onto the terminals of the others. Or in my case I soldered 6 wires onto each set, installed the rca units into the casing, and then soldered the correct wires together and taped them up to prevent them from touching each other. Pretty much a basic set-up.As you can see in the photos below, I haven't gotten around to finishing it up to make it look nice, but it does work very nicely (as long as you only have one input on at a time). If you're as fortunate as I was and land a nice deal like this, you can do pretty much whatever you want to do with them :) I've already got my monies worth just by making this, since the cheapest three way switcher around here is about $12, and this is a 7 way splitter (since it's not switchable) and I still have 52 more sets left.In the photo showing the back of the unit, you can see a small hole in the upper left corner. I was going to place a switch the so that the speaker could be turned on and off, but I didn't think the speaker would fit back in, so I misplaced it. I realize now that it will and I'll probably reinstall it and hook it up to a switch.I may even hook up some stereo jacks (taken from an old junk laptop) into either the left or right channel when I get around to it.

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Minimalist survival kit help

I'm looking at a new prospective for a survival kit. I have an I.N.C.H. bag that i use camping. While I can pack it down to almost nothing, I dont use many of the bigger items. I was looking for ways to essentially minimize my bag. While I'm experience with the great outdoors, the minimalist aproach is a relitivly new concept to me. I want to base the kit on the ten essentials. I live in a harsh enviroment so I'd likely not be changing my shelter much. The shelter is already pretty basic.  This is my must-have gear: Map, Compass, Sunglasses, Extra clothing (a skivvy roll and what I'm wearing plus my hoody and ponchos), Illumination (Preferably no batteries), First-aid supplies, Firestarter, Matches, Knife and Extra food. My current sleep system is as follows: Medium Weather sleeping bag with compression sac, Compact collapsible cot, Goretex bivvy sac, Sleeping role and Grommeted space blanket. I'm more worried about weight than size. I will likely switch the cot for a hammock because it's pretty sizey and the metal rods make half the weight of the system. For food I was thinking keep my hobo stove and boyscout mess kit but im considering adding a hobo fishing rig. My current fishing kit is a multi function compact pole with a fly reel and spin cast reel. While very light weight it takes up some space. About 1.5'x8"x4" roughly. any ideas on additions or subtractions for the kit? I'm mostly trying to reduce weight. I'm strong but lugging around a ruck sack takes more than a simple backpack with this and that.  Any ideas are apreciated. I don't need a whole lot to live comfortably in the woods. The picture is of my I.N.C.H. bag pack in to my freighter frame. The black box is the fishing kit, the blue sac is the cot. Inside the pack is the sleeping bag bulging out. It's Probably my biggest item and in this pic is not in its compression sac as the sac was 'misplaced' while moving. I guess I'm asking for advise on downsizing the I.N.C.H. bag...

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