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Missing Instructables :(

It hasn't been a month since I've posted my last ible and I won't be able to post ibles on a regular basis for the next few months, but I already miss instructables :( . I'm trying to concentrate on my studies for a while but I can't. I really wanted to participate in the Zombie contest (I'm a huge fan of 'walking dead!), but it takes time to collect the materials, make something, document it to post an ible, I hope there will be more Zombie contests in the future. Anyways, just wanted to say, I'm sure I'm not the only one and I would really appreciate any suggestion and consolation so that I can stop feeling sad about missing instructables and concentrate on my studies for some time. Can't wait till my exams are over!

Topic by Muhaiminah Faiz    |  last reply

Missing Question

I entered a question about if a wired detonator with a 9 volt that is linked to steel wool would burn hot enough/long enought o ingite either aerosol or blackpowder for projects i mess with and it never appeared and idk why. Basicaly my question was..would a 9 volt with 1 wire to each terminal with aligator clip on each wire with a peice of steel wool clipped into each 1 burn hot enough and long enough to ignite aerosol or gunpowder. Idk why my question is missing and im really hoping for a quick answer on my problem and question.

Topic by trf    |  last reply

Missing Instructables

My "unpublished" list seems to have disappeared. I would kind of like it back, please... (FF4, WinXP)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Miss Monica

Hello, How many people have been approached by Miss Monica through the Instructables' comments section ? hello My name is miss monica I am interested in your friendship  . . ..   I am waiting for your mail Remember the distance or color does not matter, but love matter a lot in life . . . etc. She seems like a polite and delightful young lady: however I didn't dare go onto her website. FOH

Topic by FriendOfHumanity    |  last reply

Missing instructables

Seven of my instructables are mysteriously missing. e.g. Why????

Topic by Computothought    |  last reply

Missing patches?

Reasonably sure there's something not right at hand here, I happened to notice that I have more burning question patches than I remember and I'm missing a newsletter patch on profile, not sure if that's all but I suspect that burning questions are taking over my whole profile... I happened to noticed this about the time I got a yummy cookie from fungus there...

Topic by killerjackalope    |  last reply

Missing Ible

On Sunday, I posted an ible here;  and it's not showing up. Not sure if it's something I did on my end as there was a strange glitch when I was using the photo editor.

Topic by antagonizer    |  last reply

I Miss It....

Hi guys,  Basically foofys Comment is how I Feel: It's a shame really, eventually he will resist the temptation to see what's been made, and the jealousy will boil up and regret annoy him. He will miss the Kinetic Rifle, automatic weapons etc. Sooo Im gonna stay stay and comment like twice a week. I Bet DJ Will troll on me for doing this ;) Please Tell Everyoneeeeeee BYEEEEE

Topic by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

Comments Missing

I had an encouraging comment and a reply on my instructable: After I changed my main picture the comments are not to be seen. Do help me out. Thank  You

Topic by Passion Make    |  last reply

Missing Link?

FYI,I noticed what seems to be a missing link on the one of the "How to Use the Instructables Editor" pages. The url is: missing link is in the first bullet at the bottom of the page:1) A simple guide for creating an all-around great Instructable can be found here.2) Photos are one of the most important aspects of your Instructable. This Instructable is full of helpful tips and techniques to make your photos look their best. 3) Want to get your Instructable featured? Here's a list of what we look for to keep in mind when documenting your next project! 4) A collection full of additional photography, writing, SEO and other resources can be found here!Let me know if you have any questions.

Topic by kedwards999    |  last reply

NTLDR is missing? Answered

well i havea 40 gb hdd i want to install windows on i have to do it soon because windows is getting rid of support for win xp sp2. i have tried getting it to boot via usb but when i set it to boot from usb it said remove all media... and wouldnt let me go on until i removed the usb i was trying to boot from any ideas?

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

Missing part of prize

I won third place in the dyeing for color contest a few weeks ago. I filled out all of the paperwork instructables sent me and received 'most' of the prize. However when the box came, it was missing the 12 white cotton bandanas. I have messaged the contest manager, and service@instructables, but neither has returned my messages. What do I do to get the missing part of my prize?

Topic by KristinM5    |  last reply

Missing Followers/Following

For some reason I can't see my followers list or who is following me. People I had followed are no longer shown as being followed by me. 

Topic by Not_Tasha    |  last reply

"Recent" button missing

Hi As usual, every morning I start my Chrome browser with gmail and instructables tabs. This morning I was looking for the recent i'bles, to find out the "Recent" button is missing from the drop-down Explore menu. I suppose this is happening because of long i'bles titles in the Recent list. Most probably the "Explore" menu have a fixed dimension. Thanks, w.  

Topic by wrongname  

Missing links in profiles

Hello everyone When I open any profiles, I only get the overview link at the left side, there used to be other links like followers etc. Is there a reason that they are gone? Or is it a bug? Kind regards Laurens

Topic by Laurens-Wuyts    |  last reply

Missing Hard Drive

My teacher's laptop booted up one day and gave the message "internal hard disk drive not found". The hard drive makes a kind of clickin clunking sound on startup. His college class files are on there, along with our yearbook. Any ideas?

Topic by gimmelotsarobots    |  last reply

Missing Guitar Inlays?

I inhereted an old acoustic guitar from my uncle that missing a inlay dot, it's like it just fell out one day. :( Any suggestions on filling in the hole or somthing?

Question by baconrocks    |  last reply

Missing Due Dates

I was browsing throught the forums one morning, and I notice the contests didn't have due dates. If I go to the main page, They come back. I go back here, and it says enter by blank again. Someone should notify somone.

Topic by gimmelotsarobots    |  last reply

Mouse Mouse is Missing!

Mouse Mouse was last seen on tour with us at Austin's SXSW earlier this week. He made lots of friends at Dorkbot on Saturday, but someone walked off with him while we were setting up at Sunday's PopSci party! Did he go on walkabout, join a punk band, or leave with a cute female Mouse Mouse? We hope so, but suspect he was simply abducted and can't contact us for help. If you have any information, please let us know! No kidding, I only made one1 and would really like to have him back. Drop me a note if you've got any news on his whereabouts. We'll take him back, no questions asked.1Yes, I can and will make another, but it's my art project, and therefore unique. (You may know how to make more children, but still want to keep the ones you've made.)

Topic by canida    |  last reply

Missing Rich Editor

So I just went to embed a video on one of my step-by-steps and couldn't find the "Embed" button. Actually, all of the rich editor features are gone. I get the same result with Chrome and Firefox. Is this a bug? Is the answer right under my nose? Do I have to be a PRO member to embed videos? Sorry if this is a re-post; I couldn't find any help in the forums.

Topic by JamesRPatrick    |  last reply

inpout32.dll is missing?

Inpout32.dll is missing?

Question by tgei346    |  last reply

Spell check is missing!

Today, I noticed a button on the comment box was gone. It was the spell check box. Is this a bug, or is it now a pro feature?

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

missing contest banners

Hi, I noticed that the Halloween Draw & Paint It Contest with Sketchbook and the Halloween Photo Editing Contest with Pixlr  entries are missing contest vote banners on the Instructables.  Is this a new thing that we can only vote on the contest pages or a bug? I don't know if it is relevant, but I am using Windows 7 and Firefox 15.0.1.

Topic by ChrysN    |  last reply

MIss the Pro designation

I miss seeing who is pro and who isn't.  I think knowing how someone else is experiencing the site  makes a difference in responding to them.  And  I  am sometimes able to offer free pro memberships to people, but it's harder if I can't tell who already has one.  Just my 2 cents worth..... 

Topic by mole1  

"view all" is missing

Hi, I noticed, that the "view all" link to see all Instructables in a member profile is missing, when the person has more than 3 and less than six Instructables. I'm using Ubuntu 10.4 and Firefox 14.0.1, but I don't think it has to do with it because the same happens in other browsers and OS as well. Britt

Topic by BrittLiv    |  last reply

PM layout missing

There doesn't seem to be any layout formatting in PMs any more, not even line-breaks. If a message is more than a line or two long, or involves several replies back and forth, it gets very annoying.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Missing "Favorite" callback

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature (and hence this should became a suggestion), but if I'm not logged and I try to favorite an instructable, then the site will ask me to login. So far so good. But the callback on the instructable doesn't contain any information about the user action, and so it wasn't automatically favorited. I find this quite frustrating, since I'm not a big user and I'm usually not logged when I surf the site..

Topic by Enrichman  

Health category missing?

When I create a new instructable and go to assign the proper category, I see a dropdown menu limited to: food living outside play technology workshop I am looking for "health" but don't see it. Should "health" be on the category list? Thanks for any help.

Topic by milesfromneihu    |  last reply

Will you miss me?

OK, I'm off.Time to pack the car, off to my parents' for just over a week.I'll be online occasionally, but nowhere near as much as at the moment.Behave yourselves while I'm away.Don't forget to vote wisely in the Pocket Sized contest, and good luck in whatever the new contest is.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Rating filter missing

From the Knex section of the site, many members are dissapointed at the loss of the 'rating' filter. Instructable's rating system makes the very best stand out, due to not being based on percentage, and mow they are being shrouded in darkness. Could we please have the rating filter back?

Topic by ~Aeronous~    |  last reply

I miss it here!

This is the first time I've logged on to Instructables in what seems like a really long time. I've just been really busy with school and practice so I haven't really had the opportunity to be on in a while. I was just wondering if anyone else went through periods where they were off the website for a while then came back?

Topic by Gjdj3    |  last reply

'Missing Comment Text'

This seems like it should be a very simple bug, but it's also very frustrating, as I currently can't post a comment anywhere. I type something into a comment box, hit the Post button, and it pops up with 'Missing Comment Text'. I first tried as a reply to a comment on my own Instructable, and I double checked with a comment on my own, a comment on someone else's, and reply to a comment on someone else's, and nothing worked. I cannot post comments or replies anywhere. I think I ran into this problem a few months ago but it didn't bother me as much back then.  I am running Safari v.7 on OSX v.10.9 Just checked with google chrome; and it worked. In light of that, I'm guessing it's just something in Safari's Preferences that I don't know about. Anyway, let me know, because I'm sure this has happened to someone else before. 

Topic by cart562    |  last reply

'Tis the Season to be Missing...

.. fa lalalala la la la la! OK folks, I'm off to the wilds of Northern England in about 18 hours from the time of typing, spending Christmas with relatives who don't really grok modern technology, so my access to the inter tubes will be sporadic. Just in case I don't get online before then, I'd just like to wish you all the best for whichever version of the season you choose to celebrate.  Whether you are celebrating with family, friends, I wish you a relaxing time with your loved ones. If you are celebrating alone, I wish you a hug from a stranger and a phone call from a distant friend.  If they don't phone you, you should phone them, just to wish them a happy holiday, and to remind them that they are in your thoughts. The tree was posted on Laughing Squid. EDIT OK, so I didn't end up missing so much, but I will definitely be offline for the next 24+ hours. Happy Holliers, one and all!

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Photo captions

In my most recent ible. I had 19 pics with photo captions. Only 4 showed up with the captions. The rest nada. Why did my captions disappear . I have never had that happen before. Is this a bug or just my good luck?

Topic by WWC    |  last reply

What is happening to my questions and forums input. Answered

I published an ible 5/31 and only 4 out of 19 pics had the captions show up.  Posted a bug in forums about it and now it is gone. Posted a question about the forums disappearance and seems it is gone now as well. So this question is about all of these  mysterious happenings here on Instructabes.  What has happened to my posts and pic captions?

Question by WWC    |  last reply

Comments are missing from Instructable

I noticed that many comments are missing from this Instructable: The oldest comment I see now is 21 days old.  There are many comments missing from earlier...    Specifically, it looks like 20 days of comments are missing starting from the launch of this Instructatble. Any idea what's wrong?

Topic by ihart    |  last reply

Missing Photos from Instructable

Can someone tell me why some of the photos of my instructable are not being displayed?

Topic by MaskMarvl    |  last reply

Missing comments from instructables.

I've checked my comments and they've seemed to not be posted on others instructables and even on those of my own. My comments are missing...Anyone know what may cause this to happen ???

Topic by N1K1_1NC.    |  last reply

One of my Instructables is missing?

Hi there! I have created 24 Instructables, but only 23 are showing. I don't think I missed a second page, as there wasn't one when I selected 'view all'. Many thanks for any ideas. Karen

Topic by WUVIE    |  last reply

Missing "Next" Button in Inbox

Am I crazy or is the "next" button missing? 

Topic by Brooklyntonia    |  last reply

Reply & Comment buttons missing

In this important bug topic, none of the comments have "Reply" buttons any more, and the "Comment" buttons have gone missing. Has the offer been withdrawn?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Missing Pro Account Status

1. Operating System: Windows 7 Professional SP 1 2. Browser: Google Chrome V 31.0.1650.63 m 3. URL of Occurrence: 4. Screen shots attached  5. Looking at comments or Profile doesn't show my "Pro" tag, viewing the pro-signup page doesn't give me a notice that I already am a pro member, and viewing the "Pro Membership" tab on my "You" page shows an error messages that says I am not pro and that I am  "USER IS NOT MARKED PRO! INVESTIGATE THIS!" I have a promocode Pro membership from robot that should not expire until March 2014. 

Topic by XaqFixx    |  last reply

Missing parts in a published Instructable

Last night I composed a new Instructable using the New Editor and my iPad II. When I opened the Instructable after publishing to make a small correction, I discovered the whole Introduction was missing, even though I had saved it to the Instructables site rather than to my device. I had to do the Instructable over and delete the original version from the site. i posted this as a comment in another thread and Kiteman suggested I post this as a separate topic. Apparently, others have had similar problems. I am puzzled because a few weeks ago I published an entire Instructable from the same iPad and everything worked just as it should.

Topic by Phil B    |  last reply

Images missing from PDFs

All the images are there in my most recent Instructable, but when I look at the PDF (even if I customize it to have smaller images) about one third of all the images are missing. Is there any fix for this? Is it an image size or aspect ratio issue? I'm concerned about this because it reduces the usability of the Instructable.

Topic by jauncourt    |  last reply

Did I miss anything?

Well, I got in trouble with my parents, and I probably won't be on the computer for a few days. Though just 1 1/2 days passed, did I miss anything good?

Topic by GorillazMiko    |  last reply

ePub ebooks missing images

I upgraded my subscription to Pro this morning so I could take advantage of the ebooks. On downloading several ebooks, I find them missing the instructable images.  For example: When downloaded, the epub is missing the images.  On extracting the contents, it looks like the epub has an images folder, and all the source files point to that location for the images, but all the images are missing.

Topic by jangliss    |  last reply

What did I miss

So yeah, as you guys may have noticed, I wasn't around here for a year due to not having knex in that timespan. So my question is, what did I miss? Any big new ball machine builders? Any epic ball machines? New elements? Some totally alternative way of building (like Wipe Out changed the lifts forever)?

Topic by Sorunome    |  last reply

Instructables, I missed you

So, did the downtime result in any updates? Post em if you notice em!

Topic by Weissensteinburg    |  last reply

Firefox - Login | Signup is missing

Recently Firefox updated and now the "Login | Signup" is missing from the upper right corner of the webpage (attached screenshot).Current version of Firefox is Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 (64-bit).Previous to the latest series of Firefox updates, those buttons were visible.

Question by dwfunk4475    |  last reply

What did I miss?

OK, I've been away, offline for just over a week. I am already conscious that there have been quite a few comments and messages that I have missed without reply, and I've seen the new layout (me likey). Apart from a video of Caitlinsdad playing with my balls, and my balloon jig going slightly la-la on YouTube (it ended up on the front page, apparently) What else have I missed? What cool projects have slipped my view?

Topic by Kiteman