Will a mixed-capacitor bank work? Answered

If I have an assortment of capacitors - all different voltages and farad ratings - and wire them in parallel to make a capacitor bank, will it work? Any comments or suggestions welcomed.

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A third liquid that will not mix ?

I've made an oil dropper/hourglass, i have used water and (olive)oil because they will not mix. is there a third liquid that i could add without it mixing with the oil or water ?

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Color Mixing Cube

Yesterday I was fooling around in Unity 3d (Video Game Development Software), and I created 13 particle systems, that show how red, green, and blue light, mix into white.  Every vertex is a basic RGB color. The colors shown are Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and White. The colors parallel to each other mix. If you use Unity, and you want the Prefab, I have it for download.

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How to mix music? Answered

Hi, does any of you know a free program to edit music, combine different parts of songs, etc? I have been searching for a program to "make my own music" using a combination of songs I like, but maybe you know one? Thanks!

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Naming a mixed drink?

Aight, so I've come up with a cheerwine mixer, that (as far as I've seen) hasn't been made and named before, so I'm looking for awesome name suggestions, thanks!   Cheerwine (12 oz glass bottle preferably)    Approx 1 Tblsp Lime Juice (fresh is best, but more spensive/difficult)    Splash of lemon   Approx 1 shot Cherry Moonshine (More or less according to taste)  Any Ideas?  

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Knexer Mix-up!

This is justa fun little game for y'all to play. It is simple, below I've listed 20 names of knexers on here and some off of KI, you just hae to say who they are. Please guess loads of them, but please dont write more than 2, thanks! However, the names are jumbled up, can you figure out 2 of them? :-P Ugrlmemg Cueokyetmob Alortine Xtposhc Mahmtejmaal Aypn Elseim Oabs3ocl A5tle6s Trk2ism Irantg Eklrciafkrecasle Idojdra Raxrba Piemna 3danmn9hswoa Lnxspnk Tirhpyhadpbya Tenkici Li3eskl0rle Happy guessing!

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mixed peanut spring snake

Anyone know how to make the snakes in the classic mixed peanut spring snake prank? I want to make a large set of snakes & put them in a motorized single barrel shot gun which spits them out fast one at a time. 

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chemicals that expand when mixed

Can you guys give me a list of some chemicals that expand when mixed? the reaction's can't be combustion reactions though. that's the only limiting factor.

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Text for different steps is mixed up and lost

When I was editing a several-step long Instructable, I would click away from the first step to the next step, and all of the text description would be copied over (and the original was lost). It happened 3 or 4 times today. 

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Guide for mixing frosting colors?

I need a chart to guide me in mixing red with blue, green with yellow, etc. to make different colors.  I am especially in need of mixing combination for black frosting.

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What mixed with sodium acetate?

Will make a gel like substance that is flammable but the person using it doent get burned ?

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I have a mix pit

I have a mix pit and she is more than 12 years old the only thing she has rumatoradies arthritis and she can't hardly walk because of her condition I give her vets medication but any other suggestion

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[Video] Mixing Polyester Resin

Mixing Resin InstructableLet me know if that link works for you -- I pushed this earlier this morning. I expected it not to be be populated on the list immediatly, but it's now appearing in my published instructables (instead of just hanging in limbo).In any case, that's a lead in to the next mold/tool making instructable :)

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Question on CFL and incandescent mix

This is weird, and occurred just the other day: For about 2 days in a row, while sitting at the computer, I heard a very high pitched whine. Naturally I thought it was the HD going, since it was about 8 inches from my head. The second night of this though, was giving me a headache so I pushed back from the computer to try to find which direction it came from. To my surprise, it wasn't the computer, but was at that frequency that it was hard to find which direction it actually did come from. Then, one of the light bulbs in the light fixture blew out and the whine vanished. Background: the fixture has 2 bulbs in it, one was an incandescent bulb, one was a CFL. The bulb that was complaining so loudly, was in fact, the incandescent bulb. They are wired in parallel, so the other bulb (CFL) continued to light the room after the one bulb failed. The question is this: Is it unwise to mix bulbs like this (I only did it because I only replaced the one burnt out bulb with the CFL) ? Did the CLF cause the filament of the incandescent bulb to vibrate at I high frequency and finally burn out? Or was this all just co-incidence?

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Mix & match laptop projects

I have several old laptops in different nonworking conditions. I plan on making at least one digital picture frame using what I can from these for a Christmas gift fo a dear friend. Can I use components from the different units to do this such as. screen from one, hd from another and so on? Here's a list of what I have and their issues Compaq Armada 7400 no power chord so cannot fire up to see issues (what's the yellow button in center of keyboard holding down the "B")? This is the unit I would like to use for the picture frame if I can find/build/adapt a power supply. HP Pavilion ZE5300 broken screen Acer TravelMate 4010  No screen, bad video card

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Adding Other Materials to the Mix

Over the past couple of years, I've evolved from being totally captivated by my 3D printer, making everything I could think of out of the three plastics I can print with, ABS, PLA and Nylon, to having the Replicator, sitting in my shop and becoming "another tool".  A tool that stands in as an "employee", who can make things while I do other things. Along with doing a pretty good job of making my designs, I've experimented with stepping in, during the print, adding components made of other materials, such as cloth, metal and other plastics.  I've successfully made pulls on tie bags, an electric push button, aluminum mounts for my project car and spring clips to hang my wife's potato chip and popcorn bags in the kitchen. Has anyone else been able to use their printer to make items, not 100% plastic?

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Robot notice: mixed instructions?

I received the following email from Robot, when I submitted my entry for the COFFEE CUP contest:  The problem is the last line, the "requirements"....am I missing something or is this a requirement of the Coffee cup contest also?  This is to confirm that your entry 'Telephone Pickup Loop w/coffee cup enhancement' for the 'Coffee Cup Challenge' has been received and will be reviewed. The contest closes on May 9, 2010. 12:00 AM. Thank you for submitting your Instructable to the Coffee Cup Challenge.  The contest is moderated, and so your entry is waiting to be reviewed. This process can take up to 48 hours. If after 48 hours or so your project has still not been accepted, then it did not meet all of the requirements for participation in the contest.  You will then need to make the appropriate changes to your project so that it meets the contest requirements and re-submit it to the contest. Requirements:  - Entry involves improving health or makes life easier for someone affected by an injury, diisability. or sickness.  

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What songs should I mix?

I want to mix a couple of songs together, and I am not sure what to match. I would prefer mixing a modern song with a classic rock song. My first idea is to mix Sail with Comfortably Numb. Also, I have roxio 2012. Are there any free audio editing programs that would work better?

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Would it be possible to mix titanium and steel? Answered

Theoretically, could it be possible to mix titanium and steel and get the best of both? Let’s just assume that cost and difficulty are not an issue? Imagine the possible uses for a metal that was non-magnetic, non-conductive, corrosion resistant, and with a great strength to weight ratio, while being as hard as tempered steel. For one thing, it make a fantistic knife. So, the question is; Would it be possible.

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Machine to mix and cook at the same time?

Hi everyone. Can anyone suggest how to safely customise a heavy duty food mixer (I have a Kitchenaid) to allow a heat source to be placed underneath? I basically need to mix and cook at the same time. There are various low-powered electric stirrers (I’ve tried using a Stirio) for domestic use, but then there seems to be nothing commercially available in-between that and huge industrial machines. Any suggestions very gratefully received. Thanks Michael

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Whats the best way to mix greensand? Answered

I'm looking to start aluminum casting, and I'd like to try sand casting. I'm on a TIGHT budget, so I need something for about twenty bucks. What the best formula for greensand?

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Cheap External Mix Snow Machine

*EDIT* IT WORKS!!! Hi everyone, this is a simple DIY snow machine. It utilizes external mixing which not only increases the production but also eliminates the risk of water backing down the air line and vise versa. I will not be making an instructable but possibly a video displaying its qualities. It only needs an air compressor with the standard quick connect end and a regular garden hose. It works and I may be selling a few on ebay for ~$75 each and will include a professional looking instruction manual. This produces a very large mist and i have yet to measure its snow making capabilities. I expect it to make about 2" per hour over a 200 square foot area. Please comment and rate!!

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RGB Led doesn't mix colors

Hey all I am working with common anode RGB LED. I hooked each leg (red, green, blue) to pins 2-4 of my Arduino UNO. I then hooked the anode to 5v via a 22 ohm resistor. The code I wrote was very simple; turn pins 2 through 4 low, delay 500, turn pins 2-4 high. The problem I found was that instead of the color turning white it stayed red. I tried mixing red with green and red with blue, each time same thing it stayed red. Does this sound right?

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Diesel/petrol mix in old engine?

I can't seem to respond to messages on answers? Help admin?  ​thanks cyber for you comprehensive answers. I have since put in hi octane fuel as my car started running bad and then stopped due to, I believe, the diesel sitting in the bottom of the tank and now being the majority fuel source. The hi octane fuel got me going but only at idle speed, no acceleration. I got home. It's like it floods when I try to accelerate from un burnt diesel. According to your post above, hi octane fuel makes it worse. I will drain and leve for lawn mower, which works well. That bring me to another possible use. An old engine,carby with not cat converter and 10percent diesel? Yeah I know, give it up. I guess what I would really be happy with is, what can I use a diesel/ petrol mix fuel for?

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Image Library mixed with another user's

Hi, I was trying to create a new instructable using the new editor(loved it!). I clicked on '+Upload' button followed by 'Image Library' button. And suddenly, all my latest uploaded images were gone. There were some of my old images uploaded months ago, but instead of the new uploaded images, I could see some images from Image Library of tessalene. Closing and re-opening the draft instructable fixed it and all my newly uploaded images were back and tessalene's were gone. Haven't been able to re-create the bug till now... System: Windows XP SP3 Browser: Google Chrome, Version 30.0.1599.69 m -Antzy

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Whats your favourite cocktail or mixed drink?

Hi everyone Darryl "The Home Bar Guy" Logan I love making cocktails and mixed drinks I was just wondering what kind of Drinks my fellow Instructabler's prefered so please let me know.

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Creating an Invention and Instructable Mixing Software or Website

I was wondering if we could create a new website device, we could call it the Invention Mixer Software.It would basically be a large database of practical or groundbreaking inventions, and maybe many of the instructables here.We could arrange it according to use (Renewable Energy, Agricultural, Games, etc) and we could arrange it like a shopping cart selection. Each item would contain Name of Invention, Its basic use and advantage over common inventions, and the link to the manufacturer or institution doing the research.With the shopping cart, you can choose the inventions and instructables you like and store them in the website, or copy and paste to your friends to discuss,compare or talk over.It would be more than hobbyists website. People making new inventions could compare with the products now in the market, and compare it to instructables that can make similar inventions.It would be like a cheap, low cost utility compared to the very powerful but expensive invention making machines like:INVENTION MACHINE Softwarehttp://www.invention-machine.com/productsservices.aspxor stuff like this:CREAX Invention Softwarehttp://www.creax.com/innovation_software.htmThis would be the every man's invention software on a website.

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GIBBERELLIC ACID MIX? When using gibberellic acid for miracle fruit tree,what is the concentration mix ? Answered

I recieved my gibberellic acid kit from united nuclear and the bottle say's 1 part acid and 1 part water to make 50% stock solution.the mixture sheet say's how to mix for 250 ppm and 500 ppm, which is the right mix? the spray bottle is marked for the 2 different concentrations of 250 ppm and 500 ppm.Which is the right mixture of these 2 or is the 1part acid and 1 part water the right mix? i am not good with numbers or measurements, so please be spcific! thankt you !!!! As requested here are the instructions for the mix.The mix is to be used on seeds from the miracle fruit tree!

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Very old and New topics getting mixed up

We are still getting very old topics (questions) and the newer ones mixed together.

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Can I mix cement, aggregate, and water in place?

I have a 250 sq. ft. area that has 2" of pea gravel on top of clay.  Can I mix cement into the gravel then water from the top to get a surface hard enough to put pavers or stones on?

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could you mix something in with Sculpey to make it stronger?

Sculpey is great stuff, easy to use, but after it's baked it's vulnerable to breaking if you don't make it thick enough.  Any one have ideas on an additive to mix in with it that could make it stronger? Thank you

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Can portland cement be mixed without sand or gravel?

I'm planning to switch from wood to cement because we are soon moving into a condominium where noise should be kept to a minimum. If yes, what is the ratio of water to cement? if no, can i mix it with sand only and what is the ratio. Thanks

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how to reduce the ac voltage? from a mix signal?

Suppose that there is a mix signal (with 60vdc+110vrms). now i want to completely block the dc component (OBVIOUSLY I NEED A CAPACITOR BUT)what should be the specifications* of the capacitor. and if i want to reduce the the dc component to 15v then what should be the specification of the capacitor. ALSO            i need the complete calculation/procedure required to find each of the value of the capacitor. *by specification i mean 1- capacitance 2- voltage rating 3- type (ceramic/electrolytic etc)

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How to run stereo receiver through a mixing board.?

I have a stereo receiver that I need to run through my mixers (my only speakers plug into the mixer.) How would I do that?

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How to mix stereo & mono inputs for XBox headsets

Does anyone know the best way to merge/mix a stereo input and a mono input so that the stereo remains stereo, but the mono input can be heard across both ear pieces? I've got a project in mind to create a box which will do this for using normal headphones for my Xbox 360 in-game chat. I'm just not sure if I need to isolate the mono input with a diode so that it doesn't turn the stereo input into mono.

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Can i mix fiberglass with clay to make it stronger?

After a decent search, i haven't come up with much.  So, does anyone know if i can put fiberglass into clay to make it stronger after firing? or would it re-melt into a bunch of tiny glass rods with no structural integrity?

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is a mix of peat and wood ash good for garden plants?

I always used wood ash from my fireplace for the garden plants but my daughter is burning a mix of wood and peat blocks, she lives in Ireland!  I am not sure if the acidity of the peat is good per se and whether I should be more careful in spreading this around all the plants.  She has a very vigorous and beautiful quince and I would hate anything to happen to this!  There is also an apple and rowan tree, hymalayan honeysuckle and a globe artichoke, and one other consideration is a rabbit that is free range in the garden too.

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Mixing different colored LEDs in series-parallel arrays

I've been doing lots of research, both on other internet sites and the LED projects posted here, but can't find out how to mix colours in LED displays. My plan is to build better Christmas displays from LEDs than the rope light ones you can buy. I've found out how to drive LEDs from a power supply both in series and parallel, with a current limiting resistor. What no one seems to discuss though is driving sets of LEDs off the one power supply where they use different coloured LEDs of different voltages. If I want to wire up lots of red LEDs (2.0V drop) in series and some green LEDs (3.3V drop) in series for example, can I just wire the two sets in parallel to each other (assuming both sets of LEDs in series don't require more voltage than the power supply? Thanks!!!

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knex keyblade fenroath keeper (fenrir + oathkeeper mixed)

My new keyblade i made up it is a fenrir and an oathkeeper combined

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Paper plane street art mixes 2D with 3D

Really enjoying this street art that looks like paper airplanes that are flying on the side of a building pop off and land in the ground in front. This was done by Said Dorkins in Mexico City. According to the artist: "This intervention is a way to make a satirical reflection on the mechanisms of threat and power in which we are engaged, the political farces and scenarios created at the expense of the suffering and disruption of others. You may be asked for some within spheres of power, to destroy people, buildings, communities, as if it were a game, the movement of a chess piece or throw a dart on a cork." Street Art At Its Best: Said Dokins' Avionazo en la Plazuela

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Do you mix oranges and tomatoes in the same recipe? How?

How do you mix oranges and tomatoes (if at all)? Any favorite ingredient combinations with these two? I'm working on cold salads, and these two seem to clash a lot when mixed with other ingredients. Thanks, everyone :)

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can i mix impatiens, petunias and begonias in the same container?

I have nice bacyard, and i'm very fond of flowers. But i'm new in gardening and i want to know how to mix flowers in containers or inflower beds.

Question by vatkoaleksov 

What is mixed with Silicon Oil to produce a high temperature foam ?

Q Quite a few years ago , I sure it was published in American Mag [ Suspect it was Popular Electronics ].It was a single chemical which cause the foaming .               Email =richardlionson@yahoo.com

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Can decomposed granite be mixed with cement for use as structural concrete?

We have a mountainous property with no sand and very little rock other than granite. Can I use decomposed granite (as fine as sand and small pebbles) as aggregate, instead of river gravel and or sand?

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What silicone mix could be used to make a cake mold?

Hi...I'm interested in making a bit of a 3-d cake....for which i would need a to make a mold. I'm think of just using your basic home 'playdough' mix to create the shape....then creat a no part mold around that to bake a cake....which presumably could be used for lots of other things like soap and candles etc. What type of silicone would be best to use? Seeing as it would have to withstand the baking process.

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Sulfur and Tin did not mix ... (trying to make DIY phosphor)

Hi ...Here is an other "failed experiment" ...I tried to mix Sulfur and Tin with the hope to make a ZnS phosphor ... (Yes, I know ... I confused Sn and Zn)So, indeed, when I poured some Sulfur powder over my melting Tin, the Sulfur melted, boiled and vaporized ...Ok. Now my question : If I pour some Sulfur powder over melting Zinc, will Sulfur vaporize, or will I get some ZnS ?(actual question : is there a simple non industrial mean to make ZnS phosphor ?)=o]

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Is it safe to mix ethyl alcohol, eucalyptus essence and 5% alc.vodka?

 i decided to make a hand sanitizer with the following mixture: ethyl alcohol (bought in the supermarket) -filled about 3/4 of a regular spray bottle a few drops of eucalyptus essence (bought in a drugstore) 5% alc. vodka (drained after 2 weeks of soaking in it the orange and grapefruit rinds and lemongrass leaves) inspired by the instructable on how to make a citrusy room and linen spray , few drops of glycerine. i have learned from wiki about the benefits of the following and decided to mix them. I intend to give this to some good friends and i wanna make sure its really safe...

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How do I mix worm castings into my garden?

In about a month I will have some worm castings. I already have flower beds and vegetables in my yards (tomatos, okra, zuccinni, rosemary, and basil). When I have the castings, do I just lay them on top of the soil or should I dig up some holes and put the castings underground?

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