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homemade mixer? Answered

I need to build a homemade audio mixer for a podcast i am makeing

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converting a mixer into a usb control mixer?

Right now I have an old Gemini MX 02 mixer that I would like to convert to a usb MIDI. is this possible?

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Hand cranked mixer

Hi all, i have a question, i found this great mixer but i live in europe and shipping cost will be over the top, and the product already cost alot i seen some great inventions here, is there someone who can make this or explain how to make this? thank you for your time (i hope it is allowed to ask this, if not just remove my post)

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DJ mixer problem? Answered

I have recently purchased a Soundlab dsm5....I have minimal RCA cable at the moment so i have done this -> I have connected my ipod to the mic jack with a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adaptor..... then from that i have connected a RCA cable to 3.5mm mono adaptor (orginally for a camcorder so it has a video RCA as well)  from the AMP channel on the mixer to the AMP......  My problem is that the Music plays but has a really bad quality? amp is not bad quality, as i have done played music with it with no problem and the mixer and the amp are both sound lab....It might be I shouldnt connect the ipod to the mic but to line one or line 2 (inputs) to get more quality .... I dont know?...... Best awnser gets a patch!

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How to use a mixer?

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mixer grinder pump

Our water tank is on the roof, so the tap there doesn't have much pressure to water mom's plants on our roof with a pipe. So i need to make a pump. We have an old mixer grinder set with all its jars. But i'm not sure how to make a pump into a jar. limitations: 1) Can't cut holes in the metal parts of the jars, no equiments. only the top is plastic 2) 3D printer/ cnc or any thing of that sort is not available

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portable audio mixer

Hey everybody I had a little idea but i am not so good in this sort off things is it possible to make an portable audio mixer on batteries for mixing with 2 mp3-players if someone has an idea can he tell me how to make this it should be great because I always play music with my friends but it should be nice if we can mix music (I am sorry for my bat English I am from belguim) Sompie

Topic by sompie  

Custom audio mixer box

I need a device to do the following. One input source for stereo (ipod), one input source for mic. Two stereo outputs to headphones (ipod earbuds). The device would mix the input audio (with a volume control for the mic input) before sending it to both outputs. Is this something that can be bought? If not, anyone interested in making one?

Topic by Michaeli  

question about kitchenaid mixers

My family has a 250watt k45ss kitchenaid mixer that my family uses to mix up stuff to bake. My mom with in the past 2 or 3 months has started using it to grind wheat, and she is concerned that she is wearing the thing out. She wants to know if the thing needs oil since it is making a grinding like noise at low speed, and an unfamiliar hum a high speed. so is there anything to be concerned about? (note: the mixer is about 20 years old)

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need help with audio mixer? Answered

Hello . im going to make this mixer circuit.Im not sure if it work fine or not.Can you please check it for me ? Thank! In this schematic, i use R1=R2=47k Ohms , can i use a lower value like 10k or 4.7k ?

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Ultrasonic mixer for immissicable fluids?

Any idea's for a 12V-15V DC circuit to drive some transducers e.g. AU 12550 ? On board Water/Fuel mix, try in an ultrasonic cleaner! 35%H2O + 65%H CO is stable and burns just mighty fine thanks. Make it free to the world and free the world ,hip, hip ,hooray!

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Any uses for a hand mixer?

I have recently inherited a powerful hand mixer. ex : Making food has never been an interest to me, but I do have interest in the tool's potential. Inside the mixer is a 120V AC current (0.6A @60HZ) motor, along with several gears and the such.  This absolutely reeks of usefulness. I would normally already have half a million ideas for this, but problem is, I'm at an inventor's block. This is where I ask you to come in, I want as many ideas for this as possible, I don't care how ridiculous.  Even if its a car that runs on pigsh*t, I won't mind.  anyway, just food for thought. thanks. ps. if you were one of the the whopping 13 people who viewed my forum topic, yes, this is a repost. I think my reasoning is pretty dang obvious. pps. I'm mad about not being able to use bold font anymore... we had something going...

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RGB LED Mixer Schematic

Hi, for the past couple of months, I have been searching for a RGB LED mood light controller, but so far, all of them require a PIC(Programmable Integrated Circuit). The problem with this is that The PIC, the PIC Programmer, and the IDE for some reason wont work together(even though they are all from the same company). So recently, I thought that it would be easier to just make a color mixer, that controls each of the RGB channels individually with a potentiometer assigned to each. But, I can't find a simple one. So I made my own, but I would like to ask the Instructables community if they think it will work. Thanks ahead of time :) Here is the schematic:

Topic by metrogdor22  

vu meter?

I have just been volunteered to run the sound board in our church which is small.I had never seen one before,but as I keep working with it,I noticed that only one side of the vu meter lights up,and the lights move up and down as the volume goes up and down,but the other side does nothing.Any help. It looks like the one in step one.

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kitchenaid mixer upscale. any ideas?

Hi! My parents mixer broke recently, they gave it to me and I fixed it up.  its a nicer one, a kitchenaid 600, and they have already replaced it and don't want it back.  does anyone have any ideas of what I could make with this?  thanks!

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need help with adding active mixer? Answered

Hello .i need help with adding a active mixer before the "MXR headphone amp" . The images bellow are the original schematic and my new schematic my question is : 1.will this circuit work properly ? 2.i need the gain of mixer = 1 , so Ra=Rb=Rc=Rd , but what value should i use ? 3.What value should i use for Ca,Cb,Cc ? 4.What value should i use for Rx Thanks in advance! sorry for my bad English!

Question by login721    |  last reply

Is a MIXER what I'm looking for here?

Got a keyboard, laptop, mp3 player, 2 drum machines, and a Tascam 8 track digital recorder. I need to hear them all at the same time through one set of headphones, all clearly, and need to be able to adjust the levels of each. Do I just need a mixer? I'm cheap, so suggest one please?

Question by jukey_23    |  last reply

how do i run a sound mixer?

I need to lern how tp run a sound mixer

Question by doyel    |  last reply

How to make a 4 channel audio mixer?

Making a mixer bassed off of AUDIO 8 DJ;=bacefa846820ff7 or Nuo 4⊂=1&id;=3I more interested in a simple version of the previous mentioned. Heres a simple version feel like the simple one would be more doable but if you manage to make the ones i mention first, then thats amazing.

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Passive mixers, I don't undertand why the resistor/capacitor

Hi, when I was young, our teacher show us a passive mixer, each input had only one green capacitor in series for each input, it was not electrolytic but ceramic or polyester, it sounded so good for just being there 1 simple component per channel. Now taking a look at google, can see that the most passive mixers, uses resistors to isolate sources, with values since 10k to even 100K. Other schematics shows a resistor and capacitor in series (see image below) what does that capacitor? and why some schematics only has a simple resistor? is it easy to calculate its ohm value?. Is it better using this configuration supposing that the source is weak (coming from cellphone 3.5 mini jack or RCA) and this mixer targets the signals to a pre amp? So I need to from weak sources like iphone, dvd, any RCA output, etc... anybody know whats the best to use in this case? Thanks so much. Should I put a resistor as minimum as possible? I undertstand that a resistor there, in the input, will reduce the volume input, and I dont want to do that, so can I simple connect everything direct? or the resistor isolates the inputs, otherwise it will sound ugly? I am very confused, why the resistor? why I have seen resistors from some ohms to 2km and even a lot more, 50k, 100k. I want to mix two weak sources, as a signal coming from a walkman and cd player, or cell phone, etc, so whats the law for not reduce signal intensity and mix everything well? all channels will come in into a pre amp IC.

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where on a small mixer desk can i fit an on/off foot switch to control effects on /off?

I want to turn on/off the echo effects on a small mixer desk but i do not know where to plug the floor switch in ,on  the desk

Question by ken murphy53    |  last reply

can i block the singing part in a song to just hear the instruments?

I was wondering if its possible to use a mixer to cancel out the singing in a song so that you can only hear the instruments? i want to listen to the different instrumenst so that i can learn how to play the part just by listening, but its kind of difficult with the singing as the main sound. and if you can, is it a certaing type of mixer that you can connect to a computer?

Question by santista19    |  last reply

Machine to mix and cook at the same time?

Hi everyone. Can anyone suggest how to safely customise a heavy duty food mixer (I have a Kitchenaid) to allow a heat source to be placed underneath? I basically need to mix and cook at the same time. There are various low-powered electric stirrers (I’ve tried using a Stirio) for domestic use, but then there seems to be nothing commercially available in-between that and huge industrial machines. Any suggestions very gratefully received. Thanks Michael

Topic by mjh12345  

Ideas for live sound effects mixer-player?

Hi, I'm trying to build a remote device whereby I can play multiple recorded sounds over my stereo speaker system, sometimes simultaneously. Imagine as a Halloween project, for example, I would want the sound of a wind storm going continuously, and then occasionally hit a button or slider with another sound, like wolves howling, footsteps, a creaky gate, etc. Ideally I could play as many sounds as I wanted at a time on discrete channels, and each would be mixable... all that in as small a mechanism as possible. Any thoughts/ideas/referrals?  Does this sound like a job for an arduino? Thanks for reading!

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How do I fix a kitchen aid stand mixer that is not spinning?

Kitchen aid stand mixer

Question by katieg03    |  last reply

Active mixer and 180 degrees out of phase question? Answered

Hello , i want to make a simple active mixer to place in front of the power amp. I read some documents about active op-amp mixer.And they said : "Any signal entering the inverting input of the op-amp will appear at the output but it will be 180 degrees out of phase.If the output of the first op-amp were recombined with one of the other signals at a later stage it would cancel out rather than mix. So we have to re-invert the phase with yet another op-amp." and the schematic should like figure 1 to re-invert the signal . But if i use the the mixer to direct feed input of power amp , can i use the schematic like figure 2(w/o re-invert the signal) ??? Thanks in advance! Sorry for my bad English!

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Which Mixer / How many channels do I need

I am starting out to help some friends that have formed a band. Their Setup so far is, 2mics, Lead and Backing Singer, Acoustic Guitar with jack output to Amp, and Keyboard with mono Jack output to Amp (thats what we use at present, stereo output is available). and 2 x 300 watt speakers. I want to add an Audio Power mixer which will allow the addition of 2 stage monitors and another 2 mics in time. Any recomendations? How many channels do I need etc to allow me to use the present equipment and then add as time and money allows. Thank you in advance.

Question by MarkEast    |  last reply

Attach Pasta Maker to Kitchen Aid Mixer

Can someone come Up with an easy tutorial on Attaching a Pasta Maker to Kitchen Aid Mixer ? The Pasta Maker has a Manual Cranking Handle. I have seen Kitchen Aids with the attachment and would like to convert mine.

Topic by TheCritic    |  last reply

CHALLENGE: Dirty Video Mixer with Sound Sensor!

Hey guys I have a challenge for you all but forewarning I am a bit of a novice with Arduino and electronics in general. I want to adapt Karl Klomp's Dirty & Cheap video mixer (schematic attached) into something a bit more responsive. The original video mixer is essentially just two RCA inputs fed into a potentiometer and then a combined output is produced as a mix of the two original video sources. I want to swap the potentiometer for a sound sensor (image attached) to allow for the mix of the video output to be governed by the volume of the mixer's surroundings. If anyone could please help me that would be great!!! (Even my lecturers are stumped) Thanks in advance guys! Ryan

Topic by rachten    |  last reply

XY pads

Does anyone know where i can buy different sized XY pads? I want to make a midi controller with a few rectangular pads as sliders but i cant find any raw ones.

Topic by mangomango    |  last reply

What type of mixer should i use (diffirent type input)? Answered

Hello . I want to make a op-amp mixer with 2 inputs. Input 1 : mono signal from mp3 player. Input 2 : mono signal from overdrive pedal. (please see the image bellow ) I have op-amp : tl072 and ne5532 and i need the pedal use single power supply. and the schematic of the pedal i use is show bellow. thanks for advance ! p/s: sorry for my bad english.

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What would cause a brushed motor to lose strength? Answered

Hi gang, My wife used her mixer to make two pounds of dough for years, but recently the motor would struggle and eventually stop.  The only way to use the mixer now is to make smaller batches of dough. I took a look under the hood, and all seems OK.  The brushes on the motor are clean and making good contact, the cooling fan moves air over the motor as it should, all the gears were well lubricated and moved freely, nothing was broken. What made the motor lose it's mojo?  Is there a way for me to make it strong again?

Question by Morgantao    |  last reply

Does anyone know the specifications for the Behringer Xenyx 802 power suply or where to get one? Answered

I have been looking for one as I have recently bought one of these mixers but it comes with no power supply. I have searched the internet only to find the instruction manual which isn't very useful. All comments are welcome. Thank you Oscar

Question by oscarthompson    |  last reply

Feeding samick guitar signal and mp3 into guitar input of samick amplifier.?

Hi, My wife is an amateur musician she has a samick amp with two inputs mic, and guitar, we are trying to input a mix of sounds into the guitar input. I have tried a connection from the headphone socket of mp3 player, in a double adaptor config with guitar, this is not ideal, due to the  unbalanced signals, and there is a loud hum.  What can I do short of buying another amp. Also I don't know what the impedances are but suspect the mp3 player is 8-16, and the amp input much higher. I am wondering whether a simple mixer might help, but I don't know how impedance might affect this, or whether it would actually work. Thanks for any comment

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Multiple audio input to 1 stereo output

Sounds confusing but I need to connect 7 audio players (stereo) together and have 1 stereo ouput. Without volume sliders. Each player audio need to be mixed and be heard at the only output. I was thinking on connecting all left channel together and right channel as well then connect each one to audio jacks (red/white). Can someone help? 

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LF Help on Audio Input and Output

Looking to build an 'audio switch' for my devices on my network or have a circuit board to have on my desk. I have 5 computers (windows/mac/linux) I run at any given time, some used for Skype, Youtube, Music, and/or Gaming. I am looking to make something that I can connect up with 3.5mm sound and mic jacks to a main board and controlling the input and output to different speakers and headsets all on 3.5mm.  Ideally I'd like to have volume control on the board itself, but isn't required. Does anyone know of a instrucable already made?

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Outdoor listening installations

Would appreciate some advice on this project.  I'm putting together a proposal for a series of outdoor sound installations in a nature park.  a couple of the installations will be places where you can plug in headphones to listen to certain sounds captured live from a microphone in an interesting place- for example a hydrophone in a pond.  The plan is that the mic will be hooked up to 3.5 jack sockets and listerners will be able to plug in their own headphones.  Now obviously there needs to be some amplification because the mic signal level will be far too quiet to hear on headphones. I need a power amp that will be powered through a solar panel.  My question is, shall I just use a headphone amp, like the Behringer ha400 or make my own power amp circuit? I need to be able to make everything sturdy and fit into a weather proof junction box to protect it from the elements. I have done some experiments with an LM386 power amp module but there was so much background noise and it didn't pick up the mic level at all (may have been a problem with the mic I was using,it was a crappy little lapel mic.- I did get a signal from a piezo disc but it was again really crackly and noisy.)  If it is best to build a circuit with a power amp module, could people make suggestions of ones that will sound good and clean, and work with stereo headphones.  Thanks a lot Ash

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Audio mixer phones vs main out settings

My friend and I have started podcasting, and I am learning as I go. One this we want to do is commentary tracks. Our current setup works but I want to move to an audio mixer and connect the main out to my behringer UC222. For this we need to hear ourselves and the movie audio via the headphones but only capture the mics on the main out. Can I make this happen by running the movie audio line as PFL with the fader(slider) at 0?

Question by Sparkytastic  

Magic Bullet Mixer Creations - NEW group in search of content

Hi.I just started a group to share instructables involving the use of a Magic Bullet Mixer. I love this gadget and I would like to use this group to collect and share recipes with everyone. When I have some time, I'll post some instructables describing how to make crepes, watermelon daiquiris and even hot chocolate. But in the mean time I was hoping some people would add their own recipes to get the ball rolling.Here's the URL to the group page:

Topic by djspikehead  

I need help designing a portable powered audio mixer.

 As the title states I need some help in designing a mixer that I am going to use for home recording and on stage to EQ my drum kit. I feel I will be able to actually build the thing and have a rough idea of a schematic but my depth of knowledge ends when it comes to powering the mixer and exactly what parts I will need in terms of resistors, pots and power supply. The unit will act as a pre-amp, mixer and EQ. I want a total of 12 inputs and 5 outputs.  This breaks done as... 1 headphone out 3 Grouped outputs  1 Main output Each channel will have 1 bass, 1 treble, 1 volume and a selector to chose whether the signal is routed to the grouped output or the all-out output. I could really do with some help designing this. Thanks in advance! el Ginjo,,

Topic by el Ginjo,,  

Does Anyone Have An Idea For A Project I Can Make From A Kitchen Mixer?

Does Anyone Have An Idea For A Project I Can Make From A Kitchen Mixer? This Is an old 2in1 kenwood mixer that has a mixer and a blender Is there a project (that isn't a centrifuge) I can make from it? Maybe I can make a centrifuge, But I'm just trying to see if someone has a beter idea... Thanks :)

Question by Yonatan24    |  last reply

Altoids Tin 1/8" Stereo Mixer using a 3.5mm 4 pole conductor (mic + audio)?

Hey have been thinking on how to modify to accept a 3.5mm 4 pole conductor as the output while splitting the mic to the inputs. This is going to be something like the Iphone ear buds with built in mic. I just got a pair of amplified 4 pole headphones with mic that I want to use for everything.  Here is my wish list:   3 - 4 pole Audio in (iphone, macbook, ...) 1 - 3 pole Audio in from computer 1 - Mic in from computer 1 - RJ10 (so I can use my headset with my cisco phone) The audio mixing is basically the same as Rich's write up. But im not sure if I can just split the mic to everything. If I am sacrificing mic volume by splitting to every input I could limit it to the CPU mic and the RJ10.. the ones i really want. Please let me know any ideas or advice you have. Here is my purposed schematic:

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Naming a mixed drink?

Aight, so I've come up with a cheerwine mixer, that (as far as I've seen) hasn't been made and named before, so I'm looking for awesome name suggestions, thanks!   Cheerwine (12 oz glass bottle preferably)    Approx 1 Tblsp Lime Juice (fresh is best, but more spensive/difficult)    Splash of lemon   Approx 1 shot Cherry Moonshine (More or less according to taste)  Any Ideas?  

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its save if i wire the inputs like that ? Answered

Hello . Im making this circuit.and i want the speaker can play 2 inputs at same time.So i put 2 resistor like this pic.This circuit works, but it's safe if i wire them like this ?? Thanks! sorry for my bad English!

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Simplest way to combine a mono and a stereo source to play through a set of stereo headphones?

Ok, what I am specifically wanting to doing is make the Xbox voice chat (mono) and the game audio (stereo) come out through the same set of headphones. I quickly found out that I couldn't just wire them directly without turning the game audio to mono (not good for online multiplayer). I found a discussion about using an "opamp" and taking the mono signal and feeding it into the right channel then take the opamp output and feeding that back into the left channel to get a "stereo" output. Unfortunetly, I got as many details from that as I just gave here. Can anyone explain how and what parts it would take to do this? I also got the impression it might be passive, and no batteries would be a plus. Preferably, I would like to be able to get the stuff at Radioshack, and ideally, I would want to try and stuff the parts inside the over-the-ear cup style headphones directly.

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Robotic Drink Mixer, Camping Hot Tub, Rainbow Cupcakes

Robotic Drink Mixer Camping Hot Tub Delicious Rainbow Cupcakes LED Pinball Table Halo Costume Armor Easy Light-Up Table Scallop Your Fretboard Futuristic 10W LED Lamp Duct Tape Boat Live With Insight Anodizing Titanium Rings Take Great Close-Up Photos Playful Random Light Ball Fix Bent CPU Pins Repair Wire with Sugru

Topic by randofo  

How to wire/connect to my mixer this beautiful vintage microphone?

Hi everybody,I found this excellent Davoli Krundaal mic from 60ies.I try to restore it but i dont know its wiring!Anyone help? thanks (mail me at

Question by pipisgr2000  

My windows XP sound does not work...says there aren't mixer devices available...what's the fix?

What should i do if my windows XP sound is completely gone and when i try to open the volume control, it says there are no mixer devices available. last time this happened i used services.msc in the run prompt and did some simple things to get the sound back but now it doesn't work to do that either. What should I do? please help

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