Grid snapping in mm

How do you change the snapping of the Move etc. to snap to mm?

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How can you tell how much voltage to use by what mm an LED is? Answered

Sorry if these things don't correspond with each other (i'm kinda new to this kind of thing)

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35 mm film belt

i work at a movie theater, and we always have old pieces of the film strips. lately i've been considering making some of this old film strip into a belt, by laying it on top of the other pieces and weaving thread into the little holes on the edges. but i've been thinking about how i'd attach a belt buckle, or anything to clip it together for that matter. anyone have any ideas how i could do this?

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setup of mms on a sciphone i68 ?

I am looking for some setup instructions on mms for a i68 sciphone that is on att

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knex calliber and mm statistics

All typical ammo is here for knex guns it has the part name, the mm length (millimeter) and calliber. enjoy :-) peice mm calliber green rod- 17 - .67 gray connector- 23 - .91 green rod in gray connector- 32 - 1.26 white rod- 32 - 1.26 oodammo- 48 - 1.89 blue rod- 54 - 2.13 yellow rod- 85 - 3.35 red rod- 130 - 5.12 grey rod- 192 - 7.56 if you would like any added to the list leave a comment if your ammo is not up there and you want me to do the conversion leave me a comment and the piece type thanks for viewing

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Used 35 mm cameras

As I was looking in a thrift shop recently, I realised that all the ones I had been to had these old 35mm film cameras for a really cheap price.  The burning question I had was what could be done with these cameras and the parts in them?  Are there sites where this is addressed?  There must be a ton of things to be made with them and they will become re-purposed materiel.  How about a contest? Anyone?

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Does anyone still use 35MM film?

Does anyone still use 35mm film, or is it dead? I find shooting with film is enjoyable. I was out today photographing what insects i could find with my 35MM SLRs. I used both a Minolta MAXXUM SPxi and a Canon EOS Rebel G, both with 80MM lenses. Used 400 speed film. Coencidentaly, while looking through a local bookstore today, i found a copy of "pocket guide to 35MM photography" By kodak for 50 cents.

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how to connect 5MM RGB led to connect with 12v 6A controller?

Dear all,  i am bit confused and want your expert help for following matter. 1. I have 12v 6A (2A X3 each= 6A)  RGB contoller  : as this link;=item2588543cac  2. I have 5 mm common anode led: as this link;=item2348a8b539 i want to connect this 5mm common led total 6 nos with above mentioned 12v 6A RGB contoller.   how to connect it safely so that led will not burn . because red needs 2.2 v  , 20 ma , blue and green need 3.2v  , 20ma  to light up. and source is suppling 12v 2A . i think if i connect it directly . it will burn the led. 

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Connect 3.5mm Jack to a Speaker

Hello, I am trying to connect a 3.5mm jack to a speaker I salvaged from an old radio. The speaker has 2 wires: A + wire (marked yellow) A - wire (marked black) The problem is, the 3.5mm jack has 4 different wires: on one side, there is a copper one and a red one on the other, there is a copper one and a blue one. I got the speaker to work for a few seconds while plugged into my phone, but I cannot remember how it went.

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mms setting for a i68 sciphone for vodafone uk?

Looking for some setup instructions on mms for vodafone uk? on the i68+ sciphone

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How do you enable mms on an iphone?

My aunt gave me her old iphone 3g after she upgraded iphones. I have a feature phone so i decided to put my sim in the iphone and use it with data turned off. I cant sent mms messages tho. I have it jail-broken if theirs some way to solve it that way or even beter not that way.  Thanks in advance

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3.5 mm in line microphone / headphones splitter? Answered

I have got a pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones and a pair or Sennheiser MM30i earbuds, both featuring an in-line remote and mic.  The question I have is: does anybody know if there are some kind of splitters to split the cable in audio and microphone jacks to plug in my laptop? I'd like to use the mic on the cable, rather than the one built in my computer or, worse, wearing skype headphones just to pick up a call.. Thanks in advance!

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mini usb to 3.5 mm female jack converter

Please tell me how to make a converter(without any purchases) so that i can connect my 3.5 mm jack headphones to my phones mini usb port which is 2 in one charger and audio out port My phone-htc touch  i thought out of something like this thank you in advance

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What is the maximum data of an mms that gsm can send?

I used SIM900A GSM/GPRS Module to send mms in my project. I want to know what is the maximum data that this gsm can send? And is there any other way to send more than the maximum data?

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Walkie talkie mic and headphone 3.5 mm sockets

Iam wondering if I could get two walkie talkies (2 way radios but I prefer calling it walkie talkie) and add two 3.5mm jacks one for ear phones and one for a mic.  Using a splitter 3.5mm for the sockets, a 3.5mm mic and a 1m extension  for the mic so I can put the walkie talkie in a pocket. Can someone tell me if this will work please and any suggestions for improvements to my plan 

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How to join 2 steel rods together as an extension? Answered

I want to extend my printers rods by joining 2 together. Is it possible to connect 2 smooth steel rods together without welding for liner bearings to slide over? 8mm rod diameter Want to make the rods 650mm

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Where to buy 6mm brass or stainless steel tubing?

Does anyone know where to buy good lengths of 6mm ID stainless steel or brass tubing?  When I say good length I mean like around 4 feet continuous.  And the tolerance must be very good, in the degree of 0.01mm I've been searching for a while, but getting metric tubing in the US in lengths of anything more than 10 inches or 300cm is hard.  The closest I've found was 6.22mm (which is really 0.2425 inch or something like that), but Ideally I want the ID to be between 6.00 and 6.08 mm and in case if anyone is wondering, I'm building an airsoft sniper, which uses 6mm BB's

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How to convert this into 3.5 mm universal jack? (Image given) :@

Actually I'm a complete newbie and I'm afraid that I would ruin my speakers if I do it without instructions. Can somebody please give me step by step instructions on how to replace this jack with the universal 3.5 mm jack. :)

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my sennheiser mm 450 head phones stopped working. ?

They stopped working just after i switched them off for 20 mins but they worked just before i switched them off with no problems what do i do  

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How do I reattach the 3.5 mm jack to this PCB?

This is a PCB from a watch Walkie Talkie. I was a little rough trying to get it out of the case and broke the connection. it doesn't look like I did any damage but I'm not sure how to fix it. This is probably a common issue but after searching I'm not finding anything its probably because I don't know they right terminology to search for. There is an orange tape on the bottom on the legs coming off of the 3.5 mm jack, What is that for? any help would be greatly appreciated and I know this may be a beginner question but that is what I am so go easy on me.

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Can gsm send mms? how to do it? what are the coding?

I need urgent help. I am doing my final year project.I want a camera capture image then save inside SD card breakout board. Then i want to send the image using gsm. Can i do it? then how? If can no, then how can i do something like this? what type of camera should i used? P.S sorry for bad english.

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5 mm led's 8 LUMENS PER WATT!?!?!? [answered] Answered

Well i was thinking, 5mm LED's take about 1/10 of a watt, correct?  and from this calculator found out Cree 5mm led's are .806 lumen's. i assume they are 1 tenth of a watt. well, my calculator states they are 8 lumen's per watt (if i could run them at a watt.)  i figure they are 1/10 of a watt because because this 500 led light makes takes about 50W as in the video and led's give less than a lumen of light. so far, it seems leds just last long and emit blueish light. is incandescent light better? with 20 lumens per watt from halogen?

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trying to feed video into a 3.55 mm port on car dvd

My car dvd player has twoscreens. One DVD player feeds the other screen when you select either one to act as an A/V in. It accepts the video feed sent from one player to the next via a 3.55 male to male cable. I had this idea that if the one screen receives a video signal from the other player than I could bypass the DVD sending the signal and send a video signal from another device (my iphone 4) using the same method. I bought a Iphone 4 to rca audio and video cable to run the video feed out of the phone. THEN in theory I thought that an RCA to 3.55 male converter would allow me to run the video line out of the iphone into the DVD players screen. I would have to sacrfice one audio line (left or right, didn't matter) to plug the video into it BUT I thought in theory this wouldn't matter as audio/ video RCA seems to send video feed just fine. NOW, I have it all in place but it doesn't work. Any ideas how I can make this 3.55 female line in on the DVD screen get a video signal from an iphone?  Thanks for any advice here.

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Daisy 111b 4.5 cal (.177 mm) hollow point fix

Hey guys (and girls), this is XxsonicxX and I have an issue with my bb gun and .177 mm bbs. I need to figure out how to load hollow point into my daisy model 111b 4.5 cal. If you know how, Please reply here. Thank you. now enjoy these photos. ^_^

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Anyone know how to make a 3.5 mm bit for NES games? Answered

I have a quite a few nes games and would like to clean them does anyone know how to make a 3.5mm bit?

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3.5 mm 4 pole splitter question (for use with ipod touch)

Hi, I'm attempting to put together something that is conceptually simple -- making a splitter for the 3.5 mm 4 pole audio jack so that one end supports a mic and the other a pair of headphones. I'm doing this because I want to hook up a better quality mic than found in the store-bought iphone headsets. However, after putting it all together, I just can't get it to work with my ipod. I've followed these pinouts (where 1 is the tip and 4 is the base): 4-pole jack 1. Left Audio 2. Right Audio 3. Ground 4. Microphone 3-pole jack 1. Left Audio 2. Right Audio 3. Ground Ive verified that all the connections are good using a multimeter. But when it comes down to actually recording with my ipod, I can't get the line in to work. Has anyone does anything like this before? Any ideas what might be going wrong? Is is it possible that measurements on the 4 pole jack isn't standardized and that the one I have doesn't actually fit the ipod correctly? Perhaps I'm completely wrong about how to connect the wires. So just in case, this is what I did: Line-in: Pinout (P/O) 1 and P/O 2 ---> P/O 4 (on 4-pole) P/O 3 --> P/O 3 on 4-pole (on 4-pole) Line-out: P/O 1 --> P/O 1 (on 4-pole) P/O 2 --> P/O 2 (on 4-pole) P/O 3 --> P/O 3 (on 4-pole) So yep, that's it. Any help is much appreciated : )

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diy shoulder axle/pin/shaft/dowel pin?

I would like to - create a shouldered pin* in order to glue gearwheels** to it - ask you for any advice or link that may hint me towards a solution any ideas are highly appreciated: i already had a look at misumi, conrad, rscomponents, alibaba, ebay, amazon "small parts" … but could not find any suitable solution. * pin's dimensions:                        left                   center                 right                   --------------=================--------------- diameter        1 mm             2.5 mm                1 mm length            2 mm             13 mm                 2 mm **made from delrin & brass. These gearwheels are spinning at a speed of ca. 4000 rounds per minute (a prototype*** worked well with superglued-gearwheels ) ***my prototype: 1mm steel wire surrounded by heat-shrinked tube

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How do the internal elements of a 28-80 mm lens differ from a 28-200 mm lens? Answered

I'm trying to follow an I'ble posted by Patholio (fisheye lens, He used an element of a 28-200 mm lens. I have disassembled a 28-80 lens, but the results are less spectacular even though the focal length at the low range (28mm) is the same. I can imagine that the elements of both lenses differ, hence the difference. Is this the explanation?

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What is the best 9 mm you can buy for under 300 dollars?

I am selling my llama 9mm and buying another 9mm hangun. i need to find one for under 300 dollars. it needs to be modern...(no revolvers) i know there are modern revolvers but none of those.

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Will a condenser mic work the same way as a 3.5 mm mono audio jack? Answered

I will be building an FM transmitter soon, and I wanted it to have a condenser mic with a switch that switches the input of the condenser mic, to the input of a jack that people could play music from. In other words, the user would be able to speak to the transmitter, flip a switch, and then play music through to the jack. My only question really, is whether or not it would work? Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it. The attached picture is the schematic I am working off of.

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help me identify and price this Russian AK47 7.62 mm training replica? Answered

Made in 1967 by The Fourth Army Training Center in Fort Polk, Louisiana. Cast from a mold and made of a heavy durable plastic. About 5lbs, 28 inches long. Inscribed on side (see pic)

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designing an LC4/LC5 package for mm-devices using Eagle CAD tools?

Hello every one, Since i am totally new to PCB designing and all these stuff, I want to know few things about Eagle CAD tools I will be designing a Frequency up-donwn converter as a University course project. out of many components selected for this project one of them is as follow. i have gone through designing of the LC4 package, i hope it would be fine, still i would like to know how to creat ground of a package, creating outline boundries of package (is it from wire or from rectangle, polygon??) and about symbols inside this package, i am confused about drawing them exactly and connecting them to each other (via wire or net or what??), should they be just symbol or e.g i have to draw even what is inside circuit of a mixer or amplifier etc.. I shall be very much thank for your kind help

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Music stops as soon as the solder on the 3.5 mm jack dries after application?

Well...I have been repairing headphones for about a year switching drivers..changing jacks and so i have fair experience with soldering...well..I have a pair of audio technica -FC700A's which as really great for the small price i paid..and so later, i exchanged the cables(which were thin as string!) with more stronger and better Sony headphone cables(my old pair)..they worked fine for few months..but now i ruined my previous jack..and bought a new gold plated one...i connected the wires correctly..left, right and common..but I have a problem with the left wire(red)..i soldered it on to the point but the sound plays only when the solder is wet(or hot or still gooey) sson as the solder dries(cools down) the sound stops...i dont know what im doing it dirt in the solder? or some gap? please stuck!! Thanks..

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Any ideas on making a cutting disk or bit to make 0.2 mm grooves?

I'm trying to find a easy way to put in slots in a guitar fretboard, which requires really small slots cut into hard wood. Cutting with a saw takes too long so I am coming with a device to help me make fretboards faster. However, I tried making a cutting wheel out of sheet metal which burns the wood and wobbles too much and a cutting bit is too wide. I plan on using a motor. Any ideas on solving this problem?

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Conductivity of heat through copper?

I have a piece of flat copper, 150 mm X 30 mm X 1mm thick. I put 50 watts onto one (150 mm) end, how much arrives at the other? so: Surface area: .00015 m2 Distance: .03 m thermal conductivity copper: 400 W.m-1.K-1

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Sub-mm precision ultrasonic or inductive distance sensor for use with Raspberry Pi?

Hi there, I am trying to keep my hardware/ coding skills alive and spruce up my bicycle wheel truing stand. I need to figure out the required hardware + software for the following: I want to build a non-contact distance measurement sensor system and get the output "into" my computer for display in a graphical user interface. I know I could omit the latter step with going directly onto a mini-LCD screen, but trying to use this a learn-another-programming-language learning experience (I've coded Matlab galore, pondering Python for this project). General system components: Sensor - [something - RasPi or Arduino I guess] - laptop (running debian) - GUI displaying continuous sensor reading Sensor: I've web-searched the hell out of this, but not finding anything quite answering my questions. I want to continuously measure the distance from the sensor to a bicycle wheel rim braking surface. Material is aluminium, shiny, though not smooth. Biggest problem with the web-search is being swamped by proximity sensor results (on/off) rather than a distance proportional output signal and much lower resolution projects. I rule out IR or optical sensing, now stuck between ultrasonic and inductive sensing, though tending to the latter for a faster response/adjustment to change time. Sensor criteria (other than reasonable $$): - total sensing range: ca.5mm - sensing accuracy 10 to 100micron/ 0.01 to 0.1mm - don't ask if that's needed, a bit of overkill, I know, but a bit of OCD doesn't do any harm, eh? - fast-ish sampling rate (so that when I turn the wheel, the number on the screen updates nice and fast, guess >25Hz is sufficient). [Something - RasPi or Arduino]: I know that I could omit the laptop GUI part (mini-LCD, LED array, etc), but keen to learn/ practice a little Python with this project, so I guess I am tending to the RasPi, but I am open minded. All I want is the analogue sensor out to end up as a digital reading "inside" my computer to be passed to my GUI as a reading. Essentially a mini A2D converter. Not fussed whether the output is in actual distance units or in arbitrary units/ current units (I guess the sensors put out a proportional current signal?). GUI: Depending on the above, how do I best get the signal "into" a Python program? A moderate fast sample rate >25Hz should suffice. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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Does anybody know where to get a 315 mm ( -10mm) displacement sensor in the UK? Answered

A friend of mine is looking for a 315 mm displacement sensor (potentiometric). I've tried google but I can only find results over several hundred euro... On ebay I can only find very short potentiometers or expensive laser based sensors. Anybody know any alternative suppliers?

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Is there some sort of rigid tubing with a 40 mm interior diameter to fit an airsoft grenade?

What material, size and thickness of tubing (pvc, abs, copper) would be necessary to fit a 40 mm airsoft grenade inside of. It would need to be either 40mm exactly or slightly larger, although I'm not sure how much larger it could be.

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Become Record Holder

Present record of the smallest printing HOLY QURAN width 11mm height 8.5 mm length 14mm PRINTING AREA width 6mm lenth 11.5 mm height 8.5mm if u r interested contact at 03008127807

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Polycarbonate panel thickness for secure windows? Answered

I need to glaze 16 small panes (430 x 275 mm) in very strong, cast aluminium window frames (8 per frame, either side of the door). Is 3 mm frosted polycarbonate going to be impact resistant enough to keep people out? The building these windows are part of is in a fairly remote place, so security is a concern but for cost and aesthetic reasons we don't want to glaze with glass and install a metal security screen. The current ugly solution is boarding them up and securing with screws but this doesn't allow us light inside. Cost is a consideration since I've been given permission by the company that owns the land to reglaze them and if I provide the labour they will supply the materials. 16 off 3 mm sheets, £3.85 each = £61.60 16 off 4 mm sheets, £5.14 each = £82.24 16 off 6 mm sheets, £7.70 each = £123.20 I've found lots of sites shouting "yeah polycarb is badass! It's unbreakable!" but not one that gives an idea for thinner sheets. Am I wasting money by going for thicker sheets? Or if someone's trying to get in might a 3 mm sheet be breakable?

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Hand winding of helical springs?

Are there any thoughts on an easy way to hand wind a helical compression spring using simple hobby workshop equipment? Say, d = 0.25 mm, free l = 80 mm and shut force about o.5 N ( 0.1 lbf)

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Canon t2i Versus Canon 7D (to be used with 50 mm 2/8 lens)

I'm looking into buying a Canon dSLR camera body, to be used with the 50 mm 2/8 lens for food photography. I'd need to purchase the additional lens no matter which camera I buy. I want to avoid purchasing two cameras, and I am hoping to buy the right one from the start. Over the next few years, I'd be shooting a lot of macro food photography with whichever model I purchase. Between the Canon t2i or a Canon 7D body, is the large initial investment for the Canon 7D wiser in the long run? Or can a Canon t2i produce professional-quality results?

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How to convert Car subwoofer (Soundstream SPLX 152 HX) for home theatre use ? Thanks

SPECS: Impedance 2 ohm (Dual Coil) Sensitivity 91 dB Fs (hz) 35.96 Qms 6.476 Vas (ft³) 87.56 Cms (mm/n) 0.0794 Mms (g) 247.1 Xmax (mm) 13.00 Xmech (mm) 19.50 Piston Diameter (in) 13.19 Sd (in²) 136.6 Qes 0.503 Re (Ω) 2.95 Z (Ω) 4 BL (Gauss) 18.09 Rms Power (watts) 1,250 Qts  0.467 NO (%) 0.78 1w/1m SPL (dB) 90.95 Voice Coil Diameter (in) 3" Impedance (Ω) DVC 2Ω M-vd (ft³) 0.298  

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How to give analog input from 3.5 mm jack to FPGA (Spartan 3e)?

I am working on a voice transmission project by using Spartan 3e. My code works just fine. My problem is that i give analogue input to adc side by using a potentiometer and see the changes (as digital) on leds ( digital output is assigned to leds). Here is the problem, i cut a headphone into two and connected 3.5mm jack side to my phone to play music. There are 3 cable which are golden, blue and red. Golden one is connected to "GND" pin , Red one goes to "Va" pin (at adc input). i didnt touch the blue one. When i play music, i see no change on leds despite the fact that i did see by using potentiometer. What am i missing ? Do i have to setup an external circuit before giving the analog signal to Va input ? Thanks in advance.

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What does M&M stand for? Answered

Is M&M the creator's initials or...

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How many grains of sand in a cubic millimeter? Answered

I want to know how many grains of sand are in a cubic mm, because I want to work out how many grains of sand fit in my bedroom (using maths rather then filling it with sand and then counting for the rest of my life.)

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Any issues connecting USB port /- and a DC 2.1 MM port /- together into a single DC 2.1?

Could I connect a USB port  +/- and a DC 2.1 MM port +/- together into a single DC 2.1 Barrel and connect it to a portable router without any damage? I want to hide my hacking router into a external hdd case and have a USB port/DC Port for different options to draw power into the router. Or maybe I should have a switch that enables either the USB port  | OFF|   DC Port? If anyone can help with this? Thanks...?

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How can i get more precision in Proteus design area grid dimension for up to 0.01 mm or any custom value?

I am trying to implement a design with an IoT Gateway using CC3000 from TI in my PCB design and I am using Proteus as an EDA environment for this. The problem i am facing is with snap to grid precision which is only up to 0.1 mm available in Proteus and component footprint for CC3000 has many dimensions that requires 0.01 mm precision. How can i implement more precise snap to grid custom dimensions for my project?

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What's the best design for a touch sensor embedded in ~4 mm layer of silicone for prosthesis (Hand)?

I need the sensor to activate a motor, on and off after being touched. Preferably, with no IC.

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