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Modem Help?

Okay. I have a modem and I was wondering if I could somehow hook it up to a Cat5 netwoork cable?

Question by dla888    |  last reply

Modem Ideas anyone?

HayesCentury 2 modem rack Does anyone have any ideas what I could do with a Hayes century 2 modem RACK. (full of modems) Im not going to toss lets do something cool with it? What can I do with it to make use of it. we all know that most use broadband now so an isp is sort of a non starter... any other ideas?

Question by razerzpeed    |  last reply

Usb fan for a Modem

Hello. I wan to add a fan to my modem(NET FASTER IAD 2) I wan to use the usb that is on the modem(for adding a network printer or a network disk). I used a usb cable but when I measured the voltage at every cable combination the maximum I got was 0.30v between green and red? Why that? computer usb's have 5v.... Any help

Topic by DJman230    |  last reply

Clear Wireless Router/Modem

I'm thinking about subscribing to Clear Wireless. They want me to lease their router for $7 month. Anyone know if I can possibly buy one instead? Or is their equipment proprietary?  What do I buy? Where?

Topic by SacTownSue  

Arduino uno &Gsm modem

Can any body tell me that is there any difference btwn. Arduino gsm-shild  and normal gsm modem .?Do i have to code Arduino differently to send data when i'm using normal gsm modem ..?? and how can i connect Arduino-Uno to normal gsm modem..???

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56k modem SMS server?

Is there any server software that would allow me to use a 56k modem to send and receive text message to a landline for free?

Question by nfarrow    |  last reply

can i speed up my modem speed?

am in rural kenya & i use a modem to browse. i wonder if i can speed up internet connection by buying a router or whatever they use in big cybers. can anyone advise me on internet connections available in kenya or the modem can be speedup by buying any gadget to plug it in. dont worry am poor in networking.

Question by mauricewarebee    |  last reply

Modem won't work in a different room?

Ok, so upstairs in the attic we have a modem and a router, the modem works fine up there and so does the router. but when i try to move my modem downstairs to my room and hook it into my cable line to play halo or host on warcraft, it won't connect to the internet. so my question is why this happens, whats the difference between my cable line and the one upstairs, and is there a way to fix this?

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What's the difference between a modem and a router?

I wanted to know, what is the difference between a modem and a router, and which specific kind of modem or router(wired, dsl wired, wireless, ect.) to get that will work if i plug it in to a Xbox 360. I don't want to buy the 100 dollar wireless adapter for the 360, so i want it to be wired.

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Aztech USB 2.0 Adapter Modem

In my area there is a free WiFi.. but the main router too far from my house - around 500 meter...i try to make antenna as i found in this web.. The PROBLEM.... when i put my antenna top of my house (around 15 meter and extend the usb cable) and Iusing Aztech USB 2.0 Adapter, my pc cannot detect the adapter. any idea ? or should i replace to another adapter.. my pc processor is Amd Athlon & using Abit Mainboard - 2.0 usb hub help me please...

Question by koma4194    |  last reply

Improve reception of UTStarcom usb modem (stick)

Is it possible to improve reception of UTStarcom usb modem (stick) for desktop PC ISP- Cricket Thanks in advance for your help

Topic by Brulee46    |  last reply

home security system based on a gprs modem

Hello, I want to develop an ASP.Net web site using VB.Net for receiving data from a device. The device will send data to the server where the website is placed. My question is: can I write my script in VB.Net for getting the values from the device and displaying the same information into the web server database and how should i do this and also i want to do this through dynamic it possible..if yes then how will be the interfacing be done ? i have the code but im confused about the interfacing part... how do i interface with the gprs modem using j2me without using a pc...i want to use it to send a sms through the gprs modem in a home security system to a predefined mobile number... thank you...

Topic by hermionee    |  last reply

How can I make a USB to 56k Modem or Ethernet to 56k/fax Modem?

I'm trying to reconnect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet, the trouble is that it only has a 56k phone-line modem. How can I "slow down" my internet for it, without spending $30 on a store-bought ( or editing my computer's registry and using its internal pci modem. (;=1956).  What would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance. :) Edit: As far as I know, Dreamcast communicates like a PC does on dial up - though sometimes there's not enough voltage through the line. Could a spare dsl modem be reversed, providing a dail tone and 56k? This is a better option for me than all the other methods mentioned because its automated and more like using actual dial-up. (No registry edit, no manual line swap, no voltage line regulator

Question by dairyfarmer777    |  last reply

xp modem driver for acer aspire 5720

I downgraded this laptop from Vista to XP. I have gotten all the drivers except the modem driver. I have downloaded every driver possible from the acer website with no luck if anyone has done this conversion successfully I would appreciate know what modem driver you used thanks

Topic by pcbuilder48    |  last reply

are there any instructables onhow to turn a wired modem into a wirless one? Answered

If not how would i go about doing it?

Question by DELETED_JoshM96    |  last reply

Can I have 2 Wireless and 1 Wired connection to the same Modem?

Hi Guys, I know some about comps, but I have never dealt with wireless before. I just got a laptop. I have a DSL 2 Wire modem that is 4 port wired and has wireless. I am going to hook my laptop to the wireless, my question is, If I hook yet another comp. up, (3 comps total) can I have a second wireless to the same modem, or do I need a router?

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How long can I run a wifi highspeed modem on an AAA battery using RCA cables? Answered

After seeing a hack where someone used RCA audio cable to hook up an AAA battery (either alkaline or NiMH) that would run a television set for a few minutes, I was wondering if the same could be done with a wifi highspeed modem. Two concerns are whether the simplicity of the materials might allow the battery to damage the modem and how long the battery would power the unit before running out. There is a video of the television set procedure here. The primary reason for using a hack like this would be its simplicity, availability and low expense of materials. The purpose would be to be able to power the modem long enough to grab and reply to vital email and other social media messages in short bursts using a wifi device (such as an iPod) in the event of a power outage. This, of course, is dependent upon whether the landline phone/highspeed internet is still accessible during a power outage.   Two other questions that arise is whether connecting two AAA cells in this fashion will increase the length of time the unit can be powered significantly and whether the increase in power would cause damage to the unit without any other materials and equipment.

Question by blodefood    |  last reply

I can't figure out how to tether my blackberry to my laptop to use as a modem? Read 1 suggestion on line did not work.

I would like to do this so I do not have to pay for internet access for my computer at home - just run it through my blackberry and I have heard that it can be done pretty easily.

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hacking cable modems from me!

Does anyone know how to flash a cable modem by comcast those **** have been ripping me off for years nowand im ready to get my come-up-ins.

Topic by rebuilderman    |  last reply

Option GlobeSurfer 3?

Ok so I have a wireless cellular modem/router here is the link to it I would really like to power it from battery and im pretty sure i could just get a battery pack from radio shack or something and the correct dc adapter tip but i want to be sure is there anyone who could assist me in this

Question by anthony2201    |  last reply

'Sierra Wireless MP 555 GPS Modem

I have 4 NIB Sierra Wireless MP 555 GPS Modem for sale, see them on other auction sites for $100+ each, used, I'm selling all 4 for $250 or $75 each + shipping.

Topic by fzxdf5  

Your IMO?

I need some opinions and quick before my isp closes for today at 6. After finally being fed up with my modem disconnecting 3 times in a row whilst having my smoke/coffee this morning I finally called my isp up, said my router log says that I'm getting repetive ppp modem signals because the modem keeps disconnecting. Techy said come in and swap your modem in for one of these new ones they apparently just started distributing last week because they're starting up a digital TV service in early 2008 (modem has a 4 port ethernet switch in it for the tv set top boxes). I digress... previous history is that since I've had their service which was supposed to be 3mb (and when I saw the pamplet in the office today it's 5mb now for my service, sweet) but I only see like 1.5mb, sometimes 2mb as seen in the speedtest on their own server: Test starting... Average throughput: 1444 kilobits/sec Total Time: 26128 milliseconds Done. Test starting... Average throughput: 1455 kilobits/sec Total Time: 25932 milliseconds Done. Test starting... Average throughput: 1486 kilobits/sec Total Time: 25386 milliseconds Done. Test starting... Average throughput: 1555 kilobits/sec Total Time: 12135 milliseconds Done. Test starting... Average throughput: 1341 kilobits/sec Total Time: 14065 milliseconds Done. Test starting... Average throughput: 1114 kilobits/sec Total Time: 16929 milliseconds Done. That's only a few of them, I ran like 20 tests just to be sure there were no flukes (I ran off server sites and it was pretty much the same or slower). I had a tech guy come one time when I still had my P2 desktop going and it was doing the same thing (2 years ago?) I showed him on my computer, then he connected his laptop to my modem and on his screen it read 3000mbit/s perfectly (does that ever ever happen?). I think it was setup to do that on his computer or something. Anyways, I'm tired of this shit, new modem isn't making any differences. I was having a problem with it disconnecting, but I haven't had it hooked up long enough to find out if it's still a problem. The nice (and pretty) lady at the desk told me to call back "anytime" if it doesn't work lol. So I'm just sitting here, I still have the test window open on my laptop, should I call them up and complain some more or just forget it and get even more depressed about it?

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

Connecting sensors and GSM modem to arduino board

Can someone please instruct me on how to correctly configure either an infrared sensor or ultrasound sensor and GSM modem on the arduino board and how to program to receive alerts on my mobile.

Question by chekwech    |  last reply

Boosting broadband access from a usb modem?

How can I boost my broadband access from my usb modem? I am about 2 mi from nearest cell tower and I'm getting about 2 bars of national access to about 2 bars of broadband access (slow to medium speed). When I am in town by towers I get full 4 bars of broadband, (speed is phenomenal!) Is there anyway to boost my signal from home? Can I "ghetto" rig an antenna wire from usb modem antenna to the tv antenna on top of house? Any help appreciated... I have the USB720 modem from Verizon, and a new Dell Inspiron 1520 loaded with Windows Vista. Attached is modem specs from Verizon wireless. Thanx, The Revelator P.S. Hardline/fiber optics is not an option here, only cell phone access at house.

Topic by revelator    |  last reply

Bluetooth Hack Needed For USB-Pendrive/ Modem!

Hello Friends! I may sound a little insane and I don't know if it can be done or not but however here it is- Is there any hack with which we can turn our Pendrive OR USB Modem into a Bluetooth Dongle/Adapter OR Is there any way from which we can make our home-made Bluetooth Dongle/Adapter Thank You

Question by mraghib    |  last reply

is it possible to boost my wimax speed with a bi-quad antenna

Is it possible to "hack" my wimax modem so I can boost the speed with a bi-quad antenna or through some other means? Here's the wimax modem type and here's the modem opened. [img][/img]

Topic by dmanstan    |  last reply

I have an interesting, but simple task at hand here!

I have just been given an old laptop to checkout, a Toshiba Tecra 8000 at that. It's a fairly old laptop and needless to say, I don't have a pcmcia ethernet cards, or any at all! I should try and aquire a crapload of them, wifi would be nice. Anywho, I'm stuck with a built in modem here, a 56k modem. I know, and have seen it done, that you can connect two computers that have dialup modems, together, and transfer data between them, and possibly share an internet connection?? I've done a bit of googling but so far all I found was about connecting two windows 98 computers together. I'm currently installing a slipstreamed version of xp onto this laptop and I have xp on here, where should I try starting with this?? I need to get an internet connection on here somehow.

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

Repurpose parts

In the last 6 months, I had a 40" hd tv, a modem, a 27" monitor and a laptop  all quit on me for various reasons.  I'm wondering if I take them apart if there are any parts that are worth salvaging.  I have only a basic understanding of electronics but love to tinker and want to take up arduino projects.  What would you salvage if it were you? MK

Topic by MalindaK2    |  last reply


Hi everyone, im a new member and have a task at hand which is a puzzle to me but would probably be a breeze for u tech savvy bunch :-) Ok heres my dilemma: I have a remote location where i want to setup an IP Camera run on Solar Power. I have purchased a wireless 802.11 ip camera with pan and tilt capabilities as well as an audio in (internal mic) and an audio out (1 x audio line out interface) along with 4 alarm in and out male ports. Heres what i want to be able to do: 1. View the cam remotely via PC/Mobile Phone. 2. Utilise the Pan and Tilt capabilities 3. Have a text message/email sent to me everytime the alarm is activated/motion is detected 4. Be able to have audio in and out 5. Have the camera on standby until motion is detected 6. Have the solar power as the only source of energy for the camera and the camera to be able to run 24hrs a day (standby and in use) 7. Was also wanting the solar power to charge batteries so at night time the cam would still work or if its a cloudy day etc etc Now im thinking that i would need a modem with a sim card in it to work the internet side of things. But how would i go about getting the audio and alarm functions working? I can plug an ethernet cable into a modem and put a sim card into a modem and connect the cam and modem up to a solar power source, but where the heck do i plug the audio and alarm cables into??? In the below link theres specs on the cam as well as pics of the types of connections available on the cam. I wouldnt have a clue about Volts and Watts and amps etc so am stuck at just buying the cam which is here: Please help ladies and gents it would be kindly appreciated. Thanking you in advance for your words of wisdom.  p.s. i have scoured the forums and google for this type of setup and have got close but need something custom for my situation and my low level of knowledge in these areas.    

Topic by dom791114    |  last reply

How do you use a cell phone as a modem? Answered

A friend of mine will be going into the mountains to work at a camp. The problem is this friend has to do school online. There is one little patch of area that Verizon can get through and there is internet access. My friends phone can get internet (it's an HTC Droid, though I am not quite sure which one) but my friend can't do school on the phone :P.  My friend does have a dell laptop with Vista. My friend doesn't want to set up a whole new account with the cell phone company. So I am wondering how to connect the phone to the computer so that the computer has internet access, kinda like an antenna.

Question by GenAap    |  last reply

how to get wireless connections with my cable modem?

I just set up phone,internet and tv with comcast through a cable connection. when i had dsl i could play my ps3 and psp or hook my laptop to my conection with wireless. since i have had this new service i cant get my other systems to recognize any connections. what do i need to do so that i can get wireless throughout my house as i did before?

Question by robinreise    |  last reply

I have a computer with a phone modem. Does anyone know how to make it call my house? Answered

I have a Dell Inspirion 530. It is running windows Vista and it has a built-in phone modem.

Question by alspad    |  last reply

how to use mobile as a modem so, to use internet in computer ?

I need to browse web pages in computer using mobile phone as modem?

Question    |  last reply

Is there ANYTHING I can use old dial up modems for (other then dialing up the internet)?

Any old, or unique ideas on what I can do with them?  I have one that is fairly fast (an old cable modem) one that is medium fast (an old DSL modem) and one 56k plain vanilla dial up.

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Ethernet cable

I have broadband. I'm trying to set up a second network. The first one has a modem and a router. My second network just has a router so far. Since I'm subscribing for the internet, can I make an ethernet to coax cable. What I want to do is take one end of an ethernet cable and one end of a coax cable and put together. Which wires do I put on? This is probably really confusing, but this is the best way I can describe it.

Topic by popit    |  last reply

Can I use a 3G USB Modem in a Android Tablet?

I've plans for buying an Android Tablet but I don't have wireless connection in my home

Question by edu270394    |  last reply

What would happen if I tried to connect two ADSL modems onto the same phone line?

I have two RJ-11 phone outlets and two ADSL modems. I need to have one modem in my office to plug the VOIP box into and the other computer won't accept the Netgear wireless adaptor. I have another modem but I don't want to find out that connecting them in series is like feeding a mogwai after midnight.

Question by Flash635    |  last reply

Modem with one ethernet port, have two units to plug in?

I have a Motorola SURFboard SB5101U cable modem. It has one Ethernet port and one USB ("square" type) port. I have an Apple Airport Express wireless plugged into the Ethernet port.  Here's the problem.  I want to use "MagicJack Plus" (VoiP) without plugging it into the computer (THE difference from the "regular" MagicJack, that it (the Plus) can be plugged directly into the modem, bypassing the computer, so the computer doesn't have to be left on 24/7 for your phone service).  My question is, can a simple Ethernet (pigtail) splitter be used to plug both the MagicJack Plus and the Apple Airport Express wireless into the modem?  I know this can be "Physically" but is the "signal" degraded in any way to the two units?

Question by nbakerjr    |  last reply

can i convert Ethernet Modem Router to wireless Router? Answered

I have D-Link TD-8811 ADSL2+ Router  can i add Antenna to it and convert 8811 to Wireless   Access Point ???

Question by dj_mina    |  last reply

What's the easiest way to set up a wired remote power switch for my cable modem that constantly needs to be reset? Answered

I'm tired of reaching back and pulling the cable out. I have never done any of this before but am really interested in learning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Question by paintedbull    |  last reply

Network USB as wireless card? Answered

Hi all, I have a Optus (Network company Australia) USB wireless modem and it's been canceled now that I have WIFI.I also have a Dell Inspiron 1150 that has no wireless card. I was wondering could you use this Optus USB modem as a wireless card to pick up my home wireless signal? I can't test it because I cut the Dell's LCD cable and a new one is on the way. Cheers for any help Luther

Question by luther303    |  last reply