My mom's b-day is coming up... Answered

 i want to make a kick a$$ present. Any ideas? she really like couponing, books, and family. But i dont want any picture frames or anything?

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My mom knows Obama and his mom! O Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's true! Obama went to school in Indonesia, and he's in the same class and school as my mom! And she gets to talk with him again when she is invited to America by the government to discuss her films or stuff like that. Now, how many of you have moms that knows Obama, hmmmm? *cough*vote Obama*cough*

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my moms clip buisness

My mother makes hair clips ponytails for girls and has some amazing designs. she'll be selling them at gateway elementary 17 of April 2009 her email address is her company's name is clipcrazy there is no clip or ponytail over 7$ if you want an appointment just email her. she also makes custom ones PS.she makes clip holders and sorry for the bad pictures

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nice crafts to make for mom out of leftover craft supplies

Hi, I am in the mood to make something nice, and useful for my mom, I have a ton of random things to make stuff out of, any ideas?

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What to get my mom on her birthday? Answered

HELP!!! My mom's birthday is in two days. She pretty much appriceates anything. I have about $20. I am already buying her something from Things Remembered, but I want to get her at least one more gift.

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how do you make a good gift for your mom? -carter burwell? Answered

Okay my mom's birthday is soon and i wanted to make her something . Any ideas?

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Something Funky for Mother's day....

And now for something completely different....well, no not a Monty Python skit, but something from Jibjab for Mother's day ! JibJab Put yourself and Mom in a Jibjab piece

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What can I do for my mother on her birthday?

I'm a highschool student. I just want to make something special on my mother birthday. Her birthday is on November 29, 2013. I hope you guys can help me :) THANK YOU.

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A week of weeks, these last 4 days have been.....

I hope I am not coming off lately as just complaining about life in general, but just letting those who know me well enough to want to know, how things are going. This has just been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS (and it isn't over yet ! ).  Monday and Tues, I had to help my wife prep for cataract surgery (two days off, but not really much of a "vacation"), Wed.  she still needed assistance in picking things up off the floor when she'd drop them....and today, I had to go in and meet my Mom at the Ear doctor (she's been around 60% deaf since early childhood, but never wanted to learn ASL).  They cleaned out her ears, checked the hearing aid, and put fresh batteries in it.....then since none of that helped, they checked her hearing. A 120 db beep was inaudible to her.   And, being quite advanced in age, and slowly slipping into senility, she is unable to accept this "new" condition.  It is very disheartening to not be able to help or do anything at all to help. I know this is not really a "social" arena, and is more geared towards DIY then just airing greivences,  but I thought I would share this one thing and hope I didn't irritate too many of you all out there. Thanks for reading....

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In Ponyo, is Lisa Sosuke's mom or sister?

I saw the Japanese version with no subs. and I heard Sosuke say nii-san. But when I went online, I saw that Lisa was Sosuke's mother.... according to some people. So what is she exactly????

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Forbes Contest

Can my son enter the video contest for me? as in make the video?

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How do i convince my parents to let me go into pyrotechnics as a hobbie?

My mother won't let me make fireworks or anything. So i can't buy fuses and i have to make all my fireworks from household materials so my mom won't get suspicious, she'd never let me play with fire. Any suggestions on convincing her to let me become a pyrophysist?

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My apologies all.....

 Hey, just wanted to apologize for my not being around much of late.   My Mom has had to have 2 glaucoma and and 2 cataract surgeries and all the prep and followup appointments etc.  all have taken a bit of a toll on me, and definitely on my free time. I WILL be getting back to the forums as soon as things are more "level" and less hectic....meanwhile, I have a few ideas for some projects if I can get some hardware cheap at a few garage sales before the season closes.  I am still gathering a few parts for my "vintage" radio projects I have planned for later too.  

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What would be a great present to make for my mom's birthday?

I am a sophomore in high school aspiring to create an awesome present for my mom. I am limited on supplies so unless it is really simple (like paper) I would like to keep the supplies list under $20. I am good in simple woodwork, intermediate electronics, and intermediate origami. Please help!

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Photo Scavenger Hunt: Your Mom Edition

Hello everyone!  I've got some patches that are burning a hole in my pocket, and I'd love to share them with you! Here is my plan:  on a not at all regular schedule, I will come up with a harebrained idea for a strange and/or difficult to acquire picture.  I will take an example picture and post it in the community blog.  You will then go and take your own version of said picture and post it here in the comments, and in return I will send you a patch.  Sound good?  This needs to be your original picture, but if you feel the need to cover your face or whatever, that's fine.  Just make sure that you identify yourself in some way, say with a sign or something with your username on it.  For example, if I cared about preserving my anonymity I would wear a paper bag over my head with eye holes cut out and "Depot Devoid" written on it in sharpie. Photoshop is fine to touch up pictures, but don't overdo it.  I don't want any pictures that are completely photoshopped fabrications . . . unless they are really awesome.  I reserve the right to be the sole judge of what is awesome and my decisions are totally arbitrary and cannot be appealed to a higher authority.  I AM THE HIGHER AUTHORITY MWA HA HA HA!!!! Anyway, here's your first Photo Scavenger Hunt objective:  A picture of you and your mom (or grandma, or some reasonable facsimile thereof), engaged in lightsaber combat . . . to the death! Go forth my minions, and bring me pictures!

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I want to make a homemade mothers day present for my mom. Any Ideas?

I want to make my mom a neat mothers day present. Does anybody have an idea?

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What is the funniest yo mama joke you ever heard? Answered

I need some serious burns. Please help

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Gift Ideas

Gift ideas? My little brother loves Nintendo any craft I can make for him? My sisters birthdays is coming up (its on NewYears Eve) And my boyfriend...uh I'm clueless about, I just know not to get him anything pink or easter purple..or hello kitty (or Halo Kitty)  Idea exchange? I Got my sister a mist machine for christmas I thought it would be great for their parties and great in general (10 bucks at Family Dollar)  And I just got Photo Frames for my parents :| Any better ideas?  Thanks!

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how do I get bags out from under my mom's eyes?

My mom wants the bags out from under her eyes.

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"What Does Your Mom Say?" (Fox Song Parody)

Parody for Thanksgivukkah of the Ylvis (Fox Song) "What Does The Fox Say?" "What Does Your Mom Say?"  

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The next generation of Refrigerator Magnets

My Mom has started her own business - an online business! Refrigerator ReferenceThis is cool, she is selling the next generation of refrigerator magnets, not the fun souvenir types, but the helpful ones...Refrigerator Reference is a new range of useful and stylish fridge magnets to inform, entertain and adorn your kitchen. Everything from oven temperature conversion charts, basic recipes, seasonal produce, ingredient substitutions, and food additives to baby basics, pet information, hangover cures, natural cleaners and much more.All of her magnets are Environmental Friendly, and she also offers 'Reduce Your Carbon Footprint' magnet FREE to every customer!

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Who Should I see in Concert With my Mom?

Who do you think is better to see in concert with your MOM?? I know it kind of intense but im on the virge of going to both but I figure you people can help me. Avenged Sevenfold or Slipknot. they both have crazy music and cus a lot so I NEED your feedback. Cuz I don't want to be remembered as "the kid who was moshing with his mom." so please help because i need to know by sunday Write 1 for Avenged Sevenfold or 2 for Slipknot. HURRY!!! 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 SLIPKNOT! SLIPKNOT! SLIPKNOT! SLIPKNOT!

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"Unemployed Mom's Tip on Teeth Whitening" - TOTAL SCAM !

  The ad for supposed free trial offer of the two teeth whitening products by the so-called unemployed mom is a total scam & rip-off !  Not only will you be charged unauthorized from them but, also by other companies who are given your financial information. I am working with my bank right now after closing my account to get money back if possible.  Do not trust any of those lying criminals! Steve

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I cant find the right size battery for my mom's watch (no size shown)! Answered

Recently I lost my mom's watch battery. I am currently trying to find the right size battery, but the size isn't printed on the watch. We can't afford to take it in and get it looked at. HELP!!!

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is there anything my mom can do to help her 5ths disease?

My mom has all the symptoms of 5thsdisease and she just feels horrible. there isnt any medicine to make her feel better but are there any little things like taking a warm bath or anything?

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how do i open my mom's locked door without her knowing?

She took my phone and i need it back!

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What should i do to fix this? need help with gf parents

My girlfriends parents wont let us do pretty much anything together, like she cant come over to my house cuz her mom thinks well do something very innapropriate, and we NEVER get ANY alone time. her mom always wants constant supervision because of her moms past experiences. i just feel like her mom tried to shelter her soo much from the outside world, and now i come in and start getting her out of the house and learning valubale things about how people actully act, her mom keeps trying to keep us apart in any little way she can. I really need help?

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how do i convince my mom to give me the tv that we have downstairs, for my room??

I would love a tv for watching movies...its all there....what do i do?

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When I was a kid my mom used to have these clay worm thing in her plants to indicate when the plant needed water.

I would try to make them but if I need to buy them that is ok too.

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ORANGE CAKE RECIPE SEARCH: Mom made a from-scratch orange cake that tasted like fresh oranges, had orange zest in it .

A good recipe using a package cake mix (white or yellow) would be of interest, too, but I'm hoping to find a recipe like the original.

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volcano science project due april 6. My mom is clueless, so no parental help here. Want good grade. Help please.

I'm in 5th grade. It has to be able to erupt, and look decent. I need to do it for 'really' inexpensive. can someone please help me? Or get me a site to follow step by step? i only found a vocano cake here. My mom said she can get me the supplies. Don't know where to begin and want a good grade.Everyone else has parents helping them.-jo

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how do u make truly semi automatic( just tap trigger) gun made out of knex shoot farther? Answered

Im tired of semi autos shoot 2 feet help me make them go farther

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My dog died...

(sob) (cry) (sob) My dog died. My mom ran him over. He survived the accident but the surgery and other stuff would of been $4000. And there was a chance he wouldn't make it through. So me my mom and sister and dad (my dads away in California for my uncles wedding) decided to put him down. So it was a hard good by to my dog Sandy.Sorry no pictures.

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Before you vote...

Before you vote... Voting begins in less than an hour, and all the entries look great. But before you vote, I encourage everyone to remember the purpose of this contest. To make a gift for our deserving moms. While some of the entries are really awesome instructables and good examples of sewing, they are not exactly something I would give my mom as a gift. Remember the spirit of the contest, and get out there and vote!

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How do I convince my mom to let me get a cat? Answered

I understand we have 3 cats, one 16, but this cat is missing an eye, skinny, etc. and he may not get a home.  I call him Twilight because he looks a lot like another cat, Midnight.  He is very affection it, and I will keep him away from the old man cat and let him stay in my room.  I'll get rid of the air freshener, and tidy it.  Please help me convince her!

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Can U Help a mom design a Star Wars Lego Cake Top?

My son is turning 6 next week and is having a Star Wars Lego party.  Searched the planet for a cake top but doesn't exist.  It's a 1/2 of a sheet cake so the little figures look ridiculous.  Wanted to make the top myself out of Lego but can't find any patterns.  Can someone help or do you have any great ideas?  Coolest kid need the cake to match!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  :-) Loriann

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DPDT Timer circuit i.e. Momentary ON (+6v pulse) then OFF for 10 sec's then Momentary ON (reverse pulse)

I need to toggle a solenoid between 2 positions. It isn't spring loaded so needs to be powered between states i.e. a +6v and GND pulse to the coil then wait 5 to 10 sec's before sending another pulse but with the polarity reversed. Simple to do with a 'Mom-OFF-Mom' double pole double throw toggle switch e.g. JAYCAR Switch Tgl Mini CTR-OFF DPDT MOM CAT.NO: ST0358 but I would like to be a bit more automated.  Ideally the cycle will start at power on and then automatically repeat every 30 min's or so but if that makes it too complex, then a momentary push button switch could be included to manually initiate the cycle.  

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Aluminum Cans

What can I do with 55 aluminum cans? I was thinking of makings something with then that my mom wouldn't throw out. Any ideas? Maybe a wallet? lol

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How Do You Make The Best Coupon Organizer?

I made 1 for my mom and she likes it, but it is falling apart!

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please help me! I need something awesome for my mom's surprise bday party?

I planned a surprise bday party for my mom and her friends are buying her a cake. I told them that I will prepare something for her and her friends as well. Originally I thought I would make some cupcakes, but I think there might be too many people. Any ideas? doesn't have to be limited to food. Many thanks!!

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Can parents read their child's cellular text messages online with the AT&T FamilyTalk plan? Answered

Can parents read their child's cellular text messages online with the AT&T FamilyTalk Plan? Cuz my mom is trying to do that and im not doin anything wrong, its just that my sister steals my phone alot and im kinda freaked about most of the stuff she says cuz my mom will think its me who says it. so is that really possible or not???

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how can i bend a fork like this? Answered

Http:// my mom wants a bracelet like this any ideas on how to make it?

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when a woman is pregnant with twins is there two umbilical cords? Answered

My mom is pregnant with twins and my youngest brother asked me if she has two umbilical cords. 

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How do I get my PS3 to pick up more/better wifi internet OR have it pick up my desktops internet? Internet is from moms.

How do I get my playstation PS3 to pick up my desktop internet, that I get via my moms place down the street? I get my desktop internet connection via a engenius bridge and large antenna from my moms place down the street. I just got a PS3 and the built in wifi thats built in cant pick it up the signal cause her place is too far away. Is there a way that I can get the PS3 to pick up a signal from my desktop, even though my desktop internet comes from someone else??

Question by krose1223 

cat running out the door

I'm looking for a device to stop my mom's cat from darting out the door.  My mom is 78 yo. and doesn't react especially fast.  I'm wanting some sort of electric mat that will only be activated when the one cat is on or near it.  The door is used constantly by humans and the dog uses the door also.  Therefore, it can't be activated by stepping on the mat.  I'm thinking of a collar device that the cat would wear that activates the mat or activates a air burst or sprayer, etc. Any ideas?

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Christmas card list help. Need something unique & cheap to make. Answered

I am looking for a holiday card idea for a mom group I am a part of.  .  I would like to send something in the mail funny but easy to assemble.   Gnomes, forks, colanders and garlic need to be included somehow.  We all met on Neopets and now are on Facebook.  I do NOT have a color printer. Wanted to make something from stuff lying around the home if possible. Thanks for the help in advance!

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