Momentary switches

Hi, Just wanted to know if a momentary switch (normally open) could be used as a on/off switch with out using a relay.  thanks in advance :D

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Momentary circuit help

Hi, I need some help with making a circuit. I'm new here and dont have much experience with electronic components. I need a 12v circuit that whenever it receives power it waits 3 seconds then grounds the load in the circuit for 1 second. Then stays off until power is removed. It must reset every time it gets power. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Momentary flashing lights

What is the easiest/simplest method of making a flashing light (preferably a small string of LED's or a piece of EL tape) connected to a momentary push switch? no timer or any other complication just lights that will flash on and off until the button is released. i want to make a flashing indicator light and switch small enough to mount on a ring that i can wear on my pointing finger so that the button hits the back of my hand as i straighten my finger to point and the light flashes only until i curl my finger to release the switch.

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Momentary switch to Bluetooth

I'd like to make a number of smallish (say 0.75x1x2 inches) battery-powered Bluetooth boxes each of which connects to a momentary switch, and sends an RFCOMM or HID signal via Bluetooth on depression and another on release, and which will to communicate with an Android device. Because I want to make several of these, I want something super cheap and super simple to make.  (The purpose is to make a simple wireless touch detection system for foil and epee fencing. Without on-target detection, it's not going to be great, but it will be an improvement over refereeing fully dry bouts, since at least one will have proper impact and lockout timing.) Here are options I've been thinking about: 1. One thing that would *almost* do the job is to buy one of those $3-5 ebay Bluetooth phone camera remotes, and just wire my switch to it. The only problem is that according to the ads I've seen, these Bluetooth phone camera remotes go to sleep in 2-10 minutes when paired (exact timing seems to depend on the model), and I would really rather avoid this (the 10 minutes is almost acceptable). If anybody knows of a way of keeping them paired and awake for a longer period of time (say, 15 minutes or permanently), I would love to hear. This would be the cheapest and simplest solution, and it comes with a case and battery (some units are even USB chargeable).  2. On the other extreme of the price range, I happen to have some extra Brainlink modules with an atxmega and an RN-42 module inside, and it wouldn't take long to customize the firmware to do the job. But the modules sell for $39 (though sometimes on sale for $20), and that seems overkill for something so simple. And they are a touch larger than I like (about 3 inches diameter, and an awkward shape). 3. Another option might be to use a cheap serial Bluetooth module without additional hardware, and wire the switch directly to CTS. Unfortunately, I don't think the cheap HC-06 modules support CTS, though I think the HC-07 does support it (but I don't know if I can access it as it's probably not one of the pins on the header). Moreover, there are two unanswered questions on Stackexchange on how to access CTS/RTS status from Android, so this might require using a laptop as the base station (which isn't ideal). 4. A very cheap microcontroller with a UART (or just bit-banging) plus a cheap Bluetooth module. This increases the complexity of the project, but might be the way to go. More specific recommendations are welcome, as I have no experience with the hardware side of dealing with a microcontroller (on the software side, I've spent a fair amount of time tweaking the firmware of the Brainlink unit).

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How to make the simplest momentary touch switch?

A single contact TOUCH SWITCH that turns on when touched and stays on as long as its being touched then turns off the moment its "un"touched. i'll use it for lighting up LEDs. thanks in advance

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Can I wire a momentary contact pushbutton to do multiple things?

So I am wiring an arcade, I want a momentary contact pushbutton to activate a 110 vac device whenever I press it, thats fine, but I also want to activate a button on my keyboard encoder when that pushbutton is pressed...... Can I do this without frying the keyboard encoder? they share a difference ground the encoder and the electrical device

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switch help

I'm doing a school contest with a car which requires a toggle switch. I'm gtoing to use a dcd to dc converter to give me an edge. The only problem is that it needs to be a momentary switch. whenever you push the switch down it goes on. Whenever you push it down again it turns off. Any idea for a circuit so that a spdt (3 pins) toggle switch will act like a momentary switch each time it's flicked for a time like a second?

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How to wire a switch

Hi I would like to know how this switch should be wired up. I am using it on a drill press. It has 2 relays 1/ nc zb2-be102 2/ no zb2-be101. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks ratjack

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Momentary switches used in mice

I'm going to make a custom guitar hero controller for myself, and i want to mod the buttons so that they don't requite so much travel, and they're more.. snappy, if you get what I'm saying. The switches in mice are perfect, but I don't have enough mice to dissect to get enough buttons. I also found that some of the switches are DPDT, which are perfect for throwing in some LEDs... Anyways, my question is where can I get some DPDT switches from mice, without bulk ordering on ebay? And are there specific names for those switches?

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Latching switch to a momentary switch?

Basically I want to make a toggle switch to trigger a circuit from on or off. its hard to explain but when the switch is in the on position it triggers a circuit momentarily. When I switch the switch off i need it to trigger the circuit again. Its for a 4 wheel drive module for my bronco and its momentary push buttons that I want t o convert to a toggle switch.

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Help with a momentary contact switch

Hi everyone. I'm currently working on a new Instructable, and I've hit a small wall. What I'm looking for is a momentary contact switch that closes for a second, then opens again on its own independently of the actuator -- and I can't quite figure out how to do it. To clarify, here's the operation: You lift the receiver (or handset, or whatever you like to call it) on an old telephone, and the buttons -- normally held down by the receiver -- lift up to create the contact so the telephone knows you've answered and the call connects. Well, this phone isn't going to be connected to the telephone network any more, but what I want is for a contact to be closed momentarily when you lift the receiver, and then opens again automatically on its own even if you haven't put the receiver back down. I also want the same contact to be made when you eventually do put the receiver back down -- so you replace the receiver, a contact is made momentarily, and then opens again on its own, even though the receiver buttons remain down. I hope that makes sense, and that someone has a bit of advice on how to achieve this. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Been continuing my research, and found the following: Can anyone confirm if this will achieve what I'm looking for? Thanks again.

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I need a certain button... Answered

I'm thinking of a project that requires a certain button. it needs to be low-profile, and be an on/off button (push on, push off) that doesn't pop up when it's off (like some buttons do so you can see if it's on or not). it just basically needs to be small (about the size of an LED, but in a square shape) and short (like a low-profile LED), and needs to be a push on, push off type button, like some flashlights have. any search terms might help (like I know momentary switch, but I don't know what a.... well, non-momentary switch would be called). I also need a lot of them cheap. I'm kind of crossing my fingers as to this actually existing....

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I would like to add a wired momentary start up switch to my old tower computer, then mount the switch under my desk.

I have a desktop Dell Dimension 4300, with a start switch appeared to be nearly inaccessible.  There is a cable ribbon wire leading to the switch.  I think that I need to add a momentary button.  Maybe someone knows how to access this switch and or the location of the start up pins on the circuit board.  I may be able to wire the new momentary button across those pin locations.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Is there any way to make any cool little projects with a momentary push button?

I was modding my xbox 360 controller so I bought a pack of 4 or 5 push buttons. Now, I have some left over and was wondering what to do with them. For example, could I construct a small taser or shocker and hide it in a pen casing or something? Thanks!

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Help need Latching Momentary Switch Circuit?

I need to make momentary switch turn on a led and stay on until i hit the switch again. i found a ciruit that i think will work but im having trouble getting it to work

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Switching voltage inputs with a chip

I have a small project I'm working on that uses rechargeable batteries.  However I want the device to stop drawing from the batteries whenever an external power source is plugged in.  (The external power source would then power the internal battery charger and the main device.)  Is there a chip or circuit that could be used for this?  My only alternative is to modify the power supply port to include a micro spdt that will switch when plugged in.  But I'd rather like to avoid that.

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How can I safely wire a momentary switch to a floor lamp?

How can I safely wire a momentary switch to a floor lamp? For instance, while the momentary switch is depressed, the lamp is on, when the button is released it cuts power?

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simple circuit? momentary switch, LED on and off...

UPDATE: I would like to do something using the an Arduino... this would be my first attempt at a setup using an Arduino....overkill...? prob...but I want to do it... ideas? ok i would like to build a circuit/system that allows mt to have a momentary button switch (doorbell) in one location and it , when pushed, turns and led on a panel that has another momentary push button that can be pushed and turn the led will be used for an auto shop in each bay...the individual bay has a button, when the need a supervisor to come look at something, it is pressed, a custom panel have 8 led's and 8corresponding buttons that the led lights up letting the supervisor knows the tech needs help, the supervisor can then press the button on their end to turn it off...also the tech can push the button again and the led would go off if the supervisor was no longer needed.,etc.?

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trigger momentary switch/button via switch

What i try to accomplish is very simple. my Airconditioner has a Push button (momentary switch) to turn it off and on. but the Thermostat brings permanent power it it want the A/C to be on. i could make a simple delay setup for 1 sec. or so to trigger a relay but then i can't be sure its really on or of. how can i ensure its turned on via an timer relay safely if the control wire has power ? any recomentation on existing products or schematics ? i can check the "real status" via other parts on the airconditioner easy .. i just need a way to ensure ON and OFF based on the command line is High or Low ..  any ideas ? 

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Bleeder Resistors and momentary load switching on EL wire

Okay so I have a CL-ELI IPTC 9V to 3Khz inverter from that I want to use to power some wire with momentary(like less than 2sec) load changes. I could wire in a power switch between battery and inverter to turn off, switch loads, turn on, but a friend recommended using a bleeder resistor wired across the inverter leads on the 3Khz side before taking them out to the load, allowing me to simply quickly switch loads without frying the inverter. Good idea, bad idea? If its a good one what Ohm resistor should I be using?

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Trying to use relays with a electronic momentary to latching converter. Relays are tripping the latching converter?

I am trying to use this devise,   to turn on a relay attached to a positive wire from a blinker can that sends the signal to the corresponding light. I have two in parallel so I can turn on and off a LH and a RH light with a momentary switch. (can't use a regular on off switch). It works perfectly when attached to its own power supply. I am using this in on a 12 volt system that has some other relays running various things in the system. when I hook this into the system, even directly from the battery, activating the other relays turns the relays on attached to this devise. I suspect it to be noise since it works great on its own power supply. I Tried running the power lead through a resistor and capacitor to help isolate the loop but didn't work. This is stretching my understanding of electricity. What I think I am looking for is how to wire this to isolate it's power +/- circuit from the rest of the system. Otherwise suggestions on how to trouble shoot. I know it is best to add a diagram but I don't know how to make one.

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How to use a rotary encoder as momentary/push buttons? Answered

Hi all, there is an instructable where the guy is using a rotary encoder instead of the push buttons. I tried to get in touch with the him for the connection diagram, but no answer... :( It doesn't look like he is using and micro controller, but most likely he is, under that small piece of perfboard... Can you guys help me and others out with some knowledge? Thank you!

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How to control a momentary switch from the web via a smartphone?

So we have an electronic gate that uses a push button momentary switch for opening and closing. The button itself is not unlike a doorbell or garage door button. I've been trying to figure out a way to remotely control this button from the web via a smartphone. I've looked around and found all number of light switches and power outlets that can be web controlled, but can't seem to locate a momentary relay for my purposes. I was hoping to be able to patch into or replace the existing button with something that would give me the capability, but without breaking the bank.  Is there a momentary relay out there that can easily be connected to my home network?  Thanks.

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Looking for 120VAC latching relay that can be controlled by low voltage momentary switch

I'm looking for a device that can switch 120VAC lighting and be controlled by a low voltage momentary switch.  This is just a standard residential lighting setup, so I have only 120VAC to the switch box.  I need this device to supply a low voltage signal to the momentary switch that in turn will control the latching relay for the lighting.  The momentary switches I have are low voltage dry contact closure switches rated to handle 32V AC/DC.  Does something like this exist? Thank you for any thoughts you might have on this..

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How will I be able to switch power from sprinkler valve to sprinkler valve in air cannons?

I want to build an air cannon that uses four sprinkler valves. I want to be able to hit a momentary switch and the first valve will open. Then when I hit the momentary switch again it will open the other valve instead of the first valve. How will I be able to do this without the use of micro controllers?

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How do I make a soundboard that activates via a momentary switch?

Hi all, For an upcoming case mod project, I would like to make a soundboard that, when a momentary switch is activated, plays a pre-loaded sound. In this case, when a momentary key switch is turned, it will start the computer, and play the sound of an engine starting. It would be even better if I could add a delay, so it starts playing the sound of the starter motor in the engine, and then continue on to the engine starting as the PC starts, but it requires you to keep the key switch activated, so its just like starting a car. Does anyone know how I could go about this?

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How to use momentary switch to blink a led for 5 sec? Answered

Hello, I'm not able to find cheap toggle switch button waterproof that just on/off my blinking led but a 5sec timer can do it.  I'm currently using this to make the led blink : 9014 transistor, LED 5mm, 30K resistor, 510ohm resistor, 22uf capacitor. I want to add momentary switch to make it blink for 5-7sec. Thank you

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Circuit help needed for a momentary output from a timer board

I use a 555 timer board to switch on a unit I have then after 10 secs times out the timer board switches off and the output is either high or low but I need just a switched output at the off period for just a second or less to operate a relay momentarily. Maybe I have to use a PLCAXE 8 or something does this chip after programming give momentary outputs from its pins?? If so  I could wire from thepin  to a relay driver and do it that way. Any suggestions anyone here or at Thank Franky

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solenoid actuator and led momentary push button door locks

I have a car door lock 2 wire actuator one wire pushes the solenoid actuator to unlock and the other wire pulls to lock. I want to install these in my car with a momentary push button switch which illuminates when doors are locked and button is pressed once and then turns off when doors are unlocked and same button is pressed again. Should this be a dpdt on off on switch, or spdt on off on? I know with rocker dpdt switches you can set it so reversing polarity will make the actuator pull or push whichever the opposite is. Do they make a push button that I can press to lock, press to unlock.

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Is a sony ericsson w810i handsfree's answer button momentary or what?

I'm trying to stuff a wired handsfree headset into a retro phone handset. i need to know if the answer buyyon on the headset can be replaced with somehting.

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DPDT Timer circuit i.e. Momentary ON (+6v pulse) then OFF for 10 sec's then Momentary ON (reverse pulse)

I need to toggle a solenoid between 2 positions. It isn't spring loaded so needs to be powered between states i.e. a +6v and GND pulse to the coil then wait 5 to 10 sec's before sending another pulse but with the polarity reversed. Simple to do with a 'Mom-OFF-Mom' double pole double throw toggle switch e.g. JAYCAR Switch Tgl Mini CTR-OFF DPDT MOM CAT.NO: ST0358 but I would like to be a bit more automated.  Ideally the cycle will start at power on and then automatically repeat every 30 min's or so but if that makes it too complex, then a momentary push button switch could be included to manually initiate the cycle.  

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How do I create an ON-ON-OFF switch using a momentary push button switch??? Answered

I have a project where there are one set of LEDs and another set of LEDs. I am interested in using a momentary push button switch to act as a ON-ON-OFF switch so if you press it once the first set of LEDs turn on -- press again those turn off and the second set are on or if you press it again if turns both off -- etc. How do I do this???

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Where can I get a "Non-Momentary" Lighted button switch? Answered

I'm working on a project which requires a lighted button switch. I need the light on the switch to turn on when the button is pressed and stay on after the button is released. Then I need it to turn back off when the button is pressed and released a second time. I bought a lighted button switch only to find out that it can only be constantly on or only on when the button is held down (or off depending on how you wire it). This will not do for my project. Does anyone know where I can get what I need or if there is a way to tinker with the switch I have and make it do what I want? 

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Wireless control of a NC relay?

I'm sort of a newbie when it comes to this stuff. Originally I planned on just putting in a NC momentary switch. Now my idea has evolved, I would like a momentary switch to wirelessly control a relay. How would I go about setting up a wireless transmitter/reciever. Whether it be IR or something else.

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What Do I Need To Change In Order To Run This Circuit With a Button Cell and a Momentary Switch?

I'm trying to do a modification to this project here. I need to replace the 9v battery with a smaller one, probably a button cell or similar, and the slide switch with a momentary one. This is my first real electronics project, so I'm not sure how those changes might affect the rest of the components. Do I need to swap out any of the materials listed in the Instructable to make that work? (Besides the obvious momentary switch, button cell battery, and battery holder) I asked there, but I've yet to get a response and thought that maybe this would be quicker.

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what kinda momentary push button do u need too mod a 360 controller

I followed instructions off of here too mod my controller i did it jut like it was showed ok heres my problem when i put everything back together and turned the controller on picked a gun i hit the momentary button and let off of it and it shoots rapid fire until i press it back in is it suppose too do that am i suppose too hold the button in the whole time until im ready too fire it ?/??? can someone help me out

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Temp controller

I need to activate a garage door opener  with temp control. Opener uses momentary switches   There is a solarium on the out side of my shop garage door, When the temp between the door and the solarium reaches +/- 90 degrees  the door would open and +/-60 degrees the door would shut. Because the opener needs momentary contacts a regular thermostat  will not work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..

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xbox 360 modded controller help

Ok i modded my controller turn on my controller put in cod 4 picked a gun started a match and my gun just started shooting randomly and when i push the momentary button in it stops shooting then when i let off it starts again did i get the wrong kinda momentary button ????

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Where can I find cheap key switches?

I need a momentary key switch, like the ones in car ignition switches for an upcoming project. I also need one that toggles. Like these, but from a cheaper source.

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Wiring relay with limit switch to limit revolution of 12vdc motor to single revolution using a momentary toggle switch? Answered

I am attempting to wire (with my limited electronics knowledge) a 12vdc motor under a hopper to limit the revolution of the motor to single revolution each time the momentary toggle switch is activated.  The motor is connected to a cam that has a hole partially through it that, when the switch is toggled, should fill with product from the hopper, rotate taking the product with it and allowing the product to drop out of the bottom side.  This is designed to dispense a metered dose of product from the hopper each time the momentary switch is toggled.  I have a spst limit switch in place that works as intended mechanically, it is not hooked up.  I also have a 12v relay and momentary toggle switch I intend to use with this project. My problem stems from my lack of electronics knowledge, I have no idea how this relay, limit switch and toggle switch should be wired together and to the motor and power source.  Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!  --MIKE

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Need help with a circuitry/Electoronics DIY

Hey Instructables community, I am currently attempting a project of mine and have come across a dilemma. I have 2 3v motors X and Z, 2 1.5v AAA batteries hooked up into a battery pack, and 2 momentary switches A and B (normally open). I need to power the motors X and Z at the same time going in the same direction (clockwise we will say), whilst holding down momentary switch A. And then when I release momentary switch A, and press and hold momentary switch B, the motors will travel in the opposite direction, (counter clockwise for ex). I know to reverse the direction of a motor you have to flip the polarity and such, and could use a simple rocker on-off-on switch to do it, but I need it to able to be do this with momentary switches, if this involves creating a circuit board or something complected like that, that isn't a problem. If you are willing to help me out (which would be nice!) a diagram of how all the electronics and wires should be laid out would be sufficient, and preferably being game to answer maybe 1 or 2 questions while i'm building my project would be cool too, if you have good know how and easy to work with, I could paypal you like 5 bucks or something when the project is all done if it all turns out good when its done. Thanks

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How do I make a 12 volt, touch sensitive momentary switch to start a car?

I would like to create a touch sensitive panel that will allow me, through contact, to activate the starter on a car. From what I have read on Instructables in the past, there are several ways to make 120v swtiches like this through the use of metal objects.  These have all been On-Off switches for things like lights or sound.  I would like to create a momentary switch that activates by touch in a 12v system.  If it is possible to do through a metallic contact point that already exists (part of the dash, or a trim bezel for example) that would be ideal.  All I really need is some kind of activation mechanism that transfers enough current to flip a relay when I touch it and that will stop when I remove my hand. Anyone have any ideas?

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help arduino help please

I need help adding a manual momentary switch to this sketch to control the same pin as the network button any help would be greatly appreciated i couldn't figure out how to post code properly so i attached the example i'm using in zip format pretty much i need to add a momentary switch for on off to living pin in the example without losing the control from the network on the same pin its controlling my lights i just want a button to control them manually and from browser

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Is this electronics schematic correct? Answered

Hello, I have drawn this simple schematic and I am wondering if someone could look at it and see if it will work. The thing I am not sure about really is if the transistors are connected in a way that will make them do what I want them to. This circuit is designed to be off, then come on and stay on with a single push of the momentary switch, then turn off and stay off if something blocks the light to the photo-transistor for an instant. ****** I have updated the schematic based on the comments I got. The decision was that the circuit would come on by itself without a push of the momentary switch. The new schematic is the first picture, the old schematics are the second and third pictures. I have a breadboard and some parts for the project this circuit will be used on coming in the mail, so I can start trying this out when it gets here. But for now I am still not sure if this is right, I don't have much experience with transistors. Any advice is appreciated.

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What to do with a broken electric scooter??

The speed controller is broken so i was thinking of taking it out and using a parallel circuit to wire a momentary push button switch and the motor and baterries to let it run.

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LED Bike Turnsignal

Hey everybody, this is my first adventure with soldering or LEDs, so hopefully it will go well. I'm planning on making a set of turn signals for my bicycle with two LED arrows which work at 12v, I'll power it with 8 AA and use one momentary switch for each. Does this all seem like it should work? Specs on each piece: arrows : "Mini Arrow Size: 1.50” x 1.50” ,Operational voltage: 12-14 Volt AC/DC" switch: "This momentary switch is perfect for short connections. Normally open and rated 3 amps at 125VAC."

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How to make Ht12d latch output?

I have a project in the making but i dont know how to make a ht12d latch output. I only made a momentary output. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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How hard can it be to use an Arduino to control two relays using two momentary switches?

This is a problem which I have been trying to solve for literally months now! I am using an Arduino Nano (V3.0) to operate two non latching relays by the push of a button. Switch A will turn on Relay A at the first push, it will then turn it off at the second push. Switch B does the same to Relay B, hopefully. So far, I have been using the 'debounce' example to control one set - Switch A and Relay A. This works perfectly, however I have issues when I try and make a sketch which will enable both A and B to work together at the same time but independently. After spending hours researching and looking through the Arduino forums, I know it can be done, but most likely not with this sketch due to the 'delay' in there? I read about the 'millis' command somewhere too, but I'm baffled by it! Obviously, I still have A LOT to learn about Arduinos.  The circuit is wired up and ready, I could just really do with a bit (*lot! ;) ) oh help with the programming, as it seems like it needs to be completely re-written :(  Last thing - this is part of my A-level Product Design project, and my deadline is next week, so if this approach cannot be resolved, I'll just have to buy a second Nano and use both, which seems a waste of two pretty powerful microelectronics!  Thanks guys!

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is it possible to turn a morse code sender into a electric instrument...

Is it possible to turn a morse code sender into a electric instrument... by using a 1/4" inch jack and momentary switch? Maybe with a battery pack attached and a few resistors?

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