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Multiple entries

Hello all! I am sorry if this has been answered already, but i coldn't find an answer by looking around the site. I want to enter the "Make it glow" Contest and have two instructables that i feel could be good contenders. I'd like to know if it is allowed or OK to add two entries in the contest? What would be the judgment criteria? Would the two entries be valuated independently ? What about winner decisions?

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Multiple CPUs

Big movie companies have these server type things (rendering clusters?) for processing their 3D and graphics renderings. I found this on makezine as an example of someone who did a linux home version, but there is no description of how it works. I would like to make a windows render cluster but I need some help. There are two reasons I want to do this: 1- I will be able to run my PC uber-fast, and 2- I can create some big time giant renderings of 3d models. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

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Multiple drafts?

With many projects happening at once, how do I create multiple drafts. I seem to be able to only make one, finish, then start another. There is a counter but not the ability to multi task.

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Multiple accounts

What is the deal with somebody having multiple accounts? In itself this is okay, but what about using one of these accounts to ask unintelligible questions, and then using another persona or two to answer the question/start a discussion, and awarding oneself with "best answer" for an equally unintelligible reply? A waste of everyone's time, or just mine? Can anything be done? Should I just ignore him? Does this happen often and I haven't noticed? I've foolishly entered into a "discussion" with this person.

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Multiple Keyboards

I would like to know if there is a way to hook up two keyboards and run them simultaneously but doing different things i.e. the "f" key types and f using one keyboard but say opens firefox on the other. Any Ideas would be appreciated

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Multiple Contests?

My screen name is Fallental, I entered my instructable, "Duct Tape Tool Tote", to 3 contests. Craftsman tools contest, Epilog Challenge Contest, and the Duct Tape Tough contest. It was accepted into the Epilog Challenge very fast. 48 hours are not up for it to be accepted into the Duct Tape Tough contest, but I was wondering if it was going to be accepted or not because its already in another contest (Epilog challenge)? I really want it in the duct tape contest. Thank you, Fallental  

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multiple categories: not possible?

Hey! i just wanted to know if and if, how, it is possible to add an instructable into multiple categories when publishing. or if it does'nt work (which it apprently does not), why not? i had the following "problem" several times already: imagine i would post an instructable for a necklace made from reused paper. when i want to publish it, i now have to make the choice if i add it to category "paper", "jewelry" or "reuse". this choice it not always easy, i have to think if i (in this case) would think it more important that the thing is made of paper, or that it is made from reused material, or that it's jewelry. hope i made my problem clear! thank you

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Charging Multiple NiMH

I'm modding something (secret, Instructable later) and there's going to be some integrated NiMH batteries to replace the one 1.5 AA battery that the device use to use. Due to funky space constrictions, I'll be using 7 tiny 320mAh 1.2V NiMH coin cells in parallel (to get a decent amount of maH). How hard is it to charge a bunch of batteries like this? Could I get a chip from a place like Maxim or TI? All of their chips require the batteries to be in series... Thankyou!

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Multiple if statements arduino? Answered

Hi everyone, I'm very new to the arduino environment and am having trouble writing some code.  Essentially what I need to do is turn on a relay for different periods of time based on different input.  For example,  If pin 8 is high, turn on relay for 5 minutes if pin 9 is high, turn on relay for 10 minutes if pin 10 is high, turn on relay for 20 minutes if pin 11 is high, turn on relay for 30 minutes There will be only one relay in the circuit. I.e. each pin will turn on the same relay, but for different amounts of time.  I'm not quite sure the best way to do this.  Thanks for you help in advance!  Pete

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Multiple entries in Contest

Hi I've been visiting this website since I started learning electronics. I saw an open contest for members, so I signed up. This will be my first instructable and contest, is it okay to submit one (1) entry to multiple categories as long as it fits the category?

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Multiple Monitor Switcher

Basically i was wondering if someone would help me design a multiple computer multiple display switch box. so i have two desktop computers both support dual monitors so i would connect all 4 dvi connectors to the switch box it would then switch those two computers between dual monitors and a projector. this would be done by a easy access button. im thinking something like this except with more ports kinda. any help would be greatly apreciated.

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Multiple tool project

I'm looking for a relatively simple project that I could do with groups to demonstrate 3D printing vs. laser cutting, vs. CNC Milling. Ideally, at the end, you could walk away with a finished product made by using all three tools. Any suggestions?

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multiple console configeration?

What would be the best way to set up a tv to be able to switch between xbox 360, wii, nes, snes, nintendo 64, playstation 1 & 2, sega, sega mega drive and game cube, without needing to swap cords each time you change consoles?

Question by Rebelist    |  last reply

Linking Multiple TVs

Does anyone know how to link 4 (2 more more really) TVs together so that the resulting image is a HUGE image off the DVD player? I've had some luck making it 4 separate images (same one on each TV) but would like to know how to make one large image. Thanks!

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multiple requests to login

I am receiving login requests multiple times every time I am on the site. This has only happened in the last few days. Previously, once I logged on, I was on. Now, I logon. I go to any instructable, click on a picture to get a larger image, and get a login request. So I login again. Next time I want to see a larger image, I get another login request. Or if I want to post a question, or see answers to a question, or look at my own profile, etc., I get another request to logon. The whole time, the "keep me logged on" box is checked, but I am not staying logged on even for a few minutes. What's up?

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multiple processes in arduino? Answered

Is there an easy way to run multiple voids at the same time on an arduino uno? preferrably without aditional libraries, but I cannot flash AVR code to it (must be through IDE).  I do NEED to run the processes at the same time, no they do not share pins or variables, and the timing does not need to be precise.  I am trying to run two steppers at the same time, but different speeds, but the big catch is that I don't have "smart" drivers, just a 2003 and 293, so they each require a separate void to move, and they cannot be run simultaneously without running both voids at the same time.  Basically, I'm NOT looking for an alternative, just a way to run two voids at the same time (or switching back and forth very quickly without being affected by "delay();".   

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Display multiple softballs

Can anyone please help? I am looking for a way to display several softballs for my daughter. I was hoping to find a way to mount a length of flexible clear plastic tubic, approximately 10" dia. on an arc and have an opening in the top to insert the balls and have them then roll to either side. The balls have stats written on them, so I would want to be able to manipulate them afterwords so the writing would be visible. My first problem is find 10" dia. flexible clear plastic tubing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Multiple contest entries

Several members have expressed concerns about projects being in more than one contest, yet only one contest vote-button appearing at the top of their instructable. I think that we should either... Have a row of button, one for each contest it is entered into (since it's a maximum of three, there's a narrow range of button-sizes that would need creating) Have all the relevant banners appear stacked at the top of the project If that's too cluttered, then maybe all at the end, so votes would be cast by people who had actually gone through the project. Have the required banners changing on a constant cycle.

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Circuit for multiple LEDs

Hello to all, I'm attempting to use a new nano-technological material (which is conductive) as both a resistor and as a conductor in an LED circuit (it works well as both). At the moment I have a parallel circuit with a 9v battery source and about 10-15 white LEDs..problem is only the first 3 are lighting up (at least with a decent amount of light). Do I simply need to change the circuit to a series or is there something else I can do to get an even (and bright) distribution of power through about 10-15 LEDs?? I would also rather only use a 9volt battery if I can help it. Thanks for any advice :) ~Kate

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Multiple Color Sensors?

Hello! I have the following TCS230 color sensor code, which works fine with my Arduino Mega. I want to connect more than one of these TCS230 color sensor to the Mega, but have no clue, what i should change in the code. Can someone help me? Thanks! Here is the code: #include #define S0     6 #define S1     5 #define S2     4 #define S3     3 #define OUT    2 int   g_count = 0;    // count the frequecy int   g_array[3];     // store the RGB value int   g_flag = 0;     // filter of RGB queue float g_SF[3];        // save the RGB Scale factor // Init TSC230 and setting Frequency. void TSC_Init() {   pinMode(S0, OUTPUT);   pinMode(S1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(S2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(S3, OUTPUT);   pinMode(OUT, INPUT);   digitalWrite(S0, LOW);  // OUTPUT FREQUENCY SCALING 2%   digitalWrite(S1, HIGH); } // Select the filter color void TSC_FilterColor(int Level01, int Level02) {   if(Level01 != 0)     Level01 = HIGH;   if(Level02 != 0)     Level02 = HIGH;   digitalWrite(S2, Level01);   digitalWrite(S3, Level02); } void TSC_Count() {   g_count ++ ; } void TSC_Callback() {   switch(g_flag)   {     case 0:          Serial.println("->WB Start");          TSC_WB(LOW, LOW);              //Filter without Red          break;     case 1:          Serial.print("->Frequency R=");          Serial.println(g_count);          g_array[0] = g_count;          TSC_WB(HIGH, HIGH);            //Filter without Green          break;     case 2:          Serial.print("->Frequency G=");          Serial.println(g_count);          g_array[1] = g_count;          TSC_WB(LOW, HIGH);             //Filter without Blue          break;     case 3:          Serial.print("->Frequency B=");          Serial.println(g_count);          Serial.println("->WB End");          g_array[2] = g_count;          TSC_WB(HIGH, LOW);             //Clear(no filter)            break;    default:          g_count = 0;          break;   } } void TSC_WB(int Level0, int Level1)      //White Balance {   g_count = 0;   g_flag ++;   TSC_FilterColor(Level0, Level1);   Timer1.setPeriod(100000);             // set 1s period } void setup() {   TSC_Init();   Serial.begin(9600);   Timer1.initialize();             // defaulte is 1s   Timer1.attachInterrupt(TSC_Callback);    attachInterrupt(0, TSC_Count, RISING);    delay(400);   for(int i=0; i<3; i++)     Serial.println(g_array[i]);   g_SF[0] = 255.0/ g_array[0];     //R Scale factor   g_SF[1] = 255.0/ g_array[1] ;    //G Scale factor   g_SF[2] = 255.0/ g_array[2] ;    //B Scale factor   Serial.println(g_SF[0]);   Serial.println(g_SF[1]);   Serial.println(g_SF[2]); } void loop() {    g_flag = 0;    for(int i=0; i<3; i++)     Serial.println(int(g_array[i] * g_SF[i]));    delay(400); }

Topic by roineust  

Arduino multiple if statements

Hi, Thank you in advance for any feedback for my question. I made a XY plotter machine that I want to control with a joystick. The joystick has 4 momentary pushbuttons. One for up, down, left, right. I want the up and down to control one motor (or x axis), forward and backwards, and the left and right to control the second motor (y axis), forwards and backwards. I am using an Arduino UNO with Motor shield. I have all of the wiring part sorted out, but I am having trouble with my code. The problem is when I push forwards, the motor keeps going forward even when I stop pushing the button. I would like it to stop when I stop pushing the button. I am not too familiar with programming. Here is the code I am using: //Channel A or X Axis int upPinX = 2; int downPinX = 4; int forwardX = 0; int reverseX = 0; //Channel B or Y Axis int upPinY = 5; int downPinY = 6; int forwardY = 0; int reverseY = 0; void setup() {     //Setup Channel A or X Axis pinMode(12, OUTPUT); //Initiates Motor Channel A pin pinMode(9, OUTPUT); //Initiates Brake Channel A pin pinMode(upPinX, INPUT); //Motor A forward pushbutton pinMode(downPinX, INPUT); //Motor A backward pushbutton //Setup Channel B or Y Axis pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //Initiates Motor Channel A pin pinMode(8, OUTPUT); //Initiates Brake Channel A pin pinMode(upPinY, INPUT); //Motor A forward pushbutton pinMode(downPinY, INPUT); //Motor A backward pushbutton } void loop(){ forwardX = digitalRead(upPinX); reverseX = digitalRead(downPinX); forwardY = digitalRead(upPinY); reverseY = digitalRead(downPinY); if (forwardX == LOW) { digitalWrite(12, HIGH); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A digitalWrite(9, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A analogWrite(3, 1023); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed } if (reverseX == LOW) {   digitalWrite(12, LOW); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A digitalWrite(9, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A analogWrite(3, 1023); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed } if (forwardY == LOW) { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A digitalWrite(8, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A analogWrite(11, 1023); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed } if (reverseY == LOW) {   digitalWrite(13, LOW); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A digitalWrite(8, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A analogWrite(11, 1023); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed } else {   digitalWrite(9, HIGH); //Eengage the Brake for Channel A digitalWrite(8, HIGH); //Engage the break for Channel B } } - Also perhaps someone could let me know how I can insert code in one of those code boxes? Thanks,

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How to connect multiple computers

I am trying to learn how to connect multiple computers so that they work together as one. How do I do this?

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Multiple comments posted to Instructable

I am seeing that multiple copies of the same comment are being posted to my instructable.  This seems to be a newer bug happening over the last few weeks.  It is only occurring for some posters. For example, user jacobv10 and usmang6 each posted the same comment 3 times.

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contest rule multiple entries

I am quite interested in the Shop Bot Challenge, I will have my project done with plenty of time (hopefully) May I enter it in more than one Challenge, and if I win in a lesser one will I be disqualified from the one I really want to win, Shop Bot in this case. In my case I saw the mad scientist challenge and could make that dead line but do not want to jepordize my chances at Shop Bot if I win the other, intution tells me not to enter the same project in both challenges, am I correct in this gut feeling?

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What are the thoughts on multiple instructables?

I plan on building a wooden loft bed for a very small room in my house I like to call an office. I live about 45 minutes from the nearest town in a small house on the lake so I want to make one for my small office so I can still have the space of an office as well as a spare bedroom for visitors. Anyways, there are a few instructables on loft beds and I plan on making one that will be much more functional and better (not that the ones on here are bad) my question is, should I make it an instructable? it will have more features to it, like a shelving unit built in and a built in loft night table. but basically it will be very similar to others. what do you think?

Topic by chaoscampbell    |  last reply

multiple prepaid master cards

Is it possible to use multiple prepaid master cards to make purchases over 1000 i have no bank account and i dont i can get one right now

Topic by ultra1000    |  last reply

Multiple tags with same id

Hey, I noticed with the reply boxes that there are multiple html tags with the same id - something that is clearly invalid. Just thought i'd point that out ;)

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How to make multiple drafts? Answered

I have an ible in the draft stage,and want to start another.  How do I get a new start page?

Question by mole1    |  last reply

Creating multiple application in an Arduino

If I want to control lightbulb, garage door, security camera, and a secrity sensor using an Arduino? Can I use only 1 Arduino or I have to use 4 Arduinos? Is there a specific Arduino board should I use?

Question by yan_deleon    |  last reply

Wiring Multiple Turbines and PVs

Just a little worried... how do ya'll go about wiring multiple power sources together? I have been long under the assumption that your solar array will only put out power of the weakest panel. If I come across 3 different 12v panels, that have differing amperages, and have a wind turbine on a 12v car alternator, that ranges in power output, how can I wire these to make these most effective? Is there a charge controller out there that can manage multiple power sources? Pardon me if this is stupid. I just cant seem to get off the ground with these simple questions. i guess the most effective q to ask is: What do you do to wire multiple power devices of different outputs into a single battery bank/ grid tie system? Thanks so much for all yall's brilliant help. -Luke.

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Trouble with multiple entries in a contest?

So I wanted to enter two projects into the current Metal contest.  I entered one without a problem, but my second instructable for whatever reason can't be entered.  It is eligible for contest entries as far as I know.  When I'm on the page it will allow me to submit in other contests, just not the metal contest.  I checked the official rules and under section B, paragraph 3 the rules state that multiple entries are allowed, though only one entrant can win a prize.  So then, why can't I enter another recent instructable?  

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Multiple Photocell Problem (Arduino)?

Hello, I have a problem with using more than 1 photocell. I am using the AnalogReadSerial example to test each one and they are giving me junk. I have tried just one wired to the board and it works fine, but when i wire 4 into a breadboard it gets messy.                                                                                                                                                                                  Here are some pictures                                                                                                                    

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Charging multiple 12v batteries

I have eight 12v 18Ah SLA batteries that I need to wire to get 48v. I need to be able to charge them all at once, but can't find a 48v charger anywhere. Is there a way I can wire a 12v charger to parallel charge the batteries while they're wired in series?

Question by Charlie_Szasz    |  last reply

Arduino with multiple RGB LEDs

Hi, I am pretty knew into the Arduino world. My problem is trying to make multiple RGB leds ( work with the Arduino. Although it would be be easy enough to use a single RGB led, I want to use multiple RGB leds. My RGB led uses 3 digital pins with pwm but since i am using an arduino pro micro with 5 pwm pins, I can only use 1 led. I have found that the max current per pin is 40ma but shouldn't exceed 20ma so therefore you couldn't put 2 leds. So my question is, how would i power more than 1 RGB led? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Multiple copies of subscription emails

I've received four copies so far of an identical email giving me a subscription update, telling be about Lith's group. At first I thought it was a Gmail server error and it wasn't actually updating my inbox after I read and deleted them, but the timestamps are different, all a minute apart. This happened a while back, and I never saw that it was officially resolved but the problem just went away.

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Multiple LED Flashlight Help

Hello all, I just ordered 10 blue and 10 green non-diffused LED's from They work great and are super bright. What I want to do is put them all together in a PVC pipe or something like that to make one super-bright flashlight. My question is, how do I attach all of these LED's together in a circular form in a series circuit? I dont know the best way to do this. If anyone has an answer or a link that will help, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot! Brennn10

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Multiple LED wiring - help!

I am not to familiar with wiring and leds and recently have taken an intrest. My desires however are hindered by my lack of wiring knowledge. For a project I am working on i wish to have either 12 or 24 leds. I have read that a series/parallel matrix might be my best bet but I dont know how to go about setting it up. I dont know what leds to choose or what resistors are needed. I also want them to constanly change color but dont know how to do that either. This all needs to plug into a wall socket. If anyone can be of help I would greatly appreciate it!

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Multiple LED Bar Scoreboard

Hi everyone, Me and a friend of mine would to make a scoreboard which can display the score of around 70 different people. The way we would like to do this is by making 70 individual led strips which represents a person. Each strip has to contain about 100 leds (so the maximum score is 100). We would like to be able to set each persons score individually from anywhere between 0-100. Preferably with as little knobs as possible.  What do you guys think is the easiest and cheapest way of doing this?  We were thinking about a system with a arduino or some kind of controller and a chain of LED Bar Graphs as shown in the link below. We are not that experienced with electrical components so we would like to have some help with that!   Looking forward to hear some of your ideas! 

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Multiple Ideas / Scholarship Submissions

My first two ideas pertain to the realm of sports. Luckily enough I have a city park for a backyard that is big enough for me to hit my low golfing irons. The only problem is having to chase after the balls myself thus consuming valuable time and energy. My proposal is to alter the irobot to retrieve the balls for me in one of two methods. Additionally I would also like to enable to robot to possibly record the location of where it retrieves the ball to help in my swing analysis method 1: Add a mechanical arm, cage and rake system a la the golf cart guy at your local range by sending the robot out on pre-programmed sweeping patterns. method 2: develop some sort of mechanical arm that can retrieve individual balls by locating them with an ir detector as the white of the ball contrasts with the green of the grass. This could also be modified by loading the golf balls with RIF chips and having the robot detect this symbol. The second idea is to turn the robot into a living assistant for my grandmother. Some of the various functions that I would look to add include some sort of panic button, or emergency button especially as it pertains to her falling down and being unable to get up, others functions would include picking things up off the floor as she has troubles bending, and assisting in the transportation of groceries and other items through the use of either hamper like structures attached to the robot or a coat tree like structure. Additionally I would program the robot to take advantage of pre-existing sensors so that it could follow my grandmother wherever she went and possibly provide a better platform for her cell phone as she never hears it and complains about carrying it and possibly add some pda like features.

Topic by bigtheo23  

Reduced or Increased odds of winning if entering multiple contests?

If I enter three contests and become a finalist or win one of them, does that in any way negatively affect my chances of becoming a finalist or winning in the other day?  Do the "powers that be" decide that since I did well in another, they want to give someone else a chance? Thanks!

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Authoring question

Hello, I'm working on an Instructable (aren't we all?), and was wondering: with a standard membership, can you add multiple authors to an Instructable? This would be very helpful, especially because my brother was the taste tester for this recipe, and he helped me with it. Thanks! Jason

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Could I post the same instructable into this contest and the Light up your Ride contest?

Topic by pmac93    |  last reply

Login trouble

Any reason I can't login in from the laptop and a PC in the same house.  Will not take the passphrase I KNOW is correct!

Topic by jmbenim    |  last reply

Can I enter more than 1 Instructable in the same contest?

I have 2 completely different Instructables. Both would be applicable to the same contest. Can I enter both in the same contest?

Question by richard62    |  last reply

Voting on entries that are entered in multiple contests

When an entry is entered in multiple contests, what decides which banner appears above. I have an entry in the hack it contest and the off grid contest. The banner above it is for the hack it contest, so it won't get as many votes for the off grid contest which is in the voting stage. Is it possible for instructables to change it so that the banner is for the contest ending soonest/altready in the voting stage rather than the most recently entered contest ?

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Instructables appear multiple times in new layout

Not sure it's a bug, they might have intended this. Instructables often appear twice on the main page like this :

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How to make multiple leds flicker at different time

I want to make a picture to hang on my daughters wall, but i want to add multiple leds onto the sky so as they twinkle like stars etc. How would i go about doing this ?? Thankyou.

Topic by Rasca43    |  last reply

Two People on an Instructable

My wife and I would like to collaborate on an instructable for the fashion challenge.  Are we still elligible to win a prize in doing so?  Do I need her written consent if we publish this through my account?  The rules indicated that more than one author could exist for a given entry.

Topic by ridiculously.awesome    |  last reply

is there any way to download a massive number of files easily? Answered

I need to download over 500 files. I've tried using URL2FILE but I cannot use the original file name without typing it out, which defeats the purpose. I need to download each file with the original file name without needing to rename them. The URL's are numbered (Eg. ) so I can output them to a .txt file in a matter of seconds if needed.Thanks in advance.

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Single AC Adapter for multiple devices?

Just wondering if there's any downside to re-wiring an AC adapter to run multiple devices. I have 6 of these wall warts near my TV for the following - router - usb hub - phone charger - harmony one charger - clock - PS3 bluetooth/IR converter Most of these run on either 6,9 or 12V. I would be so much cleaner if I can rewire (or splice) a couple of AC adapters to have like two or more outputs. Is there any downside to this? Thanks

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