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Music Video Help?

Me and my friends are making a music video for a class we chose the song "A Dirge For The Underground" by Attica! Attica! We have most of it  done, but we are having problems with the last shot, we are doing of an explosion (not with actual bombs, just implying there are bombs). We don't mean like Die Hard, Action Movie, Jump to the Ground at the last second explosion, but the explosions you traditionally see when a building explodes, lot of smoke and debris as opposed to fire and a slightly sooty hero/heroine. It's just going to be blowing a lot of immediate debris and smoke blowing outward and then smoke drifting up. Best idea we've had so far is rent a big ass fan and set up a temporary business of cleaning out fires lol. We unfortunately do not have access to the media lab so digital effects are unfortunately not an option. Any better ideas (that don't damage the location, the owner would be pisssssssssssssed)?

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Music Video Ideas

I wanna do a music video (I'm bored lol) for like an annoying song, got any Ideas for songs?

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Awesome webcam music video

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out this crazy webcam collaboration video. It's absolutely worth watching the whole way through. After the first 50 seconds it starts to get much more interesting.via Gizmodo

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Salvador Dalì music video!

After some tech problems, the Salvador Dalì music video is finally out! The music and video is all written and performed by Gin Gerani, a friend of mine. And I made an appearance as a barbarian! :D The song is all in Italian, but the music is very catchy and I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Have fun, and dance with Salvador Dalì! :D

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The use of copyrighted music in Videos

Quick question; what are the rules regarding the use of music in videos posted on Instructables (or on YouTube, through Instructables)? I ask because I'd like to post sound clips and some may contain copyrighted music. Is there a 30 second rule or something? Do I just have to give credit?

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Can you watch videos or hear music while converting videos, or will it ruin the audio for the video?

The converting video is either ging to be MP4 or MPG format so i was just wondering if hearing music or watching youtube videos will affect the audio for either format?

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Musical Tesla Coils

Two tesla coils are being used to play the mario theme song. This is the first time i have ever tried embedding something, so im hoping this works. if there is no video there, here is the link: thanks to goodhart for telling me how to get the video in here.

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Which music should go with this video?

So the servers are wonky and I can't put up my instructable.  But here is the video that goes with the instructable for your previewing pleasure.  It is the same video with different songs selected to go with it.  Please tell me what you think( no, this is not an IQ test). or this:  

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How does the speech screens work when the president gives a speech? Answered

I have many pictures of my kids holding their musical interments an smiling and I have many pictures of the back of their music stand wile they are playing. I want to build a music stand that is transparent like the presidents speech glass that he can see his speech and you can see through.

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Music made from ONLY Carboard Instruments

What can i say, I love this type of thing.

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itunes video help.

So heres the deal I have an Imac with Mac OS X version 10.4.10 installed a 800 MHz PowerPC G4 256 MB SDRAM. With itunes 7.1.1 installed. now don't get me wrong I love itunes and I couldn't even dream of moving all 80 + GB of music over to another music managing program, but ever since I installed itunes 7.1.1 Ive not been able to play any of the 40 + tv shows and movies that have been downloaded off the itunes store. :(, when you start the video it starts out really jerky and then it freezes then stops, but the sound doesn't skip at all whats happening ?¿? can this be fixed ?¿?

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Music Transfer box????????

At school they showed us a video of a device that supposedly you could place on a cardboard box and music would play through the box. How can I make this? I was thinking on using a piezo element. Any ideas????P.S. you would plug it in to a headphone jack.

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can i make a MP3 player at home by using old computer parts?

I want to make an  ipod or MP3 player of 32GB by using waste material of old computer

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So as you can see in the video at the end of both songs I am having a issue with it cutting/shorting out. All i can think of is the tip31 transistors im using are overheating maybe? but what is really wierd is it shorts back to the speakers?? I have one transistor driving the blue leds and one driving the red leds. the red leds are being powered by a 9v supply and the blue is 15v( dont remember the MA but they both provide plenty. They are wall warts. When i  plug in the 9v power supply it makes a high pitch buzzing noise.... If anyone has any pinters i would appreciate it. Thinking of adding more transistors.... I cant figure out how to link it so just copy paste the link below into your browser...; and i'm following this diagram cause it does not have a switch like the others.

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Homemade Musical Robots

Frits Lyneborg, builds and designs all sorts of robots, his most notable robot is called "Yellow Drum Machine" which "sees" with robotic eyes, and plays music and assembles rhythms in miscellaneous things, here is a video of the Yellow Drum Machine: The Yellow Drum Machine, taps its "feelers" and records the sound, then re-plays it, and adds to it to make more of a is his YouTube page: here is his website:

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How can i record a video.....? Answered

?HOw do i record a video of something that has loud noise without messing up the audio and having it wound weird??? more specifically, how do i revcord a concert  thats loud w? 

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attaching a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor with variable speed controller

Hi, We're looking to attached a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor with a variable speed controller. We've attached a rough sketch to this post.  Does anyone know what kind of motor might work with a camera weighing 4.132lb/1875g? It has to be powerful enough to spin the camera solidly and at a steady RPM. We'd also like to add a variable speed controller to adjust the speed of the rotations.  We were thinking of using a battery powered drill. Is there a way to  add a variable speed control potentiometer to an electric drill? We are based in Europe. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Matthew & Emelie

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Save YouTube music to mp3? Answered

Can you guys help me on this? I know it's not hard to download and save YouTube music to the hard disk but I also want to be able to save YouTube music to mp3 for my mp3 player or  maybe for the cell phone. So, what good YouTube Downloader can,  besides the usual stuff like download and convert youtube videos to avi and other video formats, save youtube music to mp3?

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How can I play music videos on windows that have been bought through Itunes.?

I bought and downloaded a music video from itunes and cannot play it on window video player. What must I do so it can be played.

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Tesla Music at the Maker Faire!

So today I got a sneek peek of the Maker Faire at Young Maker's Day. And with it, something that simply blew me away. This tesla coil demo uses two TALL towers with lightning bolts coming out the top. The lightning bolts are what make the music! And the drums are robotic! That's what's waiting for all who are coming over the weekend. Enjoy! I included a video. Young Maker Day: Amazing Tesla Coil Music! @ Yahoo! Video

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Turn camera view finder into rc in?

Is there a way to take a viewfinder from an old camera and turn it into a monitor with RCA in? I have a dvd player that  I use to play music off a usb stick and I don't want to have to have a large tv hooked up to it.

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youtube help

On youtube i see that people have slowed and sped up video's is there a way i can do this?

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Has anybody heard of a video series called handmade music? Answered

Hi, I was wondering if anybody had heard of a instructional video series called handmade music. It is about making musical instruments yourself. I have looked everywhere including rapidshare youtube. thanks

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What's some good, free, audio/video editing software? Answered

I've been wanting to record some of my own music for a while now, but it's difficult with my "band" consisting of just me. My general goal is to make videos much in the same way that Pomplamoose, Alex Goot, and other band-less Youtube musicians do. So my question is: Does anyone know of any software that would allow me to show multiple video clips/parts at once? And/or some good, free audio editing software so I could pre-edit the audio and just sync it up to the video? Any suggestions would be helpful, and if you can show me something open source, that'd be fantastic! Thank you!

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Increase The Quality of Sound off of a Camcorder? Answered

A friend of mine asked me to film a music video featuring his new song. The thing is, I'm a video guy, not an audio guy. Heck, I had a hard enough time obtaining high quality professional music! So, do any if you know how to increase the sound quality of a Cannon FS10? I'll even take a "let me Google that for you," as I'm pretty bad at searching. :PIf anyone's interested, this is the video he wants to improve (he's not happy with his mom's recording).;=22

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How can I compose midi music for a video game of mine?

I recently started a video game company to my some money and have a reason to design video games. I've used the resources that came with the creation program, but there is only one background music file. The program uses midi files background music, and I can't find a FREE midi composition program. Anyone have some recomendations. By the way the software I use is GameMaker 8.

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It it legal If I use someone elses music/Tune in My Video (trailer)? Answered

Soooo I was searching on YouTube (bored as always) And I found a small YouTube channel (less than 200 subs) With a Tune that sounded alright i was wondering if it is legal to use The Tune in my own Video If i gave that person The credit for it in the video (also in the description with link to they're channel) This is what it said in the Description of the Video: Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011 Sheet Music: Please credit me if you use my score in any way :3 And at the very Bottom it said, Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed) whats that? it also gave me the option of remixing the Video. Also Here is the link to the Video On YouTube if it helps more: Thanks In Advance to anyone reading this and giving me an answer -Kevin, 7/9/2014 USA 

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Extreme Art in Cabral´s forest park: Rock Music video "A"

Extreme Art to save one of the best forest parks (Cabral’s forest park), in the city of Vigo, in Galicia -Spain-: Rock music video "A" (BEN SENMEDO). We made it also with free software (Kdenlive - Manjaro, end format WebM, audio Ogg) and the song is in Gallego, a language that we speak in the NorthWest of Spain. Actually, the place chosen to make the videoclip, known as "Monte de Cabral" or "Cotogrande", has serious risks of being destroyed, because of the complicity of the mayor of the city, Abel Caballero, with the Britsh corporation Eurofund. The mayor and the corporation want to convert the forest park into a commercial macroproject that they try to call "Porto Cabral". With this video, we hope anyone can enjoy the forest park forever: Letter of "A" in English: In this black horse I'm going to walk between the rain, they fall disks and seas cry out victory. I listen to the ripple of the good souls still death, for me it will never be late, when the fight will be good. I rush forth at the bad management of the power, I leave the jewels, I choose only the pieces of chess. One night, any day, waiting. One night, any day, waiting. People are not silly sheeps, we mount horses, we take the bridles. The souls without fear ever win the larvas, I don't tremble with idiots, you will never see flights. Music: BEN SENMEDO Voice and guitar: Ben Bass: Kuko Jones Black horse: Melanita Rider girl: Olalla De la Iglesia Screen and edit: Alma de Libertade and Muchamufa Colaboration: Edu  

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It is not advisable to copy the activities shown in this video.

The Modified Toy Orchestra have a philosophy of performing everything live with a collection of re-purposed children’s toys.., converting abandoned playthings into exotic new musical instruments, and then exploring the latent potential and surplus value inherent in these liberated circuits. Guided by this hidden world they seek to make a form of music devoid of personal narrative or autobiography, instead they ask bigger questions about our relationship with “the next new gadget” the desire for the constant upgrade, and the possibilities for problem solutions hidden from our gaze by perceptual habit. The result of this on going investigation has been called cinematic, dark, joyful and life affirming. It is rare to hear an electronic live performance that has no midi, no sampling, no synthesizers, no laptops, in fact no conventional instruments of any kind. MTO have live dates coming up: 8th September at Birmingham Town Hall 10th September at Manchester Bridgewater Hall Hey, what about the title of the topic? Oh, that's from the band's appearance on the BBC website.  After all, these AA batteries are dangerous... Freeno & Olaf from Modified Toy Orchestra on Vimeo.  

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Question concerning legality

Hey guys, quick question, I figured this would be a good place to ask it. I have a setup that allows me to record streamed music from, say, Spotify (yes, this is legal, as long as I don't use the recordings commercially) and basically get free mp3 files. If I wanted to use one of these recordings non-commercially in a video on Instructables or anywhere else, would it be legal? Danke schon in advance to any help you guys can give!

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where can you find free halo video game sheet music for the flute?

This is an example of the music that I'm looking for, but its not on the marimba!! I play the flute!!

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how to transfer music video to my sony ericson k530i?

I just wanted to know on how to because when I downloaded a mv to my phone it was unknown file please give me the concrete steps


can i sell my music through itune?

I am a musician and a compose i have recorded music audio and video.

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How can I make this kind of instrument?

So when i first saw this video I fell in love with this stuff... so any ideas and schematics?

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MakerBot plays Tetris

YouTube user belakor110 has posted this video of a MakerBot playing the Tetris theme. According to the brief description, this is done using gcode. This reminds me of the song "A Simple Text File" by Man or Astroman? Check out that video here as well. The video is just a still image, but I can vouch for its legitimacy. I saw the band play the song in concert with just a beaten up ImageWriter II in front of a microphone. via adafruit

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Marching Band Geekery

This is pretty awesome. How many games can you recognize by music alone? -via GeekDad

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Time to Strut My Stuff...LOL

Anyone else in to this song?i think its catchy...idk i was watching americas funniest home videos the other day when i heard it.. oh its the love willows- stuff my stuff

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Does anybody think this video is sad?

This video is a clip from Daft Punk's movie Electroma with a different song by them called Make Love.I find this clip very saddening. To get this jist of the movie watch the second clip (the video doesn't really start till 33 seconds in) and it has pretty good music! Basically the robot with the silver helmet wants to become human and the robot in the gold helmet is his best friend. They try and become human in a robot world. any thoughts?

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How do i bring music from itunes onto windows mvie maker?

It says that i have the wrong codac or something and woun't let me get music onto a video.

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White & Nerdy

For those of you who haven't heard the song, here's the music video.

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Little Yellow Drummer Robot

Good morning! I found this really cool, and pretty hilarious robot on Youtube: Anyway, I thought you should check it out, the rest of the Yellow Drum Machine Videos are on Youtube.

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is it legal/possible to get videos from youtube to an i pod? Answered

I want to get music videos from youtube on my ipod. Is this even possible? if so is it legal?

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Could someone tell me what the song in this instructable is? Answered

Could someone please tell me what the song is that is playing in the video in this instructable: Could somebody post a youtube of it. Thanks

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my ipod 5th gen video will not produce sound from dock or earphone jack?

My ipod 5th gen video. it connects to computer. it loads music its also been restored a few times successfully but i get no sound from the dock or the earphone jack. it shows music playing and the menu comes up fine.. appreciate the help?

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I recently ordered a new mp3 player, to be exact it was the (Ematic 1.5" Color 4GB MP3 Video Player) and the store info said that the 4 gig memory could hold up to 40 hrs of  music or videos. Now I'm open minded but that seems like a strech to me. So does anybody know if a 4 gig memory could hold that much?

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when i play some of my coverted DPG music videos on my DSi using a R4 Chip Reader, the sound is distorted.?

Hello, i can play some of music videos and they work perfectly.  The others have squelching and pixel distortion.  They all look fine on my PC when i view them using DPGShow.  When i view the videos on my DSi, i know which ones will work ok as they display the duration in minutes next to video title.  has anybody else had issues?  i've tried numerous conversions but hit the same issue witht he same video files. thanks in advance any help would be appreciated

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Ghost busters theme played on automated floppy disc drives

Found this epic video on Youtube. Someone modified old floppy drives to play music, and it sounds really good.;=g-logo-xit How would one do this?

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My cat's favorite pianist ...

The other day, my cat, Comedy, discovered the cursor on my screen ... She found it quite amusing.Today, as she wanted to sit on my keyboard to have a better view of this moving white thing, I got the idea to show her some pictures of cats.She probably did not even recognize a cat ... instead, she was focusing on a little flash animation, on the same page.So, I got the idea to show her some videos. She found it interesting, but not that much.Then, I shown her Nora's video.In case you don't know who's Nora : she is a cat that plays piano. has never been so captivated !I think she recognized it was a cat, because she was slowly approaching like for hunting, and she was waving her tail.Then, when the video ended, she started to look behind the screen ...Finally, she watched the second video with a lot of attention, like wondering what was doing this other cat, and she ended on my keyboard (again) trying to enter into the screen to join the pianist cat ...

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