Why doesn't my MX-FS-03V / MX-05V 433MHz trick work? Answered

This is for someone who has balance problems, only needs a walking cane during an episode, and can physically walk away from the cane quite a distance before it's actually needed (oops). The idea is to attach the transmitter (no arduino) to a walking cane, and have receiver + [small] arduino + buzzer in a pocket/bag. Transmitter is pretty dumb: I connect gnd or vcc to data (whichever works best). The idea is to figure out how the receiver behaves when there's no transmition (high, low, or random) and choose to transmit whatever distinctively says "I'm alive" :) The receiver setup (at the moment) simply connects one of the rx pins (there are 2) to an analog input on an arduino, samples it in a loop and blurts it to Serial. Now when I simulate the input with "native" gnd or vcc, it says 0 or 1023 like it should, but when I connect the receiver, it's quite erratic. Not as random as sampling a brick, but not any more useful. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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Completley wireless headphones

I am attempting to make a homemade version of the Sennheiser MX W1 wireless headphones and was wondering if anyone else has attempted to do the same. I'm no electronic engineer so any help would be greatly appreciated. I will attach some of the schematics I've drawn up soon so you will have an idea of what I'm trying to do. Thanks, Sculptur.

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how to disasemble/reasemble a gateway mx 6439 laptop to fix the dc power jack?

My laptop will charge the battery but will not run on ac power, i already tried new power adapter sill did not work. i know it is the power jack. I am a computer tech but have never taken apart a laptop so i need a diagram with pictures please so i can fix it myself.

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converting a mixer into a usb control mixer? Answered

Right now I have an old Gemini MX 02 mixer that I would like to convert to a usb MIDI. is this possible?

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First Motorcycle, budget

Hi. I've recently been hooked on motorcycles. I'd love to get one and start riding and working on one. There are a few problems. First off, I'm only 13 years old, but I'm 5'11" and 160 lbs. I know that it's illegal for me to ride a motorcycle, and I'm not even sure if I can take a mfs course at this age. I wouldn't be riding on any big roads, and would barely even ride it, besides riding it to my best friends house (he'd help me work on it, his dad is into bikes, and he only lives a few miles away), and around a few back roads in my neighborhood. My dad has been riding motorcycles for before I was born, and has multiple types and sizes of bikes (he has a touring Harvey, I believe it's a VRSC, a ninja 600, and a dirt bike which I don't know the model of). He could teach me and show me how to properly ride a motorcycle. Also, I don't know what kind of bike to get. I've heard dual purpose bikes are good for starters, but I really have no idea where to start. I'd appreciate input. Preferably it'd be a bike that I could work on and modify/upgrade as I go along. Thirdly, is price. I don't really know my exact budget, but it'd be around $600-$700. I know it's barely anything, but I'd have to pay for the bike myself, and that's all I have. If it's even possible to purchase a bike at this price point, it doesn't even have to run, I'd love your input. Ideally I'd like to keep everything to the absolute bare minimum, as cheap as possible. My dad already has safety gear, and I could borrow it if I rode my bike.  Again, thanks for your input, and any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

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broken lcd controller lcd works great

I have a 20" lcd tv with a broken controller in it  is there any lcd controller kit that would work good with a 20"  lcd screen mybad  its a 26"  Maxent MX-26X3 thanks 

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Stuck programming AVR or ARDUINO based 3 axis bipolar stepper controller. Answered

Hello, I am writing a program to control 3 axis bipolar stepper motors using the atmega8 and other hardware (L293). I am facing a mental block for the part of the program where I must switch the 4 outputs for any bipolar stepper motor. I guess the program would explain the problem better. I can do this, but some innovative idea would be good. I am also adding the circuit for the controller for reference.  /* 3-Axis Bipolor stepper motor controller. Takes 5 inputs *  based on: *  1) PD1 - Enable X axis *  2) PD2 - Enable Y axis *  3) PD3 - Enable Z axis *  4) PC4 - Step *  5) PC5 - Direction (Clockwise if 1) *  Gives 12 outputs for motor control, defined as: *  1) PC0 - MX-D *  2) PC1 - MX-C *  3) PC2 - MX-B *  4) PC3 - MX-A *  5) PD4 - MY-D *  6) PD5 - MY-C *  7) PD6 - MY-B *  8) PD7 - MY-A *  9) PB0 - MZ-C *  10) PB1 - MZ-B *  11) PB2 - MZ-A *  12) PB3 - MZ-D * *  The uC reads the dir and step for each axis. Whenever step is *  given a high pulse, step sequence is incremented (or decremented) *  by one, depending on the direction pin's state. * *        Author: Pranav Sharma *        Date: April 3rd, 2012 *********************************************************** */ #define STEP_SEQ half_step_seq #define STEP_PIN PINC&0b00010000 #define DIR_PIN PINC&0b00100000 #define X PIND&0b00000010 #define Y PIND&0b00000100 #define Z PIND&0b00001000 int dir=0; int currentx=0; int currenty=0; int currentz=0; int currentstep=0; boolean enx=false; boolean eny=false; boolean enz=false; void setup(){   DDRB=0B00001111;    //B0-B3 Outputs   DDRC=0B00001111;    //C0-C3 Outputs   DDRD=0B11110000;    //D4-D7 Outputs   PORTB=0;                                                                               //IS THIS NEEDED??   PORTC=0;   PORTD=0; } byte half_step_seq[]={   B1010,   B1011,   B1001,   B1101,   B0101,   B0111,   B0110,   B1110 }; void loop(){   if(STEP_PIN)   {     DIR_PIN?dir=1:dir=-1;     if(X){       currentstep=currentx+dir;       currentx=currentstep;       enx=true;     }     else if(Y){       currentstep=currenty+dir;       currenty=currentstep;       eny=true;     }     else if(Z){       currentstep=currentz+dir;       currentz=currentstep;       enz=true;     }       byte stepbyte=STEP_SEQ[currentstep];         if(enx){       //step currentx time the x motor     }     else if (eny){       //step currenty time the y motor     }     else if(enz){       //step currentz time the z motor     }     enx=false;     eny=false;     enz=false;   } }

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Help to build sensor for Polar FS1C watch

Hello, I got this watch Polar FS1C as a gift, unfortunately without sensor which is necessary to collect data from heart rate. I would like to ask you, clever guys, if is it possible to (home)made cheap sensor suitable for Polar FS1C? I could not buy this sensor in Slovakia in reasonable price so I am trying last chance here, to built it on my own. Thank you for reply. Mx.

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Ipod/ Ipod Touch Games

List your best, paid Ipod Touch games here! (I have A lot) Mine are: Super Monkey Ball Supermonkey ball 2 Jellycar Jellycar2 Tap Tap Revenge (1,2,and 3. Riddim Ribbon Rolando Rolando 2 Streetball Lightbike Shrek Karting IShoot Cooking Mama Monopoly: World Edition Madden 2010 Top Gun Let's Golf The Sims 3, World Adventures 2XL Supercross Peggle Angry Birds Pocket God Bloons TD MX Mayhem Monster Trucks Nitro Wheel of Fortune Topple Topple 2 Pac Man Remix Paper Toss World Tour Moron Test

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Is there windows program that makes apps for the iPhone 3 and 4?

Hi, i'm running a Windows Vista service pack 2 PC and i'd like to develop apps for the iPhone and the programs interface is close to the same function as Game Maker, Visual Studio and Dreamweaver MX 2002, it has got four modes that are avalible and it MUST let me select 1 of them every time i start the software and it should be a lite or beta of the software so that i can have it forever and buy it if i like it and i'd like to have these requirements: Normal app maker mode: able to build advanced software has all the formatting of Visual Studio Panels for inserting objects Buttons Web Browser formatting (web pages are viewed inside this) Comment box adder Title box adder Radio Buttons CheckBoxes  

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Gameboy Color cart opened, chips removed. Wondering if anyone has specs for them?

I decided that I should do something with some of those old Gameboy Color games I had lying around, so I opened one. Inside, I found 4 chips, along with a 3v battery, a tilt sensor, and various capacitors and resistors. I was wondering what each of the chips do, as far as their use. And could I use them again for a different purpose? Here are the chips: *Small 8DIL with the Microchip logo, and 106 134A *Square chip with 8 pins on each side(32 in total), M8C3 -2 047U3E *Thin rectangular with 22 pins on both sides(44 in total), MX E012304-M MX23C1603-12A 1C9868A1 *28 pin rectangular, BSI BS62LV256SC-70 S2827V53114.N F0110 Taiwan(Obviously that means it was made in Taiwan) Just a quick check to see if anyone knew what any of these were. Thank you!

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How do i connect old speakers to mobile?

 Ok, so I have a very old speaker surround system (JVC MX-60). It plays only Cassets and cds which we dont use nowadays.However the speakers are huge. The clarity and sound is good enough to listen to heavy metal music. I want to connect these speakers to my mobile. But the thing is, i dont know how to . Now I am a complete noob when it comes to electronics. Based on my knowledge I need to connect these speakers to an amplifier . To do that i need to know the wattage. And I dont Know how to find out. I was going through the main unit(which is destroyed) and it mentioned that the speaker impedance is 6 ohms. Wattage is product of voltage and current. How do I find that? Multimeter perhaps? here is a few things that I want to mention -The speakers have two wires(black and red). Nothing is mentioned on the speakers regarding its power. voltage etC. - I dont have the manual. The device must be older than me. - i have uploaded the pics of the back side of the main unit http://imgur.com/qNBKWst Thanks!!

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I have a touchscreen module from a Lenovo AIO PC, can anyone help identify the pin-outs?

Recently I salvaged a 23" touchscreen display from a faulty Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z AIO PC. The PC has a faulty mainboard, but the touchscreen display is in perfect working order. I'm trying to use the touchscreen display for another purpose, but I am having trouble identifying the touch module and its pin-outs. For your information, the display is a Samsung LTM230HT03 The touch module is made by HannStar, it has the following markings on the back of the board: HannStar J  MV-4 94V-0  1 01 4 DATQ2TH34C0 REV:C TQ2M10400D1M 3FTQ2CB00W0 1.1.1207.2 On the front of the board is a PXI chip with the following markings: PAP7030GM -B U946QF2C As well as a smaller chip, which is marked as a MX-70G I've attached photos of both sides of the module as well as the label on the Samsung display. There are 4 connectors on the module, CON1 connects to the mainboard, CON2 and CON3 connects to the display, CON4 was not in use. CON1 has the following wire colours in order from pin 1 to 5: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black. I will greatly appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone can give.

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