Magnetic nail art?

Http://;=410 Lancome used to make a nail polish with a magnet on the bottle. You'd paint your nails and then put them near the magnet, which would create a starburst pattern by attracting and repelling charged pigments. Is it just me or could this be done with a pinch of iron oxide powder in any nail polish?

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HERE IS HOW TO ENTER show me your best nail desighn you posted on instructables....i need a how to on how to do it or your not eligible to win. videos are welcome. prizes: there will be a first and second prize winner....first prize is a one year membership code...second winner will recive nothing,but your nail desighn will be advertized next to the winners. the contest ends march 28th at 12:00 midnight. the winners will be shown on march 30th. every one who enters will recive a message that shows them were to look to see the winners so dont worry. the prize for the winner will be given in about a week or sooner after the 30th of march.  IF YOU ENTER SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE SAYING( IM IN !) if you have any questions just send the question through a private message to me  

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Is there a way so that crackle nail varnish doesn't atack the under layer? Answered

I would like to paint my nails but yet again I have found the crackle always attacks my base layer I want to do an instructable with this in mind any Ideas?

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A swell trick with a nail in wood.

Originally via Boing Boing, original video by Stevin Marin:

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how can i stop biting my nails?!?

Sometimes i pull out hang nails until my finger is bleeding. and i know it will bleed, but for some reason the satisfaction of pulling out that flawed edge of nail makes it worth it? or i'll eat the cuticles and leave red, sensitive skin exposed above my nails. i dont want to buy anything specific. is there any random household things that i could either eat or put on my nails or something to help me stop?

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HOW TO ENTER:  i want you to show me zeba print themed nails that have bright rezillient colers and really stand out. give me a how to, on how to do the desighn,without it you are not eligible to win. RULES: have fun,and do your best! WINNERS: there will be a 1st and 2nd winner. PRIZES: the first prize winner will recive a one year membership code. yet the second winner will recive nothing but a pat on the back,sorry......but who knows maby you will win ! if you enter send me a private message saying (im in).

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Homemade electric nail file

Hey there to all you wonderful people! I have an odd proposal / suggestion / idea... I was wondering if anyone had ever considered this as an Instructables project by any (small) chance? Don't laugh TOO much, this is not something that would be considered a run-of-the-mill every-day kind of DIY by any means... Here's my ish: I'm not incredibly fantastic when it comes to personal grooming, doing the basics as quickly as possible so as to waste as little time getting ready for the day. However, me tooties are a point of some concern due to an out-of-the-ordinary dermal condition. As a result of this, I have to take special attention to moisturizing feet and toenail filing. Also, I suffered an accident when I was much younger that caused the nails on the big toe to grow skew. Long story short I've now been sitting on the floor for 40 minutes with a manual file and, while my one's and two's a looking smashing, I thought there MUST be a way of making my own electric nail file. I thought to try and convert a screwdriver bit for my electric screwdriver into a spherical file which I'm sure would literally save me HOURS and will do my knees a world of good - I've found myself kneeling in 1 position for a lot longer than nature intended. I am NOT the shining Instructables Star in the making by ANY stretch of the imagination but I do have some interesting theories about time travel (not really applicable here, but I wanted to try and sound less daaa - cos this isn't a 'Change The World' kinda project) In any event, I thought maybe someone who has a grasp of my concept and an understanding of how things worked may have a thought on how to accomplish this? Baring in mind that where I live, things like electric nail files are luxuries available only to a specific  social group & not an option for the general norm pavements specials such as I... I'm so interested to see if anyone could give me some help. You'd LITERALLY be saving my life (or at least adding about 10 - 15 years to it where I don't have to spend crouched over a small chair for a quarter of my day every 5 or 6 days) Stopped giggling yet? :) Tx guys, it's a dumb thing to ask, but this dumb thing has the potential to SIGNIFICANTLY change my life in a very practical way. Kind Regards and Loads of thanks! ps It ses to add images, but I think just for the sake of global sanity I'll refrain until I've found a working solution (or a pic of someone else's feet) :) Much love t'ya!

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No nails Australian wood shelter?

I saw part of a show about how to build a wooden shelter using no nails from logs.  It didn't look like a log cabin.  The sides were split logs held in an upright brace also made of logs.  It was simple to make but very hard work as much of it was done with hand tools.  But I think modern tools could be used now. ( This was sometime in the 1960's.) Anyone know anything about it?  It would be a good thing for off-girders.

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Sliced Fimo Cane Nail Art

My wife sells these (not Luxstar). 100 plus pieces. $4.50 including shipping. Currently available packages (1-7-13): Flowers Fruit Animals Sweets Mickey & Minnie Kerope Hello Kitty Smiles Angry Birds Hearts Yin Yang International Snoopy Holiday Mix Character Mix   Link:;=&hash;=item3a7cd2edb5link

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do you want to enter a nail at contest? here to find out how.?

I want to be the first one to make my own contest.............. here are the rules: post a indtructable of your cutest nail disighn and name it 10124353, so i can find it easily. but look ther are no prizes because there is no way i can give you one so please do it for me. ther wil be first,second, and third winners.                                                                              VOTING ENDS: MARCH 9,2013 at 5:00    REMEMBER NAME IT : 10124353 (write it down)                                                         if you are going to enter post a comment saying (I'M IN).....i will notify all the people that enter the contest who the winners are. if yo have any questions just ask.

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Simple nail and wire Electromagnet problem ! Answered

So I built a simple electromagnet out of a nail and wire, I hooked it up top power and a switch. What I need to do is to lift a small metal ball the size of a common marble with my electromagnet, when I press the switch ( momentary, when you press it, it shut off power and when you release it power get back) the ball should fall of it, but problem is, the ball stay magnetized to the nail !! The only solution I found up to now is to make the electromagnet just enough powerfull to hardly lift the ball, but I hate it because its a pain to get the ball to stick on and it often fall off randomly. Is there a way the ball could fall off every time I press the switch without reducing the strength of my electromagnet? Thank you !!

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removing liquid nails off wall?


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How do I make cat-style claws for a werecat costume?

He, the character(it's for a movie) is mostly human, with catlike abilities. So he has claws for nails on his fingertips. But I'm not entirely sure how to do this. Something akin to Sabretooth's claws on X-Men.

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I'm looking to solder steel nails together, is this possible and how strong will the bond be?

I'm looking to solder the flat ends of nails together to create a crown of nails (headpiece) is solder capable of holding together steel nails in that fashion? If so will they be stuck together well enough to create a relatively heavy headpiece meant to be worn? (approximately 1000 nails)  

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can not add thumbnail to videos

I can add upload images but i can not open my library when i am adding file to video But here i have no problem.

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What are some good tools to have? Answered

I have a drill (2 actually), a dremel, and a hand-held sander. I also have as many wrenches and screwdrivers and hammers (the smaller things) as I need. I have $40 dollars in a giftcard to Home Depot. What tools would be good to have? Look at my instructables if you need to figure out what i would use them for.

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Clean pen nibs in nail polish remover? Answered

Is it possible to clean dip pen nibs (speedball) in nail polish remover? Gratias, josh1324 PS. ink is pigmented acrylic

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how do i strengthen my nails? Answered

My nails are very brittle and i want them to grow long because i play piano and they break very easily,i have small fingers so i use the extra length of my nails to reach the keys.             p.s. i have already tried nail hardning polish and it dosent work on me.

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How to easily remove nails from pallets? Answered

I would like to use wood from pallets to maybe make furniture and a fence but it's a pain to get the nails out before destroying the wood. Does anyone have some clever ideas to get the nails out the easy way? Or other uses for pallet wood? Thanks.

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How do I convert a Marine Band harmonica from nails to screws?

Marine Bands come with the coverplates/reedplates nailed to the comb. I want to convert to screws. Anyone know the details?

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I cut myself with a rusty nail and the cut has gone green, what should i do???

I was removing a rusty nail from my shed, and the nail flew out and scratched across my neck, the scratch is now green, Help!

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Want to melt old used galvanized nails and pour or shape into a large star mold.

My grandson recently tore down a very old building for the wood to build his first home.  I undertook the job of pulling hundreds of nails from the old lumber.  I want to melt the nails down and pour them into a mold of a Texas star.  Is it possible to melt the nails?  and if so; How? 

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how can i make a hole in a glass bottle? Answered

Okay so i have this sweet glass Pepsi bottle that i found at the store. And i wanna make a bong with it. I don't have any glass drill bits and don't really wanna buy any either. I did see a video where a kid cut a bottle in half with nail polish remover (;=related )ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DO THIS? ALSO WHAT SHOULD i USE FOR THE BOWL?THANKS :]

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I want to make a big magnet to pick up nails?

I need to pick up nails in my field and I want to use my side by side hanging about 12 inches off the ground is there a way I can make a magnet that strong to pick up nails and screws that far away

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What's the best way to attach nails to each other? Answered

I have a bunch of cut masonry nails and I would like to make a mask out of them. Here's the catch: The design I have in mind requires that they're only attached in the head area (Ex. VVVVV), because I need there to be gaps in between the nails; this also requires that I don't just glue them onto a regular plastic mask. I have some ideas about using hot glue, JB Weld, and solder/welding, but I any advice from people that have any experience in the matter would be appreciated. Thanks!

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dose metal explode when you put it in the micro wave? Answered

I want to temper my home made steel knife in the micro wave as my oven is currently out of action. Will the metal just heat up or will it explode??? Will it heat up to fast and cause to much pressure on the steel resulting in a crack or a warped knife??? Should i heat up the knife with a blow torch first???  Are there any good ways of doing this??? Please help me!!! :2(

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does anyone know how i can stop biting my nails?

I have tried the gross nail polish, i have tried not thinking about it, and i have even tried to put sticky tape on them! i even do it in my sleep, or i would sit on the couch and watch tv and do it without noticing. PLZ HELP ME, IM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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longer rivets? Answered

Alright, so I'm working on a new shield, but the rivets that secure the handle need to be quite long (about 34mm / 1  3⁄8inch). When I try to rivet a nail of that size it tends to bend before I can get a good rivet head going. So any help / advice on how to keep the nails straight or an alternative would be awesome! Thnx, knutknackebrod

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My roofer drove nails through the drip edge. I can see the holes. He pulled the nails, will this cause water damage? Answered

Neither the ice barrier or the felt was brought down over the edge of the plywood on the rake edge of the house before the drip edge was installed. Will these punctures enable the water to get to the plywood and swell it or cause leaks? This was a re-roofing with a complete tear-off. These holes were in the over hang part of the drip edge, not where the drip edge was intended to be nailed to fasten it to the roof. You can see the holes from the ground. Thanks, Bill

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How can I improve my coil gun's coil? Answered

My coil is made of 22 gauge wire and the inside diameter is about 1/8 in. It's 1 3/4 in long with about 7 layers. The ammunition is a little over an inch and fits snugly inside the coil. How many more layers should I make it, and what else can I do to improve it?

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Zinc+hydrochoric acid=?

I put a zinc coated nail into hydrochoric acid and the nail started to bubble.The bubbles came to the surface and when they popped a small cloud of some gas appeared and I was wondering what this gas was.I think to was hydrogen.

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Contest rules say to "publish a new Instructable that involves a hair, make-up or skin care tip."  Does that mean nails don't count?  I don't think they are really hair makeup or skin.

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electric gun......... Safe? + airsoft

Could you make a coil gun, instead of shooting bolts it shoots a nail. The tip of the nail is dulled. When you fire the nail accelerates to a really fast speed, hit's an airsoft pellet, the pellet goes flying, the nail head gets stuck by a mechanism (barrier). would this be safe, or be a really really bad idea and the pellet won't get that fast. Just asking cause i've always wanted to make some sort of cool electronic gizmo shaped like a gun that does cool stuff, like a coil gun, or maybe makes stuff glow or something, I dunno, something cool ;)

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Is it possible to use some type of nail gun to attach beer or soda bottle caps to wood without crushing the bottle cap? Answered

I make bottle cap mosaics and I'm open to any suggestions that could help speed up process and ease manual labor!? Thanks in advance for the help...I sure do need it. Also, any suggestions for a struggling artist with many ideas, but difficulty completing pieces, because of lack of technical knowledge and skills.

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how do you make a knife? Answered

Well i am thinking on making a knife n=but i don't know what ible to use help me!!!

Question by knife maker 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How do I make a backyard coaster with wood planks and no nails? Answered

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What should i do with all of my old hack saw blades?

I have lots of small broken hacksaw blades and I want to do something with them along the line of making weapons or knife attachments or stuff like that!!!  Hope that you all have some good ideas!!! Ps The cut on my thumb is not from a hack saw. I got bitten!!! :2)

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How can i make an duplicate of CND UV LED nail curing lamp ?

Hello there! I am planing to make a duplicate of  CND led nail lamp (image 1) . I have an older normal UV lamp (image 2). I have the led Bulbs and the driver for them anid bought relay timer from ebay and the 12v transformer. But the hard part is to make the exact programs. The CND lamp has 4 buttons witch are different programs. 1st - 10 seconds flashing. 2nd - 60 seconds from witch only the first 10 seconds is flashing. 3rd - 60 seconds on. 4th - same like 2nd program. How can i make the programs i have bought and buttons witch i will install?

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How can I secure a power extension socket on the wall without nails?

Are there any tricks or materials to firmly secure a power extension socket on a wall (or any vertical surface), without using hammer & nails? I've tried duct tape, but it's not firm and steady, I want the socket to be as steady as possible and to be able to hold some weight.

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DIY Rechargeable Cell Chemistry?

Hi i was wondering if there was any electrically reversible battery chemistries that can be made from around the house materials like copper wire, iron nails, galvanized nails, graphite rods, aluminum foil, and other items like those.

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Which paints work best on metal? Answered

I've become oddly obsessed with painting those little metal hair clips that snap open and closed. I began first just using nail polish. It's thick, but works well. I use a nail varnish to seal it, and they look awesome! But there's really not many options out there for nail polish, so I was wondering what other kinds of paint will adhere to the metal hair clips? Keep in mind the clips bend (slightly) when opened and closed. I'm currently experimenting with model-car enamel, which seems to be working. Any ideas? Also, what type of sealant should I use over top of whichever kind of paint that works on metal? ..Sorry if I'm confusing. It's like 4:30 in the morning. lol Thanks! LL

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best way to remove warts?

My sister in law used paint thiner ( a drop) over top of the wart 2-3 x a day......for about 1 week......worked really well!!!   nail polish also works great!!!! She  said that you can use nail polish  over top of the wart......this prevent the wart from breathing and sufficates it causing it to dry up and fall off......Duck tape doesn't work and is a pain   my husband did this method and it was a total waste of time.

Question by DELETED_dinab821live 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Stripping altoids tins

I've tried paint stripper, nail polish remover, I'm reduced to a scotch brite pad. Anyone know an easy way to get the paint off?

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Help with Leyden Jar Answered

I have seen many of the instructables about building a leyden jar, but I built two and I cannot seem to make either of them work. First I made the glass one. I filled it with salt water and stuck a long nail in through the lid because I couldn't fit my hand in to wrap it with aluminum foil on the inside. I sealed it well with hot glue and taped a very neat, crinkle-less strip of aluminum tape around it, the kind that is used for repairing air ducts. I tried charging it by rubbing around a fuzzy blanket on the carpet. That always produces a big spark, so while my brothers were rubbing their hair on the blanket and carpet, I was holding the metal tape around the glass jar with one hand and touching the grounded screw on the electrical plate with the other hand. When my brothers touched the nail on the top, we both felt a shock but when I tried to discharge it by touching my fingers to the nail and the tape at the same time, nothing happened. I don't think it is holding a charge at all. Next I didn't touch the metal tape at all, and we rubbed our hair on the blanket and touched the nail. But when I tried to discharge it, the same thing: no spark. So I assumed the glass was too thick, so I made the plastic one. This is made out of a Tang powdered drink mix container, I cleaned it, filled it with salt water, and wrapped the inside and outside with aluminum foil, as tightly on the sides as I could. I used a smaller nail this time, but I attached it to the inside aluminum foil with a thin strip of foil. I sealed the nail up and made sure there were no leaks. I performed all of the same tests as last time, but still no results. Can someone please help me figure out where i am going wrong? Thanks :)

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Official: Crucifixion is Unhealthy

Health officials in the Philippines have issued a warning to people taking part in Easter crucifixion rituals.They have urged them to get tetanus vaccinations before they flagellate themselves and are nailed to crosses, and to practise good hygiene.On Good Friday dozens of very devout Catholics in the Philippines re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.It is something that has become a huge tourist attraction, although the Church frowns on the practice.The health department has strongly advised penitents to check the condition of the whips they plan to use to lash their backs, the Manila Times newspaper reports.They want people to have what they call "well-maintained" whips.In the hot and dusty atmosphere, officials warn, using unhygienic whips to make deep cuts in the body could lead to tetanus and other infections.And they advise that the nails used to fix people to crosses must be properly disinfected first. Often people soak the nails in alcohol throughout the year.Every Good Friday, in towns across the Philippines, people atone for sins or give thanks for an answered prayer by re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I'm sorry? But when did anybody think that being nailed to a lump of timber, hung out in the sun and flagellated was a safe pastime?BBC LinkPhilippine Department of Health

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What is the name of the tool you would use to clip the fiber optic instead of nail clippers?

Not sure if I have it or not - I "inherited" a load of tools recently.  Thanks!   DIYbabe

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Etching a knife blade?

I am concerning etching a knife blade, by using nail polish (or something) to cover the part of the blade I do not want etched and raw  muriatic acid to etch with.  Anyone got any suggestions or recommendations.  

Question by WazIt 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago