Nasty looking mobile ads

A buddy of mine showed me this pop-up ad he got when he was looking over a guide I made recently.  He had the same issue the last time I made a guide.  These pop-ups are annoying enough that he never uses Instructables because of it.  To be honest, I don't blame him. I know you guys use AdSense for advertising and I don't really know the solution to this issue, but I wanted you all to be aware of it.  Less internet savvy people might be freaked out by ads like this.  

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Pain is a learning curve

Ok, I just made some hot chocolate, the usual 90 seconds in a microwave, narrow mug, powder and soy milk with a sprinkle of nutmeg..... drank it felt no different......but it appears that apparently it was too hot without me even realising it, and I should know because I drink hot chocolate with a spoon. My lips, roof of my mouth, gums and tounge are swelling sore and blistering. Great! Do you know what the best cure is? Whiskey, I'm sat in the living room drinking whiskey to cool the burns in my mouth, it doesnt hurt so much now but my god my lips are swelling like a mongoose fish. Who needs botocs? I have alot of food allergies too which doesn't help. Do any of you guys have food allergies and how do you cope with them, tips appreciated :)

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rose nasty beam katana hilt?

I was wondering how to make the hilt of the main katana of the rose nasty katana from no more heroes 2. you see there is a big anime convention in my area next month and because i share a similar build i decided to go as travis touchdown. for a refrence image here you go: (1/3 way down, the upper katana)

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does my instructable have potential? Answered


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how do i whiten a nasty old toilet?

Bleach and kaboom, etc are not working.

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Warning, a new and nasty root kit going around

Be sure to make your backups, Microsoft says the only way to fix this one is a reinstall. However there is a lot of discussion and some say its fixable. Either way its another pain.

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Any story behind this picture? (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC INJURY)

I was wondering is there anything behind this nasty injury? Any ideas?

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Water-Cooler Question Answered

I have a water cooler that had stale water in it. I have drained it ran Hot water through it and soap but it didn't seem to work what else can I run through it to stop it from tasting like nasty.?

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how do I kiss a passionated way like tongue kissing?

My girl doesn't finds it nasty so i want to give it a try so I need some tips ppl!

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Making a stink bomb with sulphuric acid?

HI there I have been told of a nasty stink bomb by mixing said acid with creosote-is this a viable proposition-if not does anyone have any safer/easier methods that will create a stink for a few hours-it is for the good of the nation. Thanks dudes-much appreciated .

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Is there any danger in using two different sine-wave inverters (UPS) to provide backup power for my computers?

I'm concerned that having two UPS units in close proximity could be the same as having two out of phase mains supplies and the potential for a rather nasty shock.  Or, are my fears misguided? Thanks.

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Help please

I've dismantled a cheap & nasty fax machine. Out of this I've extracted a Dyna Image scanning unit, CFL illumination, 7 wires. I'd quite like to use the CFL, and maybe the scanning part, but does anyone know how to use this? I've not found this particular unit on the internet - sticker says "DL100-05EUIC (BARCODE) PHFA201663" L

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DVD ripper?

So I want to rip DVDs to my server at home so I can watch them in my den and in my gameroom from the media center computers in there. Problem-Nasty DVD copyright protections Is there a FREE software out there that can do it all in one step? not two softwares but a single one Compression would be nice but not necessary

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Is it good idea to replace laptop's fan by fan of cooler pad ?

There are nasty fan inside of my laptop. The fan is loud and sound is nasty and works always (its such model of laptop), so I want to remove bottom of the laptop's corpus and may be top of the cooling pad and use the pad instead of internal cooler (which I will plug out). I have AMD. I think that it's may work because: fan inside laptop blows at radiator (which is on another end of copper pipe), not right at place where processors located. And I want big fan that will blow right at those part of cooling system where processors located. I'm not gonna remove copper pipe, just plug out default fan and use pad's instead so that it will blow at cooling system from the bottom. I'm gonna use pad with 220-250 mm fan. What do you think ?

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Seasoning cast iron..... Answered

I do not like the factory seasoning on a cast iron skillet I have. Should I season over it or remove the factory black, nasty crap and season on my own from scratch? It's a shame how poorly companies, even good ones like Lodge have such poor quality seasoning on their products.

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hot water side smells all of a sudden -

On a well with a Hydrogen Peroxide and water softener system.  Warm water side smells sulfury or nasty all of a sudden.  Plenty of salt in softener and plenty of Hydrogen Peroxide being pumped into system.  Due to softener, the watre heaters never had their anode rods installed - so not coming from there.   What is causing the recent smella nd how to remove? 

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A NON-Instructable: How to PREVENT SPAN in this site we all LOVE

Hi guy Latelly spam is getting nasty. I do my best in flagging it all out as much as I can, because I hate spam nad love the site I've come up with a couple of ideas that could help  preventing spam: - Moderate the first 'ible of new users: Almost all spam comes from new users and their very fist 'ible is spam. Just hold the 'first ible of any new user 'till a moderator sees it and approves it. - Allow site users to do the job for you: That's what web2.0 is all about: users signal with the spam flag and you can remove the posts asap (saw this happend seldom times, or with a long delay) - Promote some users as moderators that have the right to "umpublish" (not delete)  posts that are flagged as SPAM. This status can be revoked if user gets nasty and bossy. How about it? Thanks Emcysquare

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Instructables Podcast

SoftwareTech here with a forum topic: Should Instructables have a daily/weekly podcast? Hopefully if enough people say yes, then hopefully it will. Lets go for the audio podcast approach first.Leave any comments  for topics and ideas and remember, don't be rude, abusive, or down right nasty. Also check out my profile for all my Instructables. Please rate, subscribe, and comment. SoftwareTech Signing Out

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Remote Control Backing (Missing, best solution)?

Hello, I have a remote control that has no back to it as it was damaged at some point and discarded. Can anyone please recommend a neat way to keep the batteries in the remote, as sellotape ismessy, not particularly reliable and leaves a nasty residue/mark and isn't particularly convenient to remove when replacing the batteries. Thank you so much for your consideration!

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Oh So Tired...

Ach. Wouldn't you know it? I finally start a group that seems to be taking off, and I've come down with something nasty. I've been coughing for two weeks, but I've developed some pretty horrid symptoms that only go away when I'm lying down. I'd appreciate it if you guys livened up the group while I'm out by inviting some more furry friends to join it. Thanks, Kataze (Bleach refrencer extrordinaire!)

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Anyone know of some professional DSP Software for mac os x?

Does anyone know of really good dsp software for mac os x? I tried iwow plugin for itunes but it added a nasty crackly sound in the music, almost like it was lower bit rate (Resampleing it?). I've got a nice stereo, a decent mac, and good cables, so I wanna be able to tweak my sound. Any ideas? -Punk

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Am I the only one getting fed up with duct tape?

I wondered whether I'm the only one starting to grow sceptic of duct tape. It doesn't work that well, it can't reliably stick anything to a wall reliably for more than 6 months, and when you take it off (or it falls off), it leaves you with whatever you taped with nasty slime all over the place. What are your views on duct tape?

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why i get this when i try to plate with nickel solution? Answered

Hi guys, I try to plate with nickel solution and all i get is a nasty black-green (corosive) colour and all that bubbles in nickel solution and that foam. And the wand i use is stainless steel. The solution is brought from a uk plating company and i don't think have something bad. please see attacked images and please give me an answer. thank you.

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how to get rid of insect in tank?

I have this 30 gallons tank which is 1/4 filled with water and some rocks for decoration. It is used to keep 2 turtles. However, my problem started a week later. A couple of flies are in my tank. I tried to clean the tank, but it was no use. The fly keep coming back. As my tank has no cover or hood, please help me find a way to remove those nasty flies. Thanks Sincerely, Shi Rong

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Does anyone know how to calculate the distance where a lightning has struck? Answered

I remember when I was a child we learned how to calculate the distance where a lightning has struck by counting the seconds between the time we saw the flash until we heard the thunder. I forgot the number that we multiplied the time by ( I think is the speed of sound). I thought about this after we had a nasty thunderstorm. Does anyone know?

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Less-toxic enamel paint sealer/primer?

I have some old furniture, etc, that I would like to repaint, but it's al covered with old nasty enamel-does someone have a suggestion re covering/sealing the pieces so I can use water-based paints to redo them? I know about sanding first, just don't know if a non-toxic version of the right sealer exists or could be 'created.'

Question by lidzy 9 years ago

How to remove rancid smell from furniture?

I stored a dresser in my daddy's shop -- it's a huge metal Morton building, and I thought it'd be okay because it was out of the weather.  However, evidently it drew moisture because now it smells strongly of mold/mildew and so does everything that was in it.  Now I want to move it back in the house but not w/ those nasty smelling drawers.  Anyone know how to make them smell sweet and fresh again? Many thanks!!

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What's the legit way to fix a crooked unicycle crank? Answered

I bought a unicycle off craigslist and I was riding it around. my foot slipped off the pedal, leading to a fairly nasty crash (I landed on my feet, the unicycle was the nasty part). when I picked it up, the crank was off by about ten degrees. I couldn't find any instructions on how to fix such an issue, so I just figured that if I hit it into that position I could just hit it back. I smacked it with a rubber mallet a bunch and it eventually made its way back to the right position. I'm now wondering why it was possible to just smack it to where it needed to be (seeing as I doubt a unicycle would have any pressure-fitted parts, especially since it's a sun unicycle AKA legit), and what the correct way (if this isn't the correct way) to fix it would have been. oh, and if it helps, the crank on the unicycle was also crooked before I hit it,  as in the inner surface of the crank wasn't parallel to the tire until I put it back. (sorry this is in the bikes channel, I guess the instructables sorting system isn't that diverse yet. I kid, I kid.)

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What's a good way to make a shirt look used? Answered

I'm putting together a Steampunk outfit, and I need a good way to make a shirt look used. My character is a mechanic, so I want it to look like it's been worn by someone who gets dirty and greasy fairly often, but I don't want it to look nasty and like I should get a new shirt ;)  The shirt would basically be a white/grey tank top undershirt. Thank you!

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Getting rid of the smell of a blown electrolytic capacitor? Answered

So, I was replacing a bad capacitor on a smart car battery charger. It was making a terrible whining noise, which the bad cap was causing. So, I replaced it. But, silly me, I installed it backwards, so when I powered it up, it vented up a storm. Now, the basement smells of burnt electrolytes. I've opened windows, and even had a fan running to draw air in, but that nasty smell lingers. What else could I try to rid of it?

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Hi folks! No big deal, just reporting a minor typo: On, there is an "R" missing (as of 7:45 PM PST, 2-28-12): "Make sure to tell us in your into step why your project is EXTREME!" So maybe you should look around on the floor by where you typed the description, because that's probably where it fell off of the screen. Hopefully nobody mopped the floor or vacuumed or anything, because it sucks to have to fish through dirty mop water or nasty vac-dust to find such a tiny letter. Cheers! Mike

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Three kittens, winter coming soon, Any Easy DIY House Ideas?

Winter is arriving soon. Michigan gets some nasty winters. We have three kittens, and the momma living outside. { they are not ours, they are wild cats. They are not mean, one lets me pet it . They are all from the same litter. Adorable too!} We already have two cats inside, or else I would take them in.  - I just would a nice easy simple cozy place for them. .. Any Suggestions.? ..

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How do you tell how bad a burn is? Answered

Yesterday I was baking a cake and someone spilled water on the floor so I slipped and got a nice burn on my arm from the Just out of the oven pan,And i was woundering how do you tell what degree the burn is!1)It bleed constantly (humophelia :O)2)Hurts like a ***** when i extend my arm all the way3)Went through at least one layer of skin Maybe 24)looks NASTY

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what is the best material to insulate your walls with? does styrofoam work well for keeping your house warm?

I have thick brick outside walls that will freeze in winter. I want to cover them with wood and some insulation material from the inside, hoping some of the heat from my oven will stay in the house. I can imagine styrofoam would work -which would be nice because it's cheap-, but i've never tried it. glasswool is too nasty, I'd rather not get into that. does anyone have experience with this?

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Why is my cat throwing up so much ? Answered

He throws anything liquid we try to give him back up. He is about 4 years old. He throws any solid back up too. It is almost like a white foam. He doesn't eat anything bad he just eats his cat food and water. By the way: he just got over a nasty cold that took him out for about 2 weeks. We are taking him to the vet but I want to know whats wrong. Answers ASAP!!!!!!

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Basic Electronic Safety

Hello all! I'm beginning down the route of hobbyist electronics. As to basic safety precautions I'm really quite unsure. I know inside many electronics parts and devices (For example, a TV one would strip for parts,) there are many nasty chemicals. I don't want to get lead poisoning or any other sickness. If you could point out some safety precautions, I would be incredibly grateful (Ex. Always wear gloves, wear a mask when soldering, when stripping a TV...., etc.). Thanks for your time and help!

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embed youtube video into instructable

Hi This may sound odd, as I have already done it before but can't for the life of me recall how I did it... I want to embed a YouTube video into a new instructable I am working on.  I have the link and embed code etc, but don't see an option to add this. It is 112MB file, so not going to upload a file, but link it with the embed code as I have before: I am probably missing something obvious, but any ideas? Regards Stuart

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H2G2 Anyone? (aka Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Yes well, I was reading "The Salmon of Doubt", Douglas Adam's posthumously published work, and it kept giving me links to, so I figured I'd check it out. AS it turns out it seems alive and well, and I was wondering if any other Ibler's had accounts there.on another note I know it's a bit random but I don't think Arthur Dent, Trillian, Random, and Ford Prefect are dead... *sigh* I guess I will never know what fate befell them, what a bloody nasty cliffhanger, one that doesn't have a conclusion...

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i want a machine to make a guy invisible.

.ok guys my brother is a film maker and is working on a sci fi movie in which a guy is turned invisible by some nasty russian made device the device is a prop (of course!!) but i want it to look the business. im thinking steel box, big lights cyryllic warnings..big buttons..a launch style key....any more ideas :)? id like it to do stuff if i could ive seen one or two doomsday devices on the net.not bad, but.......... .but im thinking about briefcase size...maybe with an osciliscope in the lid..i me o oracles of the weird

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How do I keep outdoor fountain water clean?

I just made an outdoor garden fountain for my balcony....and I love it!!  What would anyone recommend I add to water so that it does not get slimy or get nasty. It is a large planter type pot with another planter type pot within it and then I added a pump that can bubble or spray...but water is retained in the pots at all times.  I also have cats and I would like the additive to be safe (I do not let them drink fromit...but just in case)  Thank you!!!

Question by kmcnich 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Need Help find out what type of tree bugs these are? Answered

These bugs continue to come back year after year.  They stay in a small are, but sometimes the area is the entire branch.  They have come from one tree to another, by fence to garden.  Nobody in the neighboor knows what they are or how to destroy them.  The bee's and wasps love to swarm by them.  I'm in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They are gone now because of the cold weather, but sure they will be back next year.  Last year they were really bad, this year not so much. Has anyone afer seen, and know what they are. They are some nasty bugs...

Question by Jdaddio 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How can I obtain cheap geosmin-scented air freshener?

What's the cheapest (safe and legal) way to obtain a small quantity of relatively pure geosmin? By "small" I mean an amount sufficient to keep a room smelling like rich earth for weeks. By "relatively pure" I mean it won't turn funky or give someone a nasty case of fungal pneumonia. Brew it? I know dehydration and alkali could -help- isolate Streptomyces, but then what? I don't have access to ready-made selective media nor money to buy strange supplies.

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where do i get ammonium sulfide at my age of 16? Answered

Lately there have been fart bags set off on my bus about three times, though it's totally nasty, i got to thinking: what do they put together to get fart bags to smell so bad? i then said, " i am totally going to make my own stink bag and use it for a particular purpose. so my friend told me to mix ammonium sulfide and water. so that's my question: where do i get ammonium sulfide at age sixteen?

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Voltage regulator circuit design

Hi, I'm trying to make a DC - DC voltage converter. The real purpose is to power an old USB hub in a car. This is because so many of my electronics these days use USB to power them and rather than have a nasty mess of car power adapters I want to use a single 12V supply for the hub and then plug all of my goodies into it. Now for the meat of the question..... What is the best circuit design for using a voltage regulator. I have looked at some stuff in data-sheets and it just seems way too simple. The part I'm looking at using is a National Semiconductor LM1085-5.0. Input voltage 6.5 - 20V output 5V max of 3A

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Growing numbers of jellyfish linked to global warming

The growing number of jellyfish in the oceans has scientists worried, as they say it is an indication of how badly the ocean is being treated. They are showing up in places where they have never been seen before, and this is being attributed to a number of causes, including global warming and overfishing of the jellie's natural predators. LinkyI can personally attest to this one. I went to the beach and got stung by these little nasties. There must have been thousands and thousands of them swimming around. When they sting you, it HURTS. I had whip marks on my arms and legs for hours. Stupid jellyfish...

Topic by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Electroplating chemical mishap

I figured it would be cool to quickly electroplate some stuff. Since I was lazy, I only used what I had on hand [block of zinc, vinegar, muriatic (hydrochloric) acid)]. The zinc ingot was taking too long to dissolve in the vinegar, so I added about 30 mL of hydrochloric acid. A couple hours later, I was electroplating fine. After two weeks of normal zinc chloride electroplating, the acid suddenly took on a nasty dull brown/yellow amber shade and a ton of white bubbles formed around the zinc (still in the acid). Can anyone tell me what happened?

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Favorite Low Carb Recipes?

My other half and I have recently come to the conclusion: you can only eat so much talapia. We need help. He's a type one diabetic (the kind you get when you're a kid and some nasty virus destroys your poor pancreas) so that means limited carbs, and preferably the good kind of carbs (fruits, whole grains, etc). I've tried looking up recipes online only to find several very fancy, very expensive low carb dishes. Please help. We are college students who cannot turn to Ramen for this solution! Cheers and many thanks to you, Heather

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could someone cut a piece of plastic for me? Answered

I have a mp4 player i got a few days ago, but i find that the original cover plastic has a sort of paint that, when combined with the glare of ambient sunlight, makes it totally impossible to use the player outside. not only that, but the plastic on the front got a really nasty scratch on it when i was cutting open the box. its 1mm thick. if i gave the dimensions of the plastic part thats scratched (gold-silvery part of the player) could someone cut a new piece for me, be it laser cut, cnc milled, or by hand, whatever. all i ask is that its clear plastic.

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Toys and things you have sitting on your desk/PC

Does anybody here have toys or other funny things sitting on their computer desk or PC?I have a little Master Chief figurine that my friend gave me, it came with a Halo 3 Xbox 360 controller. He has a bubble gum wrapper for a cape. I call him Bubble Chief.The other one I have is a papercraft model of Mister Chief. Click here for a funny comic type thing involving him.Instructables has applied some nasty compression to these pictures, so here's links to both on Flickr.Bubble ChiefMister Chief

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