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Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception

Trailer - Gameplay - Release Date - November 1st, 2011 aka 11/1/11 ... Who's getting it.

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Dangerous Local Pest, What to do ? Answered

Well the local wild coyote is boldly walking up and down our Reno street at 2pm in the afternoon, sniffing at the neighborhood house dogs leg-lift corners and bushes.  As a life rule, I figure "live and let live"... The bears and wild animals are moving into town because food is scarce in the mountains this year and our leaders admonish us for leaving garbage readily available and encouraging predation.    BUT this afternoon there was some confrontation at the fenced pen our dog uses for his duty and our dog was afraid to go out and chose to leave a large pile in our computer closet which I boldly managed to step into with both feet when starting the computer after supper.  Yes, I was prepping to do our monthly ledger but first I managed to drag brown foot prints over rugs through our bedroom to our bathroom.  After a couple hours of cleaning the most foul smelling dog poop, the monthly bills and Febreze treatment of the wall to wall rugs, we had to use a leash and collar to get our naughty pet to step out to the high fenced dog pen and let him discover it was safe ! ....  We watch preschool grand children and fear the situation.  What to do ?? ... I could rig an IR light beam trip wire to cause a servo to rattle some cans to discourage coyote walkabout in my yard but hope someone has a better suggestion ?

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Ellie's PPK/Makarov!

Just got finished playing my all time favorite game, The Last of Us! My favorite character in the game was Ellie! So I decided to build the gun she used, a Walther PPK! Naughty Dog tweaked the the gun to make it look similar to the Walther PPK. In the game was not as small as the real PPK, it was a little bit bigger, it also was the version with the short, stubbier magazine, not the magazine that has another finger groove in it. I built this gun just as a model, going straight for looks. I like to build the model type because it gives me practice to ace the looks of guns. Specs: Fake, dummy hammer. Slanted, sturdy handle. Trigger Guard. Working trigger. Very comfortable to hold. Built very well. Rear sight, no front sight.

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