Power a 12VDC cooling fan using LEAST amount of space possible using a switch. This needs to fit in a small helmet. Answered

I bought a 40MM 12VDC Cooling Fan (130mA 1.56W) from Raido Shack and I am trying to put it inside my modded Mark VI helmet from the Halo video game series. I bought a small Switch from Hobby Lobby (teamnovak.com Switch Harness #5600) and a 9V battery. I know the volts are off so I need to know what I need to do/buy to get this working. I connected the fan (+) to the switch (+) and those to the battery (+), then the fan (-) to the switch (-) and those to the battery (-) It worked just how I wanted but after about 60 seconds the battery got VERY VERY hot. I did my research and found that this outcome is normal but couldnt find out how to fix it. PS: I am new to this website ans suck at electrical stuff. Any questions or pictures need email me @ hunter_ii7@yahoo.com (hunter_ii7)

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Do stepper motors produce to sets of electricity? 2 positive and 2 negitive? Answered

 I made a bike generator. Now I am adding a stepper motor to it. I see that in 2 instructables people used them with two ac-dc bridges. 

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Positive Van de Graff Generator?

I know that a Van de Graaf Generator creates a negitive charge if you use a rubber belt, But how would one make a positively charged friction style van de graaf generator? What materials would you use?

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Stepper Motor as a 'normal' motor

Hi, I recntly took apart a hard drive and there is a 7200 rpm motor inside. Only problem is that it is a stepper motor and I don't have any equipment to drive stepper motors and buying stuff to do is err... cost prohobititve.  Would connecting a negitive wire to 2 of the terminals and positive(in sort of a crisscross pattern e.g. -+-+) to the other make it run like a regular motor? I just don't want to invest time  to solder it only to have it not work.

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Connecting a 12v led computer fan to a biltong maker

Hi All, Please can someone help me, I want to connect an led computer fan to my biltong maker, and in order to do that I need to connect it to the power that i switch the light on. CoolerMaster A8025-18CB-3BN-F1 It is a DCV   0.18A it has 3 wires, none of which show positive or negitive, and I need to connect it via the positive/negative wires in a 2 pin plug. Does anybody know how to do this? Do I need a transformer?  Please could you assist.  Annie.J

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