Change the fixed antenna on a router

I'd like to change the 2db antenna that is fixed on my Netgear WGR613V with a bigger one to improve wifi range. 1) I'd like to know if if's possible and what connector I should choose to solder. I understand there are SMA, TNC, etc...? I made the mistake of buying a NEWLink 7dBi Omni Directional Reverse SMA Antenna and I don't know if I'll be able to use it. thks in advance Cheers. G

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Wifi Router to Wifi Router Comms? Answered

Hi all, i have my Main Wifi router Netgear Wndr4500 and i want to use it to talk to my old Dlink 2730b so i can use the LAN ports on the Dlink. PayTvBox > DLINK ----Netgear-->internet i can't use Powerline Ethernet because the surge boards muck with it.

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wireless help in linux...

I need some help configuring a netgear wg111 in slax linux....i know that i have to do someting with ndis wrapper, but where i get the .inf files and such, i do not know....any help is much apreciated!

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Why does my new 300 mbps dual band netgear wifi router always drop connection in the 3 ghz band, but not the 5 ghz band?

Netgear 3800 Every day I have to reset the router..I am about to bring it back to the store.

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how do I solder a bulkhead antenna to a netgear WNR834M router?

I have the bulkhead but am not experienced with the inside of routers or soldering. What do I need to solder and where do I need to attach it

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Wireless help in linux? Answered

Ok so, i plugged in ma netgear wg111...i goto connect on the desktop, goto the WAN option (the second icon down) load the module (ive tried both the defualt and the ndis) and put in my password and stuff, and no dice...i think its a problem w/ puppy to my actiontec gt704wg...the wired ethernet works, and i can connect to tinker arount with that (but not with my usb dongle) ....any suggestions...i would really like to use puppy for my sisters laptop and this dongle but this is the only thin stopping me.... :(

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why does my wifi disconnect so offen?

Hey everyone i am wondering why my wifi radomly disconnects all the time and it can be for hours.  I have a D-link wifi pickup for my computer and a Netgear router. The wifi pickup heats up but i always have a fan on it so its ok with that but, I'm sick and tired of random disconnects.  Any apps or ideas to slove this?

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What is wrong with BFBC2 on my PS3?

I have connected my PS3 to my internet, however, it only works about half the time.  When it doesn't work I either get the error code 80710B23, or when i press join game it says that it cannot connect to EA online.  I have spent many frustrating hours trying to find a solution for the error code, and i have tried everything, resetting, changing th MTU, etc. but nothing seems to work.  However, when i connect through LAN to my modem it works all the time, so there must be something wrong when i connect wirelessly.  I connect my PS3 to a netgear WGX102 range extender, which is then connected to a netgear XE102 through my powerline, and through a lan cable that is connected to my netgear DG834PN Modem/Router.  My ISP is telkom, and i have a 512 kbps ADSL connection.  My PS3 is a Canadian 60gb fatty. Hope thats enough info.

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How can I use a wireless router as a wireless network switch? Answered

Hi, So basically we have a Netgear DGN1000 router as our main router and wireless access point although from where my PC is I can't get a very strong signal to the router or the connected airport. I recently picked up a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND router to connect wirelessly to the Netgear router so I will be able to connect LAN cables to a switch, then to the TP-Link. There is a bridging system on the TP-Link router configuration although I don't think it's the type of bridging I'm looking for. Any help will be appreciated, cheers,  -Will

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How to make an adapter to use a usb printer on a parallel port print server?

I have a Netgear Ps110 parallel port print server. However  my printer is an all in one HP K80. Is there any way I can make an adapter to connect the two of them?

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Connecting to x box live - Cant connect?

Ive managed to set up my eldest sons x box to x box live with no problems at all but cannot get my youngest sons x box to connect. Ive put in the code for the router. Ive got a netgear router which is password protected. Has anyone got any ideas what I should do?

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Wireless in house works fine on laptops but not on phones?

Up until maybe a month everything was fine, then all of a sudden when people connect their phones (iphones/samsungs) to the network in the house it just doesn't work. The connection for laptops/ps3/xbox are fine but it just won't work on phones.  No settings have been changed.  We're using a Netgear N600 wireless dual band router.  Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? 

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I am having trouble with connecting to the internet. I have microsoft 7?

My only change on my computer is that I bought and upgraded my system mcchanics. All the other computers including this laptop I am using. I have reset the netgear box and it will work for a few minutes. but then it just shuts down. Not sure what to do. I am pretty sure its something with my laptop. HELP!!! Please!! Thanks!

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Laptop cannot see my wireless network

Every wireless device is working except my laptop.  I cannot connect to wireless...HP Pavilion G. Windows 7. Message is that "cannot connect to hidden network Netgear 17".  Internet light is egaged on the laptop.  HughesNet trouble shooting is complete and signal is strong. Drivers are all up to date...what am I missing?  All other devices working connecting wirelessly and working well.  

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What would happen if I tried to connect two ADSL modems onto the same phone line?

I have two RJ-11 phone outlets and two ADSL modems. I need to have one modem in my office to plug the VOIP box into and the other computer won't accept the Netgear wireless adaptor. I have another modem but I don't want to find out that connecting them in series is like feeding a mogwai after midnight.

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Why can I use wireless N? Answered

Ok, yesterday I got the new xbox 360, with built in wireless N, I have a wireless N router, the netgear wnr2000v2.  however my xbox says Im only connected in G, Ive tried everything and I cant seem to enable wireless N.  I Moved the speed in the routers settings up to 300mbps, but the xbox still says that im only in G. any ideas? 

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wireless xbox?

Hi, I have a desktop PC upstairs that is wireless capable but is hooked up to a wired modem. My Xbox 360 is downstairs next to the tv, I have a new wireless netgear router that I was wondering if I could just hook that up to my xbox downstairs and keep the pc wired upstairs, as I know that most my friends have their 360's plugged straight into the wireless router. Can I have both wired upstairs and wireless plugged in the back of XBOX? If so how

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Need a WiFi Adapter Answered

Does anybody know of a WiFi Adapter that can work on a Windows XP PC and work with a Dual band WiFi router? (my router is NetGear, if that's important) and that is not $30 or more? I don't care if its used, as long as it works and wont die any time soon (obviously) I've been looking on amazon, I've found a few decent ones and cheap but to be honest... i don't know which to get, which is why I'm asking here to be 100% sure or.. close enough to 100%

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How can I prepare my new room the way I want it to be?

Well, seeing I am a growing young man, I have come to hate my brother. I dislike everything about him and I want to move out of our room. I have already moved my Xbox 360, bought a new $900 dollar computer, a 32" 1080p HD LED/LCD TV, a glass table/desk, and have moved alot of this "equipment" downstairs in my garage. Note: I still sleep in our room upstairs. Now I have basically been spending a majority of my time in my garage and have noticed a couple of flaws of this "moving in." I do homework in my garage, I edit videos in my garage, play Xbox 360, go on the computer, anything that basically doesn't involve sleeping, These flaws I have noticed in my garage will be listed now: Barely any Air Conditioning (I have a fan, but it sometimes throws dust everywhere) A lot of dust falls everywhere, on my glass table, Xbox 360, TV, Lamp, everywhere. I have mediocre internet speed, about 4 Mbps average download speed,  and 3.50 Mbps average upload speed, when I should be getting around 15 Mbps with Comcast (Maybe this has to do with my wireless connections or my Wifi strength, located upstairs with my brother) There is wall mold on some places of the walls (which can actually be a health issue) There are little bugs that are on the walls, along with spiders (Which kind of creep me out) And last is that I have a whole bunch of stuff in here that my mom wants to giveaway to poor, needing children in South America, but she never get to doing it. It is really cramped in my garage with all this stuff. Please keep in mind that I want to have my bed in here, and have my separate room in here... So what I need help with, or what I need assistance with, is having a good way to approach this problem in a neat, healthy, way. I want to live comfortably in my room, without the constant precipitation of dust, the idea that a spider will crawl into my mouth, that my walls are beautifully painted, and I have space to move around. Also when I go to use the internet that I have reasonably fast Internet Speed, and when I play Xbox 360, I don't lag, like I usually do. My Internet is setup like this, just if you were wondering: Comcast Surfboard Modem - Connected to the Internet Wireless Comcast Netgear Router - Connected to my Modem My brothers Xbox 360 - Wired directly to the router My Xbox 360 & Computer - Get Internet access through Wifi from the Router Wireless Comcast Netgear Router - Gives Wifi to everyone in my house also that sometimes may be using it I wan't to see how I can get faster Internet speed, probably connecting two wireless routers, which I think is impossible, or seeing if I can run a cable down from my Wireless Router straight to my Xbox or something. I wan't to have a list of procedures on how I can go about to do this and fix this room up to my liking. Well for those of you that actually finished reading this, thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated. And also I will attach a picture of my garage so that you can have a better picture of what I am dealing with. Thanks again Alex...

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How can I convert .bin to .img for router (OpenWRT) reflash?

I am trying to get my head around installing OpenWRT on my Netgear dg834gt. I have found the hardware page, identified the correct image and downloaded it. As per instructions I attempted to pass the .bin file to the web interface, however the web interface only accepts .img files. Is there any method of converting between these presumably different formats? I could get a jtag/serial connection to the target but I'm waiting on a cable, so the Web interface would be preferable. Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance, Drew p.s. I'm a Linux user. Also, I have no idea if this is a daft question or not.

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how do let roomate use signal from my sprint internet card?

Like i got this sprint internet usb and it gives me internet but no one else i have tryed to pick it up on roomates computer with linksys network adapter with speed booster i have two of them and a netgear 54 mbps wireless router wgr614v5 which i plugged into my computer(desktop) and tryed to bridge the signal with my sprint card so i can pick it up on roomates computer with the linksys network adapter but no luck not sure how to do it but would like to know could someone out here please help me wit this signal prob or mabye even suggest a better way of doing this again thank you for listening

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How to network Windows Vista and Windows XP? Answered

OK, I have (for now)  2 Windows Vista Laptops (wireless) 2 windows xp laptops (wired) 3 Windows XP desktops (wired) 3 Windows CE compaq evo thin clients (wired) ((not necessairly important)) Well I want to network these in an file sharing fashion, so I can share media, files and printers. I am using a 8 port Netgear hub and a Linksys Wrt54GS version 7 (I think) that are bursting at the seams. Unfortuatley  my Vista laptops refuse to join my network, I have tried to make a netowrk disk from my XP computers and transfer it to my laptops but with no avail. Any help would be appreciated (with the exception of DAMN U HAVE ALOT OF COMPUTERS, that gets alittle tiring)

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Trying to make music controlled leds with arduino?

Ok So I decided to take a netgear router apart, and it had a circle of 8 smd led's And I figured out the pinout to hook them up to my arduino (I know which wire goes to each led basicly) Theres one power input, and the rest are grounds, And I decided I wanted to make it pulse to music.  I want it to do two modes, (Maybe by the push of a button? Theres a button on the led board but idk how to use it. I know the 9 pins to make the leds work, but theres 3 left that I dont know what they do. I want to make one mode that will make all 8 pulse at the same time, And one that will make a pulse from led1 to led8. I have a button, My ipod, my arduino, the Led circle, and a speaker plugin. The speaker plug in plugs into my ipod, and it has a copper wire, a white wire and a red wire.  Im not sure how to hook it all together and write a code for it. So Im looking for some assistance.... Thanks! :D (I also added a picture of the led board, and of the speaker wire)

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Windows 7 Runnning on a Windows 2000 PC(800MHz)

Well, Just for fun, Since i had most of my HDD Cleared out. I shrunk my 40GB partition to leave about 13GB of un partitioned space There i installed Windows 7 On it. I managed to install 7 without the need for burning a single CD I mounted the .ISO downloaded from microsoft and the setup started from there, within windows XP I chose my second partition and it installed happily I am Pretty Surprised how well Windows 7 Ran. Its not super-speedy, but its pretty good, I got the Video Drivers installed, The Wireless drivers installed And i am yet to install the sound card, Its Called"ESS allegro Something" I can't find the driver anywhere, but if someone is kind enough to find it, please post it. Here are some screenshots of success. Its full Specs are: 800MHZ Intel Celery(No not celery, Celeron :P ) Processor 512 Of SDRAM 40GB HDD Netgear Something wireless card Intel Integrated something Video Card(its not really a card though XD) ess allegro pci audio(wdm) Sound Card(its not really a card either XD) Thanks And Post some comments or something, tell me what you think ;) ~ReCreate

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