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New instructables

We need new instructables, please come up with something.

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New Instructable? Answered

What should be my new instructable related to arduino.Anyone got ideas

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New Instructables

So what does everybody think of the new Instructables design, personally, i dont like it. Its too confusing for me. What do you think?

Topic by FFVIIBOY    |  last reply

New Instructables

Hey y'all. I'm announcing my newest instructables. First, I'm posting a Gatling gun. Next I am posting my very first semi-automatic rifle based off of the M107 (pic below). It gets a range of only 15 feet but some of you geniuses can figure out how to make it better. Finally, I'm building the Brickster V2 SLDS. It will be about 2x longer and the bow will have only 2 strings. Expect the Gatling gun within a week and the others to follow within a month.

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New Instructables

Killer Video of the Gatling Gun. I'm revealing my coming instructable. I will publish a heavy duty 16 shot Gatling gun that shoots 10 barrels per second. When 3 green pegs are in each barrel it shoots 30 bullets per second. I shot a total of 48 pegs in the video. Look for that in a month or two. Hope you can't wait. NO PICTURES YET. IT'S TRUE IDENTITY WILL REMAIN A SECRET UNTIL IT IS PUBLISHED. ALL YOU WILL SEE IS IT'S MASSIVE FIREPOWER.

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Instructables in the News

Instructables seems to be finding its way around the news media. Here are links to the mentions I know of. If you see any others, leave a note in the comments, or post a forum topics and I'll add a link to it here.If you're from the press and would like to arrange an interview, please contact me here. See the most current news about Instructables with a Google News search for Instructables. The Top 100 Websites of 2011 - PCMag Share What You Make with Instructables - Forbes Autodesk 2011: On Autodesk Acquiring Instructables - Core77 Eric Wilhelm featured on NPR discussing DIY "Sous Vide" cooking techniques Maker Faire and the Growth of Do-It-Yourself - Entrepreneur Autodesk Buys Instructables; Design Software Giant in Consumer Marketing Push - Xconomy Instructables, A Mecca for Makers, Reflects Eric Wilhelm’s Passion for Building Stuff and Telling the Story - Xconomy Autodesk Acquires Instructables and What it Means for Makers - MAKE eBook Evolutions: Instructables - Forbes Blog Eric Wilhelm discusses high-tech Halloween projects on NPR's Science Friday 2010-10-22 New York Times - Bamboo Bicycles New York Times - Growing Vegetables Upside Down DIY Green Projects - ABC News Instructables in the Daily Green Taking an Open-Source Approach to Hardware - Instructables in the WSJ FYIs for the DIYers - Instructables in the Sacramento Bee Do-It-Yourself Guru Makes Treasures From Trash - Tim Anderson Profiled on NPR's Weekend Edition Instructables on WGHP Fox 8 - Paper Wallets and Marshmallow Shooters "It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist!" - Instructables in the Financial Times Instructables in Inventors Digest - Five Questions with Eric Wilhelm Instructables on KSL5's Studio 5 How to make your own high-tech Christmas gifts - Instructables in New Scientist Build It Yourself at - Instructables on ABC's Ahead of the Curve DIY Holiday Gift Ideas - The Best of Instructables on NHPR's Word of Mouth Instructables on NPR's Here & Now 11/24/2008 Instructables on NYC's WCBS-AM 880 Monday Eco-nomical: Homemade Gifts -- Instructables Mentioned on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday 2008-11-23 Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday - 2008-11-22 Homeowners go greener with do-it-yourself jobs Faberge Egg Contest Round-up by Forbes Dry-Ice Martini and Electric Cake - Hungry Scientist and Instructables in the NYT Leah Buechley and Instructables Written Up by Forbes: "A Blinking Fashion Statement" Instructables Part of PC World's 100 Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites Customers increasingly drive firms' innovations Netting circle - The crafting and DIY crazes are catching on with websites such as Etsy and Instructables Eric Wilhelm wins Technology Review's Top Innovators under 35 Award Tiny Talents - Learning Bar Tricks in the New York Times Magazine How To Fix The World & Grassroots Innovation Takes Root - Instructables in Forbes My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw - Instructables in the New York Times 3 How-To Projects In 60 Seconds - Eric Wilhelm of Instructables on the Forbes Video Network Eric profiled by Technology Review in "Instructables pioneer loves to kite-surf" This, From That - Maker Faire and Instructables in the New York Times Instructables on NPR's Talk of the Nation April Fools' Day 2008 - The Top Five Office April Fools Pranks Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday March 9th, 2008 Innovation: 'How-To' Web Sites Let You Learn Just About Anything - Instructables in Fox Business News Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Instructables in BusinessWeek Instructables in SmartComputing Instructables on LA's KROQ Instructables in the Telegraph -- Weird and wonderful inventions The How-Tos That You Do: Instructables Keep People In Step After Step After Step. - Instructables in Helio Mag Instructables in the New York Times -- Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed Instructables in the New York Times - In a Highly Complex World, Innovation From the Top Down Mouse Mouse in FHM-Germany Instructables and Squid Labs featured in Tech Closeup's April 2007 Show Instructables in the New York Times - How to Improve it? Ask Those Who Use It Instructables wins the 2006 WIRED Rave award for Industrial Design Instructables in World Changing Instructables mentioned in Jane Mag Instructables in the Sydney Morning Herald PodTech Network Instructables team interview: Eric and Leah Instructables in FHM-Netherlands Laser Cutter Origami - Squid Labs in the New Yorker Instructables in Trendwatching Instructables in Edutopia Instructables in The Village Voice Instructables in Network World, January 2006 The Dream Factory - Instructables debuts in WIRED, September 2005 Squid Labs profiled in WIRED news, September 2005More cool stuff about Instructables here at the guided tour.

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New name, new instructables

Hi everyone. My previous name 222222222539 was not only long and annoying but stupid and pointless, so I decided to change it to Electroinnovation. Also, from this point forward, I will only be bringing you technological and electrical instructables, starting with my compact electric scooter and multi-color bike underglow. I am currently awaiting for parts for both but I expect them to be finished within the next month. So from now on expect many great innovative instructables, most with very detailed instructions, coming from me about every month or so.

Topic by Electroinnovation    |  last reply


I love telling the whole world when I publish a new ible.Check this out, yo!How to Make a Calzone

Topic by Labot2001    |  last reply

New Instructable Editor

I'm just about to list off all the sweet new features in a blog post, but right now, try out the new Instructable editor! can also get to it from the "Try the new Editor!" link in the upper right of the standard editor

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

my new instructable.

Although i didnt know it was done until i searched, i did this and it uses some pretty nice software to get the look and feel.

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

starting a new instructable

It wont let me start a second instuctable when i already have one i am working on.

Topic by survivalman    |  last reply

New Instructables Features

Hi! This is the first post in the new instructables forums. Instructables has lots of new features out today. Check out the comment tracking feature and find all the comments you almost missed! You can also send private messages to other Instructables members. There are also lots of little new things... Oh yeah, FIRST POST!

Topic by leahculver    |  last reply

the new instructables page.

This new page format is wierd. it was easy to navigate through instructables with the old version, but now its hard. i cant even search up things like before. can someone help me to navigate it?

Question by 2muchfreetime8    |  last reply

new instructables layout

Is this what it's going to be? it has changes since i first saw it years ago.

Question by The nerdling    |  last reply

New Instructable is not to be found

I posted a new instructable ("Modernize a vintage heater") three days ago, and it has never shown up under the "recent" catagory, and is not found when I do a search.  I can pull it up, but no one else will know it is there.  ?????

Topic by knife141    |  last reply

An Instructable in New Scientist!

Instructables member XenonJohn has had his Self-Balancing Skateboard featured on New Scientist TV, using video taken at the UK Maker Faire. I had the pleasure of meeting John at the Faire, and I can safely say that this world needs more like him. Kudos, John.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Ideas for a New Instructable

Hey everybody, I was wondering what ideas you guys had for a great instructable... I will listen to any and all requests, and your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

Topic by DELETED_DELETED_DarthVader    |  last reply

instructables new look

Ugh. I dont know about you guys, but i liked instructables old look. i know its kinda minute, but still... Is it just me who feels like this? is there even a way to change it back?

Topic by SonicDH    |  last reply

New Instructables Patches are in

Just got the new patches in. Check out that orange!If you've won a patch through a contest or Learn to Solder Month, we just dropped your patch in the mail today. Still a little over a week left of Learn to Solder Month!

Topic by ewilhelm  

Searching for new instructables!

Hello everyone! I am the founder of Light Bulb (Group) and am currently looking to finish placing all of the instructables related to the group. I have found all of the items worth putting on this group that were under the following seaerch terms: Light Bulb Bulb Right now I need help with LED and any other ones you can think of, if you finish off a search for this group, please post your search term here! Lukethebook333

Topic by lukethebook333    |  last reply

New Instructable Added, New Members

New Instructable posted on making rubber stamps. Working on intructables on the following projects, Cuerda Seca Tiles, Colored clay vase, Ceramics Basic projects. New members, I am trying to add you, but my member manger has a bug. Will keep trying, thanks for your patience. Candy

Topic by CandylandCeramics  

Update Instructable or make new Instructable? Answered

If you have revised a project that you wrote an Instructable for, is it common practice to update the instructable or write a new one? My changes are not really full 2.0 level, but they are a significant new step.  I have an Arduino based project, and I've pulled out the relatively expensive Arduino and replaced it with a dollar ATtiny85. 

Question by fadecomic    |  last reply

Instructable: Worklog

Greetings all, I am working on my New Project, but it won't be finished till spring of next year. But I would like to build it with community support, ideas, suggestions. Is there a WORKLOG section, or a place for a 'in progress' instructable Jonathan

Topic by macgeek    |  last reply


Hey guys & gals, a friend and i love this site and were thinking that as well as the email and forum system, there should also be chat system so that you can talk to friends while observing and comparing different 'ibles. Sorry if this idea has already been posted just thought it would be cool

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Can't start a new instructable

The system will not allow me to start an instructable.  On page, when the Submit New Instructable button is pressed. Firefox comes up with: The page isn't redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. Anybody able to help?

Topic by Bruwer    |  last reply

I posted a New Instructable.

I Posted a holiday related instructable, Check it out here or here

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

problems with the new instructable editor

Well, i was using the new instructable editor when i found out that every time it saves it makes a new instructable. i clicked on my name to go and edit it and i found about 10 of the same instructable all at different points when the system decided to save. just thought i would point this out so someone can fix it :-)

Topic by dsman195276    |  last reply

Site not accepting new instructables

It appears the function to create a new instructable is down.  Just get the animated dots running across top of page.

Topic by DiyWaterDog    |  last reply

Here is my new Instructables


Topic by slwthr  

New Instructables Website Ideas

My ideas on a new Instructables website. 1st is the toolbar on the homepage (first pic is a before pic) (After pic 2nd pic) is their is a bar that shows your total comments, your total views (click to view statistics), and how many subscribers you have.  2nd is on the Instructable page (were you make the project) their is usually a banner that says vote but only for one contest. So my idea is to make a banner that shows all the contests the Instructable is entered in and be able to vote on each one.  3rd is on the member page is when you scroll down you see the Instructables that are entered into contests but their is int a way to vote for them there. So my idea is to show all the contest the Instructable is entered in and be able to vote for each one. 

Topic by Blechmen    |  last reply

New Instructables Categories and Channels

What's new Over the past few months, one of our big projects has been building new categories and channels for Instructables.  We're doing this to make it easier for users to find content and to make more compelling products for advertisers.  Much of the existing content has been recategorized by algorithm or by someone here at the lab, but we'll need your help both in making sure we (or the robot) got it right.  So, I wanted to give you a heads-up before the new scheme goes live, explain why we think it's important, and ask for your help! Why we're updating categories The existing categorization scheme with its 18 channels has served us well, but we've outgrown it.  First, the channels are too broad to meaningfully help a new user find more of the content they are excited about.  Should a new user arrive to a knitting Instructable from a Google search, they often have trouble finding other knitting Instructables within the Craft channel.  Related Instructables are helpful, but aren't clicked as often as we'd like, and don't give an immediate sense of the variety and number of knitting Instructables we have available.  The primary and secondary channels associated with an Instructable put yet another stumbling point in this new user finding more great content.  To new users, it's not immediately obvious that we allow multiple channels per Instructable, so when they are browsing through the Craft Instructables, it can be confusing to see a project with LEDs or a home repair project that happen to have Craft as their secondary channel.  This has been a similar point of confusion for our advertisers, who don't understand our current channel system. I'll be sad to see our two-channel categorization scheme go, but it's a necessary change to improve the way the site functions.  It feels a little bit like we're growing up! How the new categories and channels work To address these issues, we've created five new top-level categories and, within each category, lots of new channels.  Each Instructable will be placed in a single category and a single channel within that category.  The new categories are Living, Outside, Play, Technology, and Workshop.   • Living has all things related to crafting, decorating, cooking, parenting, and organizing. • Play has all things related to fun and games. • Workshop is everything one might do in a workshop or shed: home improvement, woodworking, and working on cars or bikes. • Technology and Outside are very similar to the existing Outdoors and Tech channels. Only five top-level categories might seem like too few, but remember that the vast majority of new visitors come directly to an Instructable via search - these folks will see other channels related to the Instructable they're viewing. For example, someone first coming to Instructables via a search for a sewing project will see that the project is in a sewing channel, that we have a knitting channel, and that both are in our Living category. Someone who has an account on Instructables is smarter than the average internet-searcher (in my opinion), so our community will quickly learn how to navigate the new structure. Hopefully we'll all discover lots of new Instructables in the process! How to recategorize your Instructables Log in, and go to your Instructable.  Click the "Change Keywords, Category(s), License" text in the Author Options box, and you'll see a section called "New Categories."  Pick a top-level category from the upper drop-down menu, then select a channel from the second menu.  Hit Update, and you're done!  When the new organization scheme is visible on the site in a few weeks, this is the category and channel your Instructable will appear in. We're still working out the kinks in this new system, and expect to be creating and combining channels as needed to make finding things on the site easier.  While you must pick a category, if you don't see a channel that matches your project, you may choose to leave it unsorted.  We'll keep an eye on unsorted projects, and will either sort it or update the channels as needed. Thanks for your help!  We hope this new scheme makes it easier to find the projects you want to see on Instructables.

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New update for my Instructable

For those of you who didnt get the automatic update for SP3 i got a tip that one of the links didnt work, so heres the one that does work on my instructable. Thanks tjcoldwall77654!

Topic by Yerboogieman  

problems with the new instructables editor Answered

I've tried using both internet explorer and google chrome on windows 7 and neither worked. problems include: not being able to add image notes to instructables on the edit page, adding images is very slow. instructables get stuck in some point while editing and editting cannot be continued (even after closing the window, restarting the computer, restarting the internet in my house), instructables don't always save themselves when i press "Save Now", images are not displayed after being uploaded, the screen gets stuck on "updating" with a loading line, and more. what should i do? i'm trying to upload two instructables right now, and both are stuck and cannot be continued.

Question by Sharir1701    |  last reply

New Instructables Robot Patches

Check out the new Instructables Robot patches!

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

Any New Classes for Instructables?

Will there ever be any new classes offered on instructables? Can we expect any openings in currently listed classes?

Question by stillastudent2    |  last reply

Instructables on New Scientist TV

Instructables "artist in residence" Mikeasaurus has had his magnetic silly putty featured on New Scientist TV. Kudos, Mike!

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Can't Start A New Instructable

I have a few instructables that are pretty much ready to go and I too have been getting that "Server Error" message.  There's no huge button that says "Submit A New Instructable."  I'm new to this so I might just be missing it.  Where have all the admin gone??

Topic by zurichko    |  last reply

Education option by new Instructable?

Hello!How can you select the Education categorie when writing a new lesson plan f.e.?Thanks!

Question by PieterVerduijn    |  last reply

New Front Page For Instructables

I love the 'new' instructables' front page with the large search leader - arduino - which disappears when you highlight it and type in your criteria.  Well done guys - love it!

Topic by bricabracwizard    |  last reply



Question by judypalmer    |  last reply

Future Instructables and New Job

Hello guys, its Zombiekiller-93 here and today I'm giving you a heads up on future Instructables because I started a new job several weeks ago and I just haven't got the time to be making new instructions or reviews but i can still build stuff. The only possible best chance of making the actually instructions/reviews is during the spring and summer holidays since that is I prefer to make them. Sorry to those that really love seeing my creations but my paid job has to come first but I will try my very best to get new stuff onto instructables. I still be leaving comments and favourites so I 'am still around. 

Topic by Zombiekiller-93    |  last reply

New Instructable Not Showing in Recent

I posted a new instructable yesterday (Jan 22) and it did not showed on 'Recent' post anywhere! Title: Lego Track Bot Link: Thanks, sath02

Topic by sath02    |  last reply

Can't Post A New Instructable!

Arghhhhhh......Cannot enter new instructable.  There appears a message on the line down at the bottom of the screen that there is an "error on page".  Any help will be appreciated....I log on, go to SUBMIT, start the instructable by putting title in first text box (and lettering is orange, not black), then move to the introduction which it accepts, but then I cannot move pass this point, and the message noted above WTF?  More and more bugs, it seems.....come on man!

Topic by Creativeman    |  last reply

Create Instructables in the New Editor

Here at Instructables HQ, we're always looking for new ways to make it easier than ever to share the things that you've made.  Today we are very excited to announce the first public beta release of the new Instructables editor!  The new editor allows you to create, edit, and publish Instructables.  You can even use it to make changes to Instructables that you've already started or published. Some of the new features include: Drag and drop interface  - add, remove, and reorder photos and steps, all with drag and drop. (those of you who are already familiar with the Instructables iOS and Android mobile apps will love this feature) View All Steps - the landing page of the new editor gives you an overview of all the steps and images in your Instructable Continuous Editing Experience - edit, upload, save, preview, and publish... all without a single page reload New Uploader - rotate images and see the status of your upload Easy Embed - embed video and media from a variety of sites Pixlr Image Editing - crop and retouch uploaded images in just a few clicks with Pixlr photo editor integration Easy Preview - preview your Instructable without ever leaving the editor Cover Image Selector - select and crop your Instructable's cover image, so it looks great on the site and on your phone New Publish Page - add keywords, select a category and channel, and enter your Instructable in contests, now in a clean, new interface So poke around, edit, and publish, and let us know what you think.  Please leave any comments, questions, or feature requests in the comments below.  Definitely let us know if there are any bugs we still need to work out! How do I find the New Editor? To create a new Instructable from scratch, follow this link: To edit a draft or published Instructable (note: you can only edit Step by Step Instructables in the new editor, you will be redirected if you try to edit photo or video instructables): 1.  Login and navigate to one of your drafts in the current editor (Go to and click the edit link next to any of your drafts). 2.  Click the big orange button at the top of the page that says "Try the New Editor".  You will get redirected to the new editor, with all your Instructable's data loaded and ready to go.  The url looks like this:

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Cant publish a new instructable? Answered

Ive written up an instructable, but when i go to publish, it says i need to add keywords. However, i've already added several. Has anyone else seen this?

Question by zkus    |  last reply

New instructables fan forums

Hello, guys. looking at the slow loading of the forums and the system i made up a free forum for instructable users so that they can join up and make a big instructables community. So here is the link to the forums. Its new and empty now but i need all your support to make it grow, so go and post something. Click hereSo thanks alot and please come over.

Topic by arylic    |  last reply

Recommendations for new Instructables maker

Last year and a half I've mostly been an Instructable lurker, but I finally made the leap to creating my own instructable! My question now is, how best to get the word out in the instructables community? I entered a couple of contests (awaiting approvals), and added to a group.  I sent a Tweet (but don't have a lot of followers).  I reached out to the author of the Instructable that I used for inspiration. Any other ideas? THANKS! -Zac

Topic by ZacWolf    |  last reply

What is with the new instructable viewer?

Why did they change it from a ton of ibles per page to a few? It takes me much longer to find the one I am looking for. 

Question by TOCO    |  last reply

New Custom Instructables Avatar

Hello everyone its robots199 here. If you look at the picture below you can see my new avatar icon. If you are wondering what does this matter to me? I will tell you... I will be making avatars like these for free for anyone who requests one. You chose the color and the fonts.If you think I should make this an instructable Please say so

Topic by robots199    |  last reply

new Instructable not showing up

I posted a new instructable a few days ago - but it had almost no views and wasn't sent out as an update or anything to any of my subscribers. If you go to my member page here: it doesn't show up there either. :( Not sure if i am posting this in the right spot..but hopefully I am! Thanks for your help in advance..I've never had this happen.

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