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Yay! finnaly posted my semi-auto knex gun i think its a new design because it uses a hammer :P be sure to check it out!

Topic by ryan knexer  

I posted a New Instructable.

I Posted a holiday related instructable, Check it out here or here

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

Can't post new topic

Not sure if this is a bug or another problem... Tried to post a new topic in the Shop Tech forum asking about when the Brooklyn Chapter was opening... But when I tried to click on "preview" I kept getting an error message saying I did not have permission to do that. I'm a pro member, and I thought we could post in the forums.

Topic by belsey    |  last reply

New Assault Rifle will not be posted.

My new assault rifle, seen as a slideshow, will not be posted. I have plans to make it a lot better. Currently, I rather dislike it's looks and I plan to remodel and make a new a version of it. If that version is sufficient, I will post the new version.

Topic by Raikou-san    |  last reply

Can't post new images

Currently, on FF21, and Chrome, I can't post new images to the site as answers. I've flushed cookies as usual, no dice. Anyone else seeing it ? Yet HERE, in the forums, using the old code for the image uploader, it DOES work.....

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

Can't post new questions

I can't post a new question to the site. Yesterday, it was erasing the title of the question at the preview stage and kicking back to the start, erasing your body text, today, the "preview this question" is greyed out and unselectable Cache refreshed etc etc.

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

Can't Post A New Instructable!

Arghhhhhh......Cannot enter new instructable.  There appears a message on the line down at the bottom of the screen that there is an "error on page".  Any help will be appreciated....I log on, go to SUBMIT, start the instructable by putting title in first text box (and lettering is orange, not black), then move to the introduction which it accepts, but then I cannot move pass this point, and the message noted above WTF?  More and more bugs, it seems.....come on man!

Topic by Creativeman    |  last reply

new stuff

I will post pics soon. but im posting a maching gun (rbg,fullauto) and a mp6 (mods to the mp5 gearmassalt rifle) and how to make the real quad blaster bullets.

Topic by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

New Features?

Is there going to be a blog post documenting the new features? I like the new interface, but it will take a few days to get used to. There are a few bugs here and there. Like when I click Tool Tips Group, I get to a page where there are no projects. Also, post counts seem to be a little out of whack. Each visit seems to raise it by 10.

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New Ideas

Hey i have a couple ideas to enter in the epilog laser contest If you have any post em and get them reviewed. One idea i have is a Laser Pistol! its an old technique of stimulating photons. If it is run under the best conditions it can be up to 1,000,000 Watts at 1 ms bursts, post your new ideas

Topic by itsthatsguy    |  last reply

delay when posting new instructable

I was just wondering since this has happened quite a few times recently (and didn't occur in the past): when posting a new instructable, it can now take up to a day or so, until it shows up in the "recent instructables" list and gets any views. why is that? is that some kind of new spam-prevention engine or something similar? oddly, it doesn't happen with all the instructables and also the delay isn't always the same....

Topic by sursula    |  last reply

new instructable or just forum post?

I've replaced the battery on a portible drill with a wall wart. should i create an instructable or, since it isn't anything new as far as what i did, is it only worth a forum 'how to"?

Topic by jtobako    |  last reply

New post: Teardrop Trailer Plans

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post my newest instructable--now that Spring is here, you should check out how to build a teardrop trailer and paint it with crazy murals. Here is the link.

Topic by MakeItWithJason  

Ible delayed posting no longer new.

If you have an ible delayed of being posted for who knows what reason. When it gets posted it gets posted in the spot that it would of been  originally. Example, on 6/1 i published 3 ibles in one day. One posted in 10 minutes. The other 2 posted on 6/4. Now the two late posts do not get put at the top with the new ibles, no it gets put in at the date it was first submitted. My variable voltage supply took 6 days to post. So to find it you have to go through many pages of ibles to locate it. IT does not get posted as the newest ible. I had sent a msg to service@instructables but never did get a real person.    If peoples ibles are delayed for some flagging issue or what ever it would be nice to know what to avoid in the future. I have gotten a tip on some issues that may trip the filters, short keywords, not common or unrecognizable keywords. Such as eek. In msg or forums delays maybe from short question with active links.. These are tips are from someone that has been observing these things and are not a locked in rule.   Altho these are somewhat of gripes it is not anything that will stop me from posting ibles. I realy gain from Instructables. Before i joined here i never heard of Arduino now i am writing small sketches and manipulating larger ones.

Topic by WWC    |  last reply

New Instructables

Hey y'all. I'm announcing my newest instructables. First, I'm posting a Gatling gun. Next I am posting my very first semi-automatic rifle based off of the M107 (pic below). It gets a range of only 15 feet but some of you geniuses can figure out how to make it better. Finally, I'm building the Brickster V2 SLDS. It will be about 2x longer and the bow will have only 2 strings. Expect the Gatling gun within a week and the others to follow within a month.

Topic by Electroinnovation    |  last reply

new mortar

This is my knex mortar what do you think post or not? P.S. this uses a trigger similar to Iacs trigger. Gets about 100 feet I tore it apart because no one likes it

Topic by Knex_Gun_Builder    |  last reply

I'm new

What is the difference between posting topics and Instructables here? It looks like people use them both to do the same thing... Are topics like test-runs for people's ideas and if the people request it, that person will make it an Instructable? please and thank you

Topic by billy B    |  last reply

new acc

I've have made a new account named:theknexterminator pls sub again. i've also made a new gun (no name please give me one)  removable mag shoots dark grey connectors  very powerful  i'm gonna post it soon

Topic by matsermetsuiker    |  last reply

New sniper.

Here is my sniper i made a week ago. just to clear, i took it apart so don't go on about me posting it. Pic 1: overall gun it was a total failure. it shot 20 feet and the mech ALWAYS broke. It once made a unearthly sound that was Like BOINY. Please comment on bottom.

Topic by NYPA    |  last reply

Just posted my first instructable!!!

So now that I made my instruct-able, what do you do to publicize it?  Is there a "best tips for newbies" section on here somewhere? Would someone mind reading my instructable and letting me know if it is clear to understand or if there are any glaring errors?  Many thanks!!!

Topic by QuirkyMomma    |  last reply

Posting formatted code

How do I post properly formatted code with the new editor ? The old one accepted Arduino format cut/paste, the new one mangles it completely. Steve

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

New shed, new toy, new skills

I've got a new shed!  I am now the proud possessor of two sheds. The new one is just storage - garden chairs, tents (we have six tents, but there are only four people in the household - how did that happen?), lawnmower etc, which means I now have something novel in my original shed - space to work! At the same time, I've bought myself a new toy - a scroll saw (or fret saw, if you prefer), a Ferm FFZ-400N, if you're bothered by that kind of thing.  It's second hand, and only has one speed and no manual, but it was also only £20. So, I'm now practising - I bought some cheap ply, and I'm working on a new project, which I hope to post by Wednesday.  Unfortunately, there's a bit of a hiatus, since I've managed to snap the only blade I had.  What the heck, that's why they come in packs of ten, but I can't get a pack until Monday. Oh, and the shed: 6x4 foot "lap" shed from B&Q;, bought as a kit because I couldn't buy the raw materials anywhere near as cheaply. Basically, I got what I paid for - I spent as much time fixing the manufacturing faults as I did building it.  There are three fixes visible in the shot below, plus three fixes inside, not to mention the six or seven places where you can see daylight through the timber, and the very flexible window that will probably get sucked out by the first storm of winter... If you need a shed, and can only afford £135, then save up for something better.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

New K'nexer

There is a new K'nexer on the site named tylerbuilds, and he has posted two 'Ibles, but hasn't gotten many views or comments. So far I've been the main one to talk to him. His creations are pretty good, and he shows some promise. If you could wiuld you please go to his page and check out his stuff and drop a comment or two? Also, you could give him some nice constructive tips about K'nexing. Just welcome him to the community! :) He uses the Instructables app, so he cannot directly reply to you, so please keep checking if you have time.  Thanks!  -Nerfrock'

Topic by nerfrocketeer    |  last reply

New Instructable Added, New Members

New Instructable posted on making rubber stamps. Working on intructables on the following projects, Cuerda Seca Tiles, Colored clay vase, Ceramics Basic projects. New members, I am trying to add you, but my member manger has a bug. Will keep trying, thanks for your patience. Candy

Topic by CandylandCeramics  

posting pictures for a avatar

Yeah im new and need help so please post and reply

Topic by the-weird  

New Scientist

I'm sure people are aware but this weeks issue:Someone in China has spent some time analysing the US power grid, and figured out that it could be collapsed by taking-out a lightly-loaded sub-network. The US department of homeland security is apparently looking into this. However, Prof Ian Fells (a jolly chap with a beard) of Newcastle University UK says "they only need a bunch of guys with Semtex to blow up the gridlines near a power station"The Mythbusters are interviewed, but even they don't know why thermite on ice explodes, do you?And Richard Dawkins has a new book out, from the review:"Implying that your audience is stupid does not qualify as a great new angle. Yet this is precisely what Dawkins does"."It's really kind of comical. If "spot the condecensions" is a new drinking game, then bottoms up! There's one in just about every chapter"LThere's much more, but I mainly wanted to post the Mythbusters link, and the Dawkins review.(There is an article on Velociraptors)

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

New Instructable is not to be found

I posted a new instructable ("Modernize a vintage heater") three days ago, and it has never shown up under the "recent" catagory, and is not found when I do a search.  I can pull it up, but no one else will know it is there.  ?????

Topic by knife141    |  last reply

should i post this?

Hi i recently made a  new gun and kind of wan't to post it but i don't now if its worth the effort 

Topic by legomman200    |  last reply

New Oodammo Pistol

Hey guys just wanted to see if my new oodammo pistol is worth posting. It has an angled handle, 7 round oodammo mag, and TheDunkis's BAW trigger. Let me know what you think. Should I post?

Topic by jamesdude    |  last reply

new gun prototype!! should i post???

I recently made a new gun/cannon prototype that is very powerfull, a sharpened grey rod fired from this can go through 3 pieces of thick cardboard. I have posted some pictures for you to look at and comment, plz say if i should post the whole instructable!!!

Topic by albf1    |  last reply

Condensed News

HeyIf anyone is interested, here's my shared items page from my RSS reader:LinkTheres an RSS feed on that page too.Before you go all "What's the point of this!?" on me -- let me explain.I go through about 400 items a day. This is the condensed version. I share 2 things mostly: Things that are funny/ironic -- and things that are interesting. Its a pretty even mix. My feeds include:Blogs:Make, Lifehacker, Gizmondo, Engadget, Consumerist, Slashdot, WorseThanFailureAnd:Instructables & diggTheres a few others, but they aren't good often. I'll gladly add any other feed that you want.I've only been doing this for a few days -- I need to get used to hitting "share". Anything I view, I share. Theres some things that I really don't care about --but others might -- that I'll also share.Hopefully, this can help some people shave time off their news-reading. Let me know if theres some other source I should read!(This post sponsored by Kiteman's Zeroth Law)

Topic by zachninme    |  last reply

New 'ibles

Decided it would be a good idea to offer both sides of the discussion to the lockpick group. I'm hoping (fingers crossed here) that the community is capable of handling this entire group intelligently and maturely. As such, I figure pros and hobbyists alike can benefit not only from the opening and bypassing methods, but from more information about what's being done to prevent such things. All the information here is for educational purposes, and it helps me in my line of work to see what non-commercial solutions there may be. Also, with the shared knowledge here, it's possible we can come up with even better security options. Afterall, part of the job is getting in, another big part is keeping others out. *In my own opinion, the best security option anyone has is to install a decent security system. That way, even when the physical locks fail (I refuse to believe there is a lock that cannot be picked or bypassed), there is still an added security. Besides that, even having the alarm company's sign in your yard/window really is enough to deter most would-be intruders* So, feel free to post methods for getting in, or keeping others out.

Topic by BorisTheSpider    |  last reply

new video games

Hey my names Dewie im looking to create some new video games and i'd love to hear all of your thoughts for a new video game i look forward to some collaboration.  Anyone who post will get all the credit for everything they do so come on and post away.

Topic by dewie37    |  last reply

Post new topic link in Bugs not working

Every time I try to post a new topic in "Bugs" I get logged out and have to login again in a continuous loop. (So there are two bugs to report).                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Okay I am posting from the feedback forum new topic link, there is a drop down here so this may actually end up in bugs instead of feedback. If so the issue is with the post new topic button on the bugs page.   I am using i.e.10, windows, 7                                                                                                                  

Topic by artlife    |  last reply

Can't start new paragraphs with normal posts?

It's bothering me (being one who makes long posts) that when I press the enter key it would appear that I'm starting a new paragraph but when I end up posting the comment or answer, it all appears as one big paragraph. Am I missing something here or is there some sort of bug because I see other people having no problems.

Topic by TheDunkis    |  last reply

Modifying an existing instructable or posting a new one

So I have an instructable for a Lego table I'm in the process of building a new one with a better method for the legs and also a track to hold some storage bins should I just modify the existing one, make a whole new instructable with all the steps, or just a new instructable with just highlighting the changes I did

Question by Itsatrav  

Can't reply to comment or post a new comment

The problems with bug are still happening. I wasted 1/2 hour disabling all my add-ons firewalls etc trying to figure it out, but it seems to not be at my end. Comment box at bottom of comments, none of the buttons respond. Comment box at top of comments works. So now I know what to do, but I don't comment that requently and no doubt will get caught again next time.

Topic by MichaelAtOz    |  last reply

New FMG-9 folding gun posted!!!!

Introducing the first of its kind..........The FMG-9 folding gun!This gun folds up into a breif case size,and then opens up to be a shooting gun!check it out becasue it dident show up on most recent...

Topic by TeacherOfTheWays    |  last reply

New default 'post to facebook' in topics is frustrating

Greetings -- As you may know, I spend most of my instructables time in the answers section.  I'm quite dismayed that I have to uncheck the 'post to facebook also' checkbox every time I answer a question, as I don't want my news feed getting spammed with answers that don't have anything to do with my friends. I understand ibles trying to generate a little traffic but this is ridonculous.  Yes, it's a cool feature, but make it persistent between pages, when I unclick it, cookie it or better yet, save it to my profile so that it doesn't keep bugging me :)  I want to unlink my facebook 'connect' account because of this. -Jamie

Topic by frollard    |  last reply

New member, unable to post comment to an instructible

I registered for a free account a few days ago, and was able to upload an avatar without problems (e.g., that part of the site recognized my login fine).  Whenever I try to post a comment to an instructible, however, it automatically goes to the login page as soon as I place my cursor in the comment box and hit a key (it won't even let me type anything into the comment box, just immediately pops up the login page).  It's also not showing my user name at the top of the page, just the "login" text.  So I log in, try to comment again, and get the same thing.  Refreshing the page makes no difference.  Logging in repeatedly also makes no difference.  I'm using windows 7 home premium and firefox 27.0.  The instructible page I was trying to post a comment on is:   Note, I've also tried it on a few of the individual step pages also, not just the "all steps" page, and it still automatically goes to the login page the second I put my cursor in the comment box. Thanks in advance for help fixing this problem!! (hopefully it will post - the top of the page says "you" so I'm assuming it is recognizing my login properly, where the instructible page is not.)

Topic by Anony Mouse    |  last reply

New Instructables Features

Hi! This is the first post in the new instructables forums. Instructables has lots of new features out today. Check out the comment tracking feature and find all the comments you almost missed! You can also send private messages to other Instructables members. There are also lots of little new things... Oh yeah, FIRST POST!

Topic by leahculver    |  last reply

~News Flash~ New group- "Combustables"

CombustablesEver get the feeling something is just not right?Nothing in particular is "wrong", yet a clouded doubt over lifespan of a particular item or one of your projects remains?Ever thought this isn't going to last the week before it goes ka POOF into flames?? This is a group to display all your hard work that some day may combust due to either*Builder incompetence/inexperience.*Design flaws or parameters.*A weird feeling you get that it's going to blow up.*You made it to combust.Please feel free to join and add you fine examples of your questionable work.Please enjoy and I hope you all make it here to post... Good luck

Topic by Lftndbt    |  last reply

Where do I post my sewing items

Where do I post my sewing items?

Topic by modestdresses    |  last reply

Idea for a new game

Hi I have an idea for a new game, where do I post this please? x

Topic by Srhkitty    |  last reply

New firing methods

Post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

Topic by Professor Tor Coolguy    |  last reply

Add a new category?

Is it at all possible to get another new sub category added to the "Outside" Category? I would really like to get "Farming"  added as a sub category, possibly even a "Tractor" sub category as well. I have already posted a couple of tractor/farming instructables but would like to see a dedicated place for these instead of vehicles or gadgets. I will post some more help and how to with farming and tractors as time goes on.

Topic by GunGeek369  

new knex mech

I have made a really good new firing mech. its a hammer but dont let that put you off its more realistic then a ram rod and more powerful. this is brand new no one has ever done this before that i have seen. no one copy when i post pics ps my camera is not working right now so i will post pics soon thats it for now.................

Topic by finmonster    |  last reply

Should I post?

Should I post this new design? it has a true trigger and no frame. cool handle, too you might be able to make it from the pictures. P.S. I just got micro knex! yay micro knex guns! Imagine having a micro shifle! that would be sick!

Topic by nerfer192    |  last reply

posting date on instructables

Is there any way of changing the posting date on an instructable? i was working on one and it's post date is when i started it rather than when i published it. or, is there a way to look at instructables by publishing date rather than posting date so that i can easily keep up with what is new?

Topic by jtobako    |  last reply

new knex forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

Topic by nick.z    |  last reply