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k nex bb gun

Ok im making a k nex bb gun that fires well.. bbs i just want to know if any other person tried using a rotery clip (like a revevolver and posted here if they havent im gonna make one right now (ill make one either way)

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Guns To Check Out

Cool guns to check out: The Jamalam's battle rifle. Why should I? Do you want a k'nex gun that has an awesome hold, great distance, cool magazine, and working bolt? Well if you do, The Jamalam's assault rifle is perfect. Another one, is the SR-V1 by killer-k. This gun has intricate slingshot design, and very powerful range. This is definitely recommended in a k'nex battle along with all the others. I mean come on! It looks like a sniper (duh!), feels like a sniper and shoots like one too! Also, another one is Gorkem's sniper rifle. It is a awesome, sturdy, powerful choice. It is an awesome sniper. I love it, and it is filled with cool features like, a great stock, a ridiculously cool barrel, and an awesome loading system. A cool one is the fn-scar k'nex gun. It has good ratings, a cool gun, a nice system, and overall good and reliable. Last but not least everyone please watch my crome eagle rifle slideshow and say to post or not. Just type in: Crome Eagle k'nex gun slide show. I give credits to all of the guns I mentioned and am a big fan of them, well... bye!

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Knex gun bullets

These are my knex gun bullets,one looks like bullet bill, the other is a mini splodie.

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make real gun designs

I think that people should try to make their guns look realistic and cool rather than blocky and weird. below is my sl9. I am currently working on a m14, used Vietnam as a primary weapon.

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Favorite K'nex Gun?

What's your favorite k'nex gun?

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knex gun ideas

Does anyone have any good knex gun ideas?

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K'NEX gun quality check

Hello k'nex gunners! Jamalam here, and I have come up with a quality check for k'nex guns to make sure they are good enough for posting. You don't have to follow these rules, they are just suggestions (except for the NO TINY GUNS WITH BLOCK TRIGGAHS! part :P)1. looksa.Well proportioned /5b.Filled in properly /5c.Innards fit well in /52. Performancea.Range - Every 20 ft is worth 1, 200 ft plus is 20, taken with 3 64# r.b.s. do not do this for mgs/ semi autos, see step 3.5 /20b.Ease of reload /5c.Trigger functionality (block trigger =1) /5d.Comfort /153.Ability to pierce:(highest result scores, taken with 3 64# rbs, do not do for mgs/semi autos etc.)Paper =1 Cardboard = 2 Cans = 3 2 cardboard sheets = 4 Plywood/walls = 5 /53.5.Semi auto, mg, and other unpowerful gun types(do not do for other gun types /25Every 2 ft is worth a point4.Weight - every 100 grams is worth a point, until it gets to 1600, then you start going down /155. Reception from 5 other k'nexers - ask 5 other k'nexers to rate your gun out of 20, then work out the average (rounding up) (ie. 18+17+17+16+16 = 84, 84/5 is 16.8 ->17) /20Now, add up the points and that is the rating percentage of your gun!eg. Storm 223 = 61 + up to 20 rating average.These are just my ideas, create your own if you dont like them!Jamalam

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Yet ANOTHER K'nex Gun!

Before commenting, be aware that i got rid of this. hahaha Sorry, no pictures yet. The rest of my family (all of the girls in the family) went on vacation down in SC while us manly men went to manly places like tool shops (hahahottopic jk) like home depot and water country usa. And sadly, they took the only camera with them. Their coming back tonight so I should be able to get some PICS of this ttly 1337 gun. Enough of this talks about my life onto the gun. Like I said, I can't take pictures, yet, so I'm just going to list the features from the butt of the gun to ze top. 1. Comfy, buttstock, and a stick type stock w/ ram guide 2. New 2-position realistic angled handle (one position for m16 series standard grip, and another a bit more angled) 3. kinda weird for-grip thing but it's good I guess 4. easy to use scope mount and blade sights 5. around 10-15 round blue rod mag 6. and my favorite part of the gun, the Hop-up! 7. I wouldn't consider this a feature but it looks a b s o l u t e l y bad***. You'll see. just wait... A hopup is basically a bump in the barrel causing the bullet to curve up thus making it hop up. Originally from airsoft guns it presses down on the BB as its leaving the barrel creating a backspin so when it leaves the barrel it curves up increasing range and making it more accurate. Except this doesn't apply to knex bullets since they tend to move MUCH slower and the barrels are their are dents in the middle of them. So with knex you'd have to just put a small dent type thing on the bottom of the barrel instead of backspinning it (which is impossible with knex since their not in a sphere shape). If you really want to know more about hop-up heres a link;=589601 And finally, sorry I have been so inactive lately, I have been extremely busy more then normal.

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K'nex gun where to post? Answered

In what category should I post a k'nex gun (except for the knex category)

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MR-B gun

Does anyone think they can make a well working replica for this gun made out of K'Nex?  I myself could probably make this, but due to a recent fire, I'm low on K'Nex, so I'd like to know if anybody is capable of doing that. This was the only picture I was able to find so sorry if it's a bit unclear.

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My first K'NEX gun

Hey, peoples! I made a simple pistol yesterday, and thought I would show it to the K'NEX community of instructables. :)   It's my first working gun, based on the Derringer Rider White S342. It doesn't have a mag, but does has a true trigger. :D Enjoy! - x-treme

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Best Knex Target for this knex gun? Answered

I am using this knex gun: What is th best knex traget for thi gun?

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Greatest K'nex Gun Ever?

Almost. Here is a prototype turreted NAR.  Discuss.

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What is a good k'nex gun to build? I am new to guns and need help.

What is a good gun that can be easily built but has great accuracy and range? I have not built one before, and am looking for help.

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Are machine guns allowed in knex war? Answered

Please tell me for a best answer

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Another new k'nex machine gun

I have just had a really good idea for a semi or full auto gun, although I do have a tendency to make weird guns but by all means try to make this one.Right here goes,You have arms 'thing that holds string' attached to the barrel by a hinge, there is a spring or rubber band underneath, when you pull the trigger the arms let go of something that keeps them back, the spring (or rubber band) will fling up making the string taught, which pushes the firing pin. The arms also push forward the slides on rails, they hit the springs at the left side and rebound with enough force to push the arms back down, then repeat.Pro's-It's quite compact-I'm thinking it might be powerful-It's new-and if someone makes the mech I�ll put it in an L85A2.Con's-Hard to make-Brain-bogglingly difficult to understand (just think about it a few hundred times and that's me!)I hope the drawing's detailed enough, sorry bout no pics of the real thing (I'm not very good at fixing things together).Hope someone makes this.Bye =DIf you don't understand or are just wondering bout something just post a comment.

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K'nex replica gun building compation

Ok this is a compatition to get some new guns out there that look like the real thing not just a made up gun the gun may not already have an instuctable posted. if it is a slideshow or anything else it is fine. guns are permitted to use any fire machanism the builder wishes as long as it consists of either knex peices, rubber bands or springs there will be three main catagories 1. side arm (anything under 30cm) 2. secondary weapon (anyting between 30cm-60cm) 3. primary weapon (anything over 60cm) there will be three winners in each catagory! the one gun could win all three or they could be all diiferent guns the tree catagories are 1. how much like the real gun it looks 2. how far it shoots 3. how accurate it is at 15.ft 20.ft and 25.ft

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K'nex grenade lauchers

Hello, this is jmiester, I have started a new category for knex, Grenade Launchers! feel free to post these new instruments of destruction here.  pic 1. Grenade by NackAttack I am using for my gun. pic 2. The start of my gun

Topic by jmiester  

What is a good, unique K'Nex gun? Answered

I've looked at KillerK, nothing special. All of the so-called "K'Nexperts" just have a lot of pieces. 90% of all guns are basically the same, same trigger, same magazine, same firing pin, etc. Something that works, is fun, and not overhyped. Something that would almost fit in with Nerf, but can't have a truckload of pieces and broken pieces. Do that, and I will be impressed.

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Best K'nex gun ratchet system?

I want to use a ratchet system(like the one on the sipriani rifle) for a new idea that i thought of, but before i start i want to make sure I'm using a good ratchet system. I haven't looked at many ratchet systems so specific names of good ones (or ones that are generally accepted as good) would be helpful.

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what are some really powerful knex guns?

 links are very much appreciated :) 

Question by Zippo1234  

K'NEX revolver challenge!

Hello fellow knexers! There are many cool guns out there but there is no revolvers. Everybody loves revolvers. Yes i know There are guns that are considerd "revolvers" but none are true. That's why i created this challenge. Rules are # Must look like a revolver. ( chamber, barrel, handle, etc.) For the chamber i suggest using a silver spacer chamber. # Must have a true trigger # Must be self revolving. There is no prize for the winners just a fun challenge for a time spender. Please leave links on my orange board orangeboard or the space for comments on the form. Entry time starts August 15th and ends September 25th( all 2009). Judging begins The 25th and ends The 30th. Judges will be me and cj81499. Good luck to all who enters and may the force be with you!

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knex guns from KI

Hello everybody it has been very cool to build all the different guns here on instructables but i hear of all the different guns that were on KI and i would like to build some of them so that i can improve my knexing skills. So please if you have a copy of instructions or a link post it here so that i can build some of these KI guns. Also what was KI like i never got to see it just wondering what it was like. Thanks for anything you can tell me!        

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Best k'nex gun parts like handle etc.

Hi ! In this we can discuss the best barrels, handles, sights, triggers, bipods, tripods, and any other part of a k'nex gun from different instructables and even see these probably combined.

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Questions about K'nex gun features. Answered

Hey, I'm Stale56 (as most of you may know), and I'm building a K'nex gun right now. I have several questions about some features on K'nex guns. 1. What type of barrel will get further range, a TDS style barrel (where it is layered), or the type on Foresthell12's K'nex pistol V2 (snowflake with grey/red rods connected)? 2. Is a firing pin that comes out of the barrel better than one that doesn't stick out of the end of it? WHAT I MEAN: Let's say a gun with a tube barrel has a body that is the length of a red rod, and a firing pin that is a black rod. When the pin is not cocked back, and not ready to fire, the firing pin is sticking out the front end of the barrel. Think of all those "Smallest True Trigger" guns. They have a small firing pin that is a white rod, blue rod, etc. Now imagine if you made the firing pin a yellow rod. You can imagine that the firing pin will stick out of the front end of the barrel. And that is what I mean in my question. 3. Does firing pin size matter that much? EXAMPLE: If you have a yellow rod firing pin that isn't pulled back that far, and a black rod that is pulled back the same distance as the red rod, which will have better range? I'm assuming the black, but I might be wrong. 4. What is the best type of bullet lock? 5. I know that black rods are stronger than grey, but if you have a grey rod for the firing pin, and replace it with a black one, will it go further? If so, will it be alot further, or only 2 inches further Thats it for now, I may add some more questions later. Thank you for you time.

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What makes a gun? An elements of a gun lesson

Since this is a group that likes to break it down a little, I decided to give you guys a good start. First you have to ask yourself, How do you break down a knex gun? Every time you design a new gun (not basing on looks first), this is how you define each element: - Trigger:   This is quite obvious; a system that will lock the trigger back and release when activated. (examples: true trigger, a single pin, crossbow trigger, motor (for turret designs), etc.) - Ammunition feed:   This is the system that will pull a single bullet from the ammunition storage, and put it in place for firing. (examples: gravity, spring (from a clip on the bottom of gun), lever system, etc.) - Ammunition Storage:   A simple device in theory, but sometimes quite complicated due to the fine tuning involved; a place that stores your ammunition not in use. (examples: hopper, chain-fed, clip, chamber (like a revolver or a pseudo Gatling gun), etc.) - Reload:   One of the hardest systems to design in knex yet very crucial to the gun; the system that reloads the gun for firing again. (examples: semi-auto, full-auto, pump-action, etc) - Firing pin:   The system that obviously fires the bullet loaded. - Barrel:   This has always been an iffy in knex. This is completely optional, but here are the results for it: If you add one, it can increase accuracy of shooting - but can lead to jamming and friction. If you don't, your shots can (most likely will be) quite inaccurate at medium to long ranged. -  Safety:   This feature is nice, but not necessary at all and should defiantly be thought of after the gun is fully made or the firing system / ammunition system is completely done. This system of course allows users to lock their gun while not in use to prevent mis-firing. For larger guns, I tend to go full out on this feature as larger guns can be more user-friendly and dangerous in the wrong hands (or the right hands!); and I've even created a key-lock system to enable the gun (like a car engine). (yes, the key lock was designed similar to that of a house lock, it had changeable teeth that could only be opened when the appropriate key was turned in) I highly recommend this feature, but please leave it to the end! - Other features / handles:   other features such as how the gun is held or mounted should be thought of at the very end, otherwise you would end up trying to work around that, not the other way around. BUILDING I highly suggest designing these systems separately and puting them together after they work. The only thing about this is that you build all the systems one at a time, but be sure to add the next piece on AS you're building it. Otherwise you would end up with a variety of systems that work, but not together. PLEASE feel free to post any systems designed (or built) in this group so we can work as a team to put these pieces together. For an example please check out the gun I've posted on this website (I've only posted one so far), it's a great example of building and designing systems separately but to work together. HAPPY BUILDING!

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Ideas? (KNEX)

Ok, I have a gun...true trigger...stuff like that. But. I dont have a gun to base it from. I will have a pic up soon. But I cant for the life of me think what to base it off

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The Knex Shooting Price Gun.

Hello! I'm JonnyBGood and this is my future knex project/challenge. I work at Familly Dollar now and I use one of these price guns sometimes to put anti-theft stickers on mechandice. They are very comfortable to hold and are easy to use so I thought maybe I can use the format to create a k;nex gun. I am working through another project right now but I will work on this project when I am done. I just thought it would be fun to share my idea and see what other people think of it. Please make suggestions if you have any and if you have time feel free to try to make one yourself!

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How to I make a K'nex Machine Gun? Answered

I am planning to make a machine gun as my first gun, but i cannot get the ram correct, to make the gears which force the rod to pull back and then release forward. Can anyone please show me an example, I'm happy to give you credit in my instructable soon.

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How can i make a k'nex anything?

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My K'nex NG Series

So, basically, I have made a new K'nex gun series. I have decided to post pictures of failed NG guns, and you guys can see if it's fixable. Also, this forum will hold all requested internals, a complete strip-down of every gun, (from V3 on up), and possibly reviews of each future NG gun. Ask questions here if you want, give me suggestions, or come back to this forum post once in a while for any failed projects! Hope you like it! Pictures : (in order) NG V3, NG V2, NG V1, and internals of the V2.

Topic by knexguy237  

How do i make a removeabe k'nex magisine without all of the pecies falling out when i take it out of the gun?

I am trying to make a pump action k'nex gun but my magisine doesnt run smothley. I want it to be a dropdown mag with a resenanable amount of shots. also i want to be able to remove it so i can reload quickley & change the magisine. when i finish i will try to post instructions so the person who came up with the mag can use the gun also!

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Have you ever noticed that people keep making 1 shot front-loading knex guns without feeders or clips, it's like using muskets when we have full semi autos and repeaters, stop it please don't! Even if it can rip through cardboard, they are still one shot guns. try designing better guns and stop thinking that a one shot gun with nooo improvements is going to impress people. It only clogs up the site causing it hard to read the good stuff. Anyway I love knex and back in the good old days nobody built to many bad guns, now a whole lot of people are making block trigger front loading guns, try using existing designs and improve them but there's not much to improve with these simple tube,block,stick and rubber band projectile launchers!!!!! To sum it up, no more Killerk or your name here copies

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K'nex guns; Lower piece count, still great performance?

I love building with k'nex. I've always been fascinated by the k'nex guns on this site, but all the good ones need tons of pieces. And all of the simple guns are too, well, simple! I want to build these guns so i can modify them or even re-design them myself, but i can never find k'nex where I live, and I don't have a credit card to buy online (Parents would, but don't have the money themselves). So, are there any good guns out there that can be stripped of some parts, but maintain their functionality? I'd prefer something semi-automatic, with good range, but feel free to mention single-shots too. Revolvers, pump action, and chain feds would be awesome too. When i say stripped of some parts, I really mean bare essentials. If its not necessary for functionality, I don't want it.

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any knexers have a facebook

 if so give me a link to your page

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How exactly does a Lever Action K'NEX Gun Work?

Greetings fellow Knexers, I am posting this question because I want to know how a lever action K'NEX Gun works. if you have an answer, please comment below. Thanks!, -The Knex Inventor

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How do I use a k'nex gun hopper?

I know this might sound stupid but I've never figured out how to use one.

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K'nex gun question: When firing a k'nex gun, have you ever experienced kick? Answered

History: A few months ago, I built and modified I_am_canadian's stryker pistol(Is that how you spell it?).After piling on the rubber bands, I experienced what was more than a slight kick.Today, I had modified my ratchet-system design for a rifle (Built 100% from scratch!{Except for the ratchet itself.})in order for it to not waste power, and upon firing, I felt it.The kick I experienced was not as great as that from the strryker pistol, but it was fairly noticable. ______________________________________________________________________________ Connections or possible explanations: -Both instances occured after a power-related modification -The communists did it! -Both were ratchet systems -COMMUNISM! -They had more rubber-bands than they were ment to hold -HIPPIES (Them, too.) -Both were very powerful As you can see, between the hippies, the communism, and the scientific explanations. There are many possible answers (A few of which are serious in nature.), and one or many could be legitimate. _______________________________________________________________________________ So the question stands: Have you ever experienced kick while firing a k'nex gun?

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I am making a bolt action knex gun as my first I'ble. Could anyone give a first timer some tips on knex gun building?

I am having trouble with the main body, barrel, and trigger mech. This is my first instructable,could some one help me, I am giving credit to the Jamalam due to me using a stock shape I think I saw on one of his guns, although it is a double layer gun. I need serious help on this!!! ^ II _ Rune blader

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Slimmest Repeating Folding Gun

Alright I've always wanted to make a folding gun that worked and looked decently. However, it would probably have been ignored if it didn't bring anything new to the table. I wanted to give this one a horizontal magazine but then there wouldn't have been enough room for other stuff like the handle. I said screw that and just went with a normal magazine. So far this is the slimmest design for a folding gun that repeats. A smaller one could be made but I'm starting off simple before playing the nanogun game. A nice bonus is that it doesn't have any blue rods sticking out so it is actually possible to fit it in your pocket if you're wearing big enough pants. It fires. Decently depending. Has a 4 round oodammo magazine. I don't really care for the handle but it works. The way the bands are set up, it doesn't require a lock though it doesn't automatically unfold either. Just flip out the stock and it'll stay out then you pull down the handle. Edit: Alright video up. This version fires oodammo.

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Questions on the knex " not a rectangle" gun involving the barrel.

So, I got everything else made, but im having some trouble with the barrel. One question is the peice in the middle is a BALL SOCKET  correct? Not a Y clip or a Ball pin thingy. The female Ball socket, correct? And then how does it go in there? Does it really just bounce around? Does it go long way, because it wont fit that way. Or does it go with the widest side toward the pin, or the narrow side? I havent seen a good picture of this area. Its either so dark you cant see in the hole, or too blury. Then, the rail underneath the barrel, can it be made of blues instead of white connectors? I got a lot of blues, not many whites. Last question, are there any mods that are amazing that you could point me to? I am using oodalumps pictures on KI to build this, so I have the stock version, unmodded.

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Zip Review

Alright, so I just made JonnyBGood's Zip Mk1 today, and decided to do a review on it. I recommend that before you make this gun, please read my review as some of your questions may be answered. So without further adieu, let's start. @Range- Not Bad, but cannot be termed as good. It is VERY inconsistent as well. The range that I got with one rubberband on this gun was  5-20 feet. It is quite good for its size though. 6/10 @Looks- The looks of this gun is awesome. It looks really 'sci-fi'ish. 9/10 @Durability- Really strong and well built, does not break easily. Point to be noted that the handle-stock(ish) connection is flimsy, needs some work, but I can live with it. 9/10 @Pieces- The piece count of this gun is a bit too high for its size. And not to mention the 3 broken rods. 8/10 @Comfort- This gun is very comfortable to hold and will not hurt your hand. 10/10 @Rate of Fire- Well, a 3-4 shot gun can not have a true ROF but if the hopper was extended, it would have a helluva ROF. No marks as stated above. @Functioning- Almost perfect functioning, but I guess the blocking mechanism fails sometimes, but rarely. 9/10 The Verdict- 51/60 (pretty solid) It is a well built gun that could use some polishing but in the end, it could be one of the BEST secondary gun there is or even a nice primary. The gun overall is cool and I would suggest you to build it! Also check out JonnyBGood's page and his other stuff! Note- These are my views of the gun and if you think that I am wrong at some point, comment or PM me! Hope you enjoyed the review!

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user-hosted knex instructable contest!!!

Hi everyone, I am a long-time knex gun user and Instructable maker, you probably don't remember me because I am using this new account and my old one has been inactive for years. More to the point, i am going to hold a knex gun instructable contest not run by the site administrators. Because of this, the only reward is fame and glory among the knexers' What you need to do to be in this contest is make an instructable of a knex gun and give the link to it on this forum. You will have to design a gun that you do not cock, has no block trigger, and has a very easy instructable. A few suggestions for this design are listed below. Technical requirements: ~ The gun must have no block trigger ~ The gun must shoot any rod ranging from the smallest size to the second largest - red suggestions for making a far better gun than anyone else: ~ make as many extra / removable components as possible ~ make a hopper or way to have multiple shots at one time in the gun ~ use as few and as simple foreign objects as you can get your hands on ~ Make the gun with less than 250 pieces ~ Make the instructable as good as you can, after all, even if you get the gun, you have to show it here!

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First Ever K'nex Ray Gun Mark II On Instructables

Hey guys, yesterday I uploaded the first ever K'nex Ray Gun Mark II - Zombiekiller-93

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M81 Assault Pistol-Knex Trigger System

M81 Assault PistolThis gun was a project of mine...its a true trigger (obviously)'The Knex trigger system'Its not like a normal pull back tigger, you pull down...

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Can anybody make a K'nex gun using THIS?

 This little mechanism is from this old set called "Roaring Basilisk" or something.  It looks like it could be used easily in a true trigger system, but I'm not the best at making them. So, I have asked this question. Who can make a functioning pistol/rifle with this?

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