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RC Noob

I've never done much work with RC control, and i want to build a little rc car with tank steering (2 motors, one on a wheel on each side so steering can be accomplished by which motor is on).  I know I need a transmitter and a reciever (I dont know specifics of each :P).  All I know is that i want to PWM the motors and control with 2 home made H-bridges (motors require max current of 30 amps, so commercially made ESR's are too expensive) and control it via rc. I just really dont know what im looking for in the rc world.

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How NOT to be a NOOB!

After looking around, I have decided to make a Mini-Instructable (Therefore Forum Topic) about how to not be a noob. This will be targeted for Instructables, but most goes on any site. It is also partly targeted on knexers. Step one, The name.Well, a lot goes by what your name is, don't say something like I_Love_Knex_Guns, choose something like Dsman, TheDunkis, Kiteman,Adrian Monk, Goodhart, Dj Radio, Jollex or The Jamalam. Also, try to use one that you use on other Websites, like Mepain, Kiteman or DutchJStep Two, the profile pic, Well, most people hate people who don't even change their display pic, so try to AT LEAST change it a bit. Some people actually use photoshop, like Dsman, or go even further and get one specially crafted by a true master ( IE Oblivitus) Try to get something that reflects either your name, or your interests.Step Three, ActivityWell, posting some Comments is Vital, and the whole point of Intructables is Instructables is just that, Post some Ibles! Don't be all nutty saying "This is my first Instructable, So be nice!'Forum topics are also quite important.Step four, Grammar Grammar is not a NOOB issue, but a lot more people will like you, and try to help improve it that way. Also, there is a Spell check button RIGHT beside the buttons near the Post sign, so USE IT!Step five, Activity Part two ( Bonus Points)Some things that are help you get more popular is greeting new people with nice warm welcomes. Jollex has done this quite often, with a personally Knex-related greeting, as have many other people. Another thing people do is search "knex" and the go to recent, and post something nice on all the new ibles (Block triggers and Et Cetrea Exempt)Example of a great welcome.Welcome!I noticed you'd joined the site, and also that you seem to be a K'NEX fan.That's brilliant!We have a lot of keen K'NEXers here, and we're quite a busy community on the site. Can I ask you to remember a few things, though? We are keen to show off K'NEX in its best light here, so please read these points carefully:(if you don't you run the risk of being labeled as a "noob")Pictures.One of the keys to a good Instructable is good photography. Please, don't use photos where the important bits are too small to see, or out of focus. Use good lighting and the macro mode of your camera. If you do not have macro, make sure things are in focus, then use an image editor to crop off the bits you don't need. Even Paint will do this.Text.This site is used by people all over the world. Lots of them don't speak English as their first language, and use translation websites to read your work. Please, do your best to use proper spelling and grammar, and avoid things like "u", and "r".GunsNow, as K'NEX gunners, we are dedicated to innovation. Innovative guns are what the K'NEXers what to see. But don't limit your self to guns, as some K'NEXers are annoyed by all the guns. And, please, no more little 12 piece guns.More!You know K'NEX is about more than guns, and so do I, so let's see your other projects - have you designed a clever robot arm? A new vehicle? A ball-sorter? Show us!Again, welcome to the site, and to the K'NEX community, and thank you for taking the time to read these hints. For more info click here.>Your name here<Well thanks, and I don't really think this needs a Whole ible, but If anyone wants to collaborate one, PM Me.

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Noob Help

If your a noob, and/or need help with the game this is the place

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Are you the noob?

Whenever you owned someone on matchmaking does it ever dawn on you that that was you in 2007 (when halo 3 came out) But for the people that just purely (suck...) it's just sad...... SO TELL US YOUR MOST AMAZING NOOB KILL!!!!!!

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Electronics Noob

Hi, I was thinking of making something that will light up one set of LEDs when you push the button, turn off, and then light up a different set when the button is pushed again, and they alternate each time. Do they make a switch for that sort of thing?

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LED noOb

I built this shelving and I would like to put an LED in each section, but plug it into a wall outlet for its power source. I don't want to have to change batteries all the time. I have never done anything with lighting or LEDs. Series or parallel? I don't know anything about resistors either. I know that once I figure this out it will open the door for many other projects, but I was hoping someone would know where to start... Any good websites or books? And if anyone has any ideas or done something similar I could totally use some advice. Thanks!

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need noob help

I am trying to make my 1st instructable but when i upload a image it says error

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need noob help

I am trying to make my 1st instructable but when i upload a image it says error

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Help with noob to cnc

So I'm totally new to cnc and would love to be able to build a CNC router just looking for some advice please, iv looked through most of the instructables and iv got some grate ideas on how to go about the build I'm just off a little with the electronics, are all in one control board any good or is it better to keep control and driver separately, iv found one board in particular that's got my attention Any help would be much appreciated thanks

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Please help a noob

I have a script that kills processes listed in text file, i need it to also run listed processes if they are closed. @echo off echo Edvinas Petukas Mtnl_14 @echo off &setlocal; enabledelayedexpansion tasklist /fo list|find /i ".exe">%temp%\running.tmp for /f "tokens=2*" %%a in (%temp%\running.tmp) do ( call :process %%b ) pause exit /b :process for /f "tokens=*" %%c in (sarasas.txt) do if "%*"=="%%c" ( set Answ=N echo Isjungti procesa? set /p Answ=Kill %*? IF /I NOT "!Answ!"=="Y" GOTO :EOF if errorlevel 1 goto :EOF echo Killing %%c taskkill /f /im "%%c" )

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Total robotics noob

I'm not sure if this is in the right section but I think this is the best place for it at the moment. So at the moment I'm still in the planning process but, I'm trying to get details worked out before I start work so all I have to do is start putting things together. I'm making this costume of one of my OCs for cons and costume contests. Anyways, the character's half robotic and I thought it'd be cool to make a few things interactive? Here's my character if you want to take a look at him -Okto. Sorry the image doesn't give a clear view and is pretty much toony. I haven't started drawing up the blue prints or his front and side view yet to where it'd actually be useful.  My thoughts are that the top section of his robotics on his head would have real moving gears. I was thinking about taking some watches apart to get the gears though the part I'm not sure about is making them move. I already have where I'd put the battery pack planned out but other than that I'm pretty much lost.What would be a good motor that you'd recommend? Also do you know of some good links to tutorials for programing? I've been struggling with it a bit and in addition to these bits I'm mentioning now I'm also thinking about giving him sound operated moving ears. My other part of my project functions on pretty much the same basic idea though I was also wondering about making the nob where it actually cranked. Maybe it could be used as the on and off switch for the gears or something. I'm not really sure about rigging it at all so any input would be appreciated. I'm trying to make the suit as genuine as possible as far as the steampunk aspects go for my Doctor Moreau style creature My last thing I'm trying to do that requires asking questions that's not in the picture is that the character has a binturong tail i.e. tail can work like an additional hand. I was wondering if it was possible I could rig it with servos where it could pick things up or hold things with the push of a button or something? Thanks for anything you can give me I greatly appreciate any help I can get.

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Arduino noob, need help

Hey ive recently jumped into the wide world of arduino. well i only did because i required the easy way out of led fading using arduino programming however i wish to use the Basics>fade example but using all 6pwm outputs!! can anyone simply modify this for me :) cheers

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Cafe Press - noob question

Right, I'm trying to raise a bit of pin-money with cafepress, but I'm confused, and I can't seem to find the answer to my question in the FAQ system there.I want to sell the same items (t-shirts and hats), but with a variety of images.Somehow, that does not seem possible. I can only sell one item with one image. I can't seem to add the same item again, but with a different image.I know I'm probably missing something obvious, but does anybody else know enough about cafepress to help me?(Note - to prevent accusations of spam, I will PM the shop's URL to anybody that asks for it, rather than posting it in the thread)Humorous note - my Firefox spell-checker wants to change "cafepress" to "depressants"

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NOOB homebrew on psp slim

Hey guys(and maybe girls), i just hacked my brothers psp slim. Now i am used to the phat pap where you install the 1.50 subset to get homebrew to work, but that said only for fat psp. Only some homebrew works on the slim psp, but has major issues. for instance psp revolution has no sound anywhere, and none of the bottom buttons work. I have tried both the 5.00 and 1.50 kernels in the recovery menu. Is there some patch, or homebrew launcher that i dont know about?? should i install the 1.50 kernel addon anyway? firmware is 5.00 M33-6

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what is this slot in my computer? Answered

I am using a toshiba laptop. Sorry, I dont have the model type. There is this weird slot on the left side of it. First off, there are three USB ports. 2 on the left side, and one on the right side. behinnd the 2 USB ports on the left side is the trapezoidal plug with all the metal prongs on it (name of this please)? but my real question is what is the slot in front of the 2 USB ports? the slot is  about a centimeter tall, and 2" wide. on the side of the slot there is a button. if you push the button it pops out about a centimeter and a half. what is this slot for? sorry no pictures.

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which Arduino for a big fat noob!

Hey guys getting into the computer engineering major at school i hear aduino are great to mess around with but im really confused by the all the specs and what they mean so which model would be best for a big effin noob like me? dont need nothing TOO fancy but i want something that will give me plenty of projects to keep me busy for a while too. is there one that is that? thanks for the help guys, love the site. and if you feel like explaining what all the 128, 328, duemilenove, AVR, Mega etc etc please feel free lol

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Arduino over Ethernet: Microcontroller Noob

So I have an Arduino R3 with PoE and I'm trying to find a way to make it perform basic tasks by calling the tasks from a webpage. The problem is, I don't know anything about microcontrollers apart from Op-Amps and FF. Also, I can't web code. But I'm a fast learner and I hope someone can show me where to begin. Thank you.

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tech noob question on stereo jack

Can I have a silly technical question for which I would have known the answer if I only paid more attention at school? how is possible that stereo headphones, ie 2 speaker circuits use only 3 cables? I understand the "ground" is the one that both speakers,ie left and right have in common but how come it doesnt bother the signals which go to the speakers? doesnt the left signal get mixed up with the right signal? and why is it called "ground" when it's not actually connected to the ground, like for example lightning conductor is? I've read through the wikipedia article about TRS several times but still can't understand it. thanks for answer, I promis I won't forget it this time :)

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Noob Q about inverter for an ornithopter

I was looking in the back of my Jameco catalog the other day and they listed a product called "Muscle wire". It's apparently a nickel-titanium alloy that shrinks as it heats up. It occurred to me that I could flap ornithopter wings with it (a really small ornithopter). I was trying to figure out how I could switch voltage from one pair of wires (the flap UP wires) to the other pair of wires (the flap DOWN wires) without a microchip. I came up with something I'm sure wouldn't work involving a couple transistors, a diode and a cap. Today on wikipedia I figured out that what I was doing was something close to an inverter.So here's the question: Anyone know of a simple switching circuit that runs on a/c power and does not have square-wave switching characteristics?I'll keep researching this myself, but sometimes 'tis quicker to ask the big-brained and kind hearted (you know who you are).

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Bike conversion ideas for a semi-noob

Having just rescued my nice GT from my parents' place, my old junker bike is now surplus to requirements. (I like to have a "spare" bike, but now I have three bikes it's literally a fifth wheel. And sixth.)I've wanted to build an electric bike or a recumbent for a long time, but despite fiddling with bikes for a while I'm still just a competent novice. A competent novice with very limited tools, in fact. Therefore I'm looking for a project like this uber-simple electric-assist (incomplete) or the no-weld recumbent. If anyone knows of any other projects like these, I'd like to see them.Pictures of the bike to follow- it's a fairly generic short-frame mountain bike, probably intended for dirt jumping as it's got a short geometry, thick downtube and a low seat/short seat tube. The front fork is a "suspension" fork with about 1" of travel and too much preload to be any use on roads, everything else is standard.

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are arduinos re-programable? Answered

Well im new to aurduinos and am wondering do i have to go an by a new microproccesor every time i want to use an arduino. please awnser so i can decide (if i have to go buy a new chip) which project to do first

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arduino code writing. how do i set up code?

I bought an arduino and im wondering how to copy the code from instructables. do i copy it straight? or do i have to edit it? can you please comment or edit the attached document and send it to

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How many noobs have you pwned

Are you good a pwning noobs this is a fourum to list the number of noob pwnages you have in every videogame combined. I have 1000 noob pwnages

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Internet WIFI noob. Need some advice.

Hello, all. I have a coax (TV antenna) cable outside coming in the house and I'd like to connect a WIFI antenna ( either yagi, omni, cantenna) to it, instead of TV. I'd need an adapter (N to F?) for it. Now, once the antenna and cable are hooked up, what do I need to transmit the internet WIFI signal throughout the house? Modem, router, both,? I have a spare Linksys WRT54G router with Ethernet IN and OUT. IOW, what other gear would I need to have WIFI throughout the house? The WIFI would be used for laptops and desk comps. Thank you

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For electronic n00bs

This topic is made to help all who don't know a lot (or even anything) about electronics. Here people can ask simple questons without opening a new topic.

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How do I safely connect a micro switch to a 6 outlet power supply? Answered

I have the Big Dome Push Button (sparkfun electronics) so I can start the power for an arcade machine with a press of a colorful lighted button. However, I'm new to the hobby of electronics so even this simple build is confusing to me. I basically need to connect the micro switch and LED  to a typical 6 outlet power supply. Help!

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Using a USB port as a power supply to mess with electronics

Hi everyone. Over the past few years Ive been wanting to get around to messing with electronics. Ive learned basic things like ohms law and super basic circuits...(led,resistor,power supply) however i dont learn well with TEXT TEXT TEXT, but rather doing it and finding out what happens. So I have a ton of electroncs laying around which I rip apart and pull components out of.  Today I stuck a tiny 5v, 0.5w fan into my USB on the + and - and had it turn on... Anyone know what else I can screw around with? I would rather do this than use batteries and such. I need a funner way to learn electronics :S Any help please? Fun projects? Thanks

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Help with a school project on solar power

Hi. I have a science fair coming up in May and I want to do my project on solar power but I really don't know too much about electricity. This is my plan, please correct me where I'm wrong and tell me if there's a better way to do certain things: I am going to buy a 10w 12v solar panel (I might be able to get a 40w for a bargain) which will charge a battery. Would it be better to get a 12v lead acid battery or a 12v lithium battery? Lithium batteries have DC jacks instead of normal terminals on lead acid batteries so how would I connect the battery in parallel to the 2 devices I want to power? A splitter like this would work but it connects it in series? Although I suppose it doesn't matter because I just need to show that it works at the expo but I'd like to use it now and then. The battery will connect to a 12v LED light and a 12v to 5v USB charger. What about diodes? Do I need them? How will I make sure that the device charging doesn't get fried? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. EDIT: A charge controller isn't necessary, is it? I'd also like to add in a switch to cut off power to the USB ports, power to the light and power to the battery from the solar panel. This would cause a problem if everything was connected in series.

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Noob project help, raspberry pi 2 controlling indoor growing environment

Hello everyone, im new to the raspberry pi world. I have raspberry pi 2 module b (the new one with 1g ram) that im not using. i want to use it to control indoor small growing environment. I have 4 x 12v pc fans that i want to control  the speed of, due to the humidity and temperature. I have 3 led bulbs that i want to switch off/on with a schedule maybe in the future i will connect 5 / 12 V small water pump.  and to connect a camera to use time laps. I dont mind of using external power sources for the 12v fans and bulbs. im all new to this world, with the programming i think i will handle, but dont know much about electronics. im searching for easy way to do this,  dont mind of working hard and spending money on this, just need a good ideas and help :) thank you all.

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I want to make a portable soundboard, but do not know how to get the sounds to play when I want to hit a button. Answered

Could someone please explain to me how? I am a total noob at electronics, but i thought this would be a good beginning project?

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New into building, what do I need?

So I'm new to the whole building electronics thing, so I'd like to start by saying hello. Secondly, what are the items I would need in order to get started? What materials would I need to work on the tutorials on this site? Just want a general idea of what to expect. Thanks everyone.

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building a guitar

My son is building a guitar and has done a great job building the body an old teacher gave him a neck from an old guitar and we ordered a bunch of parts from a web site.Is there a specific distance there should be between the pick ups and bridge and neck? I have searched all over the net but have been unable to find any specifics. he has bought a set of dual humbuckers. any help would be appreciated I will send photo's as it progresses  

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Hello everyone. i need some help on arduino..

Hello everyone, as you can see.. this is my first post on this forum.. i'm still a noob and is trying to learn this stuff.. i've been reading through this forum and looking through the spec sheets on the Arduino website.i've some questions to ask you guys as im afraid i'll burn out my Arduino board. 1) If i configure my Arduino Digital pins and analog pins to INPUT. what is the maximum voltage and current i can supply the pins.. ( I know that the VOLTAGE must be less then 5 v ) but i don't know about the maximum current that i can supply to the pins.. 2) What are the voltage and current for the pins to register a HIGH or LOW?i know that if LOW< 3volts > HIGH .. (correct me if im wrong again) but what about the current? i've posted this in the arduino forum.. i would like to ask it here as there are lots of pros here too.. hehe..this is the link: My English is not very good, i hope you guys understand what i'm trying to ask.. do tell me if i need to rephrase my question..  Thank you. -steve0hh

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noob biker needs advise on how to be seen at night

Well I ride a 250cc all black bike to work and school every day. at night I'm so worried that ppl don't see me. I've tried reflective type but it just falls off :( if anyone has any ideas on how to be seen please let me know

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Simple metal detector(for a noob that doesn't know anything about electronics)?

Hello. I would like to start by saying that i don't have a clue how electronics work. I don't know how to connect parts, i don't know what ohm value to search etc.. Now, i realyl wanted all y life a metal detector, but im a mechanics, so why dont I build my own?  BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW HOW! thats why.. Some say i need to use some kind of thng called beat frequency oscillator, and I found one on ebay but I don't know if i can use it in a metal detector.. Can you tell me so?;=item3ce27e0a54

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Guide for N00bs

Add what all n00bs should know before talking to anyone or even going out into the public, sunlight... Or the rock they came from. 'also programing language and formally called: broken english... engrish

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The &quot;N-Word&quot;. The bad one!

Ok, I hear lots of name calling out there. Sometimes I even hear the N-Word. Not just one N-Word but multiple N-Words. So clue me in. Which is worse, a "noob", a "nerd", a "ninny" or a "numpty"? I just need to know how serious the name calling is. So give me the offensiveness levels of the previously mentioned N-Words on a scale from one to ten (with ten as the most offensive).

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led help????

Ok im a noob when it comes to leds and electricity, but i was told someone heremight could help with my delima. what im trying to do: drill holes into tail light on my ninja and put yellow leds in the hole and wire them to the existing blinker wires. the problem: messured the voltage coming off of the wire and it pulses from 0vdc to 7.22 vdc i have been looking on ebay at prewired 12v leds but dont know what im needing. any help wouldbe greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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Etching help?

Hi! i need some help, i want to etch a PCB but i can't change colors, sort of i want to use the toner transfer method, so um, help me!

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I wish to make a tiny siren

I want to make a tiny (about the size of a standard watch) circuit that emits a human-like voice(may sound very electronic) or even a siren at a very high volume(100DB or so)..sort of like a personal alarm system.I know such systems are already present, but I want to make one myself(to gets ideas for further miniaturization)...I'm sorry if I sound like a noob, but I'm a student of computer science and know VERY little about electronics(do want to learn though) any ideas in this direction?should I start off with an amp or a mechanical siren(like the air raid ones). I have very little idea in this regard and just need a start off point. (or should I just get one of those sirens and try to reverse engineer it?)

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I....don't know how to all, how to? Answered

Ahaha, as embarrassing as this sounds I have no clue how to do anything with sewing. I don't even know the basic stitches(I think its called??) or how to sew together pieces. Can anyone give me the basics of sewing? I really want to sew together these cat ears, their felt, and I don't know how. What should I use? Thanks so much! 

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Could somebody explain what the pins on a 555 timer do please?

Hey guys, I have the general knowledge when it comes to creating schematics and all but I do not undertand how a 555 timer is supposed to work. I simply want to be able to control some oscillation using a pot/rheostat. I already have resistors, capacitors, transistors, a power supply and a speaker but I do not know how I should connect them. Can somebody please explain how it would work?

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What's a good program that allows you to convert electric circuit schematics to breadboard drawings automatically?

I have very little experience with working with breadboards. I've read tutorials about using them but I want to know if there's a program that could convert any electric circuit schematic I make into a breadboard equivalent automatically.  After all, it would be nice to be able to work with my stuff on breadboards & achieve results, not put in stuff & find out it's not working because I don't know much & how to fix it.

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Can someone tell me if I'm crocheting correctly? Answered

So I'm trying to make some arm-warmers and I'm making my own pattern.  The pattern I have so far is: 43 ch 3 turning chain 42 dc 3 turning chain But when I'm doing it the pattern is curling on itself. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Also note that I'm really green to crocheting so I'm probably just doing something I'm not understanding. So if you don't know, then could you please give advice on the basics? or link to something similar? Thank you!

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Can some experts help me with motion sensor circuit requirements pls?

Hi! Newbie here needs help1)Which emitter npn transistor should I be looking for? (at 6min55sec of the video) it this? wattage should i choose for the 2 resistors(2200 ohm & 47ohm)?There's 1W,0.5W.0.25W.3)What is the beige connector used to connect the pir & led bulbs called?So the list also includes: I miss out anything?Going to use the 4.8v output to power the mobius or 808 camera instead of the string led bulbs.Thank you v much

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Noob question about BNC to RCA connection for a CCTV Camera? Answered

I apologize for the noob question. I have searched the internet for a couple hours now and cannot find the answer to my question. I have a couple CCTV security cameras that have the BNC connection designed for a DVR. I am curious if since there is only two wires for the BNC connection and two wires for the RCA connection, can I just splice my video cable to hook up a RCA at the end? My goal is just to plug this camera into our TV so we can view live; we don't need to record anything. I have a couple 100 ft lengths of BNC cable, and as apposed to buying anything, I'd love to use what I have laying around to convert one end myself if it works out to just be a straight connection. Thanks in advance! :)

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Questions about Electronics and such I'm a complete noob (mostly LEDs)

So I bought some LEDs off ebay to try out wiring after I read this instructable So far I have been able to wire 4 LEDs in a series and connect them in my car . Thats were I am knowledge wise , I soldered for the first time. I have a bunch of LEDs left over and I wanted to make a small sign. I have a few questions.Is there any device (besides AC power adaptor) that can limit that amount of voltage I use? Say like a 110v to like 40v?Is it possible to hook up 25 LEDs in a series with the required resistor and plug it into a home outlet?Is there any type of material that I can use to scatter the beam of an LED?I had a few more questions but I can't recall them right now.

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Echo independent color

Hello i'm makin a super advanced bat file for my comp noob m8 and it looks really complcated so i was wondering is it possible to color certan linese.g if their was an error it be in red with the rest of the screen in greenI ALREADY know about 'color 0a' but that fills the whole screen. I need a small block or just a line to be different & stand out

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Where To Start For Making Games

Hi everybody, i want to start making video games but have no experience with computer programming i have worked with tools such as : FPS Creator (thegamecreators) Sandbox (Platinumarts)

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