Hi Instructables Team, Do you think you can add "notes" onto the user's profile? I quite often have things to remember about instructables... like not to forget to vote someone's instructables, plans to make a new instructable, and that sort of thing. It would help me a lot if you can do it! :-) And I edited this image to give you an idea what I am talking about.

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Note help?

Im using mozilla firefox, and when i go to add notes to my instructables pictures, i just get a cancel sign...Its really annoying, and my first isnt goin to well. Im sure others have had this problem..well, thats about it. thanks.

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Not saving notes?

OK I try to put notes on my pictures and  their not saving it just says saving your  note but I left it for at lest a hour and it still did not save it  just kept saying saving your note? Help?

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Note bug

When I try to add an image note that includes a double quote character, the note won't "take". It doesn't show any error, but when I view the instructable later, the note isn't there anymore.

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Image Notes

I can't get the image notes to work! Can someone help me???

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No Image Notes? Answered

I can add and edit image notes in the editor but they don't show up in the published Instructable. I'm running Chrome.

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no picture notes

My photo notes arn't apearing on my published instructable! I tried redoing them, but it was still happening. (my instructable is "two story house playable with a dynamic model tank")

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Image notes

I have found a little bug that is very frustrating to me. The issue is with trying to see the image notes from an instructable. I have noticed that when you hold your cursor over an image, a box comes up that has the name of the step that the picture is on. The problem is that this box covers up the image note that I’m trying to read. I have to move the cursor off of the picture and then hold the cursor on a part of the image that does not have any notes until the box shows up, then go to a image note to read.  Fixing this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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Notes in pictures...

I am about to submit an instructable and would like to add notes to my pictures but it never saves the note. Everything seems to work fine (I can draw the box and add the note) until I hit save.  When I hit save the dial indicator just spins and nothing happens.  I can walk away from my computer for 20 minues and when I get back it will still be spinning trying to save the note. I thought it might be my connection from home, but I have since tried it on my computer at work with the same result. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance.

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no notes on images?

When I make an instructable I can never make those yellow note-boxes that appear on images. I drag my mouse on the image like you should (yea I'm using the correct image...) but it just gives me a little circle with slash through it symbol as my mouse. is this a firefox problem?

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note saving not working

When i try to add a note to a picture it wont stop loading Mac Mini Running 10.6.6 Mac os X Safari

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Music notation question.? Answered

If in a key where C is sharp,  a note is written a B sharp.  That note is a C.  Is it supposed to be played C or C sharp?

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My notes not saving!

OK I try to put notes on my pictures and they're not saving it just says saving your note but I left it for at lest an hour and it still did not save it just kept saying saving your note? Help?I have  done  notes on an  windows internet explorer on an   windows xp.

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Image note bug

It seems anybody can leave image notes on anybody's forum images. I haven't checked project images.

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Picture Note Error

When I started making my picture notes, it was fine. But after I got to the seventh one, I found a bug. If my note was longer than a certain amount of characters, it wouldn't function properly. I would see it right after I created it in the editor, but when I preview it, the note I just made is gone. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

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Notes on Instructable Photos

When there are notes within a photo of an instrucable, if the note box is too close to the bottom of the picture, it is covered up by the intructions or other parts of the instructable.

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First, I use all 3 "mainstream" browsers, them being IE9, Chrome 11 and Firefox 4. 1. Internet Explorer 9 DOES NOT DISPLAY THE NOTES. 2. Firefox 4 gives an error when writing a note."error 400 -- invalid json: { top: 0.072, left: 0.13, width: 0.08, height: 0.49066666666666664, text:Test note random}" 3. Chrome cannot save notes. It gives the SWOD. Please, FIX THIS. >.<

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Image messages, notes

I am working on an Instructable and am trying to add notes to my pictures.  I keep getting the same note showing up on multiple pictures.  Then I try to delete it and it won't delete.  Then it looks like it is gone and I add a new note, and it has them both.  So I try to delete one and it won't delete. I don't know what is actually going to show up when I try and publish this...

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Problem with image notes

I added image notes to an instructable and everything looked fine while editing, but when I view the instructable they don't show up. They will show up on the steps w/ multiple pics, but only if I switch pictures. Any ideas?

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Image Notes Misaligned

I added image notes to a photo via Firefox 4 on this page:  It's the 3rd photo.  The boxes are all in the wrong place, shifted upward, when viewed on the Instructable.  However, n the editor, they're perfectly aligned.

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Image notes are duplicate

Lately I am seeing a new flaw in images notes: they are duplicate. Often the problem is not relevant, but sometimes it avoid I see some images, as you can see in the attached image. I use Firefox 13.0.1 under Windows 7 Home Basic, at a Lenovo laptop, 2 Gb RAM.

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Image notes not saved

I thought I post here after having posted this a question. It's rather just a bug report to tell what system I'm running so the admins know. The image notes don't get saved and the circling thing indicating that the page is saving the comment just goes on forever. My PC is a laptop (about 3 years old) running Win7 64bit with the current IE (not the latest beta one).

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Notes on images not saving

I was going back through my instructable and found that some of the notes I had written were gone. I thought maybe I messed up and didn't save them so I reentered the text. When I previewed it again they were gone again. I've since tried the old editor, new editor, saving every time I make a tag and its hit or miss. It seems that if the image only has one note on it there is not a problem but as soon as you add more it doesn't work. I haven't been able to successfully add 3 notes to one image yet and it seems that it is random as to which 2 or the 3 gets to stay. This is my first instructable and as much as I love this site I don't know whether I want to go through the ordeal of making another article. Anybody else see this issue?

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Sticky Note Holder

I'm very intimidated to post on this forum with all you geniuses but here goes. This is an acrylic holder that you can get from any craft store. I always love this rubber stamping technique as it is so easy yet comes out so pretty every time.  All you do is dry emboss a background word stamp with white emboss on white watercolor paper then stamp your image over top.  I wet the ink and add a few different colors on top of each other so it looks like an actual watercolor painting.  You can fleck some wet ink for an artistic effect too.  The paper underneath just slides in. The pen is a Pentel pen so you can open it and put whatever paper you'd like inside. I used a small piece of clear velcro to hold the pen on. Embellish as you wish and voila a beautiful sticky note holder. This technique is great for cards and scrapbooking.

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Can't save image notes in the Editor

Hi - interested in a fix and if anyone else is experiencing this issue...I'm trying to author an instructable and I can't get any image notes to save. The editor allows me to place the image note box, and add words, but the save button does nothing and when I leave the image and return to it, the image note has disappeared. Also can't change the size of the image box. I'm on a Windows machine running Windows 7, and have tried in both IE 11 and Chrome. Have rebooted etc, but the issue remains. Would appreciate any ideas to fix this issue...perhaps it's my browser settings??

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What can I do with sticky notes? Answered

What can I do?

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same problem as adrian monk's

Same problems, look at the topic "can't do squat"

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A Thank You to One Very Thoughtful Little Girl

This last Wednesday, while sitting in my daughter's hospital room,  I picked up my computer and checked my e-mail.  There was a message from Cattrampoline wishing for my daughter to get well soon.  It took me a moment to put it all together.  My little girl, known here as sistergldnhair, has a best friend, known here as themoose64.  Moose posted to let the Instructables community know about SGH's upcoming surgery. Here is the truth.  I am 45 years old and I did not see what one 11 year old little girl saw.  I should have know, but I missed how important this site is to SGH and just how much she would love to receive well wishes from the people here.  On a trip to California last year, all SGH wanted to do was see Instructables.  I heard for months about how she got to meet Fungus Amongus and Angelabchua and how she got to play with Angie's dog.  She was practically bouncing when one of her Instructables was Featured and squealed when Scoochmaroo and Penelopy sent her a comment.  She also did a Forensic speech on Instructables.  Wrote Eric an e-mail.  He responded with some links and she worked and worked on her project.  And a few months ago, we had planned to attend the Instructables event in Chicago.  Unfortunately the same day as that event, SGH had to have an MRI/MRA of her brain.  The dye made her quite sick and we were not able to go.  One very heartbroken little girl. She was scared to have the surgery, which was to her forehead above her right eye.  Afraid of the anesthesia and afraid of how she would look when it was all done. Moose wrote a post and received some criticism for spelling you as U and a few other mistakes in language usage.  I absolutely, 100 percent understand that criticism.  I edit and proofread for a living and I really do get it.  I am not at all fond of this texting lingo, but putting that part of the post aside, the meaning behind it was significant.  Two little girls that have been best buddies since Kindergarten and one of them did an amazing thing for the other in an effort to make this difficult time a little easier. So, I thank themoose64 and I am so thankful that I will have the opportunity to see her grow into an amazing young lady. As for my SGH, the surgery was a little more complicated than they thought.  She was very sick and the first smile she was able to give me was when I read her cattrampoline's message. She is very swollen and can't move her face yet.  This is all very traumatic, but we know it is only temporary.   Today is better, as I expect each day will be.  And she is working on her next Instructable, a hospital gown for children that keeps your backside covered =)

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Lace Knitting Note Cards

Check out my Lace Knitting Note Cards. The swatch is from The Art of Knitting 1897 and the pattern is on the back. They are blank inside. Note Cards

Topic by bgcyclist 

Calculating notes of twanged strips Answered

Consider a twanged metal ruler, or the "keys" of a thumb piano (kalimba)... I'm in the middle of designing A Thing, and I am sure that there ought to be a way of calculating the note produced when you twang the end of a strip of metal. Assuming I know the Young's modulus, length, width & thickness of a strip of metal (rectangular cross-section), is there a formula into which I can plug these numbers and predict the note produced? Or are there other properties I need to know?

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how to add image notes?

How do you add image notes to an instructable. i try the "click and drag" but all i do is move the image. please help. thanks

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Where are image notes now? Answered

I've wanted to include them (like I have in the past) but no longer see the way I used to do it.

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Problem with text notes for images

I have tried to include notes on the images for my instructable. However, every time I save or move to another step of the instructable, the notes disappear. They do not show up when I view the published instructable. Weirder yet, After I go back in to edit the instructable and try to add a note to the same image, all of my other notes in that image show up while editing! Then they disappear again after saving or viewing the instructable. I tested it on the image below. I get the same result here. Do you see a text note on the image below?  Ever run into this? Help! Update: - I am running Windows 7 Enterprise, SP1, 64 bit - Running IE 9.0.8112.16421 I tried viewing in Chrome, and now I see the text comment. I guess I'll be switching to Chrome... at least for the Instructables website.  Andrew (aka ignoblegnome)  

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Image note bug solution

As far as I have noticed, the bug is activated when a colon is in the text. I had errors many times when making image notes - and I tested in three different browsers (where the error just looked different). But only in texts that included a colon. Each time I removed colon from text: no error. It might be the same for other special characters. Hope it helps :)

Topic by Jakob R 

Suggestion: Notes section in editor

Hi! You know how it goes. You're writing an instructable and while being somewhere in the middle of it there's this spark of ingenuity about something you should add in a previous step. You don't want to stop what you've just been writing either so you have a few sub-optimal courses of action: Just keep writing what you have been and forget the genius idea by the time you get back to writing it in the corresponding step. Take a note on the first piece of paper that happens to be on your desk and get it buried in many other pieces of paper by the time you go to the step you had the idea for. Make the note inline in the editor in the current step or the step in question and then forget to remove this remark to yourself before publishing. Or there could be this additional text box in the editor you could take your notes in. It could be used while writing an instructable or later, when some of the commenters suggest some good edits to your work. Just a great place for anything related that you always know where to find. Of course it might be that I'm the only one feeling like this would be a valuable addition and there are good alternatives without the cost of resources for the instructables team so share your way of taking project notes, I'm sure those will be useful to many!

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can't see image notes

Hi i don´t know what the problem is but for some days i have been seeing the images in the instructables the way you can see in the attachment. i'm using google chrome, but if i use firefox every thing works just fine.

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70-note "Bottle Organ"

Here's one for you... I'm looking to create a 70 note bottle organ, inspired by this video: Except I'm wanting to build mine in a more "automatic" state - played via MIDI notes, an arduino and lots and lots of solenoids making spoons hit the bottles.. That side of it I've got covered thanks to other excellent instructables which have taught me a lot about micro electronics. What I am currently trying to work out is if there is a way to change the pitch of bottles in any way except simply adding water. Would another liquid achieve the same results with less "spill risk"? Does it even need to be a liquid? I'm guessing it needs to be a liquid as I believe the physics of the noise made when a bottle is struck is based on the water absorbing vibrations, making them slower and lowering the pitch. If anyone has experience tuning multiple bottles to be struck as an instrument then please do reply! Alternatively if anyone has any novel suggestions for things which would be easier to persuade 70 notes out of then please also reply! End goal - be able to play flight of the bumblebee at full speed with chords and out-nerd the guys in the video. Ideally on bottles. Many thanks! Leo

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Secondary Images with Notes Not Working

I just joined Instructables yesterday to post my first tutorial.I created the entire thing and now it seems that my images are smaller than other Ibles, and when you click on the secondary images of each step, the pop-up asks you to join.I have seen discussions about this requiring an account or even a Pro account, but it seems that there are existing Ibles that show the larger images and allow you to click secondary images with notes. I'm not sure of the current policy. The last thing I read said that all users would be able to view all images. I can view the large images if I am logged in, but I want people to be able to visit the Ible I created without having to create an account, just as I have enjoyed Ibles this way in the past.So is this only a restriction for new users and new Ibles? Please help!Thanks,Wally_J

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an Humorous note on Email Scams

 Well I posted my motorbike on Craigslist, and I got this nice email from a chap in Canada: Hello, I'm James John, I hail from Canada in Ottawa city, I came across your advert and am Highly Interested in purchasing you (motorcycle) which you offer for sale at I Due to the fact that its been a long time have been searching for it, Please Kindly get back to me as soon as possible with the necessary answers to the Question in mind. Are you the first owner? The present condition? Your final asking price? Why Do You want to sell It?  And I will also like you to send me Pictures to enable me to view what I intend to purchase and i will like you to know that my form of payment is through a Certified Check or USPS Money Order .. I await your urgent response so that we can Proceed further. Regards Jms =============================================================================== So uh, how many monkeys y'reckon the Great Scam Conspirists keep locked up to come up with these aye?

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Login issue update/note

It seems as though something has changed somewhere. i'm pretty sure it's not my end. but with IE8 i can now stay logged in permanently. the only thing that i know of that has changed on my end recently is that i'm coming from a different public IP (ISP change) than i used to. dunno, one way or another (for the moment) you've got one less person to complain about not being able to stay logged in

Topic by crapflinger 

how are alto saxophone notes different than tenor saxophone notes?

My dad  got a tenor saxophone song book by accident and i have a alto saxophone will it make a difference how i play the notes?

Question by hunter_smith999   |  last reply

How do I create an Instructables Image Note? Answered

The little Help Box says: "To create an image note, simply click and drag on your photo to create the orange box for the note." But when I click-&-drag, I find that I've selected the whole darned photo and am dragging it around pointlessly. Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Thoughts on this Tablet case I made please

Greetings all! I just put together the instructions on the custom case that I made, I would love your feedback on this.  I made a couple of notes at the end of the 'ible.

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Image annotations running off of image, not displaying

Image annotations are being lost either by being below or beyond the edge if the image they relate to. This has only happened since the new image display system was implemented. The old image system allowed annotations to run below and of the side of an image, where as the new one crops the text to fit only over the image. The old image annotation system also wrapped the text after a number of characters, where as the new system allows text to run on indefinably  Users can manually insert line breaks in the annotations with the new system (not possible with the old system), however for old instructables this introduces the problem of annotations running off the image and being unreadable. This appears to be on every instructable, providing there are annotations on the images, and the annotations are long enough, or positioned such that they run past the edge, or bottom of the image. An example of this is: On this instructable there are examples of both running of the edge of an image, and falling off the bottom. It also shows an exception to the problem, the first image allows the annotation to go beyond the boundary of the image, but all subsequent images have the issue.

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Annotation/Note boxes never line up where they are supposed to.

Annotation box may not be the right word, because I've never done an Instructable, but I am talking about the "Note" boxes that you hover over to see the author's note on his project images. They rarely line up with what they are supposed to, no matter what Instructable I view. So I don't think it's the author's fault (Sometimes they are even way out of whack, like on the wrong side of an image), I think it's a bug.For example, scroll down to the image of the pear painted on the glass on this page, and notice where the note is. Several of his images are that way, some are worse off than others:

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i cant add image notes

I cant make image notes i get an image of a crossed out circle

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Safari doesn't like image notes : (

For some unfortunate reason, Safari Version 3.1.2 (5525.20.1) doesn't display or allow me to create image notes.

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Add Image Notes feature broken

I am attempting to add image notes to a new instructable, but the "Add Image Notes" tool endlessly shows a spinning wheel and reports, "saving your note..."  I've tired on several different photos in several different instructables using the following browsers: Google Chrome 10.0.648.82 beta Safari Version 5.0.3 (6533.19.4) Under OS X.   Anyone else experiencing this annoying bug?

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Error when editing image notes

I'm running Firefox 3.06 on Centos 5 Linux - which is admittedly a non-standard platform. But I was able to add and to edit image notes up until yesterday. Since yesterday, though, I get an error when I click save: "error 400 -- can not find note: 'NVBWAGOFRBPYI3G'"

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Having Trouble adding picture notes

I'm working on my first instructable, and I'm having trouble adding notes to one particular image. It seems that no matter what I try, I can't get any more than 3 notes saved. I can add them, but when I save and preview, they do not show up. I've tried to do it on two different computers with the same results.

Topic by lustreking