Anyone notice?

A lot of links not showing up. Click on a link just takes you back to the top of the page.

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No one noticed

While I briefly joined in on the recent change-of-image-thing, no one ever questioned the image I chose including Kiteman , Lithium Rain and others: Are people not paying attention, or do they not care? I've formed an opinion that "another B&W / Sepia dude" looks much the same as any other... L It's a bit tricky to put a name to a face, but I think I've passed-off someone else (with a very well-known-name as Nikola Tesla without really trying) - come on who is he? - patch for the giving.

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Robot notice: mixed instructions?

I received the following email from Robot, when I submitted my entry for the COFFEE CUP contest:  The problem is the last line, the "requirements" I missing something or is this a requirement of the Coffee cup contest also?  This is to confirm that your entry 'Telephone Pickup Loop w/coffee cup enhancement' for the 'Coffee Cup Challenge' has been received and will be reviewed. The contest closes on May 9, 2010. 12:00 AM. Thank you for submitting your Instructable to the Coffee Cup Challenge.  The contest is moderated, and so your entry is waiting to be reviewed. This process can take up to 48 hours. If after 48 hours or so your project has still not been accepted, then it did not meet all of the requirements for participation in the contest.  You will then need to make the appropriate changes to your project so that it meets the contest requirements and re-submit it to the contest. Requirements:  - Entry involves improving health or makes life easier for someone affected by an injury, diisability. or sickness.  

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I just noticed...

The How to Thank Instructables project is still getting the occasional comment.Nice.

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Anyone else notice...

I am officially awesome.LMAO! So, go check it out, and comment...Hi Michael!Your Guide "Star Wars" was just featured by one of our editors!Look for it on the Instructables homepage within the next 30 minutes. Being featured means we think you are awesome. Keep up the great work!

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Email notices and instucaibles

I have recently changed my email address on here. and I was wonder why the instrustables are still going to my old email account. I want to delete but I am waiting to make sure all the stuff I want get to the new email address. I was thinking that I may have to rejoin although I have already given my new address. Can anyone tell me what to do.

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I found this ... odd

Couldn't decide if the store is simply weird, or subtly doing their part to keep Mother's Day going. (Guess THAT's how they are in Eastern Pennsylvania.)

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"Free 3D Prints" switcheroo

In the recent announcement email "Free 3D Prints", there seems to be a bit of a mixup with the photos on the second line:

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Have you noticed the chatroom???????

Look at the chatroom, ITS BLANK!!!!!! also, eric made gmjhowe a mod. too bad gmj had mod powers before this happened

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Missing Due Dates

I was browsing throught the forums one morning, and I notice the contests didn't have due dates. If I go to the main page, They come back. I go back here, and it says enter by blank again. Someone should notify somone.

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"Meow", the joke that never gets noticed!

    Okay, the joke I am going to be showing you is called "Meow".  It was invented by my brother in 8th grade, and it is absolutely hilarious! Oh, and by the by, you need to be able to keep a straight face for this joke, or it will not work.     So, the joke is very simple. You just insert a subtle "meow" into your sentence when you are talking to someone.  Example:     "Hey, man! How are you doing?"  "Oh, pretty good, meow."  "That's great."  "So, meow, umm, have you heard of the concert coming to town? meow."  "Yeah, I've heard of it."  "Are you going? meow."  "No, I can't."  "meow. Well, that sucks. meow. Well, I'm going to the concert. meow."  "Well, see you later, I have a bus to catch."  "Okay, meow. See you later!"      It really helps to make the pitch of the "meow"s to be the same as the sentence before or after.  My brother had to do a speech in front of the class, and he said "meow" FIFTY-TWO times in the the speech, and nobody noticed!

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Collaborators? Answered

How do you know if somebody selects you as a collaborator for an instructable?

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Your instructable became popular ... again?

Maybe you could change the "your x became y" message to be different for each tier?  The email seems to be identical each time the popularity rises, and that just feels like spam. I don't really get the badges, either.  I thought at first it worked like the badges on stackoverflow. Instead of simply telling someone "your thing is not crud" you could award them a badge for being ++good, and have different badges for each tier.  Naturally, the email would have to be different for each badge, etc.  You could further motivate people by letting folks see each other's badge list.  Almost any action a person makes could be a badge - even a badge for having every other badge! I'm just thinking... young people.  play too many games.  they get game mechanics.  so reward them in a similar way, and they'll feel like contributing more.  work that pokemon "gotta catch 'em all" addiction.

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Has anyone else noticed this lately?

I recently have been looking at contests and noticed something interesting. A lot of new people have joined just to put instrucatbles into contests. For some reason it is bothering me. How do you feel?

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Hey didany body notice today? Answered

was '8/9/10' atleast in the Usa.

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Has anyone noticed this awesome website yet?

Has anyone noticed WePC yet?It is a cool website which you can design a laptop and it will be posted.If anyone wants to,make one of your own!

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E mail notices not going out again

I know you guys have been putting out fires and stomping ants lately so I hate to bring it up But, It appears that the email notices are not going out about new comments or posts. I have been checking in the discussion tab and have gotten things there but no corresponding emails have been getting through.  Since you fixed this already not to long ago you probably already know how to fix it again.

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Did anyone else notice the change in answers?

The number of questions I have answered has been decreased by a lot. My running total dropped at least 200 . Its is as if they deleted a bunch of questions and answers. My percentage went up almost 4 percentage points. Just wondering if it was intended and if its going to be ongoing.

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I've Noticed a Downfall in Chat Room Attendees

I went on vacation on the 28th of June, prior to my leaving the chat room was teaming with thoughtful, and story-telling members, but as of my return on the 6th, there have been next to no one in the room except for a select few. I'm not sure what happened over my absence in time, but it must have been epic... just kinda wondering about it

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anyone notice that you can follow yourself on instructables??? Answered

Anyone notice that you can follow yourself on instructables???

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Has no one else noticed there are no posts in the contests forum

.... but there are. Its the SAME bug that they had when the "English language" forum was created. Test and verify guys, test and verify. Steve

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i have notice a weird comment bug going on...............

I have noticed that some people's recent comments are not their own comments. several unknown members that have not posted any comments at all suddenly have thousands of comments (a member called "erics instructables" supposedly posted 417,000 something comments, and we have not seen his name around). "evil instructables robot" has not posted a single comment the last time i checked, and now he has 27,000 something comments this also means that the posters of the comments dont have them. instructable member "j-chode" has a message saying on his profile that he has not posted any comments at all and he wasnt banned.......... can this problem be fixed?????????????

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K'nex Innovators Contest: discontinued until further notice

Can't be bothered to keep this contest going. If anyone else wants to run it or create their own, go for it. ~Point board~ Waffleman - 10 Kinetic - 9 Jollex - 4 Arjun - 3 Sharir - 3

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For those people who have noticed I was missing...

Well as some people may know already, my activity on this site has dropped to an all time low.  I stop by and look only once every few months now.  I've addressed this in a few comments but I might as well post it here for the whole community to see.  No, I haven't gone to college yet, I'm just a junior in High School still. Over a gradual period of time my hobbies and interests have shifted tremendously.  As a side hobby some of you may remember that I used to make halo videos showcasing forge world maps I made.  This has grown into making montages, and I've grown into a somewhat professional editor well-known by a lot of Halo's competitive community, even though I'm not too good at the actual game.  Because of my shifting interests (I honestly have not felt like touching knex in months) and the fact that Ibles doesn't support my new hobbies, I've basically moved to Youtube now.  Quite a few iblers who used to be my original subscribers have for some reason stopped watching my videos (and actually fallen off the face of Youtube and ibles), but If you want to keep up with me and what I'm doing feel free to subscribe: PS: this site has changed so much since I last visited.  I barely recognize it anymore.  My /you page hasn't been able to load for the past year and a half since these changes.  I've also probably missed many comments dating back from June.  I'm sorry I haven't talked to you, but Halo and Real life have basically taken me off the site.  Like I said, I might still make something out of knex if I get a holiday or break later on.  And no, I'm not leaving the site for good.  I'll still drop by once every few months and look at how things are doing for nostalgia.  I haven't abandoned you guys by a long shot.  P.P.S. Do I still have the site's largest orangeboard?

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Serious Notice guys n gals concerning me.......

Hey, just wanted to let you all know (so, maybe I put this in the wrong forum) that I am up this early in the morning ( 6:30 am ) because I have to go to the hospital for a complete cardiac / pulmonary workup and battery of tests. Yeah, getting older stinks, especially if you let you physically self atrophy. Anyway, just wanted you all to know, in case you don't see me for a few days or longer (the tests only last about 4 hours or so, but they could potentially bring on cardiac arrest, or trigger a severe asthma attack, depending on the kind of shape I am in ( it is kind of a pregnant pear shape actually ). See you all when I am back from the hospital....Addendum: I have a lowered amount of blood flow to my heart. What this means is that I am a borderline heart attack candidate if it gets any worse. Cholesterol was a little high, triglycerides way high. I will find out details on Friday I suppose when we discuss options...Addendum 2: The pulmonary tests ( 05/21/2008 ) were horrible, but there doesn't seem to be anything overly wrong that is obvious to the tech, with my lungs.....will have to wait for the doc's report thoughAddendum 3: Well, I am afraid things have progressed to the next step... I have to have a heart cauterization to see what may be blocking the lower artery, and how bad the blockage is. If not too bad, they will simply do a quick angioplasty and open it up, but if bad, I will then be scheduled for a bypass. *sigh* as we age the fun just never ends, eh ? Addendum 4: It will not be THIS coming week, but most likely next week, they will do the double bypass. Because of the location of the blockage at a major branch which would end up cutting off flow to the other artery, they have decided I best have the bypass done. PS: there was hardly ANY pain in the cath procedure.....I am going to give the person that told me that a hard time next time I see them :-) But I have experienced broken bones already, so I know the next step is not going go be a picnic. Addendum 5:I may be able to get the bypass done as early as Monday the 9th Yay ! Addendum 6:I am now into my second week of recovery, and things are progressing so well, my wife is afraid I will want to go back to work early and she will be alone again.

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Anyone noticed anything weird about new clothes/cloths?

Has anyone noticed that new clothes and things like washcloths and dishtowels seem to repel water when they get wet? Not really repel, but they don't absorb it, and the surface stays (and feels) wet.After the clothes get washed a couple hundred times, it wears off and is like old clothes.Can anyone tell me why this is happening (and why manufacturers decided to do this)?

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Can pulse width modulation pins on arduino noticeably affect the strength of an electromagnet? Answered

I am currently designing a project in which two electromagnets cause a small metal object to levitate between them, and am trying to create an interactive interface in which gestures on a multi-touch trackpad cause the object to levitate higher or lower. My question is, is it possible to use an arduino's pulse width modulation to significantly alter the strength of an electromagnet in order to move an object at a noticeably varying distance from the electromagnet?

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Does anyone else notice the majority of these questions are submitted with poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation? Answered

Also, most of them by young people it seems. Maybe Instructables need to start a mentoring program. I'm also surprised that half of these could be solved by taking 10 seconds doing a Google search.

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It's me or have someone else noticed people demanding answers to their questions in this forum? Answered

I am noticing a trend of people in this great forum that are asking questions that they could have found the answer with a simple internet search, people that demand answers to their questions, and want others to come up with ideas when they should be the ones brainstorming. I am not against asking for help but asking others to do the work for them is lazy. Also some people should be more respectful when asking questions instead of demanding answers. Anybody think like me?

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Answers keep vanishing? Answered

As regulars will know I answer a lot of questions (rightly or wrongly!) BUT I have noticed recently that a few of my answers disappear - anyone else noticed this?

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Did you notice how the internet and mobile phones totally changed our culture?

Go back just 20 years and on a busy shopping street you saw the poeple walking around as they do today - or did they?I remember poeple talking to each other, standing in front of the shop windows and checking the offers.People greeting each other or stopping for a chat.Now all you see it zombies staring at their phone screen or texting.Even the dreaded "self talker" with a BT earpiece seems to die out.You like fast food don't you? ;)But did you ever bother to waste some time watching people going through the drive through?Back in the days they mostly tried to keep their cigarette going or the girls were busy with the make up.Today it is almost impossibe to spot someone making it through a drive through without playing on his or her phone.The shopping is finnished and all you want is to pay once your trolley was emptied onto the conveyor going to the register.If it were not for the person in front of you...On hand holds the phone to the ear, you hear the latest gossip you don't want to know anything about...And then painfully slow one hand tries to load the trolley again and then finally tries to find a credit with still some money left on it.My favourite are however all those people who are fully addicted to their phone and go mental if you try to tell them.You are having a cold beer with your mate and just want to reflect about the great day fishing.Hold on a second....Oh, did you see this today? ....Ok, just quickly checking FB...Your beer is already number three while your mates beer went warm and stale.Fair enough, was a long day...Then you knock at his door at 3AM to take the boat or or go on a trip.Still half asleep but the phone and all social media must be checked before even making it to the toilet...You get the picture, hopefully not by looking in a mirror now ;)When the "internet" started to be a thing I was already long on the wagon of "online".And back then some big players in the game said "One day we will all be connected in real time!".Of course everyone had a good laugh and moved on.No chance "everyone" could afford a computer, let alone get the skills to go "online".But look at today:You call your provider, tell them you need internet at home and you just plug a box in and have it.Oh, moible is prefered?No problem, just pick the phone you fancy, add a sim card and off you go minutes later.I remember libraries not just as a place to read books but also as a place to learn new things.Explore the world, see other cultures...If you could afford it you might have seen it all for yourself and in real.Today all this is replaced by a single term:"Google it!"What we have today is a simple money scheme created through the totally useless "need" to be connected.So how do you know that you are already addicted to you electronic friend and failed to realise it?Quite simple actually and in the same way as maybe your grandparents did with your parents - if they are old enough ;)Yes I mean the goggle box, the good old TV.Back in the day we said that 4 hours of TV time for a teen is already quite much.We can't escape screens for work or school needs anymore.What we can though is ask:How many hours per day do you spend on yo phone? The time that is not work or school related...How much of your daily life do you organise through your phone by texting, social media or just notes, reminders and so on?Do you complain that even the newest phone newer has enough charge for your "needs"? ;)Do you get cramps in your hands or fingers? ;)Or just plain simple: How long could you really be totally without mobile phone, computer and internet?The answers you give yourself might shock you ;)What are your thoughts on the mobile phone zombies of today?

Question by Downunder35m 

I noticed that i have 18 best answers but my profile keeps saying that I only have 1%best answers? Answered

It is really weird I have noticed that other people have had the same problem but i was not sure if I should report this as a bug.

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Punctuation marks, substitution in text

I've noticed that when I put something in quotes, in a step instruction for example, the previewed and published text will have substitution of nonsense characters. I've noticed this on other instructibles by other authors, so it's not just mine. But, is this my computer, the browser (Firefox), or the Instructibles website programming? Has anyone else noticed this? Hope this helps.

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Has anyone else noticed they are losing data from unpublished instructables you may be working on? Answered

For a while now while I am working on an unpublished instructable the auto save function I believe is backfiring.  Instead of saving it actually deletes whole sections.  I thought oh well, I can always go to the history section and copy/paste or click revert.  To my horror it deletes the text from that step all the way back to step one, aaaaaaaaaaah.  I thought perhaps that this was isolated, to the one you might be working on.  Nope, when I opened a second one I had been working on, the intro has now been deleted.  Yes, including in the history as well....

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Bug in the Stats tab

In my last Instructable I noticed that the number of Total Views and the number of Today Views are the same. After following this for a few days I noticed that both numbers increase at the same rate when obviously the number of Total Views should be higher.

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Where are the questions? Answered

Just noticed that nothing is left in our recent answers section... ;)

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How do i get reconized in the instructable's community?

I was wondering how to be redonized by more views comments or subcibers. I am a young person who wants to be noticed in the community> What topics can i make instructables about

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Make building in New York?

Hey, I just noticed yesterday, i was walking down third avenue and 81st (not sure about the exact address) and i noticed a building that said MAKE. It appeared under construction, but does anyone know if it is a building of Make Magazine ?

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page views?

Hi all, I am checking my first instructable somewhat regularly and I noticed that the page views dropped from 200-300 to 5 or 6 a day. Is that normal as the instructable gets older? I think it was the day of the site update as I noticed it first. Anyone else? Regards, Alex

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Not able to comment on Spanish Instructables

Dear friends, I have noticed that there are not links to the Instructables made in other languages on the home page. I have also noticed that I am unable to comment, favorite or check the statistics on a project. I wonder if these are features that will be added in the future.

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Published Instructables Counter Stuck at 300

For two weeks, I have noticed published instructables counter has stuck at "300" when it should now read "302" instead. I haven't noticed any problems with functionality, but I figured I'd report it since it is a malfunction.

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What exactly are patches?

I've noticed a lot of people thanking each other for sending patches or something like that and I also noticed that there is a 'send patch' option on my profile. I'm new to this site so I don't really get it. Neither could I find any information about this topic on the site.

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Is it possible to write a virus that allows you to look through someones webcam at them and have them not notice?

I just want to know if its possible. i dont want the code or anything. I dont wana look at women in their room or anything i just wanna know. im just curious.

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Why my Published Instructable deleted from my accout without any notice before or afterwards?

Hello, One of my Published Instructable isn't in my account anymore. I suppose it is deleted by Moreover i didn't get any message regarding this.  Please help me get my instructable (took 4 hours to construct) back.

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Why my Published Instructable deleted from my accout without any notice before or afterwards?

Hello, One of my Published Instructable isn't in my account anymore. I suppose it is deleted by Moreover i didn't get any message regarding this.  Please help me get my instructable back. (took me 4 hours to construct and had 20+ photos) HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

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While doing electrolysis on some pennies, (Pence?) I noticed a copper coating on my + copper lead?

Is there something special about this? Also, Is this a form of electroplating? I doused some pennies in vinegar for about a week+ and tried this. On a thinner, magnet wire lead, (copper +) it had what I beleive is a dark green copper salt, that burned blue. Can anyone Identify this? Also, I changed the diameter of the lead, to about 1/16 - 1/8 (Copper lead, +) and It seemed like that lead was powder coated with copper. Is there a reason it would not be a copper salt? The other was coated with what I think is Zinc.

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Noticed that some of the coding testing language was leaking in, whenever a picture is listed in a comment.  Illustration courtesy of caitlinsdad

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Server Running Slow

Over the last few days I've noticed that is running VERY slow. I usually can open 20 or more tabs at a time on the server but lately I can only open 1 or 2. I hope that other people have noticed this and it can get fixed soon!                                                      Thanks,                                                            Jake

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