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Offline editors?

So are there any offline editors for creating instructables? Any hints from the more experienced on ways to "cheat" and do semi-offline editing? I'm finding network delays to be somewhat frustrating when trying to create, edit, etc a reasonably large instructable...

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viewing instructables offline?

Recently i posted an instructable on striking safety matches with-out the box, however, it was sadly un-published because it didnt have a video (don't worry i'm fixing the one i've got!) and since it has been unpublished it has recieved 30 views? i have only looked at it 3 times?? can someone shed light on my querie please?

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Offline Instructable maker?

Is there any sort of program download on this site that can be used to make Instructables offline? I have a few instructables that I would like to make, but my internet connection is nowhere near good enough to make one.

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Free offline RPG?

Does anybody know of any free offline RPGs? It has to be offline be cause I mostly want one so I have something to do while I download my podcasts (can't play games online and download at the same time). Also, I would like it to not be really gay.My friend plays a game called Conquer Online, I thought it might be fun to play, but it's an MMORPG, the key word being online, so I can't play it, because I'm on dial-up and I get disconnected all the time. I guess I'm looking for something similar to that.I know I'm kind of asking a lot of a free, offline game, but I can't play online ones.KTHXBAI

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Instructables Offline Editor

Sorry, I completely forgot about this! It is by no means perfect, hell, i wouldn't even call it good. But it serves for my purposes.. Have fun with it! Couple of old screen shots of it.. Slightly different now.

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Best Answers Count is offline for a while

.  The boot drive failed on the computer that was running the script that collects Best Answers data. New HDD is on order. I hope to have the system back online by this time next week (I'm trying to put the script on another server, but having problems). If you pass a milestone before I get the script running again, please PM me and I will send you your patch.   -- Nacho

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Is there mods for single player CTF on halo 1 with the players replaced by ai?

I would like to play CTF on the maps of halo 1 pc, but unfortenately i have a bad internet connection. So, i thought may be i can get a mod to play CTF offline, but with the computer as the players. Is there any body out there that can do that?

Question by lil larry  

offline 2d barcode reader for p990i?

Any  2d barcoder reader for Sony ericsson p990i which works offline? (without internet )

Question by axxion  

Best Answers Count Running In Manual Mode For A While

.  A recent update to the site broke my script for checking how many Best Answers ppl have. Robot is looking into the problem, but I have no idea how long it may take (I'm sure Robot has higher priorities than this project). .  Until Robot can fix the problem, please check your profile page every now and then and let me know if you hit a milestone. TIA.

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Instructable Offline Editor [Download and Pictures]

Okay, I didn't realise I hadn't provided a link for this. It's by no means complete, it is by no means the best way to code this. I simply did it quickly. Download (bin + source): The first picture shown here is the very first version, with the third being the most recent. Have fun!

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Testing Xbox LIVE headset offline? Answered

Can I test my voice (micrphone/headset thing) on my XBox 360 without going online and doing the whole Can you hear me?? thing?

Question by xACIDITYx    |  last reply

(Idea) Offline Instructables Editor/maker

So I have had this idea in my head for some time now, and I finally went and tried it out. I'm always mad when I can't work on a instructable because the computer doesn't have internet, so i decided to try and make a editor that would edit and make instructable offline. I figure that i would gets this idea out in the open before going further because it does need some help from everyone here. I already thought up a way to make a type of file format. I took a zip file, put all the instructable files into it, and then renamed it a .ible file so it stands out as a instructable file. i have attached the test .ible fine on the forum so you can take a look at it(just rename it .zip to view it for now). i have a main config fine called CONFIG.instructable which contains all the basic things that it would need to know about the instructable. it tells it the title of the instructable, where to find the text for the intro, the pics for the intro, and then how many steps. there are then config files for each step. the names are simple, step1.config. in that it tells it the name of the step, what the name of the body text file is, and then how many pics are in it and the file names of them the thing is, this file means nothing if we can work out some way to upload it to instructables in a way that it is recognized as a instructable and loaded correctly. I figure that before I go and try to make a program that will make these files, I should ask if this is even possible. So what do you thinl?

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Is an Instructables Database Download possible? Answered

Is there a way to download the entire Instructables database for offline viewing, mirroring and/or backing up?Yes, I realize how big such a download would be. Nothing compared to Wikipedia's, though... And yes, I do realize that there are "download PDF of Instructable" link. I'm talking about a "Download ALL Instructables" link.Or be able to order a stack of CDs/DVDs... That would work too...

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Instructables projects now include PDFs, people

Look to the last step of your projects--you can download a PDF version. I've been wanting this for a long time... Yaaa!

Topic by gmoon    |  last reply

Disaster Access [aka Instructables Off-Line]?

As I get more involved in Instructables, I'm constantly struck by just how much real-world useful information is covered by Instructables that could be an invaluable resource in just about any disaster situation! Being a bit of a prepper, my mind keeps coming back to the fact that without network access [for personal/local/regional reasons], all of that incredible information would be out of reach. :-( Being a "Pro" member, I've decided to build an offline indexed repository of PDF copies of Instructables that I believe would be most useful in disaster situations. I understand this is not something I could "share", because one of the fundamental aspects of Instructables Pro Membership is access to PDF copies for personal use. With that said, has anyone at Instructables thought about putting together and maintaining an "offline" edition?  I would gladly pay an additional membership subscription fee to have access to download such an offline archive edition that was updated on a quarterly [let's say] basis! I get how this might seem like a hard sell to the AutoDesk overlords, because of the potential for abuse via piracy, but I can NOT see how any pirated access to the information on such an archive, would directly impact subscriptions, because with the online subscription, what you're really paying for is all the ONLINE aspects of timeliness, community, feedback, etc., none of which would apply to an offline archive. Anyway... Like I said, It's just something my mind keeps coming back to, and I wondered if anyone else thought along these same lines? -ZacWolf

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Virtual Web Operating System Offline( very cool)

My friend made it. it is hard to explane to just see for your self. should make an account.

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What do you think about Online Idea? Answered

I think some text under a users Picture(s) on their page telling if they are online or not would come in handy if you wanted to mail them, etc. What do you think?

Question by Atomman    |  last reply

How do I backup my instructables offline

How do I backup my instructables offline

Topic by DynamicsTutor    |  last reply

What is the best place online or offline to buy table legs?

Looking for pre-made legs or has anyone seen a place that sells a base similar to this?;=filter&menuCatalog;=room&menuSubcategory;=213146

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How do I save a webpage that uses programming for offline use? Answered

There have now been quite a few websites that I have really enjoyed and used, and then without warning they go offline, leaving me bereft. There's a webpage that uses some sort of programming to allow you to make your own graph paper - is it possible for me to save this so that I can use it offline, please? I have tried the normal save page stuff, but that doesn't work ;-) Here is the link:

Question by kevinhannan    |  last reply

Has anyone found a way to download/view Hulu "type" videos offline?

I'm trying to see if anyone has figured out how download flash/web based videos. I'd like to download them so I can view them offline (while working out etc.).  I'm figuring folks have figured out a way to do this legally for personal use only?

Question by mattideas    |  last reply

PDF downloads are available again!

UPDATE: PDF downloads are available again. (On 3/11/20 - please let us know if you run into issues!)Hi iblers! You may have noticed the "PDF download" button isn't working at the moment. We've taken it offline temporarily and we're working on a fix. I'll update this topic when PDFs are restored to normal. 💛

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looking for games?

What is the name of the D&D; offline game. Looking for a D&D;  RPG in Oklahoma City area

Question by Pan Zer    |  last reply

Download instructables

I am in a situation where I only have access to the internet at school. I go home some 20 min away to my apartment to build instructables. though I was wondering if there was any way to package all the pictures and html from an instructables so one could easily view it offline. Say at my apartment where i'm trying to build the BAWLS led light. Long story short, is there anyway to get zipped instructables files? Or does anyone know any good programs for downloading pages for offline viewing? thanks

Topic by milo126    |  last reply

berg little printer

Hi is anybody hacking these? i would like to get mine working offline,maybe connected to a camera . live slit scan or something like that..

Topic by crazyg  

HTML Image Grabber?

I wish to be able to scrape an image from a webcomic with a html script so I can view the image offline at a later date or so I can view the webcomic when the site is blocked on a comic such as XKCD.

Question by willywoozle    |  last reply

I can't stay logged in

I login, check the box to keep me logged in, then I go offline for a while, come back online and I am not logged in. I am used to other websites that actually do keep me logged in even when I'm offline, is that not how it works here or is it just not working right for me? It does remember my user name and password on the main login page (never the little pop-up boxes) but I still have to click the buttons to log in. I use Firefox, most recent version, and Vista. I have cookies enabled, as I said I am able to stay logged in on other sites.

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Skip suggesting "for easy printing"

When you hover over the PDF icon a bubble says "Download as PDF for easy printing and offline viewing".  I suggest you skip the "for easy printing" -- it suggests the reader waste paper for something that can easily be viewed online.

Topic by BillyBuggy    |  last reply

Cannot download pdf

Hello I paid for a 2 year membership and most of the features have worked. There is no ads etc. The issue is when I try to download the pdf file to save for offline use it tells me that I need a Pro Membership.

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Knowledge First Aid

Hey guys! We're working on the first Knowledge First Aid Book that will be available for you in offline form too, for you to use when the internet may be down! The project is up on Kickstarter! Check it out!

Topic by alexsmaf    |  last reply

Baking contest not enterable?

Hi everyone, the baking contest seems to be offline. I entered my instructable (more than once) but I didn't receive the email telling me that my entry was received. Since there is only one entry in the contest so far I am thinking I might not be the only one. Could you look into this please?Cheers

Question by knopfling  

Where's my instructable?

I published an instructable on Playing Free Online Games Offline several days ago, and it still hasn't come out. They say it's supposed to take up to 24 hours but mine has already taken 3 times that long! Any idea what's going on here? The picture is the one with the odd instructable.

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Download maps for google earth

Does anybody know how I could save the entire map of the us for google maps so I could look at it offline? I use it a lot in the car and I can only look at places I've seen when I was online.Thanks!Sorry, this is typed from a phillips 66 in Iowa! =)

Topic by LinuxH4x0r    |  last reply

Dreamcast Microphone

I have an old Sega Dreamcast lying around and was wondering if anyone had a microphone attachment for it. I am trying to build a microphone input (using an old vmu) instead of buying one offline for 20$+ If you happen to have one I would appreciate it if you opened it up and took some (good) pictures of the circuitry. Pleaseandthankyou, dan

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Going on holiday

Au revior, Je suis allé au France pour deux semaine pour me vacance. Je departe le vingt-neuf Juillet. (Goodbye I will go to France for 2 weeks for my holidays. I leave on the 29th July) So i'll be offline for about two weeks. See ya later -josh BTW:I doubt any of the French is right ;-)

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I've Always Wanted To Know.........?? Answered

On Instructables:- Who rates an Instructable?/How?Who decides which is the Best Answer--the author?What is an Altoids tin?What is Arduino?What Knex?_.....what does the acronym: AFAIK stand for?How do you write in that small text?_(Why do people remember other things they want to ask after they have posted/ gone offline/ put the phone down/ or finished a conversation???).

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First let me start by saying Thanks to all who contribute here. My complaint is that I save the entire page if I really like the posting.This way i can read it offline. I have a comp in my shop I use when building stuff' But these slideshows make I real hard for me to save it all in one easy Save as.Thanks for listening and keep up the great instructables.Maxx1

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I have recently created a website offline which is about 1 mb in size. my next step is to upload it to a webserver so that others can view my website. i have registered a domain name at for free. can any body help me to upload it to a perfect webserver ?my website also contain images . i want that images to be displayed in it.  please mail me at

Question by Soumya Kanti Sar    |  last reply

How to capture Hulu shows and videos? Answered

Just wondering how to capture hulu shows and videos. If I am not mistaking I think I read  somewhere round the web some time ago that it was possible to capture hulu videos for offline viewing but I don't recall ho you actually do this.If anyone has any idea on this I'd love to take a look at it.

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12v battery charger? Answered

My WiFi ISP signals were unable to reach my room. So my ISP arranged a device  on top of apartment & it was powered with 12 volts DC adapter. But makes me to work offline when power is OFF. So i want to make that device to work on 12V battery. So i need to make a charger for that battery to work as UPS. Can any one help me with circuit Diagram and components list??

Question by chinnuabhi    |  last reply

Has the Group Sponsorship Program closed down??? Answered

Hello All, One of the most awesome programs I've seen in the past was the sponsorship program.  And it was one of my pitch points for why we should have a hackerspace here in town.  Now that we have one, I've been looking around the site for the program and all the links to it have been taken offline.  Has it been cancelled??? Thanks for the time and hope to hear from you soon! Clint LeClair, Pres. of

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unable to "download" pdf

Hello, I am in the win10 os, using chrome and MS edge. I believe I am a "PRO" member I use to find a instructable I want, depress the download tab, and I would get my PDF.  Now, I  go to the instructable screen Depress the download ang get a message  Download PDF All Instructables are now available in PDF format for easy printing, sharing and offline viewing. What's up with that? Thank you

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Questionnaire - Help Needed please

**First of sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this in** **Bit of background, I'm Fergal from Ireland, 22, and currently studying Communications in Creative Multimedia and have a request if any of you would kindly help me** I'm doing a Virtual Ethnography assignment for a module on my course titled' User Theories' and thought Instructables would be a great online community to research as I've had the enjoyment of using it a few times for college projects. Side bar: A Virtual Ethnography is the study of people interacting in an online community. I want to look at why people give up their free time and spend a lot of time and effort to help others with tutorials. I want to also explore hierarchy within the community and see if there is any influential or highly regarded people within the community. Also just general observation of the Instructables community. So if you have time i would appreciate it immensely if you could fill in the short questionnaire below. Would really help me out a lot thanks. Look forward to hearing back from you all. Thanks!! 1 – What is your age, gender, location? 2 - How often do you visit the forum / post on the forum? 3 - How often do you browse Instructables? 4 - Do you feel the Instructables forum offers a sense of community? How does it differ to a offline Instructables community if any? 5 - Do you find it easier to communicate and voice your opinions online on the forum, than offline face to face? 6 - Does being part of the Instructables forum make you feel a sense of importance ? 7 – Have you ever met anyone from Instructables offline face to face ? [If so elaborate please, how? when? Still talk?] 8 - Do you think there's a downside to communicating online rather than just offline? 9 – What do you think is the best aspect of communicating in the Instructables forum? 10 – Do you communicate with any Instructables members on facebook/twitter or any other messenger? If so how many, how often, in depth conversations or small talk? 11 – How many projects have you made successfully from Instructables 12 – Have you ever subsequently made money from following a instructable and selling on what you made? [examples please/ elaborate] If any questions dont apply to you, please even just try answer as any feedback / knowledge about the online community will help me greatly!! If you think of anything else that is not mentioned and that would help me, i would also be grateful for this info. Thanks again, Fergal McCabe @Fergal_McCabe D00125983[at]student[dot]dkit[dot]ie​

Topic by Fergal_14    |  last reply

Why is Instructables so great?

Hi my name’s Padraig and I’m doing an online ethnography project for one of my modules in college. I’m a member of this site and I’m curious as to whether or not everybody else agrees that the site facilities this kind of D.I.Y. activity far better than traditional person-to-person social groups, oh and also, of course, why you enjoy using instructables and that sort of thing. Like I said I’m a student, I’m not some sleazy market researcher, I’m really interested in instructables as a community and would hugely appreciate any replies to my questions. Answer whatever you like and feel free to add anything you think is worth mentioning. 1 - What is you age, gender, general location? 2 - How often would you say you visit the site? 3 - Do you use the forum often and participate in discussion? 4 - Do you find that having access to the various instructions submitted to the site has directly affected how often you yourself make things by hand? 5 - Do you feel that the site allows you to express a side of your personality which you may not usually have the opportunity to express offline? 6 - If you answered yes to the previous question, then why? 7 - Do you attend offline events that are promoted through the forum? 8 - Do you talk with any Instructable members outside of the site, either online (MSN Messenger etc.) or offline (Events)? 9 - Have you experienced a sense of competition in producing bigger and better instructables or is the atmosphere more laid back, is this good or bad in you opinion? 10 - Do you feel that the community offers a decent support network of friends and like minded individuals? 11 - Would you consider members like threadbanger and giannyl (etc.) to be instructable’s very own cult of celebrities? Cheers.  

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Stats pages still running?

Hey can anyone get the stats page to appear or has it been taken offline again? The only reason I ask is that out of nowhere one of my instructables has been speeding up in pageviews, overtaking one about sex and chasing the jet engine up as well but the referral URLs are all just the usual searches from google etc. Either way, anybody any notions on why people may have a sudden renewed interests in Zippos. 

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What did I miss?

OK, I've been away, offline for just over a week. I am already conscious that there have been quite a few comments and messages that I have missed without reply, and I've seen the new layout (me likey). Apart from a video of Caitlinsdad playing with my balls, and my balloon jig going slightly la-la on YouTube (it ended up on the front page, apparently) What else have I missed? What cool projects have slipped my view?

Topic by Kiteman  

All instructables formatting codes

Does anybody know a place (or can list themselves) that lists all the codes used to format the text, post videos, links, et cetera? I just want to know as i'm making an offline editor for myself (mostly as a practice project) and don't know all the codes. It's a live editor so as you type you can see a preview of it to the right. At the moment i have to add "/" to end the command, but I will add an exporter to remove them automatically. Currently all i have implemented are the ones shown here;

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Idea - Help Me Create It!

I want to create, frame, and wall mount a simple screen which automatically refreshes via wifi every day with a new image taken offline. I envision a small screen on my wall that will automatically update with the new astronomy picture of the day ( or the wikipedia featured picture or whatever I want.  It will showcase better artwork than anything I can buy and the image will never get old because it will always be changing.  I have no idea how to go about creating this and really hope someone can help.  

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How to rip/download movies from Lovefilm? Answered

Basically you can stream Lovefilm movies online and I wanted to know, if it is possible of course, how to rip/ download streaming movies and tv episodes from Lovefilm to my computer for some offline watching. Not 100% percent how this works, suppose it's not your usual online video streaming, like the one you get from youtube, so that I could rip/ download lovefilm movie streams with just about any video downloader program. Might just be wrong, but anyhow would appreciate your suggestions.

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Link Error on download link gives xml FIle - Espresso Souffle

Hi Download pdf gives contents ox xml file Espresso Soufflé by MrSirLRD Vote! Featured Download  6 Steps   Share  Favorite  I Made it!  Collection Download PDF All Instructables are now available in PDF format for easy printing, sharing and offline viewing. PDF download times vary, so please be patient as it may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed. Click on the link below to download your PDF. If you are having trouble downloading the PDF, try right clicking your mouse and choosing 'Save Link As...' or Ctrl + click if you're using a Mac. Espresso-Soufflé-1.pdf

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