Ohms on a Speaker VS Ohms on an Amp? Answered

I am looking fixing up my cars stereo and I am not sure about how to pair a sub with an amp.  I am using crutchfield.com.  I found some speaker I subs I would like to get, they are 12" kickers and there is an 8 ohm version and a 4 ohm version.  They are rated for 50 - 150 watts.  Now my guess was to buy a 2 channel amp (I wan't two subs) and use it.  The one I am looking at is 125 watts @ 4 ohms X 2 speakers.  I read that you may want to buy an over-rated amp so you don't blow it by trying to drive excessive speakers.  Is this an acceptable combination. 

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Matching speakers to amplifier

I have purchased 2 Maxamp20 amplifiers (http://store.accusafe.nl/modules/versterkers/maxamp20-met-3-5mm-connector) and i am trying to match speakers to them, i've searched audio forums for information (that i mostly don't understand) and tried asking questions (that have been mostly ignored) and i think i've found appropriate speakers but i want to get a second opinion before i purchase stuff i might not be able to return. i don't have the space for and can't afford the weight requirements of a large enclosure but i want fairly high volume and wide dispersion so im looking at getting 2 of these PA horns (http://www.specotech.com/index.php/products/audio/item/542-spc40rp) to mount on top of a shallow down firing enclosure for 2 of these subs (http://store.accusafe.nl/onderdelen/luidsprekers/subwoofer/dayton-audio-sd215a-88-8-dvc-subwoofer-speaker). i know the subs work with that amplifier because they are used in Boominators (http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/class-d/104402-boominator-another-stab-ultimate-party-machine.html) but i have no idea about the horns. also assuming this setup is okay do i need some kind of filter or crossover (not sure of the difference) to split the sound safely between the midrange and the sub speakers?

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I need help correcting impediance on speakers.

Here's some background on what I'm dealing with: I run a haunted house in Nashville TN called Devil's Dungeon. We have a sound system that is controlled from a rack with 6 2 channel power amps. 4 of them are 260W by 2 channel and 2 are 500W by 2 channel. I have 10 cd players running to a 24 channel mixing console and the way I control each room on a separate channel is by using the post-fader sends (yeah, it's a really old peavey, but the new ones don't have post -fader sends per channel) as a line out per channel. IE: i run a line directly from the post-fader send per channel to the power amp's input. Here's my problem: There are more speakers than there are outputs, and the speakers are placed where they are needed in a particular scene. It is a large building and it would be highly laborious to try and correct the impedance by putting extra speakers and with series/parallel combinations and as we are already open this season and I don't want to re-engineer the entire system. Is there any way to correct the impedance with some kind of variable resistor? Everything I've seen so far that could handle the power is pretty large, and if possible, I'd like to put it in a relatively small project box. Can this be done with a potentiometer? I only need to correct it by a few ohms and the only POT's I've seen have been in K increments .

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I have 4 speakers from the JBL On Stage ipod speakers that i want to rewire and use as portable speakers. I'd like to wire them together into a headphone cable so they can be plugged into a laptop and powered through the laptop or by batteries. I realize not all four may be able to be wired together so even just 2 or maybe 1 i'd be fine with. They are 1 inch in diameter each. Is it possible?? General Specs Drivers Four Odyssey Neodymium drivers Power Output 6 watts per channel Frequency Response 80Hz – 20kHz Input Impedance >5k ohms Signal-to-Noise Ratio >80dB Voltage Input 120 Vac U.S.

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Mismatching speaker wattage?

Hey guys, So I've recently gotten into making DIY speaker systems, but I'm having trouble understanding the whole ordeal about wattage and ohms. I have four speakers I managed to salvage from some old speaker systems that I got from an old thrift shop. I have two 15W 4ohm speakers, a 20W 8ohm speaker and a 2W 8ohm speaker (but I don't think I'll find a use for that one, I'm not sure) I plan on buying the Lepai LP-2020A+ amplifier, it's a two channel amp and delivers 20W/ch with impedance of 4-8ohms. What I want to know is what set up would be best with what I have? Can I run the two 4 ohm speakers on 1 channel even though they would draw 30W of power? I'm a bit new at this, and my understanding is still a bit unclear so if anyone could please explain, I would very much appreciate it :) Thank you

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Will and 8 ohm Speaker work where a 32 ohm Speaker is needed? Answered

I am asking because I bought this sound generator kit that has a 32 ohm speaker with it. But what I ultimately want to do with it is actually have a line out in order to hook up to external amps. The speaker is connected to a 15 ohm resister that is connected to pin 3 of a 555 IC on one side and the other side of the speaker is connected to a 10uf capacitor. The kit is the C4722 10 Note Sound Synthesizer from Chaney Electronics the circuit is similar to one i built and made an instructable for. On that one it has similar parts but the speaker is connected to one 10uf capacitor and negative. Do you think if I omitted the 15 ohm resistor I would be able to connect an 8ohm speaker or a line out? I haven't tried anything yet. And I haven't started to build my box yet since I don't know if am going to have to use the speaker that came with it or if I can modify it they way I desire.

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Hi all,  I got two 3-way-speakers (8ohm) from my uncle, but I don't have an amplifier. I wanted to use these speakers as audio-monitors for my pc. Is it possible to make an (easy) amplifier-circuit for this use? And do I need one or two circuits (1 circuit-1 speaker / 1 circuit-2 speakers)? Thanks for helping me out! Arnout PS: Sorry if my english isn't that good - I'm from Belgium ;)

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Speaker resistance?

I have an amp schematics and for the speaker rezistance it says 8 ohms. I have 4 ohm speakers so I am worried that amp circuit will burn. Will it be ok, or should I put a 4ohm resistor in series with the speaker. The chip is TDA2615. Power source is 12v lead-acid battery.

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Amp for a homemade speaker box with car speakers?

The speakers are almost definitely going to be a pair Sony Xplod XS-R5743's Specs: 4-Ohm 190W Peak 35W RMS So with these power specs, what should the power ratings for the amp be? I considered building an amp, and unless there is something I've missed, it looks cheaper just to buy a car amp and just make it run from a wall outlet after a transformer. Especially when every amp that I see being built is a low power 1W LM386. Please, let me know the best method for amplifying the audio to these speakers and the required power. Thanks

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Portable speaker?

I have a 12v battery and a radio head unit along with 2 JBL speakers that are 70w rms 210w peak and 4 ohms  will this work if connected up?

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how can you determine if an audio amplifier circuit is for 4 ohm or 8 ohm speaker?

Most audio amplifiers are labelled "use with 8 ohm speaker" and a like. what if there is no label? how can you determine what speaker to be used? speaker impedance well suited for an amplifier circuit depends on what electrical component?

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Audio amplifier 4ohm and speakers are 6ohm, does it matter that the ohm number is different on the speaker??

Hi, I want to make a portable speaker as a project, whilst gathering all my components together i realised that my speakers specs had 6ohm and  3watts. Where as my audio amplifier specs are 3 watts and 4ohm and 8ohm (listed on website). does the ohm levels on the audio amplifier have to match the speaker?? Please keep reply simple as i am new to this, thanks :)

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Portable speaker project?

Hello I am looking to build a portable speaker with some old speakers I found around my house, powered with batteries. I want to know how much voltage my speakers need to work, on the speakers casing it says 5 watts and 4 ohms. Is there an equation I can use to find out what the voltage is of my speakers based on the watts and ohms level?  Based on my research it looks like I will need an audio amplifier, can you suggest a cheap and cost effective audio amplifier and leave the weblink on the comments.  Please keep the reply basic as in not a tech wizard lol thank you. 

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Polarity on speakers? Answered

I have about a dozen little 4-8 ohm speakers out of toys and alarm clocks. I noticed that while most of them have no markings, one of them has a little plus and minus polarity markers on it. Does polarity matter on cheap speakers, and if so, why?

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I have two speakers of 4 Ohms. Can it works fine with ONE amplifier KEMO m032 ? Answered

I have two speakers of 4 Ohms. Can it works fine with ONE amplifier KEMO m032 ?

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How do I go about connecting speakers with different wattage & ohms to the same source?

I have a bunch of old speakers that I wish to use for a project but I'm unsure if they will all work together. I have: 4 x 60W 10Ω 2 x 20W 6Ω 2 x 25W 6Ω 2 x 5W 16Ω with DC in & component input (out of old computer monitor base) Will I be able to connect all the speakers to the circuit board with the power & input? What will I need to do or obtain to make them work together?

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what is the best ohm rateing for running speakers out of a mp3 player with no amp or any other equipment.

i just bought a new zune HD player today and i dont want to risk  damageing it  unfortunatly i dont have any other speakers besides some that i had laying around which are rageing from 3.2 ohm (somehow) to 6 ohm to 8 ohm which would be the best the 3.2 are what im useing now they suck but they are outloud if somebody could design a simple amp with -volume control -3 inputs -cabible to run differant ohms of speakers safely  -left and right channels -cabible of running a large numbers of speakers thank you

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4 ohm subwoofer problem... Answered

I have received a 4 ohm subwoofer, that seems to be "stuck" , I don't know how I could fix this. I also need a way to test the subwoofer because I do not have an amp. Thanks

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Vanessa..Stereo speakers?

I have a late-70s, early 80s SEARS Compact Stereo am/fm radio phonograph tape system. On back, it says 80 OHM speakers hookup. What can I use for a substitution for the speakers?? Thanks, Vanessa

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Is there a simple audio amplifier circuit I can use with an 8 Ohm speaker?? Answered

Is there a simple audio amplifier circuit I can use with an 8 Ohm speaker? If you know of any, or have any, could you please post a link in your answer? Thanks! Also, I'm not very good at reading circuit diagrams, so if its easy to read, bonus points!

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Which poteniometer for 8 ohm speaker into TEAC AG-980 Amp?

Hi there, I have this 65W amp hooked up to two pairs of JBL Control Ones (8 Ohm) and one Fenword 8 Ohm Speaker. This uses A/B/C/D with the amp's multi zone function. The Fenford is in our bathroom area (it's a small gym) and I want to attentuate the volume just for this speaker. Any idea which potentiometer I can solder onto the cable to damp the volume?

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Looking for a gainclone design that's lower powered than most. What is the equivalent wattage at 16 or 4 ohms?

Most of the gainclone designs i can find are between 25 and 50 watts. I have a pair of 20 watt maximum @ 8 Ohms which I'd like to build a small amp for (possibly portable, but gainclones don't seem to have much of that). The downside: I understand making the Ohms match the minimum required of my amplifier, but I've never had to worry about the max wattage before. I know that if I attach them in series I get 16 Ohms and 4 if parallelled, but trying to figure out what the wattage becomes seems difficult. I know its logarithmic, but I can't find a calculator for it. Plus I think it depends on the amp's output ability. (Yes I did mention these in another question.)

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connecting Speakers for equal load?

Hey There guyz i have speakers as follows 2*15w 4ohm 1*18w 4 ohm 1*40w 4 ohm and a small speaker which has impedance of 3 ohm dont know of watt for this i have an 100 watt amplifier (50w*2 or 50w/channel) how should i connect those speakers for equal load on amplifiers and which speakers i shouldnt connect sory im really noob at this i connected those speakers in parallel at low volume they worked fine but wanna build a portable speaker which could run at full volume amplifer i have is XH-M189 running at 18v 2 amps.

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What is the maximum power (ohms/watts) available from a headphone port?

I happen to have a set of 8 ohm speakers (which say 20 watt max) and wondered about using them so I can listen to my mp3 player in the shower.

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dual 3 ohm amplifier circuit.

I have two 3 ohm stereo speakers, which i wish to connect to a computer. What is the ic chip that i should use for best quality? Please help me with a circuit!

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Microphone to speaker amplifiers

I want to make a microphone to 8 ohm speaker amplifier. I have tried using the lm386 op amp, however, the results were poor. What other IC could I use for this project? PD: It would also be of great help if any of you could send me a schematic along with the new IC since I am relatively new to electronics and still learning.

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  I have a pair of tv speaker that are 16 ohms and 11 w, and I wanted to turn them into wireless bluetooth speaker kind of similar to this one. (https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Bluetooth-Speaker-PartyBar/) . I was wondering what kind of amplifier, bluetooth module and battery would I need. these are the speakers I have- http://www.ebay.com/itm/378G110A567YAK-TELEVISION-.. I am a noob in these kind of project so, detailed explanation would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Speaker amp size?

Ok Im making a speaker, I´ve got 3 speakers connected in parallel and I want to buy an amplifier from Maplin. What kind of amplifier should I buy? Speakers:3W+3W+5W=11WMy multimeter says theyre 2 Ohms but thats because theyre connected in parallel really they are4Ohm+4Ohm+8OhmSo basically could someone tell me which amplifier to buy (it doesnt matter if its a DIY kit)

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Want to convert TV audio to headphone or speaker. What impedance transformer ratio is reasonable ?

Present speaker is 14 ohm. I tried a 1000 ohm to 16 ohm, it cut output to speaker by 75%. Thinking I need 1:1 transformer and probably impedance is not critical as long as it is 50 ohms or less. I will be switching between earphones or speaker. No fidelity requirements.

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How to design a piezoelectric speaker with high impedance at 30 - 150 watt?

I'm looking for a guide on how to build and measure a piezoelectric speaker with regular impedance 4ohm , 8ohm , 16ohm , with watts from 30 up to 150watts rms , the purpose use is for amplifiers such as hifi amps , guitar tube amps , also i want to know if it possible and how to make a high impedance piezoelectric speaker above the 1kohm for a OTL Tube Amps , to solve the problem instead using many tubes to lower the high impedance , to use a piezoelectric design that has the high impedance for example 4000ohm in this case no need for output transformer or too much of tubes, plugging the tubes directly to a piezoelectric speaker , the size of the speaker it may be bigger than a regular piezoelectric element due to the high impedance and adding other material for resonance , anyone can help? please :)

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Headphone Amp speaker impedance

The headphone amp I built awhile back is working pretty good, but recently I saw something about matching speakers impedance to the circuits impedance or something like that. IDK. Is there something you have to do to regulate the output to "match" your speakers. A google search brought up something about a peak resonance....

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Speaker switch box (2 x 2 or 4) with automatic ohm balance / adjustment, has anyone got a design for it please?

Hi, I have a cheap speaker switch box connected to my stereo amplifier as it only had one set of speaker outputs. When the smaller higher power demanding speakers are switched the box causes the more efficient floor standing units to shadow the sound which is annoying. The reverse does not happen, but when all 4 speakers are switched on the sound quality drops noticeably, as it would since the ohm matching is not right. I could buy an expensive Niles box but I don't exactly know the ohms for the smaller speakers since they have had the main drivers replaced (the original foam cone supports hardened and cracked in the dry heat of a few Australian summers). I suspect one set on, and one set off is a simple enough device even I as a novice could design it, yes i can, but would just building a better switch box using higher quality switches solve the shadow effect? and I have no idea about the 2 sets on so any ideas - a internet search didn't help much but maybe you call these things differently in the USA?

Question by dgeer 9 years ago

How to choose speaker for DIY iPhone speaker system Answered

Hi guys I'm a bit of a tinkerer, but new to audio.  I'm designing an ipod speaker dock from a Gigaware 40-303.  Got the thing apart, but the left speaker is making a bad buzzing sound.  I want to replace the speaker, but I'm unsure of what to look for.  The specs for the system I got the circuit from are as follows: output: 15 W x 2 Driver size: 3.0" x 2 signal to noise: greater than or equal to 65 dB freq response: 80Hz-20KHz rated load impedence: 4 ohms power rating: 100-240V -50/6-hz, 1 amp So I need to look for a 3" 15 watt 4 ohm speaker?  I don't want to underload the circuit and draw too much power.   What about range?  Mid, tweeter etc?  Does that matter? The original speaker is pictured below.  The sticker on the back is the only identifying info.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

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What kind of amplifier do I need for these speakers? And how do I hook them up? Answered

Well, I have an 8 ohm, 10 watt subwoofer, and I have a pair of 4 ohm, 5 watt speakers. Does this mean I need an 8 ohm and 20 watt amplifier? Sorry if that is not the concept at all, as I don't have a very good grasp of audio.

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Speaker and Amplifier Wiring Please Help!

As you can see I have a car amp and some speakers, can anyone with speaker or amp knowledge please tell me (or even better draw a diagram :D) of the best (most efficient / loudest) way to wire all these up, the specs are as follows… AMP 2/1 channel amplifier Max power – 400 watt 4 ohm stereo – 2 x 75 watts RMS 2 ohm stereo – 2 x 100 watts RMS ROUND SPEAKERS (midwoofers) 4 ohm 25 watt RECTANGE SPEAKERS (tweeters) 4 ohm 4 watt Thanks for your help! (P.S my plan is to build a portable sound system powered by a car battery)

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how to lower ohms from 28,000 to about 8 ohms without signal loss?

Just wondering if i can convert a device designed for an antique earpiece to run with a 2 or 3 watt speaker; is it possible? it is one of those vintage tube radio hearing aid things designed to work with 2 old batterys.

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tell me the procedure to make a amplifier for 4 ohm 5 watts speaker?

I have a pair of two speakers of 4ohm 5watts from my old speaker set. I want to make a new speaker in my cardboard. Tell me steps and things required to build it with procedure...

Question by ShahuR 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How do i make an amplifier for 3 speakers?

I have a pair of 20 watt, 8 ohm full range speakers and one 5 watt 8 ohm speaker. how do i make an amplifier for these three speakers? i want to put these three speakers in one box (the two bigger speakers on the left and right and the smaller one in the middle). i want to be able to connect my phone to it with a headphone jack and play music. How do i make this work?

Question by alex.simon.7524 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Building 2 speakers and linking them to a home cinema amplifier, need some help

1. For one speaker I'm linking 1 8 Ohm 8 Watt and 1 8 Ohm 5 Watt speakers, should I link them in series or parallel? 2. Do the speakers need any additional amplifiers?

Question by ElectroHops 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

LM386 speaker + LED help?

How would I go about making a speaker out of an LM386 which has lights that pulse to the music? is there a simple schematic to go by? all the ones I've tried work, but the 8 ohm speaker sounds drowned out and the leds just stay lit or burn out

Question by fretwreckef94 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

building a complex amp simple cheap

I need to build a complex amp for cheap and as simple as possible i need it to -run speakers at differant ohms safely -have left and right channels -have little distortion -have 3 inputs -have outputs that can run at least 6 speakers off of each channel -have volume control -off/'on switch -portable and have to run of of 9V batteries (as many as it takes) so how can this task be compleated

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Car speaker LED question

Hi guys, i have a 500w car speaker, and i want to attach an LED to it so it syncs with the treble and bass, and when i tried it blew out the led because i turned the music up to loud. so i was wondering what ohm resistor i should use, the forward voltage on the LED is 2.4v, and i want to be able to turn my music up loud and have it work. any help would be great!

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Is making a speaker with an amplifier on a breadboard a good idea? Answered

Is making a speaker with an amplifier on a breadboard a good idea will it create distortion can it function properly ps. Ill be using an lm386 and an 8 ohm speaker thanks

Question by TheGreatResistor 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

What amp do I get for my speakers? Suggestions please :)

I'm looking to find an amp for RB-41 II Bookshelf Speakers for home use. I'm looking for two amps. 1) an amp that will play these speakers well an then 2) upgrade to an amp that can handle more speakers and a sub woofer.The speaker's power handling is 50W RMS/ 200 W peak, with nominal impedance of 8 ohms

Question by leedaasianboy 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

is there is a way to convert stero speakers into speakers that i could plug into my cpu so i could play my music louder?

The information on the back of the speakers are as follows: Speaker System FWB-C399/17 3139 118 79080 Impedance: 6 OHM Serial No: E0210242 Made in China

Question by dridge12 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Higher powered speakers with lower powered amp or Low powered speakers with higher power amp?

There is a lot of conflicting information on this and I would like to know if my speakers/amp would get damaged. Using 80w speakers and a 50w amp will there be any problems with running on full volume? And if I got a 100w amp with those 80w speakers will there be damage, even if I added a heat sink to the back where the voice coil is? The speakers say 80w max but not really reliable as they are well priced Chinese speakers. Speakers: 80W Audio Sensitivity: 88dB Frequency Range (Hz): 100-20Khz 4 Ohm Amp: Efficiency: 90% Rated output power: 2*50W+100W Working voltage: DC18V to DC24V The maximum output current: 4A Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz Can drive a 3-16 ohm speakers In the condition of rated voltage 24V The sub woofer channel at rated voltage 24V state can drive 2-16 ohm sub woofer Bass cut-off frequency independent regulation 20HZ-20KHZ adjustable Very confusing conflicting info online with under rated amps causing clipping and over powered amps frying the speakers. Originally I thought it was only bad to over power the speakers. Any help about what is worse, is appreciated.

Question by bonze77 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

need some help with making an amp for speakers

I have a speaker that looks like the ones in the image but it has bigger magnets. its a 3Watt and 4 Ohms. i have another speaker but its only a 1.5 watt and i can't remember the ohms i think 3 Ohms. i wanted the 3watt speaker to be a little subwoofer in a little box that i am making but i don't know how to make an amplifier that can make one play regular and the other one just bass. if you have one i can buy it off of you if you will let me. get some info how to make an amp of you can sell me one and witch one i connect it to and i plan on using a   9 volt battery. the 3 Watt speaker came from a KAIDEAR portable speaker. these speakers are how the kaidear speakers look but with a big magnet and i only have 1 speaker for a little sub and a t.v. speaker for regular audio.

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How to match the load of a DC-converter?

Hi! I'm having a few TEG-elements (TEP-1264-1.5) that I want to put best use of and plug them in to a circuit in one end and get a 5V USB in the other end! They are acting somewhat similar to solar panel and a matched load (in this case 2.0 - 2.8 Ω for each) is needed for optimal performance. They will provide during matched load 2.5-4V and 0.5-1.5A and I'm planning on putting two of them in series. I have been looking at a MPPT design, but those seem to be based on the fact that they are charging a 12V battery that can accept a wide range of input voltages and therefore it's possible to have a DC/DC converter that just adjusts the conversion. In my case I wan't exactly 5V but I can accept various currents 300mA - 1000mA, so if I know my Ohms law right I should be able to get a load resistance of ~1 - 16 Ω which is quite far out of range. Is there any way to design a circuit that has a matched load of 2.0-2.8Ω (or will it be twice if they are in series?) while still being able to give a constant output of 5V?

Question by Granstubbe 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Speaker (single) Volume Control

I have a Panasonic home theatre system, standard set up. ( 2 front, 2 rear,1 centre and 1 Sub woofer). Unfortunately, because of the room layout, I'm not able to site any of the speakers in an ideal location. So, I have to make do with the best poss. One of the rear speakers is close to where I sit, the other 3mtrs diagonally opposite. I want to insert some form of volume control into the feed of the adjacent speaker. So that when set the rear speaker volume level there is a better balance between the near and distant speaker. I am unable to access any other wiring or components apart from the speaker feed wire, so it has to be something in line. I tried a dimmer switch (dont laugh) but that attenuated the signal too much, and was barely audible. The speaker is 6 ohm imp and 60wat power input. Any suggestions appreciated, apart from buying a new house!

Question by rogedodge 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Speaker + resistor = joy? - help a mom replace a $299 6.5" OEM auto speaker

Hi All, I come to my dear instructables seeking some basic understanding.  Let me just preface this by the fact that I have no problem getting dirty or cracking things open to try to understand them better- probably  better at taking them apart than putting them back together - but I try...(hubby kids that I always end up with spare parts too). this leads me to my current problem. The right front speaker in my 2001 sienna minvan decided to blow after much to much green day playing. Yesterday I just couldn't take the awful hissing anymore and popped off the panel to pull out the speaker. I'm kinda used to my old cars where I could pop down to best buy and pickup a new set. Not so with Toyota - OH NO they have special 2.2 Ohm speakers that are proprietary to Toyota. So I went to the dealsership and was told that a new right front JBL speaker replacement  (model 6689) was going to cost me $299. - you read that right $299 for ONE 6.5" door speaker. I found a website briefly outlining how to take a plain 4 ohm speaker, get a 1.8 Ohm resistor and be done with it.  -  http://oneilengineering.9f.com/photo5.html - So there are a few questions that I need answered by someone with experience. 1) Is it that simple?  - I may opt for decent replacements and I'll do both door ones so they match ... 2) I can't see from that fellows photos exactly how the resistor is attached - is it just soldered in place bridging the two end where the + /- leads are attached? any existing ibles with closeups? I couldn't find any. is a resistor directional? 3) I read somewhere that if I'm adding the resistor -  that heat will be generated from reducing the current - Is that true? if so - do I have to shield it somehow? Thank you for any help !!!

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