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what is this website's URL and date of access?

The URL of this website and date of access

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how do i make a color splash photo?

I just need help on how to do my pictures with color splash

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Jim got arrested on the plane just for greeting his friend 3 rows down from him. Why? Answered

The first person to answer this correctly will be in my next instructable. I get over 300 views a week.

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OK to post?

I made a suppressor/ recoil compensator for a Umarex Steel Storm bb repeater pistol and would like to post the how to. Is that OK? It is relatively esy to build, and being made from household and hardware store parts, it is very inexpensive as well.

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Hi i want to make a Midi pad similar to this and i have this device which i don't use anymore , has anyone tried it before with an mp3 player ?

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Is this an ok PC?

Hi I have a budget of under £300 and want to spend it on upgrading my PC. I need:1. GPU2. CPU3. Case + PSU4. MoBo5. RAMSo far I found this: I'm not looking for a PC that will run Crysis on highest detail but just some average games like Burnout ParadiseSo could someone advise me if this is good enough or would I need something better and if so could someone tell me what.Thanks,Kacper

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Is it ok to post it?

Hey Instructables! So a couple of weeks ago I finished a year long project, automating my room. The project is completly modular so if any piece burns out or fails you can quickly switch it, the project includes automatic lighting controlled via a PIR sensor, an LM35 controlled fan, a miniature green house controlled by another LM35 and it displays the info about humidity and temp, through a 16x2 lcd and DHT11, a combination lock for my door via a keypad, a infrared control that can turn on or of my desk lamp, alarm clock, room lights, solder station and has the function to turn the whole system on or off, it also includes a modified Sony alarm clock, that has a TDA2040 amplifier with aux in and its connected to some speakers around my room. I have all the eagle files and ready to print pdf´s. Everything is controlled by 2 DIY arduinos. I made most of the modules for the sensor array but a couple of the controll modules were made using already existing files on fritzing, and the DIY-Duino Should I redesign this modules and controller board before uploading, or will crediting the authors of this parts will do?

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OK Go's new video has a fantastic Rube Goldberg device

 OK Go has always been keen on including some well thought out visuals in its videos. Their latest is no different. The whole thing is one long Rube Goldberg device. Unlike most videos like this where the camera patiently tracks all the action, the sequence is pretty hectic so pay attention. Or watch it more than once. I'm sure the band won't mind.

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Um, uh, OK.....

Uh, what? Look at billy is alive, The time?

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Is my circuit OK?

I'm building a circuit that uses two 5V inputs and one 24V input. I drew a schematic that I think will work but I want to make sure it does before building it. Can somebody tell me if I'll really get 5V and 24V?

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Pro Membership

Ok, I have had one for a year now and it finally had expired, and I didn't know it so I went on the website and im like "When did they put up all these ads!?!?!?!?!?!?" and I realized oh, yeah. Damn I can't download anything anymore. Has anybody else have had that experience before?

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Utility knives OK for kids?

Just a thought- if knives proper are not ok for kids, than what about utility knives? shorter blades- less space to cut your fingers with?

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Is Styrofoam now "OK" to use? Answered

Is the American attention span that short?  Just because Circle K promotes a "no sweat cup" as a connivence, does that mean we NEED to use Styrofoam? Is OK to do so because this is a "new type" of Styrofoam? As usual, I'm confused!

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OK, what happened today? Answered

I could try and blame it on scoochmaroo. I heard she was cooking bacon in the office (lmao) WHAT HAPPENED?

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Ok paid with pay pal

I paid and it showed up on my bill me later account. Did not get any email confirmation and no pro membership.  I know this may in fact be a glitch but please tell me it can be fixed. PLEASE

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Ok, here we go.....

I have one more piece of info to get yet, before I wipe and restore my OS. Wish me luck, I have never done this before....I don't know what might be involved, and what might hinder my getting back to the place I was before; and, hopefully unlike a stay at Hotel California, I will be able to return to the place I was before (I would also like to get some projects out this weekend....what are the chances, do you think? LOL).

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arduno Uno connect to laptop USB OK,connect to external power not OK?

Hi,All I am experiencing a headache now.I connected arduino UNO and a serial relay board,then i uploaded my sketch to it,the problem is once i plug it into laptop.the project works,but once i use a external power,say,12V 1A,or 5v 1A.or lipo batteries(5v1A and 12V1A)to power jack of UNO,it won't behaved the way as i expected.I haven't tried 9V 1A. i think the sketch is in the chip,So it should work without the presence of serial signal,i used 'softwareserial.h'library to enable virtual serial of UNO.and made PIN10 and PIN11 as serial PINS.i don't know where the problem lies.

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would doing a ible on sex be ok?

 i was just wondering, would it be ok if i did one? it wouldent have any adult pictures, just good info

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is it ok to compost in galvanized metal containers?

Will galvanized metal containers leach chemicals into composting material intended for garden use

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ok guys let's get started!

Ok guys let's start submitting instructables into the group and maybe even find more members. -PUMPKIN$

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OK, Let's clarify some things....

1) OK, I will clarify this after it confused me for so much time. For those of you who didn't know,Eric and canida are marriedI tell you this to help you avoid all the stuff I went through. I saw a lot of things that pointed towards this fact, but nothing actually confirmed it. I didn't have the courage to ask here, if I was wrong, the embarrassment would be too much.... So there.What happened to Stasterisk?Star Simpson is a girl that strapped a fake bomb to her and tried to go through an airport. It was a circuit board with play doh attached to it in certain spots. She is currently a student at MIT, which explains the website url. So if you want to get more of an idea of who this Star Simpson girl is. Check outthis pageAnd this ibles postMy name is BryantAlthough, I think Gorillazmiko made that quite clear. Get over it.

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Will my metal welder work ok?

I'm totally new to metal welding but am going to give it a try. My oven/range has a power outlet that reads on it: 125/250V, 50Amps. It has four prongs, three vertically oriented flat ones aligned as a triangle with the center one lower than the other two, and a fourth one top center that's round. My breaker box shows a 50Amp breaker for it. The welder says it's a MIG 170, 240V AC, 20Amps,single phase, 60Hz (Harbor Freight). I think the power I have is actually 220V but I'm not sure. If I do only have 220V will the welder only draw as much voltage as is asked by it - that is, if I only crank it up, say 3/4 of the way, will it draw less than its rated 240V? Or is that 240V just a maximum rating and it should run ok with 220V? It would seem odd that they would sell a welder that won't work for the power their customers would have by default without modifications. Also, where can I get a double socket for that outlet with one having an extension so I don't have to pull out my oven every time I need to weld something? Thank you. Bretina

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Ok, Other People Need to Enter!

 Other poeple need to enter this contest! Part of me doesn't want the competition, but the other part realizes that without competition, there can be no victory. If you are reading this, I'm looking at you to submit a supercalifragilisticexpialidocius Instructable to this contest! As Theodore Roosevelt said, "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred be dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error o shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cols and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat." Now go and make a great Instructable!

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Ok my dad messed up kinda big this time... (car problems)? Answered

Well basically my dad tried to change the oil in the car... (new-ish Nissan versa) and he accidentally poured oil into the wrong thing and filled the already full transmission... he figured out and removed some and poured the correct amount in... but that was after he took it for a spin... and then he over filled the engine oil thing and now it doesn't register any oil pressure at all... (he removed the excess)... what did he mess up or break and how hard is it to replace and how much would it be to get the part/take it to some place...

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halo guns? Answered

Ok i dont play halo but i have seen halo guns what halo gun should i make

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Will my cats be ok in the harsh NY winter?

I am moving from Miami to NY. My cats have never been outside though they try to get out every time the door opens. If I build them an insulated house, and put it inside the shed, will they be ok in the harsh winter?? (My mom is DEATHLY allergic)

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ok are nvidia cards compatible with amd computers?

Are nvidia video card compatible with amd computers and how do i tell what type of video card slop i have

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are my four bunnies ok to be outside in the winter?

They have been outside the whole summer and they have been doin goood threw the 90 to 110 degree weather, before the summer they were inside, but then we got them a hutch and they have a large running area, they have a room upstairs in the hutch and they love it, will they be ok to be outside all day and all night in the freezing weather?  

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Is an ok site to buy airsoft guns on? Answered

I found a great m16 with a grenade launcher (green gas) and a drum mag there. I don't know wether the site is good however with there shipping or wrong order. PLZ HELP

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axels weapons from kingdom hearts (ok)

If you play kingdom hearts wich i am a fan of you have to know who axel is from organization 13 here is his weapons.

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5V Nextel Phone Charger OK to use?

I have a phone charger for my Nextel phone. On one end is a wallwart for a standard US outlet. The other end is the proprietary Nextel connector. The phone connector end was unfortunately broken, but fortunately I have a spare :) I believe the rest of the rig works fine, and rather than throwing it out, I took a look and it was rated 5V @ 800mA DC. AFAIK, 5V is what most USB devices work off of. Would it be suitable if I snipped the end off and rewired other connectors on to this and used it as a charger for other devices? Thanks in advance!

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Is it ok to use two ground pins in arduino?

I'm utilizing two power sources... the one that comes from arduino (5V) and one 12V transformer to power my stepper motor. In the 5V pins I am powering up LCD display and my water level indicator. Now, I utilized two ground pins for the two voltages (5v arduino, 12V) . At first I only used one ground for the two voltages because they need to be in a common ground but voltages are jamming together (i think) because every time 12v is on , the lcd (which is connected to 5V) isn't functioning well. So, I decided to use another ground from the arduino and connect it to my 12V source so it could still have a reference point to my 5V supply. It worked , the LCD functions well but another problem has arised. The rectifier diodes in my 12V transformer gets really hot. What could be the problem? . Does it have anything to do with using two separate ground pins in my arduino?

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Comments Making Other Comments Replies, is This OK?

Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but the category was not really there (bugs), so I put it here.  When ever I create a comment that is a reply to another comment, that first comment turns into a reply as well. Confused? Let me explain What it should be: (Comment Irrelevant): BLA BLA (Commenter1): OH that was G!              (Commenter2[Me]): YAH, Right? What Happens: (Comment Irrelevant): BLA BLA               (Commenter1): OH that was G!                                  (Commenter2[Me]): YAH, Right? See what I mean? Any reply I make indents the original comment, making it look like another comment is being replied to when it is not, this also happens when there is no (Comment Irrelevant) comment! This also seems to happen on other computers, Macs at work and my home PC. Both of which are totally separate of each other. Is it a problem well known problem with instructables, or is it just a glitch with my profile. I see a comic book super hero in the making: Secret admin controls, given to an random user. He now has the power to make people reply to other people, and he is: Secret Admin Who Randomly Got Powers to Make People Reply Man!

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can i get downloadble or buy all the zelda games? Answered

Ok i have lengend of zelda twilight princess for wii and i was wornding if there are more for the wii or gamecube and can i download the older games?

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how can i make money?

Ok im a 13yrd old going on 14 in april any ideas on how i can make alot of money

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can some one post this? Answered

Ok i love trains and i was wornding if any body could post inscructions for it below it a link where i found it;=channel_pageor if you want if you have the set with the box i might buy it off of you

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Sending data to server using GPRS

I am trying to send the data using gprs sim 800a,i am getting network error,before executing the AT+SAPBR=1,1 Signal strength will be good but as soon as AT+SAPBR=1,1 is executed led starts blinking continuously and returns response code 601.can anyone please help me how to resolve this issue? here is the AT commands used and the responses i got AT OK AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,"Contype","GPRS" OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,"APN","" OKAT+SAPBR=1,1 OK AT+HTTPINIT OK AT+HTTPPARA="CID",1 OKAT+HTTPPARA="URL","URL:PORT" OK AT+HTTPPARA="CONTENT","application/json" OK AT+HTTPPARA="USERDATA","KEY1:VAL1, KEY2:VAL2,..." OK AT+HTTPDATA=40,80000 DOWNLOAD {\r\n "m2m:cin" :{\\r\n "con" : "FIRE"}\r\n } ok AT+HTTPACTION=1 ok +HTTPACTION:1,601,0

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You want you picture on money (closed)

Im done do it your self at ok? ok! OK!!! seriously

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Ok, Because I don't get "many" ibles out, I thought it would be ok to mention my latest one is finished.....

...if this is not ok, let me know, and I can delete this. Here is the link to the latest one....Hacking the digital recorder....

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Is it ok to put 2 subwoofers in a single sealed enclosure? Answered

Is it ok to put 2 subwoofers (wired in series) in a single sealed enclosure or should they be seperated? My worry is that the single sealed enclosure may cause too much pressure rather than adding more pop to the sound.

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 IM TIRED OF WAITING FOR SANTA!!! IM BUILDING MY OWN DREMMEL NOW . . . . . . MAYBE NEXT WEEK (damn exams) Ok, thats all I wanted to say, just wanted to let you know. Oh and any ideas are welcome, k-thx-bi

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floor jack goes up ok but won't hold

I have replaced the o-rings and replaced the hydro oil pumps up a lot better than before but will  not hold also how to adj the air the one you are not to mess with 

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Ok, it's Chicago, lets work with local materials.

What I know we have lots of that's just sitting around not being used: Cattails Phragmites Railroad ties Bricks Buckthorn Newsprint I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff.... but list more materials here and we'll get working on it.

Topic by Hyperviking  

Ok what do I do with the rest of the pieces?

I took the little motor out of my cell phone and now the phone is mangled beyond repair and I don't know what to do with the peices. All I know is that I have no need for them and dont want them anymore. What do I do with them?

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