Old Screen

Hello, i have a question and this is definitely the place to ask! So I wanted a thing that vibrates so i opened up an old cell phone that i meant to throw away, but when i opened it i thought i could find a use for its screen as well so the question is what can i do with a screen from an old nokia 6610

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an old lcd screen?

Hello i have from an old machine an lcd monitor (S-8209D) 64x128 pixels can i do anything with this or not? and if i can some ideas???? thanks?

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old ipod screen?

I have an old ipod screen that works? maybe it just comes up white the ipod had water damage but the screen truns on and off i thouught it mught just be the video aspect of the ipod anyways are there any good uses i would like to make a projecter out of it but i dont know if i can without the video of the ipod could i hook it up to an arduino or some other fancy smacy device and have it work i would hate to see it go to waste i have the rest of the ipod still and all is connected execpt the touch screen was broken while disassmbling but screen still works anyon eknow how to hook it up to something?

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old laptop screen

I have an old laptop that I was wondering if I can still use the screen without the base thanks

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reuse an old laptop screen?

I have some old laptops that do not have the speed needed for today's internet but I would like to 'harvest' their screens which are in excellent shape. Is there a way to separate and rewire so that I could use the screens as second lcd's for my existing computers?

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CRT screen

Scope screen for sale! I had an old osiliscope and I had taken out the screen. the last time before I had taken it apart the screen worked. I have started working on another project and now I have run out of funds for it, so now I am figureing this screen I wanted to play with, might just get me enough funds to finish my project. I need at least $30 for the screen, thats with shipping! I feel a little sad to have to part with it.... but I really want to finish my new project.

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old phone? Answered

Today i was given a old phone. but its certainly a different phone, it has a cord, but the end on the cord is the same as one from a internet cord, but when i plug it in to a computer it has no effect. i think it might be a 'bag phone', all i know is its made by motorola. instead of trying to figure it out, i figured i would strip it down for parts, but other than the speakers, microphone, leds and a magnetic reed switch there isnt much. one thing that really interests me is the lcd screen it has, there arent very many pins connecting it to the board, it has a microship embedded of the back of the lcd board, covered in that wierd glue. does anyone know how i can reuse the lcd? would i need an arduino for it?

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how to turn an old laptop screen into a monitor ?

Many old laptops were left useless because of newer PC brought or maybe cant boot up and cant reinstall the newer systems, but the screens are still working fine and in good condition. How to make use of the screen for use as a monitor or as a second monitor for another PC?

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Old laptop LCD screen as a monitor?

Hey guys, im wondering if it is possible to use my old LCD screen from my laptop as a stand-alone monitor? if so how? help will be greatly received! Thanks -SamoJT

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Intel NUC with Old Laptop Screen ?

Hi, I have a Lenovo dead laptop. Is it possible i can connect  Interl NUC Kit with Laptop screen as well as the laptop H.D.D, memory ? Any tips or suggestion would be very helpful. Thanks

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Ideas for old iMacs or LCD screens

I have 20 imac's with the old G5 processors.  Does anyone have any ideas what I should do with these?  

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Old laptop screen to digital signage?

I've been browsing around the site and see plenty about converting old whole laptops into picture frames but I'm hoping to make a digital sign to play video and such and am, so far, unable to figure out how to change the projects to work for my purposes. I have an old laptop monitor that is no longer attached to its original unit due to manufacturing defect and I hope to convert it to a digital sign for the front window of the student union office at my college.  I thought it best to ask here before trying to convince the electrical engineering class. xD Thoughts? Insights? Links to instructables that might assist?

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Reuse laptop screen

Hi I had the greates luck finding an old laptop screen in a dumpster at school (they're currently changing computers, dumping the old ones). When I got home I also found a Video to VGA converter, which made me think - can I somehow connect these two into a working screen for  let's say an old nintendo? Either that or I go back to find a compatible motherboard and videocard and rewire it somehow - but it most rather not. So, any ideas for how to make it work as a screen? :) Fact:  - IBM 12,1" TFT screen branded M360 - Konig Video to VGA converter Sorry for the bad images, Ipads camera kina sucks :)

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Old laptop avle to be turned to a monitor?

Is it possible to turn a laptop into another monitor?If so please share, and tell if you can use two monitors at the same time, one being a box and another being the laptop?also is it possible to slide stuff over to it and make more space?(does that make sense?)example in pic.... http://www.microsoft.com/library/media/1033/windowsxp/images/using/setup/hwandprograms/67360-dual-monitor-setup.jpg Batchers Unite

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connecting laptop screens?

I have several old laptop screens and I would like to connect them together to show movies in my mancave using a dvd player is this possible

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Combine Old laptop Screen to Broken Monitor

I need help connecting a screen from a broken laptop to a broken screen monitor. please contact me aantonovardakis@gmail.com thanks in regard

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Old tablet PC into wacom like external

So I have a old, half broken Acer tablet PC. (C314xmi, to be specific)My new asus laptop gets here in a few days, and I know I'm going to miss the tablet functionality. I was looking at WACOM external tablets, and saw they made ones that are LCD screens. But they're like $1000, for something pretty small compared to my 15" tablet. So I was wondering, can I take the screen off my tablet and turn it into an external monitor that I can also use as a tablet?So I was wondering if anyone has heard of someone doing this, done it themselves, or has any other info that might help me with my new summer project.And since you can find old tablets on ebay for like 300-400, this would be a cheap alternative to Wacom setups.Thanks!

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Is there anything that can be done with an old screen from a laptop that has been "dissected"?

P.S. The screen is in good shape still, but the rest of the computer is pretty well dismantled.

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What can i do with an old laptop? Answered

I have recently aquired a new desktop and am stuck with an oldish laptop, what can i make from it?

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How to power an old laptop screen with an old laptop battery ?

Hello instructors, I'm currently playing with Rasberry pis, and I just started a new project. I found information showing how to re-use the screen of a dead laptop via a controler board you can find on eBay. I'm planning to integrate all this in a suitcase to create a mobile retro gaming console. It should be easy to add a simple 220V plug to power all this. But I was just thinking it could also be nice to be able to use this on battery as I also have many laptop batteries @home. Rasberry power input is about 5V 3A Audio amp input is from 1.8V to 12V Screen controller board is 12V 4A Here is what I want to do : > When plugged : Add a circuit to charge the battery via a 220V input. That circuit should also convert the 220V to the power needed for the Pi, the audio amp  and the screen. > Unplugged : Add a circuit to convert the battery output to the power needed for the Pi, the audio amp and the screen. I have no idea where and what to search for. Should I reuse the laptop power unit ? Any help would be highly appreciated. Please excuse my English mistakes. This is not my mother tongue. Thx. B²

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Old laptop Project

I have an old laptop I've recently taken apart and i was wondering... How can i convert the HDD to a portable storage device? and How can i convert the LCD screen to a monitor or a normal TV?

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Old Cellphone Camera & Its LCD Screen

Hiya everyone ! I was wondering if i can hack on my old cellphone with camera and screen and install the camera in back of my car (reverse camera) and the LCD screen on my dash. I know its possible i am just confused about the circuit. Help out on the circuit diagram please.

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old portable dvd player, using the screen

I have a few broken portable dvd players. Is it possible to re-use the screens? I want to take them and put them in a vehicle, but I don't have any clue as to how to rewire them.

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would like idea for old mp3 player

 Hi all, I have been "donated" an old mp3 player. just looking for ideas on how to transform it. Original suggestions have been: Time Machine, ray gun, any-other-unrealistic-70s-invention Anyone have any useful/interesting ideas? Thanks

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How can i get a vga or hdmi port on this screen?

Its a old tablet screen Sorry for bad picture quality

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Old Smartphone LCD as Head Mounted Display?

I've got an old HTC EVO 4G, otherwise known as the PC36100.  I'm attempting to create a 1 to 1 display to connect directly to my computer for a cheap Head Mounted Disply.  I've attempted to use various wireless RDPs.  However, the lag while attempting to do ANYTHING is horrible.  So I attempted to find an app that would connect directly to the phone via USB.  I found two.  Neither of which I feel comfortable dropping money on with such poor reviews and trials that don't work. So finally, I decided why not just use the LCD directly.  No messing with the hardware limitations of the phone at all.  So I took the phone apart.  I got right down to the LCD itself and found that it has a 17-pin input.  But, I don't really know much about it beyond that.  I can tell you that the cable reads: Career 06 94V-0 <->2 C36_FPC REV A I even have a picture of it.  I think it's attached.  If not, I'll fix that. Essentially what I want to know is, what do I need to make it be a fully working LCD monitor for my computer.  I know I'll need a module to convert the signal from what it is now to HDMI or VGA whatever the case may be.  I also know I need power to the screen.  But, beyond that, I don't know where to look.  I've tried looking up the cable information, but I'm not getting great results.  Any help in the matter, would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Old Cell Phone LCD Screen Ideas?

Is there anything i can do with an old lcd screen from a cell phone? I have used most of the other parts but i have another phone that i could use.

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Bringing old LCD screens back to life

When it comes to school projects, I always use my electrical knowledge to engineer some sort of out-of-the-box project. Being a freshman in highschool, most people are sort of amazed by my works. It's all basic stuff, really. I've been doing a lot of work with :EDs inside of these homemade posterboard boxes I've been making. After making one for each class, they're getting really old and they aren't too great looking. So I'd like to really give people a show. About two months ago, I got a 12 inch LCD screen from an old Compaq laptop. For reference, the screen (on the back casing) reads, "LCD MODULE AL LM-JK53-22NTR 10D40092527904". I cannot find many references to a pin-layout or a datasheet, but that's not too much of a problem. If it comes down to it, I will test each pin until I can get some progress. I am interested in using the screen to display data. I don't mind if colors aren't present other then black and white. Black and white works for my purposes. Is it possible to use this with an Arduino? With my initial research, I found that using a VGA card with a VESA Feature Connector will enable me to get the job done. I then run into two problems: 1) I cannot find one of these connectors, and 2) I am unsure if I could even make this work with an Arduino Uno. Any help is appreciated. If the project isn't possible, it's not the end of the world for me. By senior year, I probably will have built a full computer anyway :P ~Joe B.

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Using an old laptop's display with Raspberry Pi?

I'm making something using the raspberry pi and I needed a small display.  So, I took the screen out of an old, broken 11" laptop, but the screen still works.  But I cant just plug the screen into the pi because there are different wires needed.  The laptop screen was connected with a video lcd cable and to connect to the pi you need hdmi, a video wire, or if possible a usb connection.  So is there such a cable that could convert a lcd video cable to either hdmi or just a video input? I searched for one but found nothing.  Thanks

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Can I repurpose some parts off of an old compaq laptop?

I had an old laptop (about to throw it away but i stripped it beforehand). It had a cd drive and some other junk i prolly won't use. I want to take the screen and keyboard out and see if I can do anything with em. Now heres the meat of the question. How, or more importantly can, I take the screen (LG Phillips LP150X08) and wire it to my current laptop with a serial port (serial right? the one i can plug an external screen onto) and use it as an extension of my screen. Part 2 Can I take the keyboard and wire it to my laptop (PS/2 or USB) it has some strange ribbon cable idk what to call it. I have the mobo and all circuitry from the laptop if that means anything. The pic is of the screen with cables coming off of it. The little i shaped connector thing was from the wifi signal ignore it. also the screen has a bunch of circuitry at the top. If you need any more details feel free to ask.

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Changing old touch screen desktop into desktop monitor

So I have this seriously old touch screen desktop from FEC. I've been browsing around and found how to turn laptop LCD screens into monitors using controller boards, finding them by looking up the model number of the screen. I could probably use find the monitor stuff by myself, but when it comes to the touch screen interface, I'm clueless on what to look for. These are the pictures that I took of the boards and model numbers, and I'm assuming I would need something to either connect to the middle board, or something to replace it. I'm willing to take on the task, I just don't know entirely where to go from here as this is the first time I've really dug deep into something like this. The model number and barcodes are from the back of the monitor. At the end of the think white wire there are a ton of connections that go the the old motherboard of the computer. Is there anyone that might be able to give me a hand on what to find? Number on the large center board:............................RG9000PB0880   V1.0                              Below the number there is another number: 0821 Number for the small connector on the far right:.....RG9000PB0260 There's USB1 and AUDIO1 connectors on the large board in the center, and I'm assuming the long board at the bottom is power. mini-update: Could it also be possible to change the touch screen controller, run it into my computer via USB, and then find a controller for the LCD screen?

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Using an old laptop screen as a monitor (for pretty much free)?

Quick question really. I know there are a lot of Instructables how to do this but I was wondering if there are any simple and free ways of making it so that my old laptop LCD screen can take a HDMI lead input? Thanks.

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Old big-screen TV -- What to do with the dang thing?

My big-screen TV is 18 years-old and is forcing me to buy a bigger house. What can I do with it? It works but the picture is just plain bad. I hate to trash it because the wood structure looks so much nicer than its reception. Aquarium? No, I don't care to clean the tank. Bookshelf? No, I don't need that. Gun cabinet? Nah. Anybody have an interesting idea or know where to direct me for creative advice? This dinosaur is huge but looks great when closed. Thanks, RebelwoaCloo.

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Geriatric help?

Listen, y'all---that reset password thing is HARD!  I'm OLD!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!  Turned out it was my SCREEN NAME I had wrong...Can't y'all talk DOWN to me like the little girl at the grocery store does?  GAH!

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Can I use my old laptop as a second monitor without a Graphics card?

I have an old Toshiba A60. used it for a few years then bought an Acer 8920g with a 512mb graphics card about a year ago. I got bored and wanted to experiment with the old laptop. I read this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Laptop-Converted-to-2nd-Monitor/ however i ran into a few problems.Well the first one is i sold the hard drive from the laptop, that isn't really a problem as the instructions doesn't require a laptop with a hard drive, however this does rule out many other uses for the old laptop. The major problem is that i'm 99.9% sure the graphics card has become damaged. The rest of the laptop is still in working order it manages to boot an ubuntu live-cd. My question is can i create something similar to that in the instructable, perhaps by powering everything from my new laptop graphics wise. I don't mind tearing apart the laptop, infact i would prefer to create a new case for it.

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How to build a video or picture frame with just a old IBM thinkpad laptop screen?

How to build a video or picture frame with just a old IBM thinkpad laptop screen? I have a just a laptop screen and want to be able to power it up and and hook add a video in put to it.

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GameBoy Color to Larger Screen

Hello so I am trying to make a setup such that I can use a VGA cable to connect the game boy color to a larger screen (old computer monitor) in my case.  I haven't found any specific step by step guides on how to do this and was hoping for some help or direction.  

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Taking apart an old Solo5300 laptop?

I have an old solo5300 (actually two) with a broken hdd and i want to take out the LCD screen..i want to know what all i need...there are multiple wires and boards attached to the LCD screen and if i should take those and replace the same components in the secone laptop....the screen model is LTN141X0 and [here http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/106605/SAMSUNG/LTN141x.html] is a nice schematic for it (page 6) ...the mfg is samsung if that helps..

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how do i rewire an old laptop screen and i mean just the laptop screen to work as a second monitor?

I am trying to make a movie projector form a OHP but the lcd screen i have doesn't have a way of attaching my laptop too it. i just have the lcd screen. period

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Screen to use for HUD in goggles?

I'm using a GPS module and Arduino to make a Heads Up Display for a pair of old ski goggles I have. What kind of display can I use to show my speed? I just need two digits (but 2 7-Segment LEDs would probably be too thick). Any suggestions are welcome!

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Does anyone know how to manipulate LCD screens without completely trashing them?

I want to turn old LCD screens into art (from calculators, watches, etc.). I like the look of them when pressure is applied, but it isn't permanent.

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CRT monitor for sale

I have an old looking CRT its like the ones seen in the early TV's. I would like to get rid of it; I tested it and it works. Any one who makes a resonable offer can have it. Sorry no pictures yet!

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Less then 2 yr old flat screen - has died....I believe...

My 17" Gateway flatscreen went blank this morning while I was at meeting. My wife claims she didn't do anything.....that it was blank when she saw it. It was not in sleep mode, nor was a screen saver on. I noticed the "power button" which is normally green (power up, with computer signal) or amber (powered up w/out signal), would not come on. I attempted to see if any of the adjustments on the side might have been bumped, no effect. I tested to make sure there was power from the surge protector (switched power outlets after a shut down) to no avail. After my 4th reboot, I subbed in my old monster sized 17" CRT tube monitor, and it works fine. Resolution is different, but it works.....but that pushed the monitor about 2 feet closer to my nose then I would like (it is about 10 inches from my face. )Did I miss anything as far as testing the monitor before replacing it? I personally think the PSU in the monitor went on the fritz, but I am open to suggestions. EDIT: The old CRT is now back ni it's storage area, and the newest LCD screen is up and running.

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Old Laptop; what to do with it?

Hey there everyone. I have not really posted here before but I am really stuck for ideas. I recently required an old, old laptop and I don't know what to do with it. It's supa slow and the screen is very dodgy. It's noisy and low spec. Any ideas?

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Gameboy Color screen projects?

Hi all, I have an old Gameboy Color that has been sitting around collecting dust for some time, and I was wondering what I could do to make it better/cooler, or to utilize it's parts to do something cool. Anyone have any ideas? My creativity flow seems to have stopped after 2 hours of thinking. Thanks in advanced.

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what can i do with this old tablet screen?

I have salvaged an old lcd screen from a velocity micro cruz t301. it has a 60 pin ribbon cable connector. is there any way i can use this to connect it to rca cables?

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Can i use the lcd screen of an old cybershot ?

I have an old sony cybershot camera and i have lost the info lithium battery and the charger also. I looked to purchase  new ones but unfortunately the  cost was to high. I'm wondering if i could use  the lcd screen alone for i.e. to project a video source, like dvd or surveilance camera. Thank you

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Phone LCD screen usage

I want to reuse an LG LCD phone screen that was from an old phone. I want to have it as a notification window style screen for my computer or a twitter feed. Or something like that. Is there any way that I can do this easily? I'm a beginner at any type of coding or hands on building. So any tutorial that is descriptive would be nice. The LCD's are from an LG Chocolate 2 on Verizon and an LG NTLG300GB on Net10 and are both color displays. Any project to make it be able to connect to the computer and have text sent to it.  Thanks, Alex

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Can I use an old laptop screen for a computor monitor or TV? Answered

I have an old laptop screen and I was wondering if I could reuse it for anything.

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