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only me

only me! thought i would say Hi to the other pro members as i have just become one for my

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Only in US ?

If I win a "3323S Talent sewing machine" , what was happened my gift ? Is this SINGER also ? - I am not in US -

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Only In America?

Sixty-nine year old Harry Stonebraker has been elected mayor of the Missouri town of Winfield for the fourth time, winning by a landslide, securing 90% of the vote in the 723-population town.Unfortunately, he had been dead for several weeks...(link)

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Spam-only users

I don't know if this is the right area, feel free to move this message if it isn't (if you can do that).Is there some way we can notify users as spam, the way we can with Insturctables and comments? There has been a rash of new users, mostly allegedly 25 years old, posting spam instructables about a couple of DVD ripping/converting programs (Cucusoft and Daniusoft, IIRC). The instructables are written like genuine ones, so at a glance aren't obviously spam, but there have sometimes been duplicate postings of identical 'tibles by the same persontheir comments are pretty much more of the samethe screenshots of the products appear to have been made for other purposes, they haven't used the 'ibles image hint box thingsKarel Jansens has commented on many of them and has also flagged them, but it seems like a bit of a chore commenting all their Instructables and comments when the users are transparently only there for the purpose of spamming.Just from a quick search for "DVD converter": danke, chickchest, seinfelder, Adam Smith, D Eric, floxir and skyocean appear to all be spamming a couple of video format;dr- can we report users for the banhammer? Does it count as spam if they post a well-written set of instructions for how to use software that happens to not be free? EDITIt's getting worse, it appears- the spam users are commenting on each other's Instructables to make them look legitimate. Observe this fine specimen:More blah about DVD convertersAll three people who have commented on it (at time of writing) are spam-only members who appear to only exist to talk about this software. The names Daniusoft and afterdawn predictably come up again. Blueberry, tracyjump and CrayDeng can be added to the list above.I'm officially petitioning the site admins to ban all of these users (and preferably their IPs) and remove their Instructables.

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Instructables seems broken in Chrome...

I'm getting an old-school, minimalist, text-only view of Instructables in Chrome; any ideas?

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How many method of storing solar energy?

How many method of storing solar energy; what r they mention how many transducer r ther to convert solar energy to elctrical energy

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Unable to start topics

Member nutsandbolts_64 reports: Uh, I know it's off topic, but I can't post anything BUT comments here. Yes, I am overemphasizing because I can't post a question or forum topic (and the like) so I have no other choice but to post a comment somewhere on the bugs section.

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Why only U.S and Canada?

 Why only U.S and Canada? I have lots of ideas but am only in NZ :(

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Is it possible to make a monitor attached to my laptop the ONLY monitor?

Is this possible? I'm trying to run RCT3, and my dinky screen can't handle the incredible I'm trying to make another monitor that can handle it the only monitor. Is it even possible to disable the lcd monitor that's built in? If so, how would I do it?

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eBook download error

Hi, I recently upgraded to Pro membership, and when downloading an eBook, all I get is the table of contents and comments on the eBook. If thats all I get, then Pro membership is not really worthwhile. Is this a bug in the eBook generation process, or by design?  eg Office weapsons eBook (attached copy). Thanks, Shauno

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Green Tourmaline Crystal as a natural battery- Answered

-  I know that a Green Tourmaline Crystal, when heated, will produce a negative and positive charge  at respective ends of the crystal-so, if the heat source was a  super glass lens ( convex or concave, i am not sure which would work most intensely, with the sun going through  the lens and hitting the crystal-  ( for the ecologically minded)-or a laser- or microwave blast,  would we then have a natural battery?  It may have to be a  large crystal!

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Only US and Canadian residents

Oh... that's bad ...

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Rainbowduino: Buildable or order only?

Is the Rainbowduino something I can build from parts, like a regular Arduino,or does it have to be ordered?

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The Only Idea I Have.

Well, here's my only idea for the LED competition, seeing as I'm a complete noob at LEDs. LED illuminated Jello. It will be weak compared the other LED Instructables, so, I guess I'm asking for you're opinion on the idea. There could be a chance for the random prize. UPDATE prototype made, see picture.

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Login only via Facebook?

Hello! I created an Instrucables-account with facebook. Now I want to log in without my facebook-account, but this doesn´t work. Is it possible in any way? What should I do? (Sorry, my english is not so good..) Thanks!

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K'nex for sale, UK only

So i have some knex that i have for sale it is around 400-600 peices, from a few random sets, it is a mix between original knex, mini knex and that lego knex blocks thing i dont know how much it would go for so make an offer :)  UK ONLY I WILL POST TO UK!!! thanks -Zak PS pictures will be taken and put up when some one asks for them :)

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sound-only area and cancellation

I'm looking for advice. (now this is difficult to explain but I'll try my best) I am trying to design a way to have a dance floor in an open area that will have an area where you can hear the music but away from the area it can't be heard. I'm attempting to do this using an array of speakers around the dance floor that will cancel out the music past the dance floor. Each speaker will face away from the area and be equipped with a microphone (directed torwards the main speaker) that then goes through and amplifier and then to the speaker (wired up so that it will emmit an opposing sound wave). This would essentially create a sound barier. I have attatched a picture as a visual aid.

Topic by Sun Gear  

how do i make a cover for the arms of my recliner?

I am needing covers for the arms of my recliner. I use to have the pattern, years of moving around i have lost. Could someone please help? thank you debbie

Question by debbiebruff    |  last reply

I Have A Car, You have An Idea?

I am planning to sell this car within a month, but if I can't I would like to do something creative with it, like cut the roof off /demolition derby/something of the like. But I was wondering if anyone on instructables has an idea of what I could do to it. I've been looking at mutant/art cars from Burning Man, and wondering about an armored car or something.. BTW, the car is for sale, $500. Any takers?

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i want to run a car only on water is it possible. Answered

i want to run a car only on water is it possible.i am thinking about solar panels to generate hydrogen from water and then use it in an internal combustion engine.Is it feasible please suggest me?

Question by sanchayanroy    |  last reply

Shift, Ctrl and Alt Keys only

Hello Everyone, I need help urgently, I'm a graphic designer plus an instructor and my tools of trade are Photoshop and Illustrator. Last Monday I had a road accident and got my right hand fractured. I've resumed my job but having lot of difficulty in working and teaching. Although I'm a right handed person. I am still managing to use mouse with my left hand now problem is only mouse is not enough to work on these softwares. I was wondering if any one can design a simple strip with three buttons having functions of  "SHIFT, ALT, CTRL" and can be connected through USB and I will stick that strip on my plaster near fingers of right hand. So that I would be able to work properly. I only need a PCB designed so that I can hire someone here in Pakistan to make this for me. Doctors are saying that this plaster would last for atleast six weeks. Please help me. Regards Imran Ali

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REQUEST: Mark Instructable as Video Only

I would REALLY like to see a feature added to Instructables that would mark projects that only contain a video as "video only." While I don't mind watching someone do something - sometimes that will help illustrate a point better than words ever could - for the most part I like to do this really weird thing called reading. I know in this day and age, the desire to read the printed word is seen as obsolete and old-fashioned, but surely I cannot be alone in this! If I wanted to watch videos, I'd go to youtube. 99.99% of the time, if I click on a project and it's only a video, I click off of it, but by then, not only have I wasted that time (albeit even only a few seconds), I have also increased that project's view count. Just my two cents, worth what it is in this economy...

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Instructables Robot, KNEX! (VIDEO ONLY!)

This is the video of my slide show knex robot accessible here. This is only because I can't add videos to a slideshow (So mods, DO NOT ADD MORE KEYWORDS!)Enjoy!

Topic by Bartboy    |  last reply

Minecraft draws only one core? Answered

I play minecraft and while playing the only core that gets any work is Core 4, and it is reaching 100% usage, what is wrong, and is it decreasing performance, everything else runs balanced.

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Hi, I just saw the "FIX & REPAIR CONTEST SPONSORED BY BLACK+DECKER" and I wanted to join it. But it's only for USA... Why? Can it may be changed? Would be AWESOME if I could join it! Greetings, Linus

Topic by LinusW    |  last reply

Only AA, AAA, C, and D?

Can we only use the types of batteries listed in the Sanyo Eneloop Battery contest's description for the power source in our projects? My 9V clip flashlight technically uses a 9V, but it can also run on 2 AAs. Also, what about N's and the like?

Topic by Radioactive_Legos    |  last reply

Enter i'ble in one contest only?!

Hey all, I haven't entered anything for a while. Today I wanted to enter in two contests but the system said I could enter an i'ble only in one contest at a time. Has that been changed? Ther used to be no problem entering in up to three at a time.cheers

Question by knopfling    |  last reply

Instructable only has 2 views

Hello, I published my Instructable on the weekend and it only has two views and its not showing up in the explorer. I understand about the human filters but It wouldn't normally get two views under those filters. Could someone tell me the possible problem? Jack,

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USB hub only 1.1 compatible? Answered

Hi, After looking at this USB hub microcontroller page I saw a part where it said this "The TUSB2077A hub is a 3.3-V CMOS device that provides up to seven downstream ports in compliance with the USB version 1.1 specification"Does that mean it's only USB 1.1 compatible?

Question by thermoelectric    |  last reply

What are "private and friends only settings"?

In the Instructables Terms Of Service (which I recently quoted at a particularly offensive user), there's an interesting parenthetical comment: "Should any Content be reported to Instructables as being offensive or inappropriate, Instructables might call upon the poster to retract, modify, or protect (by means of private and friends only settings) the Content in question ..." Could Rachel, Eric, or someone give us some guidance on these "private and friends only settings"? I haven't seen such a thing in my profile. If this text refers to an earlier version of the I'ble user interface which no longer exists, I think the TOS should be adjusted accordingly. Cheers, Michael Kelsey

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

More thoughts on Video-Only Instructables

Hello, not that I am unable to view videos on instructables, but more and more instructables are simply a video, sometimes with two sentences, sometimes not even that. Not that I dislike video tutorials and such, but many people still have low bandwith, or (like me) can not turn on the sound all the time since it would bug other people. Also sometimes it is more usefull to read instructions, steps and technical data. Plus there might be deaf people interested in some project but unable to understand all steps due to the fact some videos will depend on audio explanation only. My two cents: Include a minimum text length check for instructables. Video only should be youtube or such, not Instructables.

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Awesome Shotguns (true shotguns only)

This is a topic where you can post your true shotgun and videos about it. No crappy single shot shotguns allowed in this topic. Have fun and spread the word. =~)

Topic by Mintyhippo    |  last reply

Only one side of headphone working

I have a bluetooth headphone one side of it is not working. I opened it and found that one side had two wires while other had 3 wires. The side with three wires is not working. You can see in pictures

Question by shabeehh    |  last reply

Phonograph only outputs left channel?

    It's a Beogram 8002 phonograph and a Rotel RA-8408X amplifier. Much to my dismay, the phonograph appears to only be outputting audio to the left channel, even with a stereo LP.  The speakers are wired correctly (I've confirmed that, using a different source, the speakers output stereo), and everything is plugged in as it should be.  I've checked the audio cable(s) that goes from the phonograph to the amp with a multimeter and didn't find any shorts.  Curiously enough, the plug that goes into the phonograph (it appears to be proprietary) has 5 pins and a ground, but only 3 of the pins do anything.  Apparently this setup cost my Dad a pretty penny when he bought it, so I'd really like to fix it.  Any help is appreciated.

Question by RelaxedSoup    |  last reply

Only Half of my Prize arrived?

I have received half of my 2nd price for the Green Tech Contest in the form of a Cool T-Shirt, stickers, Sugru  etc, but have not yet received my Solio® Bolt Solar Charger. does anybody know what is happening, as this is one prize i will really use.

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Arduino - Trigger only Section of sketch

Hi. My sketch is to run 3 different relays over a different periods. I am new to arduino, and what i Know up untill know I've learned from reading it up. Please help me how to use an input to trigger certain parts of the sketch(the different periods) Thanks!

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make a daylight only wildlife feeder?

I want to create a feeder such as a tub with quarter inch mash on top and a motor in a timer that slides the mesh off at daylight and slides it closed at dusk. I want to attempt to train the local wildlife to show up during the day. a timer would work as well but I'm not sure how to set a motor to open and close the lid.

Question by tincupchalice    |  last reply

America is doomed - only days left

Brace yourself, America - you're due to be destroyed before the end of December!Quite by chance, I came across this Koran-based prediction from The Jerusalem Post via Skeptical News.You're all going to be scraped off the planet by a giant tsunami, partly because of the way you have treated Native Americans. Quite how destroying their homeland makes things better, I can't quite see...

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Aux only DIY Car stereo

Hi I bought an old car recently. But came with bad stereo head and perfectly working speakers. Now I figured out that all I need in my stereo in aux input which I can connect to my mobile device. Is there any way to make an aux input port without using any radio head, ie, the direct connections with AUX. also please explain wiring layout of head.

Topic by vipul_agg    |  last reply

people with an imagination only need apply

I was making a speaker and the cut i was doing came out wrong so i managed to salvage them by changing the cut on the tube any ideas what to do with them not to fussed about making a bass tube any more so people any ideas knowing me il just make more speakers.. iv got coloured strip lights, glass, wood,leds,strobe,rope light,mirror ball motor,speakers but you know that already, the tubes are 315mm dia   

Question by andybuda    |  last reply

how to make a arrow only keyboard?

Im converting a laptop to a tablet pc but i want to be able to duel boot it with linux jolicloud because it looks like it should be a tablet os, and windows because of the things available for it. to do this i will need the arrow keys and the enter key but i dont want to have a whole keyboard just for those 5 keys. ive been looking around for the answer for a couple of weeks now and ive found out how keyboards work but not how to make one with arrows and the enter keys. thanks

Question by golfmaster03    |  last reply

Hoax? A task not only for high-schoolers...

       Well, exept for being quite a fun thing to watch, it also should work as a great Physics problem for someone like me (or a bit younger)-studying all sorts of Mechanics and Newton's Laws to work on... The task is to estimate the acceleration the motorcycle should have to do it, and whether it's significantly larger than the one stated in some technical data (there is the motorcycle model somewhere in the video's name).        If you have a go on it and are a) school-aged and b) not sure you are right, PM me. If you simply want to share your results and/or opinion, write here (but try not to put any solution-I mean formulas). In case the video doesn't work

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Still Irritated Only More So!!!

Apparently another problem is not being able to reply to comments. This is the fifth attempt to do so; this time I will try a new topic rather than a reply. When I reply, and click "Post", I get an "Oops, your session has timed out" message, and am dumped back onto the logon page - I believe that's the twenty-third logon today so far! There it says "After you log in, we'll send you on your way to: 'edit/post' ". I log on (again) and am taken to a blank page.  Let me add that one of these "time outs" occurred exactly 19 seconds after I had logged on! In reply to the comment from randofo - I am indeed using IE8, with internet security set to medium-high. Cookies are enabled. I have searched the forums and tried what "fixes" I found to no beneficial result.  One of those suggested removing all security, which I tried very briefly.  No help. I occasionally use private browsing mode, but not at In reply to caitlinsdad, thanks for the helpful comment. When a site charges for a service, they have declared themselves to be professional and need to accept those standards.

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Laptop charges only tipped on side?

Greetings!  I'm in need of some laptop power help. About ten days ago, my 1-year-old HP Pavilion G7-2017 laptop stopped charging when plugged to the AC adapter.  I've googled this issue a bunch and have only come up with wobbly power seats, battery issues, or with people who have finicky adapters that have to be moved to get a charge.  None of these are applicable to my situation.   Currently, my laptop (not the charger) has to be moved or tipped to get a charge from the old AC adapter but runs great on battery power once charged and, if stood on its side, will connect to the power supply without the battery installed.  Moving the laptop breaks the power connection, though, and shuts the computer down if the battery is not in it. In fussing with it, I discovered it would work when either: A) it was tilted totally on its left side (dc connector is on the right side, so cord would then stick out the 'top') B) slight pressure was put on the underside just in front of the battery where the RAM is located.  Finally, it stopped registering the AC adapter with either the orange or white LED and I couldn't get it charged so I did the next logical thing and took the whole thing apart.  I thought because of the nature of how it was charging and finicky it might be a loose connection to the power supply internally.  I took everything in the laptop out and double checked all the connections on power, motherboard, etc -- nothing is amiss.  The power cord slot inside is secure and functioning, RAM is seated correctly, etc.   Put it all back together and still couldn't get it to charge so I took it to Best Buy to borrow an appropriate AC Adapter today.  This is what happened: 1.  With the battery in, I plugged in new power cord while laptop was sitting neatly on the countertop (not tilted) and it immediately registered with an orange LED light at the point of entry for the power connection without having to manipulate or tip the laptop, which is what I had to do with the old adapter, ergo I thought AHA! It MUST be the AC Adapter!  2.  Started it up and got three long beeps.  Checked BIOS records for HP Pavilion G7 2017 and learned it could be hardware related.   3.  Replaced the original 4GB RAM with borrowed Geek Squad matching test RAM and tried to power again. 4.  Success!  New RAM and borrowed adapter did the trick, assumed it must be RAM issue.  5.  Bought replacement 4gb RAM stick, installed, rebooted to double check while it was plugged into borrowed AC Adapter -- everything booted fine.   THEN: 6.  Got home and plugged in my old AC adapter but no orange LED to tell me it was registering.   7.  Tipped laptop on its side and voila!  New RAM plus Old AC Adapter still had to be tilted on its side.  8.  Put old RAM back in and tried again; same result -- old AC adapter only registers in the power connection when the laptop is placed on the left side with cord sticking out the 'top' or when lightly pressed on the underside of the center of the laptop, though this latter is incredibly finicky.   The fact that a borrowed adapter worked fine but this old adapter only works when the laptop is tilted is what keeps me thinking it's AC Adapter itself but could still be a connection issue or other hardware issue.  Am I totally off base?  For what it's worth, I've ordered a new AC adapter to try it out again.   Any thoughts out there?   Thanks! Erica

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I can only eat small bites of food

Let me just get it out of the way, I have a genetic deformity. My Esophagus is VERY small. Mashed Potatoes get stuck in my throat (without choking though,) So today, I was looking forward to going to Wendy's for the first time in 3 months. So, I took 1 bite of my Spicy chicken sandwich... Swallowed, and took another bite. As soon as I took my second bite, I felt the first bite get stuck, so since it happens when i eat ANYTHING, I don't panic and take a drink of my coke.... I forget about the food stored in my cheek. The stored food in my cheek goes down my throat with the coke on top. I am in serious pain, and my breath is so short, I barely had enough time to *I can't breath*. My mom tells me to put my arms in my air, so I do. My dad come up behind me and squeezes my stomach... the food that I was choking on kept flip-flopping between my windpipe and throat. Finally, It gets out of my windpipe and into my throat... I run to the bathroom... I belch up out 4 mouth fulls of chewed up chicken sandwhich and coke. The chicken was stuck in my throat (but not choking) for about an hour. Finally, I decide to drink water and it slips down my throat... Now, I feel like I am learning to eat all over again. Everyone wanted to go to a diner at 10 pm... so I go, scared to eat (odd, huh?). I get the grilled cheese with a pickle and fries. About half an hour later, everyone is putting their food into boxes to take home... I haven't even touched my second half of grilled cheese. I chew everything into applesauce - like cider. Luckily, my dad, who also had this problem as a child, has a doctor who stretched his throat out, and when I get older, I will get that done to me. My mom and brother laugh about my incident... but now, I am still in shock and having trouble eating...

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Run of Android Tablet and Laptop without Battery

Whether it is possible to run  Android Tablet and Laptop with AC Adapter only after removal of battery

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Who does, has, or will own a Mini?

So who has in the past, does currently, or plans to own a Mini? I for one do. I use to not like them, then something happened. Don't ask me what 'cause I don't know.Join the group!

Topic by KentsOkay    |  last reply