What is the idea behind the Orangeboard? Why is it called Orange?

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Hi this is my new orangeboard. I can't even comment on my own now, so use this.

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Well since my oragneboard is messed up this were you can ask me....stuff

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~~Hello everyone,~~ ~~This is my orangeboard now. My real orangeboard is messed up so here is my new orangeboard.~~ ~~Thanks~~ ~~Killer~SafeCracker~~ EDIT: My Orangeboard works again so comment there instead of here.

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What is an orangeboard? Answered

I have no idea what that is.

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What is an orangeboard? Answered

What is an orangeboard?

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orangeboard problems

I recently found out i cant post comments on busy orangeboards will someone fix this please?

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What is an Orangeboard?

I have just joined Instructables and would like to know what an Orangeboard (in Instructables) is.

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Tombuckey's Orangeboard

So my orangeboard broke : / so post comments here other wise i wont reply okay?

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Is there a way to clear an orangeboard? Answered

Just lookin' for a way to clear my orangeboard if it becomes cluttered with really old discussions.

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what is an orange board? Answered

I just have been stareing at the words "orangeboard" on my account for the past five minutes, so if anyone has a quick answer to this question, I would be very grateful.

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Why is the orangeboard called orangeboard eaven if it's not orange??? Answered

Why is the orangeboard called orangeboard eaven if it's not orange???

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I cant add comments to orangeboards

Title sez it all. Am I stupid?

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Orangeboard unusability bug is still present

The bug preventing users from creating or replying to comments on Orangeboards is still present. I upgraded from Firefox to Firefox 3.5, with no change in the effect.

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If you want your orangeboard to work....

You must reject all of your patches. That is right. If you get a single patch, your orangeboard will stop working. Thanks to ~~Killer~safecracker~~ knexsniper1 for this tip. Ps- my orangeboard works now. Feel free to spam the hell out of it.

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Nobody can post on my orangeboard.

I have recently been getting a flood of PM's from people who are not able to post on my orangeboard. I have tried posting myself, but the "add comment" button doesnt work, nor do any of the reply buttons on existing comments. However, I can successfully post on other orangeboards, wtf? I appreciate your help! thx!

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Intermittent failures posting comments or replies on large Orangeboards

As Plasmana posted last week, there's an ongoing, but seemingly intermittent bug which prevents creating comments or replying to existing comments on Orangeboards. It appears to affect "busy" ones primarily, and also comes and goes. Perhaps one server is having problems that the others are not?

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Slow orangeboard - not a bug, though.

There was a good idea in another topic to use your OrangeBoard as a note-pad for on-going projects. That reminded me: My orangeboard is very slow.  It's not a bug, it's size (1100+ comments). Is there any way of speeding it up? Apart from going through all 1100 comments, deleting them one at a time, that is...

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Orangeboards don't work for me at all.

I can't comment on my or anyone else's orangeboards. Any help? I realise this is a problem for many, but for me it is completely impossible for any orangeboards.

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i cant post comments on peoples orangeboard

I recently tried to post a comment on lemonies orangeboard but every time i clikced on post comment nothing happened so i tried other peoples orangebaord and i had the same problem

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What is the "Orangeboard", and how do you use it? Answered

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Orangeboard for groups

I was just looking at few groups and such and noticed that if members of the group wanted to discuss something about the group or comment on/about it the only way is to create a forum topic (or they could PM the group admin). If there was the option for groups to have comments on, but mainly for general discussion about the group, for example, a new group profile image might be in order the members of the group can just suggest or discuss images for it.

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Going from "comments" to orange board freezes browser.

If I go to my "comments" list ("You" -> "Discussions" -> "comments"), and click on a comment made on my orangeboard, the little pop-up version of the comment appears, and my whole browser freezes - I can't even change tabs. On my Wondows/Firefox PC, I have to close the browser and start from scratch. On my Linux/Firefox EePC, I cannot even close the browser - I have to restart the machine. (This has been happening for a week or two, I just keep forgetting to post the report.)

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Cannot add Comment to any orangeboard!!!!

Hi, I cannot add a comment to any orangeboard!!!! I click the add comment link and nothing happens!! Please help!!! Your Digitally, Amakerguy

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Can't post or reply comments on busy orangeboards?

I don't know if that is a feature or a bug, but I cannot post or reply comments on busy orangeboards like mine, gmjhowe, Kiteman, and other orangeboards that has A LOT of comments. I can still post on orangeboards with smaller number of comments. So what is going on?? I hope it is just bug like the image note bug.

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Why did all of the Orangeboard Messages Disappear?

If you had a lot of time on your hands, there was a part that you used to be able to click, to see all of the messages that were written on you, or someone else's Orangeboard. It was located under Followers (Fav's, Patches, Achievements,  Following, Followers...) For some reason, I can't take a screenshot of it... About a week ago, this option disappeared. Now, how am I going to be able to see all of the comments that I posted on my orangeboard? I think the maximum is 15 before they start disappearing... More: Also, the amount of comments of forum topics has been limited to ten, which makes it really annoying if you want to reply to a long thread (see here) Speaking of canceled stuff, am I the only one that can't see the keywords/tags that were entered in an Instructable? Is that because of the Makerspace contest? They do show up in forum topics, however...

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Access to "older" Orangeboard comments not available?

I've just discovered that the new profile interface provides only limited access to my Orangeboard.  The "first" page, with the most recent comments, comes up just fine, but there is no "next" link to pull up pages with older comments.

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ACSII Word Orders

If you want I can make an ACSII art in word form in your orangeboard if you want.Ask me to have them made in the orangeboard as a comment.Example::_; .' `. .-.,-.,-. .--.`. .'.--. .-..-.: :: ,. :`._-.': : : ..': :; ::_;:_;:_;`.__.':_; :_; `.__.' .-. .-. .-. .' `. : : : : .--.`. .'.--. : `-. : : .--. ' ..': :' .; ; ' .; :: :_ ' '_.'`.__.':_;`.__,_;`.__.'`.__;`.__.' .--. `._-.'`.__.' {{{ .--. .-.,-. .--. ,-.,-.,-..---. ' '_.'`. .'' .; ; : ,. ,. :: .; ``.__.':_,._;`.__,_;:_;:_;:_;: ._.' : : :_; .-. : : : : .--. : :_ ' '_.'`.__;`.__.'

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orange board

I cant post anything on peoples orangeboard

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something that every instructable member should do...

well, I'm saying that what every member should do is create an editable intro/about of themselves to be put as the first comment on their orangeboards. I got the idea from Gorillazmiko because he did this to his orangeboard (with help from ewilhelm)

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Greet my friend who I made an account for!He probably won't sign in before I tell him tomorrow,but still greet him.Here is his profile.Be sure to flood his orangeboard,treat him well.Note:I am going to make him an icon while you flood his orangeboard.

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Not allowed to?

Follow one of my friends.  Comment on his Orangeboard / Instructables. However. I am allowed to comment on others. So am I blocked or what?

Question by PaleHorseRider 4 years ago

Suggested (future) Pro feature

Just an idea that occurred to me... Some people produce Instructables that take a long time.  They might want to let people see how they are going. How about a section on pro orangeboards for Workshop Notes? Taking the same format as an Instructable (photos, steps, image notes), but showing up only on a pro's orangeboard, and not needing to conform to the usual Ible standards (like "being finished"), they could be a record of the progress being made in a project. Pros could use one set of workshop notes to record everything they are doing, maybe with a step per project, or they could have a set of notes per project.  In the case of the latter, they could also have the option of, when the project is finished, switching the project from their orangeboard to become a proper published Instructable. Just a thought.

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Patches: Good, or a destroyer?

I have been informed ( and experienced ) that people with humble PATCHES ( Yes, patches ) cannot have their orangeboard put to use by the public. But PROS can post on these boards. Why?

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Deleted messages?

How come when I delete a message (for instance, just to clean up my orangeboard area) it doesn't actually delete the comment- instead it just hides the comment behind something that says it's been deleted, but it's still there cluttering up my orangeboard? This also seems to happen in the instructables themselves. If I make an error in a comment, delete it and then re-write it correctly - there I am with my message, and another one below it saying it's been deleted or removed etc. Why don't these things just go away when we delete them?

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Changed username - UTF8 troubles

I've changed my username  and I had used a version with a polish diacritic character. But inside the control panel and in your profile link* "Dźwiedziu" is converted to "Dźwiedziu". Even if you get to view your comments trough it (in example if you have commented on your own Orangeboard ) Nowhere else this bug appears. So, is this a bug or technical limitations? Do I get a refund on my one-time name change? :P * which can be shown asźwiedziu/ in the browser.

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Let's all greet Eric and Canida's cousin! She just joined.

GREET HER! CLICK ON THESE LETTERS TO GO TO HER ORANGEBOARD!Okay, I posted a forum topic with this same goal, but maybe didn't give it the most descriptive almost nobody looked at I made this one.I know she is the real deal. Canida greeted her and used her apparent name.Anywho, Several people have greeted her so far-let's see if we can set a record for most orangeboard welcomes? What do you say? It's for the best of causes!

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Need a list of all instructables RSS feeds.

If there is a feed for any of these, please post! New Instructables Featured Instructables New Questions Blog Posts Specific People's Orangeboards Contest Results etc. Please Help!

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Collection Help

Hello, I need help collecting things for my rainbow loom fun collection. I will be collecting from now to 1/31/14. if I do not have enough I will say so on my orangeboard and will continue to stretch the date until I  collect enough instructables. please leave a comment saying something like  "I think some of my instructables will help your collection". again, I need help collecting rainbow loom instructables for my collection and I will be collecting until 1/31/14. If I do not have enough instructables I will extend the date and will say so on my profile and orangeboard.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     please help me collect instructables for my collection.                                                                                         thank you.

Topic by marionpixie 5 years ago

Cello players

Hello this is a forum/group for cello players and if you have sheet music we appreciate it and if you want to join the group post on my orangeboard and I will add you to the list here.  Video game music is really appreciated too I will put requests here     Requests:       Cello players:

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What say ye, Resident Physicist?

In which I ask Kelseymh his assessment of the experiment which they think may have detected neutrinos travelling faster than light. (Holy run-on sentence, Batman.) (Yes, I should have checked his orangeboard first...I'm a bad stalker. :P )

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Where's your Instructables patch?

Here's where I attached my Instructables patch. I didn't want to puncture the waterproofing on my bag, so I sewed the patch over the map pocket.Where's your Instructables patch?PS - Instructables member You gave me the idea for this forum topic over on my Orangeboard.

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What's with not being able to search for people or comments? Answered

Why did the admins remove that feature? Not so  bothered about comments, but I used the search for people tool a fair bit, so I could send a PM, comment on orangeboards etc. Why was it removed from the search filter options?

Question by Lowney 9 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Screwed up RSS Feed?

I've been getting the strangest items from the instructables:explore feed, like really really strange. They're in the explore one too, not my inbox or balktalk. They're things like random posts, random topics, random bugs, random comments, and random orangeboard posts. Has anyone else gotten this?

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Book inclusion request CONFIRMED!!.. It's REAL.

It's legit people. terrymake is the real deal...from: ewilhelmwhen: Sep 1, 2008. 8:16 AMsubject: re: Book inclusion request. Legit?I just put a comment on her orangeboard letting people know that she is indeed with O'Reilly.

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I need zelda replicas

Hello everybody I need some zelda replica's like -boots -sword -shield -hat -gauntlets any replica further reference: any on the list in the link above no price limit no time limit any game tell me when done on my orangeboard dont message me please ok Thank you -Jordan

Topic by builderkidj 8 years ago

Preview Your Comments

Today we added a feature for previewing comments. Now when you enter a comment on an Instructable, forum topic, or orangeboard, you can preview it first to make sure it looks pretty. You can also preview your comment images, links and videos! A comment can be edited and previewed as many times as you like before posting. Enjoy.The email uploader for images is working again too! Hooray.

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Scammer On Instructables!

Beware of this scammer on instructables. Going by the username of 'soukayna', they will have no profile picture. Clicking on their profile will show that they claim to be a 24 year old female. They'll send you a message via orangeboard or PM reading thus: "Nice To Meet You My name is Favor, i saw your profile and it drew my attention to write to you. I would like you to communicate me through my e-mail address ( that we can get to know more about each other more and also to exchange our pictures. I am waiting to her from you. until then continue to be blessed. Favor" A quick google search on the alleged "Favor Madi" revealed that they've posted this scam on several websites. The best thing you can do is immediately delete their comment. If anyone knows a way of reporting them to the instructables site, please do so. It's dissapointing to me that the first comment on my orangeboard was a scam.

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A "Thank you" to an anonymous doner...

Someone gave me a free pro membership.  Since I do not know who it was and thus cannot thank them personally on their orangeboards/PM's, I have decided to post this topic to publicly thank the person who gave it to me.  To whoever gave it to me, you know who you are, thanks a bunch.  And the timing couldn't have been better, my birthday is coming up soon lol.

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The robot learned how to type - full text of comments and messages via email

After an intensive course in computers, the Instructables robot can now send you the full text of comments, notes on your Orangeboard, or personal messages! If you turned these emails off, consider turning them back on here: robot isn't quite up to the level of being able to handle your responses and send them to the proper place, but it's learning.

Topic by ewilhelm 12 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago