Fun in an Orb

Rolling down a hill in a tire just got a tech upgrade. The buzzball, described as a "hamster ball for humans" is the new creation from Evento, a New Zealand company that creates, well, interesting forms of kinetic entertainment. The Buzzball recreates the feeling of being on an upside-down roller coaster in all its nausea-inducing glory. However, unlike the other products from Evento, the Buzzball does not come in the shape of a bathroom item.via Geekdad

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Amazing 3-axis LED orb

What's better than LEDs? Spinning LEDs! Laserpointer forums member FireMyLaser has decided that spinning LEDs is so much fun that he built a contraption that spins on 3 axes and creates some pretty insane effects. He also posted lots of build photos, but for now he's exceeded his photobucket bandwidth. Hopefully they'll be up again soon. NOTE: this is a forum post. Forums are where users can post links to other cool things happening in the DIY space and as such instructions aren't always available. Thanks! LED Orb 2.0 via MAKE

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Blackberry Pearl in search of 'Orb' for Mac. Any help?

I just got a Blackberry Pearl and love it. On my windows computer, I have Orb its great, but its only for PC. I have a macbook and am looking for another program similar to Orb because Orb is only for PC (stupid, right?) If you have any ideas, please post. Thanks for the help, Paul

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How can yo change the windows vista start orb icon?

I have a windows vista sp2 32-bit computer. I am getting bored of the same old start orb. i dont want to waste hard earned money on something from stardock to change it though. it there any free program or at least a hack to do this? Please help. thanks

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K'nex combined with LED's to create awsome Orbs.

I think this is a great example of the neverending potential of knex.This photographer set about making rotating led lit orbs. He then used a long exposure on his camera to create the amazing pictures you see here.I think for a simple building method, for a non permanent project, knex is one of the best options, and greatly under appreciated!Check out his full Flickr Set.via Makezine

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Color Changing Led, Rice paper Lamp

I entered this in the Holiday gifts and Shop ot contest. I would love to get some comments and ratings on it. Thank you in advance. Here the link:

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How do I convert a USB Plasma Sphere to battery power?

I'm trying to make a "tesla cane" (just a cane topped off with a working plasma sphere) for my cousin's steampunk-themed wedding. I already have a USB Plasma ball (Model is here:, and I'd like to make it run off battery power. I'm good at soldering and dealing with small wires, but I've never measured voltage or anything like that. Advice? Has anyone attempted a project like this before? It seems like there are tons of "convert batteries to USB" tutorials but not many of the reverse. :)Thanks in advance!

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how do you beat the stage three beast in prince of persia the forgotten sands?

This is the third stage of fighting the beast and he is way to hard to kill with one life orb and i don't know how to get more from where i am

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im on ur internets, rating sum ur FLASH GAMES oota five

MORE COMING...Some flash game reviews, in no particular order. I think. Well, the order of which they are listed on [], which most or all of them are on. They are rated out of five, with a short description and category. All have links to the games.Rating description+ 5/5 - 1337+ 4/5 - w00t-ish+ 3/5 - Not just mediocre, mediocre for you!+ 2/5 - Lame-ish+ 1/5 - Jack ThompsonEnjoy som ur flash gamez.Save the Sheep - 2/5 - Action> Control a sheep's horizontal movement across the ground> Catch falling sheep> Get powerups> Avoid falling evil sheep or you die- Very generic, boring and pointlessVirus - 3/5 - Action> Guide virus ball around screen by clicking> Get specified number of points by staying alive> Get more points faster by staying in the center of the screen> Avoid white blood cells and other enemies, many varying enemy types+ Fun time-waster, not much depth thoughOrb - 1/5 - Animator's Lazy Sunday Project> Collect orbs by guiding your orb "character thing" around with mouse> Click to send out small circle "explosion" to collect all orbs in explosion- No point to this game. You can't lose, you just collect the orbs. Gets boring very fastSpank the Monkey - NA - Dumb fun> Spank the monkey by dragging the hand with your mouse+ This one is pretty dumb but it's an old classic, to me anyway. Try dragging the hand slowly to the right edge of the game screen and circling around to the left edge and bringing your mouse back in to the game screenFly the Copter - 4/5 - Action> Hold left mouse button to make helicopter go up> Dodge walls by navigating helicopter+ Very addicting, also an old classic. According to the creator's site, his record is 2148. Try and beat itCurveball - 3/5 - Action> Use mouse to control 3D-ish ping pong type paddle> Make the ball curve by moving the paddle when you hit it- Terrible AI makes volleys non-existent+ This game is fun but would be a lot better if the computer was a better playerThe Missile Game 3D - 4/5 - Action> 3D-ish flight type thing, guide your "viewpoint" through holes in the wall while you fly through a tunnel> Speeds up as game progresses> This game is pretty freaky, I had to stop because flying into walls and exploding is not something i'm used to, you gotta see it for yourself. Pretty fun

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what else can I put on my nxt car?

I have made a lego NXT car out of lego, with the 2.0 thing. I was just wondering what other attachments I can put on it. it already as an orb shooter, and a missle launcher on the front. what other gadgets and stuff can I put on it?

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Help Finding an Old Flash Game?

It was a 2d graphic sidescroller. It started out with you flying in an escape pod in some city. With other hover vehicles flying around you. You could press a button and you would exit the escape pod as a blue orb and you could take control of another vehicle? I known its not many details but I hope someone can help me. 

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How do you get free apps? Answered

How do I get free apps. Do I HAVE to jailbrake it. If so can I jailbrake it then return to normal without vioding my warranty and losing the apps I downloaded while it was jailbroken. Is it worth jaibraking the iPod you. How do I get movies for free. How do I get live tv free. Not orb, tvu, or live tv.

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Could I get some feed back on my instructable?

Hello my name is Dready Jazz. I've been on for a while but I just started posting. I would really appreciate some feed back, here and on my profile . Thank you! Heres the links to the two I have done already.

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How do I stream movies from iMac to Macbook Pro wirelessly, without buying any software?

I'm aware you can use the built-in file sharing system, but I've encountered problems with that. Yet I have no problems streaming 720p movies wireless to my PS3 with Vuze. Anyone know of any free software? All I'm aware of is "Orb". And obviously I'm looking for a Mac-to-Mac way to do this.

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Please take a look at my projects

Hello my name is Dready Jazz. I've had an instructables account for a while but I just started making them myself. I really like it and I am working on more, I just had a couple of questions. I was looking on some feedback on the two I have done so far.. . Anyway thank you in advance for your help. :) Here are the link: This is in the The Holiday gifts and Shop ot contest. This is in the Sew It Warm and Shop ot challenge.

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I just started making instructables. I have some questions.

Hello my name is Jazmin aka Dready Jazz. I've had an instructables account for a while but I just started making them myself. I really like it and I am working on more, I just had a couple of questions. How do you get more followers, my instructables are very good, They just haven't gotten over 200 views and I know they could, My other issue is that I really wanted to get feed back on them hardly at all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am here as much to show my design as to get involved with a community of artist... Anyway thank you in advance for your help. :) Oh and if you want to take a look at my instructables here's the links:

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I want to make some rotating LEDs (led ball), any ideas on how to make the conection? Answered

Hi, First, I will post some links: This is the original thing, the first one. Contains a video and pics of the project. Video (original user, not mine) I wanted to make one myself, so here I am, after gettin my head on fire and not getting a really good method of turning the LEDs on. For now, I'll make a 2-axis only, and maybe later add the third axis I already have an idea on how to make connect the power to the structure with the motor that rotates the LEDs, but I'm having a really hard time trying to get that power to the LEDs. My idea was to use 2 springs, 1 for positive and the other for negative (in the original project, he used a spring to the positive), but they failed as they kept the motor from spinning... Any ideas? Thanks x)

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Make SF Meeting

This past Sunday I went to the Make SF meeting graciously hosted by Tech Shop in Menlo Park. I unfortunately do not have names and/or links to work relevant to the presenters, but I will try to give an overview of what I saw as best I can.The first presenter showed a musical interface he made with a laser pointer and a photocell that altered a track of music to correspond with the disturbance of the surface of the water. He told of how he embedded many such bowls in a table and had the laser pointers shining straight down into them from the ceiling so that it seemed as though the water itself was changing the music. He used it a party the previous weekend (side note: I never get invited to parties nearly as cool).Followed him was a man that created a device to interface with a computer as a USB HID. In short, it pretended to be a keyboard, mouse or joystick and then you could send it commands from a micro controller. He had his device installed in a model plane and based on accelerometer readings used it to control a flight simulator. Next there was a man from Google who showed the low-cost Arduino based glowing orb that he was working on based on the Arduino Orb Build Warden. This was presented as one possible solution to have widespread visual indication for monitoring the status of their ongoing projects. Presenter #4 promised not to have anything quite as high tech and passed around a copper bracelet made using copper wiring and traditional cold forge methods. He then spent the rest of the time talking about how he welded the ends of the bracelet with a tig welder made from a microwave much like this one. And even though he promised not to have anything technical to show, he went into the finer points of building your own microwave welder in regards to transformer modification and the importance of finding a reliable metal foot pedal to control the weld. Lastly, someone came from Shape Lock and demonstrated his "Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic." Or in other words, you stick it in a pot of water heated to 160 degrees for a few minutes, take it out and bend it into any shape you want, let it harden for a few more minutes and you're good to go. You can use it to quickly and easily make all kinds of high-strength custom shapes and fasteners. It is actually very cool. However, remember, don't stick it in your mouth (or anywhere else!) because albeit non-toxic it will lock your jaw shut and good luck getting that back to 160 degrees. Oh... I should also mention that the meeting was organized and hosted by the legendary Andrew Milmoe.And that summarizes what I saw and heard.The next meeting will most likely be the first Sunday in March and you can get more info on the official Make SF site. Also, there will be a Make SF social gathering next Thursday at Mars Bar in San Francisco (7th and Brannan).It starts around 7 PM and there is rumored to be a special robotic guest attending. (if anyone has more info on any of the presenters please let me know)

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Omniversity : Advanced Arduino Course in Manchester

We're launching the Omniversity, housed at the Manchester Digital Laboratory. The MadLab has been one of the country's most successful hack and creative digital culture spaces, attracting thousands of visitors to the region and bringing in national and international talent to lead free workshops and events. Every evening is double-booked with free community-driven events around open platforms and professional development. Building off the back of this success, and the huge network we've built, we're offering the Omniversity - an expert-lead series of training programmes, designed to be affordable and lead by industry veterans and in-the-trenches professionals, rather than full-time tutors. We'll be teaching people platforms from the near-future, without the cost overheads that more formalised training providers impose. This brings us nicely to the course of the Internet of Things... The Arduino boards have become the de facto choice for physical computing projects and, with the addition of an Ethernet shield, make an excellent platform on which to explore the Internet of Things. Want your letterbox to email you whenever the postman has been? Need a clock to show you where your loved ones are? Or a glowing multi-coloured ambient orb to show your energy usage? This course will get you started on the road to realising your own Internet-connected projects. The course is on Friday, 25th February 2011 and costs £132.00 - included in this is an Ethernet shield, selection of components, wires and cables. All you'll need on the day is your laptop and and Arduino Uno or Duemilanove. Lunch and hardcopy course materials are also included. The course is lead by Adrian McEwan, creator of the family. To find out more & book onto the course please see here. Hope to see you soon! MadLab 

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Years Back in the 80's a friend had a stereo from "Fingerhut" that had spinning l.e.d fans that reacted to the music? Answered

The stereo had two fan like l.e.d. arrays of about 10 each in different colors red green yellow that were on fan like structures inside each of the 12" woofers on his home stereo that he got from "Fingerhut" the l.e.d.s would pulse with the music one side of a blade to the bass and the other with the highs usually ending up making a red & green with yellow pulsating orb inside each speaker that was seen through the black speaker cloth, I have never seen anything like this before or after anywhere but it was a very nice display and could be made with wheels or ceiling fans or any fan I bet, I wish I would have taken electronics in high school instead of CAD but the cad system was cutting edge in 86 and our school had access to them...the only thing I have seen like this is the floating message thingys that use a back and forth l.e.d.s waving in the air. I know if someone builds it it would sell good even for the automotive speaker markets...this was cheap chines junk it could not have cost much to build it but it did look great!!!! I have seen the automotive led wheels that can display pictures and such but this is way simpler than that and the power source and electronics were not spinning withe the leds... trust me build it and you will spend hours watching them while listening to music almost as good as what music videos used to be :) Anybody Seen or Know where they can be bought or can build them? Fast Ed88

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