I've entered contest before, and I just read (before I just skimmed everything) the originality counts. What would be original? What if you're working on an instructable and somone else just happens to post the same thing that you've been working on? Would it not be original anymore?

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I've seen a lot of entries to the April Fool's Project Prank Contest, but a lot of them aren't original - someone's made it before. Some of these have even made it to the front page (such as the Plastic Wrap Prank), even though they were simply either taken from youtube or have poor instructions. What I'm asking is: isn't it unfair for those who thought of their own ideas for pranks - like mine, and just because the idea hasn't been publicized much, it doesn't get much votes? Aren't we looking for creativity here, not popularity? (because, if you think about it, most people already know how to make the popular ones, and it would be unfair for an instructable about that to get the most votes) I'm not trying to discourage others to not make instructables anymore, I'm just trying to encourage a little creativity, to encourage members to add their own twists to it and stuff like that, rather than just copying and pasting others' ideas. Just a shoutout... Tell me, what do you think?

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Original knex gun.

Ive been wonder, what is the first knex gun posted on instructables? I want to see the progress thats been made

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Corrections to the original Instructable?

Folks, Question: if I go back and repair some typos and then hit publish again does it reset everything or are the stats (views) cumulative regardless?

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Not Original Tutorial enter the Contest and few of then has be a winner

I found some tutorials that I think don't original after searching from the original source. a few of  them enter for the contest and some became the winner. I think it is not fair to the other. my new account I created is indeed only to convey this by intention so that nothing happens. Thanks i think is not original tutorials. https://www.instructables.com/id/Edidoom-Intel-Edison-based-video-game-console-play/  the original at http://2ld.de/edidoom (just copy paste) is differen author https://www.instructables.com/id/Off-grid-Solar-System-Monitoring-using-raspberry-p/ the original is https://hackaday.io/project/2333-my-off-grid-solar-system-monitoring (copy paste) differen author and many more i think.

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Using original pictures... Is there a way to tell? Answered

Lol... this is my 2nd pet peeve.  (My first pet peeve is clicking on an Instructable that isn't an Instructable... or a half-@ss one at best.)  Back to the question... is there a way to tell if the photographs in an instructable are original or just something snagged from the www?  Disclaimer: I occasionally use the photo below (snagged from the www) for the final step of some Ibles .  It's always under the title "Author's Notes".   Now another note to self:  Take your own dang picture since this bugs you so much, ;-)

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Original Xbox fried, any ideas?

I seem to have fried my original  Xbox but I tested the power strip and the cord is fine, are there any other things that could make my Xbox not power on?

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help fixing original modded xbox?

Ok so i set the startup menu to a non exsisting folder so when it starts it says "XBMC fatal error: invalid or missingtag in xml-noskins found, or n" thats all it shows is it fixable if so what do i need to fix it where can i get those items any help is appriciated

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whats my next step modded original xbox?

Modded origial xbox the xbox was modded well before i ever resived it with the help of some people from this site i have been abel to regain an FTP connection. To restore it to working order whats my next step id like it to run evox again can i do this throught the FTP server? the file below is the error codes im getting right wen i turn it on

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What is considered "Original work"?

So since I'm entering mostly cooking challenges, I've been wondering, what is considered "Original work" as stated in the rules for a contest? If I use a recipe that is not mine but I make an instructable on it, does it count as original? If not, how much tweeking does a recipe need before I can consider it my own? One ingredient added? Two? Help much appreciated :)

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Original Xbox "Needs service"

My Xbox says it needs service in multiple languages when i turn it on. I checked with customer support, and i can't do anything without calling the number. Is there anything i can do without calling?

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My web site

I have recently taken up the hobby of game making, one thing led to another and now i have a website with games on it and to be posted, please fill out the surveys and send emails with ideas it pythonproductions@hotmail.com The website is... http://pythonproductions.weebly.com/

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Do you make other people's projects?

A question from Plasmana set me wondering - Do you follow other peoples' Instructables?Personally, the answer is mainly "no" (sorry Plasmana).I keep meaning to, I just never seem to have time to...I want to make a Kelvin's Thunderstorm, a VdG, Plasmana's shocker, a coilgun, a tiny robot, a plushie. I did make a vacuum cannon, but before I saw this site.What have you made from other peoples' projects?What do you plan to make?

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is there a way to mod an original xbox with just a router, a pc, and ethernet cable?

See i have both an xbox 360 and an original xbox... i want to be able to stream files from my pc to my original xbox like i do with my 360 (using a program called TVersity)... my xbox has never been opened or tampered so therefore no mod obviously... i dont trust myself with technology and i dont want to ruin the xbox in anyway... i got rid of all games for my xbox and have neer been able to find an action replay so thats out of the question... an i dont have a credit card so i cant just get one from ebay.. i dont know any modders personally... basically if someone can please tell me at least how to get my pc to even acknowledge that the original xbox is in the network that would be the biggest help

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Stuck analog stick?

Whenever I try to play with one of my original XBOX controllers, the left analog stick seems to be stuck in a down position. Physically, it's fine, but ingame my character is always moving backwards. I've tried multiple games and xboxes, but i can't get it to work. Any help?

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How do you make hi quality copies of your photos?

Howdy,I'm trying to copy a few of my photos that I have used in an Instructable and I can't work out how to save a hi res copy. Is there any way that you can save a copy of the original sized photo that was used in the 'ible? If so, could you please let me know how.TaLonesoulsurfer

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Xbox on a car battery

Does anyone know how to make an xbox run on a car battery? So far I have tried two different kinds of DC to AC converters but they were not powerful enough to run it.

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Moulding from an ice or snow original

I'd like to be able to make a mould from an original shape in snow or ice. Any ideas ?

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Who drew the original Instructables Robot? Answered

 It's such a great drawing, but it can't really be replicated in 3D, the different ersions always look unique.  Regardless, who drew the original Robot? I've always wondered....

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Computer monitor as screen for xbox original??

Hi, i have an xbox original and i want to use my computer monitor as a screen for it. i still want to be able to use my xbox cable to plug it into my tv afterwards. any ideas? thnx?

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What is the origin of the "Weenie Man" song? Answered

There are several versions of this popular campfire song, but this is the one I'm most interested in. Weenie Man Lyrics: I know a weenie man He owns a weenie stand He sells most anything From hotdogs on down One day I'll join his life I'll be his weenie-wife HOT DOG! I love that weenie man Does anyone know the origin, and whether the song would be under copyright protection?

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Origin of the Green Tomator Chutney Recipe?

I would like to know if that 1st recipe for the Green Tomator Chutney originates from Ireland or Scotland? The person mentions that it's her gran's recipe.   If not, does anyone out there have an authentic Irish or Scotlish recipe for green tomator chutney?  I'm looking for a tangy recipe (both sweet & tangy).  Much appreciated

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Need help with Original GameBoy DMG

I have an Original GameBoy DMG, that when I turn on with game cartridge loaded , it goes through its trademark symbol then starts flashing with what looks like zeros up and down and across the entire screen, I checked to make sure it was not the game by trying it in another GameBoy I have and it worked fine, any ideas on how to fix, please and thank you.

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lcd to motherboard problems for original xbox!

Im building a original xbox laptop and im having problems figuring out how to wire a lcd screen into the motherboard? i have a xbox harddrive already loaded up with all the games. it has been modded already so im covered on that! so that means i wont need the drive bay nomore! already got my case configured and im just tryin to figure this last detail out so it will all fall in place!! its going to be pimp cuz im not cutting no corners!

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BOUNCE: original game (download here)

BOUNCEBOUNCEBOUNCE [download] BOUNCE is an original 2D platform style game built in Java. The game incorporates game elements like destructible terrain, 3rd person shooting, and puzzles, to provide an experience similar to such games as Mario and Minecraft. You, a lone circle in a world of squares, must make your way through 50 levels to save the galaxy from destruction. Along the way, you'll face laser shooting robots, parkour puzzles, and fire-breathing dragons. More information available at http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/iconified/27023/view.html.

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Problems Jailbreaking and Unlocking Original iPhone?

I have an original iPhone that I want to unlock for use with T-Mobile, as well as jailbreak.  I have tried multiple jailbreaking/unlocking tools, and when I point them to the IPSW for the iPhone I always get some version of:  "This is not a valid 4.0 IPSW."  Sn0wbreeze's "F0recast" program says that the phone is jailbreakable and unlockable, and that it's running 3.1.3 firmware.  I believe it's been updated to iOS 4.0---I put it into recovery mode and connected it to iTunes, and it updated it.  I do not have an AT&T SIM card.  Anybody know what to do? 

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What is the Deal with this Original Xbox Controller? Answered

Well, I picked up this controller for incredibly cheap at a yard sale, but then when I got home, I noticed the plug was circular as oppose to my Xbox's Oval-ey female plugs. And the Controller looks legit enough, it has all of the Microsoft and Xbox markings, it's just the older style of controller. Could anyone explain this to me? Greatly Appreciated!

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Original idea to ask her dad

Hi there, My name is Nicolas, I'm french and i'm asking for the help of the community. Me and my girlfriend are thinking to get married soon and I wanted to find an original way to ask her dad for his permission. The thing is that her parents live in Washington and I'm not able to go there. I was thinking of sending something or make something virtual (i'm a software engieneer).  Moreover her father is not a real techy guy but rather a tech enthousiast. So I search something around the tech theme. So here is my question, do you have any orignal idea with this tech direction in mind that i can produce to ask her father. Sorry for my bad english. If something is unclear, please ask for mor explanation. Best regards, Nicolas

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On the Origin Of The Universe (or at least our part of it...)

In the course of a conversation in the chatroom, I triggered myself to go look up old RFC's. I found http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc-sidx1.html . It's kind of like stumbling across Moses' chicken-scrawled first drafts of Genesis...A couple of selected quotes,From RFC-6 (A Conversation with Bob Kahn), "BB&N; is prepared to convert 6, 7, 8, or 9 bit character codes into 8-bit ASCII for transmission and convert again upon assembly at the destination IMP." So ASCII was not a standard data protocol yet.From RFC-82 (Network Meeting Notes), "ARPA will not pay for the coffee and pastry being served, so please chip in to help me pay for it."[Edit 23 Jul 2009: Fixed URL above to eliminate spurious period.]

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Project that needs some "originality confirmation"

I had an idea for a portable workbench/toolbox. when i drew it up it looked like a chest, so i called it a workchest. but when i showed my design to my family, my mom said that this was a design that many women use to carry their makeup and grooming things. i dont really think thats true, but i think some outside opinions might be useful here. so a wooden chest with dimensions at 1 1/2' for length, width, and height with the top unfolding to make a workspace thats 3'x1 1/2', this is something that fashionable women would carry around or keep at their house so they can look beautiful wherever they go? i dont think something like that would ever be intentionally created for makeup.

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how did the 1st vampire come about? :D?

Please don't include dracula he is not ORIGIN plus the movies and books are too misty around him

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How to convert an ordinary door into a sliding door? Answered

In this winterbreak I plan to reorganize my room because I'm bored of the old setup.Just wanted to know how can I convert an ordinary (hinged) door to a sliding one.I want to keep the original door because if I change it I will mess up the look of the house.I have a concept which involves some railings but I dont know how to pull out of the socket the side with the hinges.The rest of the build will be easy.That is the only problem I can't seem to be able to wrap my head around.Any suggestions will be good.Thx alot

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Original Xbox HDD useable as a normal PC HDD?

I recently got an old PC from the Salvation Army, and decided to harvest it. Turns out I can use all the parts for a working computer(an old computer running Windows 98 on a Pentium II, but a computer nonetheless). However, it has a 4GB HDD. This threw me off of the idea of reusing it, until I remembered my old original Xbox that I harvested(I do that a lot), and luckily I kept the 80GB HDD from it :D. It has the same old standard PATA  and 4-pin Molex power connector as the 4GB. It's just a normal Microsoft HDD(from external appearances). So can I use it as a normal hard drive for my recently obtained old computer, and just format it? Or is there some kind of encryption/coding that makes it only useful for an Xbox?

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Is there anything awesome I can do with a Nintendo Gameboy Advance (Original)?

I had got a Gameboy Advance, new, for 5 bucks at a garage sale and well this was recently. I don't buy games for it because I usually just play them on my computer and I just have a Gamboy Advance sitting there collecting dust, so I want to know if anyone has any suggestions?

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Www.yescell.com sell Motorola Z6M K1m K1 V3c V3m Original Housing LCD flex keypad rotor supplier Latest stocks and model arriving by www.yescell.com : Cellphone&Cellphone parts of Housing/mainboard/flex/lcd/lens/keypad/spare parts /battery/rotor Following is the model list : Motorola cellphone V9m V3m K1m Motorola V8/ V9 /E6/ Q /V325/ V710 / V3 / V3c /V3m /V3i /v3x/v3xx/ K1 / K1m /Z3 / Z6/ e6/V6/ 120E /L6/L7 /a1000 parts Yescell Electronic Ltd. Http://www.yescell.com Tel:+86-20-81905708 Fax: +86-20-81859478 Contact: sonia E-mail:sales03@yescell.com- Msn: yescellltd03@hotmail.com

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Can i change the instructables page layout back to the origional ??? Answered

I really dislike the new layout you dont see your new comments cant quickly goto the orange bord etc i was wondering if i could change it back to the original

Question by goeon   |  last reply

How do I fix my modded Xbox? Answered

Long story short, in the C: drive of the original Xbox, the xboxdash.xbe was renamed to xboxdash2.xbe. Tthe new file currently name xboxdash.xbe didn't work, so now the Xbox won't boot and I get an error message and red blinking lights when I turn it on. Is there any way I can access the C: drive and rename the actual xboxdash.xbe file back to normal so it will boot again?

Question by jfg2597   |  last reply

come look around

I was advised by another member to invite people in forum to come look around my page and sites - I think if you go to my page website is listed there...gotta go run to the job job :( :( but feel free to stop in

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how do i get a good lcd 7 inch screen?

Hi! ive been looking all around the internet and i cant find anything!!! i need a good lcd 7 inch screen for my xbox laptop but i cant find one links are well appreciated!!

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Instructable is plagiarized (not a bug)

Hello whomever is reading this,I was online, today, and I was looking up different recipes for thermite. Upon searching Google, I came upon two different results that were quite intriguing. Here are the two results:https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-thermite/andhttp://how2dostuff.blogspot.com/2006/01/how-to-make-thermite.htmlIf you follow these links and read the steps, you will see that they are nearly the exact same and that the author does not give the second website credit. (Notice the dates)This is an obvious act of blatant plagiarism and I believe that the person whom wrote this instructable should be confronted about doing so.Thank you for your time,Christopher Karr

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What can i do with an original xbox? Answered

 I have two original xbox's and would like something to do with them as they are just lying there. It is ONLY the console, no wires or controllers

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The Judging Criterion Originality n instructables contests?

I saw that there is judging criterion of originality in the instructables contests so , IfI take inspiration from other projects and execute it in a different way does it fulfil the criterion.Like if I Make a LED throwie talkie in a different way like if I use a different microcontroller  and different coding

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What is the origin of Reine de Saba cake?

I'm trying to find what region of France it is from, and it's nowhere online.

Question by shanghai_breezes   |  last reply

No longer able to to open pictures as original size.

Since the new update the little white box in the corner of a picture is gone. Therefor I am unable to open a picture in what ever size I want. Whether it is 48 by 48 pixels or 3000 by 2000 pixels. Please either show me how to open them in this way, go back to the original picture setup, or add an option to allow us to change it back to the original picture setup for ourselves.

Topic by tytiger33   |  last reply

Do repositionable glues stick to the original surface?

I want to treat a plastic sheet with some glue, so it would create a Post-It like surface. I'd like to have this (original) surface sticky indefinitely, and to have anything I attach came off clean later. Is that how these repositionable glues work? Will they stick permanently to the surface they applied to first? Or there is no "original" and "other" piece, and some of the glue will transfer eventually? Is there a difference in repositionable adhesive spays and removable/restickable glue sticks in this sense?

Question by shinjin   |  last reply

Need help fixing original xbox dashboard

Alright, so a while ago I installed the unleashx dashboard to my original xbox, but forgot to make a backup of the MSdash. So meanwhile, I uninstalled the softmod completely and thats the situation I'm in now: My Xbox has error 14. It still runs Xbox games, but I have no dashboard. My question is, how would I be able to fix this via hotswap?

Topic by Robin0999 

Nintendo DS / Original Game Boy Mod

Don't know if anyone ever thought about doing this. I searched the site and didn't see anything like it so I thought I would put the idea out there. Just wondering what people thought about the prospect of modding an original Game Boy to be the shell for a Nintendo DS or DS Lite. I personally think there is enough room to do. I would try to do it myself, but I just don't have the techinical know-how or a spare DS.

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