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Christmas Outdoor Lights

Trying to avoid electricity as much as possible.  Haven't found a phosphorous type solution with a long enough life to make it practical.  Have I missed a paint or light that last?  Other ideas?

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Outdoor LED light fixtures?

I have an outdoor landscape lighting system. I just converted the light fixtures from halogen to LED. Most of the system works fine, but there is a section that will not light up. I know there is power to the cables within that section because I can connect one of the old halogen lights and it will light up. But when I hook up the LED it will not work. Any ideas?

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Solar powered outdoor outlet???

Hello, we are trying to figure out how to install some solar powered lighting for the outdoor porch overhang, something with soft pleasant lighting for enjoying our back yard at night. There are no outlets available and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do something green. For this application we are considering mounting 18 ft of rope lighting in the eves of the poorch and were wondering if there is an inexpensive way to solar power this type of lighting to charge during the day and come on at night that would provide enough energy to power it throughout the night, possibly in a mountable outlet form. This must be an outdoor application that is fairly easy to contain and may be mounted on the outside end of the porch where it can recieve the most sun exposure. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially if there is a product already on the market for this application.?

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LED Outdoor Stair Lighting

Greetings. I'm a poor graduate student - in pharmacology - and I can tell you a lot about how drugs work, but I hardly know a damn thing about electrical circuitry. All I remember is that the robot kit my dad bought me as a kid didn't turn out the way it should... Anyhow, I've been faced with a small problem: the back staircase to my apartment (the main entrance as far as I'm concerned) is scary craggy and doesn't have any lighting. I considered just using a christmas strand of LED lights to illuminate the thing, but there is no outdoor outlet on the house.. I then tried using a solar powered garden light set, but it was pretty much useless (couldn't charge fast enough) up until the point when roofers tossed a bunch of crap on the solar panel and smashed it. So I'm wondering if there's a way that I can keep my staircase lit perpetually (solar panel?) or in a way that doesn't require that I change batteries often. I considered using a lantern battery, but 5 amp-hours is what its rated at, and I guess that even with resistors, I'm not going to get that much life over the course of a few hours. Features wanted: Solar (?) charging or low battery turnover Enough light to see the ground over the string of 6+ lights Light meter so that it only turns on after dark? Thanks, Joel

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can a outdoor lighting be converted to led lighting?

I have a low voltage outdoor lighting and its not bright enough i want to convert it to use leds can it be done

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Help! My low voltage, outdoor lighting wont light up - transformer error codes?

I bought a Portfolio 300watt transformer for low voltage outdoor lighting and hooked up a 100' 12 gauge cable (outdoor rated lighting cable) to it. Then I hooked up 4 low voltage lights (12volt 20 watts each). I plugged the transformer in to a gfi outlet that I ran out from the house. And turned it on. The little display flashes "E" and then "1" . The instructions say that the E means that there is a fire hazard so check the circut. So I unhooked every light except one. Same error. I hooked on a different light and unhooked the first one. Same error. Instructions say the cable needs to be under 250'. And the load less than 300w. I am there, except it won't run. Do I have a bad transformer or is there something that I am missing? Oh, and this is to light my haunt in my front yard, so I am running out of time! Thanks for any advice! Matt

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Hog Hunting with OUTDOOR LED LIGHTS?

I am wanting to hook up some solar powered red led lights at My deer lease to hunt hogs with. The light will have to be bright enough for Me to be able to see the hogs with My scope from about 100 yeards away. I know nothing about how to hook this up, what I need to buy, but I am handy to some degree. Any help would be great

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DIY Outdoor Event Searchlight

In am interested in building an outdoor event searchlight or advertising spotlight that you might find at the opening of a Hollywood premier. Basically, an intense beam of light projecting miles into the sky to attract people to a location.  I searched Instructables and found some projects for stage spotlights but nothing like an outdoor searchlight. I did locate some complicated Carbon Arc and Xenon lamp projects but these involved a lot of expertise in electrical engineering! I am a novice but I am comfortable with basic "household' wiring. With that said, my thought was to try using 7 or 8 (maybe more) 55w car Xenon HID (6000k range) headlights as my light source. Xenon HID produce three times the light output as standard halogen headlamps (3000 lumens vs 1000 lumens) and require less energy. The "conversion kits" come with the igniter module and inverter ( ballasts) which reduces the amount of electrical wiring. At this point, the power source could be to use 110v household AC current and then, using a AC to DC converter, turn it into DC voltage and let the "conversion kit" components change it back to AC.  From what little I know, Xenon HID take about 25,000 volts to start a Xenon bulb and then 80-90 volts to keep it operating. During operation the AC ballast frequency is usually in the 250 to 450 Hz range. Each bulb draws around 6.5 amps at startup and then stabilizes at around 3.8 amps. Next, I would place the bulbs into the center of a Ellipsoidal Reflector to direct the light skyward. Basically, the 7-8 Xenon HID bulbs would be secured to a piece of sheet metal and then surrounded by a reflector so it would be like a VERY large headlight pointing into the sky. In one of the YouTube videos, the guy used a trashcan as the housing. I am not looking for something this large but similar in concept.  I located an Ellipsoidal Reflector on Ebay for about $55 and then I might just build a housing around it.  But would the reflector be enough to concentrate the light into a strong beam? Or, would I need to have some sort of lens to focus the light? If anybody has constructed something similar of if you have any pointers on what to do, please let me know.

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how do i change an outdoor light fixture ?

I need to change my porch light fixtures. I just don't know how. Any suggestions?

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Does anyone know of a combination photocell & timer controller for a low voltage outdoor lighting project?

Looking for a combi photocell & timer light controller for use in solar powered outdoor trail lighting project that can turn on set of lights at dusk and off after 2-3 hours to conserve battery life. Preferably the switch/controller would be cheap, durable, and weatherproof.  Thanks for any info, Jake

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how to connect outdoor led rgb to existing 12v cable

Hi all In my backyard, I already installed a 300 watt transformer.  I connected/ran a 12v low voltage cable around my back yard. It was for an uplight project.  Now, I removed all those lights (the 12v cable still there) and want to install LED RGP lighting. Im stuck at how to connect the RGB controller to the existing  12v cable. Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanks a bunch, Kevin

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How to make solar lighted finials for privacy fence?

A family member has these lighted finials on their privacy fence and I love the look they provide. But when I was putting up our fence last year, I found out that those little lights are expensive! When surfing around on this site, I found the instructable for sun jars (or solar jars) and thought that might be a practical alternative. Any ideas on how to convert one of those jars into a finial?

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remote control light

I'm working on a sort of a scavenger hunt thing. Night time on an outdoor trail. For one station I would like to have a set-up where a seeker would press a button (like a doorbell) which would light an LED, telling them where to look. I know that I could connect a battery, a button, and some sort of a light using actual wire, but it would be great if I could do this wirelessly. It would only have to work over a short distance (a few dozen feet at most) and only for one evening. I'm not especially electronics-savvy, but I work well with instructions. I'd appreciate any leads!!!

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Circuit for low voltage, PIR, LED, solar powered outdoor light?

I've hit my limit on electronics, can anyone point me to or suggest a circuit for low voltage LED outdoor light, activated by PIR, powered from a solar charged battery pack? Cheers, Sean

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Outdoor electronic log drums.

We would like to make some outdoor drums made from logs that when hit trigger a relay which turns on a light. It it is proving to be very tricky to get a reliable system. We have tried using microphones with a small circuit to detect when triggered, these have worked the best but we get many false triggers and other times not triggering at all, we have tried adding pre amps to these microphones to try to boost the signal.  We have also tried to use capacitive touch sensors on top of the logs but again, many false triggers. The set up is installed outdoors for over a month and can sometimes be made to work but then the temperature and humidity will change and this causes them to false trigger or to not trigger at all, we are currently toying with the idea of hall effect or reed sensors, many of set into each log with a neodymium magnet in the end of the drum stick. If anybody has any ideas of how we can make a reliable system for installation outdoors that works through all the temperature and humidity changes please let me know. 

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My wife and I are moving to a new house that has a hidden driveway on a bend of a busy road that obscures our visibility as we exit. We are avid cyclists and ride around town on scooters, too. Does someone have a suggestion on a remote activated light system that could call drivers' attention to the driveway as we pull out? We have multiple lights on our bikes, but nevertheless, I'd like to enhance the safety of exiting. My only thought was to hook up some sort of lights to a darkroom timer and activate it for two minutes as we leave, but that would require burying a cable in pvc as far as I could tell, and the driveway is long. In short, it would be super inconvenient. What would be ideal is a remote activated flashing light set on one or both sides of the driveway, powered by battery that activated by the remote and turned off after a short period of time. Any suggestions on products or designs would be appreciated.

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permanently wire LED puck lights to 120 volts

I have been playing with some remote controlled puck lights in my garden (because "real;" outdoor lighting is very expensive), and was thinking that these puck lights go through batteries a bit too often for my taste.  I want to simply run some wires to each one, and then to some kind of converter that I could just plug into my outdoor-rated outlet.  These lights aren't rated for outdoor use ever, so I will have to silicone the seams on the plastic cases.  I can usually find that others have figured out how to do things before me and just copy them, but no one seems to have done this.  Is that because it is not possible/dangerous/expensive?  I'm more of a hammer and nail guy than a solder/wire guy, but I can follow instructions like the best of them.  Is there any reason not to do this, or can it be done?  I know that the hardware store outdoor lights are way too expensive, and this seems like a great option.

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I need to make a photcell for 12volts lights for out side help

I need A photocell that well work with 12volt for outdoor lights

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LED Indoor Light Fixture

LED lights is a wonderful thing, but it is horrifically expensive.I bought some LED indoor light fixture for home deco. There are still have some led indoor light fixture left. I don't want to waste of these resources, so i decided to use them in my gardens. What's the difference between indoor light and outdoor lights? My these led indoor light fixture can be used in my gardens?

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Looking for a schematic for a bright, LED, solar powered, outdoor light?

Hello,  I am looking to make a pretty bright, solar powered light, for use in the yard.  I have a very bright, 3 LED flashlight, that uses 3 AAA batteries.  I would like to make a light for the yard that has 2, or or more LEDS to light the sidewalk. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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I cant run power to my shed so I want to know can I use the solar cells from the outdoor lights to make a solar panel? Answered

I want to make a solar panel out of those outdoor LED solar yard lights to make a Light for my shed, Can I use the Solar panels on them to make this? I have seen the DIY solar panel and I am going to try to do this but I want to know if I can use the outdoor lights to try this. Chris

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How to power an outdoor (streetlight-type) light with car/truck battery overnight?

There are really 3 parts to my question: 1) Is it even possible to power something like a high pressure sodium lamp of 100-400 W from a car battery for about 8 hours? 2) How would you set this up? 3) If the battery is getting drained to empty (or close to empty) every 2nd or 3rd night, what will be the approximate lifetime of the battery? Thanks for your help!

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solar light last longer than flashlight

My husband was working on the fence, as it was getting dark i went to get the flashlight which if you have it on too long it will dimmer too soon, so i have this idea of using our only outdoor solar light which last 8 to 10hours and he could see very good with it.  I think it is a great idea for when the electricity goes out you can use the solar light in your home.

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need outdoor motion sensor switch with by pass feature for pot lights?

I'm looking for a reliable outdoor dome motion sensor switch with bypass feature for pot lights.  best if I can bypass with flipping the indoor switch and reset by power off for a while, will settle for wireless bypass by a smart phone or last resort: a wireless remote from inside. look forward to your advice with appreciation and thanks the motion switch should be for 110V ac 200W. prefer 250 w or above

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Can indoor Romex be used in conduit for outdoor use?

My friend is adding motion sensor lights outside at our house. He plans to install conduit in the garage, and use indoor 14/2 Romex, Type NM-B Indoor. He then will add the same outside to the security light fixture he is installing. Can indoor Romex in conduit be used for this? We live in the desert in Southern California, where temperatures can get over 120 degrees in the summer.

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looking for ideas on fabric composite thermal barriers ie artic sheltering?

Looking for moderately light weight, flexible,  and not too expensive Want to build a modular out building that I can take apart and transport, but be nice and toasty in the winter when using it. Thinking of a yurt type structure, but want to optimize the wall and roof covering

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How to backlight outdoor metal wall art? Answered

My friend is buying a piece of wall art (around 1.2m x .8m) which is an image of a bird (I have not seen it yet, but lets say it looked like the attached image, it is metal, flat. It is going to be hung outside and they would like it to be backlit, so it is visible at night.  They were quoted $130 for a perspex sheet with LED lighting, which seems steep to me, there should be a cheaper way to do it DIY. Any suggestions. Scott

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Can a solar light be charged indoors?

Hey guys, Can a solar panel like this be charged with indoor lighting, like a calculator is, or does it need to be actual sunlight? Its rainy and cold in Canada, and need to know if I can just sit it on the kitchen table all day (the light is on anyway) and charge it up. Working on a Sun Jar, and have disassembled the outdoor solar light. I want to know if the panel/battery/light is in working order (I found an opened box at H.D. on sale for 1/2 price!) :) Thanks

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any ideas on how to make exterior security type lights? maybe with christmas lights?Have no outdoor power outlet

Anyone have any tricks on making lights to go outside that will brighten up a dark area,using christmas lights?Have one outlet indoors that an extention cord can be run from.Or how to MAKE a solar powered light that will actually work??

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Does there exist an instructable that will control low-voltage lighting, to turn a circuit on at dusk, and off at dawn?

I have some LED lighting to illuminate my outdoor entry stairs. I'm in the process of setting them up to run off of a solar-charged battery. The last step is to automate the process of turning them on and off. Ideally, I'd like a circuit, not micro controller based, to turn them on and off based on a given light level. Thank you!

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Ideal Energy/Battery Source for a Battery Powered Lamppost

Hello everyone,First time posting, so, thank you ahead of time for all your help!Project:I was tasked with creating an outdoor lamppost for an event at a campground (IE: no immediate electricity source). At first, it seemed quite simple, but, looking at the necessary requirements, it seems to be more complex than I thought. Requirements:I need to find a way to power a high-powered LED light bulb (ideally 12W equivalent) for 10 hours a day (for 3-4 nights - for a total of 30-40 hours) without immediate access to an electrical outlet. So, it would be around 20 watt hours a day. This battery source needs to be able to be outdoors, and face rain/weather. There may be a tarp, tent to cover it. I may have access to a generator to recharge my battery source at another location if need be.I currently have a bright DC 12V light bulb that would be ideal for this project, but, I could also use a AC light bulb if need be.Potential Solutions: Connected 6V Lantern Batteries: Connecting multiple lantern batteries together, and swapping them out on a daily basis. Walmart has a set of Rayovac Heavy-Duty Lantern Batteries for around $2.50 each. Pro: Connecting these batteries in parallel and series would give me the 20 ah, and 12v specs needed. \ It would come out to around $15 a day. Would be easy to put in a large water-proof container and connect to the lamppostCons: Bit wasteful - I'd burn through around 20 of these batteries, and would have to recycle/dispose of them Sealed? - Unsure if I could put them in a waterproof container. Do they need venting? Mid-range cost: Would come out to around $50-60 due to the number of batteries needed12V Deep-Cycle 20Ah+ Battery: A simple 20ah+ deep-cycle battery would provide me the DC power needed on a daily basis. I would then detach it during the day, and bring it to the generator to charge. Pro: Cost - Relatively cheap, at around $50, this battery option would be affordable Set it and Forget It - No need to connect multiple batteries together. This would just be an easy wiring job.Con: Venting - Unsure if I could place this in a simple waterproof container outside. Does it need to vent? Or, would a AGM deep-cycle battery be ok in a vent-free container? Recharging - Unlike the lantern batteries, I would need to bring this to a generator on a daily basis to recharge. Not the end of the world though.Ideas:I am vacillating between both options. Ideally I would like to go with the deep-cycle battery, but I am quite concerned with the venting problem. I don't believe the 6V batteries need to vent, so they could be placed in a simple container.Question(s): Does one of these solutions stand out more to you as the better fit? Are there other battery solutions that you think would work better? Do I need to use a deep-cycle battery, or would something like this battery work?Again, thank you ahead of time for any guidance you could provide!

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Outdoor RGB LED Strip Failure

Hi all,  I've had quite a modest installation of RGB LED tape (45 meters ish, split into more manageable circuits) around the perimeter of my decking. This uses the commonly available 5050 RGB LED Strip light, the type with the epoxy covering the tape and also an outer sheath to protect it from water ingress.  I had heat shrinked the ends and also applied multiple layers of liquid electrical tape where a connection to a 4-core cable was needed. This has held up well for some time.  After about 2 years, I noticed that some of my RGB LED tape runs were sort of 'corrupting' where a small amount of moisture had got in, and shorted the RGB channels so that no matter what I feed into the tape, it always output white (or some other combinations or colours). Still, I ignored this, as it didn;t bother me too much.  These ran back to a central controller, which did the DMX control and amplification of the 12v single.  Anyway, to cut a long story short: Yesterday I smelt smoke.  I was walking around the garden and I noticed that one of the strips had caught fire, at a single point in the middle, and was burning a hole through my decking!  Again, long story cut short, I put this fire out and looked closer. The strip was so badly burnt that I can't determine what went wrong here.  I'm thinking maybe a resistor burnt out and caught fire? The tape has been running 'on' for quite some time (weeks) so this is a possibility.  Another possibility is that there could have been a short between 12v and ground, which caused heat. Now, there aren't any fuses on the 12v rail (fuse and circuit breaker protecting the 240v side) but I wouldn't have thought that this would protect me from a fire anyway!  I'm interested whether anyone else has had a similar experience or has any suggestions as to why this has happened.  I love these RGB LED strips, use them a lot in my house, but after seeing this, I'm not a little more dubious to keep using them.  I'm an electrical engineer (in the making, at University) and this has stumped me!  Thanks Joe

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Repair of a bi-pin light base

I'm trying to repair my outdoor post light.  The bi-pin bases have rusted.  I purchased new bases and went to rewire the light, but there are some difficulties in doing this.  It would be incredibly easy if I was able to remove the wires from the new bases, connect them to the power wires, then reattach the base.  The pin slots don't appear readily removable, however, and the piece is put together with rivets, so taking it apart and reassembling it would be...  not so easy. I was just wondering if anyone has attempted this and has any tips. Thanks!

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How can I wire a standard light switch to an extension cord? Answered

I am working on a project in which 2 light fixtures are wired up to an outdoor extension cord. I need to wire a light switch like the one pictured below to the extension cord. How can I go about doing this? Thanks, Adam

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Arduino Outdoor Security System - PIR Motion Sensor, Security Lights, Intruder Warning/Alarm & Blynk Notification

I would like to ask your suggestions on how to build an outdoor ESP2866 security and sensors combo. I have seen separate postings on PIR and lights around the site and in other websites so I thought it would be doable. I knew Arduino then but only paid close attention when I realized that my x-10s are outmoded but z-wave devices are expensive. So I am learning about it, how to sketch and trying to understand C++ more. My dream is to build an outdoor ESP2866 combo, powered by an AC120v-5v module, with two PIR motion sensors, three 120v relay switches (two relays for two sets of security floodlights and one relay for an amp/wave speaker with mic), a photo (dusk/dawn) sensor and temperature/humidity sensor (for a future thermostat). Operationally, I imagine that it could be armed and disarmed through Blynk. When armed at daytime, a motion will trigger a low volume intruder MP3 warning alert with 10 minutes of security lights at night. But if the trigger persists for more than 5 minutes, the security floodlights will blink, a loud intruder alarm will sound and push phone notifications. What will be the best way to sketch these? What is the better way of wiring them together? How could I make multiple ESP2866s in the same WAN work together for an event? The desired function is if an alarm event is triggered in one of the ESP2866 that would also set off blinking lights and alarm sounds in the other ESPs. Thanks for all your help.

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Can LED's in Gemmy Kaleidoscope Light be replaced?

I'm trying to re-purpose a Gemmy Kaleidoscope Green LED light bought last year for outdoor christmas lighting. Is it possible to replace a couple of the LED's in it and make it a multi-color unit (RGB) instead? Here's what the innards looks like. Not sure where I can get the LED part numbers to look them up. Thanks for any help.

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Light Socket Extension help

Can you help me find a safe way to build a cheaper version of this:   Here's my situation: I want to convert double-lamped can lights into adjustable spotlights without making any permanent changes other than unscrewing a lightbulb and replacing it with something else.  It needs to be able to go back to a lightbulb very easily.  The cans stick out from the wall and each socket is oriented vertically, so one points up and one points down, effectively washing the wall up and down with light.  The wall of 8 or so are wired so the tops are all on one circuit and the bottoms are all on another circuit. The item from Lowe's works OK, but is $17 and more flexible than I need.  Here's what I started to put together:   At the top is a 100W Par38 spot light, screwed into a single outdoor metal lampholder.  That is attached to a 1/2" pipe (PVC or metal), about 12" long.  Now, at the bottom of the pipe, it needs to screw in to the socket to get power.  I either need to get an E27 lamp base onto that pipe, or use a two-blade outlet adapter that screws in, and get a two-blade plug that is rigidly fixed to the pipe.   Is there anyway to do this that the NEC would smile at?  Absent of that, a way that is still safe and secure, and safely removeable without changing the existing light socket arrangement?

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Lets see how smart everyone is----trying to build outdoor led wall washer

I am trying to build an outdoor led based wall washer, the idea is to light a wall (from the ground up) using a golf cart battery and led lights. Now here is the tricky part the wall is 45 feet tall, and 40 feet wide. I have to admit that projecting this amount of light on such a large space has thus far been beyond my ability, if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

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Inline splicing

I want to add an outdoor low voltage light midway along the line of an existing wire. do I cut one or both sides of the wire to splice in the new fixture?

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Is it possible to connect 2 motion detectors on a light circuit so it will sense movement coming from either direction??

What I'm trying to do is light a 50' long breeze way regardless of which end you enter. As it is now It only lights from 1 end. I'd think if you wire 2 motion detectors in parallel (Black-black, red-red, and white-white) then used the switched output (red) and neutral (white) to power the light it would work as I described. 

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Solar Panels used to charge batteries.

So I understand how the WestingHouse Solar Powered Outdoor Lights. They use the energy gathered by the solar panel, convert it and store it in AA batteries. The LEd is then powered by these batteries.   This is kind of a two part question.  What exactly is stopping me from using a large Ni-Cd battery or even a car battery to be charged by an array of solar panels like the little ones that are used in the little outdoor lights?? Is there some sort of equation that would be helpful to estimate the amount of time it might take to charge these batteries? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. 

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Is there an easy way to make small solar powered lights that work indoors?

This seems like it would be easy, but all I'm finding on the web is answers that use a solar garden light to make basic "moon" jars. That's not exactly working for me: what I want is some small solar LED-looking lights, ideally a track of them, that come on at dusk in our mudroom. I've tried taking apart an outdoor solar garden light, but no luck -- wires too short, and when I tried to modify the wiring (on two testers) they both stopped working. Is there a way to buy all components needed, separately?

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Has anyone modified an lcd display to use sun light for the backlight?

I'd like to use a 4" lcd display outdoors. Would it work to remove the backlight and use a mirror to direct sunlight to the back of the lcd (in conjunction with a shade for the front)? Would a sheet of white plastic work for a diffuser?Something similar to this old pocket tv system: in advance for comments and suggestions.-Bob

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Seeking mechanical design help for an outdoor mech 'robot' build! Answered

Hi all, I am currently collecting car parts and I'm itching to make a mech robot (like these: What I really want to do is have it close to my garage door, inert and crouching, until a motion sensor picks up movement. Ideally three actions would follow: I'd like it to stand up, ideally with lights turning on, and shortly afterward crouch back down. I have a shop and can weld, woodwork and have a very basic electronics understanding. I think I'd like to learn about hydraulics (I was looking into a used motorcycle lift as an internal mechanism to get this thing to rise). I'm not sure yet how to set a delay before it crouches back down. I'm looking for any recommendations - this is the first phase of my research into this project!!! OK, thanks in advance! DAZU

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Fixing Kodak EasyShare C653

I have a Kodak EasyShare C653 that was left outdoors for a few days. With new batteries in it, it won't work. When I turn it on, I just get the red light that normally indicates the battery is low. Any ideas on what it could be? The cost of repair is probably more than the camera itself. Thanks!

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Idea: Smart LED front door light with PIR detector and light sensor

Hello to all. I searched the forums for the project I plan to do, but found no real answer. Here is the idea: I want to have a front door light using CREE high power LEDs that would: - stay off during the day - turn on at 10% current level when night falls - ramp up the current gradually to 100% current when a movement is detected, stay at 100% for a preselected amount of time, then return back to 10%. This would make a very efficient front door light. I have some experience making headlamps using buckpucks and power LEDs (thanks to dan from this site), but I have no idea on how to make the "gradually changing" current driver for that project. I guess it would involve a microcontroller of some sort. Has anyone some insights on this ? Thanks for reading, Mike, Switzerland

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a wireless outlet hub for for lights and have it run off batteries?

Http://;_type=title&placement;_id=irs-106-t1&strategy;=PWVAV&visitor;_id=ETcpHj7RBmUN1JcQ0DTkPY&category;=&client;_guid=b409cb7b-6b6a-4e2b-8cce-a1e8ab4022be&customer;_id_enc=&config;_id=106&parent;_item_id=29417733&parent;_anchor_item_id=29417733&guid;=222c485c-8ebd-460e-ba0b-ceadaea20a75&bucket;_id=irsbucketdefault&beacon;_version=1.0.1&findingMethod;=p13n I want to mod this or buy something similar. IN the end its going to run a small micro motor which uses very little power. Ideally it would run of DC just batteries and would have a plug for a positive and negative wire while remaining wireless. Can this be done or is there a ready made solution? 

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How to replace light bulb load in a motion sensor circuit?

I am using a outdoor light replacement motion sensor to trigger a relay which will turn on a fog machine for some Halloween effects. The setup is pretty simple and I am going to enclose the components in a project box so the motion sensor can be hidden near the walkway to my house. My problem is the motion sensor requires the load of a light bulb in the circuit to operate so that the relay can be engaged but I don't want to have a light since this is suppose to be hidden in the dark. My first thoughts were to just replace the bulb with one or more resistors in the circuit but I am not sure if this will be possible or dangerous (in terms of heat). How should I set up the relay circuit to have a load but not have a light bulb? Since my timeline to get this complete is the next couple days for Halloween I need to find options which I can source locally (radio shack, home depot, etc.). Any thoughts?

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How to remodel my front yard garden?

Hi, i have my front yard that I want to renovate so that it is both appealing day and night to anybody who walks in and memorises that moment.  This is the area that has the most traffic everyday at about any time so it needs to be practical, safe and appealing.  I want to design and use any materials but needs to be in the green way as there are much focus on these nowadays and prevent wastage. This is what I have in mind: 12 volt system: A/or many power packs that will provide power to all the electrical stuffs, charged using solar panels and since these will be low voltage it should be safe. Items that would be using 12v would be outdoor lighthing, the power cables, water pump submersible, submersible light.  It would be great to have an electrical plan that would aid however I don't know how to do that. Water feature: Add a biological filter made of concrete for the pond with all its plumbing and also add overflow drain in pond and a small canal to evacuate the excess of water.  Plants:  Concerning the plants some will be moved, cut down or removed completely.  I want a complete mixture of different kinds of plants such As bushes creeping plants etc.  It would be nice to create a plant plan both written and visual as it would aid greatly however I don't really have that knowledge. Other things: I would like to include pergolas and arbours and also allow plants to grow on them such as creeping plants. I want the area to have complete or as much privacy as possible but don't really know specially by hiding the view from above.  As A boundary I want to include fencing and then let creeping plants to grow on them just to get that privacy.  An automatic watering system would be very good such as popup sprinkler, or drip irrigation but an irrigation plan would best be suited but still I don't know how to make that. There should be provision for spaces in adding security cameras that would remain hidden for a certain time period. Finally there should be an Area to store dustbin and also to let clothes dry.

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What is the best light weight camping backpack... probably used for hiking not to long of distances.? Answered

I am starting to LOVE camping and am planning on going camping more offen but most of my equipment is bulky old and no longer very usable so i am planing on getting a few new things one of them is a smaller camping backpack. I need suggestions and possible links (hoply in stores so i dont have to order online if online is the best way of getting the pack then online is fine.

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