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solar outlet

Would anyone know how to create a solar outlet? I have seen many projects that use small solar panels and car chargers or USB ports, but some electronics that might need charging or power  dont have car chargers or USBs. Is it possible to make a portable solar outlet?

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Custom outlets?

I'm planning to build a new computer desk with space inside to manage cables. I would like to include various ports on the side edges of the desk itself (power outlets, USB, hdmi, etc). What could I use to fit these outlets in place and look flush with the desk? I would like to come up with something somewhat modular, so that I can add or remove them as I upgrade my PC.

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how do you wire a outlet?

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Blown outlet help

While working with HV I got a short on the primary side for some reason. I thought "no big deal, just go flip the breaker (it actually flipped my personal 15 amp breaker that's used with my HV projects, and the 20 amp room breaker)." So I go reset the breaker, and now all of the outlets in my workshop work except the outlet I had my projects plugged into. ehhh..... WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!

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My power outlet cut out!?

I was sitting at my pc desk browsing the net when my lamp started to flicker.  I looked up and my power meter on my laptop switched to battery power, I have an almost certian feeling it was not an overload.  I have tried to reset my GFI, and nothing :|.  Help meh!

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Do I need to use a metal box for an outlet?

I'm making a concrete art piece and want to insert an electrical outlet inside it.  Is it okay if I embed the outlet in the concrete or is there a reason I need to use the metal outlet box like is used in the wall?

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Request: DIY LED Nightlight Outlet Cover

Hi all, I have been scouring the web and have yet to find what I am looking for.  I have seen a couple of different LED lights embedded in outlet covers and switchplates, but I need to do-it-myself because whoever cut the outlet holes in my house clearly had the shakes, and I want to convert the larger size custom covers I need to have LED lights especially for the kitchen and the bathrooms.  I also want to put them into covers that have unusual configurations, such as two outlets and a switch, etc. I have a few things I need.  (1) it cannot prevent full use of the outlet (I don't have any to spare)  (2) I need to be able to use amber lighting so as not to have the normal blue of standard white LED lighting wake me up, which should be easy enough.  (3) I would really love to be able to add them to GFCI outlets, too, but my understanding of how those work is limited. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.  I'm good with electronics right up until it involves building your own circuits, but my electrical skills pretty much top out at re-wiring a lamp, understanding how many amps it is safe to pull in a house circuit and how not to electrocute myself. I want to do this right, so it's stable long term and safe.  Again, thanks for any help, folks. -Lois

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safely mount an electrical outlet receptacle inside a cardboard structure?

Is there any way (besides using a gang box) to mount an electrical outlet receptacle inside a sturdy cardboard box so that it could be considered safe to use?  In other words, no bare wires exposed, etc. Thank you

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director coach outlet online

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how do I get broken piece of plug out of an electrical outlet?

A plug for a portable radiator burnt out and part is stuck in the electrical outlet. The other portion of the outlet is occupied by the washing machine plug. Is there a simple, and safe way to remove this piece without calling an electrician?

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Replacing switch and extending them.

I have this extension cord from panther, Now, I am planning to replace its rocker switches to toggle switches and extend it because of a wooden table project. This wooden table will have its power control panel mounted on its front and the power outlet will be hidden inside the table. My idea is just to copy its wiring for the new switches once I acquire the materials needed . Here is its inside btw.  My problems are I don't know if this idea of mine will work or if it will, what kinds or specifications of toggle switches and wires I'm gonna need. Once I thought that I could just make an ordinary multiple outlet/extension cord with individual switches but I need the panther's features. So that I wouldn't have problems in breaking the appliances connected to it due to some electrical problems. I have almost 0 knowledge when it comes to electronics.

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Creating a portable ac outlet?

My girlfriend wants me to make a portable battery powered ac outlet for a plug in air freshener (why not just plug it into the wall??) I have searched the Internet, but could find the right idea I'm looking for. I have seen ideas of converting a battery powered item to ac, or a big solar panel ac outlet. Is what I'm wanting to do even possible?

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ceramic tiles and electrical outlets?

I'm installing ceramic tile as a backsplash in our kitchen.  My problem is my electric outlets. How do I make these flush or even with the tiles?  Thanks you, Stumped Mom!

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heat sensitive wall outlet

Does any one have or had plans for a wall plug outlet or an extension cord from a tool that would turn off if the temperature of the devise reached a preset degree.  i.e. your coffee machine operated normally but it caused the duplex plug to overheat and the circuit would shut down avoiding a possible fire condition. 

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Solar powered outdoor outlet???

Hello, we are trying to figure out how to install some solar powered lighting for the outdoor porch overhang, something with soft pleasant lighting for enjoying our back yard at night. There are no outlets available and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do something green. For this application we are considering mounting 18 ft of rope lighting in the eves of the poorch and were wondering if there is an inexpensive way to solar power this type of lighting to charge during the day and come on at night that would provide enough energy to power it throughout the night, possibly in a mountable outlet form. This must be an outdoor application that is fairly easy to contain and may be mounted on the outside end of the porch where it can recieve the most sun exposure. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially if there is a product already on the market for this application.?

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Running LED's with a wall outlet

I have a question, I am thinking of making a Pepakura Iron Man mask for my father for his desk at work.  I have big plans for this, but the biggest thing I want to do is had the Eyes light up.  What all would i need to do this?  I would think using LED's would be the ideal way to go.  I dont really want to use batteries to power it, as I would like it to run off of a wall plug, and perhaps even have a switch to power on and off. Any ideas?  I've looked all over, and I cant really find a deffinate way/means to power it through an outlet....most all just mention batteries.  I know it can be done though :) Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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Wall outlet current draw

I have built a transformer, that will take 120v, and step it down to 2.5v. I used all the right parts, and the correct rated wire for this. My only issue, is that when i connect the primary coil, to a call outlet, at 120v, it draws more current then my 5A fuse can handle, and the power goes out in my home. I need to get 1.5 amps, @120v going through my primary coil, in order to get the desired output on the secondary. I was wondering, how things "draw" current from the wall, as well as if i where to use a resistor, wouldn't it still draw too much amperage, and just dissipate it in heat, to give the desired output (i cannot use, because it draws more than 5 amps). i could not find a resistor out their, that could handle over 100 watts, so i was also wondering how things like vacuum cleaners only draw a small amount of current. Would i need some sort of current regulator (if that's even a thing)? if you had a light-bulb, and a battery, would the circuit the light-bulb is attached to drain less current, if their was a resistor, and thus having the battery last longer, or would it draw the same amount, and just dissipate energy through the resistor in the form of heat, to give the light-bulb its self less current?

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Use G+ as an K'NEX outlet?

As many of you guys know, I am a firm believer in an alternative site for us K'NEXers. I just think that the K'NEX world is big enough, and cool enough, for us to find our own "colony," if you will. But, sadly, the amount of work it would take to move everyone from here to that "other colony" would be rather impossible to do, besides, how do we guarantee that we'd keep them there? So then, I had this idea. A large majority of people who have a email address use Gmail, right? So, why don't we just create a G+ K'NEXers page and a G+ group to stay in touch? After all, it is easier to just post a quick pic on G+ than to come here to instructables, and the Google hangouts option allows us to chat and keep in touch via IMs. On top of all that, it is just better that we keep to ourselves, after all, the instructables site is more for Make/How to/DIY, and K'NEX really doesn't fill that slot, IMO. Don't get me wrong, instructables is a great website, run by great people, but the K'NEX world deserves its own area on the web. What do you guys think? How many of you have Gmail (you needn't post your email address), and how many would be willing to get a "fake" email address to keep in touch? Again, like many of my other topics on this subject, this forum thread is just to gauge interest. -The Red Book of Westmarch

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Multi- 9v or 12v outlet setup?

Does anyone know how to make or where to find a single wallwort (120v outlet) that has multiple 9v or 12 v out plugs? I've got alot of little electronics (mainly things that light up/ glow) and I hate all the blocks and power strips that I've got to use. (I'm in the US btw.) Thanks for any help! The Atomic Soul

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What can I do; bathroom light that is plug-in vanity with no light switch at all, this outlet is not by the door

One wall outlet by the toilet has my only bathroom light plugged into it - how can I add a switch to this current system with out being permanent and something complicated - I thought about purchasing the as seen on TV gimmick THE CLAPPER

Question by nerdyfarmgrl  

adjustable light switch?

​i really have no idea what im doing but you might be able to help. Im working on a model train layout. the Model train transformers or really any three prong electrical device would plug into this. what i want is for a kid to press a button the train goes for 2 min then stops. the child does this 4 more times. after the train stops  for the 5th time it activates a cool down clock for 10 min. it would have to work with electricity from an out lit. Any ideas? other details would be a visable countdown clock.  it would be helpful if the run times and the delay times could be manual adjusted.

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are there any portable gaming 'suitcases' that have a internal battery, outlet, and hdmi input?

I want to know so that I can turn my raspberry pi into a laptop easier than just making it:                              

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I need to make a powerful electromagnet that I can plug into a normal 120 volt outlet. Any suggestions?

The more powerful the better.  Also, try to make the answers simple and straightforward if you can.  I don't know very much about electromagnets thanks.

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Rerouting electricity

Hello. I have an apartment with no ceiling lights. I want to reroute electricity from the outlets to the ceiling. Is there anyway I can do this without breaking the wall or using molding? I basically want to get my wires together, electric tape them in place, plaster and paint over them. I was told to do it with surface wires but i cant find any more info. Help!

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Wiring an indoor extension cord to a small switch?

Hi - I need to take an indoor extension cord like this and wire it to a switch like this. I'm assuming I can just cut one of the two wires within the extension cord and connect either end to a prong on the switch.  Actually, I'm almost positive that will work. The real question here: is it safe? So, will this switch be able to hand the electricity from the outlet running through it? Thanks, Adam

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Do I need a fuel outlet on the underside of the carburetor on my Honda engine ?

The bottom of the carburetor on my motorbike-now-go kart engine has a fuel outlet with a needle pin for adjustment. can this be blocked up? it needed to make the engine work? or does it need as fuel pipe to connect to somewhere?obviously the fuel inlet comes into the carb from the top but this hole comes out the opposite side on the bottom.

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bicycle dynamo to power AC outlet?

I'm thinking about scavenging a motor from a sewing machine to use as a dynamo for a bicycle. Assuming the motor is powered by ac, it will also produce ac, correct? Would it then be possible to simply wire in a regular wall outlet to the motor, and say, plug in a wallwart for charging batteries? I realize that it would be underpowered for the most part. My question is, is this just a really really stupid idea, or could this potentially work?

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A device to log power from a outlet?

Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the best section for this. Would anyone know of a device that a novice could plug into a power outlet and it would monitor the power usage to see if there were any drops in power at certain times? I know there are high end AC/DC voltage meters but I need something I could send someone and have them just plug it in to the outlet and it would log everything. Then someone could read those results later. I would image something used in some form of solar setup would achieve this. I appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks, Jester

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How to lower wall outlet power?

Hi, I need a circuit to change the AC 240v (UK) into 5v 1A, What is the SMALLEST possible way to do this. I know I could use an adaptor but it there a smaller circuit that could be done?

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how can you wire 2 outlets with 1 wire?

I have two outlets and have only 1 wire, how should i wire it?

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how do you wire 2 outlets togeter?

Just how do you wire 2 outlets together. i am trying to make 2 quad boxes for my Christmas lights

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How to change 12v outlet from always on to turn on and off with ignition

I have a 94 gmc sonoma sle 4.3L V6 and I wanted to make the outlets turn on and off with the ignition but I don't know how to do it exactly. I have 3 outlets which are always hot (have power), and I would like to be able to at least make them all turn on and off with the ignition. But it would be nice if I could choose which individual outlets I want to have on all the time and which ones I want to turn on and off with the ignition, this would be done with either a switch of some sort or have the ability to move the respective fuse over as if it were a jumper.

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Why won't my wiring work? Answered

I'm mounting an outlet and a switch onto a router table I am making so that I can turn it on and off easier. I have very little wiring experience. I found a diagram in a book and did my best to remake it. The power runs through the switch and to the outlet. Thanks in advace!

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can i plug my arduno into a 5v converter? Answered

All I want to know is if I can use the chord that connects my arduino uno to the computer and plug the usb into a phone charger converter that goes into the wall. Thanks for awnsering! : )

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How can I convert a device that runs on AC to battery power and how much power will I need? Answered

I'm making a visually accurate Pipboy (basically a wrist mounted computer) from the game Fallout 3 for a costume. I found an item exactly the right size that does what I want it to do, which is to play mp3's while displaying a photo slideshow: a Hannspree photo alarm clock. The only problem is, it plugs into a wall outlet and has no internal battery. I thought I could just wire it to a battery pack but I want to be sure. The AC adapter that came with it has an input of 100-240V 0.2A and an output of 5V at 1A How do I convert this thing to be portable and what kind of batteries/voltage do I need to run it for several hours while I'm at a convention?

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How do you connect the wiring for a new doorbell to the home's nearest electrical outlet? Answered

I want to connect a new doorbell's wiring to the nearest electrical outlet, but there is a stud that blocks a direct connection to any outlet. Do you make a small hole in the stud to thread the wiring through to the other side so that you can connect the doorbell wires to the wiring leading to an electrical outlet?

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Power outlet controlled by windows driver (not master/slave circuit)

HI, the idea is to control a power outlet when the OS is booting. And even more important, when the OS shuts down. the outlet should turn off before the PC goes in shutdown.A master/slave socket (which i have) only switches off when the PC goes into OFF modes which results in a big bang on my Active Speaker setup. (behringer B2031A with B2092A).So, in short. i need a circuit thats being controlled ON after a driver has been loaded during BOOT.and that cicuit needs to power down when the Driver is being offloaded during shutdown.AC being controlled by a solid state relayThank you for anyone who can helpbest regardsmarco

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What would be needed to power a USB device through a 120V outlet? Answered

I have a set of speakers that I have to have plugged into the USB and computer/mp3 player and i want to make something so that i can run it from an outlet(120V, standard American)

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can you ground a tesla coil into an outlet? Answered

I need to know because i am building a tesla coil#

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Is it possible to make a wall outlet intercom system?

I have seen many systems where you plug some boxes in the wall, and you can talk. Is it possible for me to make something like that myself?

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Need a single use 120vac power outlet

Ttrouble shooting HVAC issue. Looking for a device that plugs into 120vac outlet. On until micro/millisecond power outage and if power goes off, will not accept power again until reset. Sort of a GFCI that trips NOT on a short, but on a power loss.Issue is that it seems HVAC gets quick power glitch and the condenser/compressor goes off (then on), and the evaporator/blower (with thermostat transformer) does not go off. We think this is what might be happening and need to prove it. Compressor goes into short cycle because thermostat is always "hot".Ohhh, forgot to say why - to prove that the issue is that the evaborator/blower does not go off with the power glitch, but the compressor does.

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Power Banks vs. ac wall outlets

I've observed in many power banks, that they charge up my phone a LOT quicker than a conventional ac adapter plugged into a wall socket. Why is this so? Many of my friends share the same observation. I'm building a simple power bank myself, and I want to make sure I can enjoy this feature when I use it too. I plan to use this instructable as a guideline with some modifications: I'll be using four 3.7V batteries in parallel and stepping it up with a step up converter, so that the mAh value gets added up (forgive me if I'm wrong, but I believe mAh adds up when batteries are in parallel). Will this arrangement give me faster charging times like the power banks available in the market? Is it a safe circuit? Please suggest as I am eager to build this :) Thanks in advance :)

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5 5mw lasers powered by one 120V outlet

Any comments or advice on making this happen? Im looking at buying five of these.... hooking them upto a wall transformer off of a 120V outlet.

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How do you build a fluorescent light from scratch and have it plug into the classic American outlet?

I am not asking how to build the bulb. Just attach the bulb+ballasts+plug it in. I want to build several letters out of fluorescent light bulbs, for example one letter is O but it will look more like []. I want to use bulbs that are 2-4 feet long or what ever is easiest... from scratch (without buying light fixtures and taking them apart). Each letter will be constructed of 4 lights. I know that I will need to solder parts together, I will need to buy ballasts, and bulbs... But construction wise I am semi lost. Also I would like recommendations as to how many ballasts for the bulbs, I don't mind if some of the bulbs flicker. Lastly I want the bulbs to make that humming noise so if you have any idea how I can induce that other then leaving the ballasts running for a while please tell me. Thanks, -Oliver

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How can I build a remote wall outlet that is controlled from the light switch?

Have you ever plugged a light into a wall and come to find out the light switch for that room isn't connected to that outlet? Well, I'm trying to figure out a way to make a device that plugs into the switched outlet and sends a signal to a receiver plugged into an outlet you want to be switched. That way you can turn on multiple lights in a room without running all sorts of extension cords. I don't know if you can use the existing power lines in the house to transfer a signal or if it has to be RF or something. Any ideas?

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I have a "dead" line wire in my GFCI outlet. What now?

I used a tester to find the line wires in my GFCI outlet.  I have a live black wire but both of the white ones are dead.  Does anyone have a suggestion or do I need to call an electrician?

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I have blown a fuse in my room, outlets don't work along with lights, smoke detectors, my room circuit may be blown.Help Answered

So, I was trying to connect wires to my lamp so I could switch it off while laying in bed so I didn't have to get up to turn it off, but I forgot to unplug it while connecting them.  So, I connected the first wire, and then connected the second, and FWWZT a spark jumped out from the wire and everything in my room went dead.  I checked my house, it was ONLY my room that had short-circuted.  I think every outlet in my room is blown, nothing plugged in my room works, while it does in others.  I need help repairing these outlets...  Any ideas?  I live in the United States, so I have 60 cycle, 230-250 V (not sure on the voltage) outlets.  I can't remember the voltage right now.  I checked a few of the outlets already, and they seem fine, no disconnections.  The lights don't work, the smoke detector isn't on, and the outlets don't output power. [EDIT] - Thank you all for your advice, and I will get help from an adult before doing any more with circuits

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How to step down and convert wall outlet to 24 VDC?

Hi I am working on a project and i need to convert 120 VAC from a wall outlet to 24 VDC to run my device. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion if i should first transform the 120 VAC to 24 VAC and then convert the 24 VAC to 24 VDC? or if there is a 120 VAC to 24 VDC with a normal wall plug for sale. 

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What are the needs in Chandler, AZ for electrical wiring outside?

I will be putting in 4 lamp posts to be controlled by one switch and five outlets for putting in landscape ligjhting. I have an electrical outlet outside that isn't being used for anything and I was thinking about removing the outlet and using the electricity at that point to run wiring to the areas needed.

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