Any story behind this picture? (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC INJURY)

I was wondering is there anything behind this nasty injury? Any ideas?

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post pics of knex gun injuries!

I want to see injuries from knex

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Art room wars in Grade 8

I shall enlighten you all with a story from my early youth (last year). I suppose I will start off by saying that the art teacher at St. Andrew Jr. School in Antigonish, NS has an unholy amount of Jenga blocks. Thousands and thousands. Don't get me wrong, Mrs. Donna Woolaver is a great art teacher, but she doesn't take her job as seriously as some might say she should. That being said, she often showed up 10-20 minutes later than the rest of my class showed up to class. A disagreement between a few of my peers would often result in a seperation of my class into two sides. A jenga block would be thrown. Everyone ducked under their desks for cover as another great Battle commenced. People running, Blocks flying everywhere. Someone screams. No one cares.Chaos, pure chaos. You'd band together with a group of friends and cover each others asses as you would try to disable someone from the other side. After all the brave ones were injured and broken, the shy and the cowardly would come out from under their desks in utter shock. And the art class would begin. We never got caught. Amen.

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Ow, it hurts my eyes!

I think I can guess who did it, I just want to know who let her do it?

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Infrared heating devices, has anyone made there owne ?

I was looking at the brand name model Eden Pure Infrared heater

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how can a batch file be written to remember text from the previous time it was run?

Such as if i were to input:"hello ow are you" could the batch file remember this line the next time it was run even if it was a year later...

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how do i wire a transformer?

I would like to know how to wire 4,5,6 wire transformers. also i would like to know ow to wire a flyback transformer. best answer will be awarded for sure. thanks miiwii3 and i know of plasmana's world smallest shocker (are there other ways?)

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How can I use a htc pantech smartphone that has been cut off?

How can I use a htc pantech smartphone that has been cut off and a balance owed on the account? Buy a new sim card? How to use WIFI only? Google and the web? thanks?

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I am back.  I will NEVER retire.  And I have learned my lesson. Thanks Visper, I owe you one.  Also Holy crap I got a huge subscriber boost. I also would like to thank Aeronous for picking up my torch while I was gone.  He's done a good job of critiquing.

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Does any one know how to make a Combine Elite costume?

I ma having trobles on where to start, i would like to build a OWE, or Combine Elite costume + A2 Pulse Rifle. if anyone knows how to do this can you please help me? Thanks all that do.

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A request: IF I have promised ANYTHING to anyone, please remind me.

  Things have been like a fart in a whirlwind around my household of late and I am having difficulties remembering what ibles, ideas, etc. I promised to whom,  or if not promised, at least said I would do my best to do. I feel like I am letting a lot of people down, just because I can not recall (probably because it has been SO long since I have been really active here. At least, if nothing else, I  can write them down so I have something to remind me, in case my life goes haywire again. Thanks all !  OH and if there is a serious person out there that I owe some credit (for an ible using some of their equipment, etc)  please PM me. 

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Im really flattered that your instructables robot thinks my ible is worth 2 free pro memberships, but I think he might have had a computing error;) ow and small question do the free memberships stack? I got 2 codes+the one that the robot bugged on, so if I activate one does in lengthen my pro membership or does it just reset to 3 months? Cheers! Knut Knackebröd

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Untimely subscription expired e-mail

  I've just received an e-mail informing me my (paid for) pro membership has expired and my account has reverted to the regular level, despite having two 3-month free extensions pending.  It looks like the free subscription has kicked in as my account hasn't reverted, but the e-mail is misleading. (I believe I'm owed a year's prize membership, but I'll follow that up privately.)

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Kasey and Vanessa from yourpsychogirlfriend are featured on BoingBoingTV! Watch as Xeni checks out some of the awesome stuff they've been working on: high-concept tutus (my favorite gets filled with hissing cockroaches), giant evil doll puppets, and best of all, the Text-O-Possum.I still owe Kasey a mouse mouse to go with her compubeaver. Clearly it's time to get to work before the mouse is permanently upstaged by next-gen Possum-tech.I definitely plan to keep an eye on these two.

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:'-) You all have really touched my heart....

You all really can NOT know just how deeply touched I have been over the years with the friendships gained here.....and now to have sent a the personal card and thoughts,  I am truly moved to tears. No one has shown this much concern for me locally and I feel truly blessed to have you all as friends. I owe you all a debt I can never repay...

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Credit Building?

I'm 19, and have no credit history. I was considering getting a Wells Fargo Secured Credit card, and securing it with the $300 minimum collateral. What would be the best way to build credit with it? I was going to treat it like my debit card, only paying for things like gas, coffee here and there, and maybe a night out or two a month; then paying back the full amount I owe every month. Would that be a wise choice?  And how quickly could I improve my score?

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Replacement of function generator?

Sorry earlier i posted reverse of that...i saw a video on utube a man producing magnetic flux from dc current (conveted to AC with help of dc motor) that can be done What i want to stay is you hava a 9v battery a 5v dc motor and a capacitor ow can u produce magnetic flux? without doing any  implicit changes i mean disturbing the motors etc etc(internally)

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Real Estate Question:? Answered

I have looked all over the internet... but cannot find the answer to this question. my step father rented a house to some people and they built a shed. they surrendered the keys and everything, and the court ordered eviction was completed. now he is sueing for the amount they owe, and they want their shed. my step father (landlord) apparently wants the shed now. i am going to ask on yahoo answers, but that isnt allowed at the school, and that is where i am now... sooo, any realtors out there? i live in suffolk virginia, if that is of any help. thanks

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Do you have any advice for me I want to make my own version of woodstock or a really big party next summer can you help? Answered

Im plannig my own version of woodstock next summer and i need a few bands to come out and play for my party? I also need some ideas of how to make my party amazing and be remembered as the best party ever thrown by a high school student in Virginia so i'll take any help or advice.

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Music Making Software? Answered

Hey everybody. Just a few questions about music making softwares. First off, if you make a song from (the software's) loops and pre-determined notes, can you still copyright that song? Or do u owe the company money, or can u not copyright it at all? Also does anyone know a really good software I can buy thats relatively cheap? I don't want to spend $400, but I'm willing to go up to $100 or a bit more. Lastly, does anyone have any good guides for getting into this type of music making? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help!!!!! :)

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Correctly identify Aluminum, smelting brass

 How can I correctly identify aluminum?  Aside from the weight, how do I find out if it is pure or some alloy that will make make even the vultures drop dead when smelted. Owing to a project I'm working on where I wish to cast letters in aluminum for a wind harp, I have been on a search here on the farm. Have found literally 200kg of scrap brass and and about 35g of aluminum! The letters have to be out of aluminum for rust reasons. 2nd Question Does zinc alloy aluminum rust in the same fashion? 3rd Question Brass. I haven't researched it yet, but could anyone give me a clue as to smelting the stuff? Thanks

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I want to make hard sugarfree liquorice bricks, what type of natural binder should I use? Thanks!

For my next artistic project I would like to build edible bricks in different shapes. Whereas I don't have a problem realising molds in differeny shapes and sizes, I don't kn ow where to start in order to have bricks that are hard enough, non sticky, possibly with a good fragrance/smell and that come with natural ingredients (not too many bad chemical things). Also, I was thinking about liquorice, but they can also be made out of beetroot, cocoa, fruit juice etc. They should last a good deal of days and possibly be eaten, although hard.

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The Inspiration Topic

Hello. I have no idea how you do it. In a good way, I am jealous. Some of you can become inspired by relativly nothing and make something amazing. I on the other hand, have apparently a medical lack of inspiration. Maybe I'm just lazy. I know its not imagination, because once i get somethign it flys around doing everything in my head. Enough about me. I know you love me, but maybe later, okay? What I really created this topic for is for thse of you like me, and the rest of you. Post particularly amazing and inspiring things. What i mean is, artistic-wise. Post things that would inspire someone to draw/paint/aret-create, something amazing. Who-kn ows, besides +10 Karma for you, maybe the creator will love you long time?

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Knex Ball Machine Video + Pictures!!!

Video: This is a knex ball machine i made a while back which i just never got round to filming so here it is Paths: 7/8 if you count the race element as two Pieces: Used about 6500 Elements: i think 15 in total 13 different and i created one or two my self I sure i owe a lot of people credit so if you think you deserve credit because you've seen something that you made or whatever don't get stressed out just post a comment and i will put your name below Credit: Darth Trainman   I havn't thought of a name yet so any sugestions would be much obliged if anyone has any ideas

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If you have a SONY product you're screwed. Especially SONY USB products for PC's. Drop the bomb on SONY and let them go OOB with a bang!!! Love your Playstation? Just hack the $#!+ out of it! SONY forfeited their DMCA rights. Stop brown-nosing SONY or you'll get computer-AIDS! They haven't learned their lesson. Search for SONY USB ROOTKIT and get as pi$$ed as me! SONY is the reason I haven't touched Windows since their first illegal megahack in 2005. They either owe me a fortune or I own their sorry @$$3$!!! (By default they acknowledge my Pandora's Box/Predictive Music Synth tech, since they did not choose to instead compensate me for actual damages by "SPECIFIC HARM MUSIC" ... which they did not acknowledge as Malware). I am not liable for this rant. I have first amendment rights and this is true.

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Hispanic or Latino?

I cringe everytime someone uses the word Latino when generically speaking of Spanish-speaking people. I prefer to be called Spanish or Hispanic. Some people may disagree with me but I think that calling me a Hispanic describes my true ethnical and cultural origin. Although many people will bring the fact that the colonization of America by the Spanish conquerors was bloody and opressive, we still owe to Spain the origin of our countries. From Mexico to Patagonia and the Large Antilles, the Spanish conquistadores left their footprint in the form of language, architecture, religion, cooking, stories, art, crafts and culture. In contrast, a Latino is anyone who descends from people that speak a Romance language like: French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian. By that definition, when we speak of Latin America we include countries like Brasil, Haiti, French Guyana and, Surinam. The same definition could apply to Italian-Americans, French-Americans, French-Canadians, and Cajun people.

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How to make a mummy costume

Hi, I am a public school teacher in the Atlanta area.  I am desperately seeking sites where my students can download free images.  squirrelnet directed me to your site for a toilet paper mummy.  However, I cannot use your great pictures there because there is a man on a motorcycle with his middle finger raised.  Is there any portion of your site where I can direct my students to a "safe zone?"  I don't think that picture, although cute for the adult crowd, is really necessary.  The other photos are spectacular.  Here we are, just public school teachers, trying to get a little help.  Don't condemn me for being "fussy."  I am the least fussy person you could meet, but keeping my job means finding safe stuff on the internet for my students.  And remember, most of you owe your jobs to a set of caring teachers. Optomistic teacher

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Suggestions Wanted: Ways to Hack a Mini-TV

I have a Casio TV-970D mini TV that is now obsolete in my country (UK) owing to the switch to digital television. What I am left with is a 2.3" colour LCD screen (about the same size as that on a Gameboy Color) which runs off batteries, or the mains, and uses an aerial or a A/V input cable as its source. The A/V cable is like a standard audio jack. Product detail: Does anybody have any ideas of what I could do with this? My only thoughts so far were to use it as the mouth for some kind of robot head, since it produces an interesting light show when you plug an MP3 player into the input. My plan was to have it speak messages played from that other redundant piece of technology; the Walkman. I'm also toying with the idea of trying to record video onto audio cassette (crazy, I know, and the picture will be awful) and play them on the unit. But I'm sure you'll have better ideas. All suggestions welcome.

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The Avanti group news reviews – IRS issues, Chirpstory There’s word of a new tax-related scam and officials want to make sure you don’t get duped. If you get a call claiming to be from the IRS saying you owe more tax money which you need to send immediately or face arrest — don’t fall for it. IRS spokesman David Stewart says ask the caller his name and badge number and hang up. “Then you what you do is call your local office and you say ‘hey got this person Sam Smith badge number 12-2 and he wants to know information about X. Is there something wrong with my return?’” He says if there is a problem and the person calling you is legitimate, the local office will know and be able to help, and remember the IRS will never ask you for personal information or bank information over the phone or in an e-mail. Any information they might need would already be on your tax return SOURCE: Related Article: Related Video:

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what does a #131 error mean on an Msntv 2 receiver?

Recently I picked up an Msntv 2 at a local goodwill, and when I took it home and tried to power it up, nothing happened. When I opened it up, I saw that two capacitors, both 470uf 16v low esr, had blown. After ordering the caps on ebay and waiting two weeks, they finally arrived. Today I attempted to replace the capacitors with my 40 watt soldering iron, which turned out to be quite a challenge, so I guess i need a more powerfull one in the future. I thought that I had totally destroyed the board connections on all four holes for both the capacitors by the time I had finished soldering, but nevertheless I plugged it in and this time it powered on but went to a green screen that said there was a problem with my receiver and gave me the error code #131. Because it powers on now, I kn ow that at least one of the capacitors works. I have a couiple of questions now to help determine my next move. First, can i check the capacitors by simply checking for voltage with a voltmeter? second, What does an error code 131 even mean? Third, could the error be because I dont have the msntv service? any help would be appreciated! Edit: I just checked the capacitors with a voltmeter, and they had a voltage on them so i dont think that that is the problem. Could it be a problem with the compact flash card where the files are stored?

Question by danielemur 

What kind of material to use?

Okay I've procrastinated long enough to do something with my ibook's heatsink. As some may or may not know, ibooks come with thermal pads, which I unwittedly removed the old one off mine, thinking it could be replaced with good old generic thermal paste..which technically would be better for it.Unfortunatly folks the heatsink wasn't designed to clamp down onto the cpu like a normal heatsink should do, as it has to cover several different gpu/memory chips of different sizes, making a small gap between the heatsink and cpu.I've heard of people using a square or even round piece of steel or copper or something to wedge in with some thermal paste. Well, all I can think of off hand to use that might work is some sheet metal that has some white paint or something coated on one side, and a round steel (?) rod out of an old printer that's been sitting around. I presume the latter would probably be better.Can someone suggest what would be best? Should I try cutting it with a hack saw or try getting someone's bandsaw so I can get a better cut? Right now my ibook is reporting a cpu temp of 53 of Celcious, which really, compared to when it's turned on from a cold start, is really F***** slow and very laggy, it often hangs for minutes at a time. It's horrible to use sometimes, but at the same time it owes me absolutely nothing so I won't cry if it burns out.

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need help connecting an led strip to a car speaker very confused!

Hi everyone i'm new to electronics so please bear with me. i have 2 led strips that i want to hook up to my car speaker . but idk how to hook up the leds to the speaker .i've seen plenty of tutorials about this but i am still confused. my led strips are rated for use only on 12 volts dc and are capable of 10 amps as it says on the sticker on the led strip. idk whether i need to build some sort of transformer or just simply hook up an led with a resistor. problem is i still cant figure out how to calculate the necessary resistor and ow much wat tolarance the resistor needs . my goal is to simply hook up the led to a toggle switch from radioshack and hook up the led so that it can pulse with the music and stay on forever as another option.but i dont want the leds to burn out from too much amperage or overuse with dangerous current to the leds. i also dont know about the transistor tip 31 i keep hearing about... and i keep hearing stuff that i need to hook it up to the car amp where do i find one in my vw passat and do i even really need to hook it directly to an amp i think i can just hook it up to a single speaker. dang some one please just help me sort out a way to hook my stuff up any information you need frome me dont hesitate to ask and im sorry  for any mispellings.

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What to do with an old digital camera? Answered

Hello guys. I have a Fujifilm MV-1 camera lying on my shelf. My grandma gave it to me, she probably also had no use for it. It eats 4 AA batteries, takes 1600*1200 JPGs  and  320*240 video, has a tiny LCD and a flash. It has a 2-phase shutter release switch, so probably it does not have fixed focus. I have found something that looks like a memory card slot (about 4cm long) , and read something about 16MB built-in memory. ( ow ) Also, it feels cheap. So now I was thinking, what to do with it? Things I was thinking about:     -converting it to an IR camera, but I don´t know whether I have a real use for IR images of such low quality.     -using it to make time-lapses ( I don´t want to waste my D3100´s shutter for that ) - that would mean at least some modification to the electronics.     -removing unneccessary components ( like the flash )     -some kind of a case-mod, because it is fugly right now.     -some kind of power source mod, maybe add a cable adapter, or something like that Any ideas? No limits - all ideas welcome - from simple hacks to total conversions and anything. Thanks, guys UPDATE: I already took it apart, so a case mod is neccessary now. I´ve had some new ideas:  -A body in the "classic film camera" style, but made from wood, with a better lens ( or possibly switchable lenses? ) and an additional cable release -A water and weather proof camera, tough construction, for shooting time lapses at any time ( probably also a better lens ) What do you guys say?   ( I probably should have made this a discussion )

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Just one to go... (Update...Just!)

A few people have taken the time to mention that I am approaching my century - almost 100 Instructables. OK, so plenty of people have gotten there before me, but this is my first hundred on the horizon. I have now published #99, and I know what #100 will be. Looking ahead, though, what will your hundredth project be? UPDATE: #100 nearly didn't happen, as I came off the road on the way to the site.  Fortunately, the people I was going to meet came to meet me part way and helped pull the Mini out of the field.  The Mini is now awaiting diagnosis at the garage, which will certainly involve the words "bent" and "steering". Anyhoo, I got what I needed, now just putting together some more research notes with the photos, then get it checked by an expert... UPDATE TO THE ORIGINAL UPDATE: #100 is, effectively, done.  I'm just waiting for the expert who helped me to give it a once-over to check I've got my facts straight.  Since I've been using her work email address, I expect to here sometime Monday... UPDATED UPDATE: Ow!  My shoulders, neck and back are ceasing up, typing is getting painful (something to do with dropping three feet at fifty and coming to a dead stop in the field...). But, the garage where I dropped Womble off has just phoned to say they can't find anything obviously wrong (or bent) with the car that would explain why the front wheels are pointing in different directions.  They theorise that the impact bounced things a notch or three along without actually damaging anything. But, they also recommend taking it to a specialist bodyshop to get it checked... PROBABLY-FINAL UPDATE: And now I have Womble back - all that was needed, after all that fuss, was a slight adjustment of the tracking.  Now that is engineering. ON-TOPIC UPDATE: #99 is now finished off with photos of the piñata in action.

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Cabins/shelter from garbage/recycling and then some- new site/blog- and INDIE BOOK released

D.I.Y. Micro-Shelters: NEW indie book-forum/site- w/cabins from garbage/recycling and then some I figured it was about time to get up off my arse and get an actual account here, as on a few other sites I constantly(!) read. I'll also post a few of the "constructed-from-roadside-trash" cabins I've built soon- here and on my own blog/site (if anyone's interested, if not, I'll resume beer drinking, and general relaxation). I'm also in the process of building a 16 square foot multi-purpose, mobile cabin-sleeper/sauna/greenhouse/ice-fishing shanty that I'll eventually post upon (its one of three cabins in the works in my Sanford N' Son-like backyard)- yeah, my wife is a trooper! In the meantime, after WELL over a year of illustrating and writing, I've now finally completed (through tiny yellow house press) my own small houses/cabins book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts- And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here." Clockin' in, coffee-table-book size, at just over 100 pages filled with avalanches of sketches and redneck-thrift/yankee ingenuity projects and ideas, I'm now selling a small initial run of these hand assembled books (you can find all the details on the blog/post). Building your own windows, doors, solar showers, rainbarrels, bridges, furniture, and more from recycled crud, is all covered within. Inspirationally, the books owes good parts of its existence to the work of Lester Walker, David and Jeanie Stiles, D.C. Beard, Dan Price, and Lloyd Kahn. All in all, I'm a small-house book junky, and after the well started drying up a little (I've bought and read all the decent ones I could find) I decided to write my own. Anyway, thanks for looking, and I'll get some small house photos up soon! Happy belated new years to all! -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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Hello again folks.

I haven't been too active on Instructables for the last year or so as I have been busy trying to put my life back together. A little over a year ago my partner Joan announced out of the blue that "we had run our course", an accumulation of health issues for both of us, family problems & various setbacks had taken its toll on her and she felt it was time for her to concentrate on raising her granddaughter alone. Needless to say this was a hammer blow losing two people I had built my life around tore me apart, it also meant I had to find somewhere to live, I tried to find somewhere I could have even a small workshop but being on a very limited budget it was impossible so instead I rented a small studio flat and put all my tools into storage. My son & I have now rented a garage to use both as storage and a workshop, we were very lucky to get one quite literally yards from my home, it lacks power and lighting so it is still a little limited but hopefully once it is set up I'll be able to start doing a few larger projects once again. In the meantime I have returned to doing the kind of table top projects I made thirty odd years ago when I last lived in a small flat mostly match craft tins & trinket boxes along with a couple of guitar tool & plectrum boxes, not exactly the beds & tables I was building a couple of years ago but it has kept me busy. I have also resurrected a couple of acoustic guitars, restored a nice Fender Squeir Strat and rebuilt my ex's old electric bike, owing to the vertigo problem I have had for the last couple of years I can't ride a motorcycle at present so this has at least given me some independent transport & its far cheaper than using taxis & buses to get around, I'm now on the lookout for materials to salvage and ideas for new projects so hopefully I'll be publishing a few 'ibles quite soon. I hope you don't mind my sharing my recent history with you but now I'm finally feeling more able to move on with my life & get on with making again I felt the need to reintroduce myself in some way. Here are a few pictures of what I've been making on a coffee table & lap tray along with my Fender & the bike which was a rather unattractive mess a few weeks ago & now has quite a smart vintage look to it.

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Total Views Count = 07/04/2011

Here's this week's run of my total views group Perl script. Huge apologies to everyone that's owed a patch, I've been massively busy with work and making things in my spare time (no instructables, most of it goes on my blog). I'll post when I think I have time to spend a few hours giving them all out, and you can shout out if you're owed one or many. I really need to automate it! Thanks to DJ Radio who reminded me to run it this week! This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain canida 4,489,202 4,518,130 28,928 scoochmaroo 4,424,495 4,495,202 70,707 fungus amungus 4,127,716 4,150,389 22,673 randofo 3,238,724 3,254,476 15,752 Honus 2,637,771 2,647,811 10,040 jessyratfink 1,915,869 1,931,641 15,772 Kiteman 1,863,480 1,871,593 8,113 Plasmana 1,737,194 1,746,823 9,629 Tool Using Animal 1,665,971 1,671,741 5,770 T3h_Muffinator 1,135,035 1,138,625 3,590 killerjackalope 1,096,026 1,101,621 5,595 zieak 1,088,763 1,092,803 4,040 drinkmorecoffee 1,040,195 1,047,844 7,649 gmjhowe 1,040,497 1,044,375 3,878 Creativeman 943,459 950,695 7,236 Weissensteinburg 927,967 932,941 4,974 lemonie 896,022 907,527 11,505 SaskView 892,273 896,944 4,671 chr 848,648 859,221 10,573 seamster 758,325 768,022 9,697 frenzy 721,359 729,390 8,031 Brennn10 717,077 720,419 3,342 ChrysN 714,873 720,379 5,506 mikey77 647,898 651,674 3,776 CameronSS 611,785 614,037 2,252 jeff-o 590,219 594,150 3,931 PKM 589,848 593,361 3,513 laxap 520,686 523,039 2,353 mikeasaurus 485,682 498,712 13,030 scraptopower 472,512 481,288 8,776 aeray 471,515 476,775 5,260 belsey 458,078 460,711 2,633 depotdevoid 416,803 419,626 2,823 ModMischief 418,088 419,294 1,206 Jayefuu 378,409 380,912 2,503 starshipminivan 296,785 301,824 5,039 Spl1nt3rC3ll 291,607 292,690 1,083 AngryRedhead 279,162 282,130 2,968 nmcclana 266,244 268,313 2,069 scooter76 266,424 267,115 691 BrittLiv 263,190 265,451 2,261 KentsOkay 256,916 257,761 845 Vyger 252,486 253,686 1,200 Doctor What 233,261 234,261 1,000 rimar2000 225,879 228,132 2,253 rickharris 216,133 216,752 619 dark sponge 190,317 191,079 762 Ninzerbean 185,681 186,893 1,212 bongodrummer 181,228 182,262 1,034 Lithium Rain 168,497 170,017 1,520 comodore 166,336 167,102 766 Kaelessin 161,249 162,485 1,236 yokozuna 156,723 157,211 488 Hiyadudez 154,511 155,787 1,276 bertus52x11 152,142 153,426 1,284 Greasetattoo   152,758 - Lynne Bruning 148,431 149,137 706 Technochicken 147,441 149,006 1,565 Dr.Paj 143,677 144,530 853 janw 125,726 129,506 3,780 uniqueutopia 127,115 129,029 1,914 The Jamalam 126,727 127,067 340 RavingMadStudios 121,696 122,366 670 thermoelectric 119,754 120,953 1,199 I_am_Canadian 112,891 113,327 436 JamesRPatrick 108,347 109,385 1,038 nelson8815 102,022 103,874 1,852 Goodhart 102,821 103,666 845 DJ Radio 98,967 99,610 643 jen7714 94,615 95,906 1,291 jen7714 94,615 95,906 1,291 iminthebathroom 79,721 80,849 1,128 ynze 76,781 78,472 1,691 wizgirl 74,603 75,780 1,177 MichelMoermans 72,019 72,702 683 Killer%7ESafeCracker 66,201 66,592 391 ajleece 58,931 59,246 315 Re-design 58,896 59,242 346 mman1506 48,712 58,327 9,615 Shadowman39 56,802 57,325 523 TNEN 50,224 50,461 237 Biggsy 49,817 50,442 625 kelseymh 49,031 49,249 218 Jimmy Proton 46,844 48,876 2,032 Sunkicked 47,971 48,238 267 The Ideanator 46,397 46,797 400 45,990 46,317 327 Berkin 42,954 43,320 366 EmmettO 41,684 42,058 374 TitanTechRobotics 38,480 39,345 865 knuckel 38,368 38,735 367 annahowardshaw 34,317 36,680 2,363 KoffeeKommando 34,650 35,273 623 TSC 34,249 34,756 507 jwystup 32,698 33,172 474 nickodemus 32,193 32,387 194 lilyfrancis 30,407 30,949 542 MotaBoi 29,620 29,947 327 cbm104 27,763 27,974 211 kcls 27,463 27,657 194 Mr.Sanchez 26,947 27,598 651 possum888 26,680 26,941 261 peguiono 26,253 26,389 136 dombeef 22,495 26,327 3,832 shadowninja31 26,051 26,222 171 m6233555m 25,010 25,088 78 lizzyastro 23,754 24,324 570 plane phanatic 23,443 23,625 182 Knex_Gun_Builder 23,440 23,526 86 steveastrouk 23,257 23,463 206 Derin 23,075 23,276 201 CrayfishYAY 22,732 22,877 145 Tornado96 20,230 20,556 326 Tom Buckey 19,212 19,325 113 Blue Mullet 17,917 18,528 611 cdawisconsin 17,779 18,169 390 TabbyDeAnne 17,642 18,014 372 zascecs 17,749 17,827 78 qazwsx755 16,306 16,549 243 krysteanuh 15,617 16,465 848 floris2burn 15,877 16,023 146 Legofanatic 15,688 15,930 242 knexsuperbuilderfreak 14,887 14,958 71 Dr. Pepper 14,307 14,860 553 uberdum05 14,369 14,512 143 beanieostrich 13,288 14,113 825 nutsandbolts_64 13,665 13,832 167 zurichko 13,614 13,782 168 lil larry 3,573 13,719 10,146 FrozenStar 12,180 12,326 146 splazem 11,712 11,849 137 masterochicken 11,547 11,613 66 acidbass 11,256 11,422 166 NachoMahma 11,301 11,338 37 Sorunome 9,174 9,320 146 mJusticz 8,199 9,222 1,023 Kryptonite 7,564 7,617 53 cherishcherub 7,286 7,350 64 LoneWolf 6,811 6,930 119 moocowdog 6,463 6,553 90 slithien 5,359 5,648 289 zero.gx 5,580 5,615 35 Nutrition Man 4,873 5,035 162 patriots8888 4,482 4,650 168 RNB 4,509 4,558 49 jamesdude 4,508 4,536 28 Nostalgic Guy   4,139 - MegaMetal8 4,015 4,057 42 tbcross 3,874 3,953 79 wareneutron 3,747 3,800 53 mg0930mg 3,123 3,146 23 solarblade90 2,978 3,027 49 cj81499 2,622 2,637 15 Jag56 2,530 2,572 42 shadon 1,641 1,672 31 Randomguy65 1,626 1,659 33 nfk11 1,502 1,589 87 AwesomeSwordGuy 1,304 1,358 54 Kaptain Kool   1,189 - LivStoleYourPie 772 801 29 cyanyears 729 763 34 Jeff Kallaus 569 598 29 Twinmum   564 - FastLearner 370 391 21 Fr-Pa-Co 259 263 4 %28YOUR N 117 121 4 heratio 80 81 1

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The Social Problems That Plague Instructables - A Discussion for Everyone

Disclaimer: Nothing I say relegates to any sort of EULA/terms of service instructables may have. This is strictly concerning a matter of taste and public interest. I don't really know anything about the "legal" matters here, in fact, I could care less - I'm just seeking a practical solution. Before I begin my ranting and raving, I'd like to begin with these few questions. I don't expect you to respond tit-for-tat in list answer form - these are broad questions that you may choose to answer in your response I suppose, but the purpose of them is to get you thinking a bit: 1. Do you feel as though the quality of an instructable is important? 2. Does it bother you when you read an instructable that is very sloppy and appears as though no effort was put into making it appealing to the reader? 3. Does it bother you when you see instructables that tell you how to create things that appear to be ostensibly simple, as if you are being instructed on doing some menial thing? 4. Do you ever feel as though people post instructables in order to gain attention and don't seem to care about the instructable itself? If so, does that bother you? It appears to me that many people feel as though the content of is crummy at times. It looks as though more often than not as of late, people are posting a lot of negative comments on certain instructables. The populace is simply becoming frustrated with the amount of poorly-written, lame duck, perhaps "half-assed" instructables that are popping up on the site. Allow me to purge a bit before I create a storm: I am a man who preaches "For each, his own." I usually fall towards a laissez-faire policymaking attitude and I seek to just "let it lie" if necessary. I find that things work better uninterrupted. This is why I think I have held back here for a while about my thoughts on Instructables I didn't appreciate. Usually I would just mark it with a "-", leave a comment about what could be improved, and flag it if it was inappropriate. The problem is, I started to do this too much over time. Maybe I just became too acquainted with the functions, but it feels to me as though it is the quality of the instructables that have waned. I am evidently not alone with this feeling. I have remained as reserved as I can, but I think it is time to speak out about something because other people are starting to shed light on it. Perhaps we should be a little more conscientious about what we post. As the site grows, I think it is important we keep it tidy and nifty looking. There will be tons of new instructables every day, but I think we should reduce the number of them that many of us find pretty crummy. Perhaps a more overt ranking system. Instructables is a really awesome site that has a very strong backbone - it was founded by people who really cared about it's potential. They actively upgrade the website to our whims and make it as best as they can make it. At the least, we owe it to these people to post our best and brighest works and make instructables look like a decent site. My personal opinion: I hate to sound like an elitist jerk, but there are a lot of trashy instructables... they're not worthy of being labelled as instructables. It seems like every day the number of atrocious posts increases. At times, it seems as though instructables is no longer treated as a decent site, rather, it's just a landfill for people to post their junk. I won't name anyone or any specific instructables, but honestly, there are some that are just there to garner attention and get our juices flowing. It's not fun. Tear this to shreds, gents. G'nite ;).

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techy w00tness - a day of computer tech guy

Some1 brought the following quote to another forum i am inits sure been copy pasted alot of times before me. the original author is unknownI was working in a job running the campus email system some years ago when I got a call from the chairman of the statistics department. "We're having a problem sending email out of the department." "What's the problem?" I asked. "We can't send mail more than 500 miles," the chairman explained. I choked on my latte. "Come again?" "We can't send mail farther than 500 miles from here," he repeated. "A little bit more, actually. Call it 520 miles. But no farther." "Um... Email really doesn't work that way, generally," I said, trying to keep panic out of my voice. One doesn't display panic when speaking to a department chairman, even of a relatively impoverished department like statistics. "What makes you think you can't send mail more than 500 miles?" "It's not what I *think*," the chairman replied testily. "You see, when we first noticed this happening, a few days ago--" "You waited a few DAYS?" I interrupted, a tremor tinging my voice. "And you couldn't send email this whole time?" "We could send email. Just not more than--" "--500 miles, yes," I finished for him, "I got that. But why didn't you call earlier?" "Well, we hadn't collected enough data to be sure of what was going on until just now." Right. This is the chairman of *statistics*. "Anyway, I asked one of the geostatisticians to look into it--" "Geostatisticians..." "--yes, and she's produced a map showing the radius within which we can send email to be slightly more than 500 miles. There are a number of destinations within that radius that we can't reach, either, or reach sporadically, but we can never email farther than this radius." "I see," I said, and put my head in my hands. "When did this start? A few days ago, you said, but did anything change in your systems at that time?" "Well, the consultant came in and patched our server and rebooted it. But I called him, and he said he didn't touch the mail system." "Okay, let me take a look, and I'll call you back," I said, scarcely believing that I was playing along. It wasn't April Fool's Day. I tried to remember if someone owed me a practical joke. I logged into their department's server, and sent a few test mails. This was in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, and a test mail to my own account was delivered without a hitch. Ditto for one sent to Richmond, and Atlanta, and Washington. Another to Princeton (400 miles) worked. But then I tried to send an email to Memphis (600 miles). It failed. Boston, failed. Detroit, failed. I got out my address book and started trying to narrow this down. New York (420 miles) worked, but Providence (580 miles) failed. I was beginning to wonder if I had lost my sanity. I tried emailing a friend who lived in North Carolina, but whose ISP was in Seattle. Thankfully, it failed. If the problem had had to do with the geography of the human recipient and not his mail server, I think I would have broken down in tears. Having established that--unbelievably--the problem as reported was true, and repeatable, I took a look at the file. It looked fairly normal. In fact, it looked familiar. I diffed it against the in my home directory. It hadn't been altered--it was a I had written. And I was fairly certain I hadn't enabled the "FAIL_MAIL_OVER_500_MILES" option. At a loss, I telnetted into the SMTP port. The server happily responded with a SunOS sendmail banner. Wait a minute... a SunOS sendmail banner? At the time, Sun was still shipping Sendmail 5 with its operating system, even though Sendmail 8 was fairly mature. Being a good system administrator, I had standardized on Sendmail 8. And also being a good system administrator, I had written a that used the nice long self-documenting option and variable names available in Sendmail 8 rather than the cryptic punctuation-mark codes that had been used in Sendmail 5. The pieces fell into place, all at once, and I again choked on the dregs of my now-cold latte. When the consultant had "patched the server," he had apparently upgraded the version of SunOS, and in so doing *downgraded* Sendmail. The upgrade helpfully left the alone, even though it was now the wrong version. It so happens that Sendmail 5--at least, the version that Sun shipped, which had some tweaks--could deal with the Sendmail 8, as most of the rules had at that point remained unaltered. But the new long configuration options--those it saw as junk, and skipped. And the sendmail binary had no defaults compiled in for most of these, so, finding no suitable settings in the file, they were set to zero. One of the settings that was set to zero was the timeout to connect to the remote SMTP server. Some experimentation established that on this particular machine with its typical load, a zero timeout would abort a connect call in slightly over three milliseconds. An odd feature of our campus network at the time was that it was 100% switched. An outgoing packet wouldn't incur a router delay until hitting the POP and reaching a router on the far side. So time to connect to a lightly-loaded remote host on a nearby network would actually largely be governed by the speed of light distance to the destination rather than by incidental router delays. Feeling slightly giddy, I typed into my shell: $ units 1311 units, 63 prefixes You have: 3 millilightseconds You want: miles 558.84719 / 0.0017893979 "500 miles, or a little bit more."

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Reflections on the Pier

Writing this is one of the hardest things to do. Writing this means that my artist-in-residence at Pier 9 has come to an end. What motivates me to keep writing is something that I learned and deeply embraced at the pier. The pier taught me that giving back to the community you're in is priceless and extremely valuable. More on this later. First, I want to tell you a little bit about my journey at the Pier.  During the first quarter of the residency I was overwhelmed by the things I could make at Pier 9. Pier 9 has it all, it's a makers / artist / designer / engineers paradise. So when I got there, I realized that I could make anything, which then made me question why I wanted to make those things and if those things really mattered... What impact would they have on the world, on me, on my surrounding community... This period of questioning was frustrating and hard. While others at the pier were making amazing objects and projects that were getting a lot of press and attention I was just sitting there... thinking as time was quickly passing by. Maybe this was something akin to writer's block. Maybe this was just me being an emotional artist. Maybe this was just me being burned out from a hard year of working at start ups in Silicon Valley. Maybe this was just growing pains (because I was transitioning from writing software to making physical things).  Things got better tho. What really helped get me out of this rut was the community at pier 9, especially Vanessa and Company. The community at Pier 9 is hands down the most valuable asset the pier has. The machines are great, but its really about the people that the pier attracts. Never have I worked in a space where everyone is so excited, helpful, funny, and happy about their work and the community around them. The culture at the pier is what helped me find my path and eventually helped me make a couple fun projects. I could go on and on about how awesome the community is, but I want to give you a couple concrete examples of things that happened to me that helped me grow and morph into who I am today.  Vanessa Sigurdson would sit down with me every so often and ask me how things were going. When I got really stuck on something she would immediate connect me with someone who could help me or show me something that could inspire me or help me get through my block. Thanks Vanessa, I owe you big time.  I asked Noah Weinstein a ton about his shop in Oakland and how he started it. His super valuable knowledge made me feel empowered and able! He is an individual that really follows through with what he says, very admirable! Thanks Noah!   Andy Lee and I would sit around and talk about triangles and math. Andy is an awesome maker and brave individual. He taught me to just try things out and not care too much if they failed. Andy's experiments at the pier made me feel comfortable prototyping ideas and concepts. Not everything has to be a final art piece. Being an artist / engineer is also about exploring and failing! Thanks Andy! Paolo Salvagione connected me with a major museum in SF. Next year I'll be showing a couple pieces there. His work has been an endless source of inspiration for me. The mechanical beauty in his designs inspires me to make every element in my art pieces elegant and beautiful. Paolo you are the man.  Dot Matrix and I went on runs along the Embarcadero to Crissy Field. Dot gave me some great perspective on the projects I was working on and vice versa. These runs helped clear my mind. In addition, looking at the ocean reminded me that the world is bigger than me. Its a great stress relief. Thanks Dot!!! Sitting next to Andreas Bastian was one of the best parts of the residency. Every time I thought what I was doing was hard, I'd just look at this desk and be humbled by the challenges he was taking on. Thank you Andreas, your work ethic is off the charts.  Craig Dorety blew my mind with his LED sculptures. Experiencing one of his pieces was like a DMT trip (from what I've heard :) ). Craig also taught me a ton about the art world and about how to do miter cuts on the water jet! IGES files are the key!! Thanks Craig!  Robb Godshaw taught me how to follow my impulses. If you have an idea brewing inside of you, you MUST make it! You are an awesome individual Robb! Keep killing it!  Observing Anouk Wipprecht taught me about being fearless and tackling challenges with authority. In addition to being an amazing designer, maker, hacker, and person, Anouk really knows how to reach out to her networks and communities for feedback, involvement, and help.  Dr. Woohoo taught me how to connect with people, and empowering others around me. His optimistic & mature perspective and hilarious nature always helped me find my way though all sorts of problems and challenges.  I could go on and on. So many good memories and so many things learned... Side note, I believe that Autodesk's Pier 9 will go down in history as the Xerox Parc of our modern day. So many talented people / things / concepts / ideas / pieces of knowledges come in and out of it, I don't know of any other place in the Bay I'd say is more innovative, cutting edge, open and inviting. Maybe Google X, Maybe Tesla / Space X... MAYBE.... Towards the middle/end of my residency when I was wrapping up projects, and new artists were coming in, I had this deep urge to help the new artists find their way just as the coordinators and other past artists had helped me find mine. Helping the new artists was one of the most satisfying things I did at the pier. I'd like to think my residency at Pier 9 has come full circle, but I think it even goes deeper than just my time at the Pier. I did my first instructable (as in I made someone else's creation) in 2007. Now 7 years laters, I hope that the instructables I have written and will write in the future will inspire young makers to keep making and eventually give back to their community in any way they can!  Thank you Pier 9, Thank you Instructables, Thank you Autodesk, Thank you fellow Artists. I will try to pay you back one day.  

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Total Views Count - 08/09/2011 with Patches!

It's a Thursday and I remembered to run the Perl script again. So here are the totals for this time so you can compare your total views easily to your friends/enemies. This week I've decided to make the time to hand out ALL of the patches that I owe people for passing total views milestones. Expect to receive one in the hour after I post this if you're due one, if I miss you, post below. I used an image from my latest Instructable as the title pic this time, just for a change. James This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain scoochmaroo 5,637,459 5,824,506 187,047 canida 5,056,222 5,147,745 91,523 fungus amungus 4,519,704 4,579,426 59,722 randofo 3,648,546 3,722,529 73,983 Honus 2,878,468 2,914,022 35,554 jessyratfink 2,251,516 2,344,572 93,056 Plasmana 2,085,853 2,114,004 28,151 Kiteman 2,054,558 2,086,727 32,169 Tool Using Animal 1,805,733 1,824,378 18,645 T3h_Muffinator 1,215,901 1,228,465 12,564 killerjackalope 1,206,210 1,222,137 15,927 drinkmorecoffee 1,179,521 1,199,594 20,073 zieak 1,181,251 1,196,739 15,488 Creativeman 1,132,646 1,154,932 22,286 gmjhowe 1,114,599 1,138,417 23,818 ChrysN 1,064,469 1,100,629 36,160 Weissensteinburg 1,024,541 1,038,049 13,508 lemonie 1,011,854 1,034,525 22,671 chr 999,226 1,024,300 25,074 SaskView 994,974 1,004,316 9,342 seamster 915,482 964,243 48,761 frenzy 901,249 922,829 21,580 Brennn10 766,590 775,371 8,781 mikeasaurus 722,136 756,961 34,825 shesparticular   748,375 - mikey77 717,824 730,299 12,475 CameronSS 706,376 716,894 10,518 jeff-o 653,758 660,638 6,880 PKM 642,513 650,837 8,324 laxap 597,841 605,872 8,031 aeray 581,956 600,824 18,868 scraptopower 582,356 595,575 13,219 depotdevoid 537,290 548,894 11,604 belsey 518,286 526,187 7,901 ModMischief 494,307 517,919 23,612 Jayefuu 418,792 433,193 14,401 starshipminivan 417,160 431,913 14,753 AngryRedhead 339,687 349,663 9,976 nmcclana 317,106 323,370 6,264 Spl1nt3rC3ll 316,792 320,224 3,432 rimar2000 297,406 308,116 10,710 BrittLiv 302,630 307,657 5,027 Vyger 288,912 294,656 5,744 KentsOkay 280,941 284,427 3,486 scooter76 281,694 283,965 2,271 Doctor What 257,670 261,284 3,614 rickharris 236,019 239,269 3,250 Ninzerbean 225,901 234,739 8,838 Greasetattoo 208,106 218,733 10,627 Lithium Rain 202,631 213,057 10,426 Technochicken 193,178 210,275 17,097 dark sponge 207,044 208,976 1,932 bongodrummer 191,055 194,086 3,031 bertus52x11 182,021 185,570 3,549 Hiyadudez 179,033 182,859 3,826 comodore 179,402 181,440 2,038 Kaelessin 171,935 174,674 2,739 yokozuna 170,225 173,617 3,392 uniqueutopia 165,562 172,244 6,682 janw 164,848 169,680 4,832 Lynne Bruning 165,003 166,981 1,978 Dr.Paj 161,811 164,423 2,612 thermoelectric 141,727 145,232 3,505 Nelson_Yepez 141,478 144,552 3,074 RavingMadStudios 140,002 142,624 2,622 iminthebathroom 133,246 138,440 5,194 vishalapar 119,164 136,820 17,656 The Jamalam 134,312 135,506 1,194 JamesRPatrick 127,156 134,502 7,346 I_am_Canadian 125,363 127,361 1,998 ynze 123,567 126,753 3,186 jen7714 119,722 123,466 3,744 mary candy 71,148 115,843 44,695 DJ Radio 112,355 114,995 2,640 Goodhart 113,212 114,759 1,547 sunshiine   104,716 - wizgirl 95,394 97,971 2,577 annahowardshaw 81,001 93,225 12,224 Killer%7ESafeCracker 85,931 88,214 2,283 MichelMoermans 83,231 85,040 1,809 Mr.Sanchez 65,668 84,404 18,736 Jimmy Proton 77,725 82,425 4,700 dombeef 68,271 72,405 4,134 mman1506 69,436 71,134 1,698 Shadowman39 66,392 67,685 1,293 Biggsy 64,276 66,505 2,229 Re-design 64,748 65,724 976 agis68 64,235 65,311 1,076 ajleece 63,924 64,591 667 The Ideanator 56,511 57,960 1,449 arthurb 56,776 57,721 945 TNEN 55,420 56,029 609 kelseymh 53,333 54,532 1,199 Sunkicked 53,297 54,122 825 50,829 51,498 669 EmmettO 49,408 50,462 1,054 TitanTechRobotics 47,451 48,749 1,298 KoffeeKommando 45,629 47,622 1,993 Berkin 44,474 45,303 829 knuckel 44,378 45,140 762 TSC 42,711 42,989 278 jwystup 40,550 41,646 1,096 nickodemus 39,605 40,614 1,009 beanieostrich 36,523 39,600 3,077 lilyfrancis 38,172 38,805 633 Z.Backas 36,947 37,954 1,007 LargeMouthBass 33,270 37,480 4,210 MotaBoi 35,869 36,599 730 cbm104 32,736 33,260 524 lizzyastro 31,984 33,195 1,211 Win Guy 28,175 33,003 4,828 kcls 31,611 32,458 847 ahrshin 27,693 32,353 4,660 patriots8888 31,183 32,071 888 steveastrouk 31,157 31,971 814 possum888 31,194 31,860 666 Data643 30,524 31,268 744 shadowninja31 30,227 30,747 520 cdawisconsin 28,913 30,552 1,639 Rob O 27,900 29,862 1,962 TabbyDeAnne 27,047 29,827 2,780 peguiono 29,435 29,734 299 krysteanuh 27,783 29,109 1,326 iceng 9,634 28,875 19,241 Tornado96 26,083 27,180 1,097 plane phanatic 26,551 27,030 479 Derin 26,239 26,766 527 m6233555m 26,364 26,547 183 CrayfishYAY 25,780 26,176 396 Knex_Gun_Builder 25,134 25,414 280 Mimikry 22,746 24,035 1,289 tqwerty 22,568 23,439 871 splazem 21,183 22,700 1,517 lil larry 21,450 22,368 918 qazwsx755 21,590 22,320 730 zack247 20,385 21,982 1,597 Tom Buckey 21,534 21,761 227 Dr. Pepper 20,354 20,955 601 floris2burn 19,520 19,998 478 fdmjh 19,203 19,745 542 Legofanatic 19,262 19,730 468 zascecs 19,347 19,515 168 aeronut01 18,733 19,412 679 zurichko 18,393 19,297 904 nutsandbolts_64 17,432 17,995 563 uberdum05 16,538 16,873 335 knexsuperbuilderfreak 16,153 16,309 156 mJusticz 15,673 16,195 522 acidbass 14,496 14,937 441 Sorunome 13,893 14,593 700 FrozenStar 14,220 14,510 290 masterochicken 13,078 13,261 183 NachoMahma 11,850 11,917 67 knexinventer 10,534 11,383 849 A-Nony-Mus 10,821 11,133 312 Kryptonite 9,694 10,084 390 username252 8,728 9,437 709 cherishcherub 8,747 8,986 239 LoneWolf 8,498 8,726 228 moocowdog 8,273 8,497 224 slithien 7,818 8,130 312 Nutrition Man 7,643 7,974 331 Nostalgic Guy 6,097 6,368 271 RNB 5,934 6,150 216 wareneutron 5,205 5,521 316 tbcross 5,184 5,345 161 jamesdude 5,132 5,226 94 MegaMetal8%28Left Ibles%29 4,929 5,041 112 9400dk 4,519 4,571 52 Randomguy65 3,930 4,239 309 Kaptain Kool 3,762 4,176 414 BladeFyre Studios 3,725 4,035 310 solarblade90 3,849 3,989 140 Super_Nerd 3,302 3,877 575 mg0930mg 3,710 3,776 66 happyjo 3,459 3,706 247 Jag56 3,370 3,482 112 nfk11 3,043 3,265 222 cj81499 2,812 2,830 18 AwesomeSwordGuy 2,325 2,448 123 neuropol 2,171 2,349 178 zero.gx 2,242 2,263 21 shadon 2,167 2,233 66 ElvenChild 1,736 1,867 131 TheAwesomestDude 1,364 1,592 228 cyanyears 1,356 1,449 93 LivStoleYourPie 1,357 1,429 72 FastLearner 909 936 27 Fr-Pa-Co 341 352 11 heratio 194 201 7 %28YOUR N 172 179 7

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Total Views Count - 11/08/2011

Hi everyone, sorry I've not run this in almost a month now. I went on holiday for two weeks, then was lazy, then forgot. With great apologies, here is this week's run! Congrats to Canida who hit 5m, Kiteman who passed 2m views and Chrysn, Lemonie and Weissensteinburg who reached 1m views between this and the last runs. And welcome to all the new members since the last run, there are now over 200 people in the group. I owe a lot of patches to members of this group, would anyone care to volunteer to go through the list and work out who needs what patches, so I can give them all out? I have been meaning to automate patch giving so it happens each and every time automatically, but haven't found time yet; too much work and too much reading! This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I try to run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain scoochmaroo 5,302,034 5,592,045 290,011 canida 4,885,538 5,029,172 143,634 fungus amungus 4,426,100 4,504,785 78,685 randofo 3,503,170 3,629,559 126,389 Honus 2,812,111 2,862,349 50,238 jessyratfink 2,156,771 2,229,703 72,932 Plasmana 2,001,964 2,077,039 75,075 Kiteman 1,990,925 2,043,982 53,057 Tool Using Animal 1,768,592 1,799,518 30,926 T3h_Muffinator 1,193,467 1,212,099 18,632 killerjackalope 1,174,976 1,200,964 25,988 zieak 1,154,627 1,177,573 22,946 drinkmorecoffee 1,144,732 1,174,234 29,502 Creativeman 1,076,072 1,120,184 44,112 gmjhowe 1,092,473 1,110,638 18,165 ChrysN 957,837 1,056,467 98,630 Weissensteinburg 998,710 1,020,680 21,970 lemonie 975,342 1,005,079 29,737 SaskView 973,911 992,494 18,583 chr 957,562 991,241 33,679 seamster 854,661 907,944 53,283 frenzy 851,051 886,729 35,678 Brennn10 749,429 764,040 14,611 mikey77 698,746 714,140 15,394 mikeasaurus 654,419 712,599 58,180 CameronSS 673,641 703,717 30,076 jeff-o 638,271 650,696 12,425 PKM 628,349 640,186 11,837 laxap 578,467 595,498 17,031 scraptopower 551,979 577,557 25,578 aeray 548,009 575,304 27,295 depotdevoid 511,346 534,487 23,141 belsey 500,087 514,892 14,805 ModMischief 474,811 491,872 17,061 Jayefuu 406,299 415,254 8,955 starshipminivan 378,870 409,874 31,004 AngryRedhead 323,051 336,189 13,138 Spl1nt3rC3ll 309,743 315,689 5,946 nmcclana 302,502 314,973 12,471 BrittLiv 291,635 301,381 9,746 rimar2000 276,027 293,357 17,330 Vyger 277,668 287,511 9,843 scooter76 277,718 281,027 3,309 KentsOkay 273,916 279,782 5,866 Doctor What 250,539 256,502 5,963 rickharris 230,207 235,150 4,943 Ninzerbean 206,952 222,567 15,615 dark sponge 201,599 206,328 4,729 Greasetattoo 187,906 205,468 17,562 Lithium Rain 192,757 200,870 8,113 Technochicken 182,753 191,780 9,027 bongodrummer 186,821 190,356 3,535 bertus52x11 174,081 180,655 6,574 comodore 176,043 178,747 2,704 Hiyadudez 171,687 177,790 6,103 Kaelessin 166,629 171,142 4,513 yokozuna 166,738 169,697 2,959 Lynne Bruning 161,434 164,415 2,981 janw 153,340 163,354 10,014 uniqueutopia 153,460 163,126 9,666 Dr.Paj 155,890 160,891 5,001 thermoelectric 135,584 140,717 5,133 Nelson_Yepez 134,021 140,152 6,131 RavingMadStudios 130,598 139,466 8,868 The Jamalam 131,841 133,925 2,084 iminthebathroom 127,428 132,111 4,683 JamesRPatrick 121,269 124,524 3,255 I_am_Canadian 119,517 124,445 4,928 ynze 93,640 122,064 28,424 jen7714 113,325 118,686 5,361 Goodhart 110,561 112,694 2,133 DJ Radio 108,255 111,580 3,325 vishalapar   110,665 - wizgirl 89,037 93,945 4,908 Killer%7ESafeCracker 77,855 85,034 7,179 MichelMoermans 79,932 82,588 2,656 annahowardshaw 60,349 76,863 16,514 Jimmy Proton 69,415 76,374 6,959 mary candy 32,363 70,183 37,820 mman1506 66,198 68,952 2,754 dombeef 42,624 66,499 23,875 Shadowman39 63,576 66,018 2,442 Re-design 62,823 64,339 1,516 agis68   63,874 - ajleece 62,491 63,699 1,208 Biggsy 60,239 63,584 3,345 Mr.Sanchez 53,862 62,741 8,879 arthurb 52,905 56,494 3,589 The Ideanator 53,720 56,047 2,327 TNEN 54,053 55,161 1,108 kelseymh 52,170 53,143 973 Sunkicked 51,613 52,996 1,383 49,658 50,620 962 EmmettO 47,516 49,062 1,546 Berkin 47,588 48,998 1,410 TitanTechRobotics 45,325 47,128 1,803 KoffeeKommando 42,392 45,089 2,697 knuckel 42,652 44,128 1,476 TSC 39,335 42,127 2,792 jwystup 38,333 40,230 1,897 nickodemus 37,576 39,272 1,696 lilyfrancis 36,533 37,986 1,453 Z.Backas 33,432 36,591 3,159 MotaBoi 34,268 35,599 1,331 beanieostrich 28,617 35,347 6,730 cbm104 31,459 32,568 1,109 LargeMouthBass 27,086 32,492 5,406 lizzyastro 29,094 31,648 2,554 kcls 29,985 31,243 1,258 possum888 29,902 30,974 1,072 patriots8888 28,829 30,906 2,077 steveastrouk 29,607 30,879 1,272 Data643 28,789 30,246 1,457 shadowninja31 28,839 30,022 1,183 peguiono 28,806 29,330 524 cdawisconsin 25,584 28,376 2,792 Win Guy 23,658 27,667 4,009 krysteanuh 24,890 27,340 2,450 Rob O   26,874 - plane phanatic 25,654 26,388 734 m6233555m 25,951 26,281 330 Derin 25,270 26,060 790 TabbyDeAnne 22,455 25,886 3,431 Tornado96 23,890 25,710 1,820 CrayfishYAY 24,965 25,646 681 Knex_Gun_Builder 24,581 25,053 472 Mimikry   22,287 - tqwerty   22,206 - Tom Buckey 20,824 21,450 626 qazwsx755 19,957 21,344 1,387 lil larry 19,312 21,144 1,832 splazem 16,198 20,449 4,251 Dr. Pepper 19,029 20,158 1,129 zack247 18,271 19,954 1,683 floris2burn 17,880 19,396 1,516 zascecs 18,929 19,275 346 Legofanatic 18,224 19,081 857 fdmjh 17,835 19,049 1,214 aeronut01   18,533 - zurichko 16,366 17,844 1,478 nutsandbolts_64 16,293 17,240 947 uberdum05 15,972 16,439 467 knexsuperbuilderfreak 15,763 16,088 325 mJusticz 14,572 15,544 972 acidbass 13,694 14,367 673 FrozenStar 13,698 14,149 451 Sorunome 12,530 13,691 1,161 masterochicken 12,573 13,002 429 NachoMahma 11,694 11,828 134 A-Nony-Mus 10,301 10,734 433 knexinventer 8,430 10,197 1,767 Kryptonite 8,479 9,571 1,092 iceng 7,985 8,952 967 cherishcherub 8,276 8,672 396 username252 6,954 8,476 1,522 LoneWolf 8,050 8,424 374 moocowdog 7,761 8,161 400 slithien 7,277 7,719 442 Nutrition Man 6,875 7,541 666 Nostalgic Guy 5,526 5,985 459 RNB 5,485 5,863 378 tbcross 4,818 5,127 309 wareneutron 4,746 5,109 363 jamesdude 4,931 5,106 175 MegaMetal8%28Left Ibles%29 4,629 4,887 258 Twinmum 2,369 4,565 2,196 solarblade90 3,592 3,808 216 Randomguy65 2,031 3,790 1,759 mg0930mg 3,592 3,695 103 Kaptain Kool 2,936 3,647 711 diyoutdoorsman 2,736 3,457 721 happyjo 3,008 3,387 379 Jag56 3,027 3,324 297 Super_Nerd   2,995 - nfk11 2,511 2,942 431 cj81499 2,764 2,810 46 AwesomeSwordGuy 2,053 2,275 222 zero.gx 2,196 2,235 39 shadon 2,015 2,141 126 neuropol 1,647 2,108 461 ElvenChild 1,425 1,678 253 LivStoleYourPie 1,201 1,340 139 cyanyears 1,202 1,338 136 TheAwesomestDude 791 1,202 411 FastLearner 765 885 120 Jeff Kallaus 712 750 38 Black Panther Knex 556 702 146 Fr-Pa-Co 321 339 18 heratio 184 193 9 %28YOUR N 149 167 18

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Total Views Count - 06/07/2012

Hi everyone. Here's this week's total views. Some members are working on new patch designs for the new patches I'll be handing out for comments, subscribers, number of instructables, forum topics, answers and subscriptions soon. I just moved house and I've not got a desk yet so I've not had anywhere to sit and code nor time to hand out patches manually yet. If someone wants to go through the list below and send me a list of who's owed what patch, I'll make the time to go through and send them manually before next week. Interestingly, most of the top members all have slightly less views this week compared to last week. Perhaps everyone was too busy partying on the 4th to visit Instructables? James User 29/06/2012 06/07/2012 Gain scoochmaroo 9567558 9670028 102470 canida 6621699 6657519 35820 fungus+amungus 5685979 5711630 25651 randofo 5143862 5212765 68903 jessyratfink 3620957 3657557 36600 Honus 3458226 3467797 9571 Kiteman 2581067 2588854 7787 Plasmana 2514783 2523009 8226 ChrysN 2136749 2158326 21577 Tool+Using+Animal 2091376 2099302 7926 Creativeman 1692508 1703660 11152 chr 1596307 1604709 8402 drinkmorecoffee 1593703 1600881 7178 mikeasaurus 1575847 1595317 19470 killerjackalope 1472077 1476643 4566 T3h_Muffinator 1413828 1416754 2926 zieak 1398999 1402150 3151 frenzy 1337871 1345887 8016 Weissensteinburg 1294102 1299736 5634 gmjhowe 1284167 1286808 2641 lemonie 1279085 1284224 5139 Frivolous+Engineering 1114063 1116051 1988 mikey77 972831 977033 4202 shesparticular 956215 960542 4327 Brennn10 927382 930316 2934 jeff-o 878857 882726 3869 scraptopower 858851 863400 4549 aeray 827428 832771 5343 CameronSS 814041 819310 5269 ModMischief 812563 816737 4174 Mrballeng 795980 802042 6062 laxap 770365 772728 2363 PKM 767407 769876 2469 depotdevoid 728446 730992 2546 starshipminivan 712786 719764 6978 belsey 704966 708406 3440 Jayefuu 673240 675497 2257 Gadget+Gangster 572045 578108 6063 BrittLiv 513120 519667 6547 AngryRedhead 507339 510068 2729 rimar2000 464651 467598 2947 vishalapr 377804 379242 1438 mary+candy 374995 376987 1992 Spl1nt3rC3ll 370582 371993 1411 Vyger 337019 338451 1432 KentsOkay 336442 337402 960 rickharris 334730 336311 1581 Greasetattoo 328371 332179 3808 Ninzerbean 319005 320479 1474 scooter76 319026 319445 419 Lithium+Rain 303928 306884 2956 sunshiine 291077 295675 4598 Xellers 288559 289671 1112 Computothought 283145 287153 4008 Technochicken 278577 280037 1460 AndyGadget 272312 273556 1244 knife141 270139 271969 1830 bajablue 258017 261325 3308 justjonty 251153 252368 1215 Hiyadudez 238477 239600 1123 iminthebathroom 237193 238070 877 bertus52x11 234463 235409 946 annahowardshaw 232643 234606 1963 dark+sponge 232768 233209 441 bongodrummer 231208 231917 709 janw 228242 229114 872 JamesRPatrick 223846 224908 1062 comodore 214394 215037 643 craftknowitall 205863 213154 7291 jen7714 208729 210778 2049 thermoelectric 208630 210304 1674 Nelson_Yepez 208884 210075 1191 Lynne+Bruning 208630 209488 858 Kaelessin 207054 207796 742 yokozuna 202540 203165 625 coolbeansbaby68 200495 201631 1136 Dr.Paj 194094 194730 636 RavingMadStudios 193219 194074 855 Jimmy+Proton 164480 166863 2383 ynze 165097 165813 716 WYE_Lance 150909 155400 4491 lw119 148871 151325 2454 I_am_Canadian 150398 150869 471 The+Jamalam 150349 150696 347 DJ+Radio 145970 146834 864 HHarry 142220 144129 1909 marc.cryan 142650 143403 753 wizgirl 139776 140744 968 Goodhart 137068 137479 411 susanrm 131415 133342 1927 Mr.Sanchez 128623 129250 627 The+Papier+Boy 128106 128630 524 Killer%7ESafeCracker 121084 123033 1949 MichelMoermans 113418 114003 585 Biggsy 109910 110807 897 dombeef 103515 103982 467 cammers 100327 101116 789 blinkyblinky 97936 99019 1083 mman1506 98410 98914 504 fjordcarver 97479 98243 764 KoffeeKommando 90204 90748 544 Shadowman39 85852 86281 429 beanieostrich 82496 83242 746 Re-design 82271 82631 360 LargeMouthBass 81544 82285 741 agis68 81661 81963 302 monsterlego 76941 78870 1929 The+Ideanator 75713 76100 387 ajleece 73052 73266 214 kelseymh 70359 70703 344 diyoutdoorsman 69591 70243 652 cdawisconsin 68960 69574 614 TabbyDeAnne 68104 68745 641 TitanTechRobotics 67631 68166 535 Winged+Fist 66989 68032 1043 arthurb 67655 67816 161 Sunkicked 64905 65232 327 coolpizzadude 64463 64900 437 EmmettO 64521 64758 237 Win+Guy 62472 62930 458 mkanoap 61649 61890 241 jwystup 60044 60273 229 Berkin 58258 58717 459 lizzyastro 56617 57181 564 nickodemus 54764 55093 329 knuckel 54547 54746 199 iceng 53457 53979 522 TSC 51083 51359 276 kcls 50132 50432 300 cbm104 49827 50199 372 ahrshin 49392 49588 196 Z.Backas 49322 49556 234 Mimikry 49121 49553 432 ilpug 47601 48274 673 krysteanuh 47917 48255 338 lilyfrancis 47834 47933 99 MotaBoi 44660 44822 162 patriots8888 44425 44628 203 tqwerty 44185 44565 380 steveastrouk 43915 44212 297 Rob+O 43577 43870 293 possum888 42820 43071 251 Bot1398 41279 42176 897 razvan_iycdi 40767 41177 410 zack247 40589 40998 409 drknotter 40666 40991 325 Tornado96 40016 40385 369 splazem 39854 40216 362 Data643 39509 39653 144 qazwsx755 38801 39263 462 shadowninja31 36365 36487 122 lil+larry 35373 35757 384 Derin 35260 35453 193 peguiono 34900 35004 104 Sorunome 33889 34825 936 canucksgirl 33855 34670 815 plane+phanatic 33230 33380 150 CrayfishYAY 30825 30893 68 zurichko 30614 30826 212 Dr.+Pepper 29439 29598 159 m6233555m 28900 28963 63 Knex_Gun_Builder 28760 28813 53 Twinmum 28265 28514 249 fdmjh 27917 28052 135 Legofanatic 27225 27398 173 nutsandbolts_64 27092 27358 266 aeronut01 27079 27198 119 poofrabbit 26419 27190 771 colorex 25459 25696 237 floris2burn 25186 25290 104 mJusticz 24752 25146 394 Tom+Buckey 24768 24905 137 Nostalgic+Guy 23344 23489 145 mistyp 22931 23289 358 RollerScrapper 22220 22499 279 zascecs 22268 22327 59 robot1398 21870 22142 272 knexinventer 21895 22071 176 acidbass 21648 21869 221 username252 20458 20642 184 A-Nony-Mus 20254 20441 187 knexsuperbuilderfreak 19012 19048 36 bricabracwizard 18131 18315 184 Zaphod+Beetlebrox 15411 17969 2558 Football+viking+boy 16244 16432 188 LoneWolf 15541 15664 123 masterochicken 15543 15613 70 iproberry1 14393 15501 1108 Kryptonite 15035 15199 164 Super_Nerd 14711 14999 288 RNB 14076 14214 138 NatNoBrains 13981 14104 123 Mahmoud+Alaa 13067 13740 673 FrozenStar 13588 13654 66 NachoMahma 12887 12901 14 king1000 12811 12873 62 moocowdog 12181 12254 73 cherishcherub 12036 12074 38 furrysalamander 11404 11673 269 slithien 11239 11326 87 TheMacyC 10875 11095 220 Kaptain+Kool 10642 10761 119 35Timmy 9326 9487 161 wareneutron 8860 8966 106 tech+dawg 8360 8677 317 tbcross 7756 7807 51 thegeeke 7463 7638 175 Randomguy65 7371 7447 76 ElvenChild 7077 7121 44 happyjo 6838 6878 40 MegaMetal8 6578 6615 37 emilyvanleemput 5385 6334 949 jamesdude 6144 6156 12 solarblade90 6083 6119 36 BladeFyre+Studios 5857 5882 25 Jag56 5716 5783 67 nfk11 5585 5608 23 TheAwesomestDude 5078 5134 56 9400dk 4990 5009 19 White+Shadow 4726 4852 126 mg0930mg 4713 4724 11 rockhardmj 4098 4665 567 neuropol 4488 4543 55 iApple+guy 4211 4306 95 AwesomeSwordGuy 4128 4166 38 shadon 3674 3701 27 LivStoleYourPie 3377 3418 41 cj81499 3062 3068 6 gmxx 3043 3055 12 BLUEBLOBS2 2845 2986 141 cyanyears 2905 2927 22 PotatoCoffee 2613 2708 95 Black+Panther+Knex 2203 2259 56 vicvelcro 2131 2173 42 Mutantflame 2119 2121 2 j.g.kuster 1980 2057 77 The+Chunky+Sniper%21 1677 1716 39 FastLearner 1566 1575 9 daredevil499 1434 1470 36 kyleslab 1027 1040 13 Jeff+Kallaus 1023 1031 8 protolabs 956 1010 54 CeruleanPhoenix 763 783 20 Alexvolos1 594 600 6 Fr-Pa-Co 475 479 4 %28YOUR+N 263 263 0 heratio 246 247 1 schumi23 95 111 16 lightingever 13 13 0

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Yellow Roses a fairy tale and horror story

I awaken in a place I'm not familiar with. Seems I am in some sort of hospital, the white walls, they look padded, could it be I am here because of something mental? I really haven't a clue. The only thing I really remember is the man, I recently met, what I would call the man of my dreams. I just don't understand why I am here. I guess I will figure it out eventually. In the mean time I will think about my new suitor, this will calm my nerves. We met inocenntly enough, by bumping into each other literally. He was coming out of the dime store as I was going in and we just collided. He was so good looking, with his dark hair, beard, and blue eyes. He looked so good, he actually took my breathe away. After bumping ino him I say," Oh my goodness, I am such a klutz. I am so sorry" He replies," No harm done. I should have been watching where I was going. But it's not every day I bump into some one as beautiful as you. Let's start over, hi, my name is Dillion." Blushing, I answer back, " Strange way to meet some one. I am so sorry. Thank you for the compliment. I guess I at least owe you my name. My name is Laura. Again I am so sorry for bumpimg into you." " No need to apologize, maybe us bumping into each other was destiny. Maybe it meant for this to happen, so we could meet each other. Anyway, I would be honered if I could take you to dinner. How about tonight? We could meet right here, if you like, at least until you get to know me a little better. I want you to be at ease with me, not to think I am Jack the Ripper", then he laughs. " You aren't shy are you? O.K., we will meet here say at seven? I guess the least I can do is give you a chance, so I will see you here at seven." Dillion agreeing, the we part ways and I go back to shopping, but I can't get Dillion off my mind. I am just so excited about our date tonight, I literally can't be still. Soon it is almost six, so I rush back to my apartment to freshen up before I go to meet Dillion. Almost being seven, I rush back to the dime store, I surely don't want to be late for our first date. Arriving I see Dillion is already there, nevously pacing back and forth like an expectant father. I notice he is carrying a bunch of yellow roses, my favorite color. I make sure Dillion sees me so I don't startle him, walking up to him I say," Hi, have you been waiting long?" Dillion says," I been here for a few minutes. May I say you look beautiful. Also, I got you these. I hope you like them. " I am very flattered by the roses. Thank you so much. How did you know I liked yellow?" " Remember when I first met you, you were dressed in all yellow, just like you are now and may I say the yellow looks great on you because of your dark hair. Anyway I figured you like the color because of how you were dressed and it appears I was right. I thought maybe we go out to dinner, then we catch a movie, how does that sound to you?" " Dinner and a movie sound really good. You lead and I will follow." Here in Lake Charles, Loisiana not that many things to do like you would in a big town. We are just Cajun folk. We choose the movie 2012, because I have been dying to see it. But first we settle on great Cajun food at a restaurant known as Hebert's. Before that we make a quick trip to my apartment so I can put my roses in water. We arrive at the restaurant and lead to a table by the hostess. Then we are greeted by the waiter. I order catfish and Dillion orders gumbo. Waiting on the food, we have a couple of beers as we talk. Dillion says," Have you thought since we meet that maybe it was pre-ordained? I think you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, since we bumped into each other you have been the only thing on my mind. I feel privileged just to be in your presence." I look at Dillion feeling my face blush I say," Thank you for your kind words, you so flatter me. You could be right because since I met you I can't think of any thing else but you. There is definitely some kind of chemistry here wouldn't you say? I am always on guard because I have been hurt before, but with you I haven't even thought of this and don't really care. I just couldn't wait to see you again." " I must say I feel exactly the same way. I want to get to know you, do things with you and I hope this won't be our only date. You just leave me breathless." " I want to see you again also. You know I have lived in Louisiana a couple of years now and I have never been sight seeing. I have always had an interest in the supernatural and two places I wanted to see here is Magnolia Plantation and the Myrtles Plantation. The stories behind these places just fascinate me." " Well, we have something in common, an interest in the supernatural. I visited Magnolia Plantation once, all the voodoo practiced there, to think of it just gives me goose bumps. So if we agree to see each other this is something you would like to do? Soon our food arrives and we continue talking through out the meal, I love getting to know someone on this level. After we finish our meal we go to see 2012, after that Dillion drives me to my apartment, after arriving Dillion says," I was having such a good time, I hate for the night to end. Do you want me to walk you to your door?" " No, I will be fine but thank you for asking. I hate for the night to end also, so would you like to come in for a while?" " Are you sure it will be alright? I would love to come in." After we both reach the door, we walk in, the first thing I do is put on some music, then go to the kitchen to get a couple of beers. Dillion walks around the living room looking at pictures and things. Arriving back in the I hand Dillion his beer, but he puts it on the table, lightly grabbing me around the waist and starts dancing with me. This totally surprise me. I am totally swept off my feet. Then before I realize it we are sharing a very passionate kiss. Then he picks me up in his arms, us staring each other romantically in the eyes, and he heads toward the bedroom. I usually don't sleep with some one on the first date, but this I just couldn't help myself. We end up making wild passionate love all night. The next morning we wake up and after breakfast we decide to drive to and tour Magnolia Plantation, the plantation steeped in voodoo. After arriving here the feeling one gets , well there are no words for the depressive feeling one has. Dillion walks around like he is in a trance like he notices everything here. After that first date we become quite the the item. We are always together and do everything together. Dillion sends me yellow roses every week, to show his feelings for me and he knows these are my favorite flowers. After a couple of weeks things start to change as Dillion starts spending more time with himself and then claiming him not remembering where he was or what he was doing. But I love him and I trust him. One night we stayed together we get up the next morning and in the local paper is a story about a horrific murder. " It says here they think this murder was some how connected to voodoo because they found a mojo bag. The murder they think was some sort of sacrifice to the Gods. The mojo bag was made of red flannel which signifies love. They say the victim was a young male around the age of twenty. Now that will send chills up your spine. Now we have a killer that worships voodoo Gods. How appropriate." Dillion says, " It is probably just some nut after their fifteen minutes of fame. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Why worry? You will be safe as long as you are with me." Two weeks pass with no more incidents, until one day another murder reported in the paper with the same M.O. Dillion says," Are you still worried about this psycho? I can tell from the look on your face after reading the paper. No need to worry my darling. " I guess you are right but I would think any woman that lives alone would be sort of alarmed, don't you?" " I tell you what to ease your nerves why don't you come stay with me until they apprehend this nut. I promise you will be safe." " Perhaps you are right. I will stay with you for a while." Time passes about three months now and I am still staying with Dillion. This thing really scares me. We both go to work, go out sometime together, but there are times Dillion just disappears for hours and he has no explanation. One day I'm cleaning the apartment and there is a knock at the door. Upon answering it, it is the police wanting to speak with Dillion. I ask," Why do you want to see him? Has he done something?" The police say," We want to speak with Dilllion because we think he is involved in something." "Involved in what? He is with me most of the time." " All we can tell you is that we think he may be involved with the voodoo murders, I'm sure you have heard of. The mojo bags being red flannel, doesn't Dillion's work have something to do with red flannel?" It all starts to make sense now, the red flannel, the times he disappears with no memory, Then this thought just overwhelms my mind and my next moment I am aware of, I wake up here in this mental ward. According to the doctors here, Dillion was made up, just something in my mind. I was lonely so Dillion was a fabrication. The murders were real enough though and they bothered me so much I fit them in to my illustration. So they say I can't distinguish between reality and imagination. I see it is almost time for me to see the doctor again but first I hear a knock on my room door. I say," Come in." In comes an orderly carrying a bunch of yellow roses.

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