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Topic by Mintyhippo    |  last reply

pumpkin carvings :P

Well I got a little hyped up for halloween and I carved the first pumpkin for this year :D. I think it came out pretty great. (unfortunately it will probably wither and die before halloween in two weeks)

Topic by Shadowmang    |  last reply

fish babies :P !!!

OK so today I went to my local fish store and got 3 new silver mollies and some plants for my community tank, and after I floated the bag and was about to strain the bag to get the fishes out I noticed little fry in the corner of the bag. After I put the silver mollies in the tank I put the fry in my floating fry net. 9 little baby mollies :P <>< <>< <><

Topic by Shadowmang    |  last reply

Nobish question :P

I know that it can apear a bit weird but i dont know how to use the Solderless Quick Disconnect to put on a wire .....These a the one i use;=Online&category;=Wire+%26+Cable+Connectors&product;=6403049ThxKoax

Topic by koax    |  last reply


Recently, I posted the card shuffler me and Shadowman39 made. However, there is something that came to our attention. It is appearing in the featured filters, but has no featured badge/banner. It appears in ALL of the featured filters, but its not saying that it is actually featured... Any admins or ibles staff, or just anyone, have an theories? Thanks, Hiyadudez and Shadowman39.

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

I've got one more question, bear with me

Okay, I've got one more amp question for you guys, I've already fixed up my sub box, removed the amp and screwed a peice of mdf over the hole, sounds much better than having the amp inside, much much. Now, the amp I'm using right now, it's okay (ish) but not powerful enough and it wallops too much at high power, don't like using it. I've got a standard 150 watt car amp (two brand new actually) that would probably suite it fine. But there's a catch, these are regular car speaker amps, one left channel and one right channel on each amp. And it strictly says in the manual not to bridge the connections (otherwise in most car amps you can use the L + and R - together and get twice the power without damaging anything except your speaker if it's not powerful enough). So question here is, I've emailed them (audiovox) to ask if it's because the amp just cannot bridge or if it's to warn stupid users not to blow their speakers, they were no use, wasted my time waiting for a response only for them to tell me to call in. Okay lets actually get to the question shall we? Can I or can I not bridge it? I have another amp for this sub, but at 60W a channel it won't do unless it's bridged. Should I just try it?

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

HELP with P channel MOSFET.?

I've got a P MOSFET to connect some LEDs to 5v, regardless of where I connect the gate, the MOSFET (and the LEDs) always stay ON. Iv'e tried connecting the gate to 5 volts (on the source), to the drain, even to a higher voltage (13v) and nothing, current keeps passing through. I have checked my connections and pinout diagrams and they are all correct, but i thought that the MOSFET would let current pass when the gate was connected to Gnd and block it when it was connected to 5v (same as source), am I wrong? please help, i'm lost and i have found nothing useful on the web. PD i'm trying to control it with an arduino, and I have had no luck whatsoever.

Question by Emiliano Valencia    |  last reply

pwm o/p pic?

Dear sir,                how to get low frequency 30.....300c/s square wave from PIC MCU ,application required to simulate a tachometer.

Question by padmanabhan.k    |  last reply

Is it possible to take a comupter moniter, and hook up my gamecube to the moniter so i can play it?

I really want to hook a gamecube up to my p.c. moniter and be able to play it. please involeve no soddering, or expensive items. PLEASE HELP ME!

Topic by homeboy    |  last reply

P-Channel MOSFET woes - anyone know how to drive one of these things with Arduino?

Hi all, I’m a hobbyist trying to build a digital controller / power monitor for a green power generator project built from an auto alternator. Hoping to use an arduino microprocessor & some simple transistor circuits to power an alternator’s field coil which at 13v can draw up to 10amps of power. From what I’ve read I think I need high side PWM switching because the alternator shares a common ground with its other electrical connections preventing me from using my usual novice NPN based bag-of-tricks. From my reading I assume some sort of PNP or P-Channel MOSFET is in order (components I sadly have no prior experience with). Alternativly I've read about using fancy high side controller ICs to drive regular NPNs but don't want to go that route. So far everything seems to work except I clearly can’t figure this P-channel MOSFET out (IRF6540)!  No matter what I try I always get a high voltage at the drain pin (full-on condition) regardless of what I do to the gate pin. I uploaded a portion of my schematic as a test circuit I think should work from my limited understanding and online tutorials:   - The NPN driver in the drawing (2N3904) by itself works when tested with a voltmeter and toggling the input   - If I replace the p-channel mosfet with a PNP transistor it work as expected. Shouldn’t this mosfet work pretty much the same? My puny TIP127 PNP can't handle the current if I were to hook up the load.   - I’ve tried several IRF6540 components   - I’ve tried connecting the MOSFET’s ground pin via a current limiting resistor directly to ground. Also via the resistor to 13v. No voltage change on the drain pin in either case. Clearly I’m missing something embarrassing and fundamental. I mentioned I’m a hobbiest, right - my day job is managing global marketing programs for fortune 500s and don't know anyone that knows anything about electronics! After years of electronics & robotics projects I’ve yet to be stumped to the point of needing help til now - amazing how much you can self-teach via google and such. This one has me beat – hope someone can help as I have no idea what to do next! Truely appreciated...

Question by cmjstealth    |  last reply

Dose anyone know how to make a emp generator? Answered

I have been looking for plans for a good emp (as in electromagnetic pulse) plans for months. I need it to be small, but effective. Also I would like it to create a field for a little while and not just a quick blast. Any  suggestions of where i could find plans for some thing like that?

Question by Tobor 2.0    |  last reply

Substitute for Boron in p-type semiconductor?

I am trying to think of ways to make solar panels from scratch.  I can get phosphorus from pee, silicon can be extracted from the rocks all around me, but I don't have naturally occurring boron nearby.  What are some substitutes that can be synthesized from the world without modern factories or laboratories?  Furnaces are not out of the question.

Question by tincanz    |  last reply

we REALLY need a p-90

Don't you think we really need a gun like a p-90. well i thought we could have machine gun (not chain gun)like faust's style and somehow also make it shoot lot's of rod's everywhere. so please try to make somthing like i said and please post or tell me if have idears

Topic by lewigi    |  last reply

New Years Resolution: Achieved :P

Perhaps I need to pick more difficult resolutions for future years... This year's was to learn how to use a sewing machine.... While I'm no expert and still have a lot to learn, it was surprisingly easy. That being said, sewing a long straight line is frustrating -- especially if your machine does crazy (yet full of school spirit) stitching :)So, my first project -- feedback?So, now I'm ready to sew a kite o.0 yet... I need more practice and need to do a bit more research on design :P But soon I'll be on my Doom Wheels!

Topic by trebuchet03    |  last reply

Need some help here :P~

Let me tell you the situation:I dont live with my dad so I have almost no tools what so ever aka. no hot glue gun, no Soldering ironjust normal stuff like a hammer and a screw driver I wanna do things on this website likeThisthisorThisWhat do I need to buy do be able to do stuff like this:sofar on my shoping listHot glue gunSoldering iron(your opinions here)get it?O yah, almost forgot, Price isnt Too big of a deal but Id like to spend about $200max for the time being

Topic by Ndawg    |  last reply

ATtiny13A Max O/P time? Answered

Hi, I am trying, with no success, to have an output on my attiny13a have a maximum output ON time of 5 seconds. If someone could give me some pointers or snippets of code, that would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Question by LED Maestro    |  last reply

Time Travel? Answered

Is time travel theoretically possible? (I just watched Minute Men) :P

Question by joespicnictables    |  last reply

Sign the petition!


Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply


Ok guys is it possible to control a remote computer with a psp??? if so how would i do it? Is it even possible with the memory on a psp? Please give me help i would love to use my computer from a psp a starbucks!! so please respond because i know all of you here are smart and can answer so please do .

Topic by HOMEPIE64    |  last reply

repair of belt sander

I have borrowed a belt sander from a friend to do a job........ and the sanding belt broke and stuck on the roller. I eventually managed to get it out. Tried the sander without the belt and one roller worked - the other didn't. I fitted a new belt (the right way round) but it didn't work. I've tried to remove the sanding belt, but it's sticking on the end of the roller that didn't work. Any ideas on what might be wrong please? It's looking at the moment as though I'm going to have to go out and buy a new one!! Any help would be gratefully received!

Topic by Fevver    |  last reply

T.B.A.P Vs. Oodammo pistol.

Me and cj81499 did a testing session to see which gun is better. T.B.A.P ( Killer~SafeCracker) oodammo pistol ( Owen-Mon-82397) We did 6 tests to see which is better using 2 #64's for T.B.A.P and 1 for oodammo pistol. The results were: Range: oodammo pistol Has better range with the bands we were using ( #64's) Piercing power (Red rod muzzle loaded): T.B.A.P has better piercing power in 2 pieces of paper. Strength: As in body strength. They both broke on the 2nd drop. Trigger guard, magazines and chain all broke. Height: Pretty much range but with opposing gravity. Oodammo pistol has better height by about 5 feet. Accuracy: T.B.A.P has better accuracy with NYPA's shot Vs. cj81499's shot with the Oodammo pistol. Target was a soda can from 10 feet (approximately) Rapid fire capability: Oodammo pistol won with cj81499's hand at pulling back the ram Vs NYPA's hand. Well the score is this T.B.A.P: 2 and a draw Oodammo pistol 3 and a draw Comment on the bottom. EDIT: these results are on a unstable scale. As DJ radio and Killer~SafeCracker pointed out, somebody should build BOTH guns and see what they area t a stable hand.But as you notice we pointed out that it was our different hands.

Topic by NYPA    |  last reply

Biggest number ever? See for yourself! :P

Alright guys, I got bored, so I decided to make a stupid little thing that I origionally used to do with my calculator in math class. :) Actually, now I have to tell this crazy story.. :P Alright, so I used to do 1+1 a bazillion times in school to see how high i could get my calc to in 1 period of class. Then (since im a MAJOR geek) I got this AMAZING idea. I decided to hook the = button to a microcontroller with a reed relay from radio shack. So I went home, and did just that. I wish I had a picture of it. It was so cool. I let it go and go. :) Anyway, now to the stupid project I made in html/javascript. So, I made this just to "prove" that there is no "biggest number". Now, it doesnt actually find proof so it "could" be wring, but its not. :P Anyway, heres the link: Lol. Thats all I have 2 say. Look at the source code LOL! :P KFSDAGJK  its soooo funny. (to a geek) Anyway, thanks. Later guys! :) p.s., I am at 85,000 on mine.. :)

Topic by sci4me    |  last reply

Test a PIC16F819-I/P to see if it works? Answered

Hey everybody. I am normally an Arduino user but I have a nice pile of PIC16F819-I/P chips and would like to test them to see if they work. I don't want to get the ChipKit programmer quite yet and would like to upload a "blink" program to the PICs from an Arduino. Does anybody have a good 'ible that would work with this particular chip?

Question by ThothLoki    |  last reply

how to download ubuntu mobile/ mini?

Ok third question today... how do you download ubuntu mini/ mobile for a laptop?

Question by The Rusted Workman    |  last reply

semi auto shotgun revolver or shotvolver!

Hi people! I'm working on a new semiauto! It's gonna be my first big knex gun i ever made with no instructions! Finished: Revolving part Needed: Rotating mech (for the revolving part) Trigger mech Body

Question by Jedi_man  

Laser pointer help? Need it now! Will be greatly appreciated.

Do cheap-o $5 red laser pointers use an LED light in any parts? Thanks in advance>

Question by Raineyman    |  last reply

New Vista Srevice Pack 1

Microsoft has finally came out with the Vista Service Pack 1(SP1 for short). This will fix many of Vistas bugs. How ever, Microsoft says that it will come with its own bugs, but not many. Click here to learn more about Vista SP1. You can download the SP1 at the Microsoft technet website.'Microsoft recommends that you hold off getting this till mid April because it will be downloading with the automatic up dates.

Topic by Charger_06    |  last reply

I ran into some old pictures...

So tonight, I went from being bored, to being kinda sad. (I am actually crying) In 2002 (when I was 5) I remember having this Collie (dog) named Cody. We had him for 3 years at this time. I knew he had a defect where his leg was out of his socket. He had trouble walking as he got a bit older. What I didn't know was that he had some kind of infection under his skin on his back. So later that year, me, my mom, my dad, and my brother all got into my moms car with our dog. I thought he was just getting a check up.The next day my phone rang. My dad answered it... about a minute later my dad came into the room, with a sad look on his face and a tear running down his cheek. He knelt in front of me and said, "Justin.... I'm sorry, Cody died yesterday." So now, while bored I found some pictures of him. R.I.P. Cody (1999 - 2002)

Topic by Flumpkins    |  last reply

Hp p 2015 bldc motor pin identification

Please tell me pin out details of RK2 1567 laser printer motor . it's supply voltage.

Topic by devsupercom87    |  last reply

What's the difference between N-channel and P-channel?

I'm new to the world of electronics (though learning something new every day) and I've seen a lot of references to either N-channel transistors or field effect transistors, but I have been wondering what the difference is?  If someone could explain to me how the two are different in electrical characteristics, as well as in their applications, I would appreciate it immensely.

Question by KentaGrace    |  last reply

H E L P! Password troubles with this site

I have had troubles with password resets. i am ranting about this because your password re-set tool is off. every time i login i have to reset my password because it says my password has been changed. this happens even if i sign out right after i created a new password. this has happened constantly for the past week. i love this site but my tolerance is being cut short. please email me at or at least leave a reply so i know someone even reads these.  if your tech support contact me or lose a few instructables in the making if this isnt fixed soon. ill explain more if i get at least 1 reply from a pro member or an administrator or from tech support. i was using google chrome o/s windows 7 for everyone else with this problem. i fixed it by the help of someone below. sorry cant remember your name. i fixed it wb going to the tool icon drop down menu>history>edit history>delete all browsing information>check mark all boxes> enter>re-login should work =]

Topic by nuckthebuck    |  last reply

COD 5 Nazi Zombie Cheats/Glitchs for PC

Here I will show you the cheats in Nazi-Zombies. These cheats will not work in multi-playerAt the main menu go to options, then game options. Enable the console.You can either (if you've already beaten the game) go to mission select and click zombies. Or, If you haven't then go to the main menu and type, "Devmap nazi_zombie_prototype". Now your in the Nazi zombie mission.Cheats: ( you must type them in the console)God mode= GodInf ammo = sf_use_ignoreammo 1all the guns ever (and some not in the game)= giveallspectate mod= ufoany # gravity= g_gravity #Insane speed= g_speed 900 (or any number)And much, much more...I hope this video will help!

Topic by happybirthday    |  last reply

Where can I get recycled industrial textile material?

 I've been looking for this: kind of industrial recycled felt(?) type material everywhere and I can't seem to find any source that isn't exclusively sold wholesale with insanely huge minimum bulk orders like 1,000 meters minimum or something. I really really like the look of the material and wanted to use it for home decor things like for furniture or even use as a rug and possibly clothes or something and I also of course like the fact that it's made of recycled materials. Which brings up another question does anyone happen to know if this stuff is safe for those kinds of applications or is it similar to fiberglass insulation which is actually pretty harmful to touch? I really want to use it for clothes or home decor if it isn't harmful but definitely don't have the money or even use for anything over 10 meters of this material and even that's a stretch I really am looking more like up to five meters or so at the moment.

Question by ADiEAN    |  last reply

Can you help me with my mini E.M.P. generator design?

Hello everyone! I am currently planning on bulding a handheld E.M.P. generator (it's dangerous, I know, sorry) that is capable of killing a small devices (e.g. a small camera) at close range (<10cm). I got to the capacitor bank and wondered if 180J is enough for my needs? I also have some other questions (in no particular order): - What is the bare minimum to kill such devices? - Does it normally take 90 secs to charge a 90uF bank to 2kV (using a DC boost converter)? I have never designed a high voltage charging circuit before so I don't really know if I'm doing things right. - Is my capacitor configuration good enough or does it need tweaking (e.g. more voltage)? - How do I protect my circuitry from getting blasted by the coil? - Is a single pulse sufficient? - What kind of switch should I use for high voltage? - Should I use lithium-ion batteries for supplying power? - Should I make the frame of the device out of metal? - Should I be using a DC boost converter for charging capacitors? If not, suggestion? - Should my coil have a little or a lot of inductance? Again, I am fully aware this has "Darwin Award" written all over, sorry about that, but I think this is safer than guessing around. Thank you for reading this! Looking forward to your responds!

Topic by mr.derpinton    |  last reply

how do you make an EMP? Answered

How can you make a little EMP, only strong enough to disrupt (not destroy) electronics? i would be nice if re-usable, or pocket size.

Question by necropolian    |  last reply

How to control things remotely? [HELP]? Answered

I'm looking for a way to control things remotely. I'm thinking of copying the board shown below which controls 2 motors, using an 8-bit code with an IR LED so each code that is entered can be recognized as a motor or light out of how ever many motors or lights I have, or something else. Can you give me any suggestions? I am good at soldering, I can buy things online, I live near around 10+ Radio Shacks, I don't live near Fry's, so please help. Thanks!

Question by knexpert1700    |  last reply


Somebody needs to figure out a way to use a usb and connect it to a arduino or a raspberry pi because I am TIRED OF HAVING TO PUT IN PASSWORDS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!        thanks, thomas

Topic by txkirrane    |  last reply

How exactly does an N-P-N transistor work? Answered

I need to know about this topic to the core, like from where the electrons flow, which one is heavily/moderately/lightly doped, why electrons flow from that direction and not the other, etc. thanks guys!

Question by ankur2893    |  last reply

HELP needed with Brother P-Touch 1400 Label Maker.

The last time I used this machine (a couple months ago) everything worked just fine. I knew I wouldn't be using it again for a while so I removed the batteries (I always do). But today I tried to use it, and won't turn on. So I ran out, and bought new batteries, and still nothing. I looked in the manual, and it was no help. I couldn't find help on Google, so now I'm asking here......any ideas? Is there a RE-SET button?   Thanks in advance Mary?

Question by MaryT8M  

One Year Anniversary of the Instructables Chatroom. (Be-lated of course :P)

Well, I was trying to remind myself to post a topic about the one year anniversary of the -ibles chatroom, and, I just remembered, a little late..March 9th of last year, the Instructables Robot published a forum topic, debuting the new chatroom for the website. It was a great hit with the community, and made the interaction with other members more 'fun', for lack of a better term. Although, a few of us know that it kinda went downhill for a while, so bad infact, that Moderators were assigned, and rules were set. Since then, we've had a few mix-ups, and whoopses..Anyway, how about an anniversary party for the chatroom?Any ideas?Could we establish a date for such an occasion?Regular Chatroom LinkThe Uber Chatroom LinkI pardon myself for forgetting to remember the date sooner.. :/

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

Convert DS18B20 temperature to string?

I want to convert DS18B20 temperature (4-bytes code from datasheet) to string with accuracy 0.1°C (like sprintf %.1f). AVR. C language (avr-gcc). I need for small code, so sprintf, floating-point types and round from math.h is bad idea. My following current code is bad also: This is the date sheet of DS18B20 void reverse_string(char *s) {     char *p, c;     for (p = s + strlen(s) - 1; s <= p; ++s, --p) {         c = *p;         *p = *s;         *s = c;     } } void ts_to_string(uint16_t ts, char *s) {     int8_t n = (int8_t)(ts >> 4);     uint8_t neg = n & 0x80;     char *p = s;     float f;     if (neg)         n = -n-1;     do {         *p++ = n % 10 + '0';     } while ((n /= 10) > 0);     if (neg)         *p++ = '-';     *p = '\0';     reverse_string(s);     *p++ = '.';     f = (float)(ts & 0xf) / 16.0;     if (neg)         f = 1.0-f;     *p++ = (char)round(f * 10.0) + '0';     *p = '\0'; }

Question by DELETED_MakiY2    |  last reply

Long Live the Thriller R.I.P Michael Jackson

Unfortunately, today famous 80's pop star Michael Jackson, famous for songs "Beat it", "Bad," and "Thriller" died today of cardiac arrest. He was found in his home not breathing. There was a failed attempt at CPR, where was was soon announced dead. R.I.P. 1958 - 2009

Topic by Flumpkins    |  last reply

Where can I find P channel power MOS-FETs?

I have been able to scavenge plenty of N-channel silicon power MOS-FETs from discarded power supplies, monitors, TVs, and amplifiers. It is rare to find P-channel in these things. What sort of junk electronics should I be looking for? ~Bob~

Question by ShutterBugger    |  last reply

How do you fly an RC plane? Answered

I recently got a P-51D Mustang plane with a 3 foot wingspan. On its maiden voyage I managed to stall right after taking off. Can someone help me. I'm already down 2 propellers and the wings are pretty scratched up. HELP ME

Question by Electroinnovation    |  last reply

help on designing a 12v UPS? Answered

We have a problem with kids coming into our garden, vandalising our plants, breaking into our shed etc. we have decided that installing a cctv system in our home is a good idea as even if it doesn't stop them coming in, it will be solid evidence to take to their parents. problem is, we have regular power cuts and i would like the cctv to be recording 24/7/365 (especially in the shed because that is where our bikes get stored) i have two 12v 7ah SLA batteries that i am donating to the project, iknow that they need 13.8v and around 500ma to charge. i need 16 camera outputs, and then a couple of spare outputs for aux devices (router to keep it connected to the internet, mics, infra red lamps etc) the dvr its self wants 12v 5 amps input so i think for that i will make another psu just for that with maybe 2 or 3 12v 7ah sla batteries. i have baisic electronics knowledge, have access to pcb printing facilities and can use eagle. any help at all would be amazing, the main things i need to know is: how to get 13.8v from 240v ac, how to power all the cameras from 240v ac and have a smooth switchover from mains to battery. thanks in advance - luke

Question by ljarrald1    |  last reply

A Level choices

 I'm not after anything in particular here just want some opinions. After recently applying to my local sixth form college I'm curious as to...well I just want to talk really. My options are: 1.Chemistry 2.Physics 3.Mathematics 4.DT: Product design - Materials Reserve:Computing GCSE: P= predicted grade, C = current grade (Or already gained GCSE), L/10 = how much I enjoy, G/10 = how capable I am. Maths: P= A*, C=V. high A, L8/10, G7/10 Physics: P=A*, C=A*, L9/10, G9/10 ICT: P=D(distinction), C=D, L7/10, G10/10 BPE: P=A*, C=A/A*, L6/10, G8/10 Chemistry: P=A*, C=A*, L9/10, G9/10 DT (Electronics):P=A*, C=A*, L9/10, G9/10 Catering: P=A*, C=A, L5/10, G8/10 Music: P=A/A* , C=B/A, L5/10, G7/10 Biology: P=A/A*, C=A/A*, L8/10, G7/10 English Lit.: P=A*, C=A, L6/10, G6/10 English Lang.: P=A/A*, C= B/A, L6/10, G6/10 PE: No GCSE Anyone else recently applied for sixth form? Currently at sixth form college or university? Any advice? I reckon I am going to end up (sounds so negative) in Engineering or Science, whether I choose University or an apprenticeship etc. ANY advice appreciated.

Topic by DELETED_zoltzerino  


...a purse count? :P

Topic by Dzwiedziu    |  last reply