Paintball... is it the best? Can it be improved? Any tips for beginners, (such as myself,) or long passed down tips for the expert? Anything about paintball should be typed here.

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I'm new to paintball and was wondering if any veterans have tips on strategies, what the best gear is, and other such advice. Basically anything paintball. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I was wondering if anybody has a really good paintball guide.I've seen some but some people say that there aren't really any good ones. Which is the best? Would anybody be willing to make an new awesome one?

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Hi im making a paintball gun with a blow gun my gun just fits into the pvc but when i pull the trigger it takes long for the ball to come out(i think that it builds pressure in the pipe first)and then sends the ball out and i dosent send the ball far 2meters is the farthest it went so what is the problem.btw i used 100psi

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I found this at . I brought this to the Instructables community because some people don't seem to realize what paintball really is. Post you tips and questions and I will either add them to an Istructables or try to answer your questions. But if you click the link and read, you will probably won't have any questions.

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paintball hoppers?

I am thinking of buying this marker. I was wondering if i could use a gravity fed hopper without damaging the gun. Thanks.

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Paintball VS. Airsoft

What one do you think is better, Airsoft or Paintball?

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HOMEade paintball gun

Homeade paintball gun hey everybody please give me tips or designs to help me make the homeade paintball gun using PVC or other inexpensive peices!! PPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!'

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airsoft vs. paintball

 which ones better

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homeade paintball gun

Hey everybody please give me tips or designs to help me make the homeade paintball gun using PVC or other inexpensive peices!!PPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!'how do you like my muzzleloader paint ball berret max range 400 yd easly. the whit one is a 5 shot paintball shotgun or rilfe ( you fill it up with air then close extra valves (5 shot muzzleloader) ) .

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good paintball gun?

I was thinking about getting a paintball gun in a couple months for my birthday, and i was wondering if you guys new of any good gear(guns, paintballs, masks, hoppers, tanks.), but i would like it under 100 bucks total you have any reccomendations for stuff cuz me and my friends want to start playing in the woods. I have no experience execpt for playing nerf, so begginer stuff would be good. Thanx!

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paintball mask upgrade

Does any 1 have any paintball mask mods better than mine ? mine has a sight on it that works for my gun too homade scope also i will try to post it soon

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Good Paintball Mask?

I have a cheap jt paintball mask that came in a kit with a cheap pump gun I got a while ago.  The mask is just short of 1/8" thick and made of bendable plastic.  It offers protection from paintballs at 200fps but I am not sure about higher velocity guns.  It can only protect against up to 300 fps. So could I use it for battles with semi auto guns like viewloaders, tipman 98s and so on (beginner/intermediate guns)? or will I have to purchase a new one. Note: I have long since lost the manual for it.

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airsoft/paintball ideas

I need ideas! homemade airsoft grenades, mines, or anything else that can give you an edge on my next game in the woods.

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knex paintball marker

I have made a paintball marker right now im working on a firing and clip ima prolly make it a airsoft shooter and use a firing mechanism ( TOP SECRET ) one, that when you fire the bullet the firing pin recocks so alls you do is pull the trigger the rod goes forward and back every second so the firing rate of the gun will be 1 pellet/sec. but i will not post because of the top secret firing mechanism

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Is this a good paintball gun?

I am thinking of getting the syndicate misfit paintball gun. Does anyone have one or experience with one. here are the specs: The Misfit is the ONLY marker in its class to operate at low pressure using CO2. Its precision performance and engineering detail make this marker the most powerful at its level on the market today. +2 piece 14" barrel +multi mode electronic grip frame +adjustable rate of fire up to 16 balls per second (BPS) +3 firing modes (semi auto, 3 round burst & full auto) +LED light Display +enhanced volumizer +3/4" gauge +vertical Feed +leak proof valve (US patent 3.553.983) +adjustable double trigger +push button safety +deluxe field strip pin +spring loaded ball detent +vertical adapter +external battery charging port +top & rear cocking +Gloss anodized finish (also available in green to black fade finish) +milled body +standard bottom line adapter +velocity adjuster with lock +adjustable in line regulator +all metal gun no plastic exterior parts!

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Airsoft swat Shield? Answered

I have an urban airsoft team and we want some more swat gear and i decided we'd get a shield well i need some help please and thanks

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Could Arduino be used for paintball?

Just a thought, but would it be possible to use an arduino for a paintball board?

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Paintball gunI am looking at getting this paintball gun but I want to know what other people think of it. This will be the first paintball gun that I own but no the first paintball gun I have used.

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Going paintballing with my church

Saturday I am going paintballing with my church. We are going to Promised Land Paintball. Does that sound wierd to you because alot of people find it odd.

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Paintball gun as a REAL weapon?

So I have this Idea that you could remove most of the paint from paint balls and add ammonia to use as a weapon. ANY THOUGHTS!!!!!!!

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Facadeprinter prints by shooting paintballs

Want some art nice and big on a wall and don't want to break out a ladder? The Facadeprinter in Germany is something that can help. It's a computer-controlled paintball gun that can make paintings 8m tall and 10m wide. The computer takes into account the shape of the target so there's no distortion in the final piece. Check out the video to see it in action. Facadeprinter via Wooster Collective - three stones from Facadeprinter on Vimeo.

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Paintball Pistol/Standard Gun

My neighbor was selling a standard paintball gun and all of the accessories and a pant pistol. He made me an offer for $40 for just the Pistol and the accessories, i don't know what he'll charge for the gun and the accessories but probably a little more. Should I get just the pistol and use it only or should I buy both if the price is low. What do you think? (Thats not the one in the picture)

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Update to Chosing paintball marker

The original thread kinda died i added lots of videos which should help any one chose a marker.

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im trying to make a paintball launcher. ideas?

I need it to shoot mutiple (6) paintballs at the same time?

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whats a good and cheap paintball gun?

the gun has to be under 30 because on tight money leave coments and websites

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what paintball gun do you have

What paintball gun do you have?

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I need a good paintball gun

Can someone here recommend to me the best paintball gun under 200 -250$ semi-auto or full auto if there are any full autos available for that much? I want one that I can put pretty much any barrel/parts on to upgrade and is easy to field clean and has very few to no breaks...

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Know how to make paintball tank?

Does anyone know how to make a paintball war tank?

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im looking to covert a paintball gun into an airsoft shot gun?

Shotguns are very versatile so i was looking to turn my paintball gun into an airsoft (bb) shotgun, any ideas?

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I'm thinking of starting paintball, and I need paintball marker suggestions

I'm thinking of staring paintball, and I need suggestions for a paintball marker. I'm thinking of buying either a Tippmann A-5 or a Tippmann X-7 paintball marker, and I need advice on which one I should get, and if there are any specific upgrades that are a reasonable price that would increase the accurcy, reliability, comfort of holding, etc. that I should purchase. If you don't like my choice of markers, than I would be more than happy if you could recommend a marker in a similar price range to these two markers, that has better preformance. Any help is welcome.  

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what is cooler a paintball gun or a bb gun

What is cooler a paintball gun which hurts like hell and when you freeze them they hurt even worse or a bb gun which if you get shot with that it makes you bleed?

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Anyone know how to make a single shot paintball gun into a semi-automatic one?

I have a few paintball guns that are in great condition, but only shoot one paintball at a time. Is there anyway that i can change them so I don't have to cock it back for every shot?

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what is a good non staning home made paintball paint that you can use in diy grenades? Answered

I like to play paintball but the grenades can be expensive at $5.00 a grenade and i was wondering where or if you could make your own paint that doesn't stain like in paintball.

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how do i start paintballing??????

I'm really interested in paint ball but i don't know what kind of gun or pakage i would get???? please help  attach  links in your comments  thank you and could u tell me if this is a good pakage for the price

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TF2 Paintball Scenario Game Help? Answered

 Basically, I convinced the owner of my local paintball field (not telling) to run a TF2 scenario game, mainly because he's also a big fan of Valve, and because I agreed to pay for half of it. I already have volunteers who are willing to wear the costumes and have fun. I've already developed costumes (posting Instructable on costumes later). I've also found a suitable paintball sentry ( Thing is, I'm absolutely at a loss for weapons. The only paintball shotgun I can find would be a shotgun made by RAP4, which is not a good manufacturer, and I have no idea what to do for the medic's healing, dispenser's healing, and teleporters. I need ideas for weapons and buildables, and they have to look at the very least vaguely like their game counterparts. If anyone could help, I'd be much obliged. Kthx, Gears of Awesome

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What is a good starter paintball gun? Answered

I have looked absolutely every where, and I really don't want someone telling me a Tippmann 98 Custom. I know, I'm going to get that as a starter gun, but I want to know what else is out there. If you say tippmann 98 custom, I will just delete the comment.

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Shoot .177 ~ .22 cal. pellets from a paintball gun?

I want to be able to shoot .177 or .22 caliber pellets from my Co2 powered paintball gun (single shot or semi-auto, I don't care ). Is this even possible to do without costing a small fortune?  If you have seen the clip on "You Tube" regarding the Castleman's  Air powered .30 cal machine gun you would kind of see what I'm after in a sense.  Any info. or links to the info. would be appreciated. 

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does anyone know if the tippman TMC paintball gun can be converted to automatic or burst fire?

I just got a tippman TMC and was wondering if there was a way to convert it to automatic or burst fire

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what rc bomber can i use for paintball? Answered

I wanted to know what interferance free type of paintball bomber that is remote controled,can do at least 20 drops with paint greandes like the tippman big boy, that can be shot down with a paintball gun,repaired easily after shot down, can be used to view through the personal computer or tv to fly with sights to aim and costs the cheapest yet still has perfect of  quality, durblity and proformence.i also need to it to be very quiet

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A problem

Well, the problem is that im allowed to play paintball, but not airsoft and all my freinds have airsoft but me, so i need to know what to do. i considered 6mm paintballs but my freinds dont seem insterested.

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Wanted: a decent long-range paintball gun, or a site to buy them from

I have recently been initiated in the game of paintball, and want to purchase a gun to practice with. Sadly, money is  an issue here, so I would appreciate any help on the best places to get them, or if someone does not want theirs anymore. thanks!

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