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Do you love to play with paper? Or are you just interested in learning? Whether you’re an expert  or just starting out, you’ll find step-by-step guides here to advance your skills. Browse the free lessons here and, if you’re feeling inspired, add your own tips and tricks. Find artist profiles, advanced tutorials and more! Here you can post your instructables about origami,quilling,kirigami, etc. (everything in paper)

Topic by Giulia Art  

Paper route paper canon

Hey guys, I need some suggestions. I'm wanting to build a canon type device that will toss/shoot/push out a newspaper that is rolled up, onto peoples porchs. I do paper route delivery, and getting out of the car for houses setting kind of a ways back is a pain. Or just having to get out everyime kind of sucks. I'm thinking more along the lines of something that is spring loaded. Also, one problem is when you roll up the news paper, you use rubber bands. But if I were to have a chamber where the paper when down into it, the rubber bands would affect how the paper slid out the gun, since rubber bands of course having a rubbery consistancy that would almost be like a rubbery shoe bottom stopping suddenly on a basketball court, putting a brake on it's velocity. Anyhow, and ideas would be great. PVC type canon with a spring inside seems like that might be functional, but how would the locking device work, etc. etc...

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paper origami?

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Paper Mache

Hey i want to make a mask with my son of paper mache. Now i read somewhere that some wallpaper glues are bad because they cause rashes on the face. I bought one from Bison (becasue it was the only one they had) but how can i find out if this is a good one or not without giving my 4 year old a itching face?

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paper protection?

How can i make: 1) photo-copy evident protection (when photo-copied will show void) 2) how can i make special markings such as are on official documents and store gift cards by myself to protect my documents ?

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Just paper?

Do you have to use paper cups or can you use foam cups

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Shiny Paper

I recently puchased the book "Brain Jack" and the cover is made of that reflective paper that has an almost prismatic effect, i was curious to know if there is a way to MAKE this kind of paper as opposed to buying it.

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Paper Models

This is a forum for paper model enthusiasts. Post you paper crafts pics, ideas, and what your working on here.

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paper bow

Ok u heard of paper cross bow ( i made one my self but i had to throw it away cuz we moved it was actualy prity good) i was planing to make a new one but eh wat the hell i count find a cloths pin thing u so i just made a bow and spray painted it its acutaly prity acccurate and power full i shot my self on the hand by accedent it hurt bad it went in and made it bleed

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flash paper!

This idea came from cartoons so bear with me.i have seen some flash powder instructables but not any flash paper ones (or so i think)using tetranites flash powder ( and mix with the idea of making paper ( if you substituted "recycled paper" with flash powder could you make a flash paper that would ignite with a poof when lit. my conclusion is that the sponge would absorb the water along with the powder, but adding flash powder after making the paper while its still "wet" in step 9 add a layer of powder and sandwich it. maybe have one end without powder to make a rough fuse.i dont know what do you people think?

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Paper Footballs

Is there any other good way to make good paper footballs? I know 2, but i'm wondering if there's any other way.

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Box, paper

I want to make like a paper luminary, rectangle shaped w/no top or bottom...just the rec shape & put a LED lite in the middle & the paper would have pictures on 2 sides 3-5 different heights, like 5-10 inches

Topic by JaneTea  

Paper Batteries

Has anyone read anything about the up and coming Paper (thin) batteries ? Paper Batteries: A paper battery is a flexible, ultra-thin energy storage and production device formed by combining carbon nanotubes with a conventional sheet of cellulose-based paper.A paper battery acts as both a high-energy battery and supercapacitor, combining two components that are separate in traditional electronics. This combination allows the battery to provide both long-term, steady power production and bursts of energy. Non-toxic, flexible paper batteries have the potential to power the next generation of electronics, medical devices and hybrid vehicles, allowing for radical new designs and medical technologies.What do you think? Will it replace these monsters one day?

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Paper lanterns

Can anyone tell me how , if possible, I could wire multiple lights together to make a string of hanging paper lanterns instead of using battery powered led lights?

Question by 19childofgod76  

Paint paper

Dear Instructables, I tried to enter my instruct able called paint paper, but every time I reloaded the page, it wasn't there. I published I tried unblushing and republishing in the contest. But, it just published it as a normal instrctable. I then tried pressing the enter button, and check marking entered. It wold say I'm entered, but hours later nothing would pop up. I have been at this for several days. But, I haven't been successful. Can you please help me? sincerely, Geremy Mama

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Kind of Paper used for Paper Mache

Not a silly question. What kind of paper do you use in items made out of Paper Mache? the instructions I have call for strips torn from old newspapers but when my local newspaper went out of business that kind of killed the supplier for this kind of craft. papers are different so the results wont be the same as with newspaper. Thought making paper mache models would be a great and kind of cheap way to try out some ideas.

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Paper crossbow Ideas

I need Ideas for paper crossbows.Not as complexed as seen on Myth busters, but something nice. Please respond!! I Have Ideas for the barrel- a rolled up piece of paper but the rest isn't creative enough. Or at least could you help me get a barrel strong enough to with stand 5 elastics. If you could, please post up some designs. Or E-mail Them To Me At

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How to Perforate paper

Would like to know how to perforate paper. I was thinking of a punch kind of machine that would perforate 5 - 10 sheets at a go and not a roller to perforate the sheets individually.

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Paper Airplane Designer

 Tell anyone to come and see your paper airplane.

Topic by wat.  

A Clear Coating for Paper?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a clear coating for paper based crafts, to make it waterproof. Thanks! Salvador

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fix a paper shredder Answered

I need help fixing a paper shredder it has a crack in the compartmen5 holding the shredders an ideas?

Question by CarStalkerZ    |  last reply

Paper Gun Contest

Hey all, i'm giving you until 25th of May 2009 to make your best gun

Topic by letsgo2tescos    |  last reply

Paper Gun Challenge

ok bros, ive already got one way to make a paper gun fire without blowing which i will publish soon, but if you can come up with another way, then ill bring out the tutorial for my special shotgun.

Topic by penguinparty123    |  last reply

fabric & freezer paper?

Does this also work with Terrycloth? And is vinegar the best way to make it color safe? Thanks

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How to age Paper

I have added the first instructable for aging paper, I would think that this project would be more popular on the site. Heres the link:

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paper log maker

Y'know those paper logmakers where you soak some newspaper and then put it in a metal box and pull the handles to compress it? I have tried to do this with PVC pipe and a wooden plunger made to fit, (with a wooden base as well). didn't work. anyone know if those logmakers work and how to do a cheap/simple version of one, perhaps building on my PVC pipe efforts? when I burned the resulting log from my PVC logmaker it was extremely sooty and burned in about 2 minutes, they are supposed to last an hour and burn clean enough to use in a woodburner.

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Paper Document Sorting?

So say you have to sort a lot of papers that need to be in a single stack in a specific order. Any idea how hard it would be to rig one of these up, or if its even worth it? Maybe someone sells one that I just haven't found. A simple google search doesn't really bring up anything remotely close (i.e. mechanical sorting, document sorting, business automation machines, or mix of the above terms). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Paper and pencil games

I am writing an Instructable detailing the rules of several paper-and-pencil games, and have searched extensively over the net, catalouging all the ones I could find. I'm currently asking the Instructables community to give me ideas of ones I should include. My current list is: Sprouts Dots and Boxes S.O.S OXO Graph racers Paper Soccer Deadman (A game invented by me) Something like this game: Sim ShortCut (Also known as the Shannon switching game) Three Mens Morris Lexicant Spellbinder Any other ones you can think of?

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Tissue paper art is quite difficult for those who are new in this field. I made this forum to help new beginners. I hope you will help me in this good work. Share your good work to help others..Thanks in advance.

Topic by dashinggurl    |  last reply

Paper Airplane Contest

You know you've been waiting for this.What more is there to say?IT'S A PAPER AIRPLANE CONTESTOk, it's hosted by Klara Hobza, author of The New Millenium Airplane Contest - a book of the same name, in the Great Hall at the New York Hall of Science on November 1, 2008.The competition is open to the public, and participants are invited to fly their planes in any and all of the judging categories listed below:Distance flown (measured in a straight line from start point to finish point)Duration aloft (measured from time released to time it lands on any surface)Beauty (subjective measurement based on judges' assessment of both the plane's physical qualities and the beauty of the flight itself; this category does not depend on distance flown or duration aloft)Spectacular Failure (subjective measurement based on the audience's assessment of both the plane's physical qualities and the most spectacular crashes)Children's division (competition for participants under ages 13)and my favorite:Surprise categoryAirplanes may be folded from letter-size paper, up to 8.5" x 11" Finally, another way to look busy at work.Get the info from Make and the official site.

Topic by scoochmaroo  

E-Paper displays?

Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can buy (or rip one out cheap) an E-paper display (display matrix type), Just to try stuff out? I'm currently looking in to hacking the Esquire 75th edition cover :) but it seems to just display those words.

Topic by kurt.hewett  

Pen and Paper RPG

I saw something a while ago.  I thought it was rather peculiar, and looked fun at the same time.  I looked it up, but I couldn't figure out what exactly you needed.  I mean, it said a whole bunch of stuff about game masters, game books, finding stuff in pockets, bashing down doors, and the like.       What do I need, and, more importantly, how exactly would one start one?      The books are also what I am wondering about.

Topic by eulaliaaaa!    |  last reply

Pen and paper RPG??????

I saw something a while ago.  I thought it was rather peculiar, and looked fun at the same time.  I looked it up, but I couldn't figure out what exactly you needed.  I mean, it said a whole bunch of stuff about game masters, game books, finding stuff in pockets, bashing down doors, and the like.       What do I need, and, more importantly, how exactly would one start one?      The books are also what I am wondering about.

Question by eulaliaaaa!    |  last reply


Here press my name for paper gun and knex gun!!! here some example of paper gun

Topic by Undermig    |  last reply

Preparing paper for calligraphy?

I noticed that the calligraphers in Turkey do some tricks for paper they use for their final calligraphy work.  I am not sure what they do to the paper to make it smooth and better.  Does any one know how or what to apply to normal paper to make a great paper for calligaphy?

Question by PeereMoghan    |  last reply

paper clip ring?

Question by halospaceyboy    |  last reply

School paper games

Hey! Can somebody please tell me how to make a good game that i can make at school so using paper and staionary for when I'm really bored in school.. I already know about the paper mini-golf and the paper tech deck and was wondering if you guys knew anymore??

Topic by Smurfy    |  last reply

Paper airplane of the future

Make a future paper airplane that are not from the original design. Diffrent shape Works Here are the paper airplane that you should not looks like and copy with: Arc Lite Glider Skywarrior

Topic by wat.  

printing on contact paper

I'm interested in making vinyl wall decals myself for my apt. I saw one instructable to cut the design on contact paper and stick it on the wall. But what if I have my own design (image) on my computer and wanted to print that on the contact paper. Can I do it using my inkjet printer or do I need any other special paper? Basically I wanted to print my design on any vinyl paper and transfer that onto the wall. Thank you...

Question by srini318    |  last reply

DIY Electroluminescent Paper

Can anyone post a DIY instructable about this? I'd love to learn how to do this, I have many ideas that hinge off of the electroluminescent paper idea. Thanks in advance.

Topic by antonzedd    |  last reply

Paper quilling machine

Hi! I found this machine for paper quilling (a craft I love to do) and I wonder if someone could make something alike.;=nfHope you can access the video in Facebook.

Topic by Tranquilita    |  last reply

Cataloging School Papers

I spontaneously decided to catalogue every paper I get/do in school this year. I've run some tests with tesseract, a OCR program, and its decent. Except... I don't have a scanner... I'm thinking of giving it up, unless someone else would like to also try it out. If so, I'll put effort into procuring a scanner, or figuring a way to emulate one with a camera. Any random thoughts on this?

Topic by zachninme    |  last reply

Paper gun Challenge

OK i have 1 quite simple challenge and the winner will have a sneak peek of a new impossible paper gun that i am trying to make and its like !@#$@ CRAZY HARD TO MAKE but the winner will see wath i am trying to do and by winning that person makes me feel happy :D so the evant is make any gun i made (just 1) and it haves to be 1 of my totorials. Make a vid on youtube and the name haves to be Undermigs paper gun evant and your name after it. if you invent you lose points thats all cause its not that contess. things i WILL judge is the following; 1 How far you gun goes and plz tell me exacly how many feet it whent. How buitifull or how well done and has to say Undermig is the coolest! i will give a coment on your youtube vid and tell you how many stars on 10 i rate it. plz put your youtube link on this comment area. ty you have 2weeks for this competition

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Paper airplane videography

Allow me to share the methods I used to make my video. I hope this will help somebody out there do it even better. First, was the problem of capturing the plane in flight. I had chosen to make a fast model. A bad choice, from the point of filming it fly. If I stand back far enough to catch the entire flight, it becomes just a dot and you cannot tell whether it is a plane or a stone inside a ball of paper. If I stand close enough so that it fills the frame, then it just ... is gone. My solution was to get the best of the flights I could grab, and fill in the rest of the time with the process of construction. You can see in the video the paper apparently folding itself. It isn't. You are seeing it being unfolded, pulled by fine wires, played backwards. I have tried to edit out the wires, but in some frames the results are glaringly obvious. The movie itself was captured by a camera pointed downwards and the plane being launched into its field of view. Seen from the side, the plane is just not discernible as a plane. So I had to get a view from the top or bottom. If the camera is pointed upwards, the bright sky obliterates everything else. I used Fast Movie Processor, VirtualDub and Irfanview as detailed in my instructable on Time Lapse Movies. And the still images were captured by my scanner. Using the scanner is not my idea, I learned it from Don Lancaster at Hope this helps, or is of interest to, somebody out there.

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What's the difference between paper mache and paper clay?

I want to try making my own paper clay or paper mache for sculpting projects (like lightweight small pumpkin people for Halloween), but various instructables use one term or the other. Is there a difference, and if so, what kinds of projects would you recommend using each product for? Thanks.

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the best paper gun ever

It is the best paper guns that you see in your life so awesome paper guns.

Topic by Waren-Neutron  

Best paper airplane maker

Who makes the best paper airplanes on this site?

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Long range paper airplane? Answered

Can someone plz tell me where I can find a paper airplane that can go at least 40 feet? Update: I have made a really cool paper airplane that can go almost a hundred feet!! Thanks rickharris!  

Question by flyboy36D    |  last reply