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Do you love to play with paper? Or are you just interested in learning? Whether you’re an expert  or just starting out, you’ll find step-by-step guides here to advance your skills. Browse the free lessons here and, if you’re feeling inspired, add your own tips and tricks. Find artist profiles, advanced tutorials and more! Here you can post your instructables about origami,quilling,kirigami, etc. (everything in paper)

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Paper Models

This is a forum for paper model enthusiasts. Post you paper crafts pics, ideas, and what your working on here.

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paper origami?

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Here press my name for paper gun and knex gun!!! here some example of paper gun

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Shiny Paper

I recently puchased the book "Brain Jack" and the cover is made of that reflective paper that has an almost prismatic effect, i was curious to know if there is a way to MAKE this kind of paper as opposed to buying it.

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Crossbow of craft sticks

As in my previous forum topic, I like to build things. things that destroy other things. I've moved on from paper and am trying to build a crossbow made out of popsicle sticks. If you have any Ideas, Please send them to me, or post up a comment.

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Paper gun Chat room

Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room Paper gun Chat room;=channel_page;=channel_page

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Kind of Paper used for Paper Mache

Not a silly question. What kind of paper do you use in items made out of Paper Mache? the instructions I have call for strips torn from old newspapers but when my local newspaper went out of business that kind of killed the supplier for this kind of craft. papers are different so the results wont be the same as with newspaper. Thought making paper mache models would be a great and kind of cheap way to try out some ideas.

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Fantastic paper sculptures (Russian)

You just have to click things

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How do I make paper?

 I really want to make some nice paper for card decorating, it only has to be max 120gsm. How?

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paper clip ring?

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A paper craft magazine is newly published online

This magazine is newly published online. I hope you would like it. Although most of the text are Chinese, the pictures and the content are wonderful. It also introduces some Chinese paper model and craft artists with their works. The website is:

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A Clear Coating for Paper?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a clear coating for paper based crafts, to make it waterproof. Thanks! Salvador

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Craft: Making lamp shades with waxed paper

I have several lamps with cool shades that resemble brown paper with woven paper. They remind me of the lamp shades that I have seen at art fairs created with brown paper and waxed paper. Anyone know how to make them??

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Simply Amazing Paper Craft by Peter Callesen

Check out Peter Callesen's portfolio. It's full of wonderful paper craft and his interpretation of classic fairytales. I particularly love the way the original medium, often a piece of A4 paper, is an integral part of the art.Link from AndrewM.

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Starburst Paper Mache. Help!

So I'm planing on covering a wooden Kleenex box with Starburst wrappers. However I'm not sure what type of liquid adhesive I should use. Is a glue/water mixture good enough? Is there anything on the market that I should use? Any homemade concoctions that would do the job? Any recommendations on how to give it a gloss finish? I'd appreciate any input you have as to what I should use. Thanks.

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Paper Gun Challenge

ok bros, ive already got one way to make a paper gun fire without blowing which i will publish soon, but if you can come up with another way, then ill bring out the tutorial for my special shotgun.

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Metals Used in the Manufacturing of Dies, and Craft Punches?

Does anyone happen to know, what metals are typically used in the craft punches, and dies, that are available through most craft retailers. These are most often used for paper crafts. Thanks in advance!

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Paper quilling machine

Hi! I found this machine for paper quilling (a craft I love to do) and I wonder if someone could make something alike.;=nfHope you can access the video in Facebook.

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Tissue paper art is quite difficult for those who are new in this field. I made this forum to help new beginners. I hope you will help me in this good work. Share your good work to help others..Thanks in advance.

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What's the best paper for oragami? Answered

What's the best paper for oragami?

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Paper airplane videography

Allow me to share the methods I used to make my video. I hope this will help somebody out there do it even better. First, was the problem of capturing the plane in flight. I had chosen to make a fast model. A bad choice, from the point of filming it fly. If I stand back far enough to catch the entire flight, it becomes just a dot and you cannot tell whether it is a plane or a stone inside a ball of paper. If I stand close enough so that it fills the frame, then it just ... is gone. My solution was to get the best of the flights I could grab, and fill in the rest of the time with the process of construction. You can see in the video the paper apparently folding itself. It isn't. You are seeing it being unfolded, pulled by fine wires, played backwards. I have tried to edit out the wires, but in some frames the results are glaringly obvious. The movie itself was captured by a camera pointed downwards and the plane being launched into its field of view. Seen from the side, the plane is just not discernible as a plane. So I had to get a view from the top or bottom. If the camera is pointed upwards, the bright sky obliterates everything else. I used Fast Movie Processor, VirtualDub and Irfanview as detailed in my instructable on Time Lapse Movies. And the still images were captured by my scanner. Using the scanner is not my idea, I learned it from Don Lancaster at Hope this helps, or is of interest to, somebody out there.

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Pictures of your Paper/cardboard models

Any pictures of all paper creations are allowed in this forum. It can be anything from paper knives to a cardboard guitar.

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Papercraft gaming

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has paper craft instuctables for gamers????

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Can you suggest some other materials for Candy Wrapper Bags? Answered

Rolls of candy wrap plastic/cellophane don't seem to be available in Australia.( I don't know what to call them")   I have made several so called candy wrapper bags using paper and tape so I want to find a "paper" that is already laminated or weather/waterproofed as my arthritic hands are not suited to all the cutting and sticking of paper and sticky tape. My current bag takes over 300 pieces so reducing some of the steps will make it more manageable. Any ideas will be greatly welcomed. Thank you.

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Edgar Allan Poe Paper Sculpture Hanging

This Edgar Allan Poe hanging mixed media sculpture was created from a cereal box and paper. The art piece measures 6.5 inches long by 6.5 inches wide (wingspan). The images are digital stamps from Smeared Ink. See my blog for more information about this paper crafted dangle.

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I need to make a Bucket Paper Craft! Help please D:

Ok so I need a bucket paper craft. I need it to have a handle. but i want it roundish and not square. Does anybody have ideas? Or even templates :D

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how to make an an ewok doll craft ?

I need t make a ewok for my baby sister and i dont know how the only materials i have is 2 sheets of felt,pillow stuffing,a piece of white paper,some fabric paint and a sowing kit

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Paper airplane starter pack!

Go to a paper airplane starter pack now if you are new to paper airplane builder or don't know how to make paper airplane!

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Crafts to make from dot matrix printer paper edges?

I used to have instructions on how to make Christmas ornaments from the edges torn from dot matrix printer paper.  I can't find them, anyone ever heard of these?

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Ambitious Paper, Fabric Folding Project PLS HELP ME?

Our teacher asked us to do an origami product, to show off how geometry is strongly related into that. I decided to make a small project, which is a landscape demonstrator. I tried to be a little bit off the box, but I guess that I failed to bring that into reality. the design as shown in the attached image, should be like a semi-circular plane (70*150cm) which contains the landscape picture, that should fold and fit in a small portable box ( 30*10*10cm). The folding action should be controlled by a small electric motor which is already inside the box. I really don't know how to make this come to reality, and I don't know which pattern I'm going to use.

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Getting printed lines on paper(8.5x11) that go to the edge? Answered

Well i have been making paper craft recently and i need a lot of small rectangles and i fold then cut them but sometimes the cut is off and it is no good i could get a table scissor thingy that can cut a lot at the same time but my parents think i would chop my finger off with it... Instead of folding and cutting it there a way i can print out preset lines?

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Instructables & Silhouette Live Broadcast

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 16th 10am PST EVENT PAGE (CLICK HERE)   Instructables is partnering with Silhouette, electronic cutting tools for the modern maker, for a live broadcast! Follow along as we teach you how to use the Silhouette Portrait to make several amazing Instructables. Best of all, we'll be giving away a Silhouette Portrait to a random winner at the end of the broadcast. To enter: Follow both Instructables and Silhouettes twitter page Retweet the Meerkat broadcast link (we will post this link the Monday before the broadcast) Tune into the Meerkat broadcast (we will post this link the Monday before the broadcast) Tutorials include: Glow in the Dark Lantern t-shirt Print & Cut 3D Robot Vinyl Laptop Decal  

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How to start making Handmade paper ? How is Papier Mache Craft made ?

I want to start a project of making & SELLING Handmade paper . I have a team of 42 orphaned children whom i plan to indulge in this craft. Advice and support sought.

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How do i write a technological paper? good Answered

I am in middle school and i am writing a magazine. part of it is a technology part and how to make some good stuff. i need some HELP PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Things you can craft from (Recycling!)

Here is a list of some great things you can craft things out of:CARDBOARD:-Empty Shoe box-Used Poster boards-Empty Dunkin Donuts Munchkin or Doughnut box-Empty Pizza BoxesCONTAINERS:-Empty Altoids candy box-Empty Water bottlePAPER:-Newspaper-Used Paper (like one you used to write phone numbers on)PLASTIC:-Empty water bottles-Empty milk containers*Adding more soon!*

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I just acquired a ton of paper from my elementary school files. any project ideas?

There's literally alot of paper and its such a good oppurtunity, didn't want to dump in recycling.  Any ideas to use up alot?

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Simple Paper Fighter Jet (TURRETS!)

Check my first instructable out!

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how do you make paper airplanes?

I have forgotten how to make paper airplanes for my son. Is there step by step instructions any where?

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Why are there so many instructables on making paper wallets? Answered

Is it a man thing? I am genuinely puzzled at the number of instructables out there devoted to paper wallets. Please explain someone!

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What is this called? Answered

Does anyone know what this thingy is called? I plan on making an instructable on how to make it as soon I find out its name. Thanks

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