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parallel port input?

Plz help me to, how can i receive signal or instruction from paralel port, how should i send current/signal to its register. what equipment should i need. actually i want to develope a system in c language to control electricity of home, doors or widows, so i need to check that if the door is open or closes. when door closed then computer should indicate me that the door is closed, and same door has opened. sir plz give me guideline. i would be very very thankfull to u. ( simply tell me how current/data/signal can be sent through parallel port, current source, equipment ets, after that i will make sensers for it my self)

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are these pins for parallel port on my pc's motherboard?? Answered

Take a look at this image there is written PARALLEL and my computer lack prallel ports at the back where it should be with others

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Interfacing a parallel port and L293D motor drive( PWM)?

I have interfaced a L293D directly with the lpt port of my desktop. A java code in the cpu generates an output of either +5 or 0V. There is no other connection between the parallel port and the l293d. These voltages from the lpt are inputs directly to the motor drive, and the motor rotates when the code runs. My question is: Can you perform pulse width modulation, without using a micro controller? Is there a java code that can do this?

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need help in " realy interfaced with parallel port " circuit Answered

Hi my friends my teacher  asked us to make ptoject with parallel port I fount this circuit in this site and I have some questions about it now he used in the circuit a 12v relay .. while he's getting a 5v from the parallel port input pins in that case he used a 12v power supply * If the relay was a 5v relay .. I wont need to use any external power supply ? and why he is using the IC here ? also in the components there was ( ribbon wires ) are we going to use them between the circuit and the male connector ? another question is how we connect the relay to work as the bulb switch can I use the 120v bulb that we connect it to household and replace its switch with the relay ? finally what can I use to connect the parallel port to my laptop USB ? I know I've asked alot of things but please help me 

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Can I send Parallel Port outputs/Record Parallel Port inputs with Batch files?

Is there any way that I can do this? If possible, can you please specify how I would accomplish this, and any other things you may know about Parallel Ports, Batch Files, Maximum Input Voltages On A Parallel Port, and the functions of the leads on the Parallel Port socket. If this isn't possible, I would be grateful if you were to point me in the right direction(Ex: other languages and programs that support output/input, info about coding, etc.). Thank You in advance!  I was planning on developing a simple blinking Led or Tone generator, and the only feasible way of doing this may be a Batch file (feasible because Batch files are the only things I can create on my own without trouble. :( ). I am also going to attempt to record the codes on a remote using an IR sensor so I can develop "An ultimate computer-based remote control".

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Arduino code Porting Please Help? Answered

Hi please can someone port this code from lcd - to serial output to pc thanks :) /*Arduino Controlled Voltage Monitor Code by Will Lyon 12/5/2010 Code for project Power House on TBCS*/ #include //Initialize the library with the numbers of the interface pins LiquidCrystal lcd(7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12); void setup() {   lcd.begin(16, 2);                      //Set up the LCD's number of columns and rows   lcd.print("  POWER  HOUSE");           //First line opening message   lcd.setCursor(0, 1);   lcd.print("Desktop Pwr Unit");         //Second line opening message   delay(5000);   lcd.setCursor(0, 1);                   //Clear bottom line   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print(" 3v    5v   12v");          //Update top line readout } void loop() {   lcd.setCursor(0, 1);   float f = analogRead(0) * 4.88 / 1023;   // 3.3 => 9.9   lcd.print(f, 2);                        // print float with two decimals   lcd.setCursor(6, 1);   float g = analogRead(1) * 8.5 / 1023;   // 5.0 => 9.9   lcd.print(g, 2);     lcd.setCursor(11, 1);   float h = analogRead(2) * 17.25 / 1023;  // 12.0 => 25.0   lcd.print(h, 2);   delay(1000); }

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Wiring Two Ports on a Phone Battery Bank in Parallel?

If a power bank claims that each port on it can charge a device at 2 amps, if I connect both ports together in parallel, am I able to get 4 amps? Or would it be just like trying to double the voltage off of the same battery, and not work? I have an Intel Compute Stick, which requires 3 amps to run. However, battery banks that provide more than 2.1 amps per port are super rare. Would it work to wire them in parallel?

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AVR ISP power supply through parallel port

Hi I am building an AVR ISP and it requires a 5V power supply (for 74LS541 and the AVR). I have done some googling but found it to be confusing. Does anyone know how to get a 5V power supply from the parallel port? Thanks

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Does anyone know if/how I could connect this stepper motor controller to the parallel port of my computer?

The controller came out of a large industrial copier machine. It uses a SLA7026M stepper motor controller. The motor that it runs is rated for 24 volts. I am unsure of the amperage.

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Help please!!! Ghetto parallel port uc programmer issue!!

Someone please help!! I have made the ghetto parallel port programmer  from here : I am stuck with this problem since a very long time!! > "make.exe" program avrdude -p attiny2313 -P lpt1          -c dapa               -E reset  -U flash:w:LED_Demo.hex avrdude: AVR device not responding avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1          Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override          this check. avrdude done.  Thank you. make.exe: *** [program] Error 1 > Process Exit Code: 2 > Time Taken: 00:01

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Connect arduino to HP Laserjet

Hi, i want to connect a USB printer to an arduino to control it, i know that i can connect a Printer by using the Parallel cable, but my printer only works with usb. Any ideas????

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what will happen if you build a 4 port USB hub without the hub controller in it. (i.e. The ports are in parallel)?

I am wandering if the USB host stack can enumerate the devices connected to that peripheral

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How to make an adapter to use a usb printer on a parallel port print server?

I have a Netgear Ps110 parallel port print server. However  my printer is an all in one HP K80. Is there any way I can make an adapter to connect the two of them?

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pc based digital clock via parallel port using C language ?

How are you every one?     I have this project and I already have a code and the circuit but i studied assembly language     it's supposed to display the hours and minutes    do any one know assembly and c language so here's the code: TITLE CLOCK.ASM     DOSSEG     .MODEL SMALL     .STACK 0100H     .DATA     PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS equ 378h     .CODE     MAIN PROC     MOV AX, @DATA     MOV DS, AX     CALL RTIME ; READ TIME     CALL DisplayTime ;DISPLAY TIME     MOV AX, 4C00H     INT 21H     MAIN ENDP     RTIME PROC     MOV AH, 02H     INT 1AH     RET     ; CH - HOUR     ; CL - MINUTES     ; DH - SECONDS     RTIME ENDP     DisplayTime PROC     push DX ; was DH     push CX ; was CL     ;     mov AL,CH     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,01h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov AL,00h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL     pop AX ; pop CL (minutes)     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,02h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov AL,00h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL     pop AX ; pop DH (seconds)     mov AL,AH     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,08h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     mov AL,00h     out DX,AL     ret     DisplayTime ENDP     Delay Proc     MOV CX, 00100h     X: PUSH CX     MOV CX, 0FFFFh     Y: LOOP Y     POP CX     LOOP X     RET     Delay ENDP     END thank you for your time and this is the circuit diagram

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can i convert serial, parallel, mouse ports to usb so i can have a usb port on my laptop? Answered

My usb port on my laptop is busted, i tried to fix it but it didn't work so i am looking for something that can convert the ports that I have that still work into a usb female port! any help will be much appreciated!!!

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Problem with detection of AT89S52 home made programmer with Windows 7 with DB25 parallel port...!!

PLZ HELP ME..!! this is AT89S52 programmer as per  but PC ISP or proload software doesn't detect it.. is there any electrical problem or driver problem of Win 7 like no parallel port driver... (here i not connected 74LS04 betwwen port and mcu.)

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Does anybody have the pin out for the NEC Versa TXi parallel port connector?

A friend gave me an NEC Versa TXi laptop minus the printer cable. I would like to use the computer for a robot project I am building. I plan to replace the hard drive with a solid state drive,and I don't want to put any work into it without the printer port. With the printer port available you can use it to control many devices on a robot, not to mention the 3USB ports it has as well as the fire wire. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in adavance

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I am making a parallel port controller using my SNES controller. How do i hook up the pins so that it will work?

I don't have a DB25 female port on my laptop, i only have a DB15. I've seen that someone has been able to do it, but I can't figure it out. Also, I am taking the power from the usb port right next to the parallel port, so i only need help with the other 3 pins. Thanks

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I would like to set up a simple LED light show using 6 to 8 rgb led's Answered

I'm not too good with electronic and as i was searching throught this website i came accross and instructable that was using the parallel port of a computer. Sounds nice but i do not have a parallel port on any of my 4 computers (2 mac and 2 pcs) What would you recommand for me as a starting point for this project? oh by the way by "led light show" i mean it could either react to music or simply be a random pattern or both. It can be controlled by a computer or a micro controller. Any suggestions?

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How do i power this circuit? Answered

I want to control 4 dc motors with my old laptop's parallel port, via L293D motor driver chips and 7805 voltage regulators. my question is how to set it up to run it all on one power source(batteries)? the schematic im going to use is here. i want to change the 7812 to something that will put out 3v, any suggestions? also, what batteries would be best to use, considering the 2 voltages it'll be running off(5v & 3v)? i have included the pinout diagram for the L293D

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need IR transmitter / receiver projects .. Answered

HI I need a project using IR transmitter / receiver interface with pc that whenever there is a cut or an object disturbing the transmission between these transmitter and receiver sensors, PC should show message according to the situation of these sensors and that will happen using the parallel port  if anyone have tried something like this or if you know a site have projects about it please help me, I've never done projects using the parallel port  

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Motherboard IDE to USB Device Adapter, Parallel to USB Device, or Serial to USB Device, Adapter Needed for Old Computer.

Hello, I have a Compaq Presario 220C. I know it is very old, but it has great sound, runs windows 95 great, and most importantly it has high sentimental value. The only thing holding me up from making use of it, is that It does not have an ethernet or USB port. It has the following ports available on the motherboard: ISA 8-Bit (Which has low clearance room to fit a card in and not clearance to the right or left either) Parallel Port Game Port IDE Floppy IDE Serial Port I am desperate and very determined to somehow be able to connect a USB Drive or an ethernet port on this computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, HandyAndy

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What is the maximum safe operating voltage for a Playstation 2 controller, and can I ground it to the battery / supply?

Seeing as I'm rigging up a PS2 controller to my computer by parallel port, but I want to use an external power supply (don't fancy using the Parallel for voltage if I can avoid it), I need to know the maximum safe operating voltage of the PS2 control. I would also appreciate if someone could tell me the minimum voltage as well. Also, I need to know if I can ground it directly to the power supply, whether the supply is a battery pack or a wall wart, or do I have to ground it by Parallel Port to the computer?

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ULN2003 Just wondering if I can connect more than just 1 IC to the same parallel port ?

I want to connect multiple stepper motors for CNC machines or robotics. Connecting 1 ULN2003 to the parallel port seems pretty simple but how to connect 3 ? Anyone know of a schematic diagram or some advice please ? The motors should work simultaneously.

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how can I use a mobile phone dmtf tones to turn on PC parallel port pins on and off using VB, C or C++ code?

I need to be able to turn on ac powered lights from my pc parallel port using my phone. The set up I have uses two relays to put on the ac lines. Am currently using a web interface to do it. I dont want to rely on SMS. Suggestions that use SMS are welcome though. Any help will be appreciated.

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9V Solar Cells (Parallel) to DC to DC USB Booster: Will it "fry"?

Hi all. Here is my question. I want to take 3 Solar Cells (9V, 500mA) wired in parallel (1.5A output) and run them through a DC to DC USB Boosting Circuit (5V) Now I know this circuit will boost up to 5V, but what if 6-9V comes in to it? Will it just limit to 5V running through, with no boost, or will it "fry" it? One more question: What if I wanted to have the 9V, 1.5A of the parallel solar cells route into a Mini-USB port that can take 2 amp in? Same problem, or no problem? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Connect two computers through USB to use ports on other computer?

Can I connect my main computer, (Dell E310) to my work computer, (Dell GX1) to use the ports on teh GX1? My e310 doesnt have a serial or parallel port, and the GX1 has both. The GX1 is very slow, but has usb. My current setup prohibits me from simply transering my monitor and peripherals to the GX1. I have qemu, and VMware, if those are of any help... Help?... Tyeo

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How do I control DC & Stepper motors using my PC?

I need to control 4 DC motors (no speed control, only direction) and 1 stepper motor (again no speed control, only direction) for an engineering project of mine using a PC. I am not sure if I should use the serial or the parallel port. Also, I'm comfortable using VB. So it would be helpful if someone could help me with the interfacing circuits and the code or atleast point me to some resources! Please help!

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Does anybody out there have the PIN OUT for the printer port on a NEC Versa Txi laptop?

Somebody gave me this Versa Txi laptop , it has a small connector on the side for the printer, I would like to use the machine for experimenting with controls, using the parallel port, unfortunately i did not get the printer cable. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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arduino or rasberry pi ? Answered

Forgive me,i am new to arduino and rasberry  pi. I am deeply interested in building CNC's,3D Printers,Quad Copter's..... So a little research showed that we need arduino which would act like the control unit for this very purpose . But i have also come across some people who use parallel ports to control the machine (the processing is done on a computer) ""PS:- I might be wrong"". So if the parallel ports can indeed be used for all these without a arduino in between  ,wouldn't it  be better to get a "rasberry pi"  and  "USB to parallel port converter "    The advantages i am seeing are: less cost more processing power probably easily programmable Cons: we can get a lot of modules like (wireless......) which is made especially for an arduino  

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I got an LCD from an old table phone and wanted to play with it a bit.?

I found out that you can send msgs to the LCD for it to show by connecting it to the parralel port. I really want to know about both the parallel port and how the LCD functions. In a simple way ofcourse?

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Can you convert the SD slot into a general purpose I/O port

SD slot general purpose I/O port Hi I posted this in "burning questions", but think this is a better place? Since user ports, inbuilt RS232 and Parallel ports have long gone from PC's, quick simple projects requiring a few lines of I/O are getting more difficult to implement requiring an extra layer of complexity of USB, BUT........ Could the SD card slot offer a solution? It would appear to have a 4 bit mode, 1bit mode and SPI bus as options. Could someone develop a driver and simple hardware to allow some I/O pins to become available again? This would be a fantastic solution to do Outp(100) and Inp(X) type commands again. I certainly do not have any experience of generating the drivers and linking them to VB, VC etc., but I'm sure someone out there could explore this?

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What resistor should I use? 9 volt battery to a 3.6 volt @ 30 mA LED

What resistor should I use? I have a 9 volt battery that is connected to 30 LEDs in parallel and i need a resistor. the LEDs are blue and are at 3.6 volts with 30mA. Each LED is in parallel I want to put one resistor on the positive side of the battery before all the LEDs.What size resistor do you think i need? The two online calculator say i should use a 220 ohm at 1/2 watt  but another one says I should us a 220 ohm at 1/4 watt resistor. WHat do you think I should use?

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Bipolar Stepper motor drivers...

Can someone please give me a schematic for controlling a BIPOLAR stepper motor (12V/2.5A) using L293D and L298 with parallel port (LPT) with Mach3

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can i use l293d instead of uln2003

As in this instructables directly connected to the parallel port for a bipolar stepper motor?

Question by bengus  

Help identifying/replacing component

I'm trying to repair an iMac (Flat Panel) that has non-functioning USB ports. I've narrowed it down to this component, but can find no specs on it. I'm assuming it's an temperature/current protection component and appears to be in parallel with unused fuse pads. I'm wondering if I can get away with sticking a 2amp (it drives 3 ports) fuse in there and bypass the component. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Updating 1980s X Terminals? Answered

Okay, so I've been trying to solve this problem for quite a while now, and I've simply run out of ideas. In my father's optical store, all of the POS computers are X Terminals. They are all connected to a main server in the back. The server is connected to a device which is kinda like an ethernet hub - on its a box with 16 RJ-45 jacks, and a cable coming out of it which connects to the server's parallel port. Each of the jacks are connected to a small adapter cable (filter? crossover cable?) and that cable has an ethernet cable coming from it into a patch bay on the wall. I'm almost completely sure that the cable is *not* carrying a tc/ip signal, because the back of the hub-box-thing explains that each of the wires in the cat-5e cable are assigned to carry specific parallel port signals. So, I'm pretty sure we have a parallel connection running over cat-5e. Also, I'm pretty sure the server is running red hat Linux, which is running an x-11 emulator. Anyway, from the patch bay, all the signals continue through Ethernet cable until they reach the terminal. There, the cable is plugged into an RJ-45 to parallel adapter, which then plugs into one of the two parallel ports on the back of the terminal. What I'm trying to do is to replace all of those huge, old and ugly X terminals with newer computers and monitors. I've tried connecting the parallel connector on the adapter to various computers and trying a bazillion programs, but I can't seem to emulate an x-terminal. So, any ideas?

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your thoughts wanted for making usb car charger using an old usb computer port

Its been 20 yrs since my electrical class so I'm a little rusty on it. What I'm wanting to to is make a usb charger for my car using a duel usb port from an old computer each usb port has a separate cable that used to plug into the mother board I'm wanting to use the old usb cables and run a series to parallel circuit 12v power supply cigarette light to a 5v voltage regulator my question is will i need a regulator for each usb port (see picture "B") or just one with 2 positive and 2 negative wires going to each usb wiring connector?(picture "A") please forgive my not to scale horrible drawings

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Remote control cars over the internet (telepresence)

I came across this site with 2 RC cars that can be controlled freely over the internet.  I want to make one of these setups, but I don’t know exactly how to do the codeing. I got everything external under control. I am going to use the 25 pin printer parallel port. The only problem I have is trying to get a client pc on a webpage to communicate with my computer then to its serial port. So I need some help with the following... 1. A webpage with buttons to control a program on the host. 2. A program on the host to control a parallel port. I want a webpage to have 12 buttons, two sets of 6. One to control car 1 and the other for car 2. Each set will have the following keys. forward, back, forward left, forward right, back left, back right. (Or possibly a set of 6 buttons with a drop down menu to select the car to control.) I can use ubuntu or Windows, doesn’t matter. So if someone could guide me through the webpage makeing, communication to the host, and the host to the parallel port, I would greatly appreciate it. Here is a link that you might find useful. Update: I think the site at the top states that it uses Ubuntu and Apache. Apache/2.2.9 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.6-2ubuntu4.2 with Suhosin-Patch Server at Port 80

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CNC help - Software?

I'm planning on building a X-Y CNC machine.  The issue is softwares.  My plan was to get 2 scanners, and rip out the stepper motors.  Then, as seen on an instructables, use a parallel port with 2 or 3 ULN2003 chips to control the motors. My idea was to do as they did, and use TURBO-CNC to controll the parallel ports, unless there's something better to use? Can TURBO-CNC read G-Codes?  If so, what is the best program to use for creating G-Codes? This project is starting with a 1W blue laser as a etcher / paper cutter CNC.  It it going to be used for getting my machine tuned up.  Once things are in good order, It's going to be turned into a 60W acrylic / 1mm aluminum / thin wood cutter.

Topic by Killa-X  

How do you get the 3D model into the CNC machine

I've been threatening myself with thoughts of building a small 3 axis CNC machine for a few years now. Although I've done some research on it, I don't understand what software takes a 3D model and spits it out to control the motor circuitry? I'm hoping that some kind soul will help me get this concept, it's the last part of the machine that I need to know about before I can start. I've seen lots of instructables on building the CNC machine, but am struggling to find any info on the control software. Here is the 3 axis CNC process as I understand it , please correct me if I'm wrong: 1. Model is designed using software like Blender, 3Dmax, and so on 2. ??? Magic software takes this model and translates it into tooling paths 3. ??? Magic software converts tooling paths to control pulses. These pulses are sent over the parallel port. 4. Control circuitry receives the control via the parallel port and sends pulses to the coils of the stepper motors, moving the tool carriage and cutting the model. 5. Much rejoicing. Bonus Question Parallel ports are lame. How could I use a hip young USB port? My best guess is that the magic software can be configured to spit out over a usb port, and then an Arduino could be used to receive and process it into pulses for motor control? Extra Super Bonus Question What's a "G-Code" and where do I get one? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this!

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Megaboost? A super high storage minty boost? Answered

So im thinking of making a Mintyboost for my ipod/android phone however I'd like to make it into more of a Megaboost. I wanna build it inside of an old Army ammo case and add multiple usb ports, with a much larger capacity battery(s) So my question is can i add the extra batteries in parallel and have them still recharge and operate the same way? Same scenario with the other usb ports?

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How to transform pozitive signal into negative? Answered

This may be not clear but let me explain. If you got postive signal(a power, coming from battery, but its positive = + ) and you want to make it negative ( like coming from negative of battery, = - ) how you can do it. Some kind of tranzistor? I wanted to use it in LPT port. i getting signal from pin 1(its +) and i want to change it to negative. Please use picture as example(it's paint drawed, sorry). picture(mirror 1) (mirror 2)

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Solar Panel System Circuit Check, am I right?

Okay so I'm about to start putting together a small Solar Charging Station to charge most of my small battery devices and I want to include a usb port to charge ipods and such. My system before integrating the usb will use a panel providing 12V to a 12V battery through a charge controller. The battery would then power devices through an inverter. I was planning on hooking up a 5v voltage regulator and 220uf capacitor in parallel to the battery and charge controller. My main concern is: Will any problems occur when hooking up a 5v device with a smaller battery in parallel to the other 12v battery through a voltage regulator? If so, how could i change the circuit to be safe and still allow for the usb port? Also would the use of a switching diode be of importance here? Thanks for the help!

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stepper motor help

Hi, i need help in building a cnc machine. not the hardeware just the circuit. i already saw this and the circuit that it included but i coulden't understand the circuit. there is this circuit which i have already built but need help connecting it to my parallel port on my computer. i would really appreciate it.

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Can I use my computer to close a circuit every second?

I posted this in the wrong place earlier. I have a counter which increases by 1 each time a circuit is closed. Is there any way I can use my PC to complete the circuit every second or so? I thought about using the parallel port but is there any way to not send voltage through into the circuit?

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I need a simple, easy to use C++ IDE for Fedora 11. Any suggestions? Answered

              I want to program in Fedora 11, but it only comes with Anjuta IDE, and it is really stupid and hard to use, in my opinion.  I want something simple, like the Python IDE or Dev-C++ IDE, that lets me write, compile, and run C++ code, without having to deal with all of the templates, projects, and crap.  I would like to use Dev-C++, but it is not available for Fedora.  I want to be able to write code for interfacing with the serial ports and parallel port, primarily.  Suggestions on what to use for this would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Help on stepper motor types and related driver chips?

I have a pair of stepper motors, one with 4 wires(brown, black, yellow, orange) and the other with 5(black, brown, yellow red, orange) they are both from a printer and I want to be able to use them with Mach3 via the parallel port, what chips might I need to use to do this?

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battery isolation for portable power. Answered

Iv been trying to wrap my head around what im trying to do and cant quite figure it out. Pretty much i have salvaged 8 18650 size cells that i would like to run in parallel to make a portable battery. In order to boost capacity, i would like to buy new cells and make another pack that is parallel also. I want them parallel so its a nominal 3.7v system that i can boost to 5v for USB devices I know its bad to run old and new batteries in parallel do to various reasons such as self discharge. My idea is have 2 usb ports for one pack and 2 ports for the other pack and have an input/output protection PCB per pack. Now to keep this more portable i only want to use 1 charger and this is what confuses me. I can charge each pack separately, but that would require me to swap packs on the charger, and i would rather not have to worry about doing that. Long story short, how can i charge 2 battery packs at the same time but keep them isolated from each other? Diodes maybe? Also with how the protection circuits work having the charge leads connected to the output leads and the batteries on there own leads, when the charger is outputting over one amps, will it hurt any device plugged into it or will it regulate the current down to one amp with no harm done? Link to usb charger and protection circuit.;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

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Ghetto programmer and 16Mhz

First off, Hello everyone. I built the ghetto parallel port programmer, adjusting the pinouts to work with a attiny26 and it works flawlessly.Kudos to the author.My problem is that when I drop in an external crystal rated at 16Mhz I avrdude quits because of a faulty signature; I assume this means the timings are off.At firs I thought I had misconfigured the fuses, but ,thankfully, when I dropped an 8Mhz crystal in it worked again. I know this uC can be clocked this high, so what's the problem? thanks

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