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Writing Partner

I am hoping to write with somebody on an experimentation novella of sci-fiction. English speakers are preferred, will be an informal schedule, focusing on plot and setting, symbolism is a lesser aspect, professional quality, and will self edit their work. I have a plot and idea, would like to write the novella using a tennis style of writing alternating chapters. I may self-published ( Working under the CC licenses. Wouldn't at all mind having a long term writing partner. Comment here or email me at! :D

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looking for a collcab partner? Answered

I need a collab partner for a secret project.

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looking for a collab partner

Lookin for a collab partner to help me on my secret project a knex powerful semiauto non slingshot mauser c96. just looking for some to help me make a working mech.

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New Colaboration Partner

Hello, im looking for a colaberation partner, i have an idea for full auto, posibly semiauto gun, lots of power, true trigger, bullpup. Need help with looks and a tester, i have only 1 Rubberband. Anyone?

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looking for a collab partner

 i would love to do a collab with some one if any one does please send me a pm of wat u would to like make thanks 

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Does instructables have an affiliate program?

I saw that instructables has a paid pro account option. So I was wondering, if you have an affiliate program as well, since I'll probably mention you on my new project a couple of times. It would be nice to get a little bit in return for the favour :)

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Minecraft Guide Collaboration partner

Ive already started it but if youre interested, inbox me. Not really much to say, just wondering if anyone is interested. -Hiyadudez

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Looking for an Electrical Engineer to partner with

Hi - I've got a business idea that requires hardware and I can't build the thing myself.  I'll write the software for it, but I need assistance building the circuitry. The circuitry involved would include a temp sensor, R/F communications module, photodiode, memory (possibly micro SD), controller,  and a timer in a very small form factor (about the size of a cigar tube). I'll split any profits from selling the device 50/50 with the HW designer.  I'll ask you to sign an NDA before we get going. Please contact me here or at bret at thelastmilellc dot com. Rgds, Bret

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Need Partner for LED Project

Hello - I have a burning desire to make a shoji panel that contains leds and will run an automated program called the Knights Journey. I will create the wood box, shoji screen, and would like to find someone who is able to create the instructions for building the tech logic. This will be a joint project. I can also provide funding if needed for the right person. A little about me: I am a Linux engineer, own a home laser cutter and love beautiful sights. I work full time as a contractor for PayPal, previously Charles Schwabb, University of Phoenix, Godaddy, and other companies. I would love to learn to make the led part myself, but quite honestly I just don't have the time, or mental resources to focus on learning it from scratch. Thanks Zach

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How Many Views Are Needed To Become A Youtube Partner?

I really need to know what the minimum amount of views needed to become a partner is! please repond! also this is my youtube, please help!

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Make a touch tone phone into an audio track player? Looking for info or a partner for this project!!!

I am an artist and have a project I've wanted to do for years. It involved taking a touch tone telephone and making it so audio tracks can be "dialed up" and played through the hand set. I've looked into Arduino but I have no programming or such skills. Does anyone have a good resource site/book I can check out to learn myself? OR is anyone out there interested in collaborating with me on this art project? I have more info if you are seriously interested. Thanks!

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Looking for an Electrical Engineer and an Angel Investor or a Business Specialist (in SF Bay Area preferably) to partner with on a high dollar ($500M) value project

I am Mechanical Engineer in SF Bay area an have a series of patent pending revolutionary industrial pumps. The project has gone through hydraulic and mechanical design iteration and looks very promising. These equipment require electric hardware and circuitry design as their driving mechanism which is technically a smart integrated motor. So if you have experience and/or willing to get deep in this area that would be very desired. I am looking for motivated and committed partners and will equally split the profit and share of the business. This patent pending project has a potential to grow up to 500 million to a billion dollar; these numbers are coming from the current competitors that have an inferior product!   I'll ask you to sign an NDA before we get going. Please contact me here or at bk.amir at gmail com. Regards, Amir 408 585 8115

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Partner Site Discounts-Still Active?

Hi all, I was just wondering if there is still partner site discounts? A few months ago I tried a code for Adafruit and got the discount associated with it, today I tried using that same code and it now says "expired." Does anyone know if the discounts are still active and is there an update to the codes? Thanks in advance!

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Does your partner / spouse get annoyed by your constant making and tinkering?

I find that whenever I start working on a new project I can get rather passionate and excited about it. This usually results in me getting a little carried away with the making process (typically spending every spare minute I have working on the "next big thing"). It sometimes gets on my girlfriends nerves and you could say she becomes a bit of a "workshop widow". I'm just wondering how everyone else manages with their work / making / life balance. Looking for your stories and experiences (any tips would also be appreciated!). I've tried getting her involved in some of my projects, but that's easier said than done!

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Need a partner for Peltier type project to chill liquid. Medical Device. Cash Compensation

Need a partner for Peltier type project to chill liquid. Possible prototype for a Medical Device. Cash Compensation. I am in Toronto. Not a scam.

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Looking for partner to produce/print product ready to bring to market

Hi all. I am looking for a partner to take my design, build it/print it and I will market and sell it. Patent pending, but we have decided to go straight to market ASAP.  Any thoughts or persons with experience with this type of arrangement? Thanks for all replies. John 

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Ting is thrilled to partner with Instructables for the 2016 Halloween Decor Contest!

Here at Ting, we've been huge fans of Instructables for years. We actually covered the Instructables app last January as part of our featured “ App of the Week" YouTube video series, and many of us in the Tucows office (parent company of Ting) use Instructables all the time! Ting has been involved in the DIY community for awhile now, partnering with sites like Adafruit in the past, so we thought it was finally time to host a contest with Instructables. Instructables users are a great fit for Ting because, as a DIY-er, you like to be in control. Ting gives you complete control over your account, your usage and ultimately, your monthly bill. With Ting you don't pick a plan - how you use your phone determines what you pay each month. Use less? Pay less. Every month is different. Use the promo link when signing up to get $25 in account credit if you bring over your own phone or $25 off a new phone from the Ting Shop. The average bill per phone on Ting is just $23 a month, meaning your promotional credit will likely cover your first month's bill! If you'd like an unbiased opinion, feel free to check out the Ting subreddit and ask real customers their thoughts on using Ting for their mobile service. If you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me an email: jesse(at)ting(dot)com Thanks again to Instructables for getting us on board and good luck with the contest! We can't wait to see your awesome creations :) Cheers, Jesse from the Ting team

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I have a science project. my partner and i want to make a mini stove out of magnets. how do we get it hot without fire?

I have a science project. my partner and i want to make a mini stove out of magnets. We have a bunch of magnets and we put electrical tape on them. how do we get it to heat up without using fire?  Can we use a battary and wire to heat it up? We want to heat food. Is there any Safty tips. Would we be able to eat the food we make?  The magnets taped together a 3 by 2 inches, and is about a cm thick. plz help soon!!!

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What can I make from felt that is... Answered

a)not a bag or purse, b) that is actually useful and c) a worthy present for a friend or partner?!!?

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Hi, I'm a student and I'm looking for an experienced partner for help with my project :)

Hi, my name's Chaitra and i'm a 17 year old product design student in the UK, doing A level product design.As part of our coursework, we are required to find and interact with an "expert", a person with a good level of understanding of product development and technology.As you might expect, it's quite hard to find someone like this at random, which i why I've come here to see if anyone is willing to collaborate with me :)My coursework will be based on air conditioning, specifically regulating and purifying air conditions during sleep, so it will involve a good amount of electronics and physical design. As the "expert" of my project, we might exchange ideas and offer suggestions to improve the project, and even maybe advice on the best ways to manufacture the final prototype for assessment. You can be as involved as you want to be honest, I appreciate that everyone is busy so you won't be able to commit a huge amount of time to this, but maybe exchanging emails around once a month? I might send over some sketches / cad files over email for you to evaluate and suggest some improvements or ideas on, nothing more than that.If you're willing to help, please answer this topic so we can work something out! Thanks a lot :)PS. this is my first time using instructables, if I've submitted in this wrong place or something, please let me know

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Typo on All Class Pages

Https:// &etc...; "Upgrade to Premium today for access to classes, as well as other great benefits like instructable PDF downolads, ad free browsing, partner discounts, and more!" This is included on the description page for every class: Upgrade to Premium today for access to classes, as well as other great benefits like instructable PDF downolads, ad free browsing, partner discounts, and more!

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I was wondering if anybody would consider collaborating with me over the Internet on an Instructable??? It could be anything, I would just like a partner to work with...

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what is the tongue used for in kissing? Answered

As in how do we use our tongue? And what do we have to do once our partner stick their tongue out?

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Collaboration Feature Error

My partner, who owns the project, added me as a collaborator, but I haven't received any notifications on my inbox. Do you know how I can access the Instructable?

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I want to make an audio-to-vibration bracelet for my deaf partner. I need help!

I have a new baby and my deaf wife can't hear the baby at night.I want to make a bracelet that vibrates with sound over a minimum volume.I thought about using a Raspberry Pi Zero, but it seems like overkill (and large!). Is there a simple circuit I can make that could house a microphone, vibrator, battery and some chip to make it work? I'm pretty green to circuitry in general so need some handholding if possible.

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Moral Dilemma

I came up with an interesting moral dilemma (I think that's the right term for it) yesterday. I want to see what people think of it and what their response would be. It goes something like this: Imagine that you are in a relationship (if you are already, you can use your current partner as an example). Things are going well, you're both happy, etc.. One day, the two of you come across a mysterious pair of rings in a local market. You ask the vendor about them and he tells you that they are magic rings. If you each put them on the other person's finger, you will become bound to each other and will not be able to remove the rings unless one of you dies. Should that happen, the surviving person if confronted with a decision: they can either continue to wear the ring, until they die, and be guaranteed to be bound to the other person for eternity, even in the afterlife, or they can remove the ring, thus breaking the bond. Should they choose to break the bond, they will never see the other person again, not even in the afterlife. He also tells you that, as long as you wear the ring, you will never be able to be in another relationship. Knowing all this, if your partner were to die, which would you choose: Keep the ring and never be able to be in another relationship, but be guaranteed to see your partner again once you die, or remove the ring and be unable to see your partner again for all of eternity, even after you die? Leave your response down below. If there's anything you don't understand, or need clarifying, just ask and I'll see if I can make it easier to understand.

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How can I make a light to read in bed with a partner who needs complete dark to sleep?

I have tried various commercial products but they all cast too much light into the room. I need something that puts the light only onto the page or allows me to read in limited light eg night vision or has a screen between us but that needs not to be intrusive or ugly when not in use.

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What do you do if your house faces the wrong feng shui direction?

My kua number is 2 and my partners is 7, our house faces south which is a bad direction for both of us. Is there a way to remedy it without finding another house?

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I don't know what this is or what it is worth?

My partner passed away last November and this was in his storage. I have been searching to try to find what it is and the company name Baulaser, but most of the results are in german. Please if anyone knows what this is, I would be so grateful.

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Got an idea no printer who can help

Hey just been looking at the page and see how you help people, I have an idea but I'm in a small town without the help if you can help I can be reached by my email for the complete details. If it's goes well we could partner up. Thanks

Question by kelvin1987  

LED Incapacitator

The LED IncapacitatorThis story has way too much instructables-appeal to go unnoticed. I like the following line particularly: "There's one wavelength that gets everybody," says Lieberman. "Vlad calls it the evil color."It all sounds a little too much like we will soon know one of these partners as Vlad the Incapacitator.

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Lion Brand Yarn @ Autodesk Gallery

On Thursday, May 1 Instructables partnered with Lion Brand yarn to host a workshop at the Autodesk Gallery Design Night. We made a Parabolic String Lamp using Lion Brand Fun Yarn.  Check out these pictures and share your yarn related projects in the comments!!!

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my new idea

Tthis is what i have been thinking of: a quick howercraft with it not being too wide i mean it to be thin to be able to stop and to be powered by hidrogen(might make this cause ive got some partners  from my job (its an ungovermental ecological orgaization)) but i dont know how powerfull of an engine do i need

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How Instructables Hooked Me Up

Has posting a project on Instructables and being a member of our community helped you nail an interview / get your dream job / propose to your partner /  get an A on a school project / muster up the courage to ask someone out?? We want to hear your stories! Please share them below

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Replace just 1-2 bad li-on cells?

I've got a fairly new DeWalt 20V Lipo Battery pack that got a bit of water inside it's case, causing 1 of the 10 cells inside to go bad. Pertinent info: * Battery pack is configured as 5x2 (5 series stages of two parallel pairs each) * Other cells are in near-new condition. * OEM Factory battery exact matches are rare and quite overpriced.  (1500mah x 15A discharge rate @ $10-20 shipped.) * Due to improvement in battery tech, I can get batteries that outperform OEM in every spec for 30-40% of what the OEM costs (2500mah x 20A discharge rate @ $4-6 shipped.) * The battery pack is always charged on a cell-balancing charger. Assumptions:  (Correct me if I'm wrong here, especially on the 2nd one) * The partner cell to the dead one is now suspect, due to being undercharged (down to <.1V)  by it's dead partner. * I should be able to just replace the bad cell and it's partner with the higher spec'd batteries and it shouldn't be a problem Is this workable, or will having non-identical cells for 2 of the 10 cells cause problems?  (I'm totally fine with the pack only being as strong as the weakest link, and only getting OEM performance out of the replaced cells.) I'd rather not have to replace all 10 cells, but I'd rather do that than replace 2, and -then- have to replace all 10 because the combination didn't work.

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External postings and attribution

Did somebody from the Instructables staff post a version of my instructable on Sustain Lane without attribution or credit to the author? It certainly looks like it here where it says "Instructables - Premier Partner" while the content is clearly my instructable with no author attribution or credit to be found.

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What should I do for my science fair

Well, I have to get a science fair project, I am 12, and so is my partner... We need tohave our Hypothesis and Purpose in by November 24th I think. We are thinking about the LIghtning Globe on here, or, another thing called the Kane Effect, or something else, any ideas/

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In what "season" do water snails lay their eggs? In the summer? Spring? Every 100 days?

Also, is their a way to encourage them to lay eggs? I have two glass vases with bamboo in them, each contains one snail. They don't need to have a partner to mate, so I am hoping each snail will populate each vase. Thanks!  -Shadow Ops

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can you help me?

I have a blog and would like to partner with you in the disclosure. ARTNERSHIP This will bring benefits to both sides for the development of our entertainment blog that aims generally find that their integration our team will benefit in the form of attracting pubublico are heading our blog posts and at the same time the public to visit our blog do not know if the site had come to know of you and vice versa. interest if it acts to respond to this email to discuss more about related subjects. graciously team segue sua nau

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Micro drone construction help

For a school project a partner and I are attempting to build a self controlling quadcopter. It should be able to use a specific input from a photo transistor and the be able to navigate on its own. The only problems that I can see running into at the moment are finding an atmega compatible rotor controller, and that not including the propellers it is going to be under two inches (5.08 cm). I would appreciate any assistance possible in finding a motor controller of this size, and will keep this post up to date with our project.

Topic by Kaptia Teramo  

Road Trip/Pilgramage

Me and my partner are planning a rode trip from Seattle to Denver to see Thich Nhat Hahn in august. So far our route is taking us through yellow stone and along the bear tooth highway. On the way home we are planing to go through the north part of Utah and through Idaho back into Washington. Anyways I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for places we should go see. I am particularly looking for places that are off the map.

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Nationality Group

Hi guys, Obviously i am a member of instructables that is why i am able to post in the forum. I am Nigerian and i live in Nigeria. The reason i am making this post, is because i want to be sure i am not alone. It would be nice if Instructables can create a nationality database, this way people from the same country can  connect, relate and partner for projects. But, until then if you are an active instructor from Nigeria, say Hi. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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Controlling a motor and its speed of rotation using a potentiometer and the arduino?

Me and my partner are trying to build a 2 player "game" if you will.. where each player can have their own potentiometer to control the rate of speed of the motor to do what it needs. We are new to using the arduino but are yet required to build this for a school project any help would be greatly appreciated.. It would also help if anyone knew what kind and size of motor to buy. we just need it to be able to spin a circular piece of thin plexiglass.

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I need a computer controlled milling machine built

I need a computer controlled milling machine that will be about 2'x2' frame and would be portable and able to be attached to a piece of metal sheet and capable of cutting plastic material. What I need it to do is duplicate a profile that a metal sheet has to plastic. To be able to attach this to a panel take a tracer that can copy the profile. I would like to ether partner up with someone or I would gladly pay for you to produce this machine. Please contact me at DMARR35@AOL.COM for more info

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Can a wind turbine be used to heat a greenhouse?

Hello everyone, just a question to get some ideas. My partner wants a year-round greenhouse. We have the greenhouse ready, but need a way to heat it.I've been reading all the wind power ideas, and I think that will be perfect. My questions is:Can a wind turbine be built with a controller that will power a heater in the green house? If the wind stops, the heater would stop. When the wind blows to start the heater (minimum load) the heater would turn on.Any ideas where to start?Thanks,Jeff?

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I need a computer controlled milling machine built for patent

I need a computer controlled milling machine that will be about 2'x2' frame and would be portable and able to be attached to a piece of metal sheet and capable of cutting plastic material. What I need it to do is duplicate a profile that a metal sheet has to plastic. To be able to attach this to a panel take a tracer that can copy the profile. I would like to ether partner up with someone or I would gladly pay for you to produce this machine. Please contact me at DMARR35@AOL.COM for more info

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LG's Design the Future Competition

Call for entries! Your assignment: imagine the future of mobile communication. LG Mobile Phones is partnering with crowdSPRING to announce a new competition to define the next generation of mobile communication.  If you are a U.S. resident (citizen or green card holder) age 18 (or age of majority in state of residence) and older, you can have a chance to design your vision of the next revolutionary LG mobile phone and compete for more than $80,000 in awards.  Exercise your creative imagination and let your ideas be heard.  You don’t have to work for LG to make an impact on the future of mobile communication!

Topic by jdaudier  

i need some help with My science fair project ?

I picked my sci project and have been working on it for 3 weeks now my subject is what habitat does basil grow the best in? my variables are 1 controll plant put in sunny area with regular amount of water 2 poluted water plant 3 LED light source and good ventilation plant 4 encanced water plant with artificial food in a dark box with a crack of light and my partner Melrose is doing what type of water do plants grow the best in types of water she is testing Tap distilled pure spring

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New contest for all you crafters!

Http:// all you nifty crafters out there, Greenwala just partnered up with HP to add on to their green-themed contest with the Choose to Reuse contest. Participants upload a photo of their latest refurbished creation.As an example of some things people have been submitting: a soda tab halter top, vinyl record potting plants, old shower curtain turned into a rain coat, etc.The winner of the contest will win a new HP mini laptop and a printer! Plus Greenwala is donating $500 to the nonprofit company Acterra more info or to submit click on the link above!

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