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Cut and Paste.

 Hello, Should I be able to cut and paste when using the instructables site, e.g. when answering or asking a question? This has probably been asked before but I searched and couldn't find anything relevant. Thank you.

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Thermal Paste

Hello, I was wondering, if you had tubs of high temperature thermal compound, would putting it on your stove-top (flat topped stoves, not the ones with the coils) before you cooked let your stove be more efficient? Other than the fact that I don't know where you would get high temperature thermal paste that could withstand your stop-top and the fact that it would probably ruin your pots, pans, and stove, is it possible? I wonder because I just saw my tubs of thermal paste sitting there and then went inside to cook something.

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Solder Paste

I have a couple of questions pertaining to solder paste... Can you buy it in really small amounts, like 10g? Can you apply it by hand, or do you need a stencil? I wanted to do a project involving an ARM chip, but the only way I could solder it to the board is using the paste, but considering I'd spend $40 on paste and $20 on a stencil, its not worth it.

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Can't copy and paste.

I cannot copy and paste on this site. I noticed this when replying to a comment to one of my Instruactables: Knex 'Puzzle' Ball lift. (now I need to manually type the URL) I am using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7. EDIT I have swapped to Google Chrome and I do not have the problem.

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Copy and paste in EAGLE

When creating a schematic in eagle, in a step by step instructions how do you copy and paste multiple components and nets all at once?

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Pasting from Word

I discovered that if I write a post in Word and paste it into a comment box, it destroys the paragraphs and sentences by splitting them onto various lines as shown in the image. I took this block of text from the Tesla Wiki, pasted it into word, then copied and pasted it into a comment box. It looks fine until you actually click the "make comment" button. 

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Getting Past Dansgaurdian

Ok so at my school they are ultra paranoid and dont want us downloading ZIP files or going to sites with certain keywords. Well for a while that has been making research for progects and such VERY VERY hard. Last year me and my buddies figured out that we could just use a proxy site like or ETC ETC. But this year they blocked proxy and they blocked the keyword "Proxy" all together : ( . Now I can barely research at school and about 40% of the internet is blocked, they also blocked ZIP files which is a major pain in the butt. I really really need to get by this block and if you all could help me out it would be awesome! Oh and my school uses Dell desktop PC's and I am using a Macbook, nothing is installed on my computer so I think it is the schools network that is blocking me with Dansgaurdian .

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Cut n Paste with Android?

Annoyed with droid. Cut n paste feature...   when pasting, a long press will cause a " paste" icon to pop up... SOMETIMES... but icon will disappear if you press longer than 0.72 second, or thereabout.  Is there a more reliable paste option with android?  It often takes 5 or 6 tries to get that 0.7  plus or minus 0.02 second sweet spot.

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Weekly Challenges: Past and Present

Just put together a couple guides to help find the weekly challenges... Current Weekly Challenges Deadline: September 18th PST11:59pm         Past Contests Deadline: September 18th PST11:59pm        

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getting past school blocks?? Answered

I though if i installed firefox on a flash drive and brought it to school would it get past the website blocks?

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"add to this guide (paste urlString)"

Is this a new feature, where everyone can add stuff to a guide, or is it a bug? It appears above the Author box in Guides

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Carbon bike paste and paint

Hi,my bike orbea orca aero.A piece of stone sprang to the back. The paint was removed. (a small piece)Broken, puncture etc. there is no problem. It's just a paint problem.Color: Pantone bright red C (It is not matte color but glossy.)First version was white in color. I found it from the original color of the bike and painted it inside, but the pit was not filled and roughness remained.problem picture: Turkey, no one knows anything about carbon fiber surfaces.I need help. At least which filler is used for the carbon surface, etc.1. Polyester paste 2. Fiber paste 3. Epoxy paste.It is necessary to fill and paint with these pastes. But these substances damage carbon fiber, and I don't know if these substances stick to carbon fiber.I don't know what to do, should I take it to the car body workshop. That's why I'm afraid to go to car body repairers. Maybe they can make it worse.My last resort is to put a sticker on it.Thanks.

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The Legend of Zelda:A link to the past

Has anyone else out there completed this game? I thought it was pretty good until the ending. I hate games that you cant do anything after you beat it.But i do have some funny cheats.

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Judgement Dates Past Due

Hey, I like to watch the contests and all because I'm interested to see who wins (plus I'm rooting for one in particular, but that's neither here nor there). But the Epilog and Pocket-Sized challenges judging end dates keep getting pushed back. Is there a reason for this? Can someone pretty please help me understand? Thanks! -Me

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Copy/Paste to Editor no longer works

I last published an Instructable the end of January.  That was my 28th.  I now want to publish another one but the capability to paste text copied from a document on my computer no longer works.  It flashes the text on the screen in the editor window but then disappears.  I write my Instructables using Microsoft Word 2007 with no fancy formatting.  I even tried copying and pasting plain text with the same results.  I am running Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11.  The only difference in my setup and technique from January is an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  I am not using the Edge browser. Oh, and just discovered that I have three drafts that I can't delete.  No amount of Google searching has provided an answer to that question either.  I guess I'll just have to quit sharing my expertise.

Topic by DELETED_boomer48  

Pasting Arduino Code compiles it wrong

When i copy paste arduino code it crushes it all together so it is unreadable and unuseable.

Topic by Aussie_TM  

Get past BESS on Internet Explorer?

How do you get past the BESS website blocker (found in libraries and schools) WITHOUT using Firefox? I know it's possible, 'cuz I've seen people do it. I'm trying to get past it at my library, they use Internet Explorer 9. Oh yah, kproxy doesn't work, already tried.

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Can someone help me make a conductive (resisitive) paste?

I need to make heater using about 6K resistance working off the mains vltage of 240V ac (i.e., about 40mA or 10Watts). Is it possible to make a resistive paste perhaps using graphite and some glue (pl suggest glue) for this application? I can then screen print the paste on the surface to be heated. The result needs to be consistent over about 200 pcs. Thanx in advance.

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Battery memory effect: a thing of the past?

Do I have to let my batteries run out before recharging? Why cell phones seems to have unlimited battery life cycle and some others things don't? What about my iPhone? It would be great to charge it a little bit every time I'm at any computer but I have this kinda fear to riun it's battery life...

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Pasting luggage labels to a leather suitcase

Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice, I found an old cow hide suitcase and bought some vintage style adhesive luggage labels. Only question is how to I stop them peeling off. Can I varnish over the whole thing? If so what kind of varnish? I’m worried about damaging the already pretty shabby leather case. Is there a special kind of adhesive I should have used rather than relying on the stickiness of the labels?

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A Carbon Tide: Past, Present and Future

The New York Times has a really nice graph showing the world's historical and projected carbon emissions here at A Carbon Tide: Past, Present and Future Global emissions of carbon dioxide, measured by the weight of carbon it contains.Their choice to display it in flash rather than a similarly-sized image is somewhat annoying, but the chart itself does a nice job presenting a type of data that is often difficult to comprehend. Getting people to truly grasp the size and scale of some of the world's energy issues is one of the key challenges in making progress on those issues. In 2004, 7.9 billion metric tons of carbon were released -- did you make good use of your metric ton?Here's a thought experiment in that same vein: The San Francisco oil spill was originally reported as a 140 gallon spill, but turned out to be approximately 58,000 gallons. How much worse is a 58,000 gallon spill compared to a 140 gallon spill?

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How do you copy and paste? Answered

I have had people telling me that there is something wrong with my computer. That is not an answer! Every other site with text entry works fine!.... You might be using some kind of 3rd party.. 1737 lines of HTML for the ask a questions page. I don't know if this is a lot but seems like it. 2000 for an average instructible about 2000 for each editor page. I guess that's pretty good, but then again there is only a title bar, bottom bar, and a couple of text entry boxes. All the rest is just functions and stuff I am not going to read through, and it doesn't look like my computer wants to read through it all either.

Question by chrisayad    |  last reply

Calling all Homeschoolers, Past and Present!

This is Labot, letting you know that so far I've survived the recession and still have broadband. However, we're experiencing budget cuts at my house, and one of those budget cuts could end up being my education!Well, I definitely do NOT want to go to any of the public schools around here, as they are supposedly awful. This leaves me with two options:Get a job and help pay to continue going to private school. I like my school so I wouldn't mind doing this.Start homeschooling next year and save money by NOT going to private school, therefore being able to afford a nicer house and maybe get my own room (our rent's almost up and we need a place to live), parents buy me a computer and possibly even a car. I like nice things so I wouldn't mind doing this.So, my dear homeschooled population of Instructables, how do you like homeschooling? What are the pros and cons? How does it compare to public school? Private school?

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Unable to use CRTL+C/CTRL+V when creating a new instructable!

 Hello there, I am trying to create a new item in Instructables. I have already made a document for the work instruction and thought I'd just use copy/paste. For some reason I am unable to do this. Any reason for this? Is there something I should check? Share & Enjoy. Zippy. OKAY ME MUPPET. The reason that I couldn't do CRTL+V was something to do with the browser. I was initially trying to do it in a basic Chrome browser. When I went to firefox I was able to do it no problem. Share & Enjoy. Zippy.

Topic by bunglesmate    |  last reply

copy paste and select all does not work

I cant even use the delete button  only the backspace. Cant copy or paste text How am I supposed to write and edit>

Topic by chrisayad    |  last reply

Rubbing compound, polshing compound and paste wax? Answered

I wanted to prevent rust buildup on some of my tools. Especially on my drill bits. I have been reading a few and mostly found out that Johnson's paste wax are what other people use to prevent rust. Does a rubbing compound alone will prevent rust or does it need to be finished with a paste wax? I do notice that the rubbing compound is mostly to level or smoothen the surface. Just wondering if it also has the ability to prevent rust. Thank you.

Question by Cozythrias    |  last reply

Instructable editor pastes content in the wrong place

When pasting content into the Instructables editor, the content doesn't always get inserted at the cursor's location. To reproduce:  1. Start a new Instructable, and edit the first step.  2. Enter some dummy text, followed by a newline.  3. Use the "formatting" menu to change the current format to "code".  A grey box will appear.  Place the cursor inside the box.  4. Copy some source code (from a separate editor or a separate tab) and paste it into the grey box. What should happen:  - The content on the clipboard is pasted inside of the grey box. What actually happens:  - The content on the clipboard is pasted immediately after the grey box. A partial workaround is to paste the code first, then highlight it and switch the formatting to "source".  Pasting the code when formatting as normal text causes the code to be modified, however (whitespace and newlines get mangled/combined).  Aside from being annoying, this can break code in languages where whitespace is significant (like Python).  The paste function should work as expected, and insert the pasted content as-is at the current cursor location. I am currently running Firefox v52.0.2 on Windows 7 (64-bit).

Topic by sparkchaser    |  last reply

soldering alternatives - conductive glue, soldering paste ...?

------------------------------------------------------------ SOLDERING ALTERNATIVES - CONDUCTIVE GLUE/SOLDERING PASTE ... ? i am looking for a reliable, not-too-expensive alternative for soldering connections & found conductive glue/paste products as listed in the following; .... i assume that there is nothing that really replaces soldering but would like to know, if you probably tested any of these or may recommend a specific product suitable for "sticking" components onto pcb's ... any hint is highly appreciated! ------------------------------------------------------------ PRODUCTS;=oss solder paste/solder glue ... based on silver solder paste ... needs heat to harden out, cheaper than silver based glue "Wire Glue" ... does not need heat to harden out, based on graphite powder, cheapest of all i found so far ... selfmade, based on graphite powder ------------------------------------------------------------ TESTS/RATINGS/COMMENTS,21723 "Wire Glue" ... it's consistence might be too brittle, using additional expoxy might make up with this issue

Question by marc_is_curious    |  last reply

Can't paste text using Google Chrome

Well I can't copy and paste text, like the title says. I am aware that people using Firefox and Internet Explorer do not have this problem, but really I would prefer to use Google Chrome. It was fine before the new editor came in, everything was really simple before then. When the new editor first came out, I overcame the problem by pasting my text as a link, and then simply removing the link, leaving normal text. But now (as someone else pointed out) I can't even do this, because the link thing is broken! Why can't we just go back to the old editor : ( 

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how do i get past webwashers at school?

We got webwashers at school now its like blocks but it blocks most of the proxys...

Question by hurleybabe3    |  last reply

How to get past the user page in windows xp

My friend was given a computer that had had xp a clean reinstall and does not know what to do to get past the user page. Can anyone help? Thanks

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How to increase portable stereo volume past max?

I have a portable stereo that has an sd card slot and usb slot for music. I use it in a factory, but the volume is not lod enough for me to hear at certain machines. Is there a way of increasing the volume PAST what the stereo's max is? If so, how? Thanks

Question by gnarkilljboy    |  last reply

pasting from MS Word does weird things

I had an article i had written in MS word.  i pasted chunks into the instructables 'pro' editor.  formatting very strange.  clicking 'source' shows tons of microsoft html garbage.  then instructables editor seems to ignore most of the microsoft html, but it still is there.  hopefully not causing any big problems with this.

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How to get past Windows Live Family Safety?

It's reallyyyy annoying and I prevents me from viewing TONS of sites... it record what I'm doing right now also... Greattt...

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I started cfl assemblying bussines .but i have some problem i cant fix cfl peasting ...plzz help what kind off material use can fix 

Question by manishn15    |  last reply

Problems copy/pasting arduino sketch code into my instructable

Hi there, as I type this in the text box, I see  a source button at the far right of the formatting line, but when I edit my instructable I dont have this option, I have a much more basic range of options. I have recently upgraded to pro membership and was wondering if I need to do something  to get this option to have nicely formatted source code in my instructable

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Republishing Past Instructables and Some Ideas for Contest Improvement

I have seen many users entering instructables into current contests that were published at an earlier date, some even placing. Because of this I am wondering about Instructables feelings toward such things. I have several Instructables which were published within the last few months that never had the chance to be entered into a related contest, but now there are some contests that fit perfectly. Am I permitted to publish a new version of those Instructables in order to qualify, or are some of the past examples of this being done just what got through the cracks? In any case, I would like to suggest a few options for improvement, any of which would help greatly: 1. All contests should allow any fresh instructables to enter, at least those created only a few months prior to the starting date. 2. Users should have warning of what contests are to come in the near future. This would at least allow those who are currently working on new content to know whether or not to delay publishing by a few days in order to qualify. 3. A new instructable could be allowed a limited number of contest entries (3 for example), to be used at any time in the future until they are expended. This would allow users to enter into related contests as they appear, but still force the creation of new content once the entries for past instructables are gone. This would also clear up much of the unrelated clutter in contests because users would be more careful not to use up their entries in contests that their instructable really doesn't fit well with. Any of those options would be a much appreciated courtesy to those who provide the content for this site, much of which seems to be labeled ineligible to the contests by mere days because there was no warning to wait. I understand that contests are made to inspire new content for the site, but I do not believe that those who have recently contributed without that incentive should be left out. Any of the above options would keep the same effect as the current system, yet also be good to those who contribute before a reward is offered. Overall my point is that instructables made within the past few months to a year are still fresh content which is bringing traffic and revenue to the site. It is only fair that the creators should still be eligible for recent contests.

Topic by NightHawkInLight    |  last reply

sub mini fridge

I just got some soldering paste and I need to keep it cool. The temperature has to be above freezing, but still cool. Currently I'm keeping it in my fridge, but I don't want to keep it there once I break the seal (for safety reasons). I can't do that one mod using the 12 volt camper cooler, I don't have a camper cooler. I can't afford a mini-fridge. Just seeing if anyone here has any ideas. If nobody has any then I'm going to buy this USB micro fridge wwhich will keep it cool for $15.

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

how do i get past my schools block??

I need to get past a block on my computer in the school, but im not sure how?? ive already tried multiple proxies, and there not doing the trick.. :( help me!!!! Please...

Question by heidirinehart    |  last reply

What phrase would you paste on a five foot cannon ?

Exactly what the title is asking.

Question by littlechef37    |  last reply

How do I listen to past radio shows for free?

I listen to coast to coast am and it on at ten where I live so I somtimes miss some good guests and I want to go back and listen during the day for free. I can do streamlink but I don't want to pay. Pleaz help. :-)

Question by miiwii3    |  last reply

How do I get past firewall to get to youtube?

My parents got really mad and blocked youtube and I feel like all my knowledge comes from there what should I do?

Question by harrywatts16    |  last reply

How can I get past a library download blocker?

I'm at a public library because we got rid of my old computer and now I have to go to the library if I need to do anything on a computer. I want to get a flight simulator to work on these computers but it says that the action has been blocked by an administrator so i saved it to my thumb drive and tried it from there, still a no go. anybody got any sugestions?

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How do I get past the Miracast password screen?

I have a Bros Unite MXV Amlogic S805 Quad Core Android Tv Box Full Loaded Add-ons with Kodi BT Smart Player Streaming Media Player. When I went to use it the other day a Miracast screen came up and ask for a password. I have not set up a password for this and am not able to use my TV box because of it. What do I do to get pass the login screen and use my TV box?

Question by Janice0007    |  last reply