Somebody is getting caught up on the paperwork, and I just got awarded two more Burning Questions patches. That's eight I have altogether. How many patches do you have? How many is it possible to have? Edit: I now have 53 altogether, including contest patches.

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patch? Answered

OK I'm pretty sure you can make patchs, But I don't know how! So can some one tell me!And I mean Digital  patchs!

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Just wondering, can non-pro members send/recieve patches?

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what are patches and why would i send them to someone?

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I have recieved a newsletter patch but its not showing up on my page. nobody can see that i have recieved a patch now.why isnt this working?

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Lets just talk about patches on instructables. Do you make up your own? I don't get it...

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Patches??? Answered

Can someone please tell me who's in charge of this department? I've redeemed 4 years plus 3 months' worth of Pro Membership and I've only been allotted 6 patches (total) to send other members. I PMed Randofo last week but apparently he's too busy to answer me... so I thought i'd ask here. I see so many members with Ibles I'd love to patch... 'cept I have NO PATCHES to send. ;-( HELP appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Patches? Answered

What happens if my 3-Month Pro membership expires and I haven't sent all 3 of my patches? Do I never see them again or do I regain them if I get another Pro membership?

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What is patching

I got a pro membership recently and i want to know what is patching!

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what are patches?

I notices i can send 15 people patches but  what are they whats the point?

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Submit a patch? Answered

I saw the new 'ibles content, on profiles. It says 'submit a patch'. Doed anybody actually know what it means????

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what is a patch?

Stop reading this and answer!!!! go go go! HEY you why didn't you answer this?! HUH?! just joking but really what is a patch?

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What is a patch?

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Creating patches

I see we can upload our own patches to send to other people. What makes a "patch"? What are the size and format limits? Are there any style guidelines (the current patches all have a square border with rounded corners).

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What is a patch? Answered

What is a patch? Im confused. Somebody please help! And how do you send one to somebody?

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What is a patch? Answered

(i only signed up recently)

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Sending a Patch? Answered

OK with the new profile page how do you send a patch.

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Free Patch!

 Who wants a free patch? Tell me why YOU think you should get a patch. Then I shall choose the soppiest story and reward that person with said patch Have fun

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What are patches?

What the topic says. I know that it may seem silly to some people but really though, I don't know what they do. It would be cool for someone to give me one, but it would just be fine for someone to tell me what they do. Maybe also about how to make one too.

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Win a patch.

Find the answer first. And win a patch. "Find LED's. Ibles. 8. Link. Answer."  Good luck.

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Patches for contests?

It used to be that patches were issued for entering or winning weekly contests, and that was a nice thing. I like looking at someone's profile and seeing the patches they've received. Other than the Chopsticks challenge, though, I haven't seen that appear on any of my entries. Also, it would be great if there were some indication (banner?) on winners of weekly challenges. Is that possible? I realize you guys are really busy, but these would be nice.

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More patches?

According to my "you" page... Soon, you'll be able to buy or earn more [patches]. For now, wait until next month for your next batch of patches. Do we get a monthly supply, or does that text need changing?

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Patch Giveaway

To get into the Halloween Spirit I have some patches to give away.  Just download the blank pumpkin, draw a fun, scary, cool face on it with your favorite image editing program and post it back here to win a patch.  Runs from now to Halloween (unless I run out of patches before then). *There is also an Instructables Robot drawing contest with a grand prize of one year pro membership! Here*

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Newsletter Patch? Answered

This is the first time ever on instructables that I was featured on the newsletter...! I felt really happy! But I was just wondering when and how I will get my newsletter patch? Any ideas? Thanks! I will add a screen shot of the newsletter with my ible in there! The name is Zip Tie Night Light Sorry if I am being too impatient... :( Its just that its the first time so....Im really excited!

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A free patch to the first 12 people to subscibe to me!!! (Knexers only though) With your choice of any of the picture below.

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what is patch?


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What are patches? Answered

On people's profile pages there is a space for 'patches' an I was just wondering what they are and what they are used for.

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What are patches ?

Sorry i just got my membership and i don't know what are patches

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Question on patches? Answered

How can we get more patches? I only have 4 left and I still have 2 years of premium membership left so what do I do? How can I get patches?

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What is a patch? Answered

I saw this thing on lilblueboo's profile called 'send me a patch' and I was wondering what it was....

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Saving patches?

I recently used a patch, and system says I can still send 14 of them. Is this number for a time or by suscription? I mean, if I redeem another pro suscription I will add my non-used patches to the new ones or I will lose them if I don't use them while this suscription lasts? Thanks for your time!

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Missing patches?

Reasonably sure there's something not right at hand here, I happened to notice that I have more burning question patches than I remember and I'm missing a newsletter patch on profile, not sure if that's all but I suspect that burning questions are taking over my whole profile... I happened to noticed this about the time I got a yummy cookie from fungus there...

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Instructables patches are in

We just got the new Instructables patches. The colors aren't perfect, but everyone around here likes them nonetheless. I'll probably sew them to a bunch of stuff during Friday's build party.

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Digital Patches

You may be asking yourself (or everyone else around you), what are these "digital patches" I hear so much about? The answer is quite simple, digital patches are online greeting cards that you can send to other users which will show up on their profile page as a small picture icon. When you click on these little icons, it will display a larger sized image with a personal message explaining why the patch was awarded. There are a number of default images you can choose from, or you can upload your own.For instance, if you really like a project someone has posted, you can send them a digital patch to let them know how awesome it is.Or if someone subscribes to your feed, you can thank them by sending them a digital patch.Or perhaps you just want to send lots of people virtual cookies for a good time. You can use digital patches to do that too!Or if you want to start a club to honor everyone who has ever posted how to make a pocket protector, you can do that!Or you can use it as a way to say hello to old friends by sending them a patch with their two favorite things.Or perhaps you just want to brighten someone's day with some flowers.Whatever is your impetus, by signing up for a pro account, you can receive a number of digital patches to distribute as you see necessary.

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What exactly are patches?

I've noticed a lot of people thanking each other for sending patches or something like that and I also noticed that there is a 'send patch' option on my profile. I'm new to this site so I don't really get it. Neither could I find any information about this topic on the site.

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Some FREE Patches

I will be giving away free patches to any of you guys who haven't got any patches, you just need to give a good reason to me why! *Update* 22 Jan 2011: Canida gave me some patches and I now have 100 to give away! Thank you so much :)

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Patch information Contradiction...

Well...This image should explain it...I'm like.."Huh?"

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How to glue patch?

I want to glue several patch to my sons backpack but dont want to iron then. Can i just use a good glue to set them? Thankyou

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what is an intructables patch? Answered

I was looking around and i realised that when you go on the profile of people u have subscribed to, it has a button that says to send a patch... i was just wondering what that meant

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Wrong Achievement Patches

The winners of the Sew Warm Contest 2012 were given last year's achievement patch, which links to the previous contest, rather than the contest they actually won. If this could be changed and updated, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Made It! Patch contest

Hey, another Patch contest from Kiteman! Have you made one of my Instructables? Post a picture of it and earn this specially-created patch! (Old pics count - you don't need to make it again just to earn the patch)

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custom embroided patch?

I am looking for some custom patches made does anyone know a good company who will do one off patches for a resonable price, preferably ukbased?

Question by TechDante 

Instructables Robot Patch?

I've emailed a few Instructable staff and posted a question elsewhere, but no responses... so... here's my question: I have a local company that creates custom embroidered patches and I want to have one made with the robot... but they do have a minimum order quantity.  Is the robot logo available for something like this if it's sold online here and nowhere else? I'm not looking at making a fortune... just enough to cover my costs and shipping... and to have a couple left over to sew on my bookbag and give a few to friends. Thanks! J

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subscribe or patch me!

Hey people just want to know if you can patch or sub me.

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how to make a patch

I recently got my hands on an awesome jacket from Goodwill, and it is the perfect material to put a couple patches on. I have a couple designs in mind for the patches I wanna make, but I have no idea where to start, so please help me out. I am a complete newbie too PS printed or sewn patches are both a help, but preferably sewn.

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Free tool patches!

...patches! Free tool patches! [edit: original title must have looked too spammy...fixed] :D Well, it's not quite as fun as real tools in the meatosphere, but it's almost as fun! Tools are so important for making stuff (duh). We couldn't live without tools. Ask here for your favorite tool, and ye shall receive! Maximum 3 per customer, no exchanges or refunds. Nontransferable. Void where prohibited. 

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Win a Patch by Subcribing!

After I wrote my first Instructable, I saw that someone had subscribed to me. I thought "Wow, so cool, they liked what I wrote!" Then I saw it was my uncle. Oh well. Over time more people bolstered my confidence to write more Instrubtables and more people subscribed, and every time someone does I feel great. So for this patch-give-away, I want you to go out and subscribe to 5 people who have written an 'ible you like, (who you have not subscribed to before this time). From my own experience it is especially rewarding if they are new with only an 'ible or two under their belt and have few subscribers - or even none. Nothing makes you feel more included on this wonderful site than to feel your efforts have fans. So get back to me here (I will believe you) after you have subscribed to 5 (new to you) people and besides a cool patch, pictured below, you will be the first to receive news of new 'ibles from the folks you subscribed to! Subscribing to me does not count. I have 50 patches to give away - get going!

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Pro Patches Not Transferred

I received a Pro membership for being featured, so I was using that for the 6 months or however long it was supposed to last. I waited for it to expire so I could renew my regular paid membership, which I just did. However, none of my patches transferred, I only had the 15 that I was supposed to get for the one year membership I just paid for. Before I had at least 20, so I should have about 35 now. This same thing happened before when I waited for my paid one to expire in order to use the one that I won, I had to contact Instructables to get them back. Is there a way I can get all of them back again, and maybe change it so that you still have the patches even when the membership expires?

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