A dangerous path to walk.....

A man and a mythJudge for yourself. It is your health, indeed your life that may be at risk if you take the advice of a "salesman" over a health official.

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Career paths. I'm lost.

Hi, I'm lost, and I was wondering if you could help me. I feel stuck in life, and I've decided that I'm going to put my life into action with as much vigor as possible.  I've decided to start with finances and education.  I've got the finances part figured out, but I have no idea on education.   I'm twenty years old.  I went to a technical college for Information Technology and Communications Systems, and I left after a year because I was no longer interested, I don't believe I was prepared to take the educational leap (I hindered myself), and I left for a relationship. I don't want to make that mistake again.  Being a maker, what types of possibilities are out there for career paths?  What type of education should I pursue?  How do I make sure that what seems like a great choice doesn't turn out to be a passing fad like my past venture?   I feel as if I've wasted too much time.  I haven't been in high school for three years, and I have nothing to show for it.  I need to get this going as soon as possible.

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how do you make a ball machine path switcher?

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LED Question

I am putting a wire under my porch with LED's placed periodically along the length of it. It will light up a small garden just below/behind the porch, about 2 feet below the bottom of the porch. I am going for the effect seen in the attached picture. I have been looking online (esp DigiKey) for LED's and they give brightness ratings in millicandela, but I cannot for the life of me find a reference as to how bright 1mcd is vs 1000mcd (1 candela). I am looking for something that will give a mild, path-lighting like effect, but won't be so dim that it can only be seen when all other lights (i.e. the light above the porch) are off. These will only be on at night, and will most likely be a warm-white color. I will most likely rough-up the surface of the lights to make the beam more diffuse. Thank You!

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Image Processing Tutorial : What you do for your images?

Image Processing Tutorial : What you do for your images? Are you in possession of images you want to convert in to digital form? Or simply you would like to perform some operations to enhance their outlook?  Similarly if you just want to extract some useful information from them, all you need is a photo house that carries out image processing. This is where you can have a photo you want manipulated made  the input as you give  specified characteristics you want included. To do image processing, you may have to apply a set of signals that can give you   the desired results. There are three distinct steps to follow in any image processing. They include: Importing images using a scanner or a photography Analyzing and manipulating images using enhancement and compression methods Altering the results we obtain at the output level There are plenty of reasons for carrying out image processing; the reasons and purposes are as follows: So that you can easily observe the parts that are not visible Restoration and sharpening the images for the purpose of making them look better Image retrieval – if you are interested in any particular image, you can have it retrieved. Identify the number of elements making up a pattern Distinguish the object and its image. There are   two methods that can be used in processing any images. Digital Analog If you are analyzing hard copies and printouts, this is what is referred to as visual techniques.  It involves use of various fundamentals and image processing techniques. You need to make use of technicians who are vast in image processing. They may use visual techniques and apply a combination of individual knowledge and experience in image processing. If your pictures are in a digital form, you may employ digital processing techniques to manipulate those using computers. Images collected from sensors and satellites can be manipulated to get the real images or data.  To do this, you need experts who can take the images collected into a number of phases before coming up with the required images.  They must have the latest skills to help them get over flaws and get original information. The data or images collected may be taken through the following phases; Pre-processing, Information extraction, Enhancement and display. Other than image processing service, you may need team   to deal with computer graphics. This is where any desired image is manually made using physical models. It could include lighting, environment and natural scenes. This graphics can be used in animated movies, computer vision and plays. It can be used to create moving images to depict a story. Generally, imaging is key in image processing. The designers should consider a number of factors including; Human visual – where the designers consider the psychophysical process that takes place in human beings as they make sense out of information they see and receive. Lastly in all these, ensure that you get a clipping path company that is vast in imaging and which can work hand in hand with you to ensure that you get the required results.

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Is it possible to create a branching path instructable? Answered

Since I do a tutorial supporting Windows mac and Linux, I would love to have a branching path solution within insctructables. This to separate out the steps per operating system. Is that in some form possible? I came up with named anchors so far, to jump to the correct section within a step. The draft I got so far

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Why do i solve the sum in this way (mathematics)?

The sum is as given below: "There are two cars A and B.They start from the same point at the same time and travel in a circular path .Car A can complete one round in 18 minutes whereas car B can complete the round in 16 minutes. After how much time will they meet?"   my maths teacher told me to take the LCM(least common multiple) of their respective completion times of a round. Can anybody please explain to me as to why i should take the LCM. Also i would be greatful  if you could explain it simply.Cheerio.

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Any ideas for new ball machine elements/lifts/path separators?

Hi everybody! About one month ago I started the construction of a new ball machine. I'm not gonna tell anything about it yet, so don't ask for details ;) Well, I'm not making this topic just to make you courious. At the moment I'm out of inspiration. Do you have any new ideas for new elements/lifts/path seperators? The machine allready took approx 1/3 of all my parts, so I can still make it much higher. All ideas are welcome and will be considered Thanks, ~Sandroknexmaster~

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How make Robot, which going on motion path?

How make a motion path?.    I want take a  lot picture of car on 360 degress. But in the world a lot kind of cars and size. i want make rail road for my robot. Thank you, Have a nice day!

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How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Paradox? Answered

Hi everyone! Are you ready for a new piece contest? I hope so, because it has arrived! Here is my only question for you: How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Paradox? You can only enter one answer, that’s the only important rule. Prizes: 1st place: 1 year pro memebership and a patch 2nd place: 6 months pro membership and a patch 3rd place: 3 months pro membership and a patch 4th place: a patch 5th place: a patch The contest closes Thursday, 8 August 2013. Good luck! ~Sandroknexmaster~ ___________________________________________ Results! Here are the official results: Grand Total: 30674 pieces! Ranking: 1st gargamel602 (29467)                 1 year pro memebership and a patch! 2nd hunter999 (28500)                      6 months pro membership and a patch! 3rd iceng (28374)                                3 months pro membership and a patch! 4th iloveknexforever (27562)             a patch! 5th collinjo12 (27000)                        a patch! 6th knexknexknexknex (26750) 7th coolananias101 (35000) 8th Blue Mullet 2 (25000) 9th Sorunome (24000) 10th Shadowman39 (22342) 11th KneXtreme (18002) Thanks for participating, if not thanks for watching! ~Sandroknexmaster~

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Logic Problems

I changed the topic name because I think so people might think of logic problems as a programming question or electronic question, so some people wouldn't bother looking at the topic. Think you're good at logic? Here are some problems: Title: Gorillas Enjoy Ballet Gorillas are the only animal that enjoys ballet. All animals can fly to mars. Scotch brooms bloom every Thursday all over mars. Only those few animals that do not play solitaire are immune to hay fever. No animal that travels in leaky rowboat ever has the penultimate word in a verbal discourse. Scotch broom in bloom is what gives animals hay fever. Those that do not handle hot ice cubes travel to town in leaky rowboats. All animals that have the penultimate word in a verbal discourse play solitaire. No animal that enjoys ballet handles hot ice cubes. What conclusion can you draw from the above information? Logic Puzzle number 2 This one takes up 2 pages, so I'm going to skip the story and say the logic parts. Basically this one guy thinks he smarter than gods or something so they give him a trial. He's trying to go toward the treasure and not die. Split in the road number 1, at least one sign is false, one path leads to a serpent. Path A: "This path leads to the serpent." Path B: "The sign at path A is true." Which way should he go? Split in the road number 2, 2 signs are true, one is false Path A: "The sign at Path B is true" Path B: "Path A is not the one to follow" Path C: "This is the Path to follow" Which way should he go? Split in the road number 3, 2 signs are true, one is false Path A: "Path B is the one to follow: Path B: "Path C is the one to follow, unless it's Path A" Path C: "Neither Path A nor B is the correct Path" Which way should he go? There are now 3 houses, one containing the treasure, there's a sign infront of each house. 2 signs are false, but one is true. House A: "C is not the house to enter unless THIS house is not the one to enter" House B: "The sign at house A is false" House C: "Either house A or house B is the one to enter" Which house should he choose? Please write your answer in the form of the path/house in order, for example ABCB would be path 1 is A, Path 2 is B, etcetcetc. On a totally different note (I don't wanna make another topic), can you use the cable that you use with a boarduino to make an avr programmer? If so, can you post an example schematic of how to hook up a chip.

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How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Euphoria? Answered

Hey everyone! My knex ball machine Euphoria is broken down and I've counted all the pieces. I thought "What if I make a small contest about the number of pieces?" So now I ask you: How many pieces do you think I've used to build Euphoria? Everyone can enter his or her idea but stay realistic please! Also don't give me more then one answer cause your first answer only will count. Prizes: 1st place: 3 months pro membership 2nd place: A patch 3rd place: A patch This contest ends Sunday 21 October 2012 Good luck! ~Sandroknexmaster~ ________________________________________________________________ Results! First thank you very much for entering this contest! I hope you did like it and here are the results: Grand total: 17505 pieces! 1: Knexator                         3 months pro membership! 2: Purple Waffles              A patch! 3: Shadowman39             A patch! 4: Sorunome 5: dr. richtofen 6: MarsCrystalMan 7: TheAwsomestDude 8: KneXtreme 9: toeti See you!  ~Sandroknexmaster~

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How to make a path following robot using IP camera with LabView?

The robot will be the Robotic Starter kit 2.0 from National Instrument.

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How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Revolution?

That's my question for you! Here is a link to Revolution (with more pictures and a video) You can only enter one answer. This are the prizes: 1st place: 6 months pro membership and a patch 2nd place: 3 months pro membership and a patch 3rd place: a patch The contest closes Friday, 18 July 2014 Good luck! ~Sandroknexmaster~ ____________________________________________ Results! Total number of pieces: 13531 1) dr. richtofen (12369)                     6 months pro membership and a patch! 2) myOmy (12345)                            3 months pro membership and a patch! 3) Knexmaster888 (14948)               A patch! 4) Sorunome (15000) 5) Gargamel-Knex (15316) 6) didexo (17343) 7) nerfrocketeer (17344) 8) ~KnexBuild~ (18016) 9) Knex2thelimit (18292) 10) Zombiekiller-93 (7000) 11) akshat21045 (21045) 12) FlyingFish10 (118999881999119725) Thanks for entering! ~Sandroknexmaster~

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Hi, I cant print from pdf (says cant find path) the printer works with other applications? how do I find the Path? thanks for reading this problem and maybe solving it Zimzim

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How to make a robot arm which can move though specific path?

pls help me  to make a robotic arm which moves though a specific path.

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your new or upcoming machines

Pics videos or whatever you want just post something about your new machine

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About how many volts can a solar path light curcit can take? Answered

And what to do after you remove the led and cds cell like should I bridge it or not.

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Toy Rods and Connectors Contest: Prizes!

Hello knexers! Just a small forum topic about the price I won with the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest. My prize arrived today, and I thought it would be nice to show you a picture. To the other winners of the contest: Feel free to send me a picture off your prize (comment or PM), then I can add it to the forum topic. 1st picture: me 2nd picture: hunter999 3rd picture: knexpert#10829476 Thanks for looking! ~Sandroknexmaster~

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What are the guidelines for your power voltage path in your audio project?

Are you supposed to avoid crossing it over your audio signal, or parallel to it, or across or parallel to your ground wire?  And if the enclosure is grounded, should you avoid running it against the enclosure?

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Knex ball machine: Bounce

Dysprosium is almost finished and will be posted within 2 weeks. I am currently planning another ball machine named Bounce. It will be around 3 feet tall with 2 paths. The lift system going to be a chain lift. The first path will go onto a trampoline, bounce onto another, and another, than land in a basket. I don't know what the second path will be so please leave a comment with ideas. There aren't any pictures yet.

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Ball Machine Help

This ball machine is tall and has 4 paths so I was wondering if anybody had ideas on where to make a fifth path. I have a lot more knex pieces. So I can build a lot of things. And yes I attached a working ferris wheel to my ball machine with gears and chains.

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Graphic Design

I'm from Bangladesh, we are online base photo editing company, we provide all type of image editing services such as clipping path, photo retouching, color correction and related services. Can anybody to say me how can I got my potential client? Thanks in advance!

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90 degree turn of a line follower robot

I want a line follower to follow this track and when it comes back to the start point i want it to take the path of the starting point again not the forward path and so on . ONLY BY USING LOGIC GATES ( no micro-controller, Arduino..etc )

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how do you get/send patches?

How can a get and send pathes on instructables?

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does anyone know how to install quickbasic with a broken floppy drive? Answered

The quickbasic installation exe needs the files on a floppy drive, and mine is broken. i attempted to use the subst command to set up a A: drive with the path to the files, but i can't set a path for A: since the floppy is hooked up(even though it is broken). any ideas?

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Welcome to the Future

New knex ball machine by Sandroknexmaster, coming soon!

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Cataclysm Ball Machine Update 2

Hey everyone, here's an update video and pictures of Cataclysm. I finished the ball launcher, added the wheel lift, and built the chain path lift. The video doesn't show the arm lift working because I took the batteries out of the motor to prevent corrosion. The ball launcher doesn't send the ball all the way up half the time, so I'm going to have to redo the track coming out of it. I also need to add a gate at the bottom of the arm. Click here for more pictures! Video: don't forget to watch it in HD! Enjoy!

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New here

In my months long efforts to find plans for making a Malibu outrigger, I find this interesting forum. Very cool off the path stuff. BigMike

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how do i type a path in the cmd(command prompt) to my files that are in a usb (d) drive.

Well i have a file that i want to manipulate using the cmd promt and i cant find the proper term to use to refer to my usb (d) drive to tell the cmd to go to my usb (d). i know how to go to my hard (c) drive but i cant for some reason get to my usb (d) using the cmd.

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give me how i attach camera with microcontroller?

I want to make a robote who see the obtacle and remove or change its path..

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Knex Challenge: Stair Lift

 This is a challenge that is open to all Knex builders.  The challenge is to create a two-path ball machine using 39Shadowman's Stair Lift. The machine must use the stair lift and no other lift systems, and must use the path separator shown in the video. The closing date for entries is 29th December.  I will look at the entries on 31st December and pick a winner.  The winner will receive five star ratings on their next five Instructables (including slide shows and videos). GOOD LUCK!  

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New Ball Machine In The Works

Hey everyone. I started a new ball machine a few weeks ago, and I would like some help from the community in terms of ideas for paths. I have 8 more paths to go on this machine, so all ideas are welcome. I have a few videos of progress so far, but I'm at a current standstill because of a lack of parts. (Don't let this influence ideas because I will get more pieces.)  http://youtu.be/GDw32qafwA8

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New ball machine and more

My 4th ball machine. 2 lifts, 6 paths. I also re-sorted my knex and organized them into new drawers. Oh and my cat.

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How images for website on raspberry

I create a page for managing raspberries, but I can not add a picture of what I'm doing wrong.how to set the path to the picture in the index.html or how to open access to system folders in raspberry

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Can't find or reset username? Procedure for password OK, but not username.?

Procedure for forgotten password or username starts out the same, but doesn't appear to separate into a username path? I keep getting returned to password change

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New Ball Machine

I am currently making a new ball machine, It will have a 'Jungle'  theme to it. I'm thinking of a name for it.. i have these so far: Jungle, Monkey and Swingin'. If you have any ideas for elements or names feel free to comment. It will have 4 paths. *EDIT* This ball machine is now finished. I will post a video but no instuctions. To give you a hint of what it looks like here are the names of the four paths: Old mine, Vine run, Broken bridge, And Waterfall. I will call It "Rumble In The Jungle" thanks to MegaMetal8. 

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Kids Robotics

I want to work with my daughter to build a fun robot but it seems like there are some many choices out there for platforms, controllers, software etc. I think I'm leaning towards a platform from DFrobot. http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&path;=37_111&product;_id=97#.VaL4sZNVhBc And an Arduino based controller like this, http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&path;=35_104&product;_id=1176#.VaL45pNVhBc To control and make it move I'm thinking that Ardublock could be a good choice. http://blog.ardublock.com/ I'm curious if this community has any thoughts on my choices... or alternative ideas. Thanks, Phil

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Can anybody give me ideas on my new knex ball tower?? Answered

I am having trouble making a ball tower with a squiggle path. If you dont know what I mean, go to Youtube and I beleve the video is called knex ball machine operation schism. How do you make the path during the first run? Also Darth trainman, how on earth did you even start making the xXxXx with no instructions? I want to know how you do it please. Sorry if Im being bossy. Whoever helps me, thanks!

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A novel lunar clock

The Large Hadron Collider is so big that tidal effects cause its beam paths to distort, as the machinery bends. http://www.quantumdiaries.org/2012/06/07/is-the-moon-full-just-ask-the-lhc-operators/

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Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering? Answered

What are the primary differences between the two? Which is a more rewarding career path? Which major is better for someone who wants to get a broad understanding of engineering? Is it feasible to get a double major?

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New ball alternator

Hey I was thinking about having a new ball alternator well at least a idea. I made a model on this knex modeling thing. Well how It SHOULD work is that it is encased in a cage where the ball falls down and a motor will be turning the fan like things. Underneath the fan there might be 1-4 ball path. The fan will move and thus it will make the ball fall randomly in one of the 4 paths. I'm running out of pieces and I don't want to take apart my ball machine that i'm making so you guys can try to make this is you want. It might also be hard to see the yellow rod behind the red one.

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We're all gonna die!!!

If you've seen the news you might have seen that the state of Florida is in the path of a tropical storm. However if you are in the state, seeing local coverage, you'll know that we're in the path of a Class 12 DeathStorm!!! In reality, the situation is even more dire than even the local news reports, I'm down to my last beer. One plus, it only took an imminent natural disaster to get our governor to visit the state, he's been too busy campaigning for mccain. I just want you to know, that is I don't make it out this time, the gold is buried under a big W!

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Knex ball machine.

I was wondering if somebody could make a new knex ball machine, with 4 paths, and with 3000 - 5000 pieces. what you can use: any connectors or rods anything from the big ball air tower set any gears any motor what you cant use: orange tubing over 10ft of chains (unless its some kind of other lift) these are other ball machines i made. i broke them because there were not many paths, the ball kept falling off, or that they just werent good enough. project box project immeuble project nano project dos project aggresor (the famous knex big ball factory below)

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This is the frame of my new ball machine, BALLMACHINEARIFICOUS ( Credit go's to  seliziona for the name) It will have 8 paths, its 3 1/2 - 4 FT tall. So yeah........ AXIYS OUT!

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Knex Ball Machine - Schizoid

Here is my newest ball machine, Schizoid.  It is four feet tall, uses a chain lift and has seven paths.  It took ten days to build.  Enjoy! KnexLord1

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additional tech

If we send it up then should we put any extra tech? by this i mean in my design im working on i have a altimeter to see how high it flys and a gps tracker for recovery and to see the flight path also should there be a camera added?

Topic by shabaki 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago