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How can I troubleshoot installing a 256 mb pc 133 kingston ram module to a hp pavillion n5450 notebook ?

I have 128 mb installed and want to add a 256 mb pc 133 kingston module. When I add it and turn the computer on the fan starts for a second and then shuts off and the computer doesn't boot. I have tried all different configurations for the ram ( just adding new ram, switching module placement etc.) with the same results. This is the ram kingston told me would work so I wonder if it is something wrong I am doing with installation. I bought the ram a while ago and kingston doesn't support it anymore. Any help would be great.

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HP Pavillion f1503 desktop LCD monitor backlight problem, need some guidelines on how to dis-assemble it..

I do have knowledge in electronics and have enough training in soldering, but what i am looking for is a procedure on how to dis-assemble HP pavillion f1503 lcd monitor. I dont want to apply force on it because im afraid of breaking it. Thanks and hoping that someone will help me ASAP =)

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Can I turn a HP Pavillion TX2075BR notebook into a "Cintiq tablet" from wacom ?

I have a HP Pavillion TX2075BR notebook, and due to a problem the chipset is gone. I was wondering there is some way to use the screen and touch screen to make a "Cintiq tablet" by Wacom interactive pen display to use on other computer or with other motherboard? It's really sad to see a notebook with no use, some people told me that to repair it(motherboard-chipset) would be too expensive and not worth it. Thanks.

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How can I fix the keyboard on my zv500 hp pavillion?

The keybord on my laptop suddenly started to type wrong characters and combinations of them. For example the first line of characters (qwertyuiop[]) on my keyboard does not to type the right characters but other ones

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HP Pavillion dv9000 expresscard remote problems.

I have an HP Pavillion dv9339us with the expresscard remote. I've recently reformatted both hard-drives in it (including removing the recovery partition) and now the expresscard remote won't work. I know the remote itself is functioning fine, because i can see the UV led pulse when i point it at my webcam, but no amount of driver installs or websearching can get the computer to respond to it. Everything else on the laptop works fine. Any ideas?

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Replacing drive/fan belt in my HP Pavillion?

Can I (who am a nuts and bolts) person be able to replace my drive belt in my 4-year-old laptop? I feel this should be a straight away operation, am I going to have any problems doing this? I'd like to know if there is anything I might run into getting access to components. Regards

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Okay, problem with hp pavillion ze5700- letter "y" scrolls across the display whenever a folder opens.

The "y" character scrolls  continually. I  disconnected laptop keyboard ribbon and hooked ext. ps/2 keyboard, then  reloaded  XP OS , then sub-out  HD , then tried to load XP again. No avail. Suspect hardware, no trace breaks seen,

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hack old laptop 4 music making?

Hp pavillion ze44oo and other random oldskool parts. any suggestions just for beat making ect?

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I need instructions for replacing the screen for an hp pavillion dv7-1232nr notebook?

I cracked the screen and purchased a replacement. I downloaded instructions that turned out to be for another model. I cannot find a service manual for this model. Can anyone help me?

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How to repair a broken left hinge on a HP Pavillion dv9008nr laptop computer?

I can not close the lid of the laptop because the left hinge has seperated from the plastic that frames the viewing screen and back of the lid. Is there a video or illustrated description of how to repair the broken hinge? I was told that the design placed a heat dissipator device too close to the left hinge and the heat caused the plastic to fail. Is this true?

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cant connect to my 5 bandwith network on my hp pavillion notebook 17.3 inch screen?

Hi i can connect and have a choice on my chromebook of the 2 networks i have on my belkin 450 router, which is the 24 and 5 bandwidth network, but on my laptop it will only show and let me connect to the 24 bandwidth and when i tell it to forget it it always comes back, it will amnually let me add the other network but it doesnt show up and when i try to get it to share it wont but the 24 network says u can chare but the 5 says cannot share. my laptop wndows 10 works fine everywhere but at my home on the 24 bwidth and also the ping is 20 and speed 4 on my 5 its 9 nad speed 45 plz help why cant i share my 5 bandwdth network and why wont my laptop give me the choice that my chromebook does of both of my networks? also the only diff is it has windows 10 and windows def virus prot! it works great everywhere else! plz help! noone seems to b able to help, not even best buy! i will glady donate a tip if someone can help! it is worth 100 bucks to me! have i turned network sharing off by accident on my router, bcause even on my chrme book the 24 wrks but it is high ping and slower speed! Connection status: Connected Hardware address: 28:C2:DD:16:93:85 Configure automatically IP address: 192.168. Subnet mask: Gateway: 192.168.plz help

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Laptop's fingerprint reader, is it possible to reuse it on desktop?

The dead laptop is a HP Pavillion dv3 4010sl, the sensor is a Validity VFS301 (cdk1071_r04_hf) as written on the sensor itself. if i remember correctly it was shown as a USB peripheral. maybe is simple and it need just some resoldering to a USB cable, the problem is that the flat cable connecting it to the motherboard has 6 pins/lines and my knowledge in electronics is quite limited... I've found online what seems like a motherboard schematics (pg.48) and the vendor's sensor's manual. Does Anyone knows if is possible, If yes how?

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i have a fingerprint reader from my dead laptop is it possible to use it with my desktop?

The dead laptop is a HP Pavillion dv3 4010sl, the sensor is a Validity VFS301 (cdk1071_r04_hf) as written on the sensor itself. if i remember correctly it was shown as a USB peripheral. maybe is simple and it need just some resoldering to a USB cable, the problem is that the flat cable connecting it to the motherboard has 6 pins/lines and my knowledge in electronics is quite limited... Does Anyone knows if is possible? I've found online what seems like a motherboard schematics: here attachements: sensor manual

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My computer is playing up?

Hi, my sisters computer was running really slow. She rebooted it and upon reboot the computer made a high pitch beeping when loading files. It took about 45 minits to finally boot in still making the high pitch beep from the speakers the whole time. After everything loaded the computer slowed down and stopped beeping but came really un-responsive and was too slow to load anything. When booting into safe mode the computer still beeps and takes a long time to start up but runs well (loading some programs is still a issue) . System idle CPU usage jumps around randomly. Memory usage seems normal. I was thinking that it could be a issue with the OS but not sure.I haven't tried booting from another drive. HP Pavillion dm1 Windows 7 64bit 4GB ram AMD E-450 1.65GHz What do you think could be wrong???

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How can I use my IBM Profile or my laptop LCD screen as just a monitor for my desktop machine? Answered

I have very limited space to work out of and would like do away with big monitor. Even more limited is money. But parts, inngenuity and creativity abound! I love to make cool stuff out of found crap. Can I use my IBM Profile, (flat screen with whole computer housed within the screen), as just a monitor for my desktop machine. (Compaq Pavillion, XP sp3)? Can I make a monitor out of my laptop LCD screen? ( Acer Travelmate- it fried due to frequent overheating, not sure yet what is good/bad internally, gets stuck trying to boot, screen is fine) What is essential to a monitors' functioning, (hardware, driver, software, emmulation)? I've researched the subject a little bit, but havent found definitively the minimum of parts or features I need to make it work. I found more info on how much more you can get it to do, other than just BE A SCREEN for my desktop machine, and most of the info seems to take for granted that the reader has done this kind of mod or adaptation before. I'm clever and have some skills but it is not my profession, just a DIY that interests and challenges me to DO IT, and it would give me back my work surface. So? Can it be done? Is it practical? Better ideas maybe? Thanx All.

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HP Laptop suddenly turns off without warning. What's going on? Answered

So I have a HP Pavillion zv5320ca that likes to suddenly turn off now (not shut just goes black and turns off like you pull out the AC connector). It starts to do this about 3 weeks ago. Before this, there was no problem for a few years. My HP Laptop is 4.5 years old today. It does this with the battery in and the battery out, hooked up to outlet power. About 3 weeks ago, I was typing on the keyboard and suddenly the battery icon appeared even when AC was plug-in. I have to unplug and re-plug the AC connector at the back of laptop, and then the battery icon would disappear. (Now my old battery doesn't keep a charge anymore). I know it isn't a heat problem, because I can turn the computer on first thing in the morning and it will sometimes shut off within 4 or 5 seconds. And my heat fans are clean (I clean them every 3 months). The CPU was not feeling hot at the bottom, and my Notebook Hardware Control software showed CPU temperature as +42C when this happened. So the nature of it is, I can turn the computer on, and sometimes it shuts off a few seconds after that, sometimes in the middle of the XP loading screen, and sometimes while Windows is loaded. I can use it for 8 hours and have no problems, or sometimes it will shut off 3 or 4 times within 20 minutes...or I can keep trying to turn it on, and it immediately shuts off. I need to re-plug the AC connector before the problem goes away, only to appear again later. What is going on? Anyone has any advice to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

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