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Mistakenly pay

Hello. Today I paid the account by credit card. But mistakenly pressed the "pay" for the second time. Money withdrawn from your credit card a second time?

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Paying for PDF's?

I will not pay for for Pro membership.  You guys are getting too big for your britches. You took what was a interesting site and made it suck.  While some of the information is clever and worth saving, none for it is worth giving you access to my money.  I may never visit your site again.

Question by gleasonb    |  last reply

Possible to pay for one month?

When I tried to sign up for one month, the amount listed is for one year. I would like to try a month first seeing as I'm only interested in one project. Thank you in advance and merry Christmas! Tobias

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Does Wikipedia pay Google? Answered

I was wondering if Wikipedia pay a large fee to goole to be one of the first site that comes up on the result page?

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Arduino Coder Needed - Will Pay

Hello,      I am in serious need of some help with code for a Arduino Uno project! This would not be for free of course. Just let me know what would be fair. So if your in the mood to help a dummy out, drop me a line! Here's some background on the project The project is a prop for a Halloween haunted house/escape room. The idea is for 4 RFID readers to detect 4 objects (Maybe optical sensors are better here for triggering the audio?not sure). Once all 4 objects are placed on top of each reader, the adafruit Wave Shield produces a telephone ring sound effect (I will be providing the sound .wav files to the adafruit SD card). I would also need to have a the ability to push a button to stop the ringing and skip to the next audio file on the SD card of the Adafruit wave shield. Hope that all made sense :). Below are links to all the pieces of hardware I am using: 1. Arduino Uno - I think you know what this is 2. 4 x RC522 RFID Readers  - 3. Adafruit Wave Shield - 4. Maybe Photoresistors for triggering instead -

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Is there an age limit for pay pal?

Is there an age limit for getting a pay pal account? If you are 16 and already have a bank account can you get a pay pal account for making purchases through Ebay? Thanks.

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what would you pay?

Hey im just curious what you people would pay for this if it were a bicycle engine kit with a maintenance free engine... it gets 90mpg 35mph and what if it had free installation but looked more professional than in the pictures 

Question by BIGHAIRYDUDE    |  last reply

Will pay someone to make this for me.

Https:// want to make this but I'm missing alot of the parts needed to do this myself. So I'm paying anyone who can make one look as close to the ones the others have made with working LED and everyone.

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Looking for Electronic Technician...Will Pay $$$

I'm looking for someone to do some electronic mods to some devices for a fee. It's a project for an invention. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida, but that's not important. We could communicate via email or phone.

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Ok paid with pay pal

I paid and it showed up on my bill me later account. Did not get any email confirmation and no pro membership.  I know this may in fact be a glitch but please tell me it can be fixed. PLEASE

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Looking for some help with a mod.   I need the guts of a bluetooth receiver or headphones(just the bluetooth module) installed into the housing of a hearing aid.  Basically just the receiving module I dont need to talk on it, it is just for audio.  I don't need or want the hearing aid parts to work or anything else inside it other then the bluetooth receiver.  obviously I need the audio from the bluetooth to come out of it though. I just need it to be rechargeable.  I will provide all the materials.   That's all I am looking for and am willing to pay for the time.

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Looking for Electronic Tech ...Will Pay $$$

I'm looking for someone to do some electronic mods to some devices for a fee. It's a project for an invention. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida, but that's not important. We could communicate via email or phone.

Topic by daveyandgolie  

Tiny portable printer - Will pay

Hello everyone. I need someone to come up with the plans or the finished product of a really small portable printer around the size of a Galaxy SII (or iPhone) but twice the height (thickness) at most. It must be able to print on a strip of paper about 2-6cm wide. It must be able to print a dot-matrix like text. The size of the text must be somewhat adjustable. It must print ASCII characters and maybe some symbols. The line of text to be printed will look like this: ID0001||25AUG{}12:55 No need for paper feeding or anything. It should operate like: place the paper in the tray, press a button/buttons, remove the paper. The ink should last for at least ten prints before replacing and the device must have a rechargeable battery. I would prefer if you make an instructable out of it as well but it is not mandatory. If you can deliver kindly send me a private message here with your offer.

Topic by izybit  

I pay for one month why I can't do nothing a pro session do ?

I pay for one month why I can't do nothing like a pro session suppose to do ?

Question by patous    |  last reply

Pro-member no downloads

Every link I click on signs me out. On the pdf page no link will download with out signing me out. I sign back in and click on the link only to be signed back out and told that I cant download till I sign in. Its a cycle. In both safari and firefox. If you cant provide me with what I paid for then end my contract. From reading the forums you are not providing service or fixing the issue. This was a great site when it was a resource and functional. Ever since it became a paid site it's gone down hill. I have screen shots of the issues if needed. thank you -Aaron Koscielniak

Topic by Spangler    |  last reply

Game Stop pays you "?????" for games

Hello! I was wondering, how much does game stop pay you for a game? Thanks! (I'm too lazy to go to game stop)

Topic by Sandisk1duo    |  last reply

I hope they're paying to be members

I hope Dremel are paying for their membership, because otherwise it's the most blatant spam I have seen here for a long time.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Arduino coder wanted (Willing to Pay)

Looking for someone to write an arduino sketch to drive a stepper motor on an XY table. Relatively simple code wanted Willing to pay 

Topic by PhillipF9    |  last reply

Can't Pay for Simple Bots ebook

I can't pay for the SimpleBots ebook.  Pressing "Proceed to Checkout" does nothing, and yes I have the agree to terms checked. I don't have a PayPal account, but that button does seem to work. OS:  Mac OS X 10.6.8 Browser:  Chrome 18.0.1025.163 (I think I properly attached the screencap if not let me know)

Topic by joelcardinal    |  last reply

Wanted Arduino code writer (will pay)

Hi friends. I need someone to help me write Arduino code for my project. I will pay 20 US$ for each code you make...will put the money to your paypal account, or if you like can order something for you from EBAY and ship to your address.. please msg me I send you the flowchart and what the code is sopposed to do. Thanks

Topic by goldenshuttle    |  last reply

Premium features and not enough choices for paying

Why not also offer one-time payments for downloads? I would've spent the money for one; maybe others would too. And then you'd make more money, I'd have my download, and happiness would abound.

Topic by zzzacme    |  last reply

why do we keep paying?

I don't understand why I supported this web site in the first place. I think it was to see an indestructable that I was interested in but it wasn't their ("their" being the people who demand money ) indestructable. They (the people that take our money) don't post anything that interests me and they won't allow people to view other peoples projects unless we pay. I think it's a rip off that shouldn't be. These people are greedy and don't contribute anything except for a place to view this on the net. A lot of the projects here are crap and nobody here does anything to verify the projects. They started out with a free website and now it's a rip off....

Topic by jessey    |  last reply

what resistors to pay or what to do ? Answered

OK guys i need help in a simple project i need to make 15 board every board have 5  white LED its 5mm 3.5 v some boards will be connected i when and got 150 LED and 5 test board  but cuz i don't know what resistors i didn't get any so i made my first board connected a Nokia charger to it , it gives DC 5.7 v and 800mA  it burned all 5 LED i used . i will cut the boards down to 15 or 20 small ones OK i will connect 5 boards to gather. how can i calculate what resistor to use . should i use this charger or i get another one. what should i pay to make that work .:update:. i got 150 resistor 150 ohm 2 220v to 5v 1000 mA adapter  and 5 more test boards the first test i got  from a usb cable the lad give me a blue color that is a sign of great power  the with the resistor it gave me white color so i will make the 2nd test with the adapter

Question by hfayed1    |  last reply

Need Arduino Neopixel program written, will pay

Hey Guys! I am new to Arduino and simply pulling my hair out trying to code things way over my level. I have a project I am working on that needs a program written for it, and maybe some hardware suggestions. -NeoPixel Lights that switch to different patterns based on pin inputs. I can explain further via email/IG, I am not on here very much! Pay is open for discussion once we figure out how much work it will actually be to knock out! Thank you!! Sam IG: Gooichimotors

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need solar panels

Need solar panel contact if you have any extra laying around, may be willing to pay depending on price asked

Topic by singhjr  

wanted: solar panels

May be willing to pay dependin on price asked and condition and specifications of the panel. if you have any laying around unused please contact

Topic by singhjr    |  last reply

Job suggestions for a 13 year old.

I was wondering what other jobs a 13 year old could do besides newspaper delivery? Because right now I am only getting paid $100 a month. Are there any other suggestions for a job that pays me enough money so I can give to charity and keep some for myself also?

Topic by Lemon-Duck    |  last reply

How much does a 1/4 Pro membership cost?

Need a reciept for Pro membership for 1/4 year

Question by tkowall1    |  last reply

Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ?

Please help me with that: Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ? I'll accept any price

Topic by pwicherski    |  last reply

How to pay out with existing paypal balance? Answered

I have had money payed into paypal, and sent out a payment which took the money from my bank account. Is there a setting to pay using the money that I have in my paypal account?

Question by RMConstruction    |  last reply

i have problem i cannot pay?

Hello i am trying to pay with my credit card but i still have this error: this transcation cannot be processed i use debit visa card

Question by gopalpotdar    |  last reply

Why pay for something we already have? Answered

Why pay for the "Favorites" feature and the "Allsteps" feature when we already have it? Are you guys playing games with us or something?

Question by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

i have broplem i cannot pay

hello i am trying to pay with my credit card but i still have this error: this transcation cannot be processed i use virtual visa

Topic by ahmed334  

Are we going to have to pay to view instructables? Answered

Seems like it with the pro stuff...

Question by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

Why does one have to pay for membership

If the people that share their videos and ideas on this amazing site do it for free, why one has to pay a fee to get better benefits. I do not understand. Can you correctme telling me why I am mistaken? Thank you

Question by amalgam    |  last reply

What exactly are we paying ISPs to do?

How do the internet companies provide us with internet? What do they have that we do not?

Question by remmy5    |  last reply

I'll pay you to build my idea

I want to build a wrist countdown timer. It will look like a fitbit or any other health tracker wrist band. however it will have only a countdown timer and that's it. nothing else. It has to be chargeable. 

Topic by gio_13  

How much would you pay for a DeskSquid?

I was going to look into some mass production options for something like this, there's been a lot of interest but even I thought the cost a little high (close to ~$50 in parts). Before I even bother contacting a manufacturer I wanted to see what my fellow makers would be willing to pay, just to see if this is doable.Forget what's it worth, if this walked into the hardware store what would be your "buy-it-now" price, think about it price, and forget it price.*Just the desksquid not the mini

Question by BioZone    |  last reply

I will pay you to make my Idea!

So basically I want a very simple device which is just a little buzzer and either some kind of laser sensor or even bits of string. I want something that can be worn that makes a noise when the wear slips out of good posture. I am sure this could be easily done. All quotes will be received and considered.

Topic by moogle123    |  last reply

Would you pay 1800GBP to pass the test?

Back in the day - more than thirty years ago - all British children had to sit and pass the "eleven plus" examination.A set of multiple-choice questions, it determined your entire future, because only by passing could you get to a grammar school, and hence to university.Although the 11+ has passed away, there are still 164 grammar schools that can only be entered by passing an exam, and it has recently been revealed that some parents spend as much as 1800GBP to train their children to pass the test.Could you pass?Follow this link to take a short version of the test - the timer is running, you have ten minutes to answer 15 questions.

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Are there any DIY or craft website that pays for writing tutorial?

I have heard about craft websites that pay for writing tutorials. Does anyone know about any reliable craft site that pays?

Question by atehzab    |  last reply

View all steps without paying for instructibles pro

If you right click the view all steps on one page and click open in new tab, it circumvents buying pro and you can see all the steps without paying. I use Mozilla Firefox 9.1 and my computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have 4.5 Gigs of ram and a 2.6 GHz processor.

Topic by Galahir950    |  last reply

Can I pay just one month to test

I would like to pay one month to make sure if the information is going to help me. I need the instructions for the square water melon. Could you please tell me if I can do it? Thanks LG

Topic by Lolius    |  last reply

Who likes this and did i pay a good price?

Who likes this i payed $25 with tax its etched on an old core 2 duo did i get ripped off is it cool? i plan on turning it into a necklace.

Question by loppy96    |  last reply

Wanted Arduino code writer for my project (will pay)

Hi friends. Hi I need a code writer for my project. The code would instruct arduino to turn on 3 leds and drive 2 servo motors. The functionality would be driven by an android app (there are plenty out there) connected with bluetooth Willing to pay 40$

Topic by JosephF74    |  last reply

Build me a halo costume?? will pay fair price

HI i am looking for a realistic halo costume if someone can build it for me i would be happy. i don't have time to do it myself but i am willing to pay a fair price debating on how it looks. we can discuss prices and stuff like that. but i want a realistic one if at all possible and if you can help me out let me know. i would like it to be as realistic as the one in the picture and if you could make it black and yellow that would be awesome!! if anybody can help please let me know!!! :) thank you.

Topic by river.solmonson    |  last reply