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How to save an oiled penguin (with knitting!)

Biologist Jeremy Gray explains how penguins are cleaned up after the New Zealand spill: First the penguins must be warm and happy. Most are kept overnight before washing, as it is very stressful and they need to get their strength up. Then the birds are brought into the cleaning room and put on the table. Normally detergent is used to clean wildlife caught in an oil slick.  But the fuel oil that's spilled from the Rena is really thick, so we first rinse the birds with canola oil, sold as cooking oil at the supermarket. This helps soften the fuel oil and get off the really thick stuff. Then the penguin is washed multiple times in 25L basins of warm water - about 41C, to match the bird's body temperature - with 100ml of dishwashing detergent in each basin. We use specially imported dishwashing liquid that's the best for the job. We change water four or five times. One vet holds the bird, while the other scrubs it. We have toothbrushes for the delicate bits. Once the oil is gone, the bird gets a final rinse in warm water only, and is then checked for any missed spots, and the detergent is washed off. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour for each bird to be washed. The birds are then taken to a clean room and put under heat lamps and blowers to dry. The clean room is strictly oil-free - no-one who has touched any oil is even allowed in, in order to prevent recontamination. Once clean and dried, the birds are kept in a water tank until healthy enough to be released. And swimming in clean water lets them preen their feathers back to their natural condition. During my shift - we're only allowed to work eight hours - I helped clean three penguins. And as I was sent home they were gearing up to do the rest. At the time there were six dirty penguins (seven until one died before cleaning), seven clean penguins, one clean seal and two clean shags. More penguins and seals have since arrived. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now for the knitting... The penguins are in danger from the cold (they're penguins, duh!), but they do need jumpers.  A full-body woolly jumper stops them preening contaminated feathers  and ingesting the toxic oil. Volunteers have been using this pattern from and knitting jumpers to keep the Little Blue penguins safe. So far, I have only seen photos of the jumper being worn by stuffed toys - if you come across one being used for real, could you let me know? More links: Oiled Wildlife Response Jeremy Gray's Flickr (the original source of the penguin photos)

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$ altoids amp (penguin mints amp) $

Hey guys, i was wanting to make an altoids amp however i noticed the instructable up at the moment isnt the most descriptive or has the best photos. so i am asking for someone to make an instructable so that even me, can make one. i am ok with simple electronics and will persevere until i get the desired result . the poster should have a decent camera (for macro images) and describe the components and what they do. i will offer a cash reward for the poster (a whole $10!). thanks alot Cew27

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Startling new images from the BBC

The BBC has used some amazing new footage of penguins in its new promo for the iPlayer service.Click here to watch.I think this is my favourite clip of the day.

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Hey, so I made a snow penguin thingy for the knexflux snowman contest ^.^ You can find instructions here:

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Will Google "Penguin" ruin my Instructables' ranking?

I recently came across an article about Google Penguin. I also recently started sharing my Instructables' posts on Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+, and am confused. There are many spammy websites that take the info form my I'bles, repost it, and also leave a link to the I'ble (most of them). Example:;=Finger+Mallet+from+a+Tree+Branch&aqs;=chrome..69i57j69i60j69i59&sourceid;=chrome&ie;=UTF-8 I really like Pinterest, and am okay with G+ and Twitter. I think most of my Instructables show as the first clickable option (rank), since most of my Instructables are ORIGINAL (until the Youtube plagiarizers find about them) things that haven't been posted before online... Will sharing on social media affect this?

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Ultimate mint tin mod thing ideas

I recently got some Penguin mints from the US (I live in South Africa) and I had an idea, I want to make the ultimate mint tin mod/kit. Basically I'd like to get some ideas for various things to include or ways to modify the tin so it'll be useful in the most number of situations.

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How do i make a blue penguin robot?

I need one for my son at his birthday he realy wants one.

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finding Lcd screens

I am looking for lcd screens that could display information from a computer.  Small, at most 5 inches.  Also, im 13 and dont have an allowance so the cheaper the better!  I have tried really hard trying to find them and when i do its too expensive. HELP ME B(

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Backpack puppet base?

I wanted to make a this costume for halloween but I can't figure out how to support it. I'm planning to make the body of the costume out of upholstery foam.

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Personalised Tr8

My entry for ninjusk's Tr contest. I like it alot. thats it.

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Here is the video for my new gun, I cannot add it to the slideshow (obviously) so here it is

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Quote of The Week

Hey everyone! it's that time again Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason -logic boy

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Common power rgb leds

Hello, I followed a great instructable here to make rgb led bars. It uses the ledwiz controller. I wanted to shift it over to an arduino controlling the thing. My main problem is that the leds I have is that they have one power lead, and 3 grounds to control the color. how would I get that to work with an arduino? Thanks ~penguins

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How to make an LED Flashlight burn things without extra components like DVD or CD Rom Diodes?

My friend got an Led flashlight and he opened it up and messed around with a chip inside and he made it burn things. Is there a way to turn mine into one too without new components, Like New diodes, DVD or CD Rom Diodes. Mine runs on 3 AAA Batteries and powers 9 LEDs Here is a picture of a similar model

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How can i build a taser?

I want to make a taser .Can u help me

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Knex full auto mech

Need a full auto knex mech hat shoots WİTHOUT a cranck or engine thanks

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Fireproof Pictureframe?

Does anyone know where to buy or how to make a fireproof pictureframe?

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PP19 Remake

Remade the PP19, Gave it a removable mag and charging handle, couldn't be bothered with a stock. blarg

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I'm trying to build the HAWC bow by fred the penguin. Can someone tell me how to make the turret??????

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Guns known the best??? Answered

Im trying to do my best at building knex guns so im looking for guns 2 build. thank you & good day

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Quote of the Week

Its that time again! please leave a comment this week (last week's=PHAIL) Murphy is a jerk. -logic boy what do you think it means?

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New Avatar

I am trying out a new avatar, do you like it or hate it? Should I go back to my old one?

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Quote of The Week

This weeks quote was used when a person said "in my opinion rock sucks"Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yours is just wrong.-logic boy

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Quote of the Week

Hi everybody! I will now be releasing a quote every week! this weeks quote: "Insurance, what Insurance? Oh you mean my shotgun?" logic boy

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I Just got My 666th Comment

The title pretty much says it all =\ only 334 more until I get 1000 w00t!

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amazing video (not a rickroll)

I found this a long time ago when I was lost on youtube :) P.s kitemans penguin topic reminded me

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Quote of the Week

This Weeks quote was thought up about two minutes before this was posted- Anyone can tell me what to do, It's getting me to do it thats the hard part. -logic boy

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What the Hell is going on Here? Answered

I was looking at lowney's profile and this is what I found. I have no Idea how this happened but I would like to know does anyone have any theories?

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I had a really weird dream last night about a guy in my class texting the teacher and getting his cellphone confiscated, so I decided to post this to see what weird dreams you have had

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Black Ops is better than Knex

Title says it all, I am more interested in Black Ops than I am in Knex. I'll still be here but still not much Bonus Video

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I have A clone!

I have just found out that I have a clone.find my clone here: This was just a joke by my friend, he has been punished accordingly.

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How to enlarge a pattern???

I have a pattern of a stuffed penguin that I want to make larger but I dont want to take it to kinko or staples. My printer will not let me make it any larger, How can I do this?

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How can i make a R/C (Remote Control) ? Answered

I am trying to make an remote control detonator for a cap. I need someone to help me out P L E A S E ??

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If you like Pearl Jam.....

Pearl Jam lovers get ready to be jealous, because..... I'M GOING TO PEARL JAM IN AUCKLAND ON FRIDAY!!!!!! thats all for now, If we get pics I'll post them here.

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Turreted Logic Bow

Just an update for all of you guys, I have posted the mods to the Logic Bow to make it turreted. Mods can be found on step 6. If you haven't built it yet BUILD IT NOW!

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Quote of The Week

As well as being on Instructables my quote of the week can also be found here as well as alot more awsome stuff When life gives you lemons, just be thankful you actually got something -logic boy

Topic by Fred the Penguin  

Do you need antivirus software for PS3? Answered

I recently got a PS3 and I was wondering if I need to install some form of antivirus on it. It is a black slimline 120GB version just incase that makes any difference

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Knex ATV

My entry for kNeXFreek's challenge. It has suspension for all 4 wheels and I think that it looks awsome.  I WILL DEFINITELY NOT POST It took about an hour to make, tell me what you think

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Readind the dj's cops suck topic made me think, alot of stuff happens at school, so this topic was born. What weird, funny or stupid stuff happens at your school. I dont want any specifics like names.

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Knex full auto mech.???? Answered

I am looking for a gun to mod but is full auto all the other guns i see either have a rotating bolt mech or a knex motor. PPPPPPLLLLLLSSSSSS if u have an idea share it with me good day

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How can I impove my time on minesweeper?

Well I can already play expert and my best time for it is 179 seconds (without cheating) but I want to improve my time, is there any technique to get faster?

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Why is there not many good knex "explosives" on this site or anywhere. People post your bombs and grenades!

I want ALL knex weapons makers to post pictures of bombs and grenades that actually explode here. I am tired of so called grenades that just shatter

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Quote of The week

Well its monday so that means I can post annother quote, this week I am posting two: Life is much easier when you dont give a damn. Everything is possible, the Impossible just takes longer. -logic boy

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The Strangest Warning Label You Have Seen

What is the strangest/funniest warning label you have ever seen? Here are some of mine: Hairdryer- Do not use while sleeping. Wii (I'm basing of off memory, I don't own a Wii)- Do not eat. Paintballs- Do not feed to penguins.

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Illogic Bow

I finally got access to a camera here are some pictures of the Illogic bow No instructable will be posted until I find my camera charging cable. Update: I stuck KILLERK's TR18 grip and the 18 turret onto it, pics will be up wjen i can be bothered.

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Knex wars

Well here it is a shiny new forum were you can talk about knex wars. Me and my friends generally have one each month so you can expect a recap of each one. Also I would love to hear what you guys get up to.

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I won a contest more than a month ago. Is my prize on its way?

Hello I won the Sodastream party food contest one month ago, and received my instructables prize pack shortly after, but the main prize (a Sodastream Penguin) has not arrived. Is it still coming? :sniffle Thanks

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