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Can I use Naphtha fuel in a penny stove?

It is labled as 'camp stove fuel' but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for this.

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What happened to my penny?!

When I used my newly made wind shield/stand for my alcohol fuel penny stove, the penny was deformed. I was using denatured alcohol for fuel and it was burning well. After it completed my test (boiled a cup of water before it ran out of fuel and without blowing out in the wind) and I was taking it apart to see how well it stood up to the new conditions I noticed that the once shiny penny had been completely deformed. I was wondering if anyone knew how or why this happened.

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How onld do you have to be to buy HEET? (brake line antifreeze)? Answered

Hello everybody, I am wondering if there is an age that you have to be to buy HEET. (brake line antifreeze)  I plan to use HEET as a fuel for my alcohol stove, but I dont have any. 

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does anyone know what material is used to line steel glass cleaner cans?

I have sprayaway glass cleaner cans which i was hoping to turn into a backpacking stove like the penny stove. using alcohol as the fuel...but they turn out to be lined with some sort of material on the inside. i was wondering what that material is? does it need to be removed to make the stove? and if there an easy and safe way to do so?

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What is the best location for jets on an alcohol stove? Answered

What is the best location for the jets?  The stove is a pressurized jet stove, but i dont know where I sould put the jets. I have seen them on the side, on the top ridge, on the top and even on the insode of the ridge pointing in.  I have a pot stand I just would like to know which location is most efficant.

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What is the best fuel for an ultralight acohol stove? Answered

OK so I have seen many Instructables on making an ultralight alcohol can stove, but not of them compare fuels. I have heard of many types of fuel being used, all the way from denatured alcohol to everclear drinking alcohol. I want to know which type is easiest to obtain and produces the least amount of soot on pots. Thanks in advance, Junits15

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Alcohol stove flames are 2 feet tall any ideas?

I built a pressurized jet alcohol stove and when I light it with no pot stand or windscreen, the jet flames are 2" tall. I add a windscreen and pot and soon I have a 2 foot tall blaze.  I tried taking off the wind screen and I still get tall flames. I am using red HEET, but I am not sure that the fuel makes a big difference. I hypothesize that the reflective heat from the windscreen and pot are making the stove heat up and vaporize the alcohol faster. I tried putting holes in the wind screen and I still get big flames! I want a safe backpacking stove and I'm sure others have had this problem-- any thoughts on why it is so dangerous?

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