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Heyylow! If you want to join my group please don't hesitate! All are welcome! Please meassage or something! Love PixiDust XXX

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following people

Is it ok to follow anybody on instructables?

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Less People

In discussions I've had with my father multiple times, we've come to the conclusion that for humans to stop having a negative impact on the planet, there must be less of a human population. No other way around it. Now, don't get me wrong and think I'm saying everyone should commit suicided or someone should make some deadly disease to wipe out massive chunks of the population, I'm just looking for others opinions to this theory and possibly other.... more humane alternatives. Other ideas as to reducing human population on earth: Sustainable colonies on the Moon, Mars, etc.?

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Terrible People

I recently was transferred by my job to another store.  I was quite excited, and looked forward to making a new start. But, only after five work days, I hear people are already talking behind my back, something I had been very careful to avoid. One person, who shares the same position as I, asked me to do something, but then after I left work, got me in trouble with my boss for the very thing she told me to do. Another thing is that I chose to tell two people at work about getting a new apartment (as to not be called in when I moved), but accidentally let slip something about my personal life.  A person who I trust told me that seven people had already come up to her to "dish the gossip" (her words, not mine), about my life.   What the bloody he** is going on here? I had started this new job with the idea that "work people are work people, and they will stay at a distance", and to be friendly, but not try to be friends with everyone.  Treat co-workers with respect, but leave it at that. I had not strayed one bit from this plan.  I did my job according correctly, and was very polite and friendly.  What could have went wrong?

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Common people

Checklist:Rent a flat above a shop: checkCut your hair and get a job: checkSmoke some fags and play some pool: checkPretend you never went to school: noHow "common" am I?and if this takes 2 days to turn up like usual I shall not be happy...

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old people

Old people... kinda like a message in disguise

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Hello peoples.

Hey, just wanna welcome you to the Junkyard. read the rules before you start going post happy. Good luck.

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The LITTLE people

Could we, maybe, get a way to "exclude" ibles that use items that a "normal" human has no access to. Maybe have the author have to check a box to denote an ' exotic' tool (aka Laser engraver, CNC, 3D printer... etc) so we {the little people} might exclude these ibles from our view. It really makes us.... well.... jealous-upset-envious that we cannot do these wonderful things. Thanks for your attention.

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Recycling People

I'm a gramdmother. I : cook, can home grown garden produce, recycle materials, sew, knit, garden, raise poultry, grammy doctor, quilt, chop stove wood,t an skins, shingle, work mortar, etc.etc.etc.................I have done pretty much anything and on top of that, raised healthy kids and grand kids. So how come I'm considered expendable? why aren't I treated as a valuable resource? Grand parents are amazing! We're here to keep the World turning..........Ask..........I will illuminate!

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Famous Peoples

Kay so I'm doing a project here basically i need you to fill out this survey of people here on ibles just give a name for one category and try to pick the most influential people here and also try to pick someone who you could recognize by their avatar any day Please pick a new member every time Sorry, but Kiteman cannot be an answer he is already forced into another spot 1 who is an ibles member who stands tall and knows to pick their battles wisely 2 who is an ibles member who is always right and has a rock solid defense 3 who is an ibles member who is always here and you can't get enough of I know, there weird questions, but that's the best i can do without giving it away

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People On Ibles!

Well i was jsut thinking i havent been on ibles in a long time cus of soem of the ppl on this site and it was like some were mean and some werent its also somewhat because of this point in my life is really "screwed up" but some of the ppl on this site i just dont understand some days you get along and some you dont some of them are jerks to you all the time and some half the time what is up with that like half the ppl on this site  are trying to fit in thats not how it orks on this site everyone isnt going to fit in by being like each other youve got to be unique and i know coming from me your thinking like wtf why is this jerk talking to us again but ive changed fro the better and this site seems to be headed downwards i used to hear alot about the projects on this site now ive heard about one thing in the past 3 months but anyway back to fitting in you ddotn fit in by being like me you fit in by being unique my school like runs on people being unique in there own way like dj radio hes got a whole music thing going on ive got all the cars around e hes got all the music around him gmjhowes got all the steampunk and uns with him etc you know what im saying so basically all in all just treat others the way you want to be treated!  especially in the chatroom theres alot of internet bullying going on there

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people that will be denied

For those of you who post instructables on this group that is NOT related to Halo 1, 2, or 3, this is your apology. I denied you because you posted an instructable that is not related to any of the Halo games. But, to make up for it, I will add it to my favs. This is just to let you know that I denied you for a good reason: To keep it true. I see a lot of instructables for things that are in groups that shouldn't be there. So, no hard feelings, I hope. Also, I just got back on this site TODAY. My computer has been screwed up for a while and I couldn't go on to a lot of sites.

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how can i put internet on my psp?

Ok my psp does not work if i put my password and my internet does not work too so i want to fix it and i want some help plz

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How to shrink people?

I just wanna know a way to shrink people. The tallest boy in my class keeps bragging about how tall he is and I want to shrink him to shut him up!

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People are awesome videos

Hi everyone, i would like to ask you if you like people are awesome videos? I recently made one and i would be glad to tell me your opinion about it. If you like the video join us on facebook and subscribe. thanks!! Here is the link of the video

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Why do people type like this?

W Wh Why Why d Why do Why do p Why do pe Why do peo Why do peop Why do peopl Why do people Why do people t Why do people ty Why do people typ Why do people type Why do people type l Why do people type li Why do people type lik Why do people type like Why do people type like t Why do people type like th Why do people type like thi Why do people type like this? You see how space and time consuming that was?  I've recently seen a bunch of people writing like that, not just on youtube, but IN REAL LIFE!  Just today during class I happened to glance on an art portfolio where the owner of it wrote like that and then she had the nerve to say "You wish you thought of that".  No, there's a reason why nobody else thought of that.  To make it worse, there are people who go on and "deconstruct" the sentences so the result looks like a big arrow that just wastes space.  Long story short, it will just bug people.  Please knock it off if you do it at all.  And don't talk to me for doing it above, I was doing that to prove the points I made afterwards  as sarcasm. EDIT: For all of you doing it in the comments, all you're doing is proving how stupid you are and you are also making me wonder how you even manage to breathe. 

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to make peoples faces from stockings?

They use to call them porch people. They were made of woman's stocking. They were stuffed with fiber fill to make the head and would then sew eyes,nose and mouth on them there hands and feet were also made of stockings. Then they would dress them up and they really looked like people. They were very popular in the 80's. In Clinton N.J. And whoever made them, would charge about 250.00. they would call them porch people. Does anyone know how they were made?

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What's with people not letting others post guns????

I've recently seen comments from people who want to post other people's guns.  Most of the time, it ends up in a denial and everybody is upset.  Someone went ahead and posted the rectangle (giving 100% credit to oodalumps), and got complaints of not asking permission. Here is what I have to say about this:  If people won't let you post their guns for them, make a gun that fires like their gun, but make it original and different from theirs so they can't complain about asking for permission when you post.  Make sure it performs similar or better to the other gun too.  The reason I posted my OMEN XR was because nobody could post the rectangle, so I decided to give them something else to build that works the same, but is designed differently.

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weird comment bug for people who change their username..........

I asked eric to change my username today. so did another guy. I went to CorruptedPpl's profile (formerly Chicken 2209), and he has 4 comments. i went to check my profile, and i have 45 comments at time of this post (actually, i have 3000+). we both got our usernames changed, so apparently our comment counters were reset or something.................... can this be fixed? thank you,

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People are horrible with tagging its hard to find any thing on this site people have bad titles 2

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Geriatric help?

Listen, y'all---that reset password thing is HARD!  I'm OLD!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!  Turned out it was my SCREEN NAME I had wrong...Can't y'all talk DOWN to me like the little girl at the grocery store does?  GAH!

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Have they found HOBBITS ?

Tiny Pacific skeletons stir hobbit debateTiny skeletons found in the caves of the Pacific islands of Palau undercut the theory that similar remains found in Indonesia might be a unique new species of humans, researchers report.The Palau skeletons, which date to between 900 and 2800 years old, appear to have belonged to so-called insular dwarfs, humans who grew smaller as a result of living on an island, the researchers say.Read the whole article here...

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How to draw people?

Anyone know any good instructable for drawing people? Like the shapes and techniques and stuff?

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Apes are People, Too

Spain's parliament has voted to give the rights to life and freedom to apes. Keeping apes for use in circuses, television commercials or for filming will be forbidden. Zoos are still OK, but many will have to improve their conditions in the future to keep apes.Right on. Link

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Following people on Instuctables

How do you follow people on Instructables????????

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Injury prone people

Share your scars here! Injury pics are awesome! Are power tools involved? Is glass involved? How about metal? Knives? Beware, I have no control over what people post, there might be some graphic stuff.

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Bar by peoples name? Answered

Everyone has this bar where their profile picture is Its in 3 different colours (Green,red and orange) What does it mean?

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Famous Peoples 2.0

Okay, part two of my diabolical plan! Kiteman gave me the idea that I didn't need to use avatars, but something that represents the person. So if you would, pick the people from the list and say the object that they remind you most of. Ex: Skunkbait might be the Skunktrapsorry if any names are misspelled, I copied and pastedAdrian MonkBumpusCaitlinsdadDj RadioGmjhoweGoodhartGorillazMikoJessyratfinkkeith kidkelseyhmKillerjackalopeKitemanNacho MahmaRocketScientist2015SkateSkunkbaitTool Using AnimalWeissensteinburgzachninme

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People with a filter problem

This topic is for people who have an internet filter that likes to block anything interesting. This includes school, corporate and just about anywhere else that has an internet blocker installed. Please do not post the pr0xy word unless it is spelled like before: pr0xy And whatever you do, don't put a pr0xy website that works otherwise it will be blocked in a second.

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Two People on an Instructable

My wife and I would like to collaborate on an instructable for the fashion challenge.  Are we still elligible to win a prize in doing so?  Do I need her written consent if we publish this through my account?  The rules indicated that more than one author could exist for a given entry.

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To think, these people are real...!

After a careless click on google, I suddenly found myself looking at, boy!That whole place is so... mad. There are people arguing over the definition of the word "unidentified" (one side was saying you're only allowed to call something a UFO if it is an alien spaceship performing impossible manoeuvres. If it's only a secret government black-ops spaceship, you're not allowed to call it a UFO...)The concept of "evidence" is utterly fruit-loops - one guy was convinced that alien activity was real because he had heard that somebody had written down that somebody else had overheard an astronaut in quarantine mention the fact that Apollo 11 had been "followed by aliens all the way to the Moon".I'm going to bookmark that forum, then every time we get an HHO project posted, or an overunity device, I can go there and see what insane people really act like......!

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Once in a lifetime, people!

Ok, so maybe this isn't a burning question, but I had to post it, because I knew nothing like this would ever happen again. Ever. Check out the pic. Posts: 1111 Replies: 12534 (Re-arrange that. It goes 12345.) Now this moment will be forever remembered. Unless someone flags it :D But I know no one would do that. Please don't do that!

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People with the most comments

I have been searching for some people with the most comments. I have also gotten permission from these typing machines to use their name. Here is the list:1)Instructables Robot (before he malfunctioned)Comment count: -----1) (currently, excluding Instructables Robot) Goodhart Comment count: 111292) Kiteman Comment Count: 82643) GorillazMiko Comment count: 74314) killerjackalope Comment count: 60435) Eggs(Reccomended by GorillazMiko)Comment count: 999999999I do not recall the number of comments the Instructables robot had before he Malfunctioned.Anyway, if you, are someone you know also has many comments, tell me and I will add him/her. I do not have many comments. I only have about 985 as I type this.

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What exactly is "old people smell"? Answered

I would say one house in three with elderly residents seems to have that bitter staleness kind of smell. Cleanliness of the residents doesn't seem to effect if the smell is present, or how strong it is, so I wonder, what causes it? Can it be removed? Also, does our sense of smell lessen as we age, thus causing them not to notice? Inquiring minds want to know!

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How to stop people from annoying you?

There's a lot of people who annoy me. There's these kids at lunch who constantly put stuff in my hair, and there's Alex, who just wont leave me alone. I need a way to keep these guys away from me. PLZ HELP!!

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URRRGH!!!!! People make accounts, then do nothing!

I find it very annoying seeing people from 2006 who have done nothing but post one or two comments! Ibles should create a way like if youur inavtive for 2 months, you get a warning e-mail, then boom! good-bye, or they change your username to something like dead_account 1 dead_account 2 dead_account 3 Etc. Etc. Authors of ibles, please reply as to WHY you have not done this, thank you Bartboy ( I would be Bartman, but SOMEBODY took that, and they are one of the people I am talking about! )

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How do you get people to like you ? Answered

Having trouble with my friends

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i like instructables

I like instructables, most the time people dont put you down, make you depressed and what not. its a good place to be. you guys dont kick people when their down, i like that.

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Pretty Trippy Interactive Website

Okay, somehow I stumbled upon this website today, and was in awe on how weird. Just kinda randomly click on people, eyes, earths, pills, heads, hearts, aces, chairs, and ladders; its completely random and has some psychedelic music to it aswell.LINK

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How can I count how many ppl walks into my store?

Hi ev1, I'm trying to build a sensor to put at the door of my store to count how many people enter in the store. But I have no clue on how to start, anyone can point me to the right direction? Many thanks in advance Bruno

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As of 11:56 PM Eastern Time (Atlanta).....

As of this very moment (or about a minute ago) there are 328,881 profiles. Just letting you know.

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How to make an 3d miniature audience of a soccer staduim? app. 2 cm per person big.?

The audience has to be static in a minature stadium that's built form a cover of a trashcan.

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how can a relationship be better is one patner is lacking intrest?

What am' really trying to say is that intrest is lacking in my relationship and i really don no the next step and both party don want to let go

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who do you think is a knex expert?

Who do you think is a knex expert? some examples r i am canadian, killerk, ext. (those r only my opinion.) so plz comment on who you think is a knex expert. (also you cant vote for yourself. lol)

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Knex Guns, why more than other projects?

I was just wondering one thing. There are so many knex guns out there on the indestructible and I was thinking, why not ball machines or other amazing projects? Why don't you post ball machines? Personally' I think knex guns are abusing what knex is all about. They are toys, not weapons! I'm not trying to make anyone look bad, there are cool guns out there but there are too many of them! Is there anyone that agrees with me?

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Why isn't there a search box for people anymore? Answered

I wanted to search for an Instructables member, and there is no search option for it. I specifically remember that there used to be an option called "People". Now it just says "All, Instructables, Answers, Forum Topics, Groups." I don't know where it went, could someone please explain why it was removed?

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Selecting DC motor for "Electric car for handicapped people"

Hi friends.. I am working on my final year project "Electric car for handicapped people", all i want you people to tell me that which type of DC motor should i use, so that it could run 500 kg car at a speed of 60 km/h.... and how much volt DC motor should i use... so friends help me, a little knowledge sharing  will help me allot... i will be waiting for your replies...

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how can i detect the presence of people in a room... need it for automation.. any help is appreciated!? Answered

Need an idea to detect the presence of somebody in a room, and if no one is present cut off the power supply in order to save power, what sensors can be used? and is it possible? thank you...

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The Instructables Community

Recently I was watching an episode of futurama (I dated a robot) where the characters enter the internet to download a celebrity. The point is, the internet there is like a mall. People actually come inside the internet.I was wondering, how would Instructables be presented here? And how about youtube?Any ideas how it would be?Looked like this:

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