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Need help making a red phlatlight torch

Hey people! I need some help making a powerful red phlatlight torch like the one in the video below. I know next to nothing about whatever is required to make one of these so explain everything simply for someone that has absolutely no experience to understand. Here be the video. Thanks!

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Power Supply that will run off of 6or12 volts and output 3.5V with a constant current of 8.1A? It will power a ~22W LED.

Http:// If my calculations are correct, it is a 22W LED. I need to power this LED from a 6V or 12V sealed-lead-acid battery. 6V is preferable but I can fit 12V in a dolphin style torch too. :) I need to create this device, but not pay $60 for it:;=3018&h;=a66550fd6e904fd571074e1a60df5af49ee3f303

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