I recently had a laminate photo collage placemat made. I want to add another photo. How can it be done? Should I laminate the new photo and glue it? What kind of glue? Can I glue the photo and re-laminate the whole thing again? Thanks

Topic by impaula 


I have a scanner how do I scan negatives of film and convert to pics do i need special software? I have successfully inverted them but how do I make them look better they are OLD pictures from kodak safety film so there isn't going to be an extremely good quality anyway but I have paint shop pro and several other programs,I just dont know exactly what I should do.

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Photos not showing

I am trying to figure out why my photos are not showing when previewing instructable. I also cannot get it to format where I have separate pages of instructions. Please assist.

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Various Photos

Here are some photos that I took today, mainly because I was bored.

Topic by Spl1nt3rC3ll   |  last reply

Offensive photos

This "member" posted a comment and the link to his Instructables page contains lewd photos: cuckholddon Can you remove?

Topic by robbtoberfest   |  last reply

photos not uploading

I am trying to enter into the newest contest and not all of my photos are uploading. They are all the same size and I am mot getting any error messages it just takes me back to the upload page after I selected the photo I need uploaded. I am on a samsung galaxy tablet so it wont allow me to use the new uploader I have to use the old version for some reason. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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Photos "by reference" ?

Is there a way to put a photo in a forum topic (or instructable, but mostly for forums) by including only a link to the location of that photo elsewhere on the net (this is how videos work)? When posting "look at this neat instructable-like things I found elsewhere" type entries, it's a pain to have to download the photo and re-upload it to instructables, not to mention the vaguely uncomfortable feeling I get WRT intellectual property issues...

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Photo Arrangement

HI again.  You know, the new instructables page layout is really nice, no complaints.  But I really liked one aspect of the previous setup, specifically the photo arrangement.  I liked being able to place a photo anywhere in the I'ble that I wanted.  It allowed you to visually represent a specific thought without having to say "see picture 4", and then the reader has to scroll up and find the picture, possibly losing the context of what was being explained.  Is there a way to compromise what we have now with what we had then?   Any thoughts from other members?

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Homepage photos

What's happened to the giant authors photos that used to appear on the homepage? Last time I saw them was a couple of days ago. What I see now is a big gray rectangle with a smaller contest banner in it (it changes everytime I refresh the page). Is this normal? If this is the way it should be, I apologize for posting this in the "Bugs" section! ps: I preferred the homepage with the moving photos! :)

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Birdie Photo's

Lookie here! IAC.....

Topic by ajleece   |  last reply

Uploaded photos?

How do you put the photo's that were up loaded in "your library"  the Order that I want?

Question by the pvc bike guy   |  last reply

Photo captions?

I feel like I'm missing something rather obvious but is there a way to add captions beneath a photo in an instructable? Thank You, Josh

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photo translation?

I have often on tv seen taking a photo and slicing it then able to rotate the slices to see a side view .did I lose you? I would like this tenique to take a photo of my head then use slices for a template for using planks of wood to lamate up .none of the photo programs I have have anything like this , so I am lost . As not even sure what the process is called . anyone with ideas for this?please help me with the photo and would gladly split the instructable credits for the bust .

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Photos in html

Hi! I recently posted my instructable: it got put on the homepage and has tons of views but no likes, this may be because i made the 'ible quite long by adding photos directly into the html, making it harder to see the whole thing, should i remove the photos?

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Photo bug

Hi, when I'm reading instructables I'm having a problem with the pictures. If there are multiple pics in 1 step and I want to see the next pic on the same step it always opens in a new window and very tiny. Please help. Thanks Steven

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Photo captions

In my most recent ible. I had 19 pics with photo captions. Only 4 showed up with the captions. The rest nada. Why did my captions disappear . I have never had that happen before. Is this a bug or just my good luck?

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photobooth photos

I have a bunch of classic pohotobooth prints from the fair and such and i want to figure out a cool display for them. just framing them or mounting them on the wall is too boring for these great pictures. any ideas??

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Lost the ability to modify photos

Hi guys, I have lost the ability to modify a pic once uploaded on the website... B

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Data Recovery for deleted Photos Android?

Hi Experts! I need to know what apps you've had good success with for data recovery (photos) accidentally deleted. The photos obviously have value but it's intrinsic not monetary so preferably free. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, OS is up-to-date. Windows 7 if desktop software is preferred. Thanks!

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We used to have a Haminex loadmatic 110E and then upgraded to a 35mm camera and have thousands of photos and negatives. Would like to be able to transfer them to the PC. What device do we need to do this, because we have little money we need something of good value for cheap.we have a DELLphoto924 is this useful or not ? thank you mulga and mary

Question by stephenjscott   |  last reply

posting photos - how to get the nice pop-up?

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to make body photo "pop out" like the main photos of a step.  Some of my image details could be better viewed using the pop-up, so I put them in the beginning section.  But the photos would fit better embedded in the flow of the instructions.  But images in embedded in the body don't have the pop-up function...they are the size they show up as on the page. Here's an example of what I mean: Just wondering about this. Thanks!

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how do i post a picture of myself,i don't have a camera or cell phone?

I was asked to post a picture for this site and I don't know how to do that,and I am not on my computer.Mine need some cords or something

Question by Sharon Young   |  last reply

Question about viewing Instructables

How can I consistently view full sized pics? The first time I viewed an instructable each step opened up with a fullsized pic. However since I signed up I get no pics or a tiny pic only slightly larger than the heading pics. Sorry but my eyesight isn't the best and I can't figure out half of what is going on in the pics. Mostly I consider them useless. Sort of why bother putting pics up if all I can see is the tiny icon photos. I changed my setting to open all the steps on one page. However, I get either the steps with pics just a tiny bit bigger than the previews or no pics. I know bigger pics are available because I see larger pics in the right hand previews. Thanks

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Why aren't my downloaded images showing up in my Instructable?

Hi! I posted several images per step on my Instructable, and only the first pictures in each step are showing up in the finished product. It's been a while since I've posted. Have the settings changed? Is there only one image allowed per step? Thanks so much- Laura This is the Instructable I am talking about:

Question by a.laura.brody 

Hobbsisepic's photos for January

This is my thread for my photos of January. For explanation see here: Photos as of the seventh:

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Problem with adding photos

This is concerning the box "Click to ad Images". ONce images are added you can not add more until all the current photos are used or deleted. Makes it a hassle to add photos. I must use up all the previously added photos, Then I can add more. I have to go back and remove extra photos that I did not want to use but had to so I could add additional photos.

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Adding photos to an instructable

I am trying to create my first instructable but I can't get my photos to load. The image numbers,such as P1010199.JPG show up at the bottom of the edit screen, but no pictures appear. What am I doing wrong?

Topic by alpratt   |  last reply

annotating photos in instructibles

The weird thing is that I should be ANSWERING this question instead of asking it. In my first Instructible I was able to add notes to the photos that would appear as square outlines until one hovered over the square, then my note would appear.  Just like in the first photo in Step 5 here: Now, doing my second I'ble, I can't manage to get this done.  So I bring up the photo and click on "edit", then on "add a note".  The text box comes up and I can enter text, but if I try to drag it to some location in the photo it won't go to anywhere outside of the upper left quadrant of the photo.  And once I leave the photo the note disappears, even though I clicked "save".  I'm using Firefox browser.   I tried Chrome as an alternate and I couldn't even enter text in the box.  Haalp!

Topic by LesB   |  last reply

adding photos to instructable

 i have been writing instructables for a while.. suddenly when i go to add a photos to a new instructable the ... 1) select add 2) select photos and immediately the window appears and cascades down my screen... it has the  browse button at the bottom left corner trouble is now the bottom edge of that window has taken to cascading down to below the bottom edge of my screen so i cant access the browse button..??? i cant drag that box .. nothing i seem to able to do - even moving the task bar will bring it back in to view???  how do i add photos now?

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Suggestions For my Photos

I am working on a series of photographs, as you can see I am playing (ha!) along the lines of instruments being played. I am hoping to eventually sell these so I proofed them (sorry). Any ideas/suggestions would be great! Thanks!

Topic by RoboTable   |  last reply

Macro Photos with Webcam? Answered

Can someone help me with my close up shots with my webcam?

Question by schoonovermr   |  last reply

Larger Photos in PDFs

I am a long-time free Instructables member and a brand new Pro member. Now that you have subscription memberships, would it be possible to offer in the PDF downloads a third image size choice (currently standard and small) of LARGE for those of us who would benefit from larger photos? That would be a fantasticly awesome feature that could be a Pro-only benefit. What do you think?

Topic by susyn 

Can't Upload Photos

I'm brand new to Instructables and can't even get a small icon photo to upload. The new uploader won't even respond at all and the old uploader will let me select photos but stalls instantly when I try to upload them. It will grind away indefinitely with no results. I even let it go for several hours on a small photo icon I use regularly with no results. For what it's worth I use Safari on a Mac runing OSX 10.5.8 Thanks, Hope someone can get me running on this. I tried the FAQ and found nothing relevant. Most of what I did find was 2007 & 2008

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Chrysn's Photos for January

Here are my photos for AngryRedhead's 2011 Photo Challenge.

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Digital photo frame

I want to make a digital photo frame with the ability to dictate the length of time each photo is shown and the ability to type words describing the photo that can be triggered by use of a touchscreen.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Topic by lacuerda1   |  last reply

Photo Challenge: mikeasaurus

All my photos from AngryRedhead's 2011 Photo Challenge have been moved here. Photos for January 1 - 31 are posted in the body of this topic, starting on the 1st after the intro image. Photos in the comments section were to validate days when pictures were taken. Feel free to leave any comments you wish. Thanks for stopping by.

Topic by mikeasaurus   |  last reply

Notes on Instructable Photos

When there are notes within a photo of an instrucable, if the note box is too close to the bottom of the picture, it is covered up by the intructions or other parts of the instructable.

Topic by tdc2202   |  last reply

Picasa Photos not showing Answered

I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I have some really special photos that I uploaded to Picasa. The problem is every time I go to my photo album and select the photo it says "Unable to load photo" or video, or whatever it is. I try going to my Picasa app to re-upload the photos, and every time it says something like "Unable to upload photo." I have tried this several times. It won't let me access the photo or do anything with them, such as e-mail them, text them. etc. I am afraid my photos are lost forever. Is this common? What am I doing wrong? Is there a solution?

Question by FrenchFrog   |  last reply

Down loweing photos

How come when I try to down lowed an Instructables I don't get the Photos?Thanks

Topic by woodie1949   |  last reply

Photo upload help?

I uploaded about ten photos, all turned out great except one. I tried re-uploading it, and it still looks pixelated. all of the pictures are from the same camera, and all look good on my computers photo viewer, just not on instructables.

Question by William930   |  last reply

April is Photo Month

A heads up to you all that April will be Photo Month here at instructables. We're going to have some really cool prizes for this one that will be announced later.

Topic by fungus amungus   |  last reply

Misaligned photo details

The detail boxes in photos are now appearing to the right of their obvious intent.  This is occurring in IE9 (Vista 32-bit).

Topic by Strider3019   |  last reply

Another photo contest

We all remember the photojojo or whatever that was, I think we should have another photo contests, because I can think of plenty of ideas that haven't been done yet..

Topic by thatjawn   |  last reply

Photo Contest on instructables Answered

For the photo contest, does the recognition email and winning email, etc, get sent to your instructables email or your hotmail, because my hotmail is not working right now.

Question by chrysemyspicta   |  last reply

Wanting to sell photos?

 Wanting to sell photos, how do you watermark them, so others cannot download without first buying them?

Question by TexasB   |  last reply

halloween photo contest

I made this costume for hallloween

Topic by Lise1   |  last reply

viewing larger photos

I am signed in and am trying to view the extra photos on the how to and it keeps telling me that i must log in. what do i do?

Topic by devildude   |  last reply

Unable to add photos

I cannot add a photo to my instructable at all. I've reloaded, cleared temp files, checked Adobe flash, etc. The box for adding photos/files drops too far down when I open it, and I can't access the buttons I need. What gives??? Windows 10, Chrome browser. I can't even add a screenshot here! Grrr!

Question by dpulley